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Serious indeed.

  • Kerbal Space Program #42. Jack attempts to build space planes, with absolutely no idea what to do, and no cheats to get past his lack of aeronautic engineering skills. What results are three spaceplanes, one of which he successfully lands back at base after it fails to get it in orbit, and another one which is a gigantic, hilarious monstrosity. A lot of screaming, panicking, and laughter ensues as he realizes that his two Kerbonauts are completely, absolutely screwed when things inevitably go horribly wrong.
    Jack: Mayday! Mayday foxtrot delta whiskey zero! …Houston! HELP!
  • Near the end of his Concerned Joe video, the controls break. Hilarity Ensues.
  • His replay of Little Inferno.
    • Sugar Plumps sends him a photo of herself:
      Jack: This is why I love this series the first time; because Sugar Plumps is the best character ever, she is the love of my life, but I need to stay warm.
      (Jack throws the photo onto the fire)
    • He sings along to most of the words of the theme song, but as the song begins to close out:
      Jack: It's Little Inferno, it's Little Inferno just for meeeee...
      Song: I've got the fireplace...
      Jack: (producing a heavy metal gesture) ROCK AND ROLL!
  • His summary of HuniePop: "Playing Candy Crush gets you laid."
  • His April Fools' Day Carolina Reaper challenge had lots of small tidbits of randomness after the blackness. Try scrubbing through the video and see what you get.
  • At one point while playing Life Is Strange, the characters in the game discuss how they can't find a key, and how they're gonna have to find another way into a room. Jack, without any hint of irony on his face or in his voice, says "Just head-butt the door!"
    • Near the beginning of the game, one of the characters is on the verge of a mental breakdown, and the following occurs.
    Nathan: Don't be scared. You own this school. If I wanted, I could blow it up. You're the boss.
  • His song from "Reading Your Comments" #60.
    Jack: I love cake, I love cake! I love cake and cake and cake! Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake! Cake, cake, cookies! Cookies! Cake!
  • The end of this video (at Indy PopCon) calls back to Markiplier's Goofy Goober song, including Bob not joining in and walking away at the end. While the Goofy Goober song is hilarious, what clinches it is at the line 'We're all goofy goobers'. Mark literally drags in his new buddy, our Jackaboy! Literally drags him in. For added hilarity, Jack appears to be the smallest of the four!
  • Happens often whenever he talks to Evie. For example, when they exchanged Harry Potter quotes.
    Jack: You CAN'T kill me, I have the Deathly Hallows!
    Evie: But you don't, so I killed you.
    • Then there's the time he asked Evie some common riddles.
    Jack: What is the longest word in the dictionary? (The answer is 'smiles' because there's a mile between the first and last letter.)
    Evie: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilcovolcanoconiosis.
    Jack: ...
    • Then he tries to get philosophical with her. Operative word being "tries"...
    Evie: I hope someday you'll join us.
    Jack: ...who's "us"? The Hive Mind?
    Evie: You are us.
    Jack: ...this is some Matrix shit! Am I part of the Hive Mind? Am I connected to the central server? (to Evie) If I am you, then who are you?
    Text-to-speech caption: If I am using who are.
    Jack: (disgusted grumble) Fucking messed it up again!
    Evie: Well, you are, so that means I'm not.
    Jack: She's getting very philosophical. Okay, I can get philosophical on your ass, too! (to Evie) If a train leaves at 2:30 and arrives at 5:00, what weight is an elephant?
    Text-to-speech caption: Free music 230 n Ride 5 what weight is an elephant.
    Evie: Fragged.
    Jack: (breaks down laughing hysterically) I am wasting away my life talking to you!
  • How does Jack beat the first night of Five Nights at Freddy's 4? By getting jumpscared right as the time rolls over. His expression is priceless.
  • At one point in 60 Seconds, a group of stranded survivors asks the protagonist family for aid, and Jack, having been backstabbed many times by this point, decides not to help them. The next day shows his shelter empty after the survivors stole everything. His expression says it all. For bonus points, this happened three days in.
  • Jack returns to Yandere Simulator and has a play around with some of the features that were added in his absence.
    • Due to the test build not having consistent audio levels, Jack ends up getting his ears blasted out on more than one occasion.
    • After the showers are discovered, Jack pauses to dwell on what he's playing after directing Yandere-chan to bathe.
