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Since Vanoss' channel was built out of funny, and that there are thousands of videos to choose from including his friends, we have sorted the list out by game for easier reading.

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    Call of Duty Series 
  • Operation Bigfoot, a term used during a hide-and-seek mod for Call of Duty. The player must turn into the largest prop on the list and somehow remain undetected. Satellite dishes are a particular favorite.
  • Each of the group's troll old videos, notably Delirious' "Deliriously Trolled", Vanoss' "Troll Funtage" and Nogla's "Nogla Annoys" series, where one, most, if not all of them, just go around in a lobby and annoy someone for humor.
  • Vanoss' "Get Cut Off" series from their old Black Ops II days where him, one of his friends or a bunch of other random CoD players get cut off mid-sentence or mid-scream when they get killed in a match they are in. There are some notable ones as given out below:
    • Delirious explaining how he can't get a statue defuse in a certain spot in a map and just as he was about to point out where it is, he gets sniped.
    • Each and every single one of the "Epic Screams".
    • This one.
      Moo: I'm defusing it! I'm defusing it! I'm defusing it! I'm defusing it! I'm—(dead).
    • Mexicutiioner getting killed mid-sentence as he was talking about a YouTuber who edits an impressive amount of his/her Modern Warfare videos. This happens to him TWICE in succession and he doesn't seem annoyed at getting cut off either.
    • Moo attempting a "Mythbusters" skit on his own by trying to see if a Trophy system can save him from a car explosion. Myth Busted!.
    • Two words: Marcel's scream.
    • Vanoss' Rapid-Fire "No!" before getting killed.
    • This genuine little moment
      Moo: Ahhhhh, (gets a kill) gotcha bitch! Gotcha you to— (gets killed)
      Wildcat: (little wheeze) Nha ha! No you don't! Ha ha ha ha!
    • Mexi's attempt at an F-bomb just as he realizes he is gonna get killed by a grenade.
    • Delirious scooting over at a corner in the map, only to fall off and die. His reaction was basically Delirious being Delirious.
    • These two gems between Scott and Delirious.
      Scotty: (gets killed and drops the bomb)
      Delirious: (mocking laughter) He's dead. He's a bitch. Fourzero, you're a bit— (gets killed)
      Delirious: Oh! Oh! Fourzero! Vano— (Dead)
      Scotty: Shut the fuck up.
  • Previously on Vanoss' channel, he deleted a Black Ops II video where Basically was continuously holding a C4 while looking up to the sky ala The Lion King style, while blaring the movie's infamous theme music on his side. At first, Vanoss was really laughing at the parody Basically was doing, but as it kept going for the next several games, Vanoss eventually grew tired of it near the end of his video of it. Hilariously, once he had enough he promptly throws a C4 below the car Basically was standing on, blowing the car up and killing Basically, but himself as well.
    Vanoss: Every time I turn around. Every fucking time. He just stands there with a C4! (throws C4 on car) Fuck this (C4 blows up, killing him and Marcel).
  • Marcel roasting a hacker in a game of Black Ops II. Doubles as a Moment Of Awesome.
    • The crew laughing at the background when the hacker starts to rage when Marcel points out the hacker's score, all while demanding him to turn on his hacks.
    • The hacker attempting to say Nogla's name before giving up half way in response after being killed by Nogla.
    Nogla: He gave up reading it!
    Mini: He gave up.
    Nogla: Halfway through he's like "Daithi... oh fuck it".
    Wildcat: (Mimicking) Daithi De- whatever the fuck his name is. (laughs)
    • To affirm the guy was actually hacking, they went to Theater Mode to watch the game through his point of view. Immediately, the match greets him with a garishly-colored ego-stroking banner with the player's handle, and a blacked out section that might possibly be his real name or the name of the mod-maker. If it was the former, he's quite lucky Marcel and Nogla were the better men to protect his identity.
      • However, in Scotty and Mini's view, they keeps the section open, revealing that it's just the name of the Mod and version number- which Wildcat points out on both videos. Marcel and Nogla were probably trying to prevent other people from knowing the mod's version name.
    • During viewing their replay, the hacker accidentally kills himself by his C4 after headshotting Mini Ladd.
      Scotty: What an idiot! *laughs*
      Mini: Nice! Nice!
      Marcel: That was his only death.
      Tyler: That was his only death! He killed himself.
      Nogla: Genius.
    • In light of this, a small number of subscribers and viewers had even made it their mission to track the hacker's ass down and harass him to the ends of the earth.
  • In this video, Terroriser actually manages to piss off MOO, of all people, by constantly knifing him. Many viewers were outright shocked to hear Moo's rage induced yell. In his own version of the game play, he made it clear that he held no ill will towards Terroriser and pointed out that it was payback for him having made fun of Terroriser in a previous video (see Garry's Mod Deathrun below).
    • In the same video, there is a highly amusing killcam of Marcel turning around to shoot Evan, only for Tyler to jump in and take the shot. Marcel's added dialogue only makes it funnier.
    Moo: Our friendship runs deep.
  • In this gameplay Vanoss and Terroriser make it a point to knife everyone, much to their chagrin. Special mention goes to everybody, including Vanoss and Terroriser, joining forces to make sure that Nogla does not place 1st after doing so for most of the video.
  • In yet another deleted video, Vanoss, Delirious, Brock, Scotty (using Marcel's account), Nogla, Tyler, Cody and Brian playing their own version of Trouble in Terrorist Town on ''Black Ops II'' has a couple of notable funny moments.
    • Delirious hilariously missing TWO knifes on Moo and then a missing a point-blank sniper shot on him. This is later followed by him dolphin-diving out of a window, only to die once he hits the ground.
    • The group, minus Brian (who was the Traitor), messing with Scott on Brian's whereabouts. Eventually when Scotty and the others notice that Scott has found Brian, whose assault rifle was poking through a window, everybody goes silent until Scott kills Brian from behind. Scott actually lampshades the situation after he gets the win.
    Scotty: I saw your gun sticking out of the window. Everybody went fucking quiet quick!
    • At one point, Nogla dolphin-dives from one platform to another, only to die on impact which left his corpse in a position as though he was still alive. This left anybody who saw him believing that he was still alive and panic, only to realize that he was dead all along, much to his and who else found him amused.
  • the Call of Duty WWII minigame Gridiron is filled with laughs chaos and mayhem. But the true kicker is that after 10 minutes of a tied game at 20 or so points, everyone starts to realize that there a score limit instead of a time limit. Vanoss gets everyone to stop and suggest that they quit and reset the score with a time limit but Everyone just wants to play to the score limit. Vanoss then sheepishly admits he set the score limit to 100 to everyone's shock and exhasperation.
  • In this video of Black Ops 4's Battle Royale mode, Vanoss and co. troll a random player which ends with them deliberately killing him. In response, the player lets out a racist rant that devolves Vanoss, Nogla and Terroriser to hysterics.
  • During Moo's 'fake livestream' of Black Ops 4, Marcel calls in an RC unit while he camps in a corner but when he turns it around on the same room he is in, the last opposing player appears running into the room and he detonates the RC unit, killing both of them. Marcel's girly yelp just seals it.
    Terroriser: Boys I think I found my new text ringtone! If I get a text message in a meeting, it's gonna terrify everyone there!
    • Also Brock, Marcel and Sp00n all make playful ad plugs to their "sponsors", but when Brian suggests people to subscribe to his channel, the group immediately tell him to stop "with the plugs".
      Terroriser: Okay, I get it, alright. What's this "National Be-Dickheads-To-Brian Day"?!
    • In one round in the stream, the group all regroup to go after the only enemy player that isn't moving at their spawn. Terroriser plans to radiate the poor guy as a finishing kill. Once everyone gathers around the guy and Terroriser is about to do it, the guy suddenly times out and disconnects, crushing Brian's dreams.
    • In the last round of Moo's stream, Marcel finally has enough and decides to rage quit and end his side of the stream. It turns out the players they were facing against were watching Marcel's stream after just facing them right there and immediately express their disappointment over making him rage quit. You can hear Brian narrate the whole thing in the background as he, Nogla and Sp00 laugh their ass off.
      Terroriser: (As Nogla and Sp00n laugh in the background) They're watching the stream, watching him get angry and ending the stream.

    Call of Duty: Zombies 
  • Nearly the entirety of their "Five Fails At Freddy's" Video
    Nogla: These animatronics run fast as shit! (proceeds to scream in a Mickey Mouse-esque way)
    Vanoss shoots down the 3 normal zombies chasing Nogla
    Vanoss: I like how he said that and there were three normal zombies chasing after him!

    • Later on, this happens:
    Vanoss: Oh god, they're coming in (proceeds to repeat "they're coming in" at least 6 times)
    Terroriser: They're gettin-
    Nogla proceeds to mutter "they're comin' in..." several times until he, out of nowhere, makes a scream that degenerates into him sounding like Mickey Mouse, causing Vanoss to laugh his head off.
    Terroriser: What the fuck is that?
    Basically: What's Mickey Mouse doin' in here?
  • Nogla's occasional Flowery Insults are pretty funny too, but the gem has to be from a play through of Black Ops III Zombies when Vanoss is being more unhelpful than usual:
    Nogla: (Brief bout of Angrish while the others laugh) Oh my God, this has been explained so many times to you! You're like a dad teaching a kid with no FUCKING mobility in his legs how to (ride a) tricycle! While someone's pushing him!
  • During a round of COD Zombies, the ending glitches out going corruptnote . So, Vanoss and the group discuss what would of happen which include, the video just simpily ending, a message popping up saying "that was the end of the video" followed by credits and a clip-art image of a plane being dragged across the screen.
    Edited: I_AM_WILDCAT
    Produced : I_AM_WILDCAT
    The idiot who alt-tabbed and left the game: Daithi De Nogla
  • During a match on Der Eisendrache, Wildcat is being chased by a Panzer Soldat and gets flamethrowered to death by it, but his screams sound like something else entirely happened...
    Wildcat: "The big guy, is here with me, he's lighting my fucking testicles on fire, AHHH IT BURNS! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"
    (everyone laughs)
    Nogla:"Yeah, you definitely got buttfucked right there."
  • In a WWII themed COD Zombies video, Terroriser asks Vanoss, who is half Chinese, to translate what he assumes to be Mandarin, only for Moo to tell him that they're in Japan. Immediate regret comes across Terroriser once he realizes.
    Wildcat: Wow. WOW, Brian, that's the most racist shit! That's the fuc—oh wow, my video's not gonna get monetized now, that's racist...
    Terroriser: Okay, just gl... Oh, and there's a rising sun the—ah god never mind, fuck... I'm gonna get hate.
  • In this Batman themed COD Zombies video, Vanoss, Basically, Mini and Nogla go outside city hall to a christmas tree surrounded by presents that they can open to get items. However, one of the presents they opened had a Bouncing Betty in it. As soon as it activates, the guys don't notice what it is until a second just as it explodes, instantly downing Mini, Basically and Nogla, but not Vanoss. The Joker would be proud of the map creator.
    • There's also Nogla coming back to resume playing the game while having a banana on his mouth. Take that however you will.
    • Nogla again. When Basically starts peacefully singing "O Christmas Tree", Nogla joins. He doesn't notice the other zombie behind him, but when he does, his singing turns into a scream of horror.
    Nogla: "O Christmas Tree... o christmas tree..." (sees a zombie behind him) AHHHHHHHHH!!
  • This old deleted video of Vanoss, Brock and Delirious (and Nogla before he went to bed) on the map "Buried" in Black Ops II. Here, Vanoss has to go downstairs to get his delivered pizza and ask Delirious and Brock to watch over his character while he is away. Suddenly, the crawler that both Delirious and Brock were making sure was still alive died, thus forcing them to move on to the next wave, which causes Brock and Delirious to panic as they now have to protect, not only themselves with very low supplies but also, Vanoss' idle character. The two do their very best to survive but ultimately fail. By the time Vanoss comes back, they are already back on the main menu, much to his chagrin.
    • What's funnier about this is that the three were on Easy difficulty.
    • This can also count as one of the rare times Moo actively swears, as shown by this line when he is asking Evan:
    Moo: How far away is your fucking door?
    • In a meta example. Moo, as he says in the video, had apparently recorded this session but never got to upload it on his channel, making his perspective of this "buried" forever.
  • The Running Gag of Vanoss accidentally starting a session in Co-op Campaign. At one point, it even crashed Wildcat's game.
  • Vanoss, Mini, Nogla and Brain's first Wa W Zombies playthrough, Nogla is unlucky enough to suffer a glitch where he can no longer have a secondary weapon and be stuck with only one for the whole game. To make it amusingly worse, each time he hits the mystery box, he ends up with either a really bad weapon or a teddy bear. To add insult to injury, after getting Monkey Bombs from the box, Vanoss comes in and hits it for a weapon, Nogla sarcastically remarks that Vanoss might get a Ray Gun. Guess what happened?
    Nogla: Fucking monkeys when I have three bullets. This game hates me! * sad moaning as Vanoss comes in to hit the box * Bet you get like Ray Gun or some bullshit.
    (As if on cue, the Ray Gun pops from the box for Vanoss)
    • Nogla doesn't actually quit after being convinced by Vanoss, Mini and Brian to stay. But when he goes to hit the box again to get a weapon... he gets a teddy bear instead, then he rage quits for real.

    Garry's Mod 


  • This Thanksgiving-themed Death Run video has a lot of this.
    • During the very first trap, Nogla volunteers to go first, but looks up, to which Vanoss asks why. Nogla replies that he just had a feeling the trap comes from above.... and right as he finishes that the trap triggers, instantly killing Nogla via a lot of sausages to the face.
    • The Diabetes Merry-Go-Round from the same video as above has at least three. The first is from Vanoss:
    Vanoss: (during his first attempt) Oh yeah. Eas- (gets killed when 407 changes the direction of the carousel in front of him)
    • Nogla's disastrous first attempt:
    Nogla: Haleop! (Gets killed by a Pepsi can before he even lands, causing everyone to laugh) Fuck! I didn't even jump!
    • Basically dies twice here. The first he just goes "AAAARRRGGGHH!" But on the second time:
    Basically: SON OF A BITCH!
    • Vanoss falling off the mushy peas trap, causing him to get launched and hit the ceiling, and Wildcat to break laughing.
    • The guys come up to a trap where they must hop over knives to get to safety. Most of them die at least once due to bad luck or odd hit detection, but then Marcel keeps dying up to 20 times. It ends with Vanoss, Wildcat and Nogla laughing so hard Vanoss hurt his throat, Wildcat hurt his jaw, and Nogla actually cries.
  • While messing around before starting a Deathrun match, BigJigglyPanda manages to glitch out his player model, much to the amusement of everyone else. His own giggling when Vanoss tells him to go third person to see it must be heard to be believed.
  • This video features a Batman-themed Deathrun map. This isn't funny by itself, but what is funny is the ridiculous plot Delirious made up for it: The Joker has infiltrated the Batcave, and he's changed all the passwords to Batman's porn.note  Marcel almost immediately objects to this.
    Wildcat: Oh no, not Batman's Brazzer account! Shit!
    Basically: I am not playing Deathrun for the sake of saving Batman's porn!
  • The "Escaping Prison!" death run where the crew pretends to be actual inmates.
    Vanoss: You! Across the hall! What are you in for, huh?
    Vanoss: Really?
    Nogla: *draws rocket launcher* ... Yes!
    Vanoss: Wha- *BOOM*
  • In a Deathrun video with Vanoss, Delirious, Cartoonz and Ohm, there's an amusing scenario involving explosive barrels at the beginning and the end of the video;
    • Firstly, to decide who is Death, the group spawn four barrels and takes it in turns to shoot their respective one - whoever sets their barrel off first is Death. Vanoss manages to set his off with a single shot and wipes the entire group out in the resultant explosion.
    • Lastly, when they decide the map is too cheap for anyone to make it to the end, they just decide to disable gravity and spawn more explosive barrels pretty much everywhere - whoever dies last is the winner. One is set off and, obviously, the entire room goes up in explosive flames. Cartoonz wins.
  • In a Mini Ladd Gmod Death Run video, SeaNanners uses the banana model from Peanut Butter Jelly Time in the default position as his player model, which combined with the temple theme of the map, created Banana Jesus. It gets even more hilarious when Nanners decides to introduce his "sermons" with a sad track played with MLG airhorns, and then the "Tactical Nuke Incoming!" quote from Modern Warfare 2, all the while floating in his arms stretched position. This bit then ends with him coming in to a rap that leave the others cracking up.
  • Everything about the Youtube Death Run is hilarious on a meta level. Especially all the jokes about Evan carrying everyone's channels. The group is basically roasting themselves.
    Basically: Make a YouTube Channel, dick ride off of Evan's success... (dies) Ohhhh...
    Wildcat: That's all that far that'll get you, bitch.
    • Later in the Deathrun, everyone besides Moo (Who is Death) attaches themselves to Evan... only for him to die due to multiple ragdolls weighting him down and then, a game crash happens.
    Basically: Alright Evan, carry us to victory! Is this what you want to see, subscribers?
    • These two clever jokes Moo pulls off on Terroriser.
    Terroriser: (As Evan's character model holding a Terminator character model) Eh... just be Evan and have Evan carry you to success. (falls and dies). It didn't work!
    Moo: That's twice now that it hasn't worked.
    (Moments later, Brian manages to escape a trap triggered by Delirious that can crush you with big "Subscribe" bars)
    Delirious: Terroriser, you dodged all of those subscribers.
    Terroriser: Yeah, I didn't get any subscribers there.
    Moo: Brian is great at dodging subscribers!
  • In this gameplay, Vanoss tries to bait Moo into activating the trap by walking backwards into it then running forward. Moo pretends to have fallen for it but Vanoss realizes that he's lying at the last second. Nogla and Marcel then try to convince Vanoss that Moo really did activate the trap but he refuses to believe them so he jumps back into the trap then out as an act of defiance. The trap was this close to closing in on him but Vanoss was able to escape death, to everyone's shock. Yes, including his.
  • This Deathrun map... featuring Donald Trump.
    • Brock and Marcel are at it again with the puns.
    Brock: (sees a trap featuring Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin) I'm 'putin' my money on this one!
    Marcel: (as everyone goes through the same trap above) Wait! Wait! Single file line, no 'russian'.
    • One trap drowns out the audio of whoever falls under it. Nogla gets caught in it, making him sound like as though he's in another room, while asking the trap for his happy meal.
    • In a trap where the victim gets "fired" by Trump, Delirious gets caught in it. All of a sudden, Nogla steps too close and gets sucked in as well, which causes Delirious to unintentionally kill him.
    • Wildcat once again performing his hilarious dissing of Trump.
    Tyler: (mockingly uses a dimwitted voice in front of a vandalized image of Trump) I am the president of 'Murica. To the people of Murica. You are in good hands!
    • At one point, the guys decide to vandalize a picture of Trump on the map. On Wildcat's perspective, there is one moment where he decides to use his crowbar to give one picture of Trump a mustache.
    • The fact that there is a Donald Trump player model in the game is funny on its own.
  • This Crash Bandicoot Deathrun video has quite a few notable funny moments.
    • Nogla walking off a trap and dying by not looking where he was going. He follows it up by noclipping past the trap, only to get killed by the same trap while he does.
    • Mini's constant shriek of "woah", mimicking Crash's... while also putting the "woah" gif of Crash on his facecam each time he says it.
    • At the very start, Anthony walks straight into the open ahead of the others and stays put. Cue a big hole out of nowhere!
    • Nogla again. This time by Mini Ladd. He immediately assumes that Mini will go after him in one trap and jumps after Scott. Cue Mini activating the trap and killing Nogla.
      • Mini does it again in the next trap straight after the first one, much to Nogla's annoyance.
  • Marcel and Evan taking on ANOTHER Thanksgiving map.
    • Marcel having flashbacks with the knives trap. He even tries physgunning the knives away, only to be killed by the entity data.
    Evan: You just made them invisible now!
    Marcel: I am a fucking manchild and I've never seen one.
  • During a Valentine's Day edition of Death Run, Wildcat botches up passing through a trap he had no trouble with prior, dying twice. Vanoss tells Wildcat that he has no more lives (he had one remaining, but Vanoss was being Vanoss there) and Wildcat replies that he still has... Right as he walks into a trap in front of the group, killing him and taking his remaining life.
    Vanoss: You have no more lives for this entire video!
    Wildcat: I do too, pussy lip- (falls).
  • Brian extremely upset at Evan that there's no flag of him up on the wall because he thinks he's "not important" in the Vanoss Winter Olympics 2018 death run map.
    • In the same video is LEGIQN suddenly changing into Marge Simpson and tries to imitating her voice... only to sound like a "local pedo in the park," as Brian puts it. LEGIQN rolls with the idea.
    • From this video onward, it became a running gag for Brian to get shafted with shitty “memorabilia” in every map
  • Basically referencing the Roll Safe meme... then asking where it's from, only knowing it involves a black man and has a finger to the side of his head.
  • In this tower deathrun map, Vanoss notes how Mini, Nogla and Marcel falling to their deaths while on a platform was like what happened in Die Hard. Nogla then asks if Tom Cruise in the movie, only to say seconds later that he's pretty sure he was, which leads to the others to hilariously correcting him that Tom Cruise was not in the movie.
    Nogla: (genuinely interested and confused) I gotta watch Die Hard now.
  • After several maps of not having proper memorabillia in the Death Run maps, Brian finally gets a giant sign in his honor he also gets a self destruct button for the sign, which he discovers by accident (and a little prodding from Vanoss) and flips his shit the second he sees what happened to his poor sign
  • In a Fake Thanksgiving map, Delirious asks Terroriser if he's Australian. The Irish Terroriser complains that people often mistake him for one, but Delirious clarifies that he's referring to his Arnold skin, who is Austrian.

