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  • At the very beginning of the game, almost nobody was paying attention to the anarchy/democracy bar. Which is why 5 seconds into the game, democracy won in a 1 to 0 vote.
  • The mob tried to get out of the house in one game but went into the house in another, and soon demanded democracy to deal with the chaos.
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  • Both rivals were named Green.
  • The double blackout.
  • Our starters. Poor Sanae...
  • A battle started on AAABBHM's screen in Democracy. As the Mob pressed A9 to win the fight, AAtatat healed her Pokemon over and over again.
  • Once again, someone is named A.
  • AAABBHM attempted to solve Lt. Surge's trashcan puzzle in Anarchy while AAtatat was busy grinding in tall grass, leading to her accidentally capturing a Pidgey and naming it AAAAATTTTT. Furthermore, she had an empty spot in her party at the time.
    • Later, while AAABBHM continued to struggle with the trashcan puzzle, AAtatat asked the man in Cerulean City who describes the effects of the badges about the Thunder Badge.
  • The Mob attempted to lock AAtatat in Diglett's Cave for grinding while navigating AAABBHM through Rock Tunnel. She ended up in Pallet Town.
  • An enemy CKomachi uses Pain Split on Momiji. Who, at the time, was at critical health and got healed by the move.
    • The same thing happened against Elis. And then the mob ran.
  • The Mob decided to use Democracy to rename Butterfree (who previously did not have an in-game nickname) to "Butterbae". Given that this is TPP, however, after the first four letters were entered, the inevitable happened: a large enough percentage of voters decided that there was no need to type the rest, and confirmed the nickname, renaming Butterfree to "BUTT".
    • For better or worse, the Mob did immediately re-enter the name entry screen and name it "BUTTERBAE" as was originally intended.
  • On Day 9, both girls got into a battle with a biker gang on Three Island at the exact same time, consisting of three goons and then the leader. AAABBHM managed to take out all three goons before AAtatat even took out one...but AAtatat still managed to take out the leader first. The reason? ag66ITTT the CMystia was immune to every damaging move that the gang leader's Tenshi had...but said Tenshi could also raise its defense and had a 24-level advantage over ag66ITTT. (This after ag66ITTT actually managed to deal the final blow to his first Tenshi, gaining 3 levels in the process. At the start of the battle, it would've been a 27-level difference.)
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  • AAABBHM named a Medicine "AAGGG" while AAtatat was in Agatha's room.
  • Lorelei's Mai vs. AAABBHM's Satori, repeatedly. The latter was named after a member of the Mob and her hold item is an article of clothing. The former's moveset includes Attract (and she's of the opposite Yin/Yang of Satori), Lovely Kiss, and Knock Off. The result: a Voice X Mon ship that's entirely the result of in-game events.


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