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  • Has its own compilation in This
  • He prepared to take on Siegfried in the Ghost Train on Final Fantasy VI, going into great detail about his setup. The whole thing took a little over a minute, including discussing the strategy. Then he entered the fight, where Siegfried promptly attacked Shadow. Interceptor blocked the attack and counterattacked Siegfried, one-hit KOing him. Not only did HC Bailly crack up, most of the viewers did, too.
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  • HCBailly's LP of Chrono Trigger shows the Ocean Palace ending with an unexpected twist...all of the cats he has gotten show up and jump into the Gate!
  • When LPing Chrono Cross, he does a "Captain's Log" style commentary while descending to an underwater spaceship. He gets into a fight, and, after using the X-Slash double tech . . . does thousands of points of damage (which is suprisingly uncommon in Cross)
    • "HOLY CRAP!!!"
  • A parody of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like in the Final Fantasy IX LP. Linking link.
    • Also when he discovers the Genomes are basically Zidane clones. All that can be heard are three loud slams, presumably from his head making contact with his desk.
  • A moment during the FF13 LP when the party is at Hope's house after beating up some PSICOM Mooks.
    HC: Who wants Chinese?
    PSICOM attacks.
    Fang: Who ordered the battalion?
    HC: I ordered Chinese, not Italian!
  • Probably everytime he gets a Guardian Acorn in his link's awakening let's play. Link
    • And when he gets a Piece of POWAH. Which makes it doubly hilarious when a Guardian Acorn and a Piece of POWAH happen to fall on the same spot (skip to 9:50) The Piece of POWAH wins
  • And from the LP of Link's Awakening...
    "Alright Bowwow. Get us out of here. EAT THE FREAKING FLOWER! Get us out of here! Come on! Eat the flower! Eat the flower! There we go."
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  • One time where he screws up so many times trying to open up a safe in Final Fantasy VII he drops a Big "NO!" followed by an F bomb.
  • His reactions to Squall's facepalms.
  • He gets impatient when one of Queen Ambi's knights tries to give him a certain item which was not mentioned before and starts screaming "Give me the freaking bombs!!!" Link
  • In his Lufia II LP his reaction while the Sinistrals attack his airship
    You're aim sucks,dude. I said across her nose not up it. Airship reveals a hang glider When did we get a hang glider on that thing?!! What the hell? What the fuck was that?!!
    • Same LP, after defeating Daos, he has another freakout (though much more subdued) over the insult the boss throws at the party.
  • From Final Fantasy Legend, he has an outburst and immediately acts like nothing happened.
    *game fastforwards* "Out of the way man. Out of the way! MOOOOVE!"
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics, the Random Number God takes things Up to Eleven.
    • It's even funnier watching the videos in succession. After awhile, Bailey would say things like "Since there's only a 65% chance of the success, the <action> will work. Absolutely." Nearly EVERY TIME the action was successful.
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  • During an alternate ending to the penultimate episode of the Crystalis LP, HC starts up a conversation with the boss of the episode, using fitting response sound clips from the same source.
  • Once during Seiken Densetsu 3, HC says something weird, but makes sense in context (it's a Shout-Out). He then informs the viewer that his fiance walked past his recording and only heard the weird part and laughed at it. As would the viewers upon learning this.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past episode 3, he decides to show off what happens when you upset a Cuccoo.
    • Later on in the same series, he decides to use an unconventional item to help defeat Mothula: a bee kept in a bottle. It does more damage to the boss than he expected.
  • In Radiant Historia: "My apologies to anyone in the audience named "Sword".
  • In Illusion of Gaia when The Jackal first shows up, he cuts to a clip from Family Guy where someone says 'jackal' over and over again.
  • HC uses his brother's lack of knowledge on Radiant Historia to squick him out on the character of Aht. JB's reaction says it all.
  • "Hugo is bald, by the way. You can't tell usually, because the text box is covering it up, so that's his idea of a combover, I guess..." Oh, LetsPlay/HCBailly...
  • The start of this video:
    Hello, my name is Adelbert Steiner and I'm a pickle addict. You too should admit that you're an addict viewers, to let's play FINAL FANTASY 9!
  • This from Final Fantasy V:
    And here we get the Firebute. Or, boot. Or boo-tay.
  • A little bird starts following the party around a town in the second LP of Seiken Densetsu 3, much to HC's exasperation.
  • His reaction when Final Fantasy IV has little Rydia tell the main characters to "stay away". Explanation 
    Really, game? Really? You're going to make that reference? It's like I don't even have to make the reference myself!
  • He decides to "ruin" Golbez's introduction in Final Fantasy IV. He makes some good quips, but what sticks out is using sound clips from a sketch that two of the dub actors for Final Fantasy XIII did.
  • "Take this sword. You've now aged by twenty years. WHAT?"
  • During Seiken Densetsu 3 when some monsters are giving HC and JB trouble, HC accidentally starts talking to himself.
    HC: Get into your freakin' menu! I can't! ... Did I just talk to myself, there?
    JB: Yep.
  • HC tries to open a chest in Seiken Densetsu 3, and it punishes him with a One-Hit KO, followed by a Big "NO!".
  • At the end of Final Fantasy IV one character will not say something to the other, and it slowly gets on HC's nerves.
  • He's annoyed at how slowly the airship moves during the intro of Final Fantasy IV - Interlude. Becomes a bit of a Brick Joke when it cuts back to the ship flying after a lengthy sequence with another character. The funniest part is that he interrupts himself from something else he was saying as he's shocked.
    "Well whatever works fo- You're still not there?!"
  • He has a That Came Out Wrong moment where it almost sounds like his cat wanted to sleep with him.
  • At the Giza Plains nomad camp in Final Fantasy XII, he sees a pen of cute-looking birds. He confronts them, only to learn they're COCKATRICES and get damn paranoid.
  • He snarks at Penelo's enthusiastic delivery.
    Penelo: (monotone) It's been a long time since we did anything together. Too long. I had a really good time.
    HC: (equally monotone) You sound like it.
    Penelo: (still monotone) Well, I should probably be getting back to the store. Actually, I was kinda supposed to be watching the place for Migelo.
  • His reaction to Vaan asking Fran her age.
  • The Newman ("excellent, excellent") reference in the opening episode of Dragon Quest V.
  • From Final Fantasy II:
    "We gotta do something with the Egil Torch, remember?" (Random Encounter) "We have to beat some monsters over the head with it who are interrupting my LP!"
  • The brief montage of HC's Let's Plays of the first eight Final Fantasy games in the first video for IX.
  • In the first video for Disgaea, HC can't stop focusing on the fact that Laharl's bedroom is on fire.
  • In Disgaea when Flonne is convinced she can develop Laharl's character, HC immediately spots a certain overused trope.
    "Okay, game. How long until they get together?" They don't.
  • His video descriptions throughout The Legend of Zelda are worth taking a look at.
  • In Disgaea, after Laharl beats Mid-Boss/Vyers for the third time..
    "I think that from now on, all toilets in the netherworld shall be known as... Vyers!"
  • In a later Disgaea video, he does his usual taunting laugh while talking about all the grinding the player will have to do after grinding an obscene amount- but then it turns into a sob.
  • In Part 18 of Breath of Fire, he makes a weird voice for Karn shouting during the boss fight.
  • In part three of the Chrono Trigger DS remake, he patiently waits for Chrono to emerge on the other side of the time portal. Cut to footage of the protagonist of Secret of Evermore falling out of a portal.
  • "Why am I talking about marching bands when the end of the world is happening before my eyes?"
  • After successfully pulling off Tidus' Overdrive, he stops the video, rewinds the clip while making funny noises (as if he is speaking backwards_, show how the Overdrive works, shows the clip again in slow-motion while making funny noises again, and then shows an instant reply of the Overdrive just for good measure.
  • In Final Fantasy IV the after years, HC Dramatically reacts for laughs when the party are told about the chaos back on earth. The best part is you can faintly hear his Fiancee laughing in the background.
  • From Royal Stone: "How did it dodge?! It's a freaking pepper!!"
  • Paper Mario, when HC initially refuses to give the Peach doll back to Goombaria, and misinterprets Goombario's response:
    Goombario: "I guess you can give it back when you're done with it."
    HC: "... What do you mean 'done with it'? Don't answer that, viewers."
  • In the February 2017 Update video, he announced his next LP would be Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light.
  • The Fanservice pic of Axel in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories was massively Fan Disservice in his eyes.
  • In Bravely Default his party's first encounter with Praline a la Mode is met with HC Bailly's normal genre-weary confidence. However when he realizes his opponent is a J-Pop singer, things take a drastic turn for the funny.
    Praline starts to sing
    • And the reactions from the viewers are also pure gold:
    YouTube Commenter: "Not a fan of Love in the Crossfire, eh ?"
    Another YouTube Commenter: "Can't wait for the inevitable 'Battle of the Bands' episode."
    Someone else: "I guess this is the wrong time to mention Final Fantasy X-2"
  • The beginning of Episode 75 of Bravely Default has him channel John McClane. This was also the episode that introduced the game's most controversial aspect. The game looping itself multiple times.
    Play a quick little handheld game they said. Be good for the career they said.