Guess Who

  • Evan trolling Tyler hard by pretending to be a hunter in Gmod Guess Who.
  • During one session of Guess Who where a majority of NPCs are from Mario, the Hunters are Waluigi and they're in a Mario-themed CSGO map, Vanoss dances closeby Wildcat. Tyler looks at Evan doing so not once, but twice and somehow doesn't recognize this as an action indicating that's not normal NPC behaviour. What makes it even more funny is not only Basically and Vanoss' bewildered/humoured reactions, but also how Evan even goes up to him and calls out his name as the round ends, all with Wildcat not realizing Vanoss was the Dr. Mario dancing until he told him.
    • Wildcat suffered the ultimate embarassment. Too embarrasing for him to put it in his video. He was the only one to leave it out.
    • In the same video, Wildcat ends up getting himself killed, which Vanoss saw. His response? To dance on top of Wildcat's body before booking it. Tyler's frantic reaction just sells it.
      • Wildcat's reaction to dying at that point is also worth a mention.
      Wildcat: AAAOOOOOO, pussy-lips!
  • In this office map, Delirious and Vanoss suspect Terroriser in disguising as himself (the Terminator) to avoid being spotted. He tries to deny it, but Delirious appears in front of and shoots him. Terroriser then yells loudly if they could just give him 10 minutes of content.
  • Wildcat's version of the Game of Thrones intro which he comically sings after Vanoss finds him.
    Wildcat: (becomes a dragon) Fly away! Fly away! FLY AWAAAAAAAY!
  • Terroriser tricking the hunters into thinking an NPC was him. They berate and toy with the NPC while Terroriser plays along. They only realize it's not him when Wildcat dies while trying to kill the NPC.

Hide & Seek

Prop Hunt

  • In this Prop Hunt video, Wildcat and Terroriser (props) decide to troll Vanoss, Moo, and Delirious (hunters) as they bumble around a room trying to find them.
    • The next roundnote , the three don't even change props as they hide behind a secret door underneath a staircase. The round ends in under two minutes.
    • The round after that, Terroriser and Wildcat (props again) go right back to the same spot, but this time Vanoss, Delirious, and Moo (hunters) know that they mentioned something closing, so Delirious says they go back to the same room and "spam Enote  on everything". The trolling continues as Wildcat says they're inside the computer screen, suggests that they're somewhere that the hunters can't get to, and laughing their asses off all the while. Delirious eventually finds that Wildcat and Terroriser are rubber duckies in a bathroom hidden behind a secret door. They were able to mess with the hunters because the door was see-through from their side.
  • This video has a few moments. Notable examples are:
    • Moo (as a prop) engaging in a ridiculous, roundabout chase with Nogla (as a hunter) with the only thing keeping the two away is a couch.
    • Continuing with the Running Gag, Delirious suddenly dies walking over a bottle and his model faceplants on the floor. He dies on the same bottle again in a later round which Wildcat and Nogla lampshade on.
    • Nogla's attempt to hide on top of a truck at the Hunters' spawn point. It goes very well.
    • Wildcat getting scared by Delirious. This happens due to Vanoss retreating from Terroriser and Delirious. Wildcat remained where he was at and when he mistakes the person opening the door as Vanoss, once it swings open it turns out to be Delirious and Wildcat starts panicking. Of course, that person being Delirious, once he starts shooting at Wildcat, he ends up dying due to randomly shooting everything but Wildcat, who was a watermelon.
  • In this video (Filing Cabinet Jukes!), out of all things that Delirious could have screamed when he was killed, he screamed "YAHOO!"
  • The YouTube Office Edition.
    • Everyone manages to find at least one item dedicated to them (such as a portrait of Moo and Lui posing in the same manner as Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, a slightly opened box labeled as "Not A Terroriser Spot", a wanted poster with Wildcat in it and a random doodle with Nogla's head drawn on it)... everyone but Marcel, who then complains about it.
    • Moo having the audacity to hide in front of an old man cut-out while disguised as an old man. Vanoss and Wildcat only noticed after he began to laugh.
    • On Nogla's perspective, while Vanoss, Tyler and Marcel were searching for Brian, the latter asks Vanoss not to shoot his rocket launcher. The next time Vanoss appears on-screen, a huge text saying "I have a rocket launcher. Your argument is invalid" appears over his head.
  • In this video, Wildcat insults Nogla after finding him, Vanoss and Panda in a sneaky spot, but as soon as he said, he got disconnected from Discord. When he reconnects, this happened:
    Panda: I guarantee he's gonna come back screaming.
  • Wildcat often makes fun of Nogla or Delirious whenever any of the two stumbles on words or phrases. However, in this game, he proves that he's Not So Above It All in regards to misspeaking.
    Wildcat: (after being killed by Ohmwrecker) Dammit! (Ohm laughs) Fuck dude, we were bottles between the couch and the bullet ploof grass! (realizes what he said as Vanoss begins snickering).
  • Terroriser is such a tryhard in one match, that the sound of glass breaking makes him go full Terminator.
  • At one point during the roller-skating rink session of Prop Hunt, Nogla tells Delirious that Terroriser is an explosive barrel in a small room full of them. Delirious immediately falls for it and blows them all up, only to realize that he screwed up just before his avatar dies.
    • In another round with Nogla and Terroriser as props, they jokingly suggest that Vanoss and Delirious go up to the secret sex room and act out a scene from fanfiction in exchange for a hint to Terroriser's location. Vanoss switches to the SMG and deliberately starts shooting one of the arcade games, killing himself in seconds.

Scary Maps

  • Whenever Nogla is killed for absolutely no reason.
  • Their adventure through a GMod Scary Map. At one point Mini Ladd turns into a creepy character named Pablo and begins talking about how he kidnapped a busload of children and did... unspeakable things to them. Eventually everyone gets creeped out and Vanoss responds by blowing up the entire room with himself in it.
    Nogla: I think you did everyone a justice there.
    • From the same map, Vanoss accidentally kills an NPC who presumably would've told them where a keycard they needed to proceed was. After backtracking to the door the keycard would've unlocked, Mini decides to open the door by completely covering both it and the lock in C4. It goes well.
  • During a session of Gmod Scary Maps the crew comes across the corpse/ragdoll of a woman (who's actually Lucy from Elfen Lied) who was recently murdered and they all start showing some concern, except Evan.
    Vanoss: Let's just take the fucking wood.
    Everyone starts cracking up
    Vanoss: Who cares? We didn't know her.
    • To top it all off, Nogla decided to take the corpse along with them, claiming she's his girlfriend, complete with an animation of Nogla casually carrying the corpse around with the physics gun. The other players could not hold their laughter.
    Nogla: She doesn't talk; like, what better could you ask? ... Never decline my advances? Girlfriend. ... She's so flexible, too. Let's just all compliment my girlfriend.
    • "Oh, there's a naked Kylie Minogue here!" Said by Nogla stumbling upon a naked zombie-like creature's corpse.
    • The ending of the map is feeding a black woman a watermelon. "DAS RACIST!"
  • In a Gmod Horror Map, the gang get so confused on a maze that they actually have to stop the video, take a screenshot and open it up in paint to plan a path.
  • In another Scary map, Marcel forgets what name they use on Tarmennote  (Leon) throughout the video until Evan shows a video clip, THREE Years ago. Afterwards, Marcel starts calling Leon correctly.


  • Their Dragon Ball Z Video had them sent into a riot of Contagious Laughter for a reason. Particularly when it combines Ahnold, Krillin, and an inappropriately-placed jet thruster. To make a long story short, Mini Ladd and Wildcat lost the most shit out of the group.
    • Alternate viewpoints show that right after they unlocked the model, the Terminator model flew into the sun while spinning.
    • The same video features a complete random assembly of random character models like Green Lantern, Nappa, Superman "simultaneously kicking Nappa in the ass while shooting a three-pointer", the Flash, and then someone adds a Yoda right underneath Green Lantern's ass and Wildcat decides to do a Yoda impression right on the spot, strange syntax and all, about Yoda seeing Green Lantern's butt.
    H2ODelirious: What is wrong with us?
    Mini Ladd: What were we doing with our lives to get to this point?!
  • Anytime Wildcat's in a video, there's going to be at least one funny moment involving him.
    • Speaking of which, the entire "Go Home Go Bed" skit, which involves Wildcat going through increasingly bizarre locations just to get back home...only to find that his "house" was directly behind where he started walking.
  • This GMOD Sandbox video has plenty of laughs to go around:
    • The guys discover a map that has them inside a giant fish tank (or they shrunk down). Hilarity ensues as they accidentally kill one of the NPCs outside the tank, mess around with Wii Remotes, and act like they're playing Wii Sports.
    Nogla: I'm playing Wii Sports.
    Vanoss: Really? What sport are you playing?
    Nogla: Uh, staring contest.
  • Vanoss, Terroriser, Delirious and Nogla trying and repeatedly failing to build a proper sled in this video. While the beginning is mild as it is a race between the four down a snowy mountain, the rest of it is downright hilarious once it goes back to where they got the idea of building a sled from and how they spent "a fucking hour of absolute torture and hell" just to finish one. This is even more funny on the other three's perspectives. Some notable moments are:
    • Terroriser often on the receiving end of their sled's glitchy rampage.
    • Nogla getting particularly mad at Delirious for putting a diamond pickaxe on the side of his seat on sled. Just the fact that he gets absolutely mad and how he tells off Delirious over this is hilarious.
    • Vanoss isn't safe himself not once. The sled ends up glitching again and seemingly goes off the map. Vanoss turns his back on it after seeing it go off, but as soon as he looks back, it immediately comes back piece by piece and kills him on impact.
  • This Gmod Sandbox video has a few notable highlights, such are:
    • Vanoss trying to distract Mini Ladd from the swing in order to jump through it but fails. Points for effort, though Mini admitted to literally ramming his keyboard just to have the swing kill Vanoss.
    • This little dialogue from Vanoss himself:
    Vanoss: (sees Spinosaurus NPC model) He-Hey! Don't worry! This is a friendly! He, uh, he only eats plants!
    *Delirious walks toward it and dies*
    Vanoss: And, heh, and old men!
    • Mini Ladd spawning on the other side of the city map and trying to get to the others while avoiding detection from the group of killer Carnotaurus NPC that the others spawned, but now can't get rid of. As he was doing so, another one randomly spawns (likely done by Vanoss) and notices Mini before it turns back. Mini and the others think it's alright until the newly spawned Carnotaurus turns back and begins chasing him, with the other Carnotaurus eventually chasing him as well.
      Vanoss: This is like a "Scooby-Doo!" scene.
    • Vanoss, Delirious, Basically and Mini Ladd swimming... in a lake full of shit. It's best that you see it for yourself.
  • Vanoss, Sark, Wildcat and Mini trying to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. It goes well as you can expect. Some highlights include:
    • The guys setting up camp... in an attic.
    • Sark opening up "The World's Sketchiest Pawnshop" at their "camp".
    • Mini turning into Pablo for the first time to tell a scary story about... having sex with children.
    • The group gathering together... to talk about their living conditions, Sark's pawnshop scam and only having two left boots.
      Wildcat: I need a right one. I'm sick of it.
    • Vanoss informing the others that he has a C4 which has a blast radius of 2 miles. Hilarity ensues.
    • There's also Vanoss, again, accidentally throwing a grenade inside the RV he, Mini and Wildcat were camping in against the zombie horde. As soon as the three see it, Wildcat just straight up books it but Mini gets caught in the explosion and dies. Somehow Vanoss survives dying.
  • Vanoss, Nogla, Delirious, Marcel and Ohm doing a ''Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'' skit.
    • Worth mentioning are the fact that at some points in this video, the guys end up miscommunicating with one another to hilarious degrees.
      Delirious: *reacting to the question Nogla gets* "Damn."
      Vanoss: "Oh shit..."
      Nogla: "Don't shout the answer!"
      Vanoss: "We said "oh shit"."
      Nogla: "No, Delirious was shouting "A"."
      Delirious: "I said "damn", the hell are you talking about?"
  • From one of their oldest Gmod videos is the "Elevator Source", where Vanoss, Brian, Cody and Delirious spend most of the video inside an elevator going through different floors with different surprises but all with good giggles in store.
  • This video where they try to make a Michael Bay movie. The first attempt fails after the C4 being held by the ninja turtle explodes and fails to activate the rest of the bombs. As Vanoss tries to solve the problem by covering the ninja turtle in C4s, he accidentally throws one onto a bomb and causes the entire map to explode.

