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  • Ascended Fanon: Ever since roo525 dubbed Chipmunk raocow "Chibi-Cow", raocow himself has sometimes called his chipmunk form that as well. roo525's design for raocow's "character" was also made official in A Super Mario Bros. X Thing.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Many things raocow says end up getting misquoted by fans. "NEVER PUT A MESSAGE BOX ON LAYER 3" (a phrase that's complete nonsense when written like that) is one thing he never said, but are constantly repeated by the fandom. The actual quote is "Never put a message box in a level with layer 3". Admittedly, his angry clenched-teeth style of saying the latter made it easy to miss the frequently omitted words, and the quote was used that way in a Stupid Statement Dance Mix by Generic CAW.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • In a video, raocow mentioned Rubber Fishy, whose Let's Play he was watching at the time, causing Rubber Fishy's subscriber count to subsequentally raise rapidly.
    • While she was quite popular in her own right, when raocow told his viewers that PinkKittyRose was doing a deathless run of ASMT, her subscriber count jumped up.
    • He also caused spikes in popularity for some lesser-known games he LP'ed, such as cat planet and Copy Kitty.
  • Creator Backlash: Toward his Parodius and Mega Man X LPs (see Old Shame below). And especially toward his New! Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island LP, because of how infuriating the game was and how unpleasant his playing is to watch, to the point of outright anger at its creator. It's the only game he'll never replay.
  • Executive Meddling: In late March, 2011, Machinima went and privatised every raocow videos, save for 225 of his ~1600 videos to check for copyright infringement. Then it turns out that they did it to protect them from Website/YouTube's copyright-infringement rampage.
    • In April, 2011, all but two of the Youtube videos were put back up (the two not being deprivatized being that one weird pizza game he played a bit of and TSRPR Episode Zero).
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  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: raocow has admitted that while he's doing his videos he's incredibly, well, weird, he has difficulty maintaining that state of mind all the time.
  • He Also Did: The cover to Giggle Worthy by No Homo. As well as this, he's the voice of Mailbox on the web series Object Mayhem.
  • In Memoriam: This video (Tearjerker warning).
    • A MAGLX level had a room which was made in memoriam of the level author's friend who passed away around the time that the contest was happening (raocow stayed to listen to the whole speech while remaining silent). A level earlier also had a small memoriam that said "RIP Gaston".
    • In MAGLX2, there was a level which was made in memoriam of the level author's cat and raocow's cat. (Tearjerker warning)
  • Missing Episode: The Viddler-hosted episode of his VIP 3 LP titled "Mercy" was lost when Viddler closed his account.
  • Old Shame: His "Let's Intermission With Mega Man X", posted in 2010, is made up of footage recorded in 2008. He thinks his bizarre commentary in it sounds cheesy and forced...but a lot of his fans really like the videos.
    • He considers his Parodius let's play to be so bad it's not even in the archives.
    • He's come out lately saying that he dislikes his old, intensely "monkey cheese" style of commentary and rampant Save Scumming in a lot of his pre and early-YouTube LPs, saying that it cheapens his enjoyment of the game and that he won't go back to it no matter how many people tell him to.
    • He's profoundly ashamed of many of his old Platform Hell levels, and has publicly apologized for making the near-impossible hack What The Hell. Additionally, he has regretted making Rupture in Reality.
  • Schedule Slip: Pretty relentless aversion, as raocow has been uploading daily since 2008, with exceptions given only to when he's physically unable to play (sickness, vacations, computer breakdown, etc). Sometimes this leads to him talking while drawing a picture, when personal trouble arises.
  • Teasing Creator: raocow has actually made and uploaded a self-portrait... with most of his facial features cropped out.
    • In his playthrough of Takkoman, he lets the viewers vote for which stage should be played next. The most popular stage among the viewers doesn't get played until it's the only stage left, because "it's always important to keep people in want".
  • Trolling Creator: After constantly being pestered for not beating the key boss in Mario Gives Up, he finally uploads this.
    • He trolled everyone insisting that he beat the key boss a couple more times as well.
    • When someone complains about one of his gaming habits (like obsessively checking his menu in a Yoshi's Island hack,) chances are he'll do it anyway, only he'll specifically mention how he's pissing off that one guy who was complaining about it. After one fan left a pretty epic rant on what raocow was doing wrong, he started his next video with:
      ''Hey there, everyone, this is raocow playing "Let's make <fan> irrationally angry at a guy playing video games!"
    • After someone complained in the comments how often raocow says "I'm pretty good at video games", raocow instead started to say variations such as "I'm pretty skilled at interactive entertainment". The day after that comment was posted, in fact, that was his video intro.
    • A Youtuber by the name of derschlauepeter requested that the intro of this video be "Hello, it is I, thy favourite roodycoo". raocow decided to start said video with "...the hell is a roodycoo?" instead.
    • "Yesterday I've learnt that I lost the boss contest for Copy Kitty, so I'm not going to play this game forever anymore. *game shuts down like it does at the end of the previous videos*"
    • All the MegaMen follows a strict "One stage per video" rule, no matter how short it'll make the video. At one point during Mega Man X4 he counts the Cutscene Boss fight between Zero and Colonel as a stage, resulting in a video consisting of just a 2 minute-long cutscene.
    • All the Sanics follows a similar structure, only it's one Act per video, which 4 videos in already resulted in a video that's less than two minutes long. He also starts the series by not playing a Sonic game, but instead spending the first two videos playing Flicky (since the title character became one of the generic animals Sonic rescues from destroyed Eggman robots, and thus technically counts as a "Game starring Sonic or a Sonic-adjacent character") and Rad Mobile (due to it technically being Sonic's first game due to his cameo appearance as a figurine inside the player's car.)
  • What Could Have Been: Subverted. He considered doing an LP of Super Meat Boy, but never got around to it for a long time. The great proliferation of other LPs of the game may have been a factor. Eventually, though, he began a blind run once his Patreon contributors voted for the game to be played.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The deluge of spoilers and general backseat driving in his An Untitled Story and Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils LPs eventually led to him disabling YouTube comments in the former and putting the latter on a month-long hiatus.
  • Word of God: In raocow's series Opening Pandora's Box, he answers the fans' questions about himself and his Let's Plays.
  • Word of Saint Paul: A lot of information on his characters, particularly the demons, is given by what is essentially fanmade content. raocow has declared it all canon.


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