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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

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Day 1 - A Random New World. Littleroot Town to Mauville.

  • 00:00: The latest Twitch Plays Pokémon run begins!
  • 00:11: We pick a girl and name her !!!0999 qq
  • 00:15: Clock is set and the game is saved for the first time.
  • 00:26: We pick another Torchic as our starter. The enemy Poochyena uses Leech Life and Torchic's moveset is Peck and Judgment.
  • 00:29: Torchic is named !!!!r.
  • 00:35: Torchic levels up and learns Shadow Punch despite not having arms.
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  • 00:43: QQ makes it to Oldale's Pokemon mart and the stream crashes briefly.
  • 00:45: QQ battles Brendan, whose starter is a Helioptile, and blacks out due to poison and Swift.
  • 01:00: Brenden is defeated. Also the first ledge jump of the run happens.
  • 01:26: After battling a Team Flare Youngster, QQ catches a Rufflet nicknamed 5 %o8e222rr'. Torchic's Peck is replaced with Tackle.
  • 01:41: A Squirtle is captured and nicknamed Gg9pp.
  • 01:53: We reach Petalburg City, talk with our Dad, watch Wally capture a Ralts, and get the PlayNav!
  • 02:16: We capture a Glameow on Route 104! Nicknamed Ééééé.
  • 02:35: Another Glameow is captured! This time nicknamed ézzxééééé"::
  • 02:55: Torchic loses Judgement for Fairy Lock.
  • 02:59: While tossing Pokeballs, a Lotad and Pikachu are caught! Lotad is named !yhyytrgssxx
  • 03:03: Chat then captures a Dratini, nicknaming it Dratin.
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  • 03:37: Chat finally leaves Petalburg Forest, only to eventually black out back to Petalburg.
  • 04:23: While continuing to wander Petalburg Forest, Chat captures a Solosis. Nicknamed Solosiséérri.
  • 04:36: Torchic evolved into.... Lampent!
  • 04:47: Rustboro is reached!
  • 05:36: Roxanne is engaged for the first time. She leads with Butterfree! Stay random, Hoenn.
  • 05:42: Roxanne is defeated on the first try! Badges: 1/8
  • 06:20: A Fennekin is captured.
  • 06:21: Lotad evolves into... Squirtle! Now we only have 4 distinct Pokemon in the party!
  • 06:29: QQ battles Team Aqua Clark, who leads with a Lugia! 5 %o8e222rr' defeats it easily, however.
  • 07:00: Chat uses a Pokeball found on the ground to catch a Horsea. Nicknamed Eeassss77eee.
  • 11:33: Brawly's Steel-type gym is defeated on the first attempt! Badges: 2/8
  • 17:33: The second Brendan fight is beaten!
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  • 17:46: Wally is defeated!
  • 21:10: Wattson's Ground-type gym is finally beaten! Badges: 3/8
  • 22:20: A PC trip results several Pokemon being deposited and swapped out. Rufflet, Corsola, Kingler and Shroomish are released, the other Kingler (GG) is left in the PC, and Lampent being the only Pokemon in the party.
  • 23:24: The party is eventually rebuilt with !!!!r being joined by a Wynaut, two Shroomish, a Weedle, and a Luvdisk.

Day 2 - Evolution Mania. Mauville to Lavaridge Town.

  • 00:00: The day begins on Route 110 grinding a new party and trying to evolve them. Badges: 3/8.
  • 00:01: Weedle evolves into Spewpa!
  • 02:18: While trying to evolve the party and get rid of a second Shroomish, !!!!r and Luvdisk are left in the Daycare. With no money to get them out, they're stuck.
  • 02:31: A Diglett and a second Corsola are caught to fill the vacancies in the party.
  • 04:45: Wynaut evolved into Gothorita!
  • 05:11: After many levels of trying, Spewpa (formerly Weedle) evolves into a Masquerain!
  • 05:42: An Elekid is caught! With.... Imposter as its ability?
  • 05:46: A Clefairy is caught next!
  • 05:49: And now a Kabuto! tppDome
  • 06:39: In the middle of a catching spree, one of the Shroomish evolves into an Ivysaur!
  • 07:53: While grinding, Chat encounters a Mudkip. After an intense and eventful battle, they succeed in catching it!
  • 10:11: The second Shroomish is deposited into the PC.
  • 10:19: Gothorita wins a contest!
  • 10:33: A Snivy is added to the party, re-filling it.
  • 12:30: Snivy evolves into Sawsbuck!
  • 12:51: Diglett evolves into Flygon! The chat is mystified by this development, as the rules given to them for evolutions were that it would share a type with the earlier form and its BST would be between 5/6 and 6/5 of whatever the Pokémon normally evolves into and 6/5 of Dugtrio's BST is just 486, well short of Flygon's 520. Flygon's ability is Mummy.
  • 14:13: Aqua Leader Archie is defeated on Mt Chimney!
  • 23:21: Flannery finally goes down, and Ivysaur finally evolves into Roserade! Badges: 4/8.