    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Inspired by a bright green & yellow bus in Grand Theft Auto V, the "Banana Bus" song became a bit of a running gag in their early days.
  • Vanoss and Delirious drive while their camera faces whoever is sitting in the backseat and has the backseat-er give directions on how to drive and avoid traffic.
  • During a mission Lui receives a call from his mom and Lui talks to his mom as if the mission was real.
  • This Christmas themed GTA V video. Some highlights include:
    • Vanoss and Basically rocking out to Christmas music remixes... just as Delirious tumbles out of the sky and dies right behind them.
    • Delirious is flying up to the others on a helicopter (they're standing on a skyscraper), and Vanoss announces that he will kill Delirious when he gets up there to stop his singing. He never gets the chance; a jet, which Lui is piloting, clips Delirious as he jumps from his helicopter and sends him into a death spin, and all he can do is scream in terror as he hurtles towards the ground.
    • The guys are flying in a helicopter, with Vanoss piloting. Vanoss sends a text to Basically to bail out on "1". He does not, however, tell Delirious:
    Vanoss: 3, 2, 1. (He and Basically jump out)
    Delirious: Why are you counting? (Beat) AAAH! Ho Ho Ho bitches! (Boom)
  • The Military skit in GTA V Had oodles of funny moments.
    • Their attempt at a "Ten hut Salute": Evan slurps on a soda, Basically gives two thumbs up, and Mini Ladd shoots himself in the head. Naturally, Nogla does absolutely nothing for the salute.
    Vanoss: Someone call a medic!
    Squeaker!Lui: That WAS the medic!
    • Lui and Basically's talk:
    Squeakwer!Lui: Who are you soldier?
    Basically: I know who I am! I'm the dude, playing the dude, disguised as a dude disguised as a monkey! I don't read the script the script reads me
    • After meeting up with Wildcat later in the video, they do the exact same things for the salute, only this time Vanoss eats a candy bar, Nogla picks his nose and Basically is facing the wrong way. Yes. That means Mini Ladd shoots himself in the head again.
    Vanoss and Basically: MEDIC!
    Basically: We need the medic!
    Squeaker!Lui: That WAS the freakin' medic! How many times do I have to tell you?!
    • This lovely little moment:
    Vanoss: We're in a dangerous territory but luckily we have lots of cover.
    Basically: We're on the freeway.
    (camera pans out to reveal them hiding in a bush)
    Vanoss:(cracks up) God damnit!
    • Wildcat takes the squad to a strip club to tell them about the secret mission he had, only to forget about it completely and takes them to a golf course, and later the Playboy Mansion.
    Vanoss: Okay, alright, alright piggy, now that we're here, tell us about the stupid mission, okay?
    Wildcat: Huh?
    Vanoss: The mission!
    Wildcat: The fuck you talking about?
    Vanoss: The fuck-
    Basically: You said there was a fucking mission!
    Wildcat: Yeah, the mission to play some fucking golf, right? We're gonna chase the little white balls around, right boys?
    • Whilst almost everyone else is panicking when Wildcat goes over to them, Mini is the only one who keeps his cool, casually walking around and saying that he's a medic, despite Wildcat pointing his gun at him and the others. Seeing as how Mini had killed himself before and after this, it's easy to see why he kept his cool.
    • Just how all over the place the skit goes. For those interested: note 
    • There is one funny moment on Wildcat's perspective as they stop outside the strip club
    Lui in his squeaker voice: Hey, my mom works here!
  • Delirious' "battle gear".
  • This video at the beginning showing that Vanoss and Delirious try to do a plane glitch, failing at many attempts to do so when it comes to blowing up many planes (no thanks to Vanoss).
    • This bit shows Vanoss and Delirious trying to get past a building via a glitch... and then, at one point, fail and are killed for no reason when the plane explodes, leaving the entire screen in flames.
  • Wildcat's odd string of bad luck during a heist on GTA V, which includes several occasions of him being flung off his motorcycle, and a point where his parachute is broken by a freefalling bike, causing a fatal plummet. His shriek upon falling seals the insanity.
  • In one round of GTA's "Slasher" mode, Terroriser gets taken out by Nogla mere seconds into the round, thanks to Nogla spawning close enough to Terroriser to take him out. In the next round, Terroriser returns the favor, only to be taken out by Nogla again in the third round, pissing him off to no end.
  • Delirious being a magnificent bastard in this GTA V Slasher adversary play-through by first tricking Vanoss into believing that he was on his team to get close enough to hack him to death in GTA Online Slasher. In the same video, he ambushed Wildcat and Nogla and nearly killed both of them. To clarify, Wildcat and Nogla had shotguns and dared Delirious to come to them. He pretended to be on his way when he was already a few feet behind Wildcat (whose shriek of terror is gold) and manages to kill him with a machete. Unfortunately for Delirious, Nogla (who is still alive because Delirious went after Wildcat first) guns him down.
  • Returning to GTA V, Wildcat opens up a company with the new DLC, called Fuccboi Inc.
    • The Continuity Nod of an employer of Wildcat's company being called Steven Bills.
    • Nogla's job interview.
    Wildcat: Alright, Nogla, so say you have some free time during this day, what do you do? What do you do with your free time?
    Nogla: Ohh, lemme think about dat...
    Wildcat: Stop fuckin' thinking about everything!
    • At one point, Nogla mentions he has "very clean" toenails as a positive and then seconds later, he suddenly says he has dirty toenails as a negative, going the opposite of what he mentioned. Both Vanoss and Wildcat call him out on that.
    • After getting fired a bit later, he decides to open up his own company, "WildcatsAFucboi", where the other guys, including Wildcat under a disguise (as in just wearing Vanoss' red jacket) visit... and then Nogla accepts a new job at Wildcat's company, resulting in him closing down his own company, and losing all his money off it. note 
    Nogla: I went bankrupt in ten minutes!
    Nogla: No, not that fire!
  • During one GTA V session, Vanoss and Lui are messing around with a hot dog stand, Vanoss playing a disgruntled customer of the "mustard shop". When he reaches a breaking point, he lashes out... and decks a pedestrian that he could not see because of the camera angle, causing Lui to practically die laughing.
  • In one GTA session, Terroriser gets locked out of a store while in the middle of changing clothes and promptly starts complaining about being stuck "dressed like a sophisticated Chinaman". As a bonus, the next time he goes to change outfits, the crew's mayhem outside once again causes the store to close before he can switch.
    • And then he tries a hat glitch while wearing a horse mask, resulting in something that can only be described as a nightmarish abomination of nature. Normally it would be terrifying, but the crew's reactions to it and Terroriser's Gollum-like voice when it happens makes it hilarious.
    • Even better, he then shows the result to Mini Ladd;
    Terroriser: PLEASE KILL ME.
    Mini Ladd: (bursts out laughing) You look like you ran into a wall!
    Terroriser: MY NAME IS NIGEL. NIGEL THE HORSEMAN! *runs around, chuckling*
    Mini Ladd: *quickly guns him down* I'm gonna end your suffering, Jesus Christ! That's a cry for help, right there!
  • In this GTA video, Vanoss tricks Delirious into pressing the Y button... While they're inside a helicopter.
    Vanoss: Does your TV work?
    Delirious: Probably not.
    Vanoss: Is your TV working? Mine's working. Press Y.
    Delirious: Press Y? Really? (jumps off to his death) No! NO! NOOOO! YOU SON OF A BITCH!
    • Additionally, Delirious totally deserved it since he used a similar bait during this video Delirious tricks some of the guys into jumping out of a helicopter by claiming that pressing the "Y" button would let them pick up snowballs in the chopper.
  • One video has Carlos preparing for his biggest adventure yet...having sex. He lets out an explosive fart.
    • Later in that same video, the gang use Suicide as Comedy by having Sticky Bombs all around you.
  • Wildcat has an epic rage from being trolled by the guys three times in a row in this GTA V video. At this point, he can may as well be considered the group's new Butt-Monkey for their GTA V videos.
    • First, Vanoss trolls Wildcat by knocking him off his bike while he is AFK, then proceeding to steal his bike and rocket off the side of the mountain. When Wildcat gets his bike back, Terroriser blows him and everyone else up. Wildcat then attempts to use a helicopter to fly back up to the top, but is killed by Nogla, causing him to loudly smash up his room. The others appear to be freaked out by this.
    • Additionally in both Nogla and Terroriser's perspectives of the whole thing, Terroriser tries to invoke Hypocritical Humor on Nogla which the latter is quick to call the former out on.
    • At one point, Vanoss drove his massive truck down the train tracks to pretend he's the train, and Scotty responded by ramming his truck on Vanoss's truck, stopping it, and Scotty actually thought he stopped the train for one second before realizing that it's Vanoss's truck.
  • Brown Streak Man. He can make people shit.
    • Cluckin' Bell, a chicken restaurant which, judging by the name, logo, and that bell ringing, is of course an Expy of Taco Bell.
    Announcer: Cluckin' Bell. Come on down and buy some chicken where you can make music with your asshole and paint your toilet with a nice brown coat.note 
  • This Overtime Rumble mode has quite a lot of this:
    • Delirious manages to trick Moo into having his car jump when he tries to mislead the others into believing that the left thumb stick makes them go faster.
    • During the first attempt of the first match, Vanoss is the only one to make it to the target; Ohm forgot how to parachute, Delirious lands successfully but overshoots due to his excessive speed, and Moo barely misses the target; he lands, but only the front of his car landed, causing him to fall off.
    Delirious: Parachute now!
    Ohm: How do I parachute?!? (Vanoss and Delirious begin laughing) How do I parachute?! (Ohm gets blown up, and Moo starts laughing).
    Delirious: (
    overshoots the target and falls off) NOOOOOOOOO!!
    Moo: (
    lands but only with his front end, causing his car to tip over and fall off ) AAAAHHHH! '*'cackles*
    • Ohm gets a little bit paranoid at one point in the game after taking a bluff by Vanoss and Moo seriously of them waiting to screw him and Delirious over, not noticing that there is a timer for them to jump before their cars detonate automatically. This just causes both of them to get killed when Ohm refuses to make the jump and Delirious accidentally veers off the ramp.
      • Delirious actually tries to correct him over this by telling him that they weren't waiting for them. Moo and Vanoss even try to do the same after Delirious does so. Ohm still apparently doesn't believe it until all three of them point out that there is a timer and that they can't wait as their cars will explode when the timer runs out, causing Delirious to call him out for it, albeit not offensively.
    • Vanoss turns his car at the top of his and Moo's ramp, causing him to drift and lose control, going airborne. Crosses into Moment of Awesome when he lands it anyway, and not only that, he and Moo manage to tie Delirious and Ohm for points gained that turn.
    • Delirious dares Vanoss to crash into him so he can get more points. Vanoss obliges by pushing him off the entire platform. That's not what made this scene so hilarious, however. While Vanoss is laughing at Delirious' demise, Ohm comes out of nowhere and rams his car into Vanoss', causing Vanoss to fall off the platform.
    • Sometimes one or two of them will reach their target area, only to later fall off.
    • And let's not forget some of the stupidest things that came out of Delirious' mouth:
    Delirious: The moon tide is tugging on our hearts right now!
    I will climb greatness mountain and grab greatness' tits at the top of the peak! I will be great!
    • And this bit:
    Delirious: Share some team, man! God damn it!
    Ohm: There's no "I" in "team".
    Delirious: There's a-there's a "me", though.
    Ohm: Yes.
    Delirious: Yeah.
    Ohm: Kinda.
    Delirious: There is a "me". There's a T-I-M-E, me.
    Ohm: There's time.
    Delirious: There is an "I" in "me". Wait a minute. What?
    *everyone laughs*
  • During this video, Delirious tries reading the race description, only to make a noise akin to someone gargling on mouthwash because he was reading too fast, causing the entire crew to laugh themselves off. Mini Ladd lampshades it:
    Mini Ladd: Today we learn that Delirious also records with a farm of roosters (gargling noise).
  • This Overtime Rumble Mode, with Delirious, Wildcat, Smii7y and Basically up against Moo, Terroriser, Nogla and Fourzero has a few funny moments:
    • Nogla getting constantly pushed off by mistake by his teammates.
    • At the beginning, Wildcat is able to secure 5 Points for his team until Delirious drops in and accidentally pushes him away from it. However, Moo then drops in and pushes Delirious towards the 5 Points... until Smii7y comes out of nowhere and pushes Delirious away from it too by accident. Additionally, out of everyone on his team, only Brock managed to get on the platform.
    • Marcel often failing to reach the target and constantly getting the lowest score on his team.
    • At one point in the game, Tyler is able to reach the target and hangs on to 4 Points but barely. The rest of his team, except Delirious, are able to reach the target too and knock off both Nogla and Terroriser. The game doesn't end as Tyler's car still hasn't stopped moving as he is trying his best not to fall off the platform, with half of his car's left side tilting to fall off as he steers the wheel to the right to keep himself balanced, as each time he lets go turning right, he starts to slowly tilt to the left more. Despite his efforts, he still falls off and dies but not without a hilarious death scream.
    • Much later, Brock ends up suffering the same thing as Tyler, only this time the front of his car is tilting forward to drop and his car is on fire. He had no other choice but to fall off and die. This only left Nogla on their team to secure a point as Terroriser and Scotty fell off earlier, which is ironic to how they initially started the game with Nogla being the only (accidental) casualty on their team.
    • Tyler only getting 1 Point in a single match, which beats Marcel's fantastic 3 Points from earlier.
    Smii7y: *sees Tyler's single point* Tyler? Tyler? Are you dead ass serious? Are you dead ass?
    Everyone else: *laughing at the revelation*
    Tyler: Hey! Hey! I was testing you guys... and you succeeded!
    • On Marcel's perspective, there's a moment where Delirious decides to jump to Moo, Terroriser, Scott and Nogla's side. Upon landing, one of them reverses and hits him, nearly sending him off. Seeing an opportunity to take him out, EVERYONE on their team decides to go after Delirious. Predictably, Delirious hightails it outta there.
      • Worth mentioning is that Marcel also jumped and made it across to the other side. But both him and Nogla ran out of time before they cam jump off the ramp, thus eliminating both of them immediately.
    • Delirious trying to give his own Badass Boast with little success, much to the amusement of everyone else.
    Delirious: I'm like a shark in the water.
    Smii7y: Except in the air.
    Delirious: They call me Pauls!
    • Delirious actually tries to clear up that he was thinking of Jaws when he said that. Hilarity ensues afterwards.
  • In a Dawn Raid Adversary Mode game, Moo parachutes near Delirious and Ohm and begins shooting at the two while mid-air, however, he fails to notice the gigantic crane in front of him and ends up crashing his chute on it, causing him to fall and die.
  • In a deleted video, Vanoss and the group (consisting of him, Delirious, Nogla, Lui, Jimmy, Velocity and Moo) try to perform a glitch that takes them inside the Humane Labs from single-player. Out of everyone, Nogla is (unsurprisingly) on the receiving end of misfortune during their many attempts to pull this off. First he has a hard time reaching the tunnel that leads to the lab, second once he does get there, Vanoss shoots him as soon as he surfaces and lastly he dies just as he was about to reach the surface.
    Nogla: *after getting shot by Vanoss* AH, HA HA!! NO! NO! EVAN, NO! YOU —- NO! YOU SON OF A FUCKING SHIT-FACE, DONKEY-DICKED BITCH!!"
    • There is also the bit where Nogla is on his third attempt to reach the lab, but suffers worse than his first two attempts and starts screaming in anger. Eventually he dies again and ragequits.
    • Bonus in the fact that Moo lampshades that during his last attempt, Nogla's scream of rage "sounded like a man who was on the verge of insanity".
    • A moment before that, Nogla does manage to get to the surface with them... but surfaces a glitch where he can't see anything. The whole moment is gold to watch.
  • The gang playing Donkey Kong Mode. The session was so good everyone involved had to make their own version of it.
  • This bit with the Banana Bus:
    Vanoss: This is the bus of the future.
    Wildcat: Where nobody has to be paying attention to the road. It just drives and never crashes into other cars-
    [Cue the bus crashing into another car, setting off its alarm]
    Wildcat: (like nothing happened) Welcome to the future.
  • Vanoss sniping Terroriser - only for a glitch to send him flying.
  • In one video, Nogla gets a DNF on a race. Disappointed, he attempts to expand DNF into a phrase:
    Nogla: D. N. F. - Dumb. As. Fuck.
    (Entire group laughs at him.)
  • When the gang do Trevor's Heist (which involves stealing drugs from rival gangs), they decide to pretend that they're getting stuff for a birthday party he's having - Coke, Mentos, potatoes, the world's largest game of Jenga, and meth.
  • In Unfair Windmill Dodgeball, Terroriser gets flattened by a bulldozer, twice.
    • In the last round, Ohm falls off the platform while in a bulldozer. Terroriser and Lui then kill each other. Thinking he has won, Vanoss jumps off the platform... without realising Ohm is still alive in the bulldozer below, and falls to his death, losing the round.
  • During one round of Avalanche - in which one team has to climb a steep ramp while dodging vehicles and debris that the other team drops on them - Delirious uses one of the trucks at the bottom of the ramp to climb up onto one of the train cars, and waits out the chaos. Once the other team (Moo and Vanoss) runs out of things to drop, he simply climbs to the top of the ramp and mows both of them down with the minigun and RPG.
  • In the Windmill and Pantos job, As Delirious and Cartoonz try to get out of a container, of which they are stuck in, while surrounded by Pantos, then Vanoss decides to shoot a C4 that he saw, thinking it might not explode (Take note that he shot the C4 hoping it won't explode and not doing his usual thing).
    • Then later when the three start battling each other, Delirious manages to survive being shot with a sniper rifle by Vanoss and lands in front of him, Vanoss then starts panicking and cycles through his weapon slot while Delirious runs to him with a hammer, only for Vanoss to smack him on the head with his SMG, instantly killing him.
    • There's also Vanoss trying fake out throwing a grenade to Cartoonz and walk backwards to Delirious. Delirious catches on and tries to run away, but is too late survive the explosion.
    • Worth mentioning is the three's first failed attempt at setting up the Pantos around the fighting area. Cartoonz is luckily sent flying up above by the windmill and gets to witness the carnage of failure consume both Vanoss and Delirious.
    • At the very end of the same video, Delirious parachutes toward Vanoss, but his chute gets caught in the windmill, causing him to land face-first on the ground... and then get his face smacked sideways by the windmill which insta-kills him.
    Vanoss: GET REKT!!
  • This video of Vanoss, Terroriser, Moo and 407 playing Hunting Pack has this in spades:
    • At one point, Brian jumps to avoid Brock... but boosts in mid-air at exactly the wrong moment, resulting in him throwing himself off the track. Adding to the hilarity is his scream.
    • He mis-times his jump again a short time later.
    • On the third incident, Brian boosts towards 407 in the ice-cream truck, but manages too jump at the worst possible time, completely missing 407 and sending him off the track again, much to Moo's amusement.
      Vanoss: Yo, sick move, Brian!
    • Later, the group attempt to land on a blimp Vanoss is flying. Moo trolls Terroriser twice, first by shooting him while he's in a "Yamasaki-engined" paraglider, then later on (when Brian jumps off and parachutes) shooting Brian's parachute to throw him off course, which results in him missing the blimp completely and parachuting to the ground instead.
      Terroriser: BROOOCK, YOU BIIIITCH!
    • Terroriser later gets his revenge when he takes a helicopter and mows down Brock with the rotors, killing him.
    • Brock later attempts to parachute onto the blimp, but falls short and clips his parachute on the blimp, sending him hurtling to death.
    • Terroriser, finally managing to land on Vanoss' blimp, attacks a helicopter with his assault rifle... only for Scotty to blow up the blimp with a homing launcher, killing Vanoss and sending Terroriser airborne (thankfully, he had a parachute).
    (Blimp blows up, 407 laughs)
    Terroriser: Wha-
    Vanoss: (calmly) Well, okay, that works!
    • At the end of the video, Terroriser flies his hoverbike directly behind Vanoss who is in a muscle car... only for Terroriser to spontaneously catch on fire and burn to death.
    (Terroriser catches fire, sending Vanoss into his Signature Laugh)
    Terroriser: Wha-, wha-, wha-?!?
  • During a round of Every Bullet Counts, Vanoss and Delirious are both dead, leaving only Moo and Terroriser. The latter attempts to jump on Moo from above.... only for him to botch the landing and fall upon hitting the ground, rendering him a soft target for Moo who immediately shoots and kills him. Moo and Delirious laugh their heads off, while Vanoss reacts sarcastically to Terroriser's Epic Fail.
    H2ODelirious: Early Bird (Moo) vs The Terminator (Terroriser). Early Bird, w-what are your thoughts?
    Moo Snuckel: Um....
    [at this point Terroriser jumps from above into the lower level and falls upon landing, causing Moo to start laughing]
    H2ODelirious: Oh God! Kill him! Kill him! [Moo shoots and kills Terroriser, and Delirious starts laughing]
    Vanoss: What a play! What a play! Had a little too much to drink, Terroriser?
    Terroriser: Who spilled— who spilled their beer?!? I could've killed myself!
  • Basically finally decides to come back to GTA V after nearly a year of abscence, and the crew creates a skit that involves Marcel's character (as himself) being inside, on Evan's apartment, for a YEAR, playing nothing but Fortnite, all with Evan sounding as insufferably sarcastic as possible while trying to finally get him to go outside for once.
    Moo: Marcel, you gotta stop, man!
    Basically: I can't man, I gotta get the Victory Royale!
    Vanoss: It's been a full year and you haven't left this room!
    Basically: I HAVE TO KEEP WINNING!!
    Vanoss: Marcel, Marcel, listen to me. I know you're making a ton of money from your Support-A-Creator code-
    Basically: BasicallyIdoWrk at the checkout by the way!
    Vanoss -you haven't been outside... for a full fucking year, ok?
    Basically: First of all, I've been up here, this isn't even MY apartment, it's YOUR apartment! You guys never invite me outside!
    Vanoss: What you talking about? This is- wait, is it?
  • The guys have to sneak into a hotel surrounded by guards so naturally they grab a golf cart with Vanoss and Delirious in it and Lui and Terroriser (in their bright red clothes) standing on top then just driving straight in. The guards seem fairly oblivious to this sight.
    Terroriser: Are we going against the Ray Charles gang?
  • During a transforming-vehicle race, Nogla knocked Delirious off early on, causing him to fall back to last place (Nogla's response to being called out on it was to say that it was the whole point, and then spins out Moo Snuckel to take first place. Fortunately for Moo, Nogla gets twice screwed over: first Ohm sideswipes and spins him out, then Vanoss (who at this point has taken last place and has all but given up on the race, instead focusing on ramming the remaining people with his jet) suicide-rams him and causes him to spin out again, causing him to lose to Moo and 407 who overtook him at the last minute.
  • Nogla, made up to look like Dark Knight Joker, decides to tell his own version of the Joker's "scars" story - only to get mugged in the middle of it.
  • While riding on a blimp with the others (to look for peyote), Delirious decides to switch to first person POV. Unfortunately for him, he's sitting right next to Terroriser, and gets a nice close look at his hat-glitched horse mask.
    • After the gang finally find the peyote, their first crack at is followed by a slew of PETA jokes and dirty dog humor.
      Delirious: We're getting demonetized, guys.
    • The second time sees Brian turn into a rabbit, to which he at first reacts with incredulity. Not long afterwards, in typical Terroriser fashion, he gives his new form a derpy voice with equally messed up lines.
      Vanoss: *standing in a row with the others in their dog forms* We just escaped from our owners!
      Delirious: Except for that guy.
      Terroriser: I'VE GOT SCABIES! I NEED A WASH!
    • At numerous points, Vanoss, Delirious and Brian each have their turn becoming a bird, and waste no time testing out their short-lived ability to fly. Terroriser in particular makes the exact mistake Delirious is in the process of warning him about.
  • Moo driving Wildcat insane in this episode of Tron mode.
    Wildcat: Every time he hits me- EVERY TIME HE HITS ME, I'M THE ONE WHO DIES!

