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    Harry Potter Roleplay 
  • Episode 1
    • When Chris and Jonathan first arrive at Hogwarts, they meet a young boy named Shadow. Chris immediately tells him that they're going to bully the shit out of him. However, when it sounds like Shadow was legitimately hurt by the comment, Chris takes it back, claiming that he and Jonathan were the school's mischievous twins.
    • Chris quickly starts to mess with other students.
    Chris: "Shove that wand up my uterus. I don't give a shit."
    (User stares silently for a few seconds before running away)
    • Chris and the other students are confronted by a strict admin named Justin who threatens to punish the players after they make some jabs at him. Chris jumps in and calls him out for bullying children. Justin tries to be the better man.
    Justin: "When people call me a bully, it just makes me laugh."
    Chris: "Yeah. I can hear you laugh as you whimper into your hands you little baby."
    (Justin does a blatantly sarcastic 'Ha Ha'. Everyone else laughs for real)
    • To escape Justin, Chris respawns as Argus Filch. When a group of students see him, they immediately try to kill him and end up chasing him around all the up to Dumbledore's office.
    • When Chris tells Dumbledore that the students were calling him gay, his only response is to nod his head in agreement.
    • A player roleplaying cat tries to cuddle with Dumbledore, only for his body to stretch into an abomination of nature.
    • Chris ends up being called out by another mod for making comment towards a dragon that wouldn't let him ride her. Chris tells her that he's older than her and can kick her ass. It then cuts to said mod hitting him with an attack that sends him flying.
    • Whenever the mods need to make a call out to each other, they stop whatever they are doing and silently talk on the phone. Many of the students are shown to be freaked out by this.
    • Justin returns and Chris turns on an echo enhancer to make fun of him. Justin teleports Chris to a room where he demands he turn off the echo, only for Chris to turn it up louder to spite him.
    Chris: "Sorry. I'm driving through a tunnel."
    • After Justin threatens to ban Chris if he continues his attitude, he is sent back to the main area, where he lies about what went down.
    Chris: (sobbing) "He took me into a bathroom."
    • One player is pretending to be Arthur Weasley, but he only speaks in Wookie.
    • Johnathan ends up getting stuck in the same hitbox as a dragon. How do they escape? The dragon uses its breath to burn Johnathan to death.
    • A student who proudly exclaims how he took a dump in the Sorting Hat.
    • As Chris and Johnathan are about to leave the school, an ogre runs into the building
    Ogre: "Oh boy. My first day of school."

    Left 4 Dead 2 
  • The second set of Left 4 Dead 2 videos feature a new intro, where Chris introduces himself and his co-hosts as the Super Smash Bros. announcer.

    Tomb Raider 
  • In Part 1, they edit in cartoony sound effects and laugh tracks into the otherwise intense scene of Lara getting tossed around and nearly drowned in a sinking submarine.
  • In Part 4, rather than saying "Oney Plays," the opening theme does a loop of the "O" sound.

    No Man's Sky 

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 

    Mega Man X 
  • Since DingDong is playing, the opening theme replaces the "Oney" part with him screaming his name.
  • The boys and Matt get into an argument over whether or not Chris is serious when he mentions penises making faint whistling noises, with DingDong counter-arguing by mentioning a story Chris made up about melding his balls like clay in a freezer. The conversation starts halfway through a failed fight against Boomer Kuwanger and doesn't end until DingDong cuts everyone off after killing Kuwanger on his next try.
    DingDong: THE BOSS IS DEAD, OKAY?! THAT'S IT! (in a joking tone of voice) Focus on the video game, you guys talk about ball-melding too much!
  • In Part 3, the gang discusses the "Homer's Phobia" episode of The Simpsons. Matt follows Chris' lie about the ending and DingDong scolds him for his gullibility.
    Matt: I've seen the episode, that's the only reason I don't believe it.
    DingDong: That's the only reason?! Really?
    • For reference, Chris's lie was that at the gay steel mill, the steel workers held Bart down and fucked him in the ass. DingDong was incredulous over the fact that for a second, it seemed like Matt believed him.
    • Julian act out a scene of Bart in distress, with him imitating Bart's scream.
    • Chris, Julian, and DingDong argue about Mavis Beacon, and why her company created the fictional persona.
    • Matt and Chris attempt an ASMR session, but Julian interrupts it by coughing.
  • After Matt gets Tony Hawk mixed up with Tony Stark during the D-Rex fight, Chris talks about how Tony Hawk did "The 900"...that is, performing a bowel movement at a 900 degree angle. Everyone else breaks down laughing for nearly 20 seconds.
    Matt: (laughing) I'm trying to calculate what-
    Julian: (also laughing) So, just spun in place for a minute??

    Mystical Ninja 

    Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 
  • Similar to the Mega Man X example, the "Oney" portion of the theme is replaced with Corey shouting his name.

    Crash Bandicoot 2 
  • Chris does a funny noise over the opening cutscene of Dr. Cortex falling to Earth.
  • While goofing around in the hub room, Chris keeps changing the camera to make Crash walk towards the screen.
    "I'm comin' for ya!"
  • A cutscene with Dr. Cortex has him replaced with Homer Simpson's head, with a big "N" on his forehead.
  • Chris and DingDong argue over which of them gets to perform an extra-lives trick.
  • The game freezes during a transition screen, and Chris notes they didn't save their progress.
    Chris: Good news. (laughing) The game froze. On the - we didn't save!
    DingDong: Craaaash! Ha-ha-ha, I get it! I get it. ''Crash!''

    Fatal Frame 

    Getting all Gems in Crash Bandicoot 2 
The second Crash Bandicoot 2 playthrough is definitely one of the funniest on Oney Plays.
  • Crash interacts with the three:
    DingDong: How many crystal can you put in Crash Bandicoot's urethra?
    Julian: Six!
    Chris: (notices a cutscene beginning) He made that face right after you said it. (as Crash) "Don't do that!"
  • Chris and DingDong do a ridiculous Game Theory parody about Crash.
    Chris: Game theory: who placed all these boxes around for Crash to find apples in?
    DingDong: Could it be Bowser, from other video game? Did Pappyroose and Sanz put Crash Bandicoot in Undertale?
    Julian Because, after all, he's Ness.
  • Julian is sleep-deprived through most of the series. Besides coming up with the "Have a boy" line, there's also this:
    DingDong attempts to wake Julian up
    Julian: No, don't, I'm trying to help you.
    DingDong: (laughing) By sleeping?
  • Besides the "Have a boy" intro, episode 9 has the Wambo/"dedotated wam" bit, as seen in this animation.
  • Chris and Julian do a routine where N. Gin is Julian's embarrassing, invasive dad.
    "N. Gin": Hello, Julian.
    Julian: Hey, dad.
    "N. Gin": What did you do at school today?
    Julian: I don't go to school, I've been out of school for a decade.
    "N. Gin": Let me burn you into a robot.
    Julian: Why are you- Why are you gonna burn me?
    Ding Dong: Burn you into a robot.
    "N. Gin" Yes, my son. Going to burn you into a robot.
    Julian: Sorry, guys, my dad's kind of embarrassing.
    "N. Gin": I want to cut off your foreskin, Julian.
    Julian: Yeah, I know dad.
    "N. Gin": Let me put a little metal rocket on your pee-pee.
    Julian: We can't do that every day.
  • When Chris defeats Tiny, he starts jumping around - and he's taken by surprise when Crash starts his victory pose and falls into the abyss below.
  • DingDong struggles to make a joke, so he just says "a lotta spaghetti!" and remarks "Pulled that one back and saved it!"
  • After Crash jumps on a springy crate, Chris and DingDong get in a shouting match over whether you can only jump on them eight times. All while Julian is crying melodramatically like a little kid hearing his parents fight. Here's an animation.
    • DingDong is actually proven wrong in a previous episode. From 2:09 here.
  • The end credits to the game include a montage of the above moments, along with a cover of "You'll Be in My Heart" in a Crash Bandicoot soundfont.

    Jumping Flash 
  • Matt discusses wanting to make a "rap" song that constantly sounds like it's going to start but never actually goes anywhere. Cue 30 seconds of Chris beat-boxing and Matt going "Aw... yeah... alright... here we go... uh... yeah..."
  • DingDong brings up a video meant to instruct women on how to defend themselves from rapists.
    DingDong: It's called Rapist Beware.
    (Everyone bursts out laughing, resulting in Julian doing a Spit Take all over DingDong)
  • Chris spending most of the playthrough making gay jokes about Julian finally culminates in this beautiful punchline:
    Chris: Okay, Julian I take it all back. You're not really gay.
    • Chris's gay jokes are horribly uncalled for. They're also hilarious.
    Chris: Julian, I'm not homophobic, I have a gay friend.
    Julian: Who is he? Is he single?
    Chris: Not you, you faggot.
    DingDong: Oh my god.

    Pokemon Red 
  • At the start of the series, Chris calls the Pokemon on the screen border "Birdy"/"Chirpod" (Pidgey), "Roundface" (Clefairy), "Brownbrick" (Kangaskhan), and "Bludle" (Rhydon).
  • Chris decides to name the player character "Broriqe," and the rival character "Pokomon." Julian encourages him to:
    Julian: Come on Oney, this is your chance to be real funny man, cartoon internet on the comedy...
  • They react to Broriqe's mom talking about children leaving home.
    DingDong "I never knew kids moved away eventually! Thank goodness I watch the TV!"
  • Chris finds an NPC and names him something that has to be censored. DingDong asks, "You wanna try again?"
  • In the game's first battle, Chris argues with DingDong that he's losing because DingDong chose Bulbasaur. DingDong says he's allowed to lose, then mocks him for using a potion.
  • "I think Misty's called Misty because she likes putting her fisty in her vagisty. They should just call her... Slime-o.
  • Chris accidentally knocks out a male Nidoran in a battle, and DingDong shouts at him for it.
    • Later, when DingDong is playing, he hastily explains to Chris he's looking for another one.
    • DingDong does find a female Nidoran, but he's put off by it. Chris is amused.
    Nidoran!Chris: (in a haughty voice) Hi!
  • Chris sings the Pokerap, while making up names for it. He asks Julian to give him a beat for the song, but Julian lets it go off the rails.
    Chris: (rapping) A big man, a big man, another-nother big man, big man, big man, big big big man!
  • The group writes a Pokemon Creepypasta. Beautifully "animated" here.
    DingDong: Needless to say...
  • After the guys take a break to take advantage of some Pokémon Stadium goodies, they load the game up, only to discover that because of PS messing with their save file, their Nidorino "Lil-Stank" is now simply called "Lil," annoying DingDong and prompting Chris and Julian to start doing Phil and Lil impressions.
    DingDong: Why'd it do that?! That wasn't the name of our Pokemon!
  • At one point, Chris claims he would "NEVER say the n-word."
  • Chris improvises a song while Matt provides backing music:
    He is a little boy
    He put his finger
    Inside of his...
  • While the boys are having an argument about liking Pokémon Snap, Chris begins to raise his hand, causing Julian to think for a second that Chris was about to slap him. Because he liked Pokemon Snap.
  • This:
    Chris: (increasingly exaggerated Shaggy impression) Like, Scoob! Like, ‘’Scoooob!’’
    Julian: Chris.
    Chris: ‘’Scooo-! '(laughs)'''
    Julian: Chris, I’m a big fan of your work. Will you ever do a sequel to that cartoon?
    Chris: Like, (abruptly switches back to normal voice) no.
  • After finding a buzzfeed article made to promote a twitter account for Max Goof several years after the events of A Goofy Movie, the boys joke about making a similar article about his dad.
    Chris: Have you heard about Goofy? He’s dead, and has been for several weeks.
    Julian laughs
    DingDong: He also was gay!
    Julian: It was very recent.
    DingDong: He was gay, and dead...
    Chris: He got pancreatic cancer, which no-one survives. Poor Goofy!
    Chris: He left behind 4 children. (Beat) 3 of which we’ve never heard of.
    Julian and DingDong laugh
    Chris: Goofy’s hidden children!
    DingDong: (laughs) That’s a good article.
    Julian laughs again
    DingDong: There’s Max... uh...
    Julian: Bax, Zax...
    Chris: Lachandra... Miguel...
    DingDong: And... Thomas.
  • ”Are you kids playing Plokermon? That’s my favourite!”
  • After a while of not playing, the boys come back to find the old Pokemon they’ve caught over the original playthrough, and DingDong is less than thrilled to see them.
    DingDong: Can we release all of them? This is awful.
  • Meowth’s final words: “PlayStation NetWOORK-!”
  • Chris’ version of the birds and the bees:
    Chris: The daddy gets to talk to the bees and the mommy gets to talk to the birds, and uh, the daddy has to convince the bee to sting the bird or the bird has to be convinced by the mommy to eat the bee, and whoever wins gets to choose the gender. If the bees win, the boy’s born and if the birds win, the girl’s born.
  • Pokemon Roleplay.
    Ash!Julian: I’m Ash. I like to... eat... food... my mother makes for meeeee...
    Misty!Chris: And I’m Misty, champion of water and other such...
    Ash!Julian: I’m gonna be a Pokemooon maaaan.
    Brock!DingDong: Donut! Sandwich!
    Misty!Chris: Wait a minute, are you fucking a w- two women at once?
    Ash!Julian: I’m doing it just like you told me.
    Brock!DingDong: I can’t do that, they beat me up when I do that.
    Ash!Julian: The Pokemon time is 9:03.
    Misty!Chris: In Pokemon world, the time is always 9:03!
    Ash!Julian: I’ve never been to the Pewter City Gym before, I...
    Misty!Chris: (over Ash!Julian) Ash, you need to find Brock! A- (bursts into laughter)
    Ash! get the type advantage...
    Misty!Chris: Ash, you broke my bike!
    Ash!Julian: ...of this gym.
    Misty!Chris: Ugh! I’m so wet because I’m the water po- trainer.
    Brock!DingDong: I get it, that’s a- That’s a good Pokemon joke, I’m coming with you guys.
    Ash!Julian: Thanks for doing Pokemon jokes for my benefit, Misty.
    Brock!DingDong: Are we friends now? Is this how you date?
    Ash!Julian: Yeah!
    Chris: (laughing) ‘’“Thank you for doing Pokemon jokes for me!”’’
    Ash!Julian: I know you know that Pokemon means a lot to me, Misty, so I appreciate you making a joke just for my benefit.
    Ash!Chris: Pokemon humour is my only- kind of humour! I don’t understand any other joke.
    Brock!DingDong: What about puns?
    Ash!Chris: ...Okay. That’s pretty cool.
    Ash!Julian: I got hard like Metapod!
    Ash!Julian: Metapod kind of looks like a penis...
    Brock!DingDong: Stop it! Stop! I can go back. We’re still in Pewter, I can turn around.
    Ash!Chris: Two Ashes one Mis- One Brock!
    Julian: One family.
    Brock!DingDong: Why are there two Ashes? What did I sign up for, why am I here?
    Ash!Chris: Trust your heart, let fate decide!
    Brock!DingDong: I don’t know you, I can’t trust you.
    Julian: They would’ve said that on the show.
  • Brorique finally comes back to his mother.
    Brorique!Chris: I love youuuu!
    MOM!Chris: WHAT DID YOU DO!?
    MOM!Julian: I’m getting calls from all sorts of people.
    MOM!DingDong: They said you took over the Pokemon league, what happened!?
    MOM!Chris: YOU’RE 10!!