    "Am I really playing a game where I'm playing an Asian schoolgirl and I'm washing myself? Is that really what my life has become? Because I like it! (Nah, I'm joking by the way, this is creepy as fuck.)
    Jack: Hello, Senpai... How are you feeling today...? Are you feeling a little... scared...?
    * DUMMMMM*
    Senpai: What the hell is wrong with you?! Get away from me!
  • In Where Is My Hammer, Jack gives up on destroying one car and rounds a corner to find another. The car promptly starts breaking apart and rolling towards him on it's own. He is understandably freaked out.
    Jack: (Rounds the corner) Another car! Hi the-(car starts breaking up and rolling towards him) Hi! Hi! H-What the shit?!
  • Jack plays a collection of games by a man called Robert Yang. Given that he titles the video "The Weirdest Games On The Internet!" and warns the viewers that the games will be messed up, you know it's going to be good. What transpires really has to be seen to be believed.
  • In the game Fan Fright, Jack gets the "mustard gun" again, and laments it with this line:
    Jack: Edgar help me! I don't know what to do with this gun. It sucks! Might as well be pissin' on people. And I can't do that! Court order.
  • In part two of his CHKN playthrough, he makes a horse-snake. He observes it looking sad, so he narrates the creature's internal monologue.
    Jack: "Why did you create me? Why am I alive? Why did you birth me from your mind vagina!?"
  • There are plenty of laughs to be had from his Undertale playthrough, including what happens when he finds the sacred artifact that the Annoying Dog swipes and his exasperation at Mettaton's third appearance.
    • When Jack finally gets to fight Sans, and finally gets to "the REAL battle," he decides to write down all the attacks. His use of Buffy Speak when referring to the "don't move-ys" and the "random crap" is hilarious.
    • Jack has a running gag doing a dull robot voice for Mettaton. Then he gets to Mettaton's second form and adopts a FABULOOOOOOUS voice for the character. You can see the dawning glee on his face as he sees the opportunity.
    Jack: Oh! (leans forward and smirks) OOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYY...
    • In the first episode, Jack takes a bathroom break. He forgets to edit this out, resulting in a couple of minutes where the human child is standing still. Their default expression can even be seen as annoyed! This animated video is even funnier, since the person waiting for Jack is Sans, who falls asleep and gets jump-scared by Papyrus's distinct laugh.
    • Jack vs. the Annoying Dog and the Legendary Artifact. He takes an indeterminate amount of time figuring out the Piano Puzzle, then finds the artifact...and is baffled by the "You're carrying too many dogs" message.
      Jack: ..."too many dogs"? (checks inventory) What the hell is an "annoying dog"? When did it get here? (reads description): "Annoying Dog — Dog. A little white dog. It is fast asleep." Where did I get a little annoying dog?! Uh—"use". You deployed the dog.
      (The Annoying Dog appears on screen. "Dogsong" cues up as the dog absorbs the artifact)
      Jack: Uh...(reading) "The dog absorbs the artifact."
      (The Annoying Dog wanders off-screen, and the music stops. Cue several long seconds of Jack looking at his screen and the camera in complete and utter befuddlement)
      Jack: Uh...(checks pedestal) "The artifact is gone." I'm sorry, WHAT?! I spent all that time figuring out that puzzle just to come in here and have a dog take it?! Oh. OHHHHHH. There are going to be SEVEN SHADES OF SHITE slapped out of that dog when I find it again!
    • Jack's reaction to Photoshop Flowey is comic gold, too.
    Jack (seeing Flowey's screen face): Hi! You look nice!
    (The face grins evilly and widens its eyes.)
    Jack (looking slightly worried): Heh... never m—
    (Photoshop Flowey's entire form appears on screen. Flowey cackles demonically.)
    Jack: --WHAT THE FUCK?!!!! (Flowey continues cackling as Jack puts on a marvelous "WTF" face.) Ohhhhhh, that is SOOOO disturbing! Can I leave?
    • He decided to befriend Undyne by cooking with her but the hilarious part was how freaked out Jack was when the character was grabbed by the head and taken to the counter while doing an over-the-top aggressive cooking.
    Undyne: We're going to be best friends!!!
    Jack: I'm so terrified to be friends with you!
    Jack: I have a feeling I can't lose to him. That I'm just gonna keep holding out. *Asriel reappears onscreen, looking more terrifying than before* Um... OK! I take it back!
