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  • Kung-Fu Jesus and the crew were planning to do a bunch of livestreams in order to collect donations so they could buy new recording equipment. They had some extras planned if they got enough money, from $75 up to $400. By the night before the stream was planned to start, they had already collected over $700 in donations! And they decided to give gifts to people who donated a lot!
    • By the time the stream was over, the crew had raised about $2500.
    • One of the donations came from a developer of The Gunstringer, to which the posse responded with great respect.
    • Most of the large donations ($100+) left the comments section completely blank. No wacky requests, no Nintendo Hard challenges, not even Horse Tweets. They donated entirely out of generosity, and wanted nothing in return other than the implied "Keep making videos".
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  • A fairly minor, yet still noticeable (for their standards) example from Sonic Unleashed, while playing through Rooftop Run Day and having a genuinely good time:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: The game is totally worth it just for these little things!
    pokecapn: I guess.
    KFJ: It is!
    pokecapn: ...Yeah, it is. It really is.
  • When medibot finally zonks out in the middle of the Sonic Unleashed LP, instead of letting the collectibles Running Gag die, the rest of the goons keep it going until they finally wake up.
  • After KFJ gets kicked around for most of the Mario Party LP, there's a sweet little moment from Mario Party 6, during one of the swap fests:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Hey, it could be me, it could be...
    [flower opens above him, giving him the four stars]
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Me!!
    [everybody cheers and claps]
  • In part 5-3 of Four Swords Adventure, after medibot inadvertently died and lost their 666 Force Gem total, MyNameIsKaz volunteered to be a sacrifice to Satan (re: let medibot bomb him a few times) so they could get back up to 666. Medibot was literally crying with joy at Kaz's selflessness.
    • "I have such great friends!"

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