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Trivia / Ransom

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  • California Doubling: Toronto is used for scenes taking place not only in Toronto, but in other parts of Canada and the US. Southern France is used for scenes in the rest of France and Europe.
  • Dueling Shows: During season two, Ransom was airing at the exact same 8 PM timeslot as the NBC counterpart series Taken.
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  • Fake American: Luke Roberts (British) as Eric Beaumont and Sarah Greene (Irish) as Maxine Carlson Also, Brandon Jay McLaren and Nazeen Contractor (Canadians) as Oliver Yates and Zara Hallam respectively.
  • International Coproduction: It's a series made together with America/Canada/France/Germany, however RTL departed the project after season one, which has led to season two being a joint American-Canadian-French co-production from CBS, Global and TF1.

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