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"Aspiring duck" indeed.

If you've seen even one of his LPs, you know that PewDiePie is a very strangely amusing kind of person, and you better believe that there are tons of Crowning Moments of Funny in his videos.

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    Let's Plays 
  • Early on, in his Let's Play of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, PewDie halted his game play of it for a while after he realized that he went inside a room with a Gatherer right behind him. By the time he gets back, he preps himself to run under the tune of "Yakety Sax". Naturally, given their speed, this comes to a quick end.
  • His Sonic.exe playthrough.
    PewDiePie (upon seeing Hill Act 1): Hill? I love hills!
    • His reactions to the dead animals ...
    Squirrels: Oh no! Not the squirrels!
    Birds: Oh no birdies! What did they do to you!?
    Ducks: That's a lot of you ducks. Actually I don't give a shit about the ducks.
    • (Upon seeing Sonic with his eyes closed)
    "Sonic what the fuck did you do? Tails is like 'Whatever, let's sneak up on him!'"
    • Hide and Seek
    "WHY YOU CRYING TAILS? Go there? (Tails points to the right) Tails you can't tell me what to do! (Moves Tails to the left) You can't tell me what to do, you bitch! Don't you dare tell me what to do- (Sonic.exe appears) Oh sorry so sorry!"
    • What does he say when he sees Tails cry after Sonic catches him?
    "Tails, why are you crying? You pussy! Tails! It's just a video game, there's nothing to be scared or sad about!"
    • You Can't Run
    "You can't run? Well watch me, I'm running right now. I'm running in real life, you can't see my feet, but they are moving."
    "I can moonwalk, like a fucking boss!"
    (Blood appears) "WHAT!? Someone ate too much tomato sauce. That shit is not healthy if you eat it too much".
    • ... and I am a God.
    "Are we playing as this bitch? Eggman, that's his name."
    • (After hearing the Kefka laugh after selecting Eggman)
    SHUT UP GAME! Shut your mouth!"
    • Invisible Motorcycle Eggman
    "Do the hustle!"
    "Okay, I mean, Sonic, you're not that beautiful. Let's be honest."
    • (Static keeps on appearing and Sonic's face reappears)
    "Okay okay I'm sorry you're god whatever you say whatever you say!"
  • During his playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus, Pewdie believes that he has to jump over a giant valley to get to the next monster. As he nears it on his horse, with the Pirates of the Caribbean music playing in the background, the horse suddenly stops right at the edge of the cliff and his character goes flying into the pit. Made more hilarious as the music cuts off with a Record Needle Scratch.
  • The end of part 2 of Afraid of Monsters. Oh god, Pewdie was terrified for two minutes, and with a cliffhanger of something so Nightmare Retardant that words cannot do justice.
  • Most, if not all of his montages. The captions help make an already funny moment into a downright hilarious one. Here's an example from his LP of the video game version of The Grudge.
  • All of his rage game videos, especially Cat Mario.
  • In his playthrough of the Dead Space 2 demo, when he abruptly started to sing a Swedish lullaby while being attacked, before shouting 'BAM!' and using his epic stomping abilities on one of the creatures. Any time he screams 'BAM!' and uses the stomp ability in that short playthrough can be seen humorous.
  • How he reacts to any of his creatures from Spore after they're finished being...created.
  • Too many of his reactions from The Grudge game (which is known as a haunted house simulator) are hilarious.
    Pewdie: *Running from Kayako* Uh uh run run! *Turns to see her crawling on all fours after him* UH UH RUN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER! UH! Okay, yeh, yeh! No problem - uh - oh-! *Sees her coming up straight at him* - WABRABRABRABRABABRABABRABRABRA!"
  • In part six of his Ao Oni LP, Pewdie demonstrates that he really wasn't kidding about his awful memory.
  • At the end of this Amnesia custom story Followed By Death, we have this tidbit:
    Pewdie: *grunt breaks through the door he was about to open* AAAAAAAAAAGH! *grabs chair and jumps out the window, falling to the ground* FUCK THIS SHIIIIIIIT!
    Pewdie: *As he's trying to dunk a barrel in acid* It will take some time but I'm fairly certain this will kill you. *hears brute* Wait, is he coming back? Why is he coming back? Barrel- *gets cut down, causing Pewdie to scream and drop the face-cam*
  • His "PEWDIEPIE SINGS!" video is nothing short of hysterical. Special mention goes to him realizing he managed to hit (parts of) the high notes at the end of "I Will Always Love You":
  • In the first part of the Black Forest Castle Amnesia custom story, when exploring a room he starts throwing objects that are blocking a wardrobe. When a grunt comes, he desperately tries to close the door, only to realize that he accidentally blocked the door with the stuff he threw around. And things go From Bad to Worse from there.
    Pewdie: Ah! You stupid box, It was you! Barrels! Did you put the box there? You fucking barrel!
    • In part 3 when he is running away from a brute with Stephano, we get this gem.
    Stephano: Pewdie! Left! Close Da Door!
    Pewdie: *turns around and sees the brute right behind him* Gah! PENIS EVERYWHERE! *gets cut down*
  • One of his scare moments causes him to violently jerk, slamming his leg against the table he's sitting at. He then takes time to pause the game, then scream "Agh, my leg, AGH!"
    • In a related case, the Bongcheon Dong ghost story saw him bang his leg so hard that he decided to go and get a pillow, rambling the entire time.
  • From "Gary Dark Secrets"
    • The "don't make any noise" exchange between him and Stephano about nine minutes into part 1.
    • In part 5, when he has to lift a giant crate to get an item, when he leaves, the crate drops and hits him...And somehow he only takes a little damage.
  • From "Tenebris Lake"
    • Episode 3 has couple of hilarious moments, one when he encounters the first new monster, and later when he thinks he's safe.
