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Considering that the Hobo Bros are the same people behind SMG4's Mario Bloopers, lots of funny moments are to be expected!

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    Gaming videos 
  • Their reactions to some of the playable characters in Smash Bros Infinite are pretty funny. That game never fails to make them laugh.
  • Peach's bad habit of killing Luigi in their Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle videos.
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater HACKED!:
  • Luke and Kevin get hysterical playing Nickelodeon TOON TWISTER 3-D. Special mention goes to the part where they learn they can record audio. Kevin shouts "WHAT DA FUCK!" into the microphone, making him and Luke laugh... and they accidentally record the next few seconds of what they say, then decide to just Throw It In!.
  • FAIL SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK STUNTS || GTA 5 MODS [Spongebob Squarepants mod] is also really funny. Luke and Kevin play Grand Theft Auto V, but modded so that the player characters are Spongebob and Patrick. They attempt to do stunts on an obstacle course, and fail hilariously.
    • At one point, Luke and Kevin are riding on a motorcycle together. Kevin is driving, while Luke trolls him by spawning in enormous planes to block the path. At one point, Kevin hits a plane, causing the motorcycle to fall off the road.
    • Near the end, Luke and Kevin are riding on a motorcycle again. They come across a sharp curve in the road. Instead of going along the curve, Kevin tries to cut across it, but since his motorcycle isn't fast enough, they fall off the road. Luke's reaction is hilarious.
    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" (laughing)
  • CRINGE COMPETITION || PART 3 || FISHY BOOPKINS and SMG4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii (NSMBW)
    • Luke and Kevin credit "the power of memes" for helping them get through a level. When they start the next level, they try to summon "double the memes" by referencing Discredited Memes, like "Chocolate Rain" and "Numa Numa".
    • "Killing yourself is not a meme."
    • Since they're playing an ice level and being attacked by penguin enemies, Luke suggests that they make Club Penguin memes. Kevin simply says "fuck", and mentions how players used to make memes about getting banned from Club Penguin for cursing. Luke and Kevin both die in the game immediately afterwards, and they joke that NSMBW banned them for swearing.
    • They joke that they're going to lose all their lives before the video ends. They then try the level again... and die almost immediately.
    • When Kevin inadvertently causes Luke to get hit from behind by one of the penguin enemies:
    Kevin: I'm sorry, Luke. Sorry.
    Luke: It's okay. I got anal'd by that penguin, and I'm okay with that.
  • From their playthrough of Cuphead:
    • For the intro cutscene, they give the characters "Asian voices" just For the Lulz (note that the Bros are of Asian descent too.) When the Devil says "Now get out!" Kevin says "Get the fuck out of my... stir-fry shop!" The high-pitched voices that Luke does for Cuphead and Mugman are also pretty funny.
    • When the first two members of the Root Pack appear, Luke and Kevin call them the wrong kind of vegetables. The editors are quick to point this out, complete with the "You are retard?" clip from Borat. They finally get it right with Psycarrot, though.
      Kevin, upon seeing Moe Tato, a potato: It's a giant pumpkin!
    • And from then on, "You are retard" becomes a Running Gag, where the clip is played every time Luke or Kevin makes an especially dumb mistake.
    • After several attempts to beat Grim Matchstick, Kevin gets so into it that he actually screams when he and Luke die at one point.
  • Luke and Kevin discover a Super Mario 64 mod that allows Mario to create portals. Naturally, the bros exploit this ability to screw around and glitch the game.
    • Luke and Kevin try teleporting some Toads, leaving them floating above the ground. When they have Mario talk to the Toads, Luke speaks for them. For the first Toad, Luke says:
    • For the second Toad's dialogue, Luke simply screams.
    • They teleport Whomp King out of his arena, and he seemingly falls off the stage.
      Luke: Don't kill yourself, it's not worth it.
      Kevin: It's not worth it, dude.
    • The bros realize that they don't have enough stars to get through the door to the first Bowser level, so Luke simply uses the portals to glitch the doors away so he can just walk right through.
    • In the Bowser stage, Kevin advises Luke on where to aim the portals so they can skip right to the end of the level. His placement is off every time, causing Mario to fall to his death many times.
    • Kevin is getting tired of Luke taking so long to beat the level:
      Kevin: Come on... come on...
      Luke: I'm going...
      (Luke accidentally causes Mario to fall off a platform, forcing him to try that section of the level again.)
      Kevin: Come ooooooon!
      Luke: You wanna try?
      Kevin: ...No. (chuckles)
  • The bros mod Super Mario 64 to make Fishy Boopkins the player character, and then try the Green Demon challenge.note  Hilarity ensues.
    • Luke notes that the Fishy Boopkins model falls into the Uncanny Valley, claiming it looks "possessed".
    • They have Fishy talk to the first Toad in Peach's Castle, and while Kevin talks over him in the Fishy Boopkins voice, Luke speaks for the Toad.
    • At one point, both brothers have a sudden coughing fit, and Kevin jokes that the game is "giving [them] cancer."
    • Luke starts singing along to the cheerful Whomp's Fortress music, with lyrics like "Kevin's gonna die."
    • At least once, the 1-up Mushroom seemingly disappears. Luke and Kevin stop and wonder what happened to it, when a couple seconds later, the mushroom comes back, and Luke and Kevin react the way one would react to a Jump Scare.
  • The bros and some friends play Mario Party 9... playing as SMG4, Bob, Fishy Boopkins and Kermit the Frog. The sheer ridiculousness of it all is compounded by Fishy Boopkins' model constantly deforming.
  • Poor Luke is terrified of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, often screaming and hiding while he or Kevin is playing.
  • The playthrough of 3D Movie Maker involves the next chapter of the Carl Chronicles made in Toom Twister 3D. The bros notice that the model used for Po is the same model of her used in Garry's Mod and they immediately compare it to a normal SMG4 video.

