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So um, yeah, this is 1-1 reconstructed. They've reconstructed world 1. It had a lot of renovations to do. It just wasn't up to code, you know. There was some stuff going on, they found a whole lot of battery acid running around in the attic, and you know how noisy that can get. Neighbors started to complain, they called a telephone number, which doesn't even exist, but they managed to make one just for that one occasion. It was just a big ol' piece of chili pie.
raocow, here, one of the first of his videos most people see, and therefore their first encounter with his eccentricity.

That was some quality playing there, courtesy of raocow and friends. The friends are the many voices just kinda chillin' in my head... I don't hear them, but they're there.

You know, that's what I hate about centaurs. I mean it's all nice and good, yeah, you got the nether-regions of a horse, la-de-dah... but unfortunately they tend to screw up water physics a whole lot. I mean - whoooa! - stopping time is bad enough, and spitting bullets for no reason, but now adjusting water physics? When all you're really good for is being a tourist attraction? I don't know... I think that's a bit too much for my system of disbelief.

Science is useless and will make you die. This is a lesson you can apply to your schoolyard politics.

Anonymous confession: Sometimes I go to my page, and I look at the Running Gag and Catchphrase categories, because whenever something is added there, it tells me it's something I'm doing way too much and I need to stop it. Whether or not it works or not is mixed results, depending, but I do make the effort. Hey there everyone, this is raocow playing a game...

“The Owl’s Dinner Time! I gotta find the owl! There’s an owl, the owl who lives in a tree somewhere. Gotta find the tree where the owl lives. It’s gotta like, ‘Yo, check it out, it’s my dinner time.’ I’m gonna like, ‘Wow! It’s pretty great, Mr. Owl! Can I be an owl like you?~’ And it’s gotta say: ‘Hoo, hoo – hoo-da-hoo-da-hoo. Check me hund.’ And I am like, ‘Wow, Mr. Owl, you are the best.’
“That was my professional-grade fanfic; those who appreciate it, please donate to my MoneyFace so that I can write more during lunch time at school. And it’s gonna feature more exciting new adventures, like Figuring Out Algebra and Eating Steak Alone At Night. All those exciting story ideas that I have are the best, no one else had ever had them before. And if I get to the special threshold, I might even get someone to edit out my grammar and homophone mistakes!”

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