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  • Our hero's name is !!!0999 qq.
    • And it took eleven minutes to come up with that name.
  • Just like A, QQ ignored Professor Birch for quite a while before saving him.
  • QQ picked Torchic. Again.
  • Poochyena used Leech Life and Torchic's moveset was Peck and Judgment.
  • Torchic was named !!!!r.
  • Torchic leveled up and learned Shadow Punch despite not having arms.
  • Immediately after 0999 tried to rob a trainer´s Solrock, Judgement was dealt.
  • The Route 102 Tuber carries around Wobbuffett with Primordial Sea so he can swim wherever he wants.
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  • A male swimmer named Tiana was fought.
  • The Mob tries to convince 0999 to sex everyone, including Wally, Brendan, and Norman.
  • Torchic seems to be a god-like reincarnation of Zexy.
  • Bugkeeper James turns out to be Lorekeeper Zinnia in disguise.
    • When fought again in the postgame, he turns into Secret Base Expert Aarune.
  • Torchic evolves into Lampent.
  • Thundershock bird plus curious cat equals...
  • Lotad evolved into Squirtle.
  • A "Team Aqua" member named Clark had a Level 10 LUGIA that knew Thief.
  • QQ caught a Luvdisc whose ability is Oblivious, meaning she can't be infatuated.
  • The chat tried to withdraw Elekid from the PC and accidentally won a Coolness Contest in the process.
  • Team Aqua's leader used Fire and Ground type Pokemon like Team Magma.
  • The chat named a Krabby "ANN♀ALNNAMN". The reaction was about as you'd expect, except for some reason most sources say it was the actual word.
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  • Swinub evolved into Marshtomp and then into Lanturn, thereby losing both of its original types.
  • Aqua Admin Matt was secretly Courtney.
  • In the second battle against Archie, he had a Flygon that did nothing but Heart Swap, eventually winding up taking the stat reductions that one of his earlier Pokémon had inflicted. Furthermore, Flygon's Mummy ability ended up spreading to QQ's Pokémon, allowing her to remove his Mega Camerupt's Fur Coat, providing the difference in the battle.
  • Primal Kyogre's ability was Drought, the opposite of its signature ability Drizzle/Primordial Sea.
  • Aside from Mega Stones, held items are randomized as well, and thanks to Frisk, Swinu 1xcc can find out exactly what they are. Among the things she's found enemy trainers' Pokémon carrying are a Helix Fossil and Mulch—the latter on Elite Four Sidney's Espeon.
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  • Phoebe was randomized into her own type, Ghost.
  • QQ put an Insurmountable Waist-High Fence in a 1-square passage in her Secret Base and was trapped for two and a half hours before eventually using an Escape Rope to abandon the place.
  • Facing Glacia for the first time, QQ had Wigglytuff use Strength on her lead Pokémon, a Spiritomb. It hit, because it was actually a Malamar with Illusion.
  • After lacking wild legendaries throughout the main game, Sky Pillar suddenly introduced them with wild Ho-oh. QQ caught three of them. At full health, in regular Poké Balls, throwing a grand total of 4 of them.
    • She then threw a single Poké Ball at Deoxys and caught that too. Meanwhile, plot-mandated legendary Rayquaza took 5—as many as the three Ho-oh and Deoxys combined.
  • Rayquaza wielded the power of Judgement during the battle to capture it...only for it to be automatically overwritten by Dragon Ascent when the plot kicked in.
  • Between late Day 1 and late Day 2, QQ lost five times to a regular trainer, but thanks to placement that doesn't strictly require defeating said trainer, she was able to progress. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle on Day 10, after beating the Elite Four.
  • QQ beat the Elite Four rematch and evolved Lampent... into Flareon.