Day 3 - Wasting Time, Killing 'Mon. Petalburg and East of Mauville

  • 00:00: The day begins in Petalburg, trying to challenge Norman for our fifth badge. Badges: 4/8.
  • 00:18: And just like that, Corsola sweeps Norman! Badges: 5/8.
  • 02:37: While wasting time to avoid a potential removal of the EXP Share, Nina defeats the Winstrate House and gets a Macho Brace. Which is instantly tossed.
  • 03:03: The Root Fossil is taken!
  • 03:47: The Stream goes down temporarily. When it returns, Revo announces that "all trainer Pokemon now have 31IV, all trainer pokemon level received 5% buff, AI should be better now."
  • 05:18: The Root Fossil is revived into a Lileep, and sent to Box 2.
  • 05:37: Stopping at the Center, the PC is used and Roserade, Flygon and Masquerain are released while Sawsbuck and Gothorita are left in the PC.
  • An Aggronite is obtained. Several more Pokemon are released, including Lileep.
  • The party is refilled and Corsola is deposited, and a Spoink and Swinub are added to the Daycare to retrieve R-Ceus and Luvdisc. The party is made up of R-Ceus, Luvdisc, a Horsea, a Wingull, and a Duskull.
  • 09:04: Latias is obtained.
  • 13:49: Brendan is challenged on Route 119. Agent 999 loses and deposits Latias in the PC.
  • 14:19: A Chansey is captured to fill the empty space in the party.
  • 20:12: Wingull evolves to Jellicent.

Day 4 - Re-Rebuilding. Route 119 and Fortree City.

  • 03:43: Chansey evolves into Wigglytuff. The chat is not sure how they feel about having a Fairy-type in the party, but eventually decide that she's seelie and not one of Lamp's enemies.
  • 04:09: Horseatuny evolves to Barbaracle.
  • 04:44: Duskull evolves to Jellicent, surprising the chat as this was also Wingull's evolved form. Some mistakenly believed that the game treated male and female Jellicent as completely different forms, but in reality it was just dumb luck that the two Pokémon that evolved into Jellicent were different genders. (Duskull was male, Wingull female.)
  • 05:30: Luvdisc is released. A Ferroseed was captured to take its place.
  • 09:01: Horseatuny is deposited and released in Mauville City.
  • 09:14: The mob manages to send Agent 999 west to the Daycare, and an egg is received from the Daycare Man. He is then spoken to again and it is revealed that Spoink and Swinub "didn't seem to get along" but nonetheless produced an egg together.
  • 11:19: Swinub is hatched from the egg, nicknamed Swinu.
  • 14:06: Brendan is defeated on the seventh attempt, giving him the first Wattson Rating of the run.
  • The day ends with 999 struggling through Winona's Grass-type gym.

Day 5 - Adrift in the Darkness. Fortree City to Mossdeep City

  • 03:40: Winona is defeated on the sixth run, narrowly missing out on a Wattson ranking.
  • 999 goes to Mt. Pyre and grinds, hoping to rematch Worker Valerie until she gives her a Dusk Stone. Unfortunately, the Dusk Stone is only available when facing her post-E4 team. The chat moves on.
  • 09:52: Swinu evolves to Marshtomp. Immediately the chat starts joking about Marshtomp evolving to Jellicent.
  • ~19:00: The Mossdeep Gym has been randomized to Fighting-type. After a couple of failed runs at the leaders, 999 leaves to grind.
  • Lampent is deposited in the PC.
  • 21:30: A Glaceon is captured to fill the space in the party, nicknamed Glaceonhfeer.

Day 6 - A Guiding Light. Mossdeep City to Sootopolis City and post-Kyogre sidequests.

