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  • One moment described on Twitter: Tess and Alex are talking on Skype, when Alex's dad (in the background), out of nowhere, starts singing "Disco Inferno". Both Tess and Alex die laughing, with Tess laughing so hard he threw up onto his bed.
  • Tess coming up with "turdnerdler" among other creative insults. Especially with hearing Alex absolutely lose it.
    Tess: Oh, my god, child-me, you are an absolute...fucking...turdnerdler!
    Alex: Turdnerdler. Turdnerdler. Clearly you are creative with insults!
    Tess: *laughs* Yes... *laughs again*
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  • During the final Sgt. Byrd mission of Spyro Adventure:
    (Sgt. Byrd gets shot to death)
    Tess: You combo'd me...I was combo' death!
  • The last time we hear the Zulu part of The Circle Of Life in Empire of Dreams, the screen abruptly changes to the red sky with Alex's face replacing the rising sun.
    Yuki: *tries to sing, with his face struggling to rise and only coming up halfway* ...Am I right?
    Tess: *sings it, but goes into random gibberish halfway through as his face bounces around and flies offscreen* ...You see? I can do that shit, too.
    • Yuki tries again later, but...
    Yuki: *starts singing—*
    Tess: *as the Prince of All Cosmos with Tess' face rolls Yuki's face offscreen* Laaa la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-Katamari Damacy...
    • Alex, naturally, does it again in Dream Champ Tournament VS, but...
    Alex: *starts singing—*
    Tess: NO!
  • In one episode of Minish Cap Versus, Yuki tells Tess he's full of piss and vinegar. The expression blows Tess' mind.
    Tess: Piss... and vinegar!
  • This exchange in Dream Champ Tournament VS after Alex shoos away the pterosaur of rage:
    Tess: You're so racist to pterodactyls. Jesus!
    Alex: I— No, I was just telling him to shut up.
    Tess: Well, maybe I like having him around. Maybe he actually does give me the blowjobs that you claim that you owe me! ...What?
    *both collapse into laughter*
    Tess: I should point out that that made absolutely no sense at all!
    *more laughter*
    Tess: Welcome to Tess~!
    Alex: *through laughter* Yay, pterodactyl blowjobs!
    Tess: Well, you'd at least consider it, surely.
    Alex: *laughs* Oh, god-fucking-dammit, Tess...
    Tess: Gives an entirely new meaning to the words "rage-boner".
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  • The intro to part 11 of Dream Champ Tournament VS.
    Tess: Hello, everyone, I'm Golden Freddy, and I'm going to yiff your dick.
  • This exchange after he gives Aiko some tomatoes:
    Aiko: Ahhhh... the smell of fresh produce. Ehh, am I weird?
    Tess: What the fuck?! *beat* Yes! Yes you are!
    • Later, whenever he encounters Celeste, he usually makes a few boob jokes at her expense.
  • Skeleton semen everywhere!!
  • For the intro to his "best of" montage for HuniePop, he combined several of his exclamations from the series with the opening verse of 3OH!3's "Starstrukk".
    Nice legs, Daisy Dukes,
    Makes a man go— GOOD LORD!
  • This moment from Portal 2 Co-Op, in which Tess recounts the "Little Upright Helium Car" story, then makes a series of bizarre moans, and breaks down in a fit of laughter— which he claims wasn't even caused by the story itself, but rather, the sight of yet another Repulsion Gel puzzle.
    Joth: What a good set of sounds.
    Tess: *continues to giggle*
    Joth: Are you okay..?
    Tess: (still in hysterics) No...
  • Tess makes increasingly random predictions about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its plot, and they all keep coming true. This especially comes to a head at the start of the fourth trial, after Tess spent the entire chapter predicting that the courtroom would have ancient Egyptian-styled decor on no basis whatsoever. And then the trial begins...
    Tess: FUCKING SHIT-PICKLES! No! Bad game! You don't get to do that!!
  • During his live stream of Deltarune, to say he was happy to see Asgore again is a bit of an understatement.
    Tess [upon entering the Flower King store]: Please don't subvert my...
    Joth: Subvert what—?
    Tess: DADDY!
    Joth: Hi... Tess is illegal twice now.
  • The entire of the "You don't eat cake with a fork!!!" debacle.

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