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No one likes being the third wheel, and Ken is no exception.

The Ho Yay moments of the most fabulous gamer on Youtube.

  • Pewdie and Uber Haxor Nova have tons of these moments.
    • From the Happy Wheels level "PewDiePie's Nightmare":
    Nova: I get all the bitches! I'm invincible! Just give up already!
    Felix: No, I get all the bitches! Stop fucking my bitch!
    [Felix tries to run Nova down with his bike and ends up having Nova on top in an awkward position]
  • Felix calling Cry "baby" in "TWO GENIUSES PLAYS!: Portal 2: Coop: Custom Maps - Part 2", and claiming that their new intro is "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin.
    Felix: Just say yes. Say yes please. Later we can make out. Come on, we can make out a little later. Say yes.
    Cry: *giggling* Yes.
    • All the Portal videos with Cry, really.
    Felix: Well, it's been an honor fighting at your side, Cry.
    Cry: ...I love you.
  • Came to an apex when Pewdie and Cry decided to read a Valentine's Day fanfiction about the two of them. It ended as well as you'd expect.
  • When Bob (the patient in Surgeon Simulator 2013) dies, Felix goes as far to deliver a speech/eulogy in his memory.
    Felix: "Surgery Failed". And it was going so well. Bob has left us, bros. He was such a good friend. He was always there for me. I'm going to miss him so much. *sobs* His beautiful face, that I haven't seen. Half of his nose, that I haven't seen either. It was...special. What me and Bob had, it was something you see once in a lifetime. Bob was one of those guys you could just go out and have a beer with. And make out a little bit with. And it wouldn't be awkward the day after. Bob was that guy. He would actually touch my butt a lot, and it would tickle. In the nicest way. Bob knew how to treat me like a princess. *sigh* Bob. You will be remembered. I love you. One day, we'll meet again. And then. I will kiss you. I will gather the courage...and I will lick your nipples. Bob. Bob... *sobs*
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  • In Speed Runner with Cinnamontoastken, Uber Haxor Nova and Markiplier, Pewdie spouts out declarations of love — especially towards Mark. It leads up to him proposing and asking Mark to marry him. Mark's response is to shoot rockets in Pewdie's face.
  • There's also a lot of the collaborations he's done with Brad (he did dress up, and convincingly sounded like Marzia at one point). Like this for example.
  • The game PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist seems to ship Pewds and Cry for one level…even with full knowledge that Marzia is the former's girlfriend.
  • "Is it gay to drink from another man?" -Felix 9/14/2016

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