    Kingdom Hearts (with Ding Dong and Julian) 
  • The part in the intro song where Utada Hikaru says "Oh" is instead replaced with Crash Bandicoot's "Woah!"
    • And if you listen closely to the song following that, it sounds like it's been fed through a MIDI converter, not to mention the additional cartoon sound effects throughout.
  • Mickey deciding to put Pluto down despite having a benign tumor.
  • During Episode 4, Ding Dong does an impression of Homer, Chris tried to follow it up with a Marge one but stops himself halfway through due to getting annoyed at how frequently they always do bits like these. Leaving Ding Dong chuckling and Julian in hysterics.
  • In part 7, the guys spend nearly ten minutes furiously arguing over whether they'd torture a tiny clone of Hitler, how clones work, and whether the hypothetical even makes sense.
    • The best part being that Matt and the others said "no" pretty much right away, but Chris would continuously adjust it in order to have them agree and refuse to take "no" as an answer which then resulted in mass confusion and hysteria. And the whole time Ding Dong is just fixated on the fact that if he's tiny then he's not a "perfect" copy.
  • Soon after the tiny Hitler debate comes another strange hypothetical from Chris; what if Matt peeled a banana open, only to discover the bottom of the banana has his face and voice.
    • It gets even funnier as the boys add more and more ideas, such as the banana feeling pain and begging for help, growing more faces with each day and (for some reason) predicting natural disasters.
  • The editors create a running gag with the stingers, where various Disney characters expose their pixellated buttholes.
    • An exception is part 17, which is just a silent zoom-in on Iago.
  • Chris singing "Under The Sea" with his own lyrical touch in part 27.
    Chris: And then he put bricks inside her/And then he fell up the gay/And then he put bricks inside her/And he killed her every day/Under the tree...
    • In the same episode, Chris and Julian try to improvise a melody by singing syllables:
      Chris: That doesn't help when you go "scoop-scoop-scoop" to random notes! You have to keep the notes similar!
      Julian: Skippity-dip-poop-poo-doop-poop-poop!
      Chris: Okay, that's good... [joins in]
      Julian: Scoopascoopascoopscoop~
  • In Part 37, they make fun of the Game Theory "debate" over whether or not Crash Bandicoot sucks and how blatantly biased it is by having their own fake debate show called "The Great 8-bit-bate" over whether Wild Woody sucks.
    Chris: Wild Woody was a really great game back in the day, but y'know, I've come to realize that maybe it's not that great! Hm?
    DingDong: I played Wild Woody recently, and I still think it rocks my socks off! I play it every day and enjoy it very much so, and I think it could even possibly be the greatest game ever design-ed.
    Chris: You're wrong, stupid! I'm here to prove to all you, my favorite audience who I love, that I think this game stinks and this guy is a n***. Anyways, let's begin. You go first. I want you to go so I win.
    DingDong: Well let me just say, I also appreciate my fans very much and my audience is the best audience. Wild Woody is just classic. Pure and simple. You pick up the controller, you press the button, Woody occasionally jumps, what else do you need?
    Chris: I'm not denying that...I mean, uh, you're wrong because it glitches!
    Julian: It stitches.
    Chris: Wild Woody looks like a pencil! ...Doesn't make any sense.
    DingDong: You have a point there, but Wild Woody's 3D render was revolutionary for the time, and still looks pretty cool.
    Chris: Yeah, in Spain.
    Julian: ...What? ...Okay, that's one point for Chris. (Ding)

    DingDong: Chris, you may have a point about bosses being an outdated concept and how you're owed a victory when you purchase a game, BUT, BUT, BUT, NO, BUT...Wild Woody is epic, let's face it. The man is a pencil, he's wild, woody! Ah ha ha! Like a sexual joke!
    Julian: That would be a negative, they would cite that as like "Wild Woody? Sounds like a porn movie!"
    DingDong: It's one of the first games with voice acting and introduced the concept of 3D bonus stages!
    Chris: You know what? I'm gonna give you this point just so the viewer thinks this is a fair argument.

    DingDong: Okay, round three, my point; Me stupid actually and Wild Woody is the bestest game because me no know nothing!
    Chris: Me agree, you is stupid! Me win overall!
    Julian: Are you two just getting stupider?
    DingDong: I'm the judge and I have deemed that you stupid!
    Chris: I'm the judge, and you are stupid and me win!
    Julian: You're just getting stupider over the course of the discussion!
    DingDong: I'm the winner, the two of you don't exist anymore!
    DingDong: I needs to do the peanut butter, I love my mom, end the video now!
    Chris: I'M NOT GAY!
    DingDong: That was the Great Gaming Debate, if you enjoyed this debate, please close the channel immediately.
    Julian: You know what it would be? It would be "So, each contestant had their valid points, but we're gonna let you the viewer decide!"
    DingDong: What do you think? Leave a comment below and we won't read it!
    Chris: Also, what do you think these emojis symbolize? Uh, the video's over so we forgot to do that. Thank you!
    DingDong: If you enjoyed the video, like it up! Can we hit 150,000 likes?
    Chris: Yes.
    DingDong: Okay.
  • In part 42, Julian and Chris decide to roleplay a scenario between a McDonald's employee and an irate customer. What starts out as a simple argument involving the McRib quickly turns into a fiasco involving an old lady who's son died during the 3 hour long trip to the McDonald's, a lonely prank caller, and security guards.
  • In part 43, Chris does an impression of Goofy in An Extremely Goofy Movie, only this version of Goofy constantly humiliates Max and calls him a faggot (every single time the word is said, it is bleeped out, which makes it so much funnier because of sheer amount of bleeps).
  • This one can mostly be credited to the fans, but at the end of episode 48, the boys say that the next episode that comes out should be disliked into the ground and called the worst episode ever. Cue fans doing just that on episode 49.
    • DingDong improvises a story while Chris does the sound effects, but Chris utterly loses it when he gets to the part about Tommy Two's abusive father sneezing into his son's mouth.
    • Chris tells a story about having dinner with his friend Shadnote . Chris ended up taking Shad's receipt and drawing a crude picture of him on it, which Chris describes as looking like a retarded Simpsons character, with a speech bubble that said "TAKE IT EZ BABE!!" Shad was embarrassed, and the waitress confused. The best part, according to Chris, is that Shad only tipped one dollar...for a six dollar meal, but still.
  • Pretty much the entire Winnie-the-Pooh part of the game (parts 53-56), due to how much of a Mood Whiplash it is even for a game like this. Some highlights include:
    • What might be the easiest joke in the whole series.
    Sora: (to Piglet) Don't be scared. You're looking for Pooh, right?
    Chris!Sora: I can make a big Pooh right here.
    (A squatting Sora drops a deuce thanks to the magic of editing)
    DingDong: (as Chris laughs in absolute delight) That's the lowest hanging fruit...
    • DingDong empathizing with Rabbit, who is clearly not having the best day of his life, what's with Pooh and Tigger systematically marauding and destroying his property.
    • DingDong's terrifying burp in part 54.
    Chris: Changing the guards in Buckingham Palace...
    Chris: (cracking up) ...Christopher Robin went out with Alice.
    • This random bit.
    (more laughing)
  • After beating the game, they start Waxing Lyrical with "Simple and Clean" during the end credits in silly voices.
    DingDong: Simple and Clean is the way you're making me feel.
    Chris: Tonight. It's hard to be a negro.

    Blue Stinger 
  • Chris imagining Bill Cosby laying in bed, seething over Fat Albert.
    Bill!Chris: Disgusting obese fat fuck, makes me sick! SICK!! (beat) And that Rudy... Oh god I want him dead.


    Wild Woody 
  • All the hypothetical situations Chris and the gang come up with, as they get more and more nonsensical.
    Chris: What would you rather do, Julian: drop a golf ball on your shoe or study Fu Manchu?
  • When Chris takes over, he accidentally hits “new game”, which completely overwrites their save file with no way to recover it. Ding Dong is NOT happy.
  • It doesn't take long for Chris and the gang to notice that the eraser on Woody's rear makes it look like he has a rectal prolapse.

    The Polar Express 
  • Chris discovers a glitch that makes him float slowly to the ground after jumping, and toys with it.
  • "It's Uncle Auschwitz!"
  • Julian imagines a situation where Chris is having sex with a girl, and she reveals that she's Mario.
  • At one point, the train car the kids are in sails off a ramp and flies through the air, during which DingDong yells "TRU-DAY!" This prompts Julian to say that he wishes Oscar Proud were in the train car too.
  • The gang concludes the series by improvising a Christmas carol.

  • The whole first video is them being stuck on the opening loading screen, and they just have the most fun with it.
    Chris: What if instead of "Now loading," it said "Now exploding," and it blew up?
  • When using the gatchapon machine, the camera focuses on the prizes before Ryo's hand pulls it offscreen. They imagine that Ryo is crouching in the rain eating plastic toys, complete with chewing noises.
  • This little exchange:
    Ding Dong: Oh, use the vending machine! No, use the vending machine!
    Chris: But I wanna-
    Julian Get some... Get some gatchapon!
    Chris: I wanna diddle these kids.
    Ding Dong: No, use the gachapon! I'm being serious, use one.
    Chris: Okay, where is it?
    Ding Dong: It's behind you, you fool!
    Chris: A "gatchupon"?
    Ding Dong: Yeah, use the gachapon!
    Chris: What's a gatchupon?
    Ding Dong: You stooge! Turn around!
    Chris walks up to a vending machine
    Julian: No, NO! You're gonna waste all your money!
    Ding Dong: You're gonna get a cola!
    Julian: Aw, man!
    Chris: Don't call me a fuckin' stooge!
    Ding Dong: You're bein' one! Which one do you want, ya fool?
    Chris!Ryo: Oh, which one do I want? I can't decide!
    Julian: Oh, get pink! Pink! Grape!
    Chris!Ryo: (Moves down a shelf) I want this one!
    Julian: ...That actually looks pretty good.
    Chris: No, this one! (Chooses grape)
    Ding Dong: Okay, get the "Fruda Grape".
    Chris!Ryo: Oh, Fruda! This is gonna fill up my bumbum.
    Julian!Ryo: I hate this flavor.
    Ding Dong!Ryo: Have you seen a man in a black suit?! (Can opening noise)
    Chris and Julian laugh
    Julian: Like, he's talking to the can?
    Ding Dong: Yeah.
    Julian: Okay.
    Ryo begins drinking the soda, with Chris providing some...very strange noises
    Julian: Okay, so he just drinks it with no consequence?
    Ding Dong!Ryo: Watch what I can do!
    Julian: Oh my- Is he okay?
    Ding Dong laughs
  • Chris walks into a new area and has to go through a quick-time event to catch a ball. He fails, the ball hits Ryo in the chest, and then hits another girl on the head. The boys are a mixture of laughing and shouting at each other over Chris missing the quick-time event and causing the girl to cry, then start laughing again when it looks like Ryo is smiling at the girl's crying.
  • Their discovery of a location in the game called "Funny Bear Burger".
    Chris: Give me your funniest bear burger!
  • One of the kids Ryo meets asks if he wants to wrestle. Ding Dong blurts out that it's a sting operation.
  • Their discussion of what noise a cat should make.
    Cat!Chris: Power Rangers: The Movie!