    Pewdie *hears the 'monster chasing you' sound* "Why is that sound-" *turns around and turnsback to see the monster dashing at him from the dark hallway* "UWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHDADADADADADADADADADA" *the 'fapping spider' bites him* "SLUTA!" *tries to close the door behind him* "AHH, WHATTHEFUCKWHATTHEFUCKWHATTHEFUCK" *the monster cuts him down causing him to scream like a little girl*
    • His comment when he lands in a room with a struggling Agrippa
    Pewdie (as Agrippa) "Twist my nipples Pewdie! Twist them!"
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins:
    • His conversations with Boot in part 21.
    • In part 17 of his playthrough, there's an unintentionally hilarious moment when he mispronounces "Condemned" to be "Condom-ed".
    • The way he says "Here's Pewdie!"
  • The opening of the Doom 3 LP, in which he speculates just what "the most advanced technology ever concieved" is.
    • His response to "don't get excited and shoot people."
    • His first attempt at killing the Demon. Murphy has a field day.
  • In his playthrough of SCP: Containment Breach, in part 2, he gets freaked out by seeing SCP-106 coming at him, so he quickly shuts the door separating them, not knowing that it can walk through walls and doors. So when he turns away to gather items, he turns back around and is staring at the monster in the face just before it kills him. His resulting freakout is so big he falls out of his chair and accidentally flips his camera at the same time.
    Pewds: *sees the monster emerge from the dark tunnel* Oh, not you! Close da door. Sup? Cool? Cool story bro. That's awesome. (gathers items and sees the monster afterwards before it kills him, causing him to scream and drop his face cam) Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Aahh! He goes through doors?
    • In another part he tries to go through a room where SCP-173 is, but the door has a time-release lock. When he opens the door and waits a minute, SCP-173 appears right in front of him, causing him to freak out. Better yet, it appeared right after the siren of the time-release lock sounded. Shown brilliantly (as well as the moment above) in one of his newest montages.
  • Playing with Cry on one of the various Garry's Mod scare maps
    Pewdie: "A crowbar!"
    *Epic Wub*
    Pewdie: AHH! What?! Techno music?!
    • Another one in which Pewdie accidentally kills Cry with the crowbar after hearing the Stalker scream.
    • A few minutes after he killed Cry, he gets spooked by his girlfriend walking into the room.
  • In his Ib playthrough, he finds a sign saying "beware of lips" next to a disembodied pair of lips on the wall, and proceeds to inspect the lips. When he inevitably takes damage, he proceeds to make a nonchalant face and calmly facepalms.
    • Also from Ib, when he finds out that Mary is actually a painting made by the same guy who created all of the gallery pieces. For a very long moment Pewdie just sits there and you can practically see the cogs grinding through his head before he cries out, "I knew it!"
    • From that same video, Pewdie rocking out to the Game Over music.
      • Similarly, in his The Witch's House playthrough, after a little trouble he makes it down the hall he's not supposed to be distracted in, and makes it to the game's save point. Only when he takes a step towards it he ends up trapped in a inescapable room and crushed by a boulder, getting a Game Over. This is made instantly hilarious by him delightedly yelling 'I MADE IT!!'.... followed by a nonchalant face and facepalm once he realises what has happened.
  • His playthrough of Slender is hilarious. It's hard not to laugh when he continues trying to escape Slenderman and runs across a chair that's been knocked over, leaving Pewdie to start calling it "Mr. Chair."
  • While using a voice interface on a chat program that uses the avatar of a pretty woman, he gets steadily annoyed with it to the point that he mutters out "can I slap you now?" Somehow, the chat program hears that as "can I f**k you now?" Pewdie's hysterics only grow when the chat program responds with "Yes" and a grin.
  • In one of his Friday mail-time, he gets a mini barrel. He tries repeatedly to put his Slenderman figurine inside it, but it always falls. Next jumpcut, he opens the letter, with Slendy in the barrel. With its head.
    • Early in the video as he checks his fan mail, the music suddenly stops and he glances at the camera with an odd smirk on his face.
      Pewdie: "... What's this doing in here?" *holds up a condom*
    • Someone sent him a mug, and he gratefully states that he "always drink[s his] bro juice," before immediately realizing how that sounded.
  • While playing a game called "Can Your Pet?" he hatches his pet (a chicken), and names it Stephano. There's about two and a half minutes of game time before this happens.
  • The father and son voices and dialogue from his Happy Wheels Let's Play deserve a mention.
    • Especially this part from one of the first episodes :
    Timmy : Can you pick me up, dad ?
    Irresponsible Dad : ... No.
  • "Proceed, God."
  • During one of his many visits at Trip and Grace's apartment, he decided to troll them and leave with one of their objects. As he is at the elevator...
    Trip: Alright, Gonzalo, that's it. You gotta leave.
    Pewdiepie: I just left! You stupid assh-
    {Trip spawns behind Pewdiepie}
  • Pewdie plays Just Dance 4. Funny enough. The songs he picks in this part? Bollywood and Gangnam Style.
    Pewdiepie: What the hell is this? GANGNAM STYLE! (THUNK) OW! SON OF A FAK! (vaguely Korean-sounding gibberish ensues)
  • His Surgeon Simulator LP is hilarious. "Maybe we'll get the heart this time!" *ribs fly everywhere*
    • When he got to the kidney transplant in Ambulance mode, he started throwing every organ he extracted into the street.
    • Pewds seeing the brain in the jar and trying to put it in without taking the old one out, sending it off screen.Made better by the way he says "Done!" and the NAILED IT caption.
  • At the very end of his first playthorugh of "Obscurity", he's given quite a jump scare and freaks out over it.
  • In Episode 5 of "Rain" Pewdie talks about sticking a broom up a barrel's butt... and succeeds.
    • Episode 4 gave Pewds a jumpscare so big, he rolled out of his chair in fright while clutching his microphone against his heart (listen closely and you can even hear his heartbeats).
  • From his playthrough of Unfair Mario:
    Pewdiepie: Whistle! (dies for the 83rd time) YOU DIDN'T FUCKING WHISTLE!!
