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    TFS Stream Highlights/Stream Four Star 
  • In the intro for Evolve, Lani introduces himself as Plantbait. Cue a screen overlay reading "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Lani 'Plantbait' Pator ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ".
  • Watching Team Four Star attempting to play League of Legends is a thing of beauty.
  • The entirety of Stream Four Star Grand Theft Auto V is barrel full of laughs.
    • The intro is both of them trying to dive out of their car at the same time when they get to Vespucci beach, while Kirran makes it out alive, Lani almost immediately hits face first into a bench.
    • How Lani and Kirran meet up, they nearly crash into each other.
    Kirran: Hi! How's it going!
    (Narrowly hits Lani)
    Lani: Going good!
    Kirran: How good is it going?
    (Kirran hits Lani again)
    Lani: Pretty Good!
    • When Lani first meets Kirran's character he refers to him as Marilyn Manson.
    Kirran: (Laughing) Excuse me, I'm GrimBlade!
    Lani: Oh! GrimBlade, right...
    • Lani and Kirran robbing convenience stores, also "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY COPS!?"
    Lani: Fuck! Goddamn,that was some fast response time! Where you in on this Kirran!?
    Kirran: No! I wasn't! I swear!
    (Much Later)
    Kirran:I can't see the road there are too many cops.
    • When Kirran has no ammo, Lani makes him the driver for one of their robberies, he proves to be as terrible at driving (probably even more so) than Lani.
    Lani: What the fuck, Kirran!
    Kirran: I'm taking you for a ride son!
    • After getting a new car in the mountains, Lani immediately tries to seeif he can shoot Kirran in the car, after being disappointed that he can't shoot him. He gets curious and tries to see if it shows that he's holding the pistol up to Kirran. Kirran then answers yes, with a finger.
      • What makes it better is this is seen through Lani's first-person perspective.
    • The group spends a good while being chased by a very determined Player named GeneralMcRoberts in an armored car. After trying and failing to get rid of him for awhile, Kaiser just buys a rocket launcher and blows him up with it. The funniest part is they don't even seem that mad about it.
    Kirran: Death Race 2000!!!
    • Lani and company's first two attempts at raiding the military base. First time involves them trying to enter in a blocked off way, the second ends with all of them dying in a few seconds.
  • Lani spending about half the episode trying to steal a jet, first getting shot right when he was about to get in and then getting blown up at the very end immediately after takeoff. To make it funnier, most of the others managed to get away with a jet.
  • In a return to GTA V, things go south immediately when Kaiser gets tagged by the cops at the very start of the heist.
  • In the stream of Heroes of the Storm, Taka is initially disappointed that Kaiser managed to select Rayner before he did. However, he quickly changes his mind when he sees what Rehgar can change into:
    Taka: I'm a snow-leopard! Roar. Roar.
  • Playing J-Stars Victory VS:
    Kirran: Do the voice!
    Lani: (as Yusuke) Hey, Yusuke Urameshi. Blah blah blah finger bang blah.
    (Kirran claps)
    Kirran: (high pitched) He did it!
    Taka: Do Kuwabara.
    Kaiser: I'm so happy!
    Taka: (more insistent) Hey, do Kuwabara!
    Kirran: Yeah, do it!
    Lani: I'm not a monkey that dances for your amusement!
    • Lani's insistence to fight Ichigo when he's playing as Yusuke, culminating with him yelling "I'M FIGHTING THE CHARACTER WHO RIPED OFF MY CHARACTER!".
    • Naruto vs Luffy: Pirates vs Ninjas. Luffy's ultimate attack actually makes him reconsider the game.
    • Making both teams comprised solely of Kenshiro. It includes constant shouting of Omae wa nu shindiru.
    • Taka freaking out about getting Bo-bobo.
    • Taka views Madara as the worst villain ever, which devolves into Rick and Morty in Naruto.
  • Playing Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost:
    Taka: The chat hated and loved that in equal proportions.
    Taka: Your tears are so hot! I'm rock hard, Kirran!
    Kirran: Oh, God, it's stinging in my eyes!
  • At the end of playing Rocket League, the chat begins advocating #findthetazer, wanting Lani to taze Kirran and himself again. Kirran wisely tried to hide the tazer, but Lani finds it. Kirran immediately begins sucking up, so what does Lani do? Refuse to use the tazer, as he doesn't want it to become a thing.