    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages 
  • The group's discussion of the word "beef" applied to genitalia, which culminates in this inspirational quote:
    Chris: [If I had a vagina] I'd put a tampon in it, then I'd drink Fanta Orange and wait for a few days.
  • Chris writes a children's book.
    Chris: "Walking to the store one day, a man confronted me with a knife. I said: 'W-what is this?..'"
    DingDong: "...Minecraft?"
    (everyone loses it)

    Resident Evil 7 
  • After switching to VR, Chris starts to get more spooked by the game, much to DingDong and Julian's amusement. One example is when Chris goes to exit a bathroom, only to run straight into Jack Baker.
    DingDong: (laughing) Oh, Chris!
    Chris: (terrified) WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'OH, CHRIS'?!

    Jet Set Radio Future 
  • Chris and Julian do an improv scene that goes badly.
    Chris: Hey, Juliaaann!
    Julian: Get out of here, I'm gonna call your mom!
  • While discussing the Super Mario cartoons, DingDong mentions a supposed instance of the F-word in Super Show. With an animation.


    Resident Evil 4 
  • Chris contemplates dying by throwing a Gamecube into the bathtub, and DingDong remarks it would transport you into Smash Brothers. Chris just loses it.
  • "Siri, me wee, hee hee."
  • In part 10, while fighting off a horde of zombies inside a house with Luis, and NPC ally, Chris pauses the game and unpauses, and Luis suddenly rises from the bottom of the screen and gets his face all up in the camera, causes an unintentional Jump Scare.
  • In part 11, Chris and DingDong discuss the game.
    Chris: This game is so full of, like, unique moments.
    DingDong: Like when you shoot the bad guy.

    Super Monkey Ball 
  • The three each have amusing reactions when each of them fall off the stage.
    • "Welcome to 'Screaming: The Series'."
  • At the beginning, Julian badly argues that the game isn't fun.
    Julian: There's no characterization, I don't understand - !
    DingDong: "Who's this monkey, why should I care?"
    Chris: "There's no Kairi, there's no Sora, there's no Doof or Donald!"
    DingDong: "Where's the Paopu Fruit?!"
  • DingDong claims surgeons would play the game as practice, and Chris interprets the fact wildly.
    Chris: We're gonna roll around a little monkey inside of you!
  • Chris imagines all the monkeys who fell off the stage would be picked up by janitors. DingDong follows that by wondering what would happen if the diners floating in the scenery fell to the ground.
  • The running gag from the Kingdom Hearts series is revisited at the end of part 4.


    Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex 

    Crash Bandicoot 
  • The way Chris starts off N. Sanity Beach, breaking the crates without collecting the wumpa fruit and spinning away an extra life.
    DingDong:"There's his head, well there it goes."
    Chris:"Oops, well off to a good start."
  • When Chris collects the first Tawna token:
    DingDong: "There's Tawna's head now she give you head!"
    • Julian then raises the question on if the N. Sane Trilogy will add an explanation for Tawna's disappearance in the sequels with Ding Dong bringing up the Universe Bible that says she went on to date Pinstripe.
      Chris": ...Crash saves her then she dates some fucking piece of shit."
      Julian: "You don't know maybe hes a good guy."
      Chris": "No he's an asshole. He says OVER THE TOP!"
      DingDong: "He's probably fine."
  • DingDong's repeated shock at being crushed by a boulder.
  • Chris and Ding Dong get into an unexpectedly heated debate over how many jumps it takes to break a box. All while Julian sobs like a child hearing his parents fighting.
  • N. Jin is Julian's dad, apparently. And wants to "burn him into a robutt."

     Rugrats: Search for Reptar 
  • "Our son has autism!"
  • Their frustrations at the games' poor controls.
    Chris: Hit yourself on the soft spot, you stupid baby!
    • Their failure to control Chuckie leads him to collide with several walls in the span of a few seconds, complete with loud smacking sounds.
  • The gang have a debate over why you should never feed a baby honey. They reach the conclusion that, because babies are made from milk and honey, if you gave them honey, they'd return to their base elements.

  • At one point, Chris positions himself behind a bush to make Laylee seem creepy.
  • The entire Bobby Hill sequence in Episode 8.
  • Chris explaining that his uncle was an "apeist" who "forcibly aped people." He goes on to explain that he turned people into apes using his "crinkled ape magic finger" that he dipped in mud.
    Julian: (absolutely losing it) HE DIPPED IT IN MUD!!
  • In episode 9, Chris' confession out of nowhere, and the voice he uses:
    Chris: My confession is... I am asexual.
    Julian: (scoffing) No you're not! That is untrue.
    Chris: I neither like men nor women... I don't get horny.
    Julian: Ever?
    Chris: Not even when I'm really horny.
  • The scenario of Ms. Fowl coming onto Jimmy.
  • While the viewers can't see it, in part 12, Chris throws the controller at DingDong, and hits him in his ding dong, complete with wacky sound effect. Here's an animation.

    Banjo Kazooie 
  • In the early episodes, the trio (plus Matt) discuss what to name the episodes. Chris eventually decides on calling the first episode "Bobalafulla" but every subsequent episode adds another "a" to the end. They're currently up to "Bobalafullaaaaaaaaaaa".
  • Matt tells a story where he walked into the room to hear Julian saying "I'd fuck Matt"; Matt's response was to say "Thanks, Julian" and walk out.
    • Julian almost defensively exclaims "I WOULD!" during Matt's retelling, which causes DingDong Matt to mildly protest against and Chris to bust out laughing before ruthlessly mocking it.
  • Part 2 of the "Hypothetical Dictator" argument, which takes up a whole 7 more minutes of one episode and, arguably, goes nowhere despite Chris saying it proves his point from the Kingdom Hearts rant.
  • DingDong: Why is my phone going off...?
    DingDong: I'm not on it!
    Chris: (imitating DingDong) "Chris O'Neill, get off your phone!" Oh, I'm trying to talk to my family in Ireland I deeply miss. "Oh, but who's texting me... my-my gay boyfriend!"
    Julian: I'M RIGHT HERE!
  • The next one in the "tiny people" series, the hypothetical in which Chris has a tiny Obama in his urethra, voiced by Matt.
  • The idea of Robbie Rotten doxing people.
    Chris!Robbie: Look at this address that I just found! When I say "go", get ready to dox!
    DingDong!Robbie: Dox him, not me!
  • Matt recounts an incident with his southern family during Thanksgiving dinner where one of his younger nephews blurts out that Obama looks like a monkey. Instead of scolding the child, the whole family laughs instead.
    Dad!Chris: (gruff voice) You're right he DOES, HAHA! THAT'S MAH BOY!!
    Julian: Are his parents John K?

    Spyro the Dragon 
  • The three discuss what they can and can't say in a Youtube video. Julian says they can't say "brown" because Cinemassacre will sue them.
  • When Devlin is rescued, Chris exits the cutscene to do a creepy impression of him.
    "I like... DYING! *bleh*"

    Sonic Adventure 
  • A screen warning advising that "a very small percentage of people may experience a seizure..." spoken over by Chris' "a very small percentage of our fans are autistic..."
    Julian: "A SMALL percentage, huh?"
  • The series gets off to a good start with Chris, DingDong and Julian in hysterics before the intro segment is finished.
    Julian: "There's the Twin Towers..."
    Chris: "...all fifty of them"
    Julian: "It's a whole city of Twin Tow—"
    Chris: "Just WAITIN' to be exploded!"
  • Chris and DingDong joke that the levels are strange because the designers were "on teh weed" and "drinking beer."
  • Julian gets tongue-tied during a cutscene and says "sex," causing DingDong to accuse him of thinking about sex. He tries to explain he was trying to say "Tails" and "suck."
  • When the title to the Egg Hornet boss fight appears, Chris reads it as "Egg Horny."
  • Some of the timing of the jokes they make are prompt, to say the least.
    DingDong: (in an old, dying, sarcastic voice) This game's good, there's so many graphics...
    Sonic Adventure: (abrupt fade to black)
    Julian: Now there's none.
  • (In Windy Valley) Julian: "What the fuck— you fell into a fucking fractal?"
  • Chris and Julian make a story about Sonic in a forest, which goes awry. They also incorporate a special section of the NiGHTS pinball table into the story.
  • Some slick improv rapping goes down.
    Chris: My name is Knuckles, unlike Sonic, I don't... fucking— kiss...
    Julian: *snorts* I don't fucking kiss!
    DingDong: Unlike Sonic, I don't fucking do anything...
  • They mock the "Scientifically Accurate Sonic" cartoon by paraphrasing it.
    DingDong: "Knuckle echidna have weenie."
    Chris: "Tails actually kill hedgehogs. He is his predator."
    DingDong: "He can't talk in real life."
  • Their entire discussion of their favorite videos, especially when DingDong and Chris imitate animals screaming and peak their audio multiple times.
  • "Everybody give a round of applause for... my fucking face."
    [The sound of applause]
    Julian: YAAAAAA!
    DingDong: How does he do it?!
  • The increasingly nonsensical things the trios asks to be edited into the side-bars of the video.
    • Julian loses it at the suggestion of putting a tiny picture of Linkara (In this case, an animated gif of him running) on the top right-corner of the screen.
  • Speaking of moments where Julian loses his shit based on something Chris says:
    Conductor: (disembodied voice) The train heading for Station Square will be departing soon.
    Chris: What the fuck? Was that Satan??
    DingDong: That was God--
    Julian: WAS THAT SATAN—
    DingDong As God: "Sonic, get on the train!"
    Julian: AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA— Chris—! So, so, if you heard a booming voice that's—
    Chris: That doesn't sound like a microphone on a train!
    DingDong: I told you! It's GOD!
  • DingDong is thicc.
    Chris: Do you eat Burger King every day?
  • When DingDong is trying to explain the importance of trigonometry in life, he notices Chris was making a silly face and gets upset.
  • The hypothetical of Cwcville being the one and only afterlife for every religion.
  • Chris and Julian agree to create a charity called "Cake Takers," where they steal cakes and throw them in clown's faces.
    Chris: We'll come take your cake...and you'll have no say!
  • Chris, on Tails: "He's got two tails 'cause there's another fox shoved up his ass.
  • Chris and Julian act out a scene as British people. It goes so bizarrely that Julian claims he's going to faint from laughter.
    British!Chris: Did you hear that, wife? You should have used your homing attack!
    British!Ding Dong: Our son is misbehaving again, use the homing attack on him!
    • Later, they discuss animal noises, including the "octopoo."