  • Trying to prank call Tobuscus and failing, because Toby catches on instantly.
    Pewdie: Hello, this is Steven. Is this Toby?
    Toby: Yeah. Hey, Steven!
    Pewdie: I'm tired of your shit, Toby.
    Toby: Well, it's not gonna stop!
  • In his playthrough of Alice: Madness Returns:
    Pewds: Alice, you got any drunk ideas?
    Alice: Kill everyone.
  • His playthrough of Cold Fusion has him running away from a monster. When he reaches the exit, he takes his time to look at the monster and taunt him...HOWEVER !!!, as soon as he tries to leave, the door closes (this is actually a bug), and all he could say is "no,no,no,no,no,no......".
  • From his LP of Heavy Rain:
    Pewds: Alright put on panties. I always wanted to do that. Never done that before, I swear. I NEVER WEAR PANTIES! Don't look at me like that.
    • There's also the time when, during the Butterfly Trial, Pewdiepie runs out of fingers and holds down a button with his tongue...and passes!
  • While playing Among The Sleep:
    Pewds: *picks up stuffed elephant* Alright Gandalf, let's go.
    *elephant falls through floor*
    Pewds: WHAT? NO! GANDALF!
    • Also the return of the Old Banana.
  • His face in part 8 of Rise of Nightmares when he finds the guy with the dog body.
  • Felix's everlasting confusion as to why he's playing "Pom Gets Wi-Fi".
  • From the end of his playthrough of Kraven Manor, when he realizes his character has died:
    Pewds: Wait, why was I on that bench? What in the heavens- no! Holy shit...I can't fap- I can't fap- I CAN'T FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!
  • His reaction to one of the mini-games in Norrland.
  • Slender... with an Oculus Rift. Hilarty Ensues.
    • Almost pushed into Nightmare Fuel territory simultaneously, as his screams in that playthrough sound genuinely terrified.
  • From DANCING IN HAPPY WHEELS! - Happy Wheels - Part 63
    Dad: "Whoa! Holy shit, I dodged that like I dodged yo' mama's pussy!"
    Timmy: "Not good enough, I got born."
    Dad: "Ahh! Don't remind me!"
  • If Pewdiepie goes into movie
  • Prop Hunt. EVERYTHING about Prop Hunt.
    • Pewds and SeaNanners get trapped in the shed during the first video and are unable to move.
      Pewds: Here's another tip; as soon as you find us, (laughs) you'll know it's us.
  • His Trouble in Terrorist Town videos have numerous moments.
    • His usual strategy is gunning everyone down regardless to whether or not he's actually innocent.
    • In his first episode, he kept starting fights with very little ammo, resulting in him getting gunned down after running out.
    • In the second episode, while leaning over a ledge to snipe Minx, he steps off the building and falls to his death. He even lampshaded the utter failure.
      • Later, Max Moe Foe, knowing Pewds' trigger-happy tendencies, tells him to leave him alone. This, with Minx's prompting, leads to Pewds killing Max and starting an all-out fight which left Minx the only survivor. Conveniently enough, Minx was the traitor.
    • Third episode, Pewds killed Spoon right at the start of the round. Twice! And Spoon was the traitor both times. Even better, he didn't know that he was the traitor the second time.
      • Immediately after the second Spoon killing, this conversation:
      Syndicate: I can't swim Pewdie! Help me!
      Pewds: Let's have a bath together. Come here.
      Minx: You guys do realize this is going to be fanart really soon.
      • Later, after Pewds outs himself as the traitor, meets Syndicate in the lighthouse and tries to get away. He then runs into Minx, whom he headshots with a Desert Eagle.
      Minx: Why'd you kill me in one shot.
      '''<Pewds gets gunned down from behind by Syndicate and the Innocents win>
      Pewds: No!
      Syndicate: Yes! Yeah, that's what you get you little traitor bitch.
      Pewds: Hey! Hey! I just wanted to play with you guys. Just cause I'm different doesn't mean we can't play together.
      Syndicate: Fuck you!
      • In the next two rounds, Pewds goes to the top of the lighthouse with a sniper rifle and, even though he was innocent both times, starts sniping everyone. He would then escape by jumping into the ocean. The second time, this conversation happens:
      <Pewds snipes Spoon>
      Spoon: What!
      Syndicate: Hey! <says Woah! 8 times> Spoons down. Max.
      <Pewds headshots Max>
      Spoon: What just happened?
      Syndicate: Someone just killed Max in front of me.
      Max: Yeah, every time!
      Pewds: It's Minx! It's always Minx!
      Minx: <talking over Pewds> No it's not, it's Pewds he's sniping. Pewds is sniping! Pewds is sniping, go get him he's sniped everyone!
      Syndicate: Minx! Minx, he's shooting me! Minx, he's shooting me!
      Syndicate: Oh my god, Oh my god I can't see him. Minx, I'm about to die!
      Pewds: He's the traitor, you should shoot him. <jumps off lighthouse into the sea>
      Minx: Show him your nipples, that will distract him. WHERE'S HE GONE?
      • On the next map, Pewds is the traitor and guns down Max right at the start. He then meets up with everyone else and mingles. A minute later, this conversation happens:
      Minx: I reckon it's Max, he's been very quiet.
      Max: I'm freaking dead!
      Pewds: <trying to talk over Max> Yeah, Max has been very quiet.
      Minx: You're dead?
      Spoon: How'd you die?
      Minx: Oh, must be Pewds, it's Pewds.
      <Minx and Spoon open fire on Pewds>
      Pewds: What? Hey, don't shoot me. Come on!
      <Pewds dies. Innocents win message appears>
      Minx: Yes!
      Spoon: Yeah, it was!
      • Next round, Syndicate snipes Spoon right at the start. His explanation?
      Syndicate: I wanted to just do an assasination because I didn't trust Pewds, and I shot the wrong guy! I shot Spoon and he was the terrorist.