    Gang Beasts 
  • In this video, Vanoss knocks Wildcat out but ends up getting knocked out when a train clips his character. Both characters are now unconscious and the two are unable to do anything to wake them up to continue the fight. Hilarity ensues as Vanoss, Wildcat and Mini just spend who knows how long just to wait for their characters to get back up.
  • This Gang Beasts video has a few.
    • Panda and Wildcat fighting to a draw. It's not the draw that makes it funny, it's how they managed to that does.
    • The pylon Wildcat tries to use ends up being "possessed", turning it into a wild rodeo ride.
    • Panda tries to jump to the other side of a pulley to fight Ohm and Wildcat, who are currently fighting each other. When he charges, he is unable to jump, but ends up pathetically diving straight down the pulley, thus knocking himself out of the fight.
    • The return of "Turd Man Jones"!
    • Ohm, Wildcat and Panda try to take each other on and try to break the ice on an antarctic map. The three crash into each other and fall into the freezing water together, making Vanoss the victor without having to do anything.
    • There's an instance where Panda jumps over Wildcat in the moving truck map, only to have his character faceplant and knock himself out instantly.
  • Vanoss dabbing during a fight.
  • During a session of Gang Beasts, Vanoss takes it in the ass to win.
  • "Ohm is humping the fucking shit out of that pylon!".
    • During this same session, the guys' characters tend to glitch out and just stretch all over the place. One notable example is Nogla's character suddenly glitching out, causing him to fall of the moving truck and knocking him out of the fight... and it doesn't even stop there.

    Killing Floor 
  • Delirious, as a robot character, trying to give his speech in binary... only to end up unintentionally singing in binary language.
  • Mini walking into two of the grenades he threw. TWICE. One at Master Roshi's house and the second in the Sewer map. Both times he believed the grenade was a dud before it blew up as soon as he got near them.
  • Vanoss, Delirious, Nogla and Mini having terrible luck against Dead Space-inspired boss. It at least took them several tries in a few different maps until they finally killed it.
    • Funnily enough, Nogla gave up on trying to beat the boss on their third failed attempt, but Vanoss and Mini convinced him to stay longer. When they continued to fail, he gave up eventually but was once again convinced to stay, much to his annoyance. Finally by the time they defeated it was he allowed to go to bed.
    • What makes this funnier is that on the last map the group decided to kill the boss on, they all decided to rely on purely nothing but Pipe Bombs scattered across the ground outside the Merchant's store during the break before the boss fight. They wasted all of their in-game cash just for the pipe bombs and get it over it. The next thing they did when the boss finally appeared, they hid inside the merchant's store and welded the door shut to avoid getting killed again. What cements this ridiculous moment is not their plan actually working, but on Vanoss' perspective is him blasting a montage of them planting the Pipe Bombs while a remix of Terroriser's "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!" is on play.
  • Vanoss messing around with a weird glitch on the Master Roshi merchant model whose sunglasses tend to rise up when shot at.
  • One word: DIARRHEA!!
    Terroriser: I am known as The Diarrheanator!.


    Mario Kart 
  • Mario Kart 8 is an absolute riot with all the F-Bombs being thrown around.
  • This video has this in spades.
    • Panda plays with his girlfriend's female Mii account, amongst six of his friends using male Miis. During the level selection screen, the group somehow manages to use the setup of six men and one woman and made every single one of the default wait screen quotes sound like setups to an orgy. Standouts include "Shall we get started?" "I'm excited!" "I'll give it my best shot!" "Go easy on me!" (spoken by Panda) and "Let's wait for more players."
    • Nogla made a Mii that looked like a 90-year old Hitler, which was lampshaded by almost everyone. Then, Tyler comes up with this joke...
      Tyler: His character was an expert in Mario Kart 1939... (everyone chuckles) Mario Kart NEIN! (everyone cracks up)
    • Their first race (on N64 Royal Raceway) is funny for the fact that Wildcat is in first for nearly the entire race, and then Terroriser (using his bike) zips in from the side and steals the win at the last available moment.
    • Terroriser making fun of the "lag compensation":
      Terroriser: That's another one for the Hitler video: (impersonates Hitler vocally) And don't get me started on the lag compensation! (everyone laughs)
    • Later, Marcel gets a triple red shell and goes rampage on Wildcat, Scotty, and Mini. Weirdly enough, Scotty does not react to this, while Tyler and Mini does:
      Marcel: Eat a dick, Tyler! (redshells him)
      Marcel: Eat a dick, Scott! (redshells him)
      Marcel: Eat a dick, Mini! (redshells him)
      Mini: (opera high-pitched voice) That's three in a row!
      (Everyone laughs)
      Terroriser: Jesus Christ, I didn't think he could hit that high of an octave!
    • Even funnier is a later race on GBA Mario Circuit: Mini is in (and finishes) first place, but his camera dies. He even lampshades it.
  • Panda's perspective on his, Mini Ladd, Scotty and Nogla's stream of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, during a race he gets three Green Shells and one extra Red Shell. He throws one of the green shells to hit Scotty, but it bounces off a wall and is hit himself, while destroying his second green shell. He throws his last green shell afterwards, but then follows it up with a red shell. Both end up colliding with each other, completely wasting his chance against Scotty.
    • What's better is that after this unfortunate event happens, Mini Ladd (The perennial Butt-Monkey of their Mario Kart sessions) throws back a green shell and Anthony is unlucky enough to get hit by it when it bounces off a wall. This is followed by another green shell hitting him upon reaching the other side of a jump boost he took. Panda's reaction about all of this is really funny.
    • Then there's him running into a bolt of lightning just five seconds after the above happens.
    Nogla: Dang, Jiggly. Nobody's even behind you.
  • Before the group moved on to Deluxe, they did one last recording for the Wii U. Every perspective is a laugh riot.
    • The race on Mount Wario deserves special mention, as Mini Ladd had taken some levels prior to the recording. These were the rankings for that race:
    1st: Daithi
    3rd: Terroriser
    4th: Tyler
    5th: Sp00n
    6th: Scotty
    7th: Marcel ("The results are in!")
    • Highlights of that race include:
      • Scotty and Mini falling off at the 4th turn.
      Scotty: NOOO, I'm too damn fast!
      Mini Ladd: So am I!
      • Tyler screaming in absolute rage at the waterfall section.
      Tyler: I'M SO MAD!!! I was in first, and then I just got fucking… raped! Over and over!
      Marcel: I'm stuck on a fucking tree!!
      • Mini managing to take second place in the race due to dodging a Lightning Bolt by using a Bullet Bill and passing Brian and Tyler.
      Mini Ladd: Bill me, Daddy!
    • Brian and Tyler's photo finish, especially both's perspectives:
      • On Tyler's perspective, Brian drafts off him to take third.
      • On Brian's perspective, Tyler gets the draft off him, but since Brian was using Wario, Tyler got pushed back, rendering his draft pointless.
    • And the cherry on top: Scotty and Marcel fighting for sixth.
      • Marcel messing up Scotty with a Bullet Bill, and then Scotty passing Marcel at the last corner because of a Bullet Bill.
      Marcel: Come on, come on, beat Scotty, you gotta beat Scotty!
      *slams into Scotty with the Bullet Bill*
      Scotty: NO, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!
      *Tyler starts screaming*
      Scotty: MARCEL!!!!
      *Scotty gets a Bullet Bill*
      Scotty: LATER, BITCH!!!
      Marcel: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
      • This is similar to when Scotty and Basically fought for 4th place in a session between themselves, Terroriser, JD, Nogla and Mini Ladd. JD asks them a good question.
      JD: Are you guys screaming for 4th?
  • During a AI Driving only session (where they can only press A (the accelerator) and L (for items), with the rest being controlled by the game's Smart Steering mechanic), Basically kept losing to the point that he thinks the game is absolutely racist to him.
    Basically: This game is so fucking racist, I don't wanna hear it!
    • Then he won the next race...
      Basically: Yes! YES! This game isn't racist! It's the greatest game ever!
  • During a Shells Only session of Mario Kart, Mini Ladd finishes last for the first three races, but doesn't say a thing. On the 4th race, however, Smii7y throws a Green Shell backwards at Mini even though Mini had no chance of passing him. Mini's reaction is what takes the cake:
  • Anthony's epic rage at Nogla, after Nogla complained about his performance after a Team race
  • In one video, Moo, for the first time ever, gets cocky in his winning streak in the game. This comes to his emotional downfall when Terroriser hits him with a green shell and takes first place from him and wins. Brock even admits that he totally deserved losing to Brian because he got too cocky with himself, something he lampshades that he never ever does.
  • Tyler complains about his controller, and Brian responds with a critical Take That!:
    Tyler: There's something wrong with this fucking controller I swear to god!
    Terroriser: Yeah, it's the person holding it!
    • And despite trying to talk back, Tyler eventually admits that he can't really say anything because it was funny.
  • Moo getting absolutely destroyed during a video appropriately named Making Moo Snuckel Rage! First, Terroriser gets three red shells and throws the first one at Moo, then a blue shell is thrown while Moo is in first place, then Terroriser stops behind Moo just so he could throw his two remaining red shells at him and, lastly, Nogla delivers one last blow with a single red shell. To say Moo was pissed is putting it lightly.
    Tyler: (surprised) I've never heard Brock rage like that in my life!
  • This video, where Cody (RacingCatz) makes his only appearance to date, has this in spades:
    • Wildcat getting banana'd by runJDrun. This isn't funny in itself, but Wildcat's reaction to this makes it funny:
      Marcel: Later, bitch!
      Scotty: You just stole MY FUCKING ITEM!
      (Wildcat then slips on a banana runJDrun was holding behind him)
      Wildcat: Fuck you, you fucking JD bastard! (everyone else laughs) You son of a bitch with your goddamn banana hanging out your ass.
    • runJDrun realizing something:
      runJDrun: This boy Luigi got a gold whip? Somebody's been playing this game!
      Marcel: Cody, man! That's what Cody does!
      runJDrun: And he has tilt controls on, you see that dumbass wheel in the corner?
      (everyone else except Wildcat, who had gotten last that race, laugh)
    • Afterwards, there's this moment when runJDrun is speaking, and then a Piranha Plant bites Tyler, resulting in a side-splitting funny moment.
      runJDrun: I'm dead, and my fucking bags killing me in this-
      Wildcat: (gets bitten by a Piranha Plant) FUCKING GODDAMN DRY-ASS FUCKING FLOWER!
    • When JD sneaks past Wildcat on the last lap:
      Wildcat: WHAT?! I got third!? Who passed me last second?!? Are you fucking kidding me?!? The last second he just sneaks by like a little bitch, dude, what the fuck! How? Did-did you have a mushroom?!
      runJDrun: (Playing as Toad) I am a mushroom!
    • Wildcat's famous raging at Cody in full meltdown mode after Cody snatches a win from him with a well timed bob-omb on the last corner of the last lap of the last track they played during the recording session is hilarious.
      Cody: ...Hey Tyler, catch!
      Wildcat: No, come on! NOOOOOOOOO! Cody, you're a fucking vagina, dude! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck this fucking game! Fucking items are the gayest shit ever! I got coin after coin after coin and then the fucker gets a bomb and kills me last fucking corner! I'm spitting all over my desk I'm so pissed! (Proceeds to walk away from the mike, ranting about the game until the sound of a door slamming is heard.)
  • Despite being sponsored by Nintendo, JD tends to be one of the worst of the lot, something Terroriser lampshaded once to hilarious result.
    JD: Jesus Christ, I got 6th place, like, 5 in a row!
    Terroriser: Good thing Nintendo don't click on the videos, man!
    (Cue a flustered JD shouting "Shut your dumbass up, Brian!" while the others laugh)
    • "The results are in!" gag, which was started by JD, thanks to getting last multiple times in a row. Many of the others sometimes say this when they get last, aswell.
  • During a particularly savage Mario Kart 8 stream, roasts keep getting thrown around by the participants (Moo, Nogla, Basically, Mini Ladd, 407, and Terroriser). Appropriately, all of the perspectives of said race include "savage" or "roast" in the title. Some of the best roasts include:
    • Moo roasting Mini Ladd during this race.
      Nogla: Mini Ladd, my favorite YouTuber!
      Terroriser: He's not lying, like, Mini Ladd is Mini's favorite YouTuber (choruses of "yeah" from the rest). He buys his own merch-he buys his own merch and everything.
      (cue uproarious laughter from the rest of the group).
    • Later on,Terroriser roasts Moo.
      Moo: Oh, I'm too early. Nope, I'm good!
      Terroriser: Hah, that's why you're having a baby!
      (Cue Terroriser realising what he said and going into Oh, Crap! mode, while the others chorus OOOHHHHH)
    • From the same stream, Terroriser mentions a previous roast aimed at Nogla. Cue the uproarious laughter of everyone else and Daithi's Twitter feed being flooded.
  • Vanoss finally playing the game himself. A rarity that he actually feels a bit upset with the game.
  • In this video, Anthony is first in a race, with Smii7y, Fourzer0seven and Mini Ladd tailing behind him. Just before the finish line, Anthony drops a bomb that hits all three of them. Cue incredible rage.

