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About the supporting "characters"...
Stephano is a Hive Mind created from the trustworthy aspect of the Untrusted Statues, that controls all of the small statues in Castle Brennenburg. This is supported by the fact that Pewdie often encounters more than one Stephano, and they both possess equal memories of their adventuress with Pewdie. It also explains why the incidents of dual-Stephano are never treated as a big thing-Stephano simply keeps going as the other statue, and all is forgiven. As we know, the Untrusted Statues are all over Brennenburg, explaining how Stephano is able to tell Pewdie about certain monsters and obstacles. ("That monster, he-he's blind...he cannot see you, so just don't make a noise...")It's because he has the knowledge of the Statues, being a former part of them.

Mr. Chair is another Hive Mind running throughout the furniture of Brennenburg. Unlike Stephano, however, the Barrels are manipulating Mr. Chair against his will, due to his submissive nature. As a result, every time he goes into Chair Mode, the Barrels nullify his powers, leaving him as a regular chair. That's why he tells Pewdie to Chair Mode: he knows it works, but he can't use it to its full extent under the Barrels' control. At one point, however, he overcame the Barrels and managed to successfully hold off the Bro so Pewdie could escape. ("IT'S WORKING, PEWDIE! RUUUUUN!") It's also why Chair Mode works in Ao Oni-the Oni kills others to try and get to Pewdie, which the Barrels find unacceptable-they're just out for Pewdie. This causes them to hate the Oni, so they allow Mr. Chair to use Chair Mode to attack him (unbeknownst to them, saving Pewdie as well).


Piggeh is simply a Badass Normal sex-craved lunatic-he travels through the castle simply to find his next "conquest". This explains why he so rarely encounters Pewdie compared to Stephano or Mr. Chair-they possess everything of their type in the castle, whereas there's only one Piggeh.

The Untrusted Statues are guardians of the castle that have been created by Alexander to serve as sentries for the Barrels and the Bro, and aid in their attacks on Pewdie. Knocking their heads off remove their ability to see him, which Pewdie does on instinct due to paranoia. However, after Pewdie's first Amnesia playthrough, they began to feel remorse over what they were putting him through, and wondered whether it was the right thing to do. When the Barrels heard of this, however, they forcibly expunged that aspect of the Statues' personality and confined it so it could only inhabit the "Golden/Clay Explorer" statues scattered around the castle. While the Statues continued to diligently guard against Pewdie, the aspect that was sealed into the small statues began to mature and evolve, growing into a new being, one that embodied wisdom and trustworthiness. It lay dormant for a while, until Pewdie's words brought it to life: "I think we should call him...Stephano."


The Bro is a result of Alexander's experiments on his servants. Drinking the poisoned wine that Alexander had given them, their bodies fractured and burst into pieces. Using the pieces he had left of them, Alexander fashioned his army of deadly Bros-the first Bro Army.

While Alexander had many, many body parts from his servants to fashion into the Bro Army, some were deemed unsuitable. Some of his servants, in life, had been far more intelligent than the others that he had fashioned into the Army, and also far more vicious. So, he decided to dispose of them. He loaded their remains into the barrels that contained the tainted wine, pending incineration at a later date. However, trapped in the barrels and affected further by the wine residue, the body parts reformed, merging themselves into the barrels, and eventually even achieving sentience. Alexander, seeing an ally with great potential that was physically unable to betray him, allied himself with the Barrels to go after Pewdie. Now, the Barrels command the Bro Army telepathically, and have their hooks into Mr. Chair as well, thereby cementing themselves as Pewdie's arch-nemeses.


Jennifer is the earth itself. Most of the time, she is an all-amassing Mind Hive composed of all the minerals in the world, and thus finds it impossible to register Pewdie with any of her senses. When parts of her flake off, however, the rock is able to act as a conduit, allowing her to contact Pewdie and speak with him.

Leg is simply an innocent leg working as an aide for the disabled at Castle Brennenburg, who once found himself caught up in Pewdie's adventures. After Pewdie threw him away, however, he was able to consolidate and go back to his job, and now works happily supporting the leg-impaired.

Martin, after his first appearance, rose to a higher plane of existence and became a benevolent spirit. Whenever someone is tortured extensively, Martin steps in and puts them into an unconscious state, taking over their bodies and suffering the torture in their stead. When they die, Martin returns to help another torture victim withstand their brutal state.

  • What about Skully? An innocent skull tortured by Alexander that is part of the Stephano Hive Mind? Or was he a Barrel agent who did too good a job of pretending to help Pewdie and got Killed Off for Real?

PewDiePie is a part of a global conspiracy to kill Let's Playing off
  • But of course, you would say that wouldn't you, barrels.
    • Come on, no need to start a flame war. We're all friends here.

"Bob" from Skate 3 was made insane due to repeated head injury.

PewDiePie isn't an alter ego, Felix is
  • You'd have to be crazy to fake being so... crazy for that long

PewDiePie will end when Pewdie forgets his password again
According to various interviews, the channel was brought into the world after Pewds forgot his password to his old account, Pewdie, and then resorted to making a new one adding "pie" to the end.

After everything he just forgets the password yet again and gets locked out for the last time, thus creating the beginning and end of PewDiePie.

Cry is an AI
Think about it. We've never seen Cry's face, or hands, or eyes. This is because Cry does not have a physical body. Cry is an AI that enjoys playing video games with his pals. Confirmed 100%

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