      <In the next round, Syndicate then apologized to Pewds for not killing him.>
    • In the tenth episode, Pewds jumps off a building and crushes an unfortunate Captain Sparklez... which ends the round as he was the traitor.
  • Nightrider: Turbo All of it. Especially when he loses the steering wheel.
  • From Part 3 of his Morbus playthrough:
    Pewdie(With a thick Swedish accent): Abadil(IE Abagale), come, uh, coom bek! I just..
    Minx: So scary, the accent-
    Ken: That's what I said, he's REALLY making me uncomfortable.
    Pewdie: I, I, I just want to play, with, uh, you, I, uh.
    Minx(Cornered): Oh, no..
    Pewdie: Abadil, we are going to heav fun, you and I, Abadil.
    Pewds transforms into an alien and attacks Minx
    Pewdie: Abadil, play veth me, please. I will teach you dee Svedish vays. Yes, Abadil.
  • Five minutes into South Park: The Stick of Truth Pewds discovers the fart button.
    • Pewdiepie realizes his trademark greeting was inspired by Mr. Hankey. When he runs into Hankey later on a side-quest, his joyful face is glorious.
    • And later on, Pewds discovers Mr. Slave's...attack.
  • This. Well, not really.
    Game: A book titled "A Funny Story."
    Pewdiepie: A funny story? Heh. You bros wanna hear a funny story? Alright. "Once upon a time, there was a rich man pulling along a cart full of treasure. His cart had broken down in the woods, but there came a passing hunter and his dog. The rich man pleaded to the hunter to keep a close eye on his cart, to which the hunter agreed. The rich man went to get a new-I don't like reading funny stuff when this fucking music is going on-to get a new cart. Meanwhile, the hunter kept watch. Night soon fell, and the hunter grew worried for his elderly mother still at home. So the hunter told the dog to watch the cart and went home to check on his mother. When the man returned, he saw the dog on guard. So he gave the dog a reward for his master, a silver coin, to carry in his mouth, The dog ran all the way home and brought his master the coin. But the hunter flew into a rage. "I told you to watch the cart, and what did you do? You stole from it!" So the master killed the dog.
    Pewdiepie: That's not funny.
    Game: AHAHAHAHA!
  • His Dark Souls playthrough is basically one of these from start to fiinsh, but there are quite a few moments that stand out.
    • In the first episode, after defeating an enemy that's been constantly killing him his last few lives, he cuts loose with a blistering stream of Swedish profanity and shouting "HOW DOES THAT FEEL THEN?" also in Swedish, before capping it off with a flat "IDIOT!"
  • In part 1 of his Dark Souls II LP, you can see him gradually get more and more irked with the game as he keeps dying, in ways like cluster F bombs, making weird noises, and trying to eat his controller. At the end, he is reduced to speaking in gibberish and saying how much he loves the game before he bursts into tears.
  • In part 2, after he at long last defeats the Pursuer, he is so happy he slides down his chair and out of sight. A couple seconds later, he rises up to the camera and says "Easy."
    • His celebration after his victory really looks like he's having an orgasm.
  • In part 1 of his Daylight LP, he gets bombarded with voices asking for him to play another horror game as comments flood the screen and he tries to escape.
  • In his Goat Simulator video, in one situation he asks if he can blow up the gas station. Cue the gas station blowing up.
    Pewdie: Michael Bay, bitches!
    • When he goes into the Low Gravity Testing Facility and runs into a chair, causing it to fall up onto the ceiling. He takes a beat to process, and then just breaks down laughing.
    • During the end of one of his sessions with the game's expansion, Pewdie is trampoline hopping across the city in the penguin skin until he overshoots a jump and lands in a full parking lot by the beach road. He congratulates himself on coming out unscathed, and a second later mid-clicks his mouse and hits a car, which causes a Newton's cradle that swings back around and knocks him into orbit.
    • His aggressive confusion at the sperm whales that keep falling from the sky all over the map.
    • Him latching onto to a helicopter with his tongue and getting flung every which way. With the deadmau5 skin, no less.
    • When he latches onto a guy sitting on a bridge(named Jolle) with his tongue, Pewdie tries to fling him away only for Jolle to wind up on the other side of the brige. He stands right back up, only to run right off the platform into the lake.
    • When he unlocks the Minecraft-themed Builder Goat, he proceeds to cover the map with blocks, and lets out this horrible pun. "Let's make this place a better place, if you know what I'm saying. Let's step it up a Notch."
  • His Skate 3 videos are hilarious, and the glitchiness of the game certainly helps:
    • Bob is characterized as a bizarre outcast and a walking Epic Fail, and he has a thing for benches. He tends to knock out NPC skaters purely by accident and insanity.
    • An NPC character falls down on a pipe and coughs. Pewds, standing behind him, drops his skateboard on top of him. Bleep cut.
    • His running gag of characters getting knocked out set to "Move, Bitch (Get Out the Way)".
    • He gets a screenshot of Bob in midair with his leg bent backward and going through his chest. Pewds says it's Skate 3 in one picture.
    • Jumping off of a building onto a lamp post and getting knocked out:
    Bob: I want to electrify my nips! *Clang*
    • The running gag of benches glitching out when Bob touches them.
    • When he comes across Rob Dyrdek, Bob uses his skateboard to make him "dance", which is really just his reaction to being hit by the skateboard.
    • When he tries to attack a girl using the Coffin trick (which is essentially lying down on the board), she quickly sidesteps out of Bob's path. When Bob attempts a second time, the same thing occurs. He manages to trap her in a more confined area where he successfully hits her.
      • Prior to that he hits a similar-looking woman with the Coffin trick next to a curb. It's at a very slow pace and hardly bumps the woman. Pewds lampshades or inverts the lameness of it by adding a massive explosion effect on the screen.
    • Later, he tries to launch off of a balcony via ramp using the Coffin trick. Once Bob decides to speed up a bit, he takes off—and lands perfectly on the ledge.
    • When someone offends Bob, he positions a long hurdle and uses a glitch to fly back and slam into the person.