    Cards Against Humanity 
  • Wildcat, as Card Czar, draws "James is a lonely boy. But when he discovers a secret door in his attic, he meets a magical new friend..." Big Jiggly Panda's answer is both appropriate and inappropriate.
    Mini: OH MY- NO! NO! (Breaking into laughter) NO!
    Wildcat: (Laughing) You evil bastard!
    • By sheer luck, Wildcat draws the same card again in a later game. Mini Ladd takes the opportunity to straight-up obliterate the line.
  • And then there's Basically answering every other card with "Unedited Daithi de Nogla videos"... and everyone else gets in on the act.
    Basically: I'm just fucking with you, Nogla, you know I love you.
    Nogla: Go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself, dude.
    • Eventually Nogla gets angry enough to use HIS blank card so it says "BasicallyIDoWrk's inactive channel.note " With Basically thinking it was Actually Pretty Funny and choosing that card as the winner for the round.
      Basically: Well played.
  • Really, anytime anyone of the gang plays Cards Against Humanity. The more unforgettable answers of various cards include: "Stephen Hawking Working the pole.", "Pedos in Speedos", anything involving one of three "Big Black Dick" Cards (or anything involving a penis, really, the act of the penis it is in not withstanding), "Granny The Tranny", and anything involving "Minecraft Youtubers".
  • Mini Ladd tried to type "Check your privilege" in a blank card but couldn't remember how to spell "Privilege", so he attempted to type it into Google to see how it is spelled. He accidentally typed it into the card instead, resulting in a card with the phrase "Check your Privilegeprivildge". Cue uproarious laughter from the rest of the players, and Mini laughing himself to tears at them riffing on it. Even more hilarious is the fact that Mini says it often and yet had to look up Google to remember how "privilege" is spelt.
    Panda: It sounds like somebody's name from Harry Potter. "Privilege Privildige!"
  • In one session of cards, Kyroz pretends to be easily offended by some things, including Brian "assuming genders," Brian saying a black card makes no sense then asking why it can't be a dark tone of gray and then asking why a slightly gray person needs milk, before asking if it's because white. Then Anthony asks what if it was chocolate milk... before Kyroz asks if white milk isn't good enough.
    • In another session, Kyroz then asks if black cards aren't important enough for Scotty to talk about. Mini, Scotty and Marcel all react in pretend shock and disgust like he did in the previously mentioned session.
  • Just about any time Panda laughs when he thinks he's got a good card. The group knows that means he very likely does and will immediately give up any hope of competing against it and use the round to throwaway useless cards, which is even lampshaded by Smii7y when Panda ends up using a card that wasn't as good as he initially thought.
    • In one session, Smii7y and some of the others constantly use a Blank Card to write in "Anthony's Fake Laugh," the former getting a lot of blank cards along the way, which is lampshaded a few times by Kryoz before he got even one. When Anthony ends up reading it, he lets out a creepy, almost demonic laugh, which Kryoz says is his genuine laugh. Mini's terrified expressions and response when he hears them are priceless.
  • 407 singing the "Prince Ali" song from Aladdin. Made even funnier in Mini's view, as he does not recognize the song at first, but it's edited in as 407 sings it.
  • MrJaayy/Jay doing a spit take once a particularly edgy card gets pulled during the "Pedos in Speedos" video.
  • Wildcat, as Card Czar, draws "______.", except he is reading as an exclamation mark rather than a period. Here's what it followed:
    Wildcat: CHILD ABUSE!
    Basically: I got you, Tyler.
    Wildcat: IM 100% NIGGA!
    (everybody explodes with laughter)
    Basically: Never mind! Never mind!
    • Notice the sheer fear in Wildcat's voice when reading the last card.
    • When Basically said that he was going to help with the last card, Wildcat thought he was cleared to say the N-word, when actually Basically was the one who could say it. Wildcat got the pass from Basically for saying the N-word, however.
      Basically: Alright, everybody! Tyler got a pass for that! Everybody, comment section, shut the fuck up! Tyler got a pass!
      (everyone still laughing)
      Basically: Black stamp of approval!
  • When Ohm plays with them, they select certain cards for Ohm to read, and SMII7Y urges him to read them, only for him and the others to react in disgust when Ohm reads them.
    • The hilarity that ensues when Ohm plays "squeeze my wiener."
  • SMii7Y, using their blank card to copy and paste entire copypasta memes that ends up going through the entire space of the card in Mini Ladd's GTA 6 Revealed episode. It happens three times. The third time it happens, it goes through the entire screen.
    • The first time this happens, the black card had the lyrics to "Low" on it, and Panda was dared to sing the responses. Then a copypasta that goes halfway down the screen past the card shows up, and he sings it anyway.
  • Panda's wordplay on the letters "P" and "R" just to avoid having to say "Puerto Rico". Especially when he accidentally Crosses the Line Twice while reading a pair of white cards that say "The Holocaust" and "Hitler on Jew erotica" with a substitution, once again, is both appropriate and inappropriate to the context.
  • Panda's story.
    • Even more hilarious is that this makes Ohm pick the card, which was used by Smii7y, whom later says a combination of cards would be something Anthony would probably played.
  • Panda's 2nd story.
    • When Kryoz imitates the boss and says "you're fired" in response to Panda saying he shit his pants.
      Panda: You can't fire somebody for shitting their pants!
      John: You wanna fucking bet?
      Panda: Yeah!
      • From the way they said it, it's hard not to imagine both of them planning to go on work and to shit in their pants to see if they'll get fired.
      • And as if that wasn't funny enough? The next black card says "____ makes me poop."
      • The winning answer? Chipotle
  • For whatever reason, a couple of episodes had a number of cards written in Norwegian. Hilarity ensues when everyone tries to read them, especially Chilled, who Mini assumes has not read any English cards prior.
    Mini: Yo. I'm keeping it spicy. I'm keeping it hot.
  • Kryoz vaping and then speaking afterwards in like a really high-off voice. There's also a chance that he may end up coughing just after this. It officially became a Running Gag.
  • Both Basically and 407 use a blank card to type "Subscribe to Kryozgaming", however, Basically's card had a grammar mistake while Fourzero's didn't. Basically's card was still picked to prevent Fourzero from winning the game. What makes it is Fourzero's big "NOOOO! DAMMIT! YOU BITCH!" when he loses.
  • Chilled plays a card that's simply a link. Mini goes to the site... and gets Rickrolled.
  • Mini, Brian, and Anthony along with Josh, Vik, and Simon having too much fun with inside jokes. This inside joke in particular, via a blank card from Simon, takes the cake.
    • Later on in their second game, Josh gets a black card that says "After I googled ____ I never thought I'd see ____". Brian and Anthony happened to get the exact same idea on how to fill those cards.
      Vikk: (upon reading the white cards) Oh no!
      Josh: (reading Brian's white card) After I googled Minecraft Youtubers, I never thought I'd see Rape a Child.
      Simon: Oh my God.
      Josh: (reading Anthony's white card) After I googled Minecraft Youtubers, I never thought I'd see The Machine Gun.
      MiniLadd: Guys!
      Josh: Not again!
      MiniLadd: Guys, stop that!
    • Even funnier is the fact that Brian was lucky enough to have the cards in his hand, while Anthony had to use two blank cards.
  • Basically draws the card "I had to break up with her. Her pussy smelled like..." Kryoz's card simply read "Bad" which causes everyone to laugh... then they discover Mini's answer, "Jaclyn"note  which practically cost him his friendship with Nogla... for the duration anyway.
    Wildcat: Oh my God!
    Basically: Oh my God!? THE FOURTH CARD!?
  • Panda is the Czar in another game when the opening lyric to Don't Stop Believing ("JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL!") is on the black card, and Panda dares once again to sing the responses. Cue Kryoz copy and pasting the entire lyrics to the song onto a blank card, resulting in the card going through the screen.
  • During the first card of a video, while Ohm, Panda, Mini, Kyroz, and Smii7y are discussing over a card for "In the shower, I think about...", Panda plays the card Being peeked in on by a Brontosaurus while masturbating, and they end up discussing how you'd deep-throat one. Smii7y then states the following:
    Smii7y: You'd need a Moby Huge for that.note 
  • One session has two instances where one of the cards has the name Sven and the black card immediatly after contains Sven.
    Terroriser: Wait!? Craig! Craig! What packs did you pick? The Sven national anthem or something? What is this?
    Smii7y: This is the Rosetta Stone special everybody.
    Terroriser: Rosetta Stone Scandinavian Cards Against... Ikea? What the fuck is this?
    Mini: I'm trying to help you out. If we ever go to Norway.
    • One of the "Sven" cards was Terroriser actually filling in a blank card with just "Sven." to try and score a point after several Norwegian and/or Sven-related cards. He still loses because Panda noticed another card in the round:
      Panda: (on the verge of a laughing fit) Why's that card just the letter "R"?!
  • One prompt is a sample of the Little Einsteins theme song with rocketship being the word that gets replaced. This happens:
    Nogla: (reading Ryan's card) We're going on a trip on our favorite thunder- whatever boy. We're going on a trip on our favorite a sopping wet cock.
    Ryan: But you skipped thunder thighs?
    Nogla: Cause it's boring!
    Ryan: God damn it! That's the only thing I had that fit.
    Nogla: Ok alright. It's still boring.
    • Ryan later tries to convince Nogla again to pick thunder thighs but Nogla still refuses and Mini tells him to let it die with his face-cam being replaced with a Jonah Hill gif.
  • In most videos, the chat shows that Mini previously has typed in "ass" for whatever reason and no one seems to address this. note 
  • During this video, Smii7y starts the round as Card Czar, and goes through the whole thing while messing around with his mic. Everyone starts to get in on it.
    Smii7y: All these cards are fucking (echoing) TRAAAAASH.
    • Later on, the black card "Gamefreak is creating a new pokemon based off of ______." Mini's answer? "Spray painting yourself black and moving to the ghetto." His statement afterwards doesn't help.
      Mini Ladd: It's the new Pokemon, Salt and Vini[BLEEEP].
    • This.
      Asianboy0122: Omae wa mou shinderu.
      Mini Ladd: (High pitched screech)
      (Everyone laughs).
  • Vanoss plays Cards Against Humanity for the first time. Guess who wins.
  • Wildcat searching for 256x256 jpgs after reading out (and picking) the white card "Masturbating to 256x256 jpegs". He ends up finding a grinning Thomas the Tank Engine face, to much hilarity.
    Wildcat: That's the one I chose to masturbate to.
  • A Cards Against Humanity session that degenerates into a picture-fest thanks to Azalanote  allowing users to hotlink images to a blank card:
    • The first round sets the tone of the video. The black card itself reads "___? God dammit, Japan". Their answers? A pic of a panty vending machine, a My Little Pony picture that had hentai Tentacle Rope photoshopped on it, Logan Paul in the suicide forest, a GIF of a kamikaze bomber... And there's Anthony with the only non-picture answer ("A cop who is also a dog"). Anthony somehow wins.
    • One of the black cards is "What did I just eat?", with Mini using a blank to put a picture of Jiggly in a D.Va cosplay, Hilarity ensues once the card is revealed.
    • Because most of the answers ended up being pictures, mid-way through the video, Kyroz decides to get creative by opening Photoshop and starts submitting white cards filled with pictures that he had just photoshopped. Naturally, Hilarity ensues.
    • Smii7y gets the black card "Give me ____ tonight, or else." and promises to pick any white card that says "dick". Two of the answers referenced phalluses of varying qualities, but Mini went a step further and put in a GIF of a cartoon duck looking at a penis. The real kicker is Chilled's comment right after, which left everyone in a fresh fit of hysterics:
  • Wildcat playing what he thinks is a killer card for "What did Vin Diesel eat for dinner?" only for his answer to be completely overshadowed by Nogla's equally darkly hysterical answer, followed by his indignant outburst.
    Wildcat: WHAT? NO!
    Nogla: Yes! "Indescribable loneliness", I fucking cried!
    Wildcat: "Survivor's guilt", what the fuck?
    Mini: No, "indescribable loneliness" because the death of Paul Walker!
    Wildcat: "Survivor's guilt" because the death of Paul Walker!
  • Smii7y gets the black card "STUNT _____", and picks "Cumming in my own mouth.", which was played by Ohm, after Smii7y made it a lot funnier, by mocking Dude Perfect.
  • Panda coming up with an entire (amazingly inappropriate) jingle for "Pedos in Speedos".
    Smii7y: (reading a later black card) "Of all the horrible song names I've seen, '____' takes the cake for the worst."
    Jay: Peeedos in Speeedos...
    Mini: Guys, you realize that this is gonna be a thing now?
  • Terroriser once accidentally said "Charizard" instead of "Card Czar". Naturally, everyone else refused let it go for the rest of the session, including Panda playing the blank card "Brian calling shit the Charizard" when Terroriser was the Card Czar. He picked Panda's card immediately.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
  • In a session of the game, while the group were watching a teammate of their's after they were killed, there is a moment of silence during this until Nogla, who was still alive in-game, gets killed and out of nowhere makes a noise akin to a dog's bark. He does this again not a minute later.
    • In the same session above, Nogla goes all Angrish in the next several following games, going from simple ragey noises upon getting killed to just straight up saying random things that even Nogla, himself, can't even understand what he's saying, where he even (jokingly) suggests they try subtitling what he says. Special mention goes to the moment he starts rapidly trying to say the word "banana" in a kind of Bill Cosby-esque way that even Wildcat points out.
      Wildcat: He sounded like a retarded Bill Cosby there.
  • Wildcat goes to kill an enemy in this video. Said enemy tried to kill him via a knife. Wildcat kills him and begins telling off the guy for trying to knife him. Cue Kryoz coming from behind and knifing him.
  • Strat Roulette Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos are always hilarious in its own right due to the ridiculous strategies they have to do to try win the round. Especially when they ask the fans on Twitter on what strats they have to use.
    • The second Twitter Strat Roulette video.
      • One of the strategies is to, quite literally, "Die". Mini somehow nearly failing this strat by not dying until the last seconds of the round. And that's only by jumping from a high part of the map to the ground. Smii7y calls him out on it for nearly failing a round with a strat that was almost impossible to lose with.
      Smii7y: How the fuck did you almost fail that strat?
      Mini: *laughs* I don't know!
      • Then the next round, everyone has to give each other compliments. Kryoz starts it off with this compliment to Jay.
      • Smii7y managed to put his G FUEL advertising into one of the strats. The others promptly cut out this round. Mind you, someone actually put a Tweet of that, he did not made this up.
        Smii7y: (reading the strat) Drink G FUEL and win the round. Did I mention that you can get 10% off at checkout if you use code "S7"? *laughs*
        Azzy: Oh, for fuck's sake.
        Jay: Shut the fuck up!
        Kryoz: Sounds like we're cutting this one out.
        SMii7Y: Alright!
        Mini: (to audience) I apologize for the large bleep sound, we move on to the next round.
      • Jay attacks his teammates too many times and during "total silence" strat, when he shots Azzy, he gets disconnected from the game and was banned from matchmaking for 2 hours.
        Jay: FUCK!
        *Everyone laughs at Jay's sudden disapperance, with Mini seems amazed at that*
        Kryoz: Wow Jay, the way you got banned was suck! *laughs*
        Mini: I love how you... the way you die. [...] Damn, Jay, that magic trick was incredible! Why'd you disappeared like that?
      • The entirety of "Everyone has to MLG narrate everything they do" round.
      • Later on, one of the strats is to make the enemy team subscribe to Kryoz. Funnily enough, Kryoz is the last one standing on that round and he pulls out this gem at his last stand:
      • In a later round, the group have to actually ridicule Kryoz even if he is planting, aces or clutches the round no matter what. While the roasts Kryoz gets are funny, what's funnier is how fast the round itself ends and Kryoz is the only one left in their team that nabs them the win... and yes, they still ridiculed him for it.
      • In one round, the group have to actually pull off a win and everyone starts going serious, but most of them, especially Mini and Kryoz, still get killed without getting a kill themselves. This also serves as a Moment of Awesome for their friend Azzy, who pulls off the greatest possible round ending win by sniping their team's last member through a wall... which was seemingly unintentional.
      • After this above, the group have to say something in chat after every time their team gets a kill and it has to be something sincere. While they do their usual shtick of just messing around with it, Kryoz inserts this little tickler: "yikes, hope youre ok".
      • One round has the group replace every call out with "Use Code Kryoz" or "Use Code SMii7Y".
  • In one session, Tyler punches his desk so hard during a rage that it caused his audio device to break and let out a nasty loud buzz, throwing the entire session into laughter.
    • In the same session, Kryoz lets out such a disgusting burp that it sounded like he was vomiting on command. Everyone in the session immediately reacts with extreme disgust.
      SMii7Y: He just casually throws up!
      WILDCAT: It sounded like he had an animal inside of him and it climbs out of his mouth!
  • Once, Mini burps loudly during startup and immediately reacts in pain.
    SMii7Y: That one sounded like it hurt.
    • The next round, during startup, WILDCAT reacts to noises of uh-uh-uh by singing "Hey! Oh! Let's GO!". Sp00n reacts with "I'M! ON! DRUGS!" with the beat of the song.
    • Mini punches his desk during a rage and Wildcat asks if it is his forehead. Mini tells him it is his fist...before hitting the desk with his forehead.
    • A few rounds after that, Mini got kicked from his own team by his own friends. Mini's reaction afterwards was hilarious.
      Mini Ladd: I would like to give a huge shout out to my friends for being fucktards.
    • They also kicked NoahJ456 at a later match for repeatedly missing an enemy that was like 10 feet in front of him.
    • The group invents Ban Roulette over the course of three rounds. It starts with Mini teamkilling NoahJ456 with an AWP, Noah teamkilling Mini back with an AWP the next round (with SMii7Y as backup gunner), before everyone gets an AWP and aims at each other during the buy time and immediately teamkilling each other as soon as the freeze time ends to see who gets banned first. SMii7Y gets banned during the ensuing shootout.
    • After that, Sisman gets banned and disappears after knifing Kryoz in the back when he's defusing, Noah gets banned and disappears mid-firing when shooting at Mini, and the round after that ends with Mini shooting at Kryoz at round start, getting banned and making Kryoz the winner.
      Mini Ladd: All I'm gonna say is that it is the worst single minigame we've ever created in CSGO history. Dont try this at home, kids.
  • In one session Nogla notices an enemy in a corner and opens fire only for Wildcat to walk into the bullets. As a result, Nogla gets banned. His reaction is hilarious. And other “Pictionary-esque” games 
  • Wildcat’s character was made fun of since his character's unibrow made it looked like a skateboard.
    • Later in the game, when Wildcat points to himself in an attempt to allude to the word "unibrow", but the Panda, Vanoss and Moo put "dumbass", "retard", and "idiot" respectively and simultaneously. Panda later adds "Fortnite" to the mix.
    • Vanoss also points to Wildcat later on, this time the word was "skateboarder".
    • From the same video, Panda did not realize that he mistook "Hercules" for "Achilles", until Wildcat pointed out.
    Tyler: It's not Achilles, it's Hercules, you stupid bitch.
  • Moo failing to spell "Charlie Chaplin". Twice.
  • Nogla has everyone try to guess the word "screen"... with the answer being literally the one thing he wrote.
    • Moo's spectacular failure at guessing, with his answer being "Screener".
  • In a later video, Nogla does it again with the word "stop sign"...only for Basically calling him out for his stupidity:
    Basically: Can you not be fucking stupid?!
    • How does Nogla react?
    Basically: Why do you got to write letters on it, man?!
  • At one point in a session, Vanoss draws a surprisingly good (but slightly deformed) Homer Simpson.
    • He does it again in a later video, this time with more emphasis on "deformed".
    • It has become a running gag to have them (mostly Vanoss) randomly draw Homer Simpson, and try to incorporate him into the word somehow. They also look more disturbing every time. Vanoss's videos even have a "Homers Drawn" counter.
  • Mini having everyone guess the word "tricycle"... by literally drawing a three-wheeled cycle.
    Tyler: *laughs* That's not how you make...!
    Mini: I know! It's a little bit abstract! It's abstract art, okay?
    Kryoz: Are you fucking retarded!?
    Mini: It's abstract art, okay? It's different! It's... Picasso! It's Picasso!
    Tyler: A tricycle isn't a bike for three people!
    Mini: I'm aware! It's definitely abstract!
    SMii7Y: Bullshit!
  • SMii7Y's word is "harbor" and when he says that he is gonna take the offensive route with it (namely drawing the Pearl Harbor attack), Kryoz immediately pops in, presuming what the actual word is:
    Kryoz: Oh, is it the N-word?
    (everyone laughs)
    Tyler: John, don't do it. You just see John pop in with...It fits! It fits! Are you sure it's not?
  • Mini guessed the word "coin" first, but he got it so quick that he didn't even realize it until the round was over.
  • While in the middle of a session, a random player who is also named Marcel joins the game... while on mobile. He proceeds to crudely draw, but because he's on mobile, he starts glitching until he ends up painting the whole screen black. Then he gives up and leaves right when everyone else was ready to kick him. The word he was trying to draw? Tampon!
  • Vanoss misspelling "nuggets" as "nuggers", prompting some shocked laughs from everyone, especially Jiggly.
    Jiggly: Wow, Evan!? WOOOOOOOOOW!!!
  • Nogla's word is "Communism" and instead of drawing, he decides to sing the USSR national anthem, confident that his friends will figure it out. Nobody gets it and they kick Nogla out of annoyance.
  • When Nogla gets the world barrel, he attempts to draw a gun barrel, however it ends up looking more like a deformed nose and only Basically gets the word in the last few seconds.
  • Ohmwrecker's word is "wizard" and he gets the bright idea to draw the wizard's pointy hat and robes white. When everyone makes fun on him for it, Ohm screeches a Big "SHUT UP!".
  • Kryoz's word is "Nintendo Switch" and when Terroriser guesses it early on, Kryoz opts to draw it as birds on a tree instead. Smii7y absentmindedly blurts out that it's a Switch before realizing that that's the answer.
  • During "The Vanoss hotel is now open for business" on Nogla's channel, one could notice at 7:30 a HUGE slew of censored text in the chat that's not really shown in other channels. It's not until "Fish Hanson has entered the chat..." that we find out just what started the curse laden rant. Turns out that Vanoss got the word "Miner", and drew an arrow at Terroriser with the hint "sounds like one." Nogla's response? Unleash every offensive (And weird) thing he has in the chat on Brian.
    • For reference, the list of words that Nogla threw at Brian? "loser, nerd, asshole, dick, cunt, focker, bollix, dickhead, bitch, bee-yatch, mick, micker, paddle, potato, racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot"