  • Lani and Kirran playing Disney Infinity, especially when they're fighting each other
    • Special mention goes to the final battle between Mr. Incredible(Lani) and Rapunzel(Kirran), with Kirran spamming Rapunzel's OP frying pan move.
    • Upon arriving at Coruscant, Lani and Kirran begin attacking random civilians, culminating in Lani throwing Senator Orn Free Taa off the building.
    Lani: Goodbye, Orn Free Taa.
    Kirran: Live Free or Die Hard!
    • On Tatooine, they find the Sarlaac. Lani wants to turn into Boba Fett, but doesn't have him yet. Fortunately, he can be unlocked at the Sarlaac. Upon turning into Boba Fett, Lani immediately jumps into the Sarlaac.
    Lani: This is a hundred thousand percent necessary.
    • After that, they begin tossing Jawas into the Sarlaac. After which they find a "No Throwing Jawas" sign.
    • Lani trying to feed Salacious Crumb to Jabba the Hutt.
  • In Jackbox Jack-Off 4, in Drawful, one correct answer was dismissed by everyone because it ended with a period. When it turned out to be the right answer, everyone expressed confusion, before the host spoke up. "We threw in that period just for fun." Everyone freaks out.
    • In the first Jackbox video, one question asks for the cause of death of an Indian stuntman who rode on a zipline with his ponytail. One of the answers is "Being too rad", which gets the Thumbs Cup.
    • In another instance, the group is asked to complete the title of a book, and one player comes up with "Teach Your Dog How to Dog to Your Dog". Lani declares that if there really is a book with that name, he'll buy every copy he can find.
    • In the second Jack Box stream, during one of their sessions of Quiplash, one of the questions was: "The Name of a painting Michael Angelo was ashamed of." Two of the players wrote My Balls and Lanipator. Lani reacts as you would've expected.
    Lani: Fuck you! Fuck you!
    Almost everybody begins to laugh hysterically.
    Grant: Well, I know what I'm picking...
    Momapator: I am too certain-
    Lani: Assholes...
    • But what makes it better was It was Lani himself who put the quip in.
    Lani: BAM! OH! STOLE IT!
    Lani begins to laugh
    Kirran: God... You're such an ass..
    Grant: You... Sneaky son of a bitch!
  • On the April 1st stream, the guys mention how they apparently offended a Final Fantasy XII fan by saying they didn't like the game. Lani says If I Wanted Star Wars, I'd Watch Star Wars, and adds "I don't need my Wookiees being sexy bunny ladies." As the others say "I do", Kaiser shouts "What is wrong with you?!"
  • The Civilization VI stream, which has Grant (America), Lani (Egypt), hbi2k (Greece) and Zito (Rome) facing off along with two AI civs. The tone is set pretty quickly when Zito declares that he will be heading the civilization of memes, with jokes running throughout the streamnote .
    • The guys' chats are absolutely on fire, coming up with great lines like "Commit it to meme-ry!" and "Make America Grant again!"
      • The chat members, acting as spies for each of the guys, keep claiming that the other players have nuclear weapons armed and ready. Even in 1800 B.C.
    Lani: Zito, don't point your nukes at me.
    Zito: I don't have — Motherfucker! It's...what is's 1560!
    Lani: I know, surprisingly advanced of you. Stop pointing them at me.
    • At one point, Zito's stream goes down, leading him to grumble that his ISP is telling him to go fuck himself. After a Beat, hbi asks "...Well are you gonna do it?", leading to jokes about Zito's stream taking an entirely new direction.
    • hbi's neighbor, Norway, denounces him because they prefer civs with strong navies — and he hasn't even discovered Sailing yet. hbi's response: "Guess what, motherfucker? We're on the same continent, so I don't need boats to get at your ass!" This leads to jokes about Norway using the wheel to invent "land-boats".
    • This exchange:
    Grant: One of my spies says hbi has, like, five cities. Is this true?
    hbi: I just...I like cities.
    Zito: Wh-fuck off!
    hbi: Yo dawg, I heard you liked cities, so I...
    • Any of Zito's interactions with his neighbor Montezuma, whom he always addresses as "Monty" and treats more like a spoiled child or a poorly-trained puppy than the leader of a world power.
