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Funny / Twitch Plays Pokémon Colosseum

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  • Upon the start of the run, the chat decided to spend a few minutes attempting to frenziedly access Pokémon Colosseum's Battle Mode and connect to a Game Boy Advance game, to the point that the streamer eventually had to perform a manual reset of the game.
  • AAAAAAA constantly having the need to check out "breaking news" on the televisions littered across Outskirt Stand and Phenac City; he's still being enthralled by the information after watching the newscaster 1001 times. Yes, we've counted.
    The chat: NEWS NEWS NEWS TriHard
  • The new guy's name is AAAAAAA. Unsurprisingly, he's sometimes portrayed as an excitable fellow.
  • Umbreon has a tendency to attack his ally, inevitably ends in comedy.
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  • Thanks to being played on an emulator (the same one in fact), Colosseum shares a lot of the graphical glitches that PBR has, if somewhat even worse. This occasionally results in Pokemon with missing textures such as eyes, but the absolute crowner has to be a giant Misdreavus all away across the sky.
  • The mob ended up buying the max amount of awakenings they could carry in an attempt to buy Pokeballs... In a game where awakenings are useless because of the call command.
  • During the second attempt at Ein in the Shadow Pokémon Lab, the game's visuals blacked out, but the game continued to accept commands. AAAAAAA won.