  • 02:31: Tate and Liza are defeated on the fifth attempt, but neither Marshtomp nor Revoseed can beat the B-trolls.
  • Archie is faced and revealed to be Ground-themed, even having a Mega Camerupt. 999 is victorious anyway in large part to the sleeper agent she'd planted on his team—Flygon, who couldn't be killed by the PC because he was already undead. Archie's Flygon dealt absolutely no damage to Pink Jellicent and gave her the Mummy Ability, which was used to take away Mega Camerupt's Fur Coat and allow Dive to 2HKO it.
  • 11:07: Revoseed evolves to Cacturne.
  • 11:50: Kyogre is faced, and the reason for Team Aqua being filled with Team Magma members and led by a man with Ground-types including Mega Camerupt suddenly becomes obvious: Primal Kyogre's Ability is Drought. Agent 999 throws two Poké Balls at it and captures it, nicknaming it !bbuaattbrrk, known colloquially as "Butt" or occasionally "Butt Break".
  • 14:38: A Chandelure is captured.
  • 15:26: Swinu finally evolves, becoming a Lanturn.
  • Soar is used on Route 129 before properly checkpointing the route, leaving it unable to be landed on again. Since the C-stick wasn't enabled, this leaves the stream stuck in the air for over an hour.
  • ~20:00: Wallace's Gym is entered and discovered (by facing the Gym Trainers) to be Flying-type, but without Democracy, the gym can't be traversed.
  • The streamer announces that Democracy (needed for Wallace's Gym) has been worked out, but he's going to bed and will implement it in the morning. Sidequests are undertaken, including the Trick House and returning to the Aqua Base for the Master Ball, which is eventually tossed. At some point, the Name Rater is visited, and Swinu is renamed Swinu 1xcc while Chanseyfdff is renamed Chansey. Sea Mauville is also explored, triggering Lugia's appearance.

Day 7 - A Measure of Stability. Sidequests, Sootopolis Gym, and Victory Road

  • ~12:00 Wallace has a Lugia!
  • 12:38: On the third attempt, Wallace is defeated.
  • 14:00-23:00: Victory Road repeatedly proves to be too tough for Agent 999. A double battle with a pair of Fairy-types ruins multiple VR runs.
  • 23:20: Aden and Finn, the trainers with the Fairy-types, are defeated on the third try, clearing the path to...
  • 23:23: Wally! Epic music plays as 999 begins her first attempt, already badly battered. He sends out a Hariyama who uses Petal Blizzard to take down Lanturn, Endeavor and Fire Punch to beat Cacturne, and then turns out to have Dry Skin and heals from pink Jellicent's Dive.
  • 24:00: The day ends without a single boxing or evolution.

Day 8 - A Link to the Past. Wally, Sidney, and Phoebe.