    • In the second stream, Grant has his facecam going...and is wearing a really nice Pope hat to emphasize his Civ's focus on religion.
      • Between the second and third streams, a patch was released that finally allowed players to rename cities. The guys have great fun renaming everything: most of Lani's are Star Wars references, Grant's are all Egopolises like "Grantington", Zito's are all memes, and HBI goes for scientifically-themed names like "Beakman's World" — except for Sparta, which he renames "Madness".
    • The third stream is capped off by the guys finishing off Montezuma once and for all, first with Lani nuking his next-to-last city, then with Zito capturing his last city and renaming it "Rest in Spagetti Never Forgetti". What sells the latter is Zito's absolute joy when he discovers that the name fits.note 
    • The Running Gag of hbi renaming his units by taking the game's suggestions and changing a single word: the Winding Liberators become the Wingding Liberators, the Delta Force becomes the Delta Burke, etc.
    • Since Grant is going for a religion victory, the guys crack jokes about how insanely puritanical his civ is, with Grant jokingly suggesting that his people view condiments as satanic, calling ketchup "the devil's lettuce" and dismissing Miracle Whip by saying "The only miracle is our lord Jesus Christ rising again in three days!" Which all becomes utterly hilarious when Grant manages to win, especially because by that point in the game the others were halfway to declaring war on him.
  • During their stream of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a discussion over whether a popover is a type of bread nearly devolves into a fist fight amongst the chat and the couch over whether or not a hamburger can be considered sandwich. This argument continues for weeks.
    • Other things brought into the argument include hoagies, hot dogs, tacos, burritos, sloppy joes, McDonald's chicken sandwiches, and if it's the patty between the buns or the patty itself that defines a hamburger.
  • For April Fool's Day 2017 Lani and Taka did a live version of Two Saiyans Play, playing WWE 2K17 as Vegeta and Nappa with custom characters. Hilarity Ensues as they try to stay in character and not break their voices for three hours.
    • Nappa tries to promote the new Mr Satan "I AM THE HYPE" t-shirt while Vegeta rages over someone stealing his line.
    • Nappa's in-game model is very greased up, causing Nappa to keep breaking into renditions of "Shiny" from Moana.
    • "Look Vegeta, there's a difference between being gay on the side and getting your needs met on the road!" (they both almost break character laughing)
    • Nappa/Taka loses a match because he doesn't know how to break a hold.
    • They keep running out and beating up their opponents before they even get to the ring.
    • While going through custom intros, they find one that involves the characters both waving pom-poms. Vegeta vetos it, to the annoyance of chat. Every time they lose a match after that, the chat says it's because they didn't use the intro.
  • Towards the end of their Cinco de Mayo 2017 Stream, the couch starts talking about how the progress of technology has changed the way they can get porn, and end up trying to top each other over who has the worst story about finding their relatives' stashes. Kaiser wins, as he nearly jerked off to a homemade porno of his own parents and found his dad looking at pictures of "a blonde woman and a brown dog." Latter is extra funny as it was used as a counterargument to his dad confronting him about his being a furry, at which point, his dad promptly dropped the conversation.
  • Since Taka wasn't available for the 6/28/17 Memestream due to attending Anime Expo, Zito replaced him with Kaiser to fill in as "Taka 2." Cue "Taka 2's" reaction:
    Kaiserneko/Taka 2: Taka 2? Taka 2?! TAKA 2?! I'm better than Taka! You don't need Taka! You got Kaiserneko.
    * While playing Pokken they refer to Charizard as "White Eyes Orange Dragon" and start imitating Abridged Joey.
  • On the Casual Friday for Jan 12th 2018 the gang plays Gang Beasts and it's a good hour of screaming and improv including a luchadore, chicken, old hobo, old woman, greaser, fast food teen, and more.
  • Playing the Monster Hunter World beta, they make a character called "Gorp Da Earthman" who Lani starts voicing in a hilarious over-the-top Husky Russkie accent.
    Lani: *Every time Gorp dies* GORP'S BACK!
  • They play an entire stream of rip-off FighterZ games on the App Store to prepare for the launch of the actual game. Hilarity ensues.
  • Fighter Z tournament:
    • You cannot pursue Glue Buu.
    • "What is a god to baseball!"
    • Grant's "babysitter team" of Nappa, Gotenks and Kid Buu.
