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"Life is too short to focus on the things you hate. Focus on what you love to do instead."

Not only is Pewds a hilarious person, but he's a good person.


  • Pewdie said that if Clementine dies in The Walking Dead, he isn't playing anymore.
    • His last words to Duck from the same game. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
      PewDiePie: I'll let you be Robin next time.
  • When playing The Walking Dead, if there is an option to kill a character vs. saving them, or act like a complete Jerkass to them, PewDiePie will generally lean towards the good side, opting to save the character instead or pick a nicer dialogue option. Even with characters who mess things up for the entire group, like Ben, or villans, like Andy and Danny. Felix has a good heart.
  • The Gregory Brothers dedicate a song to him and his dog.
  • Pewds has a new pug called Edgar. He gets on very well with Maya.
  • After reacting to the elders reacting to himself, he ends the video with a little rousing monologue concerning haters.
    Pewdie: Obviously, not all the elders were too into my videos, and that's totally fine. My videos are not for everyone, and I never expected that. But I do see, far too often, people in the comments arguing over it, and it just seems really unnecessary. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, and no one should be harassed over it. But if someone is being an ass over having an opinion, which happens a lot on the Internet, then please just ignore it, bros. You would be doing me a great favor. With the kind of popularity I have right now on the Internet, I get people trying to throw shit at me every day, and I'm so done caring about it. I appreciate that you bros try to stand up for me sometimes, but really I wish you bros wouldn't care as well.
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  • In one of his update vlogs, he tells about two bros who won a battle against a very bad illness, and they got one reward for surviving. How did they use it? Spending a day with Pewdie.
  • The Man Hug he and Toby have at the end of their Just Dance duet.
  • Pewdie's speech about Bengt in part 4 of his Journey LP is so undeniably sweet. It's a pity Bengt dies right after.
    "Just a little further, Bengt. Just a little further. I always admire your stamina, Bengt. You were always the toughest one. But hey—we always manage to make our way through it, no matter how hard the times were. Right, Bengt? Remember that time that dragon nearly killed you? It nearly killed me. I tried to save you, but you just ran. You're crazy. I think I might have to amputate my legs, cuz they're freezing. This is worse than climbing Mount Everest. NO—I can't move anymore, Bengt! I'm a little scared. Wh-what's going on? Bengt? Bengt, what's happening? I don't feel so good. Bengt, sing to me! Sing to me, Bengt! Where's your scarf? NO! We're dying, Bengt! I wanted you to know—that you were the brightest. You were the greatest, Bengt. I love you. Don't leave me. Stay with me."
    • Even in the wake of Bengt's death, part 5 (the finale) is so beautiful it's as if the game is giving Pewdie its condolences. An epic Bittersweet Ending.
  • The fans' concern over him when he would give himself an electric shock every time he would swear. They might be a handful at times, but they do generally care for his well being.
    • When he announced his catacombs challenge, people were asking him not to go because they were afraid he'd get hurt. Yes, we can be dumb, but bros do genuinely give a hoot about him and Marzia.
    Youtube Commenter: "you guys just don't know how it feels :l you need to understand that a lot of the bro army loves him to bits."
  • On his (presumably) final episode of Happy Wheels, a particularly nasty commenter insulted Pewdie's work, personality, and channel, and, although the subsequent comments were just as nasty to the original hater/troll, every one was supporting Pewds and shooting down the commenter with every subsequent hateful response they posted.
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  • When he got a Guinness World Record for most subscribed channel, he claims that the bros did it and that the certificate should say "achieved by the bros" instead of by him.
    "'Officially Amazing'. That's what you bros are."
  • Pewdiepie's love for Yuka.
  • Pewdie's READING AWESOME COMMENTS video, which serves not only as a nice break from all of the hate comments but also lets Felix see bros who are thanking him for making videos that help them get through the day.
  • While playing, some players who seem to be members of the Bro Army feed their player blobs to his.
  • Five Reasons Not To Give A Shit. That is all really.
  • His Pony Island video where after he does his outro, he didn't know that there was going to be one more cutscene. The guy who helps him out in the entire game tells him to delete the game as it is the only way to free his trapped soul. Naturally, Pewds readily deletes the game right away.
  • After the long saga of Pewdie's rivalry with an aggressive troll hater named Malcolm1466, him and Malcolm eventually came to terms. In this video, Pewdie revealed that Malcolm was actually a fake name given to hide his identity, openly admitted to liking his personality, and invited him onto his channel for a video. Malcolm has now seemed to move on from their enmity as well, and the Bro Army is now adamantly supporting him.
  • Felix thanks the fans for supporting him and standing up for him with all the media hate that he gets.
  • Felix thanking his fans for "doing their part" in maintaining his lead against India's biggest music channel, T-Series, noting that he feels he doesn't deserve any of this and knowing that he doesn't really care if T-Series ends up surpassing him. And then decides to start a fundraiser for India's children who are child laborers and give them the proper education.
  • While "Congratulations" (the song he made to congratulate T-Series for finally surpassing his sub count) was pretty in jest and sarcastic, there's a Subdued Section of the song where Felix, from his room, accepts his loss, thanks his audience for sticking with him through the ups and downs of his career, and offers — for the first time in an incredibly long while — a brofist. Equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, especially for long-time fans.
    So this is it, thanks for sticking with my channel
    Ever since I was a nobody screaming at barrels
    Yeah, this is it, it's been an adventure
    It's the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
    Through all the change and controversy, you've been by my side
    There's no army in the world I would rather give me watch time
    It's been a wild ride, so while I can still be heard
    Here's one last brofist from the number one in the world.