    • There's one hilarious bit where Bob clips through the ground, bounces up, and gets his board lodged through his stomach.
  • In his Jazzpunk series, he is often amused and confused by the Surreal Humor.
    • During the DJ minigame in the Editor's house, he gets quite into the (perverted) DJ persona, shouting to the woman in the room messed-up dance instructions- "shake your titties to the left! *Beatboxes* Shake your titties to the right, girl! Hey, you in the back! No, don't twerk! No twerking allowed!" Then Marzia walks in, prompting Pewds to awkwardly say "I'm not doing anything", and the video ends.
  • In his MikuMikuDance Oculus Rift video, he is greatly enticed by the vocaloids singing and dancing around him. As he's eating the eye candy, he then sees something behind him, and it turns out to be a man in a thong.
    Pewdie: Takin' all that G! Oh yeah, work it girl! (starts to turn around) Wait...WHAT THE FU--
  • How does he end his Default Dan video? By playing the Filthy Frank cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" over the end credits.
  • In his Alone in the Rift video, near the end Pewdie turns around, and for a moment there's nothing thereonly for the monster to spawn out of nowhere. He actually gets so startled that he falls out of his chair. And to add insult to injury, the game ends right then and there (with an Ominous Music Box Tune, no less).
    Pewdie: Wow...are you fucking kidding me?
  • From him and Marzia's Super Smash Bros. video, there is a scenario in which Pewdie is Link and Marzia is Kirby, and Pewdie accidentally jumps directly into Kirby's sucking range. What does Marzia say? "You came in my mouth!" Less than a second later, she realizes what she just said and breaks down laughing.
    • Made even funnier with Pewdie's appalled expression.
  • Pewdie and Marzia playing Cards Against Humanity.
    Question: What gives me uncontrollable gas?
    Pewdie's card: Sniffing glue.
    Marzia's card: Fingering.
    • What would your grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?
    Pewdie's card: Sean Connery.
    Marzia's card: Tasteful sideboob.
    Pewdie (shocked): Grandma, how dare you!
    • Another example:
    Question: What don't you want to find in your Kung Pao chicken?
    Marzia's card: Tentacle porn.
  • His short play-through of Ocean Rift.
    Pewdie: Whoa! Whoa, this is actually cool! (sees distant shark) Wha—don't you dare attack me!
    • A couple minutes later...
    Pewdie: (sees and approaches crater) Well, YOLO. (nothing happens) That was surprisingly—(shark pops up out of nowhere and attacks him) GODDAMN INSIDE THE DICK!note  OHOHOHOHOHOHO!
  • In Scribblenauts: Unmasked, he creates several "fabulous giant robot ducks" for his purposes. And they keep getting killed.
    • When his robot duck passes through fire it turns into a cooked chicken, and when Pewdie finds a starving dog, he feeds it the remains of his robot duck.
    • When he sees a sad orphan with "no one left", he decides to conjure a "duck mom". The suggestions for valid adjectives pop up, so he picks "dead mom", and places it next to the orphan. Orphan Consoled. He laughs, and says "That's horrible!" at the same time, and conjures an alive mom, too.
  • Poods is giving less than negative twelve fucks in his playthrough of Watch_Dogs, charging through guards guns-blazing, hijacking sports cars in the middle of traffic, ramming through walls and crowds of civilians in said sports cars, etc., but the real kicker is the one time in episode 2 where he punches out a woman in the middle of the street, only for Aiden's sister to call him just as he gets in her car. Pewds elects to wait for the conversation to finish before driving to the next checkpoint, but quickly grows restless, so he starts driving the car back and forth over the woman's collapsed body in the middle of a huge intersection for several minutes while listening to the phone call.
    • More examples of godlike comedic timing: Felix is cruising through Chicago with his usual grace when he receives a prompt for his first escort mission. Jordi ends the call warning about the expectations of his client, and Aiden answers back that he is the best driver in the city...just as Pewdiepie rams headlong into a shopfront and does a diving leap out of the vehicle.
  • When playing FlapMMO in FLAPPY BIRD KILLER!, Pewds encounters himself.
    Pewds: [while playing under the name poodiepie, sees a player with the name PewDiePie ahead of him] What the fuck, PewDiePie!? [Record Needle Scratch, zoom in on "PewDiePie"] What the hell are you doing!? Why he is winning!? That's bullshit! Everyone knows poodiepie is the real poodie-poodiepie.
  • Though Baking Simulator 2014 is in itself hilarious in its entirety, the best part is when Pewdie attempts to give himself a high five and accidentally smashes the bowl. He then proceeds to start crying.
  • Pewdie playing Unfair Sonic. At one point he dies so much he unleashes a wall of Angrish. In Swedish.
  • Pewds's reaction to Seiko's following line to her brother Yuu:
    Seiko(In playful tone): Want some of Momma's milk?
    Pewds: [Wide-eyed stare, glance shifting between the audience and the screen for a couple of times]
  • A gem from his Alien Makeout Simulator video, when Pewdie's in the middle of making out with the alien's numerous pairs of lips, and an offscreen Marzia asks "What are you doing?" Pewdie turns to face her, and the video ends.
  • His video showing off several crappy simulators. The gorilla simulator is pretty hilarious.
  • "How to become a pigeon and escape life forever." Yes, that's the actual name of the video.
  • In part 3 of his The Forest series, Pewds has gotten used to the survival element and wants to build an effigy to keep the mutants away. As he's found a cassette player that plays rock music, he then proceeds to start singing "Build That Motherfucking Effigy" as he builds an effigy, including killing the mutants for the body parts necessary to make it.
    • The horrendous seagull AI. Kill one, you summon an infinite flock. Pewds is initially confused, then annoyed, then proceeds to make it a running gag.
    • Building on the two, he gets a severed arm and starts singing "Slap the seagull with the hand!", killing seagulls with a dismembered limb.