    • One of the few really funny moments in the Genocide playthrough, after Jack's heard Sans' Pre Ass Kicking One Liner several times.
  • Welcome to the Bonercast featuring Mark, Bob, and Wade. With Wade for once being the Only Sane Man more than Bob than usual.
  • In his third Ben and Ed video, Jack goes off on a completely random tangent about Cobb salad that comes out of nowhere and is never mentioned again.
    Jack: "Remember that time, when I made the Cobb salad, and everyone was like, 'Damn Jack, your Cobb salad is the best?' I remember. It was the day that I finally realized, I was good at making Cobb salads. And then everyone came to my birthday party and said that I was the best. I was only ten at the time - I know what you're thinking, 'A ten year old making Cobb salads? That's crazy! That's nuts!' There's no nuts in a Cobb salad... Or is there? I don't know, 'cause I've never actually made a Cobb salad. I was lying to you all this time. That was a lesson in not believing everything you hear. You know what I'm saying? 'Cause I don't anymore. Where are we going!?!?"
  • Jack plays Simple Planes, and at one point, when it looks like he's going to crash...
    Jack: Tell my wife... Tell her that I ate the last of the peanut butter! And then I- (he lands safely) Hey, we're ok! Don't tell my wife anything! Ssh! She never has to know!
  • In the first episode of Papers, Please, he doesn't seem to realize what the Pink Vice is. His obliviousness is somewhat cringe-worthy if not hilarious.
    Jack: [After receiving a card for the Pink Vice] Oooh! All these people giving me nice things.
    • Jack's increasingly exasperated reaction of, "You again?" every time the pathetically ineffective smuggler character he dubs "Potato Head" shows up in the booth was one of the fans' most eagerly-awaited staples of the Papers, Please series.
    • In episode 3, he finds that a woman named Julie has no ID card. She says that she never got one. Jack's response?
    Jack: Bull to the shitacky mushrooms! Not accepting that!
    • In episode 7, Jack's reaction to the bomb.
    Jack: What, what, what do I do? What do I do? IS THIS A FUCKING BOMB?!
    • In Jack's second playthrough, he's thrilled when he can finally let Potato Man through, marveling at the fact that he has a job in statistics now.... only to find out that this was just someone who looks like Potato Man, and the real Potato Man is directly behind him.
  • Jack's proposal to Mark. It never ends well.
    Jack: Will you please share your subscribers with me for the rest of your life?
    Mark: No.
  • Throughout his playthrough of Until Dawn, Jack theorizes about who the killer is. At one point, he comes up with a theory that's arguably better than the game's actual twist.
    Jack: Maybe it's the pizza guy. Maybe they ordered pizza all the way up in the woods, and he was like, "I'm not going all the way up there." And then they didn't tip him, and now he's like, "You're all dead."
    • This comment by Jack during one of the game's Reveals is hilarious when you consider one of the possible endings for the character:
    Jack: Who resorted to cannibalism? *looks to the side* JOSH!
  • Ever want to see how chaotic Left 4 Dead 2 could be with the four friends? Well here you go.
  • The way Jack rants randomly at the characters in Job Simulator.
    • Really, whenever Jack yells at anyone in a game.
  • When four morons decide to be the Wild Card in Town of Salem, Hilarity Ensues.
  • In episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us after Vivian commits suicide and Jack leaves Georgie to die the following conversation ensues:
    Jack: Hey, fuck you!
    Georgie: Fuck you!
    Jack: No, fuck you!
  • Jack plays World of Warcraft for the first time as he's never played it before. And while him, Mark, and Felix were Level Grinding:
    Mark: Cue the epic montage music! *epic music starts playing*
  • Jack finds a glitch in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst that has to be seen to be believed.
  • After Jack finally escapes in "Best In Show", the screen turns white and there's what sounds like an auctioneer spouting words so quickly they sound like slightly coherent gibberish. Jack's "WTF?!" face during the subsequent pause makes the scene.
    Jack: What is happening? Are you having a stroke, sir?!
  • One extended chase and hooking sequence in Dead by Daylight with Jack, Mark, and Wade can be good for a barrel of laughs, especially when Mark warns Wade about a beartrap Jack sets up in front of his hook, only to fall victim to the same trap not a minute later after being released from his hook.