    Golf Games 
  • Golf games tend to throw the guys from calm, sportsmanship-like chatter to screams of sheer rage. It's a real trainwreck of emotions watching them begin a game going strong and good to just screwing with each other and raging over their misfortunes in-game. In other words, be prepared to laugh your ass off.
  • In a game of Tower Unite, during a Pirate-themed map, Wildcat, after having endured a worse rerun of the map, complains on Hole 8 and mutters to himself how "nobody gives a shit about cannons". Karma hits him when he launches his golfball over the hole they needed to get in to be launched to a nearby pirate ship. Seeing him mess it up and his following reaction must be seen to be believed.
    • What Nogla calls the "GREATEST GOLF GLITCH EVER" occurring on the 17th hole during the same rerun.
    • Panda, who came in last the first round of the map, coming in first during the rerun whilst everyone else, especially Tyler, plays far worse than the previous run.
  • In a Golf It game, while playing the game's "Risk and Reward" mode, Panda, already on the verge of raging, decides to list things that would be far more enjoyable than playing the game as he continuously goes off the map. The dialogue itself goes like this:
    Panda: One. Masturbating with sand paper. (goes off the map again) Two. Watching... dudes—- (goes off the map once again) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!
    • In the same video, after finishing one of the holes, Kryoz burps loudly again.
  • Moo rages to the point of rage quitting in this game of Golf It. The best part about this is that halfway through the game he had apparently rage quit with nobody noticing until the game was over, where his name and score in the leaderboard was missing. Only then did the guys notice that Brock left the game without saying a word through pure rage.
    • The one to seal this moment is that Brock stayed through the entire call while the others were still playing and only talked AFTER everyone noticed that he was gone.
  • Everytime anyone collides their balls with someone else's to throw them off the map. Sometimes it's not even beneficial but they still do it just to screw each other up.
    • Moo struggling to make a very large jump to reach the hole during this video uploaded by Terrorizer. He finally gets it right but, as the audience can see, Terrorizer had been waiting for him the entire time. You can guess what his motives were.
      Moo: I HATE YOU!!
    • Terrorizer, once again, trolling during a Golf It game with his victim being Mini Ladd this time. What sells it is how unexpected it is due to Mini Ladd's hilarious attempts to make a simple jump across the water taking the whole attention.
      • This comes to bite Terrorizer in a later game, as Nogla somehow traps Terrorizer in a corner, then Nogla launches him after Terrorizer eventually gets out. In a later hole, Nogla continues hitting Terrorizer back into a sloped area. Even Wildcat gets onto this.
      Nogla: Brock has sent me as a hitman.
  • In the same game from above, Wildcat's recording system seems to glitch out.
    Mini Ladd: That sounded like an automatic rifle!
  • Nogla gets a little too mad over a game of golf...
    Nogla: CREATIVITY IS PUNISHED!!! NO WE WANT YOU TO PLAY THIS FUCKING BORING LINEAR ASS GOLF SHIT FOR HALF AN HOUR!!! THIS GAME IS ASS! THIS GAME IS MONKEY ASS! Fuck, man! Fucking stupid game! I don't deserve a 6, I deserve like a fucking 3 and a refund!!!
  • Vanoss finally playing a game of ''Golf It'' with Wildcat, Nogla, Smii7y and Terroriser. Of course... being Vanoss, he didn't rage, not once, but seeing him make a lot of rookie mistakes in the game is still amusing to watch.
    • Special mentions goes to Vanoss' first swing on Hole 1 by hitting his golfball then yelling "TIGER!!" but only to realize he hit a feet away, much to the amusement of the others.
    Tyler: "Yay! It's Evan's first time playing golf!"
    • In one hole in the game, Evan somehow launches himself off the map. Then the next thing he does when he is near the hole is, on Wildcat's insistence, to try to make a trick shot by bouncing off the walls and into the hole. He fails the first shot, but the second shot he gets it in, but not without accidentally hitting Smii7y off.
  • At the start this Golf It session, Terroriser asks Google if it knows who he and his YouTuber friends are. The results do not please him.
    Terroriser: Hey Google, who is the Vanoss Crew?
    Google: According to the website [Terroriser whispers, "Oh my God." as Google says a website that sounds like ","] they say, VanossGaming's crew has changed a lot over the years. The members include H2ODelirious...
    Terroriser: [interrupts] Watch, it doesn't have me. [Google mentions Mini Ladd]
    Google: ...I AM WILDCAT, Daithi De Nogla, Lui Calibre, BigJigglyPanda, 407, and others.
    • What's more, Vanoss's view of the video literally has Terroriser's video description link listed as "And Others:"
  • During this session towards the end of the course, Panda came to the sudden realization that he never hit the record button, and he has no footage.
    • Insult to injury at the 18th hole when Panda actually made a seemingly impossible shot, and he still wasn't recording.
    Vanoss: He got a Hole in One, and nobody was around.
  • The beginning of this video is a Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
    • Vanoss edits in a "Mad Moo Meter" every time Moo screams in Anguish. The top of the meter is "Broken Mouse."
      • It nearly hits it towards the end of the 15th hole.
      • The others keep reminding Moo that he has a new mouse, and he doesn't want to break it.
    Terroriser: G502 Brock. Scrolling wheel.
    • Towards the end of the course, the others joke that Vanoss will lose by 1 stroke.
      • The funny thing is if Vanoss hadn't taken up a stroke doing a trick shot in the 17th hole, he would have lost by 1.
  • Terroriser attempting to troll Moo again.... only for him to hit Moo up and straight into the hole. Moo's reaction adds to the hilarity.
    Moo: THANKS, BRIAN!! (cackles like a madman).
  • In this video, Vanoss knocks Terroriser around on a golf course that meant an instant hole in one, although he manages to escape Vanoss at the end, the timer has run out and if he stops he loses, and he goes through the course and stops just before he goes in the hole.Terroriser received a 17 stroke penalty, that resulted in him losing first place to Moo. Cue Moo screaming in triumph that he won, the others crying their eyes out with laughter, and Terroriser becoming the epitome of the term Tranquil Fury.
  • This video:
    • Nogla lands in a hole, but then his ball bounces out. His reaction is hilarious:
    Panda He got robbed. He got robbed.
    • On the same hole, Panda makes it after shooting from the start of the hole. His celebration is rather... interesting.
    • Later on, Panda and Vanoss are unable to make it past a rotating knife trap. After pushing Vanoss into the knife, only to get pushed back himself, this happens:
    Panda We meet again, yellow man! Wait, wait hold on a second, that's racist, I'm sorry!
  • One game was where we get a truly beautiful display of Panda-quality rage. For context: during one of the earlier holes, Panda smashed his mouse out of rage. After the course is finished, Panda realizes that that particular rage caused his Twitch stream to go to the starting screen. For the last 35 minutes of the course. After a good bout of laughing from Basically, Wildcat and Mini, Panda lets out a line for the books.
    Panda: It's a good thing I DON'T NEED FOOTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!! (Mini, Basically and Wildcat proceed to die from laughter for a bit longer)
    • And one final line from Panda before leaving the call:
    Panda: I'm gonna get a real job, see you all faggots later.
  • In this episode the boys talk about why Vanoss doesn't rage:
    Vanoss: It doesn't matter man, because as long as you have fun, it's fine-
    Nogla: (Interrupting) Are you kidding me?! I'm stuck in a fucking wheel!


  • Mini Ladd getting absolutely screwed over in this game
    • It started out as what you would expect from an Uno game, until Mini was forced to keep drawing cards all the way up over 20!
    Mini Ladd: Hey look! My depression is rising by the number in the little left corner!
    • It gets to the point where the game organizes his cards into stacks by color.
    • It doesn't help that the others keep making him draw cards with +2s and +4s!
    Mini Ladd: I just escaped 20, Marcel. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
    • Near the end of the game, poor Craig pretty much descended into insanity.
    Mini Ladd: Who said Uno was Family Friendly? Fucking, I'm fucking getting Vietnam Flashbacks in this bitch!
    • Other than the Mini Ladd Torture, there are also a couple of other funny parts of the video, such as at the beginning of the game when Kryoz was the first guy to start drawing a whole load of cards.
    Basically: Did they shuffle the deck? Did they shuffle the deck?
    Kryoz: They didn't!
    Mini Ladd: They didn't shuffle the deck! (Others start laughing)
  • The game broke poor Mini again in this game, after Tyler changed the color. And he had ONE CARD left!
    Nogla: Oh, wow! It's giving him cards boys! It's giving him cards!
    Mini Ladd: (Getting increasingly worried) Oh, no, no, no, no. Hey. S-S-Stop ga- (Realizes he's screwed) Hey! Hey! HEY! HEY! GAME! GAME! JESUS CHRIST! STOP! (Cries while others laugh)
    Kryoz: (Laughing) That was fucking 15 cards!
    Tyler: (Laughing) He drew 15! That was the best +4 card I've ever played! I played a +4, and two people drew 19 cards as a result!
    Mini Ladd: I hate this game so much!
    • Nogla unfortunately got the deep end of the barrel as well shortly after that ordeal.
    Nogla: I'M FUCKING DONE!
    Tyler: (Laughing) That was 15 more!
    Mini Ladd: It didn't stop!
    Kryoz: That was the best "Non-draw" card ever!
    Mini Ladd: Hey Nogla, welcome to the 15 club! It sucks dick over here!
    • Later on, they turned the 7-0 rules on, in which playing a 7 allows them to switch with someone's hand, and playing a 0 rotates everyone's hands in the turn order. They keep switching hands with each other, making pretty stupid moves.
    Wildcat: You guys are dipshits!
    • Nogla at times during the game.
    Nogla: (Having the most cards than everyone) Trade with me!
    • Wildcat though screwed himself over after switching with Mini's 3-card hand with a 7, by jumping in with the 7 in that hand!
    Wildcat: Oh, and I jump in! (Jumps in with 7) That was really dumb! (Everyone laughs)
    Mini Ladd: (Laughing) Why!?
    Wildcat: ...You know what? I deserve this! (Switches with Kryoz's 8-card hand) I deserve this!
  • Nogla never played an UNO game before up until this video.
    Nogla: Oh, oh, make it Purple!
    Tyler: (Snickers) Purple...
    Mini Ladd: Bitch, who are you?
    • Mini Ladd also unfortunately can't press Uno fast enough after placing the card down.
    Nogla: Wait, what's going on? I don't know what happened right there.
    Tyler: You'll never know cause you'll never get to Uno.
    • Later in another game, they turned on the Jump-in rules on, which created some nasty plays for everyone, such as when Mini and Wildcat teamed up against Nogla who was on UNO. Mini jumped in with his yellow 2, which allowed Wildcat to change the color to blue, preventing Nogla from winning. Though Karma came back for Mini, as always.
    Nogla plays +2 towards Kryoz
    Mini Ladd: I am so happy for myself! (Kyroz stacks with his +2) I am NOT HAPPY anymore! (Mini receives +4)
    • Also later, Mini continuously jumps in with his cards, always making Tyler draw cards, considering he doesn't have the desired color.
  • In one session, Kryoz's audio device glitches out completely, emitting a loud buzzing noise which throws the other players into uproarious laughter.
  • In a later game, the 7-0 rules are turned on again, resulting in an epic fail from Ohm. When the card is a yellow 0, Ohm plays a red 0 to get an Uno with a red card left. However, the 7-0 rules rotated the player's hands, which ended up getting Kryoz the win.
    • Ohmwrecker is so prone to making dumb decisions at critical moments during Uno, that the crew started to use his name as a verb when others do the same thing. Even Ohm himself told Terroriser that he "Ohmed it" when Terroriser screwed up.
  • In this cruel act by the RNG gods, Mini Ladd started at 4 cards and drew a record 18 cards from a single green wild card. A few rounds later, Nogla slaps his +4, pushing Mini Ladd to 23 cards. The next round sees Nogla drawing another +4, getting Mini Ladd to 27 cards (Mini Ladd is already broken at this point). Nogla draws a wild card the next turn, turning it to green, and poor Mini can't even click his green cards, forcing him to draw even more cards. The final kicker in Mini's face is that Nogla draws another +4 the next turn, pushing Mini to a whopping 33 cards.
  • Mini's not the only one with sour luck when it comes to drawing. Ohm manages to draw over 40 CARDS in this game.
    • From the same game, Smii7y tries to screw Ohm with +8 by stacking a +4, only for it to backfire royally when Ohm uses the Rayman deck's "Punching Things" special card (which deflects the stacking back at the attacker and doubles the card count), saddling Smii7y with a +16.
  • Just like Golf it, Vanoss finally plays Uno, and it goes exactly how you would expect it to go.
  • Terroriser's first run of the game, and having never played Uno prior either, is entertaining as well, wherein he draws over 20 cards three times because he didn't have a green.
  • Vanoss, Delirious, Moo and Nogla doing one round of Uno which then quickly turns into a never-ending round of them trying to one-up each other to win. And it should be noted that halfway through it, once the group started trying to help each other, it only made it worse with hilarious results.
    • Then just near the end, the game glitches out on Delirious' turn, preventing all four of them from continuing the game until three of them quit to leave the last person to win, which they all stubbornly refuse to do.
  • H2ODelirious: Uno champion of the world.
    • The game also starts with an initial +2 which Vanoss stacks to +4 Nogla. Then Moo plays another +2, only for Delirious and Vanoss to stack a +2 each, giving Nogla another +6 before he's even had a single turn!
  • In an earlier video, Delirious gets the luckiest Uno hand of the century with FOUR +4 CARDS. Both his shocked glee and how he then proceeds to screw over Ohm must be witnessed to be believed.
  • In a 2 vs 2 match where it's Evan and Brian against Brock and Nogla, Brian is on "Uno" holding a Red 3 card. Brock plays a Yellow 3 card which gives Brian, as his turn is next, the chance to win the round for him and Evan... but instead, Evan instinctively jumps in with his Yellow 3 card, not seeing Brian's hand and ends up screwing over Brian and himself a win. Brian's strangled "Bluh?!" at the move is hilarious.
  • Nogla uses the Suck Dragon card and denies Ohm of his win. Then Vanoss plays the same card and denies Nogla his win. Later, when Vanoss and Nogla both have uno, Ohm realises Nogla is holding the Heart Wild, guaranteeing he'll win on his next turn. But Panda has a color change and it's Vanoss' turn next...
    Vanoss: Panda, who do you want to win? Nogla or me?
    Panda: What color do you have?
    Vanoss: Red.
    Nogla: YOU SONS A' BITCHES, DON'T! (Starts slamming mouse.)
  • In this 2v2 match, Brian, annoyed at the constant bad luck he was having through the first 7 minutes at this game, angrily plays a +4 card... and belatedly realized that Vanoss also has a +4 which winds up being played, saddling Delirious (Brian's teammate) with a +8 when the latter was on Uno. Delirious reacts in disbelief at Brian's Fury-Fueled Foolishness, while Vanoss and Moo both laugh at his ill-thought-out decision.
    Brian: (angrily) FUCK. YOU! (realizes he screwed Delirious out of a win) No! Wait! No, no, no, wait!