    Super Mario 64 
  • Mario's voice has been replaced with various funny sounds made by Chris, which constantly causes the group to crack up, but they (barely and terribly; they're constantly snickering while trying to cover it up) refuse to acknowledge that anything has been changed.
    • What's really amusing is how much they try not to react. Ding Dong barely reacts and maintains his composure almost the entire time. Julian occasionally breaks into a giggle fit but usually recovers. Chris cannot keep a straight face to save his life and starts laughing almost immediately. Come the first Bowser level and one fall leads to Chris laughing uncontrollably.
    • An unintended consequence of the mod is that it corrupts the rest of the game's SFX, too. The box-breaking/boss-exploding sound is now a messy, distorted noise. When this first occurs in Bob-omb Battlefield, it completely catches the boys off guard.
    • The best is the voice clip that they replaced Mario's "on fire scream" with, which sounds like a mangled banshee.
    • Upon entering Lethal Lava Land, Chris immediately jumps into the lava, causing Mario to let out an unholy scream. Twice.
    DingDong: (Beat) You okay, Chris?
    Chris: (stifling back laughter) I’m fine.
    • Mario is killed by Lava leading to this exchange
    Chris: He died the way he lived.
    Julian: (Cackling)
    DingDong: On fire.
    Chris: -On fire screaming like a Japanese lady.
    Julian: (Laughs harder)
  • At one point, Mario gets stuck inside a wall and gets out by crawling through it like a baby. They crack up.
    Julian: What a thing to see!
  • The boys make a Mario creepypasta called "Mario Says the Fuck-Word". Just as expected, it's up there with all their literary greats.
  • Their attempt at improv in part 2.
    Julian: What's some funny stuff that happened to us- (Cough) recently. (Cough)
    DingDong: You got arrested.
    Julian: No I didn't.
    Chris: What?
    Julian: What are you ta- (Cough) What are you talking about?
    DingDong: You got arrested.
    Julian: If you're gonna tell a story, you gotta elaborate, you can't...You know what, yes and.
    DingDong: Huh?
    Julian: Yes and, uh, I got arrested because-
    DingDong: Julian, the golden rule of improv is not to shut somebody down.
    Julian: Exactly. I got arrested because...I was...
    DingDong: It's too late, you blew it.
    Julian: -trespassing in the Queen's closet.
    Chris: What?
    Julian: She had my bear-
    DingDong: Necessities.
    Chris: (Laughs)
    Julian: And I wanted them back!
    Chris: (Laughs) Uh, who caught you?
    Julian: Um, her chamberlain.
    Chris: Her chamberlain?
    Julian: Yeah, Milt Chamberlain.
    Chris: Who's Milt?
    Julian: Uh, that's her b- bay- b- barber.
    Chris: Beh- b- b- b- hebbity hebbity hoo-HOO-hoo!
  • Near the beginning of Part 3, as Chris claims that he can finish a stage in one attempt, Julian lets out a belch that shakes the gameplay footage.
    DingDong: Mama mia.

    Mario Artist: Paint Studio 
  • Chris decides to draw the Nostalgia Critic, and DingDong draws Peter Griffin on the side. After they're done, they decide to creepypasta everything by giving them Black Eyes of Evil, and making blood come from their eyes and mouths. Then they decide to blur everything multiple times, but they start laughing because the more they blur it, the more actually creepy it gets.
  • This is the animation that Chris end up creating in episode 2, called "Man Fall Over", and the whole process is hilarious.
  • "It's a Reptoid!"

    GTA V with Mods (with Ding Dong and Julian) 
  • The gang switches out the default character skin for a fat, black woman, whom they dub "Motifa."
    • Every once in a while, an attack in the game will cause Motifa to revert to the default character skin - a skinny white male - and they have to find the skin again. DingDong starts referring to it as Motifa being "whitewashed".
  • Motifa bothers an airplane by bumping into it with a flying cop car, causing the plane to crash into a bunch of skyscrapers.
    Julian: I don't like this imagery!
    Chris: She wasn't trying to re-enact anything that happened in the past...
  • DingDong flies Motifa up to an airplane and attempts to use an exploding punch on the pilot. The pilot actually turns the airplane on its side to attempt to throw them off, with the guys imagining the pilot attempting to take evasive maneuvers to get rid of a Terminator-like Motifa.
  • While flying in Hancock-mode, Chris repeatedly presses the button to make Motifa fly. Instead of making her go faster, Motifa stops and a brown cloud starts forming around her. The gang's explanations range from Motifa farting to her engines stalling, and DingDong later refers to it as it being her "popcorn mode".
  • Chris/Motifa discovers a new ability where she can telekinetically grab, pull, and throw things.
    • Chris has Motifa in a car, grabs onto the car she's in, and starts tearing off down the road at high speeds, crashing into other cars, breaking objects, and causing general destruction. DingDong later comments "This will be Julian when he gets his license."
    • After a while, Chris takes Motifa out of the car, grabs Motifa with the telekinetic ability, and starts throwing her down the road, causing her to tumble all over the place. Besides Motifa's tumbling and her alternating swearing and groans, DingDong wonders why she's wanted despite being telekinetically thrown and not actually doing the damage.
    • Chris plucks a plane out of the sky and pulls it down towards Motifa, intending to bring it down right in front of her. It crashes into a hill just before them, but the body eventually falls on the road behind her.
    Julian: You asked for a miracle, but you got Motifa, baby!

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy 

Crash 1

  • Chris makes a rape joke at the very first cutscene. Julian tries to chastise Chris for it, but cracks up anyway.
    (Everyone watches as Tawna is surrounded by scientists)
    (Cut to black)
    Chris: (In a faint, whimpery voice) Gang rape...
    Julian: (Desperately trying not to laugh) Chris... (Busts out laughing uncontrollably) The funny part was watching you try to hold back your laughter.
    (All laugh)
  • The three listen to the newly-recorded "Woah!" in the game, and Julian starts unintentionally coughing.
    Ding Dong: That's the IGN review of the game: overall the N. Sane Trilogy is (Exaggerated imitation of Julian's coughing)
    Julian: The sounds from my throat do not reflect my opinion on this game.
  • DingDong suggests Julian could entertain kids in hospitals by putting Chris in a Crash costume and having sex with him.
  • Julian: We haven't been paid by anyone to endorse this game.
    DingDong: So let's say it's shit.
  • Chris reacts to Julian touching his "love handle" with his toe. Julian tries to fix things by saying he isn't sexually attracted to Chris.
  • Coco gets eaten by a plant:
    DingDong/Julian: Oh my god!
    DingDong: You said they made the deaths tame!
    Chris: They did... for the most part.
    DingDong: She just got fucking murdered!
    Chris: Yeah, I'm happy.
  • Chris asks Julian why he likes Coco.
    Julian: Uh... I don't, really. Like, she doesn't offend me or anything.
    Chris: Do you like Tiny literally because he's just a big muscle man?
    Julian: Of course. I-I think his design— Listen, even if I didn't get boners for things, I think his design is fun.
  • Crash Bandicoot on To Catch a Predator.
    Chris!Crash: Woah!
    Chris!Hansen Eh, take a seat right over~
    Chris!Crash (with the same intonation) No!
    Julian: And then he spins him.
    Chris: (laughing) He spins Chris Hansen away! (more laughing) He belly-flops the policemen outside, killing them all.
    DingDong: He tries to spin away.
    Chris: He crouch-kicks them.
    DingDong: He hops onto a warthog and rides away. He gets on the expressway, and there's a helicopter chasing him.
    Chris: He finds a mask outside and runs through all the police, murdering them all in the worst massacre America's ever seen.

Crash 2

Crash 3

  • Chris impersonates Tiny right before the first boss battle:

  • Since Julian is playing, he bills the group as "DingDong and Julian, and also Chris is there." DingDong compliments him for putting Chris last.
  • They parody the "Men are from Mars" phrase. DingDong suggests "Men are from Mars to buy candy bars."
  • Chris throws a rubber chicken at DingDong, who later throws it back at him.
  • Julian compliments the game for being "grounded in reality." The video juxtaposes him with a shot of a machine part being beamed inside a rocketship, with the caption, "REALITY!"
  • Chris suggests computer files could be saved from sunspots by putting them on a flash drive and sending it into space. Julian claims he would do that with furry porn.
  • Chris discusses what he calls "quantum chimp physics." It involves the probability of a plane full of chimps being shot down, to punish one chimp harassing people online.
  • Chris's reason for not liking tomatoes on pizza is that they're "sluglike and orbiting".
  • Chris mentions Fred's channel being bought out by a larger company that wanted the channel to be run by children. However, the channel hasn't posted anything in the year since, leading Chris to believe that the studio just has little kids running around doing nothing at all.
    Producer!Ding Dong: You're the Creative producer. Here's the equipment.
    Kid!Ding Dong I don't wanna.
    Producer!Chris: You're the IT manager. Manage those IT bastards!
    Kid!Chris: (flustered grunt)
    Producer!Ding Dong: Can we get an analytics report for this month?
    Kid!Chris: (grunts) No!

    Dark Souls (with DingDong and Julian) 
  • The opening cutscene:
    Game: With the strength of Lords, they challenged the dragons.
    Chris: And the dragon roared, and the man snored.
    (Gwyn throws a lightning bolt at a dragon)
  • Ding Dong’s fake names for many of the characters in part one, including Gooptar (Gravelord Nito), Squeezore (Seath), Tubulon (Stray Demon) and Crowber (the giant crow obviously.)
  • In light of the GamesRadar review that came out a week before the episode, and likely recorded a week or so before it came out:
    Julian: Welcome back to OneyPlays everybody; we're playing Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.
    • Manages to become funnier in a later episode - and a later recording session - where DingDong states they won't make that joke, apparently not remembering Julian's quip from the previous session.
  • Ding Dong’s sarcastic judging when Chris uses the Gold Pine Resin during the Taurus Demon battle.
    Ding Dong: When I played this game, I didn’t use ANY items.
  • One episode ends with a player Chris suspects of often corrupting game files. The episode stinger has a fake file corruption, but the last frame is of Richard Simmons.
  • The boys attempt to do an improv exercise where each person says one word of a sentence. Julian keeps disrupting the exercise by saying "boat", often prompting Chris to exclaim an incensed "JULIAN!"
  • Chris encounters a friendly player named Penguin Rick, who accompanies Chris through a decent chunk of Anor Londo....only to fall off a scaffold and die.
    • Chris and Penguin Rick reunite and encounter a darkwraith NPC, who acts friendly at first; then quickly murders both of them.
  • When fighting Ornstein and Smough, Chris kills Ornstein first, causing Smough to have an electrically charged club. During the first half of episode 21, as Chris is fighting Smough, the editor slowly adds in Pikachu sounds in the background whenever Smough attacks.
  • The requests to perform various "sound effects". Two of the funniest:
    • DingDong makes the request of Cloud performing Omnislash on a puppy, killing it, complete with the sound effects of defeating a boss in Final Fantasy 7.
    • Julian and Chris request DingDong make the sound effect of "a man going down a Slip-n-Slide and re-entering his mother's womb". DingDong ends the sound effect with a surprised "Oh, my son! Welcome back!", which leads the boys to make jokes about the mother acting like Professor Oak in-between levels in Pokemon Snap, complete with the music from Oak's Lab in the background.
  • The boys encounter a very unique Channeler in the Undead Parish.
    Julian: Who's that man?
    Chris: That's the Man.
    Julian: Oh. I hate the Man.
    "The Man": I HATE YOU TOO, JULIAN, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! (screams in anger)

    Friday the 13th: The Game 

    Rayman Origins 
  • Chris tortures Rod (the editor) in episode 3 with a bunch of nonsensical requests, like playing the audio backwards, then playing it so quiet the audience can't hear... the whole thing culminates in the creation of... this image.
    Chris: Rod, put in that Windows background with the green field... then change the hue so the green is blue.
    (background appears)
    DingDong: Rod, I am so sorry...
    Chris: Rod, put in Ding Dong on top of the field, looking... angry. And put in me there, having fun as usual.
    (both appear, with Chris's head on a masturbating monkey)
    Chris: Put a speech bubble above Ding Dong that says "I don't like when Chris is having... "fun"." And put Julian, sneering. And then this is a good episode.
  • In episode 6, the gang goes from talking about summoning Whitey and Eleanor from 8 Crazy Nights as a spirit guide, to talking about Eleanor as some sort of devil with a pitchfork, to having to fight Whitey and Eleanor as the final boss of a video game.
  • Chris: It's ripping off ______, turn it off!

