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  • Our protagonist is named "aoooo" and her starter is Trapinch.
  • Aoooo's rival's name is "4" and he was almost named "♀."
    • On the topic of 4, the mob wound up accidentally bumping into him before healing at the Pokemon Center. Cue panic... and then surprise once they one-shot his Aipom (which tried using Attract).
  • "Would you believe me if I said I was raised by wolves instead?"
  • The mob`s first whiteout came from a Seedot using Wood Hammer on Trapinch. The irony was not missed by the mob.
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  • The mob calling the old man who guides you in Cherrygrove a pedophile.
  • Puff ro dah!
  • Zigzagoon used Secret Power. The animation was of mud, but the position of it and his sprite... well...
  • The mob faced a Gabite that knew both Spacial Rend and Roar of Time. Their reaction was nothing short of priceless.
  • Paradigm Shift, How 4 got his Kricketot.
  • An NPC, Webster, asks aoooo to deliver his Spearow a friend of his on Route 31. aoooo accepts... and instead of getting a Spearow, she receives a level 20 Groudon. With the Water Absorb ability.
  • Overheated.
  • Diglett was taught Dizzy Punch despite not having hands.
  • After a struggle, the Mob taught Cut... to Groudon.
  • Ao fled from a wild Caterpie via a Pokedoll.
  • Progress was delayed by a bot attack that wanted Ao to deliver the mail and Groudon on Route 31. While not funny normally, the bots' names were "Postman." It then became completely funny when people found out that delivering the mail would just get rid of the letter, not Groudon.
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  • Sudowoodo became a Starly.
  • Sort-of related, but after Billnote  ordered all of his available agents to come to Johto, this happened.
    Anonymous: What If I don't feel like it?! (puts on sunglasses in defiance)
    Bill: (with an enormously large grin) What the fuck did you just say?
  • Bill returns from his shopping trip.
  • Kenya's Mail Call.
  • The REAL reason Groudon won't obey.
  • Aoooo's a movie buff.
  • Chuck's Fighting-type Gym was randomized to... Fighting.
  • Aoo was trapped on Cianwood City. She taught Xatu Fly to escape, and flew... to Cianwood City.
  • Soundproof.
  • Whenever the Mob enters aoooo in the Pokéathlon. It can only end poorly.
  • In the middle of a Daycare war, Aoooo had her picture taken.
  • Aoooo's been stuck in the Ice Path for a while, struggling with the big boulder puzzle. The Mob spams the chat with "Let It Go", with liberal use of "dongers" and "riot".
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  • Ao tried to fish in the lava at Clair's Gym.
  • Sudowoodo defeated Clair with Shadow Sneak... and forgot it for Amnesia. He later learned Surf.
  • Bill deals with spam.
  • "Ho-Oh" turned out to be a Phione, widely considered by many to be the worst legendary Pokemon ever. The Mob ran from it out of sheer disappointment and disgust.
  • I just realized something. The run is turning into Supernatural.
  • Immediately after a loss to Koga, Anthony called to talk about berries.
  • Almost right after the Mob releases a Banette, Ao catches two more to take its place.
  • Everyone collectively soiled themselves when Lance sent out Raikou. It promptly swept the entire team with Uproar.
    • And then he sent out another one.
  • Aoooo's transformations turned the Kimono Girls into Psyducks.
  • Cynthia the ice cream lady.
  • Lord Claw communicates with his prophet.
  • In an attempt to get Sabrina's phone number, the mob boarded the S.S. Aqua.
  • Lugia was a Sandshrew and Mewtwo was a Beautifly. Articuno was a Sunflora and Zapdos was a Gliscor.
  • During a rematch with Bruno, Bruno repeatedly sent out his Gliscor... only to immediately send out a different Pokemon. What made it even worse for Bruno was that he uses Flying type Pokemon, and Lord Armor had used Stealth Rock during the fight. This effectively meant that every time he sent out a Pokemon, it would lose some of its health. Safe to say, Bruno was defeated.
  • The Rampage comics. Bill has gone absolutely insane, and everybody is trying to figure out what, if anything, Bill's plan is in the confusion. It's glorious.
    Shiftry: The Sinnoh Elite Four Champion is now me, Shiftry! King of the Bidoof!
  • Relicanth, Butler of the Gods.
  • Another Thick Fat joke.
  • Moltres was... Chikorita. The Mob fled on the first turn.
  • Soon after Ao's first loss to Alice, Brent called and told the Mob where Bill lives.
  • Ethan called and asked if the Mob had met Misty.
  • Photogenic Aoooo.
  • In the intermission between HeartGold and Black, the stream played 3DS games. Only a few minutes passed before the Mob managed to find the off switch and shut off the stream.