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Rad Mobile is a 1991 arcade racing game by Sega. Your goal is to complete the course through the places of the United States before the timer runs out. It's also notable for being technically the debut of famed Sonic the Hedgehog, who appears as a figurine hanging on the top.

Rad Mobile received a couple of updated re-releases. It was followed by Rad Rally at the same year, and Gale Racer released in 1994 on Sega Saturn. Unlike OutRun and Hang-On, though, none of these games were remotely as popular, so they're mostly remembered as little more than historical interest nowadays.


This game provides examples of:

  • The Cameo: As mentioned above, this is Sonic's first appearance ever, predating his proper debut on Genesis by five months. Gale Racer brings a few more to the cast, including Amy Rose and Metal Sonic.
  • Darkness Equals Death: Defied. In night stages, you must turn the headlights on in order to prevent crashes!
  • Epic Race: What the game is all about. The intro of Gale Racer goes further into details: the legendary racer known as "The Gale Racer" opens a special tournament to choose the fastest driver and bestow his title to them.
  • Gratuitous English:
  • Hostile Weather: Occasionally it'll rain in certain courses, obscuring the road and making the cornering more slippery. You have to manually turn on the windscreen wiper to secure your sight.
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  • Race Against the Clock: Like many other Sega's racing games, the time is your true enemy. If it runs out, your game is over; unlike in OutRun, you can do continuous plays in the Arcade versions.
  • Police Brutality: If you get pulled over by the police, sometimes the officer will just outright shot you through the windshield instead of slamming your engine hood (apparently the police never give tickets). This doesn't mean an instant loss though; you can resume driving after a while.
  • "Pop!" Goes the Human/So Proud of You: If you make it to the end of the grand prix, the policeman will burst like a balloon, revealing a bikini-clad "Race Queen" underneath to congratulate you.
  • Title Scream
  • Totally Radical: Right on the title.
  • Updated Re-release: Rad Rally in 1991 and Gale Racer in 1994.
    • Rad Rally was essentially a two player version of Rad Mobile, applying several updates on the system (minus the Sonic figurine) and providing four standalone tracks instead of single, streamlined course in the original. It also stands as Sega's first game to use twin arcade cabinet.
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    • Gale Racer, released on Sega Saturn as a launch title (albeit Japan-only), was a semi-port that makes several enhancements to the original such as remixed soundtrack, polygonal opponent car, and new rival racers. Unfortunately, this version isn't quite up to par. The draw distance is much shorter than the original, the loading time is jarring (especially given that each section lasts no more than 40~50 seconds or so), and there's numerous graphical glitches here and there.
  • A Winner Is You: If you finish first, you'll be told:
    Dynamite !! You finished 1st.
    You are the one and only TOP RAD !!
    Congratulations !!

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