    American Truck Simulator 
  • Chris admits he doesn't know how to drive, followed shortly after by saying the game's somewhat realistic nature is teaching him how to drive. Cue a jump cut to him smashing into two cars from behind, causing one to fly into the air.
    • DingDong takes full advantage of the fact that Chris doesn't know how to drive to cause all sorts of chaos. He keeps trying to get Chris to run red lights, speed, stop in the middle of the road, and turn improperly. Most of the instances are also paired with a little devil version of DingDong, where the rabbid ears are replaced with devil horns.
  • Julian's little ditty:
    Julian: Hakuna Matata... something-something about... gays.
  • Their story about the insane pizza delivery guy, who was apparently very passive-aggressive about the tip DingDong gave him, despite it being average. After he left, DingDong opened the pizza box to find that the pizza was completely squished, mangled and inedible, which Julian describes as looking like someone stuck an eggbeater into it and went to town. DingDong called in to complain, and apparently this guy has received multiple complaints despite being a new employee. Two months later, DingDong orders from the same place without thinking, and the same guy shows up and demands that DingDong open up the pizza box. It looks normal, but it's apparent that he did something to it to make them sick. DingDong threw up from it, and Julian and Chris had horrible, painful diarrhea.
  • The boys try to come up with the worst Disney property to put in a Kingdom Hearts game. Among other suggestions, they have the idea of Doug getting beaten up by Roger then coming back with a Heartless as the final boss of the world.
    • In the same conversation, Chris attempts to do an impression of one of the characters and instead does an impression of Bobby Hill, so they start imagining a King of the Hill/Doug crossover.
    • In the middle of it all, Chris tries to cut off a bus and realizes he's about to collide with another truck.
    Oh fuck... OH FUUUUUUU- (Smash to Black)

  • Special guest Ricepirate Mick starts out by attempting to name the profile "oneylames". It eventually gets changed to "funny".
    • funny's design is hilarious. Blue skin, puffed-out cheeks that almost look like facial wings, a angry brow and nose flap that Ricepirate says looks like an armored Pokemon, and a ridiculously small mouth. At one point, Julian says it looks like Orson Welles.
  • Their attempts to compliment Steve Buscemi after saying he looks like a fish.
    Mick: I wonder if his feelings would be hurt if he heard that.
    Chris: Well, let's counteract it with "Steve, you're a great actor."
    DingDong: Let's have a compliment session. Everyone go around.
    Chris: Uh, okay, you start, Mick.
    Mick: Uh, Steve
    Julian: I wish I was as skinny as him!
    Mick: (Laughs) He looks like a skeleton man, though!
    DingDong: You're not supposed to drop another insult! Compliments! Compliments!
    Chris: He seems like a very nice person, he was one of the first celebrities to fly out to 9/11.
    Julian: ...What!?
    Chris: It's true!
    Mick: He gave all of his blood.
    Chris: He was a fireman in New York!
    Julian: Oh, okay!
    DingDong: Why did you word it that way!?
    Julian: Like he showed up just to watch!
    DingDong: "Wait, where'd the towers go, did I miss the party!?" That's what you made it sound like!
    Chris: "It's 9/11! Look at that! How interesting! Anyway, bye!"
    • It manages to continue in the next episode. Julian says he sees a scary face in a tree. Chris at first disagrees, but then says no, he does see a scary face in the tree; cue close-up of tree with Buscemi's face imposed on the tree.
  • Episode 8 has the boys (plus Mick) note that saying "Get out of here, you ______!" always sounds like you're saying something offensive. This leads to Chris pondering what would happen if he shouted "Get out of here, you pizza!" at someone, a potential hypothetical scenario where someone has an existential crisis for being called a pizza, and contemplation if "pizza" will be the new worst slur.
    • Not too long afterwards, the group starts discussing what they would think if a small country they'd never heard of suddenly took over the world, which quickly devolves into them deciding to make their own small countries, including a "Stanistan" where everybody is Stan Lee. Eventually, Mick starts on an "old man"-type voice, talking about his favorite video being "the one of the man from Stanistan" and asking his kids to put it on for him.
      Chris: It's just a really far shot of a man. (everyone laughs)
      Julian: A wide shot, like he's in the middle of a field.
      Mick: That sounds fuckin' creepy. That sounds like the beginning of a Ring sequel.
      Chris: "The Man".
      Julian: "The Video of The Man".
      Mick: He ducks down into the grass, then all of a sudden a hand creeps out of the screen, reaches out of the screen.
      Chris: What if the man just fell out of the screen and he was tiny in real life? (everyone laughs again)
      Mick: Like Mike Teavee from Willy Wonka?
      Chris: He's a tiny blurry black figure.
      Julian: Everybody gets real scared and they run away.
      Chris: You try stepping on him like a spider and he runs under the kitchen fridge.
      Julian: Oh, no!
      Mick: That would suck.
      Julian: That would be scary. I would be scared if a tiny man was loose in my apartment, and I didn't know where he was.
      Mick: You were trying to kill him and he like snuck behind the refrigerator or some shit.
      DingDong: He'd starve.
      Julian: No he wouldn't!
      DingDong: You'd find him behind the stove, like he suffocated.
      Mick: Yeah, but then you'd have to move your whole stove!
      Julian: He's clearly a supernatural entity if he comes out of the fuckin' TV.
      DingDong: Yeah but he's a tiny man running around, that doesn't mean anything. (everyone else chuckles) His power was to be a tiny man.
      Julian: How would you react if you went out to go get some snacks at night and you went out into a dark alley, and this guy- it's perfectly lit, it's not a dark alley, it's lit, so a guy...
      Mick: Perfectly-lit dark alley. (everyone laughs) Just enough light to be dark.
      Julian: A guy comes out and, his edges are all blurry and you can't make out his features, and he goes, (muffled attempts at communication).
      Chris: (laughs) I'd be frightened. I'd, uh, I'd throw a trash can at him and see if it goes through him.
      Julian: Uh, it bounces off of him and he goes, (muffled "OW!")

    Marble Blast Ultra 
  • In the beginning of the game right when they start a level, Julian casually asks Chris about the "NG" in his name
    Julian: Does the "NG" just stand for "Newgrounds"?
    Chris: Yes.
    Julian: Okay.
    Julian: (No change in tone) Oh well, too late for that.
    Chris: (Giggles)
  • Julian is in the bathroom for most of episode 3. Meanwhile, Chris and DingDong do a little improv, including a scene where DingDong finds it challenging to be the president of the United States. Beautifully animated here and here.
    Chris: hello Mr.President how are you today?
    DingDong: Uhm- I- I had a box of 56 crayons, I'm down to 23.
    Chris: Okay well uh, North Korea called, they said they're going to blow you up if you don't answer their phone call-
    DingDong: Can you get me some graham crackers?
    Chris: Mmm... Yes Mr President, of course.
    DingDong: Do they still do Ecto Cooler?
    Chris: They don't deliver to the White House, Amazon Prime- they get lost in the lobby-
    DingDong: That's fine, can we send someone out to get some?
    Chris: We'll send our intern Buhgingi!
    DingDong: Okay. Buhgingi, get in here.
    "Buhgingi": Hello?
    Buhgingi: What do you want you filthy fucking P.o.C?
    DingDong: Buhgingi, get out of here, I forgot who you were.
    (Chris laughing)
    Buhgingi: okay bye
    Chris: Sir we need to fire her, she scares me.
    DingDong: Did she just call me a filthy P.o.C?
    (chris laughing)
    Chris: Yes sir, and she also has access to all of our files in the White House- I don't know who hired her.
    DingDong: Delete them.
    Chris: We can't-
    DingDong:Pull them out.
    Chris: They're physical sir.
    DingDong: I don't care.
    Chris: They're all locked in the bathtub.
    DingDong: Shred 'em up.
    Chris: In the bathtub?
    DingDong: Put a shredder in the bathtub.
    Chris: Mr. President, it won't fit.
    DingDong: I don't care! I don't care! Being president's hard!
    Chris:Okay, have your nap.
    DingDong:(crying) okay.
    DingDong: Can you lay out my little play mat?
    Chris: Here you go sir, its all laid out for ya.
    DingDong: Do you have my Skylanders figurines?
    Chris: Umm... I only got your Spyro one.
    Chris: The rest are on your amiibo shelf.
    DingDong: I want my Cortex one!!
    Chris: We didn't get you that one.
    DingDong: Buy it.
    Chris: Okay here, I'll Amazon Prime it, okay?
    DingDong: Okay.
    Chris: fuckin' (laugh) degenerate.
    DingDong: What?
    Chris: Mr. President, I'm gonna nuke your office.
    DingDong: You don't have the code.
    Chris: Yeah I do, it's 1.
    DingDong: Hu- who told you??
    Chris: You did.

    Deadly Premonition 
  • Julian tries to remember a story about someone being peed on as a joke. When Chris and DingDong reprimand him for telling the story at all, Julian protests at least he's trying to make conversation.
  • Everything from the coffee scene in episode 3, from someone playing the coffee song with what sounds like a synthesized kazoo, to the various comedic scenarios they come up with ranging from a table that grows longer with each cut to Polly running across the table to beat up York.

    Newgrounds Flash Games 
  • They come across a game called "Africa Wars".
    Chris: Okay, this might not go in.
    DingDong: Cause you're thinking it's gonna be racist?
    Chris: Might be.
    DingDong: Oh, well it says on the bottom "I am NOT a racist."
    Chris: Okay then, we're fine.
    Julian: Well, let's see it.
    (The game starts. The goal is to shoot black people in Ethiopia)
    Chris: Okay. Let's not do this.
  • They play a game called "The Lusty Barfly" where a woman places a video tape the player needs between her breasts. Every time they restart the game they play a different sound effect, first it's a squish, then it's a honk, then it's a "HADOUKEN!".
  • "Attraction (Chick Pickup)" starts with music that sounds like someone shitting to a drum beat.
    • DingDong and Julian notice a ridiculous option before Chris does.
    Julian: "I gotta poo!"
    Chris: "You sure are a weird one!"
    DingDong: "I gotta go poo, where is can?"
    Chris: (Laughs)
    (Chris mouses over the option)
    Chris: I g- (Laughs harder) I thought you were just saying shit!
  • Playing with Tomar and Mick, Chris finds a game called Mother Judgement about a nun shooting zombies. After they begin playing it, they realize that the main character is actually voiced by Tomar, who also didn't remember being in it at first.
    Nun: Suck my crucifix!
    Chris: Is that you Tomar!?

    Super Mario Sunshine 
  • When discussing dreams they had, DingDong mentions dreaming that Seth Macfarlane was getting sick of Family Guy and wanted it to end, so he tries to deliberately sabotage the show. The second to last episode of the show has Peter with spiky hair and a black trench-coat shooting up a mall for 20 minutes. The final episode was just a close-up of Peter's face screaming as his eyes bleed. It seems to work, but not because the audience was horrified, but because they were bored by it.
  • At the start of episode 10, the boys wonder what would happen if Mario crossed over with the Simpsons, complete with their hilarious imitations. It doesn't take long for the scene to devolve into Homer being anal-vored by Mario.
    Homer!Chris: Marge! I'm being anal-vored!
    Marge!Amin: Hrm.
    (Everyone laughs)
  • Chris: You know how you find the chimpanzees who try fucking the girls who take care of them? Maybe it's natural to fuck animals of different species.
    Julian: You know, Chris...
    DingDong: (dryly) You are the smartest man I know.
    Julian: (equally dry) You've really opened my eyes. I'm now free to do things I never thought I could do.
  • One episode has Chris show DingDong and Julian an artist who draws himself in a relationship with Princess Peach. The last few seconds has Chris show them one of the cartoons the artist made of a rather cheesy joke about being lost in Peach's eyes... before the final few seconds of the video are Peach screaming at the top of her lungs while her mouth gets bigger and the artist's caricature starts to glow green, while the boys just act like nothing's wrong.

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds 
  • In Part 2, Chris is following Jake to a care package, but inadvertently runs him over when he exits his car as Chris is speeding towards him. The collision sends Jake flying down the hill, killing him once he hits the ground.
    • Then, once Chris starts looting the care package, he freaks out when he gets shot at, and drives across a nearby bridge. He attempts to crash into another vehicle driving the opposite direction, but it does nothing. He turns around and tries to ram another car into somebody, but this time colliding with the car kills Chris.

