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  • The Mob picked a light-skinned boy again when trying to go for a dark-skinned girl.
    • They initially named him 0.66treewssa, then named him 9'l.
    • Even funnier is the fact that they did not do this intentionally. there was a 45 minute delay between entering the game and doing character creation where the inputs were paused but still being queued. This resulted in inputs going at the speed of light though character creation.
  • Thanks to a feature that gives the player the option to replaced a party member with a recently caught Pokemon, The Mob ended up sending Popplio to the PC a mere half hour after they received it.
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  • Nigel's best day ever.
  • Nigel's first profile picture has him facing backwards.
  • The many jokes surrounding the Yungoos line.
  • "Hey Caterpie? Slaughter them."
  • Nigel got ripped off at the hair salon.
  • Nigel gets so fed up with Molayne's Skarmory that he buys 20 Pokeballs just to throw them all at it.
  • Riding on Tauros, Nigel decides to just ram into the Ghost Trial before realizing the doors are reinforced.
  • Stoutland barks uncontrollably at the convenience store door for a while. The chat goes wild.
  • Some live updating snark:
    We're still strolling around the #SpookyMart, looking for Mimikyuu and great values.
    We will probably still be shopping here on Black Friday.
  • We used the Master Ball on a Trainer's Pokemon. A Garbodor, no less.
  • After finally, finally beating the Elite Four for the first time, Nigel spends an inordinately long amount of time procrastinating before actually sitting on the chair to take him to the Champion fight. Highlights include being sent to Festival Plaza around ten times, somehow using Charizard to get to the Raft Hut when the Elite Four building's supposed to be sealed off, and dodging the chair entirely.
  • The Mob's internal struggle while trying to decide on Nigel's post-game haircut. The choices boiled down to becoming blonde, getting another haircut, or accidentally getting the same haircut again. The chat kept paying for different haircuts until the end result was that the boy was finally blonde...but with cornrows, which neither worked with his outfit nor was a hairstyle the Mob agreed with.
    • Makes it all even dumber considering he got his starting hairstyle with purple hair later on. Apparently he insists that it's "wine red".
  • The stream attempts to catch a second Buzzwole, and on the way, the bot breaks. While we have Bieber out. What ensues is just closeups of the two brethren flexing and posing until it's fixed.
    ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ FLEX RIOT ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ
  • One Online Battle consisted of Nigel up against 2 people with his exact haircut, two of them with a Solgaleo (with ours traded to elsewhere), and two of them with an Incineroar (Hau's starter). The chat was overwhelmed with guilt.
    • The best part? We still won that fight, despite the randomness of the system.
  • There's no room for Fossil Gods in Alola, only Miracle Bee.

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