  • Modsdayhem:
    • The various chat mods let themselves into the studio and totally did not force Ben to run the stream for them. He periodically pops up, eyes wide in terror and very carefully agreeing with everything the mods say.
      • After many reassurances to the audience that "Ben is fine", they state he's even eating his favorite ice cream: Pistachio.
    • They start playing the Birthday Song... and can't make it stop.
    I dont want to know why the button is sticky...
  • Drunk Souls Relapsed:
    • Lani basically stumbles into his first fight with the Taurus Demon. who accidentally jumps to his demise. Lani basically wins his first non-tutorial boss fight on his first attempt by accident.
  • In honor of Team Four Star's 10 year anniversary, the team decided to host a marathon of every episode of DBZA they'd made until then, with the added bonus of some creator commentary from the couch. In practice, this basically amounted to Lani, Kaiser, and Taka cringing at their early worknote  and becoming increasingly delirious as the marathon lasted for 12 straight hours.
    • Highlights of this commentary include quoting the dialogue or even singing along with the various songs peppered throughout the episodes. In one instance, Taka and Lani sing "We Are Perfect Cell" during the fight with multi-formed Cell.
  • During the treasury level of Super Castlevania IV, Pr0bait jokingly asks them to get out their room. Later, Grant and Ben face off against the boss of the level, a giant bat made of gold. The chat promptly names it the Pr0bat.
    Grant: Look at all these bits on the floor!


     TFS Streams: Bloodborne/"Drunklstiltskin" 
  • Lani and Kirran's stream of Bloodborne has them creating a freakishly distorted character (who the chat compares to Ivan Ooze) named "Dumplestiltskin". He really has to be seen to be believed.
    • At one point, Lani's wife enters the room and they try to get her to say "I love Dumplestiltskin"...while showing an extreme close-up of his face. The poor woman couldn't keep a straight face and had to excuse herself.
    • Every time Kirran refers to Dumplestiltskin as a survivor, Lani corrects him: "Survivor of Earth".
    • Kirran mocks Lani for his nickname "Plantbait", and Lani fires back that at least he actually HAS a nickname. A couple of minutes later, one of the viewers calls him "Lord 'No Nickname' Moonstone".
  • Returning to Bloodborne, they turn their number of deaths into a drinking game and are just wasted by the end of it. Very, very, wasted.
    • "Drunklestiltskin"
  • In a third stream of Bloodborne, they have noted Bloodborne expert "Master WGS" with them. When he notes that he's an occasional critic of things on the internet:
    Kirran: He hates our shit.
    Master WGS: It's true. But I love Bloodborne more than I hate these guys.note 
    • As with the second stream, they drink every time Dumplestiltskin is killed. Lani is drinking scotch right off the bat, and by the end of the video he needs to lie down.
    • When Kirran is killed on the third try of Father Gascione:
    Kirran: I have nothing to say. That was pathetic.
    Lani: I have something to say.
    Kirran: What?
    Lani: This is good scotch.
    • When commenting that Kirran is good at fighting, but Lani is good at dodging, Lani laments that if only they could combine their skills. Kirran comments that if only they could fuse:
    Lani and Kirran: FUSION HA! We are Lirran! Fuck you, Father Gorgonzola.
    Master WGS: Guys, I know you think it's a joke, but, uh, there is literally one other guy here right now. I am flipping the fuck out.
  • Part 4 opens with a moment later in the episode of them fighting another Hunter, when they randomly start singing Duel of the Fates. They seem to be doing well, but right after they stop the Hunter kills them.
  • Part 6 of Drunkelstiltskin is one long glorious flaming descent into a drunken stupor (the drink counter goes past 30), ultimately ending up in the episode appropriately being titled #tazelani.
    • Fuck you Grant. For this stream, they invited their friend Grant along who spends majority of it Trolling Lani and Kirran. When Lani and Kirran do their Lirran fusion while drunk, Grant starts asking them very specific questions that they have a hard time synching up to and they eventually start Corpsing.
  • During one Bloodborne stream, the chat asks if Lani does his DBZA voices "in bed". This prompts Lani to say "Oh yeah, touch my penis area!" as Krillin, which absolutely slays his wife Erica.
