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  • What happened to Nuptup after he finished playing Pokémon: FireRed? Jared had her transferred to Pokémon Y. And as a bonus from the generation gap? Her characteristic is "Hates to lose".
    • You can also see Leebin and Gworvan hanging out in the PC.
    • Wiggleywoo, you can come too.
  • His review of Chrono Trigger. His final score is a clock without hands out of ten for its timeless nature. Even his one criticism of it he admits is just a nitpick. You can hear the true love he has for the game through the tenderness in his voice while talking about it. Easily one of his best reviews.
    • Made more impressive when you realize he spent just over 20 minutes gushing over the game, never really repeating any points on why he loves the game so much.
  • In his and his wife's playthrough of Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club, they decide to date Jared, but almost immediately feel guilty about it because of Mai, who had a crush on Jared but supports Hana anyway.
    Jared: Why would anyone choose me?! You don't do that to Mai!
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  • At the end of A Normal Lost Phone, he receives a mail notification on the titular phone - an exchange between Sam (the phone's owner) and Alice, the former writing from a computer. Sam is actually Samira, a trans girl, who decided to run away from her home and bigoted parents. In the mail, she expresses worry about what would happen if someone found her old phone (that she impulsively threw away before riding off); Alice points out that, if a good person found the phone, they'd look for the owner, learn about Sam/Samira's escape and motives, and delete all data on the phone so that Sam's parents couldn't find where she went. Jareds thinks about it for all of three seconds before doing exactly what Alice suggested. While the credits roll he also takes the time to deliver a message to any of his viewers going through a similar situation: You Are Not Alone.
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  • In the finale to Super Mario RPG, Jared takes a moment to praise Smithy as a boss that works as hard as his crew, not just someone who does nothing but bark orders. The usually snarky Miss Editor than takes the time to say that Jared is a good boss.
  • While away at PAX 2017 Jared's home at the time sustained very bad water damage as a result of a broken pipe. Not only did Jared and his wife receive a lot of kind words from fellow YouTubers and fans hoping things get better soon, Jared also encouraged fans to NOT donate money to him, instead urging them to donate money to the victims of the 2017 hurricane season.
    • His fans came through for him and Heidi anyway. Apparently his audience mass-rewatched his content so heavily that it caused a viewership spike in his metrics (and thus, much-needed Youtube monetization revenue), as his update here states.
  • On Pro Jared's gaming channel, ProJared Plays! , he plays a visual novel about a romantic relationship of two mantises called Don't Make Love. On his first episode, after the female mantis describes what love is to her, she then asks what is love to him as the male mantis. Pro Jared gives a very eloquently worded response and says after thinking for a moment, "Love is a shelter from the world, and all of life's problems. That shelter coming from the arms and emotions from someone who cares deeply about you. And once that shelter's door closes, the rest of the world doesn't matter. As long as that person makes you feel safe and loved." And even Miss Editor was heartwarmed by his response.
  • Jared finally reaching 1 million subscribers. He can barely hold back his Tears of Joy.
    • After Jared posted the video where he debunks the claims made against him, you could see his subscriber count go up every time you refreshed the page. The comment section was also supportive and sometimes apologetic after finding out how much the facts of the scandal had been distorted.

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