  • 00:17: Attempt #2 at Wally! "Chansey", the only member of the team not already known to be weak to Hariyama, is narrowly defeated but brings Hariyama down to single-digit health—9 HP, to be precise, since it knows Endeavor. Due to difficulties in selecting attacking moves compounded with half the team knowing Water-type moves, it takes all five of the other members of the team to finally bring it down.
  • 00:23: His next Pokémon is an Emboar, and the chat, already remembering past Fighting-types of their own, is reminded of Wilbur. Wilbur promptly finishes off Blue Jellicent to end attempt #2.
  • 01:27: Attempt #3 begins with "Chansey" already fainted. As expected, "Annie" sweeps the remainder of the team.
  • 03:56: "Chansey" isn't fainted at the start of attempt #4, but everyone else is and she's pretty weak. The battle ends in one turn.
  • 06:14: The chat is briefly switched to sub only mode, and some users are temporarily banned because "their presence was causing drama". This seems to be related to the absolute breaking of the donger economy that Smash provided, and eventually it's decided that everyone's balance would be reset to what it was before Smash began.
  • 07:20: Latias lands at the Nameless Cavern and Azelf is challenged.
    • 07:22: The first Poké Ball shakes 3 times before failing to catch, and then Agent 999 runs away.
  • 10:09: Agent 999 attempts to face Wally again, now with a TM-fueled superior movepool. With Chanseytuff's STAB Dazzling Gleam, Hariyama is easily handled.
  • 10:11: Emboar takes out Wigglytuff and Glaceon with Mirror Shot, then Crunches male Jellicent.
  • 10:18: Female Jellicent's Dive finally finishes off Emboar, but Cacturne and Lanturn also went down. Wally's third Pokémon is revealed to be Conkeldurr.
  • 10:20: Female Jellicent also has Dazzling Gleam and rips through both Conkeldurr and his fourth Pokémon, Primeape, but a poorly timed Poké Ball costs 999 the win against Mega Lucario.
  • 11:57: Wally is challenged for the sixth time. Wigglytuff is standing, but in the red.
  • 11:58: Hariyama's fourth move is finally revealed as Bug Buzz finishes off Wigglytuff. Bag spam then kills the rest of the attempt, and Hariyama sweeps the team for the fourth time.
  • 13:48: Wally is challenged for a seventh time, again with Wigglytuff already fainted. The rest of the team manages to handle Hariyama but Conkeldurr quickly finishes Glaceon off.
  • 14:37: Wally is challenged for the eighth time. Wigglytuff and Glaceon are taken down, and Lanturn heals it with Waterfall.
  • 14:40: Discharge finally paralyzes Hariyama, and male Jellicent takes it out.
  • 14:44: With only female Jellicent left, Emboar is taken out with Dive. Like in the fifth attempt, Dazzling Gleam easily handles Primeape and Conkeldurr.
  • 14:48: Thanks to being able to avoid its Solarbeams with Dive, Jellicent is able to triumph over Mega Lucario. Wally is defeated! The chat is confused as he gives us a Dawn Stone as a reminder of his Gallade.
  • 14:54: Agent 999 heads straight for the Elite Four without healing. She's quickly beaten by Sidney's Hypno.
  • 15:00: The Elite Four attempts begin in earnest. Psychic-type Sidney is defeated, but only male Jellicent survives.
  • 15:14: Phoebe sends out a Gourgeist, leading to speculation that she's been randomized to her own type. Jellicent's Shadow Ball is able to take it out, and she sends out a Drifblim to confirm this. Jellicent tanks a Volt Tackle with 1 HP to get her to send out her third Pokémon, a Misdreavus, before finally falling.
  • 17:03: The seventh attempt at the Elite Four ends with a fifth loss to Sidney, tying the number of losses A had against him when it took her 103 attempts to beat the Elite Four.
  • 19:55: Pink Jellicent defeats Sidney on Run 14, but forgets Shadow Ball, her best move against Phoebe. 999 spends half an hour in his room afterwards trying to reteach it via TM.
  • 20:37: After finally challenging Phoebe again and losing, Agent 999 goes outside and finds a Mewtwonite Y.
  • 22:26: Run 16 ends with another loss to Sidney, officially giving Sidney more wins against 999 than he had against A.
  • 22:47: Agent 999 heads to Route 120 and creates a new Secret Base.
  • 22:54: Agent 999 finishes decorating her new Secret Base and discovers that the layout she has chosen is completely impenetrable. She's stuck in there until she redecorates again.

Day 9 - A Long Day at the League - Elite Four

  • ~01:00: A mob member reports that he tested in his copy of Omega Ruby and the Escape Rope is usable inside a Secret Base, which would offer an alternate way of getting Agent 999 out but would make the current base unusable.
  • 01:21: An Escape Rope is used, finally allowing Agent 999 to escape after about two and a half hours.
  • 02:13: Swinu grows to level 63 and forgets Stealth Rock for Oblivion Wing.
  • 03:40: Attempt 17 at the Elite Four begins after attempts to job to wild Pokémon to black out back to the Pokémon League fail. It ends with another loss to Sidney.
  • 04:06: Attempt 18 finally reveals Phoebe's fourth Pokémon, a Doublade. Of course, she sent it out second.
    • 04:12: ...and then Phoebe is pushed all the way to her last Pokémon: Chandelure. Since Wigglytuff is the only one left and Chandelure resists all of her moves (Normal/Fighting/Ice/Fairy), it's another loss, though not a quick one.
  • 04:38: On Attempt 19, Phoebe is defeated (12th attempt at Phoebe). Her Chandelure is revealed to know both Guillotine and Destiny Bond, with the latter taking down Lanturn as it falls. Only Wigglytuff is left as Agent 999 takes on Glacia for the first time.
  • 04:42: Glacia leads with a Spiritomb, and Wigglytuff's first move is Strength...and much to everyone's surprise, it hits! Turns out Glacia's lead is actually a Malamar possessing Zoroark's signature ability, Illusion. She then sends out a Bisharp, who lays down a STAB Doom Desire before falling. Her third Pokémon is Mightyena, who paralyzes Wigglytuff with a Discharge before Bisharp's Doom Desire finishes her off.
  • 09:05: On Attempt 27, Glacia is finally defeated (fifth attempt at Glacia). Drake has been randomized to Poison-type. Guildmaster Wigglytuff makes short work of his Arbok but falls to his Muk. Lanturn is sent out, only to run straight into Muk's Dark Void, and unable to defend itself as it is killed by Sludge Bombs. Black out.
  • 11:34: Wigglytuff reaches level 90.
  • 17:44: Drake is pushed all the way to his final Pokémon on Attempt 39, but still wins.
  • 20:18: Chansey the Wigglytuff becomes the fifteenth Pokémon in TPP history to reach Level 100!
  • 20:26: Pink Jellicent sweeps Phoebe and avoids a Destiny Bond from her Chandelure, starting earnest URN hype as only Revocactus is knocked out and three of the remaining 5 haven't even seen battle yet.
  • 20:51: While poor move choices against Glacia quelled the URN hype, Attempt 43 still results in the first victory against Drake (eighth attempt at Drake).
  • 20:54: Steven leads off with Lampent! Wigglytuff does no better against it than she did against Phoebe's Chandelure the first time it appeared, and Attempt 43 ends with Steven's typing still not technically confirmed.
  • 22:44: Now level 95, Pink Jellicent one-shots Phoebe's Drifblim for the first time. Only Chandelure is able to survive a hit from it now.
  • 23:09: Attempt 46 ends with Agent 999 becoming the Champion! It was just the second time facing Steven and the first time seeing the rest of his Pokémon. He had a Camerupt, an Emboar, a Magmar, a Ninetales, and a Mega Charizard Y. Blue Jellicent almost swept, but was forced back to its Poké Ball by Mega Charizard Y's Roar allowing Swinu to deal the finishing blow.
  • 23:25: After the credits seem to have the wrong Pokémon in the "memories" scenes, 999 defeats Brendan, whose Mega was Ampharos.