    • Pewds finally builds the House Boat—as he had put it UNDE Rwater, the finished item glitches out and suddenly rockets off into space.
  • In his video for the Sharknado game, the first thing he is quick to note is that it is essentially the same game as Temple Run.
    • The look of confusion and horror on Pewdie's face upon hearing the game's very-much awful "theme song".
    • He actually starts the video saying that he is going to play The Last of Us: Remastered, but upon realizing that he's playing Sharknado instead, his first instinct is to immediately leave. Quick bleep cut.
      • He ends up playing the game on the sole condition that Edgar is taken.
    • This comment.
    "Of course the game has micro-transactions, why wouldn't it?...And I collect Sharknado coins, which I can then either buy with my real money! Who the fuck would do that? You may have tricked us with Candy Crush, but we're not gonna fall for this shit!"
  • Pewds' opinion on Road Redemption:
    Is everyone in the entire goddamn world on meth?!
  • Pewds tries out Five Nights At Freddys without any background knowledge of the game at all.
  • Pewdie's playthrough of Dead Rising 3 capitalizes on the silly and over-the-top aspects of the game, from the sheer ridiculousness of the combo weapons, the possible outfits, and especially when he gets his hands on a combo vehicle. In his words,
    Some would say this game is totally ridiculous and over the top. I would say... they are absolutely right!
    • Pewds gets a Rollerhawg for the second time and discovers it has flamethrowers. "What?!" He cries, before "America, Fuck Yeah" starts to play.
    • Pewdie breaks into a grocery store and finds a swordfish. He proceeds to throw it at a zombie and the food sticks to its crotch.
    • Pewds discovers the Party Slapper, a mixture of a party van and a streetsweeper that can suck up zombies and turn them into explosive flesh balloons.
    • The moment he finds something ridiculous to wear, he will wear it. It starts with Go-Go Boots and only progresses in the outrageous from there. As of this time of writing, he is wearing a LEGO Mini-Figure Helmet, a lacey black corset, stockings, and go-go boots.
  • In in this play-through video of PewDuckPienote , Pewdie manages to get himself killed in less than five seconds, barely enough time for him to introduce the damn game.
  • In his second 1DreamBoy2 video, he gets Harry Styles' number. He picks up his phone:
    Pewds: Hello? Is this Harry?
    Phone voice: Seven days...
    *Pewds throws phone away*
  • When he plays Citizen Burger, it starts off okay. It truly descends into hilarious madness when strangers join in for mulitplayer. From then on, there are ingredients in the sink, rat burgers, hostages and celebrity gossip. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Playing the bane of his existence again, Pewds has a drink to help him. It's "piss from a homeless person living outside. But it sure as hell beats playing this!" He tries it and says " comprisment [sic], this game is fantastic!"
    • A death later in the level leads him to go to an anger management tips page.
  • During part 2 of his The Evil Within LP, he gets detected by enemies and immediately starts singing famous tunes and musical arrangements with every word and tone replaced by the word "Fuck."
  • Pewdie's reaction to a particularly risque scene in Seaman. Well, "risque" is a tad of an understatement.
  • Pewdie playing the Luna Games.
    • His response to the "YOU DIED" screen in Luna 2.
    Pewdie: Best game ever, 10/10!
    • His dance when he starts hearing the Luna 3 music.
      • "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! (licks lips) Mmm, I can feel it in my ass!"
    • When Pewds sees Luna's dismembered body at the end of Luna 3:
    Pewdie: AHHHH! No, sorry, you're sugoi!
    "No fucking way! Nooo, nooo, nooo, nooo, NOOOOOO! Where is it?! I regret everything in life now!"
    • The very end of the video; when Pewdie turns to the camera to do his outro, thinking that he has beaten Luna 5, the "THIS ISN'T OVER" Jump Scare comes right the fuck out of nowhere and catches him off guard. He then starts weeping for the last 3 seconds of the video.
  • His experience playing a rather fucked-up Sonic Oculus Rift game.
    • "This is why Sonic goes so fast, to escape all these atrocities!" (approaches "Tails", who then sinks into the ground) "Alright, I'll see you later, then!"
    • The "Sonicmobile".
    Sonicmobile: Nobody's faster than me!
    Pewdie: You're right. No one!
    • Pewdie escaping the game by finding an opening in the wall and bursting through it...only for the rest of the Sonics to come join him.
    • When he comes across a Sonic wearing shades:
    Pewdie: Wow, that's a cool Sonic right there.
    Cool Sonic: Wanna hear something?
    Pewdie: Yes.
    Cool Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • While viewing a cutscene in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, he sees the look of a rather…sedated-looking animatronic, and he takes it upon himself to try and guess what he's thinking. "Hey man, you got the crack cocaine?"
    • Pewdie stating that if he doesn't complete night 4, he will attempt to suck his own ass.
      • From the same episode: Pewdie making an assortment of fart noises for the last minute or so of the video.
  • PewDiePie builds bridges. Aside from almost all of his creations failing on him, one scene features a gigantic mess of support beams spanning a canyon. Then you find out the support beams have no roads on them, just a gigantic gap leading straight down.
    Pewdie: I may not have thought this through.
  • When he beats night 6 in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the first thing he does is start aggressively playing with his nipples.
  • From his first Far Cry 4 video:
    • He gets attacked and killed by an animal, which gives him a really bad scare. The sounds that he produced as a result are then synced up with Vengaboys' "We Like to Party" while LazyTown footage plays in the background. No, really.
    • After commenting about how he's apparently a Pokemon master, he kills a Bengal tiger and ends up taking its heart. Pewds then comments and says that it makes a great Pokeball.
    • Pewdie's rather hectic time on the bridge. As if flaming honey badgers weren't enough, there's a group of rhinos up there as well.
    • While Edgar is distracting him, Pewdie ends up getting attacked by a honey badger. He then decides to fire a rocket launcher at a target mere centimeters away from him...
