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Drinking Game / raocow

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raocow drinking game, stolen from Something Awful and modified to better fit raocow's later content.

Every time he...

  • Says "Come on!" or "Voyons!": Take a drink
  • Says something with the word "demo" in it: Take a drink
  • Says "That never happened": Take a drink
  • Says the same thing twice in a row: Take a drink. Add a drink for each repeat after that
  • Says he hates Yoshi: Take a drink
  • Says "It's pretty great!": Take a drink
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  • Chipmunk time: Take a drink
  • Sings along with the background music: Take a drink
  • Says the word "bucket": Take a drink
  • Says "Video game!" out of context: Take a drink
  • Calls Yoshi a horse: Take two drinks
  • Uses the rewind key (successfully): Take two drinks
  • Saves state in a spot he can't get out of: Take two drinks
  • Mispronounces a word: Take two drinks
  • Says a French curse word ("merde", "simonak", "tabarnak"): Take two drinks
  • Mentions people in the comments section of his videos telling him to use save states: Take two drinks
  • Hyper-chipmunk time: Take two drinks
  • Says the word "pudding", "laundromat", "capitalism", "parsimony", "clement/clemency", or "monkey-cheese": Take a shot or chug your beer
  • Says "cat planet" in a non-cat planet video: Take a shot or chug your beer
  • Mentions what he had for dinner: Take a shot or chug your beer
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  • Throws Yoshi into a pit for no reason but to spite him: Take a shot or chug your beer
  • Post-Production raocow talks to his past self: Take a shot or chug your beer
  • Uses save states or rewinds in an LP where he normally avoids them: Finish your drink
  • Walrus time: Finish your drink
  • Says anything nice to Yoshi: Finish your drink
  • Says a "strong" English curse word ("shit", "fuck"): Finish your drink
  • Laughs hysterically for 30 or more seconds: Finish your drink
  • Says "I don't like this level already." or something to that effect at the beginning of the level: Take a drink.
  • Says some variant of "destroy the world": Take a drink.
  • "I hope I win!" in a contest level: Take a drink. Add another drink if the level placed near the bottom.


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