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For the Let's Play series:

This page has been split due to its length.

For the film:

  • "I'm a feminist."
  • The Yakuza with the Butterfly Knife (Kenji Mastura), full stop. Everytime he's on screen, he's doing something-or-other to hilarious effect.
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  • The Runt trying to fire the giant rifle he's stolen from the cops. The recoil propels him back several dozen feet (in a shot that has to be an Evil Dead 2 homage), but he's caught — just before he hits a tree — and knocked out by the Prisoner. The capper is the relief on his face as he falls unconscious, as if he's overjoyed to be out of the fighting at last.
  • The death of The Master of All Martial Arts: he dodges a bullet, but he dodges it so fast that when he gets back up, he gets hit by the bullet he was trying to dodge.

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