Day 10 - Danger Never Ends - Postgame Sidequests and Early Delta Episode

  • 00:42: Team Aqua Admin Matt is faced at Petalburg, randomized to a Backpacker. He only has a single Simisear, but manages to take out two of Agent 999's Pokémon due to type advantage.
  • 03:03: Glaceon wins a Normal Rank Beauty Contest.
  • 03:14: Cacturne wins a Super Rank Cool Contest.
  • 03:46: After taking on a buffed-up Expert Isaac (originally Breeder, so six Pokémon), randomized to Ground (he was Fairy originally), Maid Lydia's team of Water-types is faced. Because she was never defeated, they're still level 22, and get swept.
  • 11:33: Lugia is captured, nicknamed Lugi 5688 r. Like Kyogre, it took only two Balls, though this time they were at least Great Balls.
  • 12:18: Zinnia is faced at Granite Cave. She leads with a Noivern, one of her canon Pokémon, but follows it up with a Dodrio and a Talonflame, confirming that she has been randomized to Flying.
  • 17:25: Steven and Zinnia are met at the Mossdeep Space Center. Sensing that the world is still very much in danger, Agent 999 cuts her day off short and heads to Meteor Falls.
  • 17:59: En route, a Roserade is captured and nicknamed Roseradeoopp. Speculation runs wild as to whether this means Shroomisho p/Roseo also managed to survive being released, and what this means for the greater TPP lore.
  • 18:27: Steven is spoken to at Meteor Falls.
  • 20:48: Steven and Agent 999 team up to take on Aqua Admin Matt and a grunt. Matt has a Mega Houndoom. Steven attacks Agent 999's Pokémon at one point and also takes out one of the Jellicent with Discharge.
  • 22:13: Zinnia steals Archie's Key Stone, and Agent 999 obtains a Sharpedonite.
  • 22:57: A detour is made to Mt. Pyre in an attempt to obtain the Dusk Key.
  • 23:43: Preschooler Valerie is battled, but no Dusk Stone is acquired.

Day 11 - Saving the World Yet Again - Delta Episode Conclusion and More Sidequests

