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Drinking Game / PewDiePie

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Amnesia/Horror videos

Take a sip every time Pewdie...
  • says "I don't even know anymore" or something to the effect
  • throws a chair
  • two when he recites the "Ole dole doff" rhyme
  • calls or alludes to an object as a friend
  • screams like a girl
  • says "penis"
  • says the name "Stephano"
  • starts to sing
  • refers to Chair Mode
  • says the name "Mr. Chair"
  • removes the head of a suit of armour
  • speaks his distrust of suits of armour (he calls them statues)
  • rages at or blames barrels
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  • rages at or blames mushroom
  • role-plays dialogue with an item or a corpse
  • reads a note, letter etc. in a funny voice
  • says "Laudanamamum" or something to that effect
  • frantically repeats something in panic (like "brobrobrobababa" or "runrunrunrunrun"
  • talks to self for motivation to calm down or carry on
    • If it's in roleplay mode with an item, this counts for both. Take two sips.
  • refers to "Bro" in a sexual manner (such as "I dun wanna be rapeeed!")
  • jumps visibly
    • two if he knocks something down
    • three if he hurts himself
  • gets Distracted by the Sexy
  • forgets a code/what he's supposed to do with the item(s) he just picked up
    • two if he just read a note explaining it
  • says "it's so disturbing" or "it's so difficult"


Happy Wheels videos

Take a sip every time Pewdie...
  • chooses to play as Irresponsible Dad
  • says "I DON'T CAAAAARE" or something that effect
  • runs over someone
  • insults the son
  • ejects the son
    • two sips if this somehow gives him an advantage
  • loses both of his arms
    • two sips if he follows this by saying "I can still do this!" or something to that effect
  • says "Ain't no party like a PewDiePie party!"
  • starts a Synchronized Dance
  • has sex with one of his dismembered body parts
  • gets hit right in the penis/asshole
  • says "I became a ketchup bottle/fountain"
  • starts appropriate music before playing a level
  • rates a level
  • kills everyone in a sword throw level
    • two sips if he also kills himself
  • calls a backflip a frontflip and vice versa
    • two sips if he gets it right
  • lets go of the bike before starting a level
    • two sips if he sends the son out alone

Anything else

Take a sip every time...
  • there's an explosion with the caption "NAILED IT"
  • he swears (don't do this unless you want alcohol poisoning)
    • finish your drink if he doesn't swear, because it's a rarity
    • also finish it if he swears in Swedish
  • one of his pugs shows up
  • he says a Catch-Phrase (also not advised)
    • he doesn't say his opening Catch-Phrase, or says some variation of it
  • he references something Japanese
    • he calls something "kawee" (kawaii)
  • When he mispronounces an English word
    • With phone on hand to call the ambulance if you need one.
    • Gotta love how this site gives you very entertaining ways to die.


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