  • Episode 7 starts with Dumplestiltskin entering a room full of pots. Kirran starts to say "Please don't...", only for Lani to start rolling into the pots while sing-shouting Limp Bizkit's "Rolling". After a few seconds we hear a resounding *SLAP!*.
    Lani: Ow...
    Kirran: Thank you.
    Erica: No problem.
  • Episode 8 starts off with Lani dismissing the idea of family members fusing, comparing it to incest. Kirran tries to come in with a joke, but flubs it because he can't remember the name of the person he's thinking of. He spends a good minute struggling to remember, repeatedly asking "What's his name?!" (and Lani responds that how the hell should he know). The act of him trying to save the dead joke is actually funnier than it would have been had he gotten it right the first time. Eventually, he finally remembers it: Steve Harvey.
    • What really adds to it is the clipart and insert images that pop up with perfect timing.
      • And then a few minutes later he does it again: Lani mentions farming and Kirran says "Just like...what's his name?!" After a couple of scene transitions Kirran yells out "OLD MCDONALD!" apropos of nothing, causing Erika to give a Flat "What".
    • Later in the episode, Kirran's having trouble using a bottle opener shaped like Texas. Lani asks him to bring it to him, because he's sure he can do it. Turns out the bottle he wanted to open was a twist top, so the bottle opener was completely unnecessary.
  • Episode 9 has our hero(es) getting attacked and killed by a hunter in "Father Paparelli's" boss room. As the screen fades another hunter shows up and begins fighting the first hunter. They return and watch the battle, taking bets on who'll win, before "securing the kill" on the first hunter. When they attack the second hunter she calls Dumplestiltskin a "sorry drunk", causing Lani, Kirran, and Erika to crack up and add another drink to the counter.
  • One of the funniest moments in Episode X is when, as a result of how much alcohol they've consumed, Kirran comes up with the "Blueball Blunderbuss". Especially the highlight version where Kirran edits in a little drawing of the idea. It really has to be seen to be believed.
  • In "Bloodbourne XI" Grant hints that in "The Shadows of Yharnam" there might be a boss called "The Shadows of Yharnam", to which Lani says "you make it sound plural". As if on cue, three health bars with the name "Shadow of Yharnam" above them appear the moment Lani finishes that sentence.
    • At one point while trying to find the shortcut to the boss, they get blasted off a cliff into a pit...right between two adult Snake Balls. Lani starts screaming, slowly transitioning Krillin's screaming as he is.
    • Later on, the guys are running from a Hunter when Lani throws himself off a balcony while shouting "You'll never take me alive, asshole! Fuck you!" And then it turns out, they've stepped into the arena for the next boss, Rom the Vacuous Spider.
    Grant: Okay, good, you figured this out on your own.
    Lani: WHAT?!
    Grant: Welcome to the boss.
    Lani: WHAT?!
  • The part in Bloodborne 13 where they get The Boom Hammer is the perfect ending to the "kill grandpa" running gag throughout the Bloodborne streams.
    • How they got the Boom Hammer: they find 'grandpa 2.0' in the Hunter's Nightmare and grab it...and as soon as they do, they entire room explodes. They note that given them, this trap is particularly fitting..
  • In Bloodborne 15, they theorize Mergo's Wet Nurse is actually a terrifying mech suit Mergo is piloting.
  • In Bloodborne 16, they meet the Queen of the Vilebloods...and naturally try to kill her. And keep trying to kill her. And keep trying to kill her. At which point Grant explains she has Complete Immortality and can't die. When they decide to get the badge from her by swearing loyalty to her so they can buy new weapons, Lani leaves the room and declares Fanon Discontinuity on it.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: You can't kill the queen, but one of the game's NPCs can. For bonus points, it was one of the NPCs Taka actually talked to instead of killing him on sight like Lani or Kirran would have done...and then they went back and killed him anyway out of spite, locking themselves out of the questline.
  • By "Bloodbourne XVII" it's basically a miracle that no-one (especially Lani) has dropped dead from alcohol poisoning yet.
    • Lani is so drunk by the end that he isn't even able to stand and admits he's only been that drunk once in his life before.
  • In the final stream, someone remarks that the Orphan of Kos almost looks like it's surfing when it leaps around; Grant responds to this with "Orphan of Kos is catching wicked gnar-gnar on his mom's placenta!", which cracks up everyone on the couch.

