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  • During his VIP 5 playthrough, raocow beats "absurd athletics 2", (a sequel to a level in VIP 4 that caused him to quit playing it without tools) without tools.
  • During his A Super Mario Thing playthrough, he beats the seventh castle's Time Limit Puzzle Boss with one tick left on the timer. What makes it even better is the choice of music for said boss fight: The Final Countdown. See it all here (the boss begins a bit after the halfway mark).
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  • raocow, along with several other members of talkhaus, singing Bohemian Rhapsody. No more need be said.
  • During some of the final levels of the SMWCP, raocow plays through one of the hardest levels in the hack, taking him two days to complete. Said level was made by himself, making this an effective case of Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • raocow finally, after six months and fourteen days after starting the project, five months and five days after entering World 5, and 73 (not counting any "Episode 0"s) videos (38 of them being World 5), with a total of 41 hours, 7 minutes, and 29 seconds of total playtime, completes Fantasy Explorer Nitroid! Give that guy a drink.
  • An SMWC member called Yanama claimed he was dying of Leukemia. What does raocow do? He actually interrupts his "Drama Mistery" LP with it so he can give Notte Luminosa a proper LP before he passed away. Bonus points: When it turned out Yanama was lying about it all, raocow not only carried on with the LP, but openly discouraged drama regarding the creator.
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  • Him simply guessing the right code in this level. And not just the usual one, but the secret one that gets you an extra star.
  • For that matter, one level in Super Talking Time Bros 2.5 has him tasked with him doing detective work to find out who stole the level's end goal. He successfully fingers the perp on his first try, by just guessing.
  • He defeats Galamoth, That One Boss from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, on his second try. And he makes it look easy, despite consciously not using any game breakers.
  • He beat the Endless Parapet minigame in Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment on the second episode, and this is considered a late-game task, not something to take on when you're still getting used to playing as Specter Knight.
  • Before beginning the last 2 bosses of Cuphead, raocow is jokingly disappointed to be told he's died a total of 98 times, as opposed to a round 100. As a number of commenters pointed out, most players reached 100 before they were done with the first world.
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  • As mentioned above, Absurd Athletic caused raocow enough grief that it ended the savestateless run of VIP 4 back in 2009. In 2018, raocow does a replay of VIP 4 with a translation patch, and is understandably apprehensive when he gets back to Absurd Athletic...before proceeding to beat the stage with only two deaths. And then going back for the dragon coins and not dying while doing so. You can hear how stunned he is that it gives him so little trouble.
  • raocow's very first run of Mega Man Zero ended up being a minimalist run due to the fact that he refused to use Cyber-Elves after finding out that they die upon use.
  • raocow defeats Great Nailsage Sly (the first time via Pantheon of the Sage) from Hollow Knight at only one health thanks to the timely intervention of Carefree Melody saving him from taking an otherwise fatal hit.
  • The sheer amount of output raocow produces deserves a mention. Between his Mario-related A-slot, his B-slot videos, the All the MegaMen C-slot, he uploads three videos a day for most of the year, and four videos a day for the December days leading up to Christmas. Five if one of the Advent Christmas gifts is a single-level game. And one more if he uploads a "Let's Cortex" video that day. On top of all this, he's barely taken any days off.
  • raocow's LP of Super Mario Star Road, wherein he tackles a very difficult ROMhack of Super Mario 64 despite not being as familiar with that game's physics as he is with Super Mario World. He goes from an utterly disastrous first few videos where he doubts he'll even be able to complete the game, to genuinely having fun with it aside from a few tricky areas but still abusing save states from time to time, to finishing the utterly unforgiving Hidden Palace Finale completely save stateless.

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