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  • When playing Trouble in Terrorist Town with PewDiePie, Sparklez has the misfortune of being crushed by a falling Pewds- ending the round as he was the traitor.
    • When playing with Markiplier and co, as the match was about to start, Mark declares himself the traitor (he's not) and vows to shoot Sparklez the second the round starts. He does, and the round immediately ends, as Sparklez was indeed the traitor.
  • During one session of Prop Hunt, Jordan, who is disguised as a cup, hides behind a box as Nick runs by. Nick doesn't see him, but he sees the box move, assumes Jordan is the box, and starts taunting him:
    Nick: I saw this little box making, making a little twitch over here. Just hanging out.
    Jordan: [cracking up] No! No!
    Nick: Are you laying down? Is that what you're doing?
    [Nick hits the box and nothing happens]
    Nick: ...Oh my God, he's not that thing.
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  • During another session of Prop Hunt, Jordan tries to disguise himself as one of the chairs surrounding a conference table, but accidentally disguises himself as the table itself. Chilled and Ze lose it when they find him.
    Jordan: Oh God! Oh God I've made a mistake!
  • The entire session of Murder where they just mess around with the interrogation chambers:
    Mr Sark: They're gonna find four bodies, one of them has got its own dick in its mouth, and they're not gonna know what the fuck went on down there.
    • Earlier in the video, Mr Sark gets the gun and kills Jordan, leaving him alone with the gun and the other three players in locked in the chambers. Sark chooses to kill Minx, who turns out to be innocent, causing the gun to fly into her cell. He runs into the cell to get the gun, only for the door to close on him, resulting in a stalemate.
      Jordan: Wait, you're all stuck! You're all stuck!
      Mr Sark: Oh well, I still have the gun!
      Minx: You're all locked in! It can never end!
      Jordan: It's a stalemate!
      Mr Sark: Hey, you guys, uh, got any cards? I'll trade you a pack of smokes for a pack of cards.
      SeaNanners: Gentlemen, I'm a murderer, but I can't do anything.
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  • Minecraft Cops And Robbers as played with the Portal mod. Jordan immediately starts trolling the hell out of the warden with the portal gun.
  • During one game of Murder, Jordan accidentally kills SeaNanners with a prop, confusing himself and Max, the actual murderer.
    Max: How did you actually die, 'cause I didn't kill you. How did you die? I don't know how you died!
    SeaNanners: I think Satan came out of the, uh, you know, the ground.
    Max: That's why I was genuinely surprised. I looked, I'm like, "Wait, how the fuck did he die?"
    Jordan: That's why I thought for sure that you weren't the murderer!
    Max: Yeah, I know! I mean, it played in my favor, but...
    • Then, when it gets down to just Max and Juicetra, Max ends up getting stuck. Juicetra decides to be nice and help him get out, only to end up getting stuck himself.
  • Mineplex Dragons: Ryan's first death is akin to something from a Looney Tunes cartoon.
  • During one game of Hunger Games Survival, Jordan ends up being one of the last two people standing. He returns to the center of the map to find that the other remaining player was AFK for the entire match. Even better, Jordan ends up losing anyway due to a bug in the server.
  • During another round of Prop Hunt, Jordan hides as a small object behind some large containers in a corner of the map. He accidentally turns into one of the containers, with half of him sticking outside the map. Even better, this causes the other containers to start moving, resulting in one of the containers on top falling off as he is found and killed.
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  • For the Garry's Mod Art Show, Jordan decides to use the Heavy as part of his "Sugar Wonderland" piece, but makes a glaring mistake when trying to morph his face:
    Max: Oh my God! What did he do!?
    Ze: His head exploded from all the sugar!
    Chilled: Sugar rush.
    Jordan: Sugar Wonderland!
    Max: Is that a side effect of diabetes?
  • During one session of Murder, Jordan and the others discover the power of cinder blocks.
  • Toilet Ninja: Jordan hides as a toilet in plain sight twice. He does not get caught either time.
    • Jordan finds a box of "Cok-O-Pops" that features some rather graphic boxart. It gets even funnier once Max reveals he was hiding as that.
  • Jordan's surprisingly subpar performance at Arma 3 is ridiculously funny.
    • First, he dies by falling off a ledge which nobody else had a problem with, causing him to claim that he's been boosted forwards. Immediately afterwards, they start humming a memorial tune!
    Gassy Mexican: Did you just fucking kill yourself?
    Ohmwrecker: Oh my god...
    SeaNanners: Take his stuff!
    Jordan: GOD DAMNIT!
    • Later, the four of them parachute into a game and Adam's parachute collides with Jordan, causing him to (somehow) die instantly and his body to hit the ground. Everyone blames him for this, even though Adam was mostly responsible for this.
    Everyone: Oh my god! JORDAN!
    Max: Jordan- what the fuck?
    (cut to later scene)
    Jordan: Can we try again?
    Max: Jesus fucking Christ! This is the last time!
    Jordan: I mid-air collisioned someone!
    Adam: Yeah, you ran into me! *laughter*
    • Later, Jordan clips into a wall and takes damage, and gets mocked for this too.
    • Then, yet again...
    (*notice pops up, mentioning three people have died*)
    Max: Please, please, no...
    Ohmwrecker: Nooo! Jordan!
    Adam: (Sporting a shit-eating grin) Did you die again?
    Max: Oh, my god! He fucking did it again! You've gotta be kidding me, Jordan!
    Jordan: NO! I'm showing you the replay of what just happened! I'm showing you the goddamn—!
    Max: Macho Man can't believe his ears, Jordan! The fuck is wrong with you?
    • To top this all off, Jordan sarcastically comments on Adam's video that he is the best at the game.
  • In another Hunger Games video, the Captain's game gets crashed twice by Nvidia. His reactions are priceless.
  • The Gentlemen's Dispute with Markiplier. Both of them.
  • Presenting: The most epic fail in the history of The Building Game. Summary: Jordan gets Aureylian's great build of "Hakuna Matata" (Specifically, the log sequence), and somehow manages to NOT know what it is. His final guess? LILO AND STITCH. Yes, the outcome is so ridiculous that the usage of a bold/italics/caps combo is completely justified.
    BlueBayou: Oh, this is Hakuna Matata!
    CaptainSparklez: Oh, goddammit, I'm an idiot.
    *OMGChad laughs heartily*
  • All of his Who's Your Daddy videos are hilarious, especially because he's laughing throughout the whole thing.
  • While demonstrating the ins and outs of llamas in Minecraft 1.11, he tries to show how llamas will automatically spit at wild wolves, only for the spit shot to hit another llama instead of the wolf, prompting the hit llama to retaliate in kind. Hilarity Ensues.
  • After seeing a screencap of Peppa Pig with the description of a WWII documentary, Jordan's first suggestion is for someone to do a knockoff recreation on YouTube with Peppa Pig and "World War II death factory"...only for him to remember that auto-captions are a thing, after which he proceeds to dig himself deeper, followed by lampshading said deeper-digging.

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