    Crash Twinsanity 
  • In the beginning of Part 1, the much fan-anticipated Twinsanity playthrough wastes no time getting started with Oney Plays signature brand of humor
    (While on the first loading screen)
    Julian: There's the little- the little (faggot)coot
    Chris: *has a giggle-fit*
    Ding Dong: (chastising tone) Julian.
    Julian: What!?
    Ding Dong: Censorship out the door?
    Chris: Yeah, don't say 'coot'.
    (Chris and Julian laugh)
  • In the same episode, the boys make fun of how weirdly smug Dr. Cortex sounds when he tells Crash to throw him over a gap.
    Dr. Cortex: Throw me over there. Trust me. We're pals, right?
    Chris: What the fuck.
    Julian: You okay, Chris?
    Chris: I don't like him.
    (Dr. Cortex gets thrown into the abyss as Chris laughs)
    Julian: Okay then.
    DingDong: Is that why he raised his eyebrow at you?
    DingDong!Cortex: Throw me in the hole, Crash!
    Chris!Cortex: Eheheheheh, kill me! I don't want to live anymore!
  • Chris singing along with the music in Part 4.
    Chris: Da-da, Da-da, Crash Bandi-coot's fun, he-he, wee-wee!
    DingDong: Why are you making fun of the song if you like it?
    Chris: The song is good. It's the only good thing.
  • Part 6 sees the boys discover a very infamous glitch: touching Tikimon even after defeating him can still kill you, kicking you back to the start of the battle.
    Ding Dong: What? What?! WHAT?! WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Ape Escape 
  • The Wacky Sound Effect that plays in Part 1 after Chris asks a question.
    Chris: Do you think a monkey has ever ripped its own face off?
    (Rip) (Monkey screech)
    Julian: Yeah, sure.
    DingDong: Sure, yeah.
    Chris: I'd love that.
  • Amin gets excited when entering the level Dexter's Island.
    Amin: Oh, this is the vore level! I love this one!
    Chris: Julian, every-! Oh wait, you're Amin. Amin! I'm getting mixed up with the brown.
    Julian: It's cause you started thinking about vore.
    Chris: Yeah, you're both vore masters.
    Amin: No, vore is just really funny.
    Chris: No, wait, Julian never brought up vore, I'm the one who brings up vore.
  • Their scenario of Chris-Chan working at a sushi restaurant with his boss being a stereotypical old Japanese man.
  • Auschwitz or a biscuit?
    Chris: What's better; Auschwitz, or a biscuit?
    Julian: A biscuit! I'm gonna take a guess.
    Chris: I didn't say which Auschwitz.
    Amin: There's more?
    Chris: I'm just talking about the area, not the camp.
    DingDong: There's a donut shop down the street called Auschwitz.
    Chris: There's a whole town of Auschwitz!
    DingDong: There's a candy shop called Auschweetz.
    Chris: (Laughs) Aw, schweets! ...Osama Bin...Rock Candy! (Laughs)
    DingDong: What does this have to do with him?
    Julian: Cause all the stuff they sell is really offensive.
    Chris: (Laughs) ...Twin Taffies!
  • Angry Joe as a giant baby.
    Chris: What would you do if Angry Joe got turned into a giant baby?
    DingDong: It'd be really funny.
    Chris: If he was the exact same height but he had the proportions of a baby and he sucked his thumb and wore diapers.
    DingDong: The abortions of a baby? ...Oh you said proportions.
    Chris: Proportions!
    DingDong: I thought you said abortions.
    Chris: If he had the big head and big butt of a baby and a diaper. And he shits himself-
    DingDong: Big butt of a baby? Chris, what are you talking about? Baby asses are huge and fat?
    Chris: Baby got that ghetto booty.
    Julian: Is he like the creepy baby from Robot Geniuses? BABY GENIUSES!
    Chris: (Laughs) I love Robot Geniuses!
  • Their mockery of Kotaku articles in Part 7.

    God of War 

    Silent Hill 4 
  • Everything uttered by the gang's special guest, Count Dracula himself, right from his first words in episode 3:
    Chris-Dracula: Bu-huh-bleh, I like listening to others...
  • This continues in episode 4, starting with this gem:
    Julian: Oh, Dracula's back from the bathroom!
    Chris-Dracula: I was peesing blood, ha-ha-ha, geddit?
  • The idea of Henry Townsend crawling through the hole only to get to Halloween Town.
    Chris: You are the man from a very old game!
    Amin: Poor reviews, people thought it was lame!
    Chris: I am the one who gave it that score!
    Amin: I fell asleep, it was quite a snore!
  • From episode 5, a hypothetical situation where Ronald McDonald sprays pus from his clown nose into a kid's burger and Julian is the only one who sees it.
  • Their hypothetical of Fat Albert flying into a rage over incredibly petty insults.
    Albert!Chris: DON'T FUCKING FUCK WITH ME!!

    Mr. Bones 
  • In the finale, the trio plus Amin participate in a joke-telling battle with a boss skeleton. They quickly discover that they can cut off and repeat their jokes, screwing the whole thing up completely.
    Mr. Bones: You guys are so skinny, if you were wearing white shirts and red ties, you- you'd... [Mr. Bones gets smashed to bits by the boss as the group explodes in laughter]
    Mr. Bones: A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says- the mushroom says, why- the mush- ba- hey-hey-hey... [gets smashed]
    Mr. Bones: Heads.
    Mr. Bones: What happens? Well, your wife returns to you, your dog comes back to life and if you play the blues backwards.
  • And as the minigame goes on, some of the gang starts to genuinely find the actual jokes Mr. Bones is saying to be funny.
    Mr. Bones: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A drummer!
    Chris: [exaggerated laugh, followed by genuine giggling from both Chris and Julian] I like some of these.
    [snickering] That was mean.
    [laughs more]''

    Super Mario Odyssey 
  • The series is started with this small gem.
    Chris: Guys, you want to start in Assist Mode?
    DingDong: Absolutely not.
    Chris: Ok...
  • In episode 5, the trio comes up with an... interesting idea for Dexter.
    Julian: What if Dexter had a big booty and he said "Puuush it"?
    DingDong: That's disgusting.
    Chris: Yeah, out of all cartoon characters, that is... foul.
    Julian: (Laughs)
    Chris: Just Dexter? He's gross.
    Julian: (Laughs)
    Chris: He's a chubby little boy with ginger hair.
    Julian: You don't know he's chubby.
    DingDong: He's chubby.
    Julian: He is kinda chubby, when you see him naked, he's pretty-
  • Ding Dong and Chris have an epic battle.
    Chris: Okay, uh, okay...
    DingDong: Pulls out sword, cuts your head off, okay, I win.
    Chris: Uh, puts head back on, punches you.
    DingDong: (Incoherent babbling) Summons meteor on you.
    Chris: Uh, throws meteor back with Hulk strength.
    DingDong: Okay, catches with baseball glove, throws it back at your parents.
    Chris: Pushes my parents to the side, kicks meteor back at you.
    DingDong: I tricked you, those weren't your real parents.
    Chris: Uh, I don't care then, who cares?
    DingDong: They're dead.
    Julian: (Laughs) Who cares?
    DingDong: Throws it at you from the past.
    Julian: What? So he's dead?
    DingDong: Yes.
    Chris: Uh, me in the past thought about what you were doing so I replaced me from the past with my own parents.
    DingDong: You don't exist anymore, you don't exist anymore!
    Chris: I do!
    DingDong: Lalala, can't hear you!
    Chris: I DO!
    DingDong: I win! I win the fight!
    A counter comes up and displays "Ding Dong - 1, Chris - 0".
    Chris: Uh, throws my parents at your meteor, smashing it into millions of pieces.
    DingDong: Your... your parents are made of... rubber.
    Chris: (Laughs)
    DingDong: And mine of glue.
    Chris: "Your parents are made of glue."
    Julian: (Laughs)
    Chris: My parents bounce off of me and stick to yours.
    Julian: (Laughs) To his parents?
  • Chris' Mario theme that goes "Mario. Eh eh eh." Try listening to it without cracking up. The boys certainly couldn't.
    • It gets even better when Chris starts singing actual lyrics, and none of them make any sense.
    Chris: "Hahaha, hehehe, everybody look at me."
  • Chris argues that a group of characters in the game love rolling and bouncing downhill because they're masochists. The video then cuts to a brief clip of the T-800 giving the thumbs up while being lowered into molten metal.

    GTA: Vice City 
  • Chris and DingDong as Tommy and Sonny. The three of them can barely get through it without corpsing.
    DingDong!Sonny: I'm on a cell phone, it's real big! Like The '80s! That's right, it's huge, you wouldn't believe it!
    Chris!Tommy: Mine's not big like yours.
    DingDong!Sonny: AHAHAHA! That's pretty cool! Anyway, what 80's movies have you gone to see!?
    Chris!Tommy: I saw Scarface and I saw J- Well, no, not Jaws. I saw somethin'.
    DingDong!Sonny: I don't know what those are but that's pretty cool!
    Chris!Tommy: Why won't you watch movies with me?
    DingDong!Sonny: Oh, I'm busy right now, sorry! ...Anyways, I gotta go listen to some 80's music, it's crazy this time!
    Chris!Tommy: What kinda 80's music you talkin' about?
    Julian!Sonny: I love New Wave!
    Chris!Tommy: Have you heard of Blabbo?
    DingDong!Sonny: No, I haven't heard of Blabbo! Ever heard of Wumdingers, they're pretty good! Crazy sound these people make! It's like a new wave or something, I dunno!
    (Chris and Julian laugh)
    Chris!Tommy: (Throws phone) FUCK! I don't know what you're talking about!
  • In order to avoid copyright issues, the car radio music has been replaced with MIDIs, among which are the Pizza theme, Chris singing "In the Air Tonight"... and "Scatman".
    zeldadonkey1: Scatman is my favorite 80s song that came out in 1995

    Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 

    Gang Beasts 
  • In episode 1, Chris gets stuck in a platform and ends up hanging from it by his combover. While trying to get him down, Lyle accidentally falls, making Chris the last one, um, standing.
  • By the end of episode 3, after winning a 2x2 fight, DingDong (in-game) holds Julian over his head and spins around like a ballerina, then gives him a hug.
    DingDong: Wee! My man!
    Chris: That was cute.
  • During the same episode, DingDong, Julian, and Lyle end up hanging on to the same truck, leaving Chris alone on the other truck and leading to this unusual turn of events:
    Lyle: I like the togetherness we feel right now. We look like we're going on a cool road trip. Except Chris, he's not on the cool kids truck.
    Chris: Yeah, well I'm on the-
    Lyle: Wow. I bet that gets you a lot of-
    (A billboard knocks DingDong and Julian off their truck and turns Chris into a glitchy mess while everyone screams)
    DingDong: MY ARM!

    Kingdom Hearts 2 
  • A gem from Episode 2 involves Chris interpreting Namine's appearance in Roxas' bedroom as her being a slave. The voice he does makes it even funnier.
    [Camera pans to the left, showing Namine.]
    Chris: [Weird valley girl-esque voice] Oh my Godddd, he OWNS her, like a slave.
    Julian:[snickering] Where'd you get that?
    [Chris begins laughing.]
    Julian: [now laughing] Where did that even COME from?
    Chris: She was in his room!
    [Julian begins laughing loudly.]
    • Then, the boys are blessed with a perfectly timed interaction:
    [Olette greets Roxas.]
    Roxas!Chris: You guys wanna see my new slave?
    [Pence and Olette stop in their tracks due to time being stopped.]
    Ding Dong: Whoa!
    Chris: Oh no...
    Julian:[While laughing] They were THAT offended?! They were that offended to hear-
    {Chris laughs throughout.]
    Pence!Chris: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!
  • "Pete was kicking over buckets of water so we sent him to the Nightmare Dimension!"
  • Episode 11 has Chris sneeze just as he announces "SQUARE ENIX", causing him to yell in a strange manner. This can be made especially hilarious to viewers who don't know what's coming by the fact that it's before the intro.
  • In episode 12, Chris compliments the music composed by "the little asian man". This leads to the gang making up a terrible gaming magazine with every review done in the same style, "Video Game Maggie".
    Chris: Everything should be stupid. Every review.
    DingDong: And then in big letters on the front it says "This tiny little asian man can cook up a good melody!"
    Chris: Red Dead Redemption 2, horses make poopie! Definitely play this one!
    Julian: That's on the front cover!?
    DingDong: My horse made funny fart on my head! Want to see a horse fart? Flip to page 47!
    Chris: There's a little button you press, and you push it and it says: "File not found."
  • In episode 18, Chris begins singing along to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Naturally, it turns out the lyrics to the theme song are about pirates sniffing Sora's feet.
    Sora!Chris: I'm a little boy, I like to run around and squish things with my feet.
    Sora!Julian: That's why they're really big!
    Sora!Chris: O-oh yeah, and pirates, there's lots of pirates here. Forget what I said and focus instead on these guys.
    Sora!Julian, as Chris breaks out laughing: Wouldn't it be awful if pirates tied me up and sniffed my feet?
    Sora!Chris: I would hate that! Really, though!
    DingDong: What if the Pirates of the Caribbean theme had lyrics?
    Sora!Julian: Pirates are really scary and I hope they don't sniff me...
    DingDong: Huh, I didn't know that's what the lyrics were!
    Sora!Chris: Don't sniff my feet, please! Please don't sniff them... They're crinkly and mighty indeed, but pleeease, just don't sniff on my feet. ...please.
    Sora!Julian: I have asked you nicely...
    DingDong: Come on, kids, we're going home, we're not watching this movie.
    (Chris claps and laughs uncontrollably.)
    • And then they discuss the fact that it's just the projectionist at the movie theater singing this. Or one guy decided to edit the movie and show the copy in one theater.
  • During a scene in Halloween Town where Maleficent and Oogie Boogie discuss kidnapping Santa and Sally (both of whom are only a few feet away, yet still somehow out of earshot)...
    Chris: (Laughs) Yeah, he's going "KIDNAP HIM!" with reverb, insinuating they're being very loud.
    DingDong: "What is that gigantic sack hiding behind the tree?"
    Chris: (Cracks up) "And that black woman who sticks out like a sore thumb?"
    Oogie: And then (Sora and his friends)'re all mine!
    Chris!Oogie: AH'M YELLIN'!
    DingDong!Oogie: (Takes in a deep breath) I THINK THEY SEE US!
  • Upon running into Jack Skellington on the second run-through of Halloween Town, DingDong notes that the background music seems to be a little too loud...
    Sora: (To Jack, who's still wearing his Santa costume) Thought you'd hold on to the suit, huh?
    DingDong!Jack: What's that?! Can't hear you!
  • Oogie Boogie seemingly blowing up for no reason in episode 22.
    Maleficent: You'll rue the day you spurned my help! (vanishes)
    DingDong: Okay, bye. I guess we'll fight you later.
    Oogie Boogie: (Laughs and climbs into a vent in Santa's present processer)
    Chris: "I'm stupid! Ahahahaha!"
    Chris and DingDong: (Laughs)
    Chris: That killed him instantly!
    Julian: (Laughs) The level's over!
  • In episode 52, during the fight against Xemnas, Sora is transported to a small battle arena in front of a skyscraper. They joke that this is a casino owned by Xemnas, and Julian says he'd like that as a world. Then they edit in a Kingdom Hearts style world logo for "Xemnas's Casino", with a stylized crossed-out heart for the X in Xemnas and a roulette wheel for the O in casino.