  • The relationship between Pewdie and Marzia. It's always good to see that they do love each other and that they were meant for each other.
    • The fact that Marzia started out as a bro herself that Pewdie talked with on Facebook is just the icing on the cake.
    • Speaking of their relationship, this video Marzia made for Pewds is nothing less than adorable.
    • Even earlier than that, Felix's cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" dedicated to Marzia back in his early days. Just watch it.
    • During his "Draw My Life" video, he tells the story of how he met Marzia (his girlfriend) and the way he draws a big heart around her name and continues to draw little hearts around them together as he tells their story is adorable and extremely sweet.
      • And the story about how he turned his life around, became a better person, and lived up to his name - Felix (which means "happiness" in Latin). It's meant to put a smile upon your face.
    • Pewdie and Marzia's cute little kiss in part 6 of his Fahrenheit LP.
    • One time, a hater commented on one of Pewdie's video stating that he needed to "buff up" and looked like a bag of chips. After the bros stepped in as usual, Marzia replied to the comment saying "I love chips".
    • The very picture you see on this page was first picture Pewdie ever uploaded to his Instagram.
    • In this Kinect Party video, Felix rescues Marzia from boiling lava... but then drops her because he doesn't want us looking at her butt. Oh well.
  • It's really cute how Felix starts rooting for Marzia in THE YOUTUBER GAMES after Felix dies. Even sweeter is the fact that Marzia wins.
    • Even when Felix's haters make abusive videos towards him that then extend threats and objectifications to her to get under his skin, she still stays with him.
    • And now, after several years of fans hyping up a Felix/Marzia marriage, news has broken that the two are now engaged.
  • $37,000 raised for children with cancer, thanks to the Bro Army.
    • And an additional $450,000 for clean drinking water.
    • Plus over $250,000 and counting for providing supplies to children worldwide. Like him or not, he IS trying to make the world a better place.
    • His charities have raised a total of over $1 million!
  • The love and appreciation that Felix has for his fans is really sweet. He makes Fridays With PewDiePie in order to better connect with his fans, and frequently thanks his Bros for the support that they've given him throughout the years, because he knows he wouldn't be as popular or doing what he loves (for a living, for that matter) without them.
    • His apology video after he was worried that he'd been rude to his fans, wanting to reassure them that they were very important.
  • There's a staggering number of people whose lives have been affected by Pewdie one way or another. Some people have actually said that he saved their lives.
    Facebook user: This isn't really a question, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much and if it wasn't for you, I honestly wouldn't have stopped hurting myself. You were there when everyone else didn't care. So thank you for saving my life, Felix.
  • Pewdie's humility is another defining trait of his.
    • The fact that he doesn't even consider himself to be famous is enough.
    • According to a Q&A on Reddit, he made $4 million in 2013. He told no one about it, nor did he get a big head about it.
  • Despite the fact that he got a lot of mainstream media hate for accusing him that he's a Nazi and anti-Semite, a lot of Youtubers banded together and support him and say that the media is biased and just loves to tell lies to the masses. Even KSI, who usually has some drama with him a few times, supported him in his time of need.


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