    Mark: Who's the guy that loves to kill? Bing Bong, Bing Bong! Who's gonna put you on spikes? Bing Bong, Bing Bong!
  • In Jack's second video of "The Last Leviathan" (a shipbuilding game) he gets a helpful tip from the game, "If your ship is listing from side to side try adding a keel." Jack's genuinely bewildered response to this tip is utterly hilarious.
    Jack: "What the fuck is a keel?"
    • Hilarity Ensues as Jack proceeds to place half a dozen keels along the side of the boat, i.e. pointing outward parallel to the waterline. This scene will have anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of seamanship in stitches.
  • His Trollface Quest playthroughs involve him playing the Trollface Quest games until the end. Hilarity Ensues as Jack attempts to solve the puzzles.
    • Trollface Quest 1 has this gem.
    Jack notices a guy and a wire. The wire has sparks coming out of it.
    Jack: Don't click that because you'll get electrocuted!
    Jack clicks the guy in an attempt to make the guy move away from the wire. The guy moves closer to the wire instead.
    Jack: N-No! No!
    Jack clicks the guy again. The guy moves closer to the wire again.
    Jack: No! No, I'm clicking you to stay back. Go that way!
    Jack clicks the guy again. The guy continues to closer with every click Jack makes.
    Jack: No! Sir! Sir! Can w- Can we just talk about this for a second? S-Sir, you're the only thing I can click so I'm going to keep clicking you.
    The guy moves even closer to the wire.
    Jack: Um, don't- Don't touch it. Don't you touch it. If you touch it, no ice cream!
    The guy moves closer.
    Jack: I fucking mean it. I mean it. I see you eyeballing it. No! N-no!
    The guy moves very close to the wire.
    Jack: No- Do- No!
    The guy walks past the wire.
    Jack: That's it! Just keep on walking! Walk on by, and stay safe. Keep on walking past it. There you go, see you later buddy.
    Level Completed!
    Jack: Yay! Okay, you can have some ice cream.
  • Following on from the last item, any time when Jack addresses an NPC by saying "Sir! Sir!" with an air of authority is virtually guaranteed to end in laughter.
  • When Evie has had enough of Jack's verbal abuse and fights back by questioning Jack's sexual health, Jack's reaction is absolutely priceless. The epic failure of his efforts to turn the tables by questioning Evie's sexual health is so spectacular, even Jack cracks up as the discussion decays into chaotic randomness.
  • Jack plays The Narrator Is A Dick. Hilarity Ensues as Jack rages at the narrator constantly and tells the narrator to shut up.
  • Jack has a go at Rec Room, a VR game, and does not realise that it's an online game. Until someone else in the game says "Why do I hear Jacksepticeye?".
    • Gets even funnier about a minute later when Jack sees one of the players pretending to give head to another player.
  • Jack's playthroughs of Google Feud are this in general, though good mention goes to #4 after he gets "I think I have".
    Jack: I think I have a pet named Steve.
    Jack: Thanks, Mark.
  • Jack tries to rob a bank in Sneak Thief. At one point, he tries to shoot a cop and is surprised when the cop fires back.
    Jack: He had a shotgun! That's not fair! ...It's probably incredibly fair. Because police. But, come on!
  • In Papyrus's Big Christmas Adventure, when the Platform Hell starts to get to him.
  • In Jack's 98th Reading Your Comments video, Jack's response to someone saying "Wait, this isn't PewDiePie".
    Jack: The original PewDiePie is on
  • From Batman: The Telltale Series:
    • When Bruce Wayne gets accused of having mob attachments:
    Reporter: Is all your money dirty?
    Jack: No, I wash my money regularly.
    • When Jack is beating up a mook:
    Mook: I ain't telling you jack.
    Jack: C'mon! Tell Jack! Jack wants to know!
    • The increasing number of Bat-related puns at the series goes on.
    Jack: Turn on the Bat-computer, Alfred. I'm gonna head to the Batcave, sit in the Bat chair, and Bat think for a while.
  • The Jacksepticeye Power Hour: Dr. Septiceye, starring the extremely competent Dr. Schneeplestein (MD, PHD, MVP, FFS), is eight and a half minute of pure laugh riot.
  • While playing the Aquadome in Rocket League, Jack tries to point out a giant whale to Bob, and the AI ends up scoring a goal for them.