    Katamari Reroll 

    Metal Gear Solid 
  • Instead of a Hind D, Snake spots "a big Flippy Flopper!" Campbell quickly demands that Snake abort the mission, because the big Flippy Flopper is just too dangerous.

    Donkey Kong Country 2 
  • Their roleplay situation where a guy from the FBI (Tomar) is trying to confiscate a monkey (Zach, making noises in the background) from an old woman (Chris).
    Tomar: Sir, I'm from the FBI department of-
    Chris: I'm a woman, you fucking son of a bee!
    Tomar: I'm from the FBI secret department of ADD and-
    Chris: AMC's The Walking Dead, that sounds fun.
    Tomar: We understand that you have a...a counterfeit monkey?
    Chris: Yes, but I purchased him legally from my friend.
    Tomar: Nah, these Chinese monkeys are not even real, it's actually a rare sea slug that just sort of looks like a monkey.
    Chris: They're like synthoid monkeys, I understand completely.
    Tomar: Trust me, you don't want one of these. When it turns, like, four, it's just gonna bleed all over the place.
    Chris: Okay, well, thank you for coming, but I still would love to keep him.
    Tomar: Ma'am, it's not a request, you'd better give up that monkey or I will open fire.
    Chris: See, he's eating a little funny fruit.
    Tomar: I will open fire.
    Chris: On the monkey, or me?
    Tomar: Both of you.
    Chris: What did I do!?
    Tomar: We need to get these monkeys off our streets!
    Chris: (Bursts into laughter)
    Zach: Wooooaaaah, Tomar! What is this, FOX News, Tomar?
  • Towards the end of the first episode, a discussion about Donald Trump walking on stage to the strains of a Youtuber's theme song prompts Zach to comment the following concerning the Atop the Fourth Wall theme:
    Zach: If Trump walked in [to that], that would actually cause chaos. People would start looking at each other and shit. (Chris lose it)
    • This is expanded upon with Zach's impression of Trump from episode 2. In animated form as well, with bonus The Nostalgia Critic Nightmare Face.
      Zach: "I was watching various places, and I saw Linkara, the great Linkara, he did Atop the Fourth Wall, and he talked about the P- the famous Power Rangers rant, right? He said that it'll be out when it's out. And we like that, it'll be out when it's out. But great work ethic. Was so good when Iron Liz was there, the great Iron Liz, right? It's okay."
      Chris: Wait, that's not enough of that. There needs to be more. That's when, he stands up and he says, (in Linkara impression) "Don't you talk about me, you son of a bitch!"
      Zach: "Who said that, what is that?"
      Chris: "It's me, the lightbringer!"
      Zach: "There is- there he is! Get him- get him out of here, get him the hell out of here!" Then cuts to the audience beating the shit out of him, (Chris bursts out laughing) fucking ripping his jacket off- "throw him out the cold, don't bring his- don't give him his jacket! Don't..." (trails off, chuckling)
      Chris: Meanwhile Doug Walker's looking on and going, (loud scream)
      Zach: He's going, "BUILD THAT WALL!"
      Chris: (laughs) I don't think he'd say that.
  • Their discussion about Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius manages to swiftly derail into Carl trying to get Jimmy to join Antifa.
    • Then it gets derailed even further when they make Carl an incel.
    Tomar: (Laughing) What are you guys talking about?!
    Carl!Zach: Hey Jimmy! Hey Jimmy! Jimmy, go to the Braincel Subreddit, it'll really change— It'll explain why Cindy doesn't love you, it's because you're a sub-eight male!

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 
  • To kick things off, their chosen Arisen is a giant beefcake of a man with tiny arms and thick legs, with a scar over one eye but the wrong eye closed to make him look confused.
    • His name? Duddledoyd.
  • Every time they encounter an NPC, be it an enemy, guard, merchant, or villager, they proceed to grab them and throw them off the nearest cliff. Chris and Cory rationalize because Duddledoyd is seven feet, anyone smaller is a target for purging the world of people who are approximately 5'11''.
  • Everything about Diddly, their first created Pawn. From his stupidly small stature and his Elijah Wood face to his ridiculously high-pitched voice makes him such a riot.

    Hitman 2 
  • Chris often really gets into the mindset of an emotionless killing machine:
    Chris: Umm, kind of awkward, but I'm gonna have to put you down like a dog in the street.
  • Any hypothetical scenario where Tomar comes home and horribly mutilates/murders his wife, Jaxxy.
    Chris: (approaching a man from behind with a can of expired spaghetti) Tomar walks into the kitchen: "Hey Jaxxy, I brought you home some FUCKING FOOD!" (hurls the can at the man's neck)
    Zach: (screaming like a banshee) TOMAR, NO!
    Chris: (snaps the man's neck) Good night, Jaxxy... forever.

    Dungeon Master AI 
  • Anytime the bizarre scenarios the boys feed the AI cause it to breakdown.
    Tomar: Drink purple flurp.
    AI You drink blood red wine. You enjoy the party. You enjoy the party. You enjoy the party. You enjoy. You enjoy...This is the party.You enjoyThe party.
  • The dark turn that the AI takes simply by making Prince Andrew 'feel guilty'. Zach doesn't know how to top it.
  • Cory forgets what Jimmy Neutron's full name is (including his last name, somehow) and mumbles what he thinks it is. Chris and Zach are taken aback.
    Cory: Okay, so Sheen bites his lip and still exclaims "Jimmy Amadeus Helperman, will you marry me?" I don't know what Jimmy's name is, Jimmy-
    Zach: James Isaac Neutron.
    Chris: Yeah.
    Cory: James Isaac Neutron.
    Chris: (Laughs) What did you fuckin' say?
    Zach: Yeah, Cory, what the hell did you just say? You said Jimmy Olberman, what the hell did you just call him?
    Cory: Sheen bites his lip and still exclaims-
    Zach: Cory, you called him, like, Jimmy, like, Olberman, like, Scott, or something. Jimmy Neutron's, in the sh- that's his- (Laughs)
  • One of their adventures entails a heroic quest for revenge where the hero is the owner of a fetish site called "Big Black Braps."
  • Their scenario about Prince Andrew (yes, that Prince Andrew) takes a SHARP left turn when the AI gets a little TOO real.


Yoshi Dead and Loving It!

  • The wonderfully idiotic improvisation of "The Monster Mash" at the end of the video.
    Chris: It was a day on Halloween when a man run in and he funny scream...

PenPen Trilcelon

  • The "Oney Sleighs" intro first appears, where Oney rides a magic sleigh into the distance and explodes.
  • The guys' reaction to the CPU Jaw winning the first race:
    Chris: The shark man won.
    DingDong: By a lot!
    Jaw: Aw, what a shame!
    Julian: (chuckles) "What a shit!"
    Chris: I thought he was gonna say "What a shit-show!"
  • The game allows you to unlock custom clothing items for the characters, and they manage to find a realistic assault rifle, and give every character a gun.
  • Their reaction to Unga Pogo, the host of the jungle course, who happens to be an incredibly racist depiction of a black person.
    Julian: What is he actually supposed to be?
    Ding Dong: That? It's a hippo.
    Julian: No, the blackman.
    Ding Dong: What do you think he's supposed to be?
    Julian: He can't just be a b-!
    Ding Dong: Seriously tell me what you think he's supposed to be!
    Julian: Oh, god, he really is, isn't he?
    Ding Dong: He has a bow-tie and everything, c'mon.
    Julian: Like, I'm trying to justify it as, like, an innocent mistake, but I think it really just is.

The Grinch

  • Seeing as he reimagined a Halloween song in a Halloween episode, on Christmas Chris decides to improve another holiday classic.
    DingDong: ...You've got a lot of pubic hair!
    Chris: (Laughs) I am the one with a big fat mirror!
    Julian: What are you gonna rhyme with that!?
    Chris: Fear! Tear!
    DingDong: (Laughs) See yourself and you'll have a tear!
    Chris: (Laughs) You'll be very sad and upset.
    Julian: Big fat mirror!
    Chris: I am the one with a little man!
    Julian: (Laughs) I'm going to put him in your hand!
    Chris: (Laughs) I'll cook him in this frying pan!
    DingDong: I am the one who's wearing two shoes!
    Julian: (Laughs)
    Chris: I am the one who owns a store. People don't come in here anymore.
    Chris: I am the one to help you out. But first I'll put my penis inside your...
    DingDong: ...Spout?
    Chris: (Laughs) Spout!
  • The copy of the game the trio has happens to have Gratuitous Spanish for the most part. The singular time English is spoken is when the narrator gives tutorials for the game, which even that doesn't quite end well:
    Narrator: Some scoundrels are harmless, clumsy, dumb and so slow, but the Grinch is more sprightly than your average foe. He can hang on-
    (cutscene abruptly ends)
    Julian: Yeah, right-
    Chris: (bizarre voice) He can hang on.
    (trio chuckles)
  • The various takes on the Grinch's song all count, but several stand out:
    ''You're a dumb one, Mr. Grinch / You're really odd...funny... / You're a funny fucking monkey, and you scare my fucking head, here's my dog / If I had the chance to talk to you, I'd...probably wouldn't!
    You're a big one, Mr. Grinch / You tower over me / The way you give me shits, it makes me want to pee
  • Julian completely unironically (although of course with hyperbole) confessing why family films like the film the game was based off of swayed him into becoming gay, due to the sexual innuendos in said films.
    Chris: So the Grinch turned you gay.
  • Chris' complaint about the game quickly derails into Black Comedy:
    Chris: He won't breathe half the time.
    Ding Dong: (chuckles) He won't breathe, he's not moving! The Grinch doesn't have a pulse!
    Chris: He's dyin'!

Christmas NiGHTS

  • After finishing the game, the three play with the sound test, and create a scenario where Santa goes to a vending machine and other silly things happen.

Inspector Gadget

  • The trio's reactions to the bootleg game's hilariously horrible 3D cutscenes, especially the "Game Over" one, which shows inspector Gadget collapsing on the floor and Penny and Brain being turned into mindless zombies.
    • Not to mention Brain's... alleged tail.

Lord of the Rings (DOS)

  • They begin the game as Sam, with Frodo and Pippin as allies. Immediately they decide to mess around and tell Sam to kill Frodo. To their surprise, it works. Frodo and Pippin attempt to attack Sam, but they're too weak to defeat him, and Sam ends up murdering them both and stealing the ring. When they begin the game again as Frodo, they immediately kill Pippin, and Sam helps.
    • During Frodo's run, they try talking to Sam on multiple occasions or doing thing, only to get the message "Sam waits". They break the bottle and attack Sam, only for Sam to kill Frodo almost immediately in retaliation, causing the three to paint him has a psychotic killer.
  • Merry's adventure ends with him attempting to punch himself, missing, and somehow drowning on top of that.
  • The final run of the game sees DingDong take command of the game, whereupon he has Sam kill Frodo and Pippin, put on the ring, and wait indefinitely to a chiptune version of "Turning Japanese". Eventually, Sam becomes a Ring Wraith.
    DingDong: This game stinks.