    Hobo Theatre 
  • The Untold Story of Fishy Boopkins is A Day in the Limelight for Fishy Boopkins from SMG4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers series, and it's perhaps one of the funniest episodes of Hobo Theatre.
    • Kevin notes multiple times that doing Fishy Boopkins' voice strains his throat. Poor Fishy, even his voice actor finds him annoying!
    • Boopkins's "parents" being Kermit the Frog and Laa-Laa.
    • This exchange:
      Luke: (narrating) And then he disappeared, and no one liked him, and he had no friends.
      Kevin: (Fishy Boopkins voice) Noooooo! I-I thought people liked me!
      Luke: Well, uh... vote now! Do you like Fishy Boopkins?
      Kevin: (Fishy Boopkins voice) People love me! Guys, you all love me, right?
      Luke: (beat) Like the video if you hate him.
      Kevin: (Fishy Boopkins voice) Nooooooo! ...That means everyone's gonna dislike it, you know.
      Luke: Dislike it if you hate him as well!
  • Tom Nook's Sick Crib is definitely one of the funniest episodes in the series.
    • Kevin's laughter gets increasingly hysterical as the video goes on, to the point that he starts crying, and openly admits it.
    • Tom Nook's apartment seems nice at first, but throughout the video, it's made more and more clear how shoddy the apartment really is. For one thing, his widescreen TV was stolen from Wal-Mart, the city background is just a cardboard cutout, and Tom Nook doesn't even own the apartment.
    • This exchange:
    Kevin: Why is the gravity so low?
    Luke: (beat) It's Mexico. It's on the other side of the world!note  (Kevin is laughing) It's on the other side of the world, Kevin!
    Kevin: (still laughing) That's a good explanation!
  • Dr. Mario rapping to a dying patient in SUPER DR MARIO.
  • Waluigi and the Great Heist has many great moments, like Waluigi trying to flirt with Aiai and Globox defecating Waluigi out of his ass.
    Meme reaction videos 
  • This video showcases Luke and Kevin watching the WTOL TPS testing video which features the WTOL crew encouraging students to study using various internet slang and memes. Luke compares this to Kevin when he tries to talk to their fans. Offended, Kevin stays silent for the rest of the video and leaves afterward. Luke goes to check on him, but Kevin pulls out a gun and points it at Luke threatening to kill him and then himself. Luke takes the gun away from Kevin and realizes it's fake.

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