  • Near the end of his Batman Arkham VR playthrough, he turns around and sees himself (as Batman) in a mirror. He then becomes too distracted by performing a bunch of silly dances to pay much attention to what happens next. All the while Batman's stone-faced expression never changes.
  • Jack's playthrough of Hitman (2016) has a few, especially once he dons a priest's outfit in episode 3 and starts playing as "Father MacFealty".
    • A hymn in church...
      Father MacFealty: Jesus is my savior, Jesus is my lord. He will forgive all my sins with no accord. *Meanwhile, Jack is dancing around and waving his hands as he sings in a rather bouncy tune*
    • Confessions on the street...
      Father MacFealty: What is it, my child? What have you got to say? Father MacFealty is here to listen to all your confessions, and all your worries.
      Father MacFealty: Ah, sure, Jesus, that's grand! Don't even worry about it! Say 4 "Hail Mary"s and you'll be fine!
    • Dispensing out the Lord's justice...
      Father MacFealty: You wouldn't arrest a priest now, would ya? I'm a nice lad. I'm a man of the- I'm a man of the Lord *cut to cop shooting at him* WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
  • In his playthrough of The Last Guardian, Trico, the gigantic animal companion, barely makes it up a wall as the wooden platform crumbles away beneath him, the boy clinging onto his shoulder. The music swells triumphantly as Jack nearly collapses in relief. He then attempts to get down from Trico's shoulder...right as Trico turns around, throwing him neatly over the cliff they just scaled. It must be seen to be believed.
    Jack: Okay, okay, gogogogo! *makes it up, sighs in relief* Oh, my g- *boy gets thrown off the cliff*
    The boy: Aah!
    Jack: I just got tossed off!
  • Jack has a new playthrough of Subnautica, started over a year after the last episode of the previous. In it, he slowly realized something: his download of the game might just be the most glitched known. Whether it's freezing for a few seconds for something to load, areas not loading at all, researchable objects going missing, or the surface alien base being permanently stuck in gun form, ruining the surprise of it firing, this new playthrough is certainly atypical. Especially since so much has been added since Jack left that he's basically started from scratch, leaving him to scramble to find out what to do.
  • Henry Stickmin Series, in Fleeing the Complex, when Jack gets to the "Distract" option that involves Henry trying to distract some guards with his dance moves, Jack happily dances along behind his computer and even improvises some lyrics for the music that Henry is dancing to.
    • Additionally, his second attempt at vehicular combat:
    Henry pulls out a gun and starts firing back.
    Jack: Die, you sons of bitches! You'll never take me a-!
    Henry crashes into a tree.
    Jack: -liive.
  • Japan World Cup 2. FULL. BOSSATRONIC. STOP.
    • The top YouTube comment summed it up pretty well:
      "Jack is already loud enough, WHO GAVE HIM THE MEGAPHONE?!"
  • When playing Tattletail, Jack notices that Mama is sitting next to a few bottles of ketchup. When she disappears later in the game, Jack says that she's probably going to get some more. This is right before he collects an item that is labelled ketchup.
  • In Helping Hand, when Jack uses simple hand gestures to try to persuade a grumpy nurse to scratch his itchy balls. Jock itch isn't actually an element of the gameplay - Jack just decided to insert it into the game's narrative.
  • In his video of Sniper Elite III, Jack spends a good portion of the video shooting people in their testicles.
  • While playing Bendy and the Ink Machine, he points out that Bendy is just cardboard. Thus, you can pee on him if you wanted.
    • Later on, Jack gets a cameo in Chapter Three, which doubles as a Moment of Awesome. He plays Sean Flynn, a former employee who offended Joey Drew. The best part is that in-character for Jack during a Let's Play or when hamming it up in a video.
    "I don't be seeing what the big deal is. So what if I went and painted some of those Bendy dolls with a broken smile? That's sure no reason for Mr. Drew to be flyin' off the handle at me. And if he really wants to be helpful he could be tellin' me what I'm to be doin' with this warehouse full of this angel whatchamacallit. Not a scrap of that mess be a-sellin'! Probably have to melt it all down to be rid of it all.
  • He played Soda Drinker Pro. Initially, he is simply stuck between being amused and disturbed. After being subjected to the horrors of the "Creepy Forests In The Nights" though, he slowly goes insane...