  • Everytime Nogla rages in Fortnite brings out the worst of me which is understandable since the poor guy can't catch a break.
    • He tries to jump over a simple ledge with no success. His reaction?
      Nogla: AHHH!
    • One of his grenades bounces back into his room, downing him.
      Nogla: WHAT IS GOING ON?!
    • Takes a headshot from a pump shotgun and is instantly downed before he gets a chance to react.
    • Enters a room, gravely wounded, only for another player to suddenly appear with a Scar.
      Nogla: (incoherent screams)
    • Fires several shots to an enemy player and is one bullet away from downing him, only for Smii7y to deliver that bullet and steal the kill.
      Nogla: Wow Smii7y! FUCK YOU!
      Smii7y: (laughing) The kill steal of the century.
    • He manages to grab the large shield potion before Kyroz can steal it but before he can drink it, this happens:
      Nogla: (drinking the large shield) Yes, suck it. Suck it! (gets boogie-bomb'd and stops drinking) You motherfucker...
  • Nogla accidently killing Courage by destroying the floor he's crawling on from a high height during a gameplay of Blitz mode.
    Nogla: I gotta shoot you guys down.
    Courage: Don't shoot me down! (falls to his death) Why would you do that- (pain-induced laughter)
    • Just before that, Wildcat and Courage get shot and downed by people hiding in the trees.
      Wildcat: '*starts healing and gets shotgunned*' THERESANOTHERONE! IN THE TREES, THERE'S TWO PEOPLE- TREE PEOPLE!!!
  • In a recent video, Marcel, while wearing one of the two clown skins, inflates a baloon and stands still while calling for Courage. Courage is instantly creeped out by the sight of Marcel attempting to cosplay Pennywise.
    Marcel: Hey, Courage...
    Courage: *turns around and sees Marcel, clearly creeped out* Dude that's the creepiest shit ever. Bro, Marcel, that's actually the creepiest shit ever. No stop, dude, stop!
    Courage: Bro wouldya stop, dude, stop! Oh my god, that is horrifying!
    Marcel: *snickers*
    • Guaranteed, Courage seemed a little more amused than freaked out.

  • Vanoss, Terroriser and Wildcat play Minecraft.
    • Vanoss claims it's the hardest game he's ever played.
    • Terroriser makes the game to be way more dramatic than it is.
      Vanoss: Hold on, why are we in such a hurry?
      Wildcat: Because it eventually becomes night and zombies spawn and shit-
      Terroriser: We're GOING TO DIE! Jesus! Fuckin' christ, you don't realize the severity of this fuckin' kid's game!
    • When Wildcat told Vanoss to build inward in the cave, the latter replied "N-word".
    • Three idiots chasing a rabbit.
    • Vanoss getting blown up by a Creeper or, as he said, a terrorist.
    • Wildcat eating porkchops.
    • Vanoss eating raw chicken.
    • Wildcat dying in the mineshaft to Cave Spiders several times.
    • Wildcat making a pair of "butter Yeezys" with golden ingots, and Vanoss stealing them after dying over and over.
    • The gang raids a pillager outpost, only to find terrible loot and fight dozens of Pillagers on a stairway in a manner that would make Leonidas proud.
    • Wildcat accidentally killing Terroriser with a crossbow, because he doesn't know how to use it.
  • The very opening of this video features Wildcat on a boat.
    • On the same subject, the actual first time witnessing said boat with Vanoss. The others' reactions are what sells it.
  • Upon introducing almost everyone to the server, Wildcat suggest going to the Nether. It's a recipe for disaster in the making.
  • Vanoss, Terroriser and Basically teamed up to steal Nogla's diamonds in this video. They actually succeeded and had made off with Nogla's diamonds long before he notices. When he does notice, the three are in stitches and Nogla is losing his mind.
    • To make things even worse, they run around with Nogla in pursuit and get him killed in a lava pit, once. They then give Nogla's diamonds back, only for Nogla to chase them again and fall into the lava again, making him lose all the diamonds the gang gave back. Terroriser opts to reset the server so Nogla wouldn't lose his stuff.
    Basically: We did all of that, gave it all back and then he killed himself with everything! Are you joking me?!
  • The entire "Operation Smoked Bacon Part Two" Troll. Featuring pigs populating the entirety of Wildcat's house with TNT set to blow underneath.
    • The gang spends a very long time trying to get the pigs in the house, mainly because the entire journey was done at night with dozens of mobs swarming the group.
    • Once all the TNT is rigged under Wildcat's house, Vanoss asks if he can 'test' it just to see if it works, and everyone around him loses their breath in panic telling him no.
      Vanoss: Brian, can I test it just to see if it works?
      Terroriser: *gasps* NO! Nooo! Please! We spent so long, no! Nobody breathe!
    • Wildcat's initial reaction when logging on and his house is full of pigs was to almost immediately leave the game.
    • The TNT portion of the troll didn't quite go according to plan due to many unfortunate mishaps, to the point that at the end, Wildcat's house was destroyed (with the server being reset) several times. To recap:
      • The house was first prematurely blown up due to Nogla placing redstone torches once the team notices that redstone doesn't stay active for very long instead of redstone repeaters. Everything explodes and some TNT even flies off and kills Marcel and Evan.
        Terroriser: I think it works!
      • After the initial reaction, before they could properly trigger the TNT, a Creeper snuck up on Moo and blows him up, with the resulting explosion setting off the TNT for the second time.
        Wildcat: CREEP- AAAAAAH!! WHAT THE FUCK!! ...My house!!
      • After that nonsense, the group tried to show the intended way the troll was supposed to go. Only for Vanoss to set off the TNT for the third time.
      • After all that noise, the group brings Wildcat to see Nogla's house and cleared out field. In a fit of silent rage, Wildcat starts breaking apart Nogla's house to his protest. In retaliation, Nogla activates the lever linked to Wildcat's house to... You know what happens at this point.
        Wildcat: How many times do I have to watch my house explode?
  • Basically and Vanoss build a giant Homer Simpson.
    • The two die about 80 times trying to build Homer, even though they had scaffoldings and ponds to fall into, and screw up the building countless times to the point the editor for Basically's video leaves in tons of snarky comments.
    • Vanoss comments on Basically's donkey, or, as he puts it, his ass. As well as his donkey.
    • Once the Homer is done after hours of work, Evan and Marcel recruit Terroriser to start another prank involving loads and loads of TNT. Again. The plan was to blow up just the Homer, but Terroriser decides to sprinkle it up by rigging both Wildcat's and Nogla's houses, including Nogla's entire walkway and farm, to the surprise and delight of the other two.
    • Wildcat manages to predict what's going to happen.
    • The prank begins by them showing the Homer!house (since Evan will live in it) to the team (who laughs their asses off about it).
    • Wildcat sees a switch on Homer's foot and is instantly paranoid about it, given what happened before.
      Wildcat: There's a switch, there's a switch, what does it do??
      Terroriser: It just opens the fuckin'... *laughs* This dude got's post-piggies!
      • Wildcat, for a second time, reminds the gang that he's not forgetting about the piggie incident anytime soon...
      Wildcat: That would've been a hell of a troll, you guys make this fuckin' Homer, I flip the switch and my house still blows up?
      *the others laugh nervously*
    • The three make up history about trying to make a thumbnail by having everyone stand on a conveniently placed platform on Homer's crotch.
    • 407 manages to get this in just before the inevitable happens.
      407: It's gonna blow up, isn't it?
      407: I KNEW IT!
    • Terroriser resets the server, and the real prank begins. Vanoss puts the lever on the block rigged to Wildcat's house, and asks who wants to do the honors... Cue Wildcat enthusiastically asking to blow up the Homer.
      • Wildcat starts counting down from thirty to the other's annoyance. Vanoss asks Nogla to do it, but Wildcat flicks the switch. Cue explosions from behind, and his house going kablooie. Again.
      • Anthony thought the Homer!house was going to blow up, so he looked at it, completely missing the Wildcat's house explosion.
    • Basically asks the gang to put the "real" lever down, and they put it on the block rigged to Nogla's house, without realizing that Nogla saw the first switch before the server reset. Cue this...
      Nogla: Wait, this isn't the real one, this is gonna blow up MY fuckin' house!
      • He flicks it anyway. Cue distant explosions, just after Terroriser says it would've been genius to do that.
    • Basically tries to prank Scotty by making it look the new lever location is going to blow up his own house, but nothing happens as they didn't actually rig it.
    • Homer finally gets blown up, and Terroriser immediatelly leaves to appear he's not going to reset the server, with even Nogla saying the president should block his visa "because he's a real terrorist!"
  • Wildcat, Terroriser and Basically decide to go to the Nether again to finally find the Nether Fortress, and pick up ingredients to make invisibility potions to troll their friends. Of course, nothing goes as planned...
    • Marcel comes out with the plan to kill all the "black skeletons" to get their heads to spawn the Wither, and Wildcat and Terroriser immediatelly tell Marcel he's gonna have to do all the work so they wouldn't get accused of hate crimes.
    • Once they reach the fortress, Marcel immediately attacks a Wither Skeleton... and it falls to the lava.
    • Wildcat tries to dig down to get to the fortress, but ends up digging a hole right under Terroriser, who falls into an enormous lava sea. Wildcat swears it was an accident, and Brian is not amused.
      Terroriser: You dumb fuckin' cunt. You. Dumb. Fucking. Pig. Cunt.
      Wildcat: *laughing* HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?? I was just trying to go down! I thought the bridge went the whole way!
    • Basically asks what's under the Fortress' bridge.
      Terroriser: Lava.
    • Wildcat says that since he has Looting, he should be the one killing the Wither Skeletons, but he quite literally asks Marcel for written permission to kill them.
    • The gang stumbles upon a bed in the Nether, and they start to dig around it, only for Tyler to say he can survive it exploding. He immediately activates it, and it blows up Marcel and makes Brian drop his diamond pickaxe into fire from panicking.
      Wildcat: I have blast protection, you think I'll survive it? Ah, fuck it!
      *bed explodes and kills Marcel*
      Basically: NOOO YOU PIECE OF SHIT- Brian! Briaan!note 
      Terroriser: He was murdered by "intentional game design!"
    • After all the nonsense on the nether, the three go about crafting the new potions, complete with loads of Harry Potter references and Wildcat impersonating Snape's voice.
  • Terroriser discovers Delirious' base on their server by sheer coincidence when he finds a minecart leading to a railroad track under his house.
    • Terroriser, Wildcat and Basically discover an infinite wool machine using sheep that both impresses and horrifies them.
      Scotty: What the fuck is this?
      Wildcat: This is his fuckin' sheep, sex circle, shearing setup! The sheep go around, and get sheared, over and over, for eternity!!
      • What puts the icing in the cake is that all the while they were investigating the "sheep holocaust" machine, there was a thunderstorm outside complete with Dramatic Thunder, as if the game itself was saying Delirious was evil!
    • The three then take all Delirious' wool, make a whole bunch of beds and fill Delirious' house with it.
      Scotty: It's gonna look like a fuckin' insane asylum in here!
      Wildcat: IT IS!
      Terroriser: Like it doesn't already!
      • In the midst of it, Scotty makes a startling and hilarious revelation:
    • When Delirious comes online, he is initially bewildered at where he is, before the realization finally comes.
    • Delirious then shows how the machine works, which turns out to be pretty simple with dispensers filled with shears, all while claiming all the sheep are volunteers, alongside showing off his automatic fishing machine... and Terroriser, Wildcat and Basically get stuck on it and start to drown.
      • And then Delirious runs his mouth for a little too long...
    • Delirious has two llamas in a cage, both named "Llama Mama" and "Llamabogini". The crew figures that he stole them from a wandering traveller and Delirious explains the trader ran inside, kept the llamas in, and ran off (most likely despawned). The crew obviously doesn't buy it.
    • The reason why Delirious made the infinite wool machine? We never find out, but the others speculate he wanted to make a giant penis out of wool.
    • And to finish it all, Delirious admits the hidden railway system that goes all the way to Terroriser’s house was solely so he can use the enchanting table, much to the crew's chagrin.
      Wildcat: This creepy little fuck has been running around our backs, just sneakin' through-
      Terroriser: Like a little fuckin' mouse coming through the floorboards!
  • Terroriser, Basically and Wildcat spawn the Wither Monster and the gang tries to kill it.
    • Vanoss compliments Terroriser's shield because it reminds him of Jacksepticeye. Naturally, he disconnects again. When he returns to the server, because he is the admin, he proceeds to teleport Vanoss way up into the sky and he falls to his death.
    • When Terroriser, Basically and Wildcat summon the Wither Monster, it explodes and kills nearly everyone because they were too close, and it immediately targets Nogla's house. Of course, no one seems to bother helping Nogla, because they want content. Even more appropriate is the fact that they stood behind a sign that Vanoss placed down which reads "Content ahead".
    • Delirious comments that milk cures the Wither effect. Nogla then asks for the gang to get Brian's milk.
      Terroriser: Someone milk me!
    • Vanoss and Delirious try to escape the Wither Monster with a boat and go to Canada, but the gang blocks them.
    • Delirious says that if he gets shot one more time, he's dead and he'll spawn far away. Cue Terroriser killing him with a bow.
      Terroriser: WELCOME TO THE SERVER, PAL!
    • Marcel whimpers that spawning the Wither was a mistake, even though it was his idea. Ultimately the server has to be reset regardless as 4 different houses (and Homer) got blown up by the Wither.
      Marcel: Whose idea was this!?
      Everyone Else: YOURS!!
    • When they DO kill the monster, Terroriser picks up the Nether Star and proceeds to troll the group by causing them all to accuse each other of having the item.
  • The invisibility potions that Terroriser, Basically and Wildcat made have been put to good use on Nogla.
    • They start by punching him while invisible, Nogla thinking that his cats attacked him there, then they break one of his windows. The window breaking makes Nogla look for them and kill them. It then becomes a war of each other attacking the other's houses and breaking it in every way possible until they decide to reset the server again.
  • The gang decides to do a village raid defense.
    • Vanoss tries to announce it without having any idea (or even remembering) what Terroriser and Wildcat were planning, to the point where he just repeats everything that Wildcat says.
    • The gang not knowing what an "omen" means.
    • Vanoss shows off his giant treehouse accessible by a giant railway going up, with everyone in disbelief on how impossibly tall the tree is.
      Marcel: How high is this... fuckin' thing?
      Wildcat: This thing is SO high up!
    • Wildcat hits Marcel on the back with a sword and sends him flying out of the house. Marcel's instant reaction is to disconnect. Brian tells Marcel to reconnect so he can teleport him back to safety. They time it, and Marcel is teleported... Only to instantly die the moment Brian activates it. Apparently, he carried his momentum and still had it when he got teleported, causing him to die of fall damage. The crew's reaction is priceless.
      Wildcat: WHA- wait, WHAT? What??
      *Moo is dying of laughter, Terroriser is snorting*
      Vanoss: What happened??
      Wildcat: Apparently he teleported you and you still had your momentum donward!
    • Evan claims the gang has to play real defensive today, and demonstrates by wearing two shields. Everyone tries to do something only for the shields to bounce off. Wildcat then tries to bash him off the door and ends up killing Evan... only to notice he's calling stacks of TNT with him.
      • Terroriser asks if he can fly with them... and jumps off while acting like he's flapping his arms before splatting himself on Homer's head.
      • The crew then tries out the boat and it works out fine. Wildcat then tries to troll the group by cutting off the railway after he gets up to Evan's house, but he miscalculates and falls to his death.
        Wildcat: AAHH! THAT BACKFIRED!
        Marcel: He tried to break the tracks so we'd fall to our deaths, but HE fell to his death!
        Wildcat: Brian!
    • The crew prepares to actually attack the Pillagers to trigger the raid, going after the same outpost they fought on the first day.
      • Evan acts like he's never seen it before.
      • The gang finds that the Pillagers have a captive Iron Golem, and free him before watching him get his revenge on the Pillagers by curbstomping them all.
    • The raid finally starts with the gang being attacked by all manner of pillagers including crazy axemen Vindicators and all manner of crossbow wielding maniacs plus beasts.
      • The crew's reaction to first seeing a Ravager. Brian gets instantly killed by it.
      Terroriser: HOLY SHIT THEY GOT A RHINO!
      Wildcat: They got a behemoth! Watch out!
      Wildcat: Brian died!!
      Vanoss: What the fuck is that??
      • Everyone gets attacked by a Evoker: Wildcat's reaction to its magic is a sight to behold.
        Wildcat: Oh this guy is like a wizard bitch- AH! WHAT IS THAT that came out of the ground and tried to suck my dick??
      • Evan starts using TNT to fight the enemies. It's surprisingly effective, except for the world damage.
    • The raid finally ends with the crew's victory. Brian goes up to Evan's house to test the so-called Totem of Undying, and he jumps off... Then Brian clears his inventory. Wildcat unceremoniously splats himself in the ground.
    • Vanoss then tries to test his own Totem. By building a shack around him of nothing but TNT. He lights it and the series of explosions kill him regardless alongside Wildcat. The totem worked, but just for long enough before the giant remaining pile of TNT exploded - all that's left is a massive crater.
  • The gang does a Minecraft Show-And-Tell.
    • Wildcat shows everyone a recreation of Chick-Fil-A, which includes an infinite roast chicken machine. Nogla calls him out for inhumane animal treatment.
      Nogla: Oh my god, this is inhuma-you talk shit about Delirious?! This is inhumane!
      Wildcat: This is not me, this is Chick-Fil-A!
  • Brian kidnaps Nogla's dogs and put them in a cage filled with dildos. When trying to get his dogs back, instead of the simple solution, note  Nogla decides the best decision was to shoot his own dogs to kill them and expect them to teleport back. Needless to say, everyone present was justifiably shocked by his decision.
    • Even worse. In the same session, Brian stated the world was moved to a different server, and he doesn't know how to revert the server at the time. Yeah, those dogs are as good as dead.
  • During a round on a fan-made map (a parody of Ghostbusters), Vanoss - who's irritated with a ghost's "singing" - admits that the reason he likes Garry's Mod is because he can just shoot anyone who annoys him.
  • Vanoss and Terroriser’s latest prank just shows the extent of their evilness: The Doomsday Prank. Michael Bay would be proud of those two.
    • First they lure the rest of the crew into a strip club as part of Vanoss teaching them how to be real men.
      • Panda goes on to play the stripper role, complete with the crew throwing paper at his character and Terroriser doing a strip club worthy announcement.
        Terroriser: Next up, is your fan-favorite of the club, BIIIG JIGGLY TITTIIIIIES!!
      • After Panda gets up onto the runway, Vanoss sets off a trapdoor Wildcat just happened to be standing on top of.
        Wildcat: AAAAH!
        fourzero: Wait, what??
        Moo: Guys, going to strip clubs is bad!
      • Vanoss offering the gang some 'drinks.'
        Panda: I dunno if I trust your beverages.
        Wildcat: I'm poisoned!
        Nogla: I've got alcohol poisoning!
      • Nogla going full Irish and downing potions of poison like pints.
        Terroriser: Be Irish! Come on!!
        Nogla: I'm fuckin' downing these! Gimme some more! Fuck it, I'll go get fuckin' blacked out! I'll fuckin' drink all of this poison, fuck me up breh-
        *Wildcat shoots him, Nogla teleports back without skipping a beat*
        Nogla: GET ME BACK IN THERE!
        Marcel: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!
    • After the strip club, Vanoss shows them the Room of Knowledge: a room with way more bookshelves then what to do with. At the top of the stairs, a sign points to a lever, labeled "Pull For Knowledge." Panda goes and pulls it, opening a secret door with a lectern and a book on that tells them that Doomsday has been activated. As Panda is reading this, Vanoss and Terroriser go back to spawn to witness the footage, and everyone reacts appropriately when Panda gets to the part about Doomsday being activated.
      Panda: (reading) Doomsday is now active.
      Panda: If you are reading this, it means I already teleported back to spawn to witness the footage.
      Wildcat: NO!
    • As per usual, Wildcat’s House is the first to go among the victims of the explosion, much to his chagrin.
    • Marcel isn't any happier, and not just because they blew up his house.
      Scotty: There goes Popeye's! No!
      Marcel: Wait they blew up Popeye's?! We haven't even shown them that yet!
      Panda: I didn't even get one fucking biscuit!
    • Moo wasn't happy his real house got blown up, but he was happy his neighbor's was.
      Moo: Guys it's okay, Nogla's house is gone.
    • Once the server is reset, Vanoss shows the gang how he and Terroriser did it: by creating an extremely intricate railroad system that went under everyone's houses, that Terroriser waved away as a subway system. To boot, Evan had also hid secret passages on EVERYONE's houses all involving conveniently hidden buttons and sticky pistons. The main entrance was disguised as a tile under Chick-Fill-A. Marcel confesses that he found the railroad but didn't think too much of it.
      Nogla: Dude, this is a fucking operation and a half!
      Marcel: He's a fucking redstone engineer, dude.
    • Nogla then starts to pick fights with Marcel's Iron Golems, with disastrous results.
      Nogla: I'll take all you fuckers on!
  • The gang's latest endeavour in shenanigans takes them back to Nogla's house. Vanoss' Hoodini powers have now manifested in the form of being able to instantaneously manipulate the entirety of his house, including the area within the walls.
    • Marcel is the first one Vanoss makes aware of his new powers, the former reacting with as much incredulity as one would expect.
    • Nogla also happens to be streaming at that moment, and so the crew, once gathered and discover Vanoss' powers, attempt to troll him with mixed results.
      Marcel: Evan, leave it gone FUCKER!!
      • The gang's increasing frustration over Nogla missing every time his house disappears, or chalking it up to slow rendering, devolves into Vanoss trolling them even more so than Nogla.
      Moo: At this point it feels like Evan's trolling us more than-
      Marcel: Yeah! At this point I'm about to fucking leave, this is the dumbest shit!
      Wildcat: That time he had to have noticed! *giggling*
      Marcel: No he doesn't, he just thinks it's rendering in!
      Vanoss: There's no way!
      • Marcel's remark this time around also holds true much more than the last time he said it, as Nogla sees his house reappear multiple times, and chalks it up to rendering. Even getting off the spot by the bay and approaching his house as it reappears, he still thinks it's just rendering in!
      • Nogla spawns a couple of Witches to make them go away, as they've all crowded around him in attempt to get him to look at his disappearing house. As soon as he does this, everyone backs up, but Terroriser disables Nogla's Creative Mode, making the Witches turn on and kill him.
      Nogla: (In the game's chat) Briaaaaaaaaaan!
      • When Nogla eventually does notice, he takes it surprisingly well, and proceeds to move into Moo's dirt house.
      Nogla: Well, guess I got a new house right over there.
    • Shortly after, the gang discover a glitch that allows them to wear things on their head they otherwise shouldn't be able to, including an Ender Portal block, a Fermented Spider Eye, bread, dirt, wood, TNT, and a banner.
  • The first thing Wildcat, Nogla, Fourzero, and Basically do in a modded minecraft server is mess with the Lucky Blocks, with wildly varying results.
    • Early on, Marcel had the misfortune of Nogla placing a Lucky Block in his house, which upon breaking spawned a large Lucky Block, which itself also spawned a cluster of TNT that blew up a portion of his house. Needless to say, he's not happy.
  • Nogla tries to trick Vanoss into drinking a deadly potion. However, the potion was designed to be thrown, so when Vanoss tries to drink it, he ends up chucking it at Nogla instead.
    Nogla: That's not the way I thought it was gonna work!