Moments caused by JB Bailly:

  • In the first episode of their second Seiken Densetsu 3 co-op LP, JB accidentally calls HC by his first name. Then HC says that the audience knows his face and name by now, and wonders how long it'll take for someone to recognize him in real life.
    HC: Hmm, yeah... Thank you for giving them ideas.
  • Whenever JB (his brother) records with him, JB will usually have some kind of funny reaction (sometimes only narrated by HC) to things that most of the viewers will have by now gotten used to with HC solo. In particular is one part during the beginning of Lise's path in Seiken Densetsu 3 and HC makes a variation of "and they died":
    HC: And she cried.
    JB: (Beat) How hard should I punch him, viewers?
  • HC gets a Dream Seed Herb in Seiken Densetsu 3 and is happy about it... but JB HeadDesks instead, annoyed because they won't even get the character who needs them.
    • Throughout the different walkthroughs of Seiken Densetsu 3, JB gets annoyed with HC always wanting to kill enemies in a certain order and makes remarks on it. For people used to watching HC's style of playing, it's refreshingly funny.
  • HC makes a pun, and JB finds it to be Head Desk-worthy. Afterwards, JB says "ow" out loud.
  • JB accidentally causes the two of them to begin the next boss fight after HC's just about ready to start his standard Cliffhanger.
  • For the intro of one episode of Seiken Densetsu 3, JB calls himself Waldo after positioning Lise in a place where her sprite's colors blend in with the background, and HC had trouble finding him for a bit.
    JB: Can you find Waldo?
  • When HC and JB are fighting one of the God-Beasts in the Kevin walkthrough of Seiken Densetsu 3, HC laments forgetting to induce a status buff, to JB's annoyance, and they have a minor argument.
    • In the beginning of that episode, when JB introduces himself, his mouth is full.

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