The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield

  • Chris announces Patty and Selma are about to show up on-screen, and they unexpectedly do.
    • Later, they keep appearing, and the video accompanies them with the X-Files theme.
  • Chris talks about his dad dressing as Bart for his birthday. Julian then asks him what he'd do if Bart went up to him claiming to be his dad.
  • The three react to the surprisingly large Nelson outside the Simpsons' window.
  • Chris makes a song by repeatedly clicking Bart's voodoo doll of Homer.
    Homer: Marge, my face hurts again!
  • Chris finds a key with Mr. Burns' initials (CMB) on it, and he spells them out as "C-More Monty Burns."
  • Chris makes a noise that accidentally syncs up with Ned Flanders' surprised face. It's used again in the stinger, which parodies the Gracie Films vanity plate.
  • They find an animation of Mr. Burns falling down some stairs, and play it three times.
  • They travel to the Stonecutters Lodge, and while all the lodge members are present, only Homer is singing the "We Do" song, his voice is echoing, and there's no musical accompaniment, making for a hilariously awkward experience.

Minecraft (Steve's Story)

  • The "game" lasts roughly 35 seconds as it abruptly ends after they choose the option to explore the world they landed in.
    • And then a "Best Of" video is uploaded, with only half of it having any content in it..

Cuphead gameplay: It's not easy.

  • The entire video consists of them trying and intentionally failing to get over an early obstacle in the tutorial of the game to make fun of a journalist who went viral by spending one-and-a-half minutes trying to make the jump. It takes them seventeen minutes, and they don't even make the intended jump. They CLIP through the obstacle.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

  • The history of Bubsy.
    Chris: So, let's talk about the history of Bubsy.
    DingDong: Okay, he was born in a log cabin.
    Chris: He was created by an old Asian doctor who fucking killed himself.
    (Bubsy dies in-game)
    DingDong: Just like that.
    Chris: (Laughs)
    DingDong: He jumped out of existence. Left his dear son behind.
    Chris: And he said "What could possibly go wrong?"
    DingDong: Those were his first words. He came out the womb saying that.
  • Bubsy responds to DingDong.
    DingDong: He's not even making jokes anymore!
    Chris: He's just saying anything.
    DingDong: "I am falling!"
    Bubsy: Oh yes I am!
    Julian: See, he confirmed it.
  • "He was rapping, why'd you kill him?"
  • Bubsy loves pouncing.
    Chris: He's pretty cool, though.
    DingDong: He does talk about pouncing a lot.
    Bubsy: And... pounce!
    Chris: (laughs) I don't know about you guys, but I'm personally enjoying it now.
  • They enter a level called No Country for Old Cats, which causes Chris to just go on a pun spree involving movie titles, including Jurassic Cats, Schindler's Cats, and Back to the Cats.
  • Bubsy picks up a shirt.
    Bubsy: Does this shirt come in cat sizes?
    DingDong: "Does this shirt come in cat sizes? Do these shoes come in cat sizes? Do these pants come in cat sizes?"
    Chris: "Nine lives. Claws."
    DingDong: "Santa Claws. Santa Paws."
    Chris: "Toxic plasmosis."
    DingDong: "Did you just paws the game?"
    Chris: (Laughs) "Toxic shock from handling cat feces."
    DingDong: "Toxic masculinity."
    Chris: He doesn't say that!
    Bubsy: Steeeeee-rike one!
    DingDong: Why'd he say that?
    Chris: You didn't hit anything, Bubsy. "What could fucking go wrong?"
    DingDong: "I fucked up everything!"
    Chris: (Laughs) "I destroyed my future!" That would be way funnier. If every time he died, he said something existential like that.
  • Their utter disgust of one of Bubsy's more cringeworthy quips.
    Bubsy: I promised myself, I'm gonna die for something that counts! Cotton yarn, catnip, and being awesome!
    DingDong: ...Maybe they're not self-aware.
    Julian: I'm gonna kill myself.
    DingDong: Did you hear that?
  • Near the end, Chris threatens to kill himself if they keep playing. After DingDong states that Julian already made that comment, Chris responds "Well, that's two out of three."
    DingDong: Well, I'm alive, and I wanna play Bubsy! Bubsy's my friend.
  • In the comments section, Chris mentioned how they refunded the game on Steam immediately after the video.

Donkey Kong 5 (Bootleg Game)

  • Chris tries to narrate the opening, but struggles to keep up with the Opening Scroll.
  • Chris has a talk with his great great grandfather.
    DingDong: Chris, your great great grandfather...
    Chris: a stupid fucking monkey!
    DingDong: Bobert O'Neill is in the hospital, on his death bed. He needs you to finish the game to help him live.

    Bobert!Julian: I don't know what a good game is, this was the first one I saw!
    Chris: (Laughs) Well, okay. Why were you in China?
    Bobert!Julian: I wanted to get some, uh...
    Chris: Were you cheating on grandma?
    Bobert!Julian: Rhino horn.
    Chris: Redhorn?
    Julian: Rhino horn.
    Chris: Oh. (Laughs) Grandpa...
    Bobert!Julian: It was for you, I swear!
    Chris: I don't want it!
    Julian: (dracula voice) Bleh!

    Bobert!DingDong: Christopher!
    Bobert!Julian: Say hi to your mother for me.
    Bobert!DingDong: I have Donkey Kong 6 if you finish this one.
    (Chris and Julian laugh)
    Chris: Fuck! Stop distracting me, old man.
    Bobert!DingDong: I made it myself.
    • Chris' late realisation that Bobert O'Neill doesn't actually exist.
  • Chris beats the game and saves Sodoma. The ominous music from the final stage is still playing.

DOS Games

  • The first game they play is Mario's Game Gallery. Hilarity Ensues.
    Mario!Julian: This is important information!
    • The default name Chris gets in Backgammon is 'TheChosen', while the name he chooses is 'spooli'.
    • In Checkers, Mario's dialogue is cut off by one of his pieces moving.
    Mario: How about thi-?
    • DingDong keeps noticing that Mario's face occasionally freezes on one animation frame until the current turn ends.
    • Chris forgets what game he's playing.
    DingDong: Thanks a lot, Chris. You wiped 'em all out.
    Chris: I'm sorry, I'm n- I'm not good at Tetris!
    DingDong: They all got vored, you did this.
    Chris: I mean Checkers! (laughs)
    Julian: Oh, I thought you were doing a joke.
    Chris: Uh, I'm actually stupid...! (laughs)
    • Chris almost mishears "You such a good player!" as "You suck!"
    • Chris and Julian wonder what BCDGY (The first letter of Backgammon, Checkers, Dominoes, Go Fish and Yacht respectively) could stand for.
    Julian: Become Cold, Dominant, Gory, and Yellow.
    Chris: (laughs) Be Cunty, Do, Gay... Yilly.
    Julian: (laughs) Do gay, yes.

  • In Hugo's House of Horrors:
    • When Chris tries looking at a doormat, he gets this informative piece of advice.
    Why not try opening it?
    • The game tells Chris to find a way inside the house... while he's already behind the front door.
    • Chris attempting to open the bath.
    • DingDong takes over and doesn't know what to do with a mop in the room.
    DingDong: Take mop.
    DingDong: Get mop.
    DingDong: Scream mop.
    Chris: (laughs) MOOOOP!!!
    DingDong: Okay, it's over.

Antarctic Adventure

  • Chris' entire opening introducing the game.
    Chris: Welcome to Antarctic Adventure.
    Julian: Welcome to the thing.
    Chris: This is a good game, where anything is possible in the world of the whites! Let's play!
    Julian: (Laughs) That's true, anything is possible.
    Chris: We're doing level 1...let's play a fun little song to accommodate you. Now we enter the world of Penguosis.
    Julian: (Laughs)
    Chris: You can flap, and you can tip tap left and right, at your OWN LEISURE!
    DingDong: Don't get too excited.
    Chris: Watch as Penguleon escapes the wrath of the Antarctic!
    Julian: I thought he was Penguosis.
    Chris: This is the world of Penguosis, starring Penguleon, rompin' tompin' penguin!
    DingDong: Chris, hold up to go fast.
    Chris: Hold up to blaaast into the paaast!
  • "The green flags symbolize freedom from Hell."


  • Chris keeps activating the game's hints from Terk, but dismissing her before she can say anything useful.
    Terk: (Runs in) Bananas are sure good eatin'! (Leaves)
    Chris: Oh, okay. (Laughs)
    Amin: Thanks, Terk! Helpful!
    Chris: Thank you, Rosie ape.
    DingDong: Remember that.

    Terk: (Runs in) See this here? (Leaves)
    DingDong: ...No.
    Chris: (Laughs) Wait, wait, what was that? Can I kill this?
    DingDong: Maybe you should have listened.
    Terk: (Runs in)
    DingDong: Oh boy.
    Terk: (Leaves)
    All: (Laughs)

    Terk: (Runs in) Hiya, Tarzan! (Leaves)
    All: (Laughs)
    Chris: I want this whole game to just be full of that. It's worth it every time.

Black Baby

  • The bizarre nature of the game, about a naked black baby running around a dungeon avoiding fat, giant naked white humanoids with Fish Eyes, leaves them laughing and unsure if the game was meant to be comedic or Surreal Horror.
  • At one point when the black baby is running down a corridor towards the camera, a snippet of Crash Dash plays.
  • Zach compares the way the giants look to the Globglogabgalab, and a snippet of the song plays when he does.

The Sims

  • Spoony eating Cheetos in the bathroom.
  • A lot of the weird activities Linkara!sims does.
    Linkara: A salute to the shower!

  • The thumbnails can almost always be counted on to have amusing expressions, from both the hosts and featured game characters.
  • Finn Wolfhard told DingDong and Chris through Twitter that Julian's laugh sounds like the one from "Mama Luigi." DingDong responded:
    "he laughed just like that as soon as he saw this"
  • The Season's Greetings video from 2016, where Chris, DingDong, Julian, and Matt perform Christmas songs with silly instruments. It's a delight. They also do a skit about a drive-thru window, talk about Wild Woody and at the end perform "Through the Fire and Flames."
  • Chris made a video of Crash during SGDQ 2017, thanking viewers for voting "Beeforoni" as Tifa's name in the Final Fantasy VII run. Then Crash starts spouting gibberish, and Julian starts cracking up in the background.
  • Chris made a video where (while presumably going to the bathroom) yells for Matt and tells him to play a song so he can poop, then Matt goes on to play Zelda's Lullaby on an ocarina.
    Chris: only a little came out
  • During a playthrough of the Game Boy Advance The Nightmare Before Christmas game, the gang bounces off each other as usual, jesting and discussing certain things - such as girls from Overwatch, Betty Boop and...then, it transitions into them doing an impression of a certain comic book duo's unhealthy relationship.
    "Harley Quinn" (Julian): Oh, Mr. J, Mr. J!
    "The Joker" (Chris): Oooho, eh, Harley! (perverted gibbering)
    "Harley" (Julian): Oh, my poor Puddin'!
    "Joker" (Chris): (more nonsensical sounds before the whole cast cracks up)
    Ding Dong: Are those noises he makes when he's looking at Harley? 'Cuz he's speeding up a motorcycle?!
    "Harley" (Julian): Mr. J!
    "Joker" (Chris): (yet more jibbering)
    Julian: Then she says "rev up your Harley!"
    "Joker" (Chris): (much more intense blubbering)
    Amin: B-But why'd he throw Harley Quinn out da window, into the Harley garbage.
    Chris: By her va-gee-na, no less!
    Amin: (chuckles) Then she said "I don't get the joke..."
    Chris: Mistah Gay! (more Joker noises) Punches her in the face...
    Ding Dong: I'd like him a lot more if he didn't talk and just did that.
    Chris: (cracks up) You should have—a failed clone called the Goker. "I am de GOK-(coughing and blubbering)"
    • And then it culminates in Chris just watching "Melvin, Brother of the Joker".
    • "What's your favorite Batman villain?" "I like the...Chucker...the Upchucker..."
  • GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP BLUE EDITION CREEPYPASTA. It's basically the Half-Life: Full Life Consequences of creepypastas. It's funny on its own, but Antoine Delak's animated version is even better, with numerous sight gags.
    • The whole thing starts with the protagonist getting hit by a vehicle and launched through a window. This is not even mentioned for the rest of the story.
    • The protagonist laments not having a Game Boy Advance, and mentions his family can barely afford gold.
    • Whenever the protagonist shoves someone, in the animated version he just straight up punches them out.
    • "Feengee." Enough said.
    • The story being told like it's a film or comic in some instances, which is amusing because it's told (as well as shown in the animated version). The biggest highlight, however, is Mario's floating head guassian blurring away.
    • The numerous things that make the story completely illogical, such as the child's family holding a funeral practically only an hour after their child's death without even a police investigation, a bottomless hole in their house for some reason, and the story basically treating theft as worse than murder.

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