    Jack: Do you want an ice-cold soda on top of a mountain? Up here there is not a care in the world, because
  • This video that Jack made for April Fools Day, which basically consists of nothing but Jack screaming (or possibly cycling through a few recorded screams) but that's not the funny moment. That would be this comment, so hilarious and on point that Jack pinned the comment and it has since gained over TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND LIKES:
    YouTube Commenter: I don't see how this is supposed to be different to any other JSE video.
    • His "15 Million Followers" celebration. Apparently YouTube gives out rewards for getting that many subscribers. The "trophy" came in a brown paper bag, and is just a piece of paper labeled 15 Million taped to the back of a cereal box.
  • During his playthrough of Night in the Woods, when at a party, Jack comments on a character playing the guitar and says that "There is always that one douchebag playing the guitar at every party". Cue Mae and Gregg saying the exact same lines word for word in game.
  • A fair way in to a playthrough of Hello Neighbor, in which Jack has accomplished virtually nothing due to the frustratingly counter-intuitiveness of the game, Jack discovers a phone sitting on a counter.
    Jack: Uh, hello? Police? I'd like to report some bullshit!
  • Jack, after fan suggestion, returns to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator in "SANTA VS. 1,000 PENGUINS" to try out some things fans had suggested. He starts with Chuck Norris versus Chuck Norris, and has them placed to have an epic fight on top of a bridge. The fight starts and the two run towards one another... only for the game to tell him that Chuck fighting Chuck is impossible, causing an error in the game.
    • In episode 5, he creates a battlefield where "one zombie fights 10,000 chickens." The fact that every enemy killed by a zombie turns into another zombie causing the entire battlefield to end with 50,001 zombies and 0 chickens.
    Jack: Now, I know what you're thinkin, "Jack! That's ridiculous!" Exactly! That's the fucking point of this game!
    • In episode 6, he creates a supercharged Dwarf called Gimli, Son of Gloin, Son of Cheeseburger. What happens after is non stop hilarity, including his own backstory, (he doesn't want anyone to know where he lives because his enemies would use his wife and kids as collateral because they aren't that powerful as him), Jack singing Benny Hill, and his call to the Genetic Company.
    • In the episode involving the use of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jack did the Jurassic Park theme tune only to stop out of awkwardness when he forgot where he placed them. And another moment when he had to travel a huge distance to where his army of Kangaroos are. What is small on the setup screen, is literally a huge difference in the actual simulator.
  • During his playthrough of Prey (2017), he has the main character sit down and "watch a video of his favorite Let's Play". Cut to a superimposed video of Jack screaming at the screen for a good thirty seconds.
    Jack: Jesus Christ! What is... That was shit!
    • "Why does this guy look like a cross between Mark and Filthy Frank?"
  • His Mario Kart 8 Deluxe videos are full of gems, like the crazy Waluigi voice that he puts on whenever he says the character's name. WAH-LOO-EEEE-GEEEE!
    • His sheer delight with the fact that Donkey Kong dabs in the game. Every time it happens, the screen abruptly zooms in on the ape while blaring music plays. Every. Single. Time.
    • After getting captured in "Renegade Roundup" (the game's equivalent to "Cops and Robbers"), he's eventually set free... only to be captured again just seconds later.
    Jack: Fuck yeah! (gets captured again) FUUUUUCK!
    • "I'm not gonna win this, guys, I'm not gonna win this. I'm gonna have to hang my head in shame and conduct honorable sudoku!"
  • Jack breaks down laughing in "Ben and Ed Blood Party" after seeing the characters crawl movement.
  • Jack will never get a Fidget Spinner.
  • Dr. Schneeplestein has his own episode in Bio Inc Redemption, where he has to terminate "This Motherfucker".
    • In the same episode, he has to terminate "My Ass", which prompts Schneeplestein to ask things like "how did you get a lung in your ass?".
  • Jack's Gorn series is pretty much 20-minute doses of non-stop black comedy. But of particular note are the scenes where he grabs the severed heads of his opponents and uses them as puppets.
    Decapitated Gladiator: Ma! Maaaaaaaa! I don't got a body no more! Maaaaaaa!
  • Jack gets in a pretty good pun in his first episode of "Batman: The Enemy Within" when he wallops a goon with a roulette table.
    Jack: PUT IT ALL ON BLACK! (WHAM) Oh, unlucky...
  • His scream of "Oh crumbs!" when Joey falls unconscious during Hiveswap.