    • "Aw, look at the little elephant, he's bathing! Aw, that's so cuteCATCH THIS, BITCH!" *BOOM*
  • Him repeatedly killing his character with the traps in One After Another. You can see that he's extremely annoyed by the third or so trap.
  • Don't you just hate it when your ass is so big it falls off the planet? #relatable
  • During his playthrough of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (made for his episode in South Park), he tries to cross the street during a firefight and ends up getting run over. While already funny in itself, when Pewdie realizes he can get hit and survive, he proceeds to literally play in traffic.
  • In his video on FNAF clones, he starts off by playing a clone of FNAF 2 based on Thomas the Tank Engine. Pewdie pretends to be scared when he flashes the light on the center door and sees Thomas, but while shoveling coal (which is one of the game mechanics), he checks the light again and and has a demonic Thomas come flying at him, screaming all the while. His reaction is shocked and unamused.
  • Part 6 of his Penumbra Overture playthrough gave us his definitive CMOF reaction from his older days.
    Pewdie: (successfully unlocks gate) Yeah! OH, OH, OH. I forgot about the doggy, I forgo—(sees dog charging at him from afar)—AAAAAAAAHHH! NO! NO! NO! (self-dubbed "girly noises") (dog continues attacking) FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! (more high-pitched squeals) FUCK-GETOFFME (crying) Run - why is it so running slow? (accesses menu) Nu! Beef! Beef! Fuck! Beef jerky! TAKE THE FUCKING BEEF JERKY! TAKE THE BEEF JERKY, NOT ME! Take the beef jerky...
  • In Part 5 of his playthrough of episode 1 of The Walking Dead, he starts cracking up from the weird and funny look Lee is giving Carley, with fully open and unblinking eyes (he even advances on her). It's even referenced in the title of the episode, where he laughs so hard he says his belly hurt.
  • PewDiePie accidentally knocks his green screen over while playing the first episode of ‘’The Walking Dead: The Final Season’’.
  • His Bloodborne playthrough is amusing like his Dark Souls series because Pewdiepie gets extremely into the gameplay, has no problem making fun of amusing glitches and side-effects like ragdolling corpses and bosses falling off ledges by themselves, but the best part of it all is his deaths. His numerous deaths and his hilarious reactions, particularly when he goes into a rage.
    • In Part 1 he gets so mad he starts flipping his hair and pointing out that the game has gotten him incredibly mad in the first 30 minutes alone.
    • Part 2 showcases just how hard the game is when Pewdiepie takes 18 attempts to down a boss. At first, the "Round" title cards go by slowly with appropriate music until it hits the double-digits and they just speed through and cut to Pewdie's death and going into a rage.
  • From his Parappa The Rapper playthrough, we got this moment when Pewdie finally completed the Instructor Mooselini level after several failures. Equal parts funny and awesome.
    Instructor Mooselini: Do you know why we stopped the car again?
    Pewdie!Parappa: Do I know why we stopped the car again?
    Instructor Mooselini: That's because you just got your license!
    • For this moment alone, Pewdie had to put a disclaimer at the start of the video warning viewers about how engaged he got into the game.
  • His "Duty Calls" video.
    • The game itself is hilarious (it's a satirical game made by Bulletstorm launching many a Take That! against generic cliches and tropes of modern FPS games).
      • The image of a stereotypical eyepatched Russian crying while you're giving a double thumbs up while deploying American flags with fireworks shooting out of your fingertips.
      • The game upgrades Pewdie's rank for practically every kill he gets, and the rank names just speak for themselves. (Master Sergeant Shooter Person, Master Sergeant Shooter Sergeant Person, Sergeant Sergeant Master Sergeant Shooter Person, Sergeant of the Master Sergeants Most Important Person of Extreme Sergeants to the Max!)
      • A guy comes along in a warthog and rams a guy out onto the ground. His reaction? "Oh no, I'm dead" with a completely deadpan expression. The guy that killed him states that he cannot be stopped unless the game goes into slo-mo, making him an easier target. He then becomes completely frozen. Pewdie shoots him, and the whole damn warthog blows up.
      • The game's cutscene satire is to have a soldier slowly parachuting from the sky while simultaneously explaining how you can't shoot him since it is a cutscene.
      • "Soon I'll be landing...I have landed on the ground."
    • What might be even more amusing to watch is Pewdie's long and convoluted struggles of trying to sign into Windows Live to play Bulletstorm (the only way you can play is online and through the aforementioned Windows Live).
      • At one point Felix tries to make a new account and puts in increasingly weirder emails due to the last one always being taken, for some godly reason. ( —> —> —> —>
      • At one point, he just flat-out gives up and Googles "how to kill yourself".
  • Pewds plays a game with his girlfriend. Only, something seems to be a bit off about "her".
  • In his Postal 2 playthrough, Pewdie has an.....odd tendency to cut off legs, and only legs.
  • Pewds making a very simple mistake: he forgot to turn on his webcam/camcorder. And because this is all uncut, well...
  • His attempt at The Joy of Creation: Reborn. One, during the whole video, whenever Pewdie needs a break, he watches one of ASMR Darling's videos, which hilariously comes out of nowhere and completely breaks the overall tone (it could count as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment if you're not familiar with the ASMR scene). Two, the most notable moment is by far when he sees Bonnie from behind and starts following it, repeating "Look at that ass". Cue the inevitable jumpscare. Pewdie collapses to the floor and stays there for 20 seconds. When he finally gets up again, the game immediately gives him a second jumpscare. Cue another break with a ASMR Darling video.
  • His odd fascination of running people over with vehicles in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is worth a chuckle or two.
  • His Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy videos, where he brags about playing the game with zero deaths (and actually dying a lot). his second video about it is especially hilarious: He reveals that he's been "actually blind" the whole time because he didn't want to live life in easy mode, and also reveals his secret to be so good at games: respecting women...and dead memes.
  • Pewds plays ''Doki Doki Literature Club!. Naturally, it being a visual novel, he has to provide voices for all the characters. While Yuri and Monika's voices are just his own voice with specific intonations, Natsuki and Sayori...