     TFS Streams: Dark Souls 3/"Drunk Souls 3" 
Lani: Hello, my children. And welcome... to Drunk Souls 3.
  • In Episode 1, Lani says "They start you off at a higher footing than they did in Dark Souls 2", when they are right in front of the door of Iudex Gundyr.
  • During the tutorial boss fight, Lani tries to make the boss jump out of the map by standing near the edge of the cliff... and falls himself.
    Lani: Gravity's first kill.
  • When they first encounter the dragon, they, in a true TFS fashion, look the wrong way. And they look at the place the dragon actually is just in time to get burned by it.
  • They making a chorus every time Dumpae uses the Heal Aid.
  • The three of them making an opera chorus while fighting Vordt.
    Lani: Bet you didn't even know I used to do opera.
  • In episode 3, they figure out how to beat two enemies that were giving them hell the entire time. How? Luring them to a ladder and tricking them into falling to their doom. They do this twice.
  • In episode 6, they end up in a room with a Fire Demon and a Mimic. While running from the latter, they find out the two can hit each other and they'll fight. They proceed to lure the two into fighting each other, and the Fire Demon which point a random skeleton ends up fighting the Fire Demon and Cherry Taps its last HP.
  • In episode 9, Lani is fighting some archers with gigantic bows shooting arrows longer than Dumpae's entire body. That stick out of her when she's shot. That alone is funny, but when they FINALLY reach them, she gets shot twice through the chest one right after the other, but finally reach one of them. At which point Lani misses his target and falls off a ledge. Surprising, Dumpae actually lives through the fall...
    Lani: Hey I lived! *Gets shot through the back while standing up and dies.*
  • In episode 13 they get invaded and face off against their greatest foe yet, CAPTAIN RICHARD RAVAGE THE 3RD!!!!
  • In episode 16 they spend most of the time struggling to beat The Nameless King. During one of Kirran's turns he dies just as he lands the final hit on the first form, causing the cutscene for the second form to start. When the scene ends Dumpae drops over dead, causing the guys to crack up. The chat declared it the best death in the game.
  • After running haphazardly through the Dreg Heap, the gang finally gets to the drop off that will take them to the first boss. As they take the (very long) plunge, Lani observes "You know what would be great? If they put an enemy right at the bottom of this." Cue two boss bars popping up. Lani's face can only be described as ">:C"

  • Every Tuesdayhem begins with an explanation of the rules, including the penalty that whoever has a negative number as their final score has to eat at Applebee’s and provide evidence of their suffering.
    "Applebee’s: Fuck that place!"
  • The third Tuesdayhem stream had Lani and Taka bet an additional stake; whoever has less points must have their beard shaven off by the winner onscreen.
    • When Taka is getting his moustache shaved in addition to the beard, he asks to not be made to look like Hitler.
  • Even though Zito didn’t have to come to work that day because Lani won the previous week, he still stuck around for the beginning of the third stream just to shoot Taka with a Nerf gun and cheerfully run home.
  • Combined with a Moment of Awesome - in the third round of the rematch between Grant and Zito, they are challenged with getting as far as possible in Donkey Kong Country in five minutes. On his run, Grant manages to accidentally trigger a glitch that let him skip a huge chunk of the game, effectively getting himself an unbeatable lead. Made doubly hilarious because no one even realized what he had done at first.
  • For Kaiser vs Zito through a series of events they end up barely playing any games at all (first round is Katamari, second round is AI run Beast Battle Sim Soccer, and third round is AI run Smash Brothers Melee)
  • For the 10/25 Wednesdayhem it's Ben vs Ben due to the other members of TFS being too busy. So Ben brings in his dog and challenges himself leading to Blue Hat Ben vs Gray Hat Ben for a night of Jackbox games.
  • The stream after Thanksgiving was on Tuesday, swapping places with the normal Dungeons & Dragons stream since Grant was away. Except Lani and Kirran, who were supposed to be on, both got sick, so the stream ended up being Zito and Ben just dicking around the whole time. They start off the stream as "Dumpling" and "Dead Yamcha" (who sounds like Skeletor/Papyrus), and it just goes downhill from there in the most hilarious way.
    "Dumplin": So, usually Team Four Star does this but they're all dead!
    "Dead Yamcha": Yep, we killed them.

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