  • Anytime Cartoonz or Delirious (or any other guest alongside either two) react to certain units with various deformities/appearances. Appearances range from "children" to giants, various body part sizes, bizare eyes, etc. Though special mention goes to Tiny Foot.
  • In "A Gentleman's Duel", Cartoonz orders around a unit to check all the fuses of the Hwacha, with the in-game unit closely examining the bolts of said Hwacha. Cut to Delirious's unit, with his head in between the bolts. The mere sight of the unit's "dedication" brought Cartoonz to tears from laughing.

    Other Games 

Dead Rising 3

  • Vanoss and Delirious' playthrough of Dead Rising 3 has a lot of laughs to go around as the two try their best to play through the game's co-op story mode while still messing around.


  • Vanoss, Delirious, Wildcat and Fourzero playing White Noise. The four's scared reactions to almost everything in the game is really fun to watch, especially whenever they come across the monster.
    • A few years later, Vanoss and Delirious would later play the game's sequel, White Noise 2, with Ohm, Terroriser and Sark. How often the group get temporarily separated and their reactions whenever they run into Sark, who is playing as the monster in-game, is quite amusing. A couple of examples is Delirious accidentally scattering off by himself and getting killed and him leading Vanoss and Ohm into his dead body, which unfortunately left Terroriser alone and be killed by Sark.
  • Mini Ladd and Chandler Riggs playing the world's most broken game.
  • In Rainbow Six Siege :
    Cartoonz: Hey Fuze, Fuze, how about you not blow the hostage up?
    • Cartoonz, Delirious, Ohm, and Bryce doing the Recruit Challenge. On the last match, their random player decided not to continue as a recruit, resulting in Cartoonz shooting him at the start of the round. The best part? They actually WON.
    Delirious: Go Recruit you Son of a Bitch!
  • This is what happens when you let a Canadian Let's Player and his friends open a burger joint together.
    • Everyone runs around for a few minutes having fun with the silly arms of the character models, such as hugging each other, dancing, hailing Hydra, and pretending to be robots.
    • They attempt to pass off live rats as kid's meal toys.
    • Vanoss finds a weakness with the in-game chat:
    Vanoss: They didn't put a lot of thought into the messaging aspect of this game.
    *submits a message filling the entire screen with the word "poop."*
    Vanoss: You see that? Your entire screen is just "poop"...
  • A session of Dead by Daylight, with Marcel dying first, and a healing animation that looks very... compromising:
    Vanoss: (after messing up a few times on healing) Stop using your teeth!
  • Karma repeatedly biting Vanoss in the ass in a Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay. Some highlights include Vanoss nearly falling to his death after trying to push Delirious off a building and actually getting pushed off to his death by a Charger when he abandoned everyone to get to the rescue helicopter.
  • Panda and WILDCAT are playing Higher or Lower... and got Vanoss as a search topic.
  • An old Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay video that Vanoss, Delirious, 407 and Basically played on. Some notable funny moments include:
    • Basically getting immediately locked out during the beginning of the "Dead Center" campaign and left to kill the group of zombies in the hallway while screaming.
    • The group inspecting a Spitter corpse, most specifically the zombie's thong. Vanoss, however, couldn't see it as the corpse on his POV was already gone, leaving him clueless to what the other three were doing. This is followed by all of them screaming as a horde suddenly attacks them.
    • Delirious seeing a Boomer run away from him. What makes this better is that as soon as Delirious turned around to see the Boomer, it just quickly ran away while Delirious was going to inform the others and quickly cut off mid-sentence to start laughing.
    Delirious: (sees Boomer below the stairs) Fat fucke— (Boomer immediately runs away) oh! He ran away when he saw me! He ra—- *laughing* That fat motherfucker ran his ass off!
    • Basically getting snared by a Smoker... up on a tree. What sells this is Basically claiming racism due to, not only expressing being hung for being a black guy but also because he was playing as Coach, who is also a black guy. This also 'helped' get Delirious killed afterwards due to laughing too much from it.
    Basically: What're you gonna hang me up a tree just because I'm black!? This game is SO racist!
    • The group's first encounter with a Tank.
    • When replaying "The Street" level of the "Dead Center" campaign after failing again, during the crescendo event of the level, Vanoss, Delirious, Fourzero and Basically get together in front of the store they have to retrieve the cola in for Whitaker. As soon as they are ready, Vanoss opens the door and Basically throws a pipe bomb inside for when the horde comes. Nothing happens. Delirious then tells them that it's not what's inside the store they have to worry about, it's the ones outside. Just a second after Fourzeros says "Oh", the horde is already behind and attacking them, which sends all of them in a spiral of scream and laughter. As expected, the group is killed and fails once again.
      • What's great about this is the fact that Delirious knew where the horde would be, but forgot to tell the group just where they would come from until it was too late.
    Delirious: It's not in there that we should be worried about, it's out here!
    • Vanoss saying how the Smoker's tongue looks like "a very long strip of bacon".
    • There's also the times the group would constantly scream whenever they are attacked by a horde and just end up shooting at each other.
  • Wildcat, Moo, Panda and Nogla are playing Super Bomberman R. Panda is known for getting mad when things are not going his way, but in this video, his anger reaches a whole new level, when he freaking breaks his TV monitor. Heck, he even posted a photo of his broken TV screen on his Twitter account.
  • In this Reddit 50/50 video, Nogla and Mini go through the last couple bits of the challenge with luck by getting the "better" choices than the "worse" ones. The two gloat about their luck, then Nogla opts for a one last bonus one... and gets a man having his penis skinned, both reacting in mutual horrified disbelief. It makes it more hilarious with Mini repeatedly saying "No" and then walking away from it immediately as he sees it and Nogla just staring at it still, jaws wide open.
    Nogla: Augh. That's the most fucked up shit I will ever see!
  • Delirious, Moo, Nogla and Mini play the "World's Best Worst Racing Game Ever!!".
  • This unexpected Hokuto no Ken reference in Basically's Stick Fight video turned a random kill into the most hilarious moment of the video.
  • Marcel delivered a long video filled with great moments when playing Stick Fight with Mini Ladd, Smii7y and Kryoz. Every round is hilarious to watch.
    • The very start of the video. The editing makes the whole thing look like an action film for a few seconds... Then Marcel and Mini accidently land on some spikes, killing themselves, as soon as the round begins. Sets the whole tone for the rest of the video.
      • Something similar happens later on. Everyone but Marcel walks onto some revolving walls and are thrown out of the map. Marcel wins before he can even throw a punch.
    • Smii7y one-shots Mini with a shotgun. A second later Marcel jumps out of the bushes he was hiding and goes for a backstab. Smii7y simply turns around and one-shots him as well.
      Marcel: Haha! I'm alive- (gets one-shot) Ok...
    • At this part, Marcel can't shoot Mini Ladd who is in the perfect hiding spot. Then a ''Black hole gun'' drops. What sells it is Mini Ladd screaming as the black hole slowly approaches him.
      Smii7y: I can really see why people sub to you Mini.
    • Kryoz picking up a grenade launcher without knowing what it is. He shoots it only once and instantly blasts himself off the screen.
  • Vanoss and Delirious both playing what may be the most broken glitchy game in existence, and this is coming after Mini's encounter with what he states is the most broken game ever. The house robbery game named, Klepto.
    • Right as they start, from their different POVs, they see each other character models freaking out.
    • Multiple times during their game, Vanoss's player model leans and stretches in the most unnatural, and awkward positions ever, and even that's pretty much an Under Statement what happens to his player model. Unfortunately, Vanoss doesn't see all that happening on his screen.
    • The stinger at the end of this video.
      Delirious: I didn't tell them nothing Vanoss. I promise I didn't point the finger at you.
      (A Few Minutes ago)
    • EPIC BREAK-INS, featuring Vanoss and Delirious in Klepto...It goes out horribly...
    • Upon their second attempt in the video, the two were just standing outside of the house they were about to rob, until a cop showed up, and instantly arrested Delirious.
    • The game is so glitchy that when Delirious stepped outside of the van, it went haywire, and crashed Delirious's game.
      Vanoss: Goddamnit Cletus!
    • Vanoss and Delirious were just looking at a house that was sold by Joe Digs...Until another cop came up, and instantly arrested Delirious again. He can never seem to get a break from them.
      Vanoss: Fuck sakes! Joe Digs! Undercover cop!
    • "I Got The Fucking Fridge!"
  • In a game of Cardboard Wars, Nogla gets a little too excited about no scoping.
  • The gang decides to play Havocado, which looks like a mix of Gang Beasts and Stick Fight. At around 2:20, Moo fires a gun at an unconscious Nogla, which drops about half a dozen bombs at his feet, and just as Nogla is getting up, the bombs explode and proceed to blow Nogla into what can only be described as low-earth orbit, going way over the horizon which struggles to follow Nogla's body rocketing off to space.
    Terroriser: Oh my god!
    (Everyone falls into roaring laughter.)
    Vanoss, who only then noticed Nogla's body falling off the map: HOOOLY shit!!
    Moo: I think I got him!
    • Terroriser makes the obvious comparison:
      Terroriser: You just embarassed Team Rocket, they're impressed!
      Nogla: Nogla's blasting off agaaaaaaaain...
      Vanoss: Space-X has some competition!
  • Panda and Mini are playing Google Feud when all of a sudden Smii7y pops in:
    Smii7y: I apologise for butting in here, but when I joined all I heard was "Welcome to daddy's tasty house!" and I thought you were saying it to me, so I just disconnected and didn't say a word.

  • Lui, Mini and Nogla give relationship advice in one of Mini's Q&As.
    Lui: Don't...
    Mini: ...have...
    Nogla: ...AIDS.
  • DATSATOILET is now an actual YouTube channel.
  • Much like Mini Ladd, Moo has a penchant for correcting his friends on their grammar or even just straight up make fun of them for it. However, when he uploaded his full perspective of their "GTA V Online: Overtime Rumble Mode" session, he ends up misspelling "insanely" as "inanely". This typo lasted for a good couple of hours until Moo corrected it and admitted to feeling embarrassed over it. Predictably, his subscribers aren't letting Moo live it down for a while.
  • Introducing the WildCat cooking show!
  • Wildcat/Tyler seems to be fond of poking fun at Minecraft YouTubers a lot. How is this funny? Long-time subscribers of his channel during his earliest days in YouTube would remember that he used to post Minecraft videos on his channel too.
    • Kinda came full circle with him playing Minecraft again.
  • Vanoss has been known to never, if not very rarely, reply to the comments of his subscribers. This wasn't the case back in his earlier days where he would actively reply to as many comments as he would get on his videos, as well as even randomly leaving a comment on one of his friends' videos just for the heck of it.
  • Lanai, Terroriser's girlfriend, was streaming a game of Call of Duty Black Ops III with a bunch of her friends. During one match, Lanai suddenly receives an earful of the "Troll Song" playing. It turns out that the suspect was Brian, who used his Spotify to blast the song on her stream. Brian does it again, this time using Lanai's Spotify to blast the same song on her.
  • The Character Tics of each member can be funny as well:
  • There have been numerous jokes about, out of everyone in the group, Brian/Terroriser is always treated as being "irrelevant" in the group, to the point that Brian already acknowledges it as a sort of gag to himself. Then in one recording session of "Golf It", while he and the others are getting ready, he asks Google who he is a few times and gets no proper response. The he decides to make Vanoss the butt of the joke by asking Google who Vanoss is... only for Google to pull up his Wikipedia page, much to his chagrin. But upon asking who the "Vanoss Crew" is, he is the only one to not be mentioned from the main group which then hilariously frustrates him (not to mention that he predicted it a moment before).
    Terroriser: (Genuinely annoyed) My own Google doesn't even like me!
    • On Vanoss's video of the game, he has his friend's channels in the description with their names. Brian is listed underneath as "And Others."
  • During the span of Mini’s various “meme streams”, he has been endlessly tormented by “the Ricardo meme”... When the requester reveals himself in front of MiniLadd’s panel, Mini can only look at him with fury, and say “So you're the one”
  • A frequent running gag has Vanoss teasing Terroriser about being last to join their games. Outright enforcing the joke if need be.


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