    • Natsuki ends up sounding like Mickey Mouse. Felix even acknowledges this and adds an occasional "a-ha!" to an end of the line.
    • Sayori... it just has to be heard to be believed. One comment on YouTube sums it up pretty well:
      Viewer: I thought I heard some kind of alien dialect.
      • When game gets darker, Pewds says that he can't use the same silly voice for Sayori anymore... then immediately uses it for the very next line.
  • Pewds' descent into madness while playing Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. It starts out normally enough, but then the later videos have him strip naked and wear a bald-wig on his head (presumably in an attempt to dress up like the character you play as in that game.). And then it gets worse.
    There always comes a point in these video games where it stops being an act and he legitimately starts to slip into true insanity. This is that point.
  • Pewds tries playing Beat Saber using "Bitch Lasagna". Because of how the game works, the reaction speeds required are utterly insane and Pewds loses immediately.
  • On his Delta Rune playthrough, he gets stuck on Rouxls Kaard's first puzzle, which is simply moving a box one square, spending over a minute walking around, standing on the button several times before he realizes how to solve it. His reaction
    "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh no. I was stuck on the puzzle that was supposed to be easy."
  • Pew Die Pie’s 2019 Minecraft playthrough has its ups and downs, but it is teeming with all sorts of side-splitting gems.
    • Some fans on Reddit tell him that sleeping in the Nether will reward him an Easter Egg. Pewds falls for it, exploding the bed and killing him. Needless to say, he isn’t pleased.
    • The way Pewds meets each of his pets crosses way over into Heartwarming Moments.
    • How he created the "Water Sheep" phenomenon in the first place: A random sheep who had followed him gets stuck in a small channel, where strong currents prevent him from ever leaving the hole. Pewds decides to leave it that way.
    • Pewds mistakenly calls a turtle he needs for making an underwater breathing helmet “Virgin Toad” for his unwillingness to mate.
    • Pewds builds a Japanese-style house for Sven across the bay from his main crib, but he is so focused on the Virgin Toad that by the end of the episode, only the front yard and facade are completed, leaving the side walls unbuilt. Fans took notice.
    • Pewds builds a big statue of himself mounting Joergen II in the front of his house, specifically in the form of him in plate armor riding a standing horse while holding the Sweden flag. While it is impressive, the initial design looks rather off and resembles a silver frog riding a kangaroo.
    • Pewds deliberately kidnaps villagers in order to change their professions to librarians and obtain from them a enchantment book with Mending powers. He goes so far as to deliberately turn one of them into a zombie, cure him, and eventually transform him into a librarian. He succeeds, only to find out that the kidnapped villager already changed his profession into a librarian, whereupon Pewds finds out that he doesn't even sell the enchantment he wanted.
      • After he finds out that it didn't work as intended, Pewds decides to step up his game and starts kidnapping even more villagers (using boats of course), taking them into the Water Sheep-themed chamber, where he forces all of them into being librarians, and even enclosing them in a room to breed.
      • A little later, Pewds upgrades the breeding room into the "Frick Room". The Frick Room is decked out with pink and white wool akin to a love hotel, and enclosed by a glass pane through which Pewds can see the entire mating process.
      • Later on, he upgrades it so that at the press of a button, food would drop immediately and the villagers would automatically frick.
    • After waiting for a long time, Pewds finally gets to transform his legion of Peepeepoopoos (his name for pigs) into Zombie Pigmen where they would help him slay the Wither and the Ender Dragon. Almost half of them finally transform and Pewds is ready to summon the Wither... only for him to do an oopsie and accidentally hit one of the Peepeepoopoos, where they chase him chaotically throughout the entire farm, all because Pewds wanted to extinguish the fire that burned the pigmen. After a few moments of relief, Pewds returns and sees some of the pigmen have turned neutral again, only to find out that they despawned in the sun, much to his frustration.
    • Few things that happened during his battle with the Ender Dragon.
      • How he managed to get inside the End World; One of the peepeepoopoos pushed him to the portal.
      • Later on, in a spite of revenge, Pewds pushed that pig into the end realm so that the Ender Dragon would eat him. When his worrying instinct kicks in, he returned to the pig and accidentally mounted it, right when the pig starts to fall off.
      • How he managed to kill off the Ender Dragon is rife with brick jokes. Since he knew how annoying the Enderman can be, he prepares himself by crafting and putting the Enderman on boats, lots of boats, preventing them to ever move. He also carefully bait the Ender Dragon close to the gate, where he promptly place a bed and attempted to sleep on it, only for the bed to explode as intended (which almost as powerful as a charged creeper or an end crystal) ensuring huge damage to the Dragon. Doubles with Crowning Moment of Awesome as he managed to use unconventional tactic against a pretty tricky Puzzle Boss.
  • His playthrough with Cinnamon Toast Ken of the famous Minecraft mod "Skyblock" includes:
    • Pewds and Ken figuring out how to create a simple cobblestone generator for almost the entire video duration (without cuts). The result is as expected and if you're an expert in Skyblock, is as funny as it is painful to watch.
      • To sum up the contraption they built, Pewds and Ken dug up four blocks of dirt just to build a dirt mound and a two-block pillar for the lava and water, respectively. The lava flows first while the water flows from the highest point. The lava flows into the hole to make room before the water flows, where it dissipates some of the lava flow into cobblestone while infinitely generating more cobblestones without disrupting the lava source. This sounds confusing at first but the worst part? It works. Sure, it leaves so little space for both of them to actually start building anything, that they have to restart the entire level in the next episode, but it works. Here's a video of how to build his contraption and how it works.
      • Worse still, even after knowing how to create a proper cobblestone generator, Pewds and Ken seemingly keep screwing up and have to restart every so often. They manage to get the generator right on the fourth episode, then they get bogged down in reacting to glitchy villagers, attempting to expand their tree island, and mining lapis lazuli and Diamonds.



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