  • 00:23: Presechooler Valerie is battle again and again fails to give up the Dusk Key.
  • 05:35: Wallace is defeated at the foot of Sky Pillar. His team consists of Noivern, Braviary, Vespiquen, Salamence, Unfezant, and Aerodactyl.
  • 05:44: Wild Ho-oh appeared! !!!0999 qq used a Poké Ball! Wild Ho-oh was caught!
    • 05:47: And another one!
      • 06:00: Make that three!
  • 06:08: Rayquaza appears!
  • 06:14: Rayquaza captured; Glaceon sent to the PC. Rayquaza's moveset during the battle is Judgement, Substitute, Shadow Force, and Fire Spin, and its ability is Speed Boost. Judgement ends up overwritten by Dragon Ascent, however.
  • 06:16: Zinnia's new trainer class is Battle Girl! She has Scyther, Emolga, Altaria, Sigilyph, and Mega Charizard Y.
  • 06:34: Deoxys captured in one Poké Ball! It's nicknamed F.
  • 09:11: Rayquaza wins a Hyper Coolness Contest.
  • 17:00: Agent 999 fully completes the Trick House.
  • 20:56: Having been told that they'll be given the opportunity to evolve Lampent after the Elite Four rematch if they already have the Dusk Stone, the mob sends Agent 999 to face Preschooler Valerie yet again. She fails to receive a Dusk Stone.
  • 22:55: Another rematch with Valerie fails to yield a Dusk Stone.
  • 23:47: Yet another rematch yields no fruit. The mob has figured out how to get rematches quicker, and she's already ready for another rematch when the day ends.

Day 12 - The Quest for the Holy Grail - Mt. Pyre, Safari Zone, and Scorched Slab

  • 00:06: The first rematch of the day ends without a Dusk Stone.
  • 00:50: Two more battles yield no Dusk Stone, but this one does allow Male Jellicent to grow to Level 100.
  • 01:47: Two more battles have passed, and now Female Jellicent is also Level 100. Still no Dusk Stone, though.
  • 04:16: After two more failed battles and a lot of abusing the live updaters with symbol-filled nicknames, the stream goes offline. It goes down twice more within the hour.
  • 05:31: With the stream no longer crashing, the mob tries again. And fails again.
  • 08:58: After eight more attempts have failed, the mob finally decides to take a break, heading to the Safari Zone.
  • 18:01: Heatran is captured at Scorched Slab on another break from battling Valerie.
  • 19:51: Revo comes on and reveals that the randomizer screwed with item drops from trainers. All of those rematches were for naught. Deku's supposed to fix it.
  • 20:52: Deku says it should work. Instead, it's more broken than ever. Revo takes the blame, saying he sent Deku the wrong file.
  • 21:26: Because roughly 40 attempts were made, two Dusk Stones have been edited directly into Nina's inventory.

Day 13 - The Final Stretch - Elite Four Rematch and Contest Halls

  • 00:30: An Ace Duo in Victory Road has a Ho-oh, but it has Imposter and quickly becomes something less threatening.
  • 01:02: Nina begins her first attempt at the rematch Elite Four!
  • 01:19: Sidney is defeated on the first try, but only male Jellicent remained.
  • 01:23: Nina's Jellicent takes out Dusknoir and Aegislash before falling to Phoebe's Jellicent.
  • 04:12: Attempt 7 ends like the previous 6, losing to Phoebe. It's largely blamed on trolls spamming the touchscreen coordinates "69,69", which maps to a non-damaging move for one Pokémon and a move that can't affect Ghost-types for two others.
  • 04:58: Phoebe is defeated on the ninth attempt, with three Pokémon left.
  • 05:08: Glacia needs only two Pokémon to finish off Attempt #9.
  • 06:05: Rematch Sidney manages to avoid going winless, ending Attempt #11.
  • 06:52: Swinu grows to Level 100.
  • 14:34: After making it to Glacia five straight times, repeated bag usage results in a loss to Phoebe on Attempt 26. This may be the trolls waking up as the Strength usage also starts up again.
  • 15:12: Revocactus grows to Level 100.
  • 16:45: Rayquaza grows to Level 100 during Attempt #31, giving TPP its first ever full team of level 100 Pokémon.
  • 17:10: With a full complement of Level 100 Pokémon seemingly not being enough, the chat is mulling over the idea of depositing something and then going to Sky Pillar to capture another Ho-oh.
  • 17:15: Glacia ends Attempt #31, and rather than immediately going back for another go, Agent 999 leaves.
  • ~ 17:30: It is determined that Mega Evolution in this hack is also somehow bugged, comparing Rayquaza's stats with its Mega evolved stats. HP is actually slightly different, something which is normally never the case when Mega Evolving, and its Special Attack severely drops when switching to Mega form.
  • 18:27: Rayquaza is entered in a master rank coolness contest. This is part of a plan to exploit the Affection mechanics, since Pokémon-Amie isn't available to TPP.

Day 14 - Operation Affection - Contest Halls and more Elite Four Rematches

  • 01:07: Swinu wins a master rank coolness contest!
  • Most of the day: Contests.
  • 18:06: Wigglytuff has a Lax Incense, Blue Jellicent a Sea Incense, and Rayquaza has Leftovers. This is important as these held items are actually