  • Jack's entire Plug and Play video. Highlight numero uno. Highlight numero dos.
    Jack: Oh god, oh no, OHOHO MY GOD!! NOOOO. What the... NOOOO.
  • The way he starts dancing to the Big Band music every time he wins a boss fight in Cuphead.
    • He almost rage quits against Cala Maria when he sees her enter her second form on the Game Over screen.
    • He nearly explodes with joy when he finally beats King Dice.
    • Don't forget his look of sheer disbelief when he figures out he did no damage at all to Dr. Kahl's Robot.
  • While playing "Exorcist Legion" on the VR, he finds a tape of a priest recounting demonic possessions he's seen in northern Africa. The priest muses that "There's only one creature that preys on this sort of misery..." Jack's guess: "Harvey Weinstein?"
    • Near the end of the playthrough Jack finds a pencil and attempts to write with it. Cue it glitching and spazzing around on the paper.
  • When taking a Jacksepticeye quiz, he comes to the obligatory question, "What is the name of Jack's Evil Counterpart?" One of the answer was Malicious Gamer. Cue Jack milking this name for all its worth.
  • In the Breath of the Wild part of his January livestream for Suicide Prevention, he moves his webcam onto Link's head and proceeds to laugh his head off.
  • During Jack's playthrough of Meteor: 60 Seconds, Jack's first playthrough has him kissing everybody he sees. Upon finding out that it was simply a VR experience, and that his in-game family was watching… well, when his 5-year-old nephew announces that he wants to try kissing boys at kindergarten:
    Jack: [looks to the side] Can we- can we cut it?
    [screen cuts to color bars]
    Jack: Yeah, no, I had to stop it. I think I hear the police at my door. ...Yeah, I'm in trouble. I'm on a watchlist now.
  • When playing Sea of Thieves with Markiplier, Bob and Wade. They spend a period of time searching for buried treasure and by the time they return to their ship, it capsized as they were swimming towards it. Cue a horrified reaction from each member and Jack's realization about leaving the chest of sorrows on an unmanned ship.note 
  • Though the end is anything but funny, our Jackaboy still gets plenty of laughs in while playing Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. From his constant habit of calling Baldi "Mr. Garibaldi" to his random rendition of "Papa Can You Hear Me", Jack is clearly loving every minute of it....well, until the end.
    • Even the post end-card bit is pretty funny, with Jack going from cowering in fear of Baldi to grinning at the camera.
  • Episode 11 of Guts 'N Glory has him doing the intro over the main menu just as John and Jimmy are hit by a cannon ball.
    Jack: [As John and Jimmy are hit and fall off-screen] Top 'o the morning to ya, laddies! [noticing what happened] My name is JackSepticEye, and- Billy? Billy? Where are ya, Billy? Okay, they're dead.
  • After taking a hiatus from recording due to burnout, Jack’s first couple of videos since his return has him forgetting the words to his own introductory Catchphrase.
  • In the half of the second part of his Spider-Man (PS4) playthrough, while trying to avoid Rose Rosemann, who was answering a call, Jack thought he was caught, and made this hilarious pig like sound.
    Jack (while chuckling): I don't know where that sound came out of.
  • The first "Funniest Home Videos" episode has him stumble on a link to a certain Rick Astley song, and he immediately claims that he won't click it. One Smash Cut later...
    Jack: GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! It's too good, I can't not!
  • Bob imitates Jack in their first "Golf With Friends" video. He claims he "broke [his] voice" in doing so. Even Jack is impressed at just how loud Bob went...
  • Jack reacts to WatchMojo's Top 10 Jacksepticeye Videos, which opens with a traditional Jacksepticeye intro. His first reaction?
    Jack: Jesus fucking Christ! Oh my god, I got jumpscared by myself!
  • Jack and Mark try to learn how to pole dance. It doesn't end well for the both of them.
  • In the first video of Jack's playthrough of Deltarune, right when Susie corners Kris in the school hallway, a thunderstorm strikes in the middle of his recording, seen here.
  • Another "Funniest Home Videos" has Jack watching a commercial that has an intro so loud that Jack is blown back.
    • Later in that same video, Jack encounters a commercial with a pitchman that talks so fast that Jack quickly loses track of what's going on.
      Jack: VINCE! For the love of God, from one energetic fast talking loudmouth to another, slow the fuck down! Okay?

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