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  • Chris is genuinely good friends with Julian and DingDong, and he'll sometimes make a point in saying so.
    • Chris says "I'm only mean to people I deeply love" to justify making fun of Julian in episode 7 of Banjo Kazooie.
  • The "Season's Greetings" video from Christmas Day 2016 is funny, but it's also strangely uplifting. Listening to those songs on kazoos and slide whistles feels relaxing, and the animation of a Yueltide living room contributes to the holiday spirit.
  • When Julian is struggling in Super Monkey Ball, DingDong tries to show him a secret exit that will help him get farther.
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  • After slogging through sub-par games on the Ouya system, Chris and DingDong have a good time with No Brakes Valet. It might be due to the delayed input, but they're happy to play an actual good game on the otherwise-trashed console.
  • Julian modeling the track after DingDong's avatar in episode 2 of the F- Zero X Expansion Kit.
  • Julian talks about how unfunny he thinks he is in Jet Set Radio Future after the infamous "I'm Gonna Call Your Mom" bit, to which Chris disagrees and calls him a "loveable sweetheart".
  • Listening to Chris say how he enjoys playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (with Mods) is kind of sweet.
    • An odd form of heartwarming: most series have at least one major shouting match between Chris and DingDong. GTA 5 is a rare exception, where they're all laughing and in a surprisingly upbeat mood with no real shouting match.
  • Julian has never played Dark Souls before, while Chris has played before and previously did a solo run on the channel. Throughout the 2017 series, Chris goes back and forth between messing around with DingDong and seeming genuinely interested in showing the game off to Julian, pointing out design elements and things about the game he finds neat or interesting.
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  • In episode 46 of their Kingdom Hearts series, Chris tells a story of how, as a kid, he really wanted a Cloud Strife keychain, but he couldn't buy it online, so he sent the company that made it the money for it through mail with a nice letter. They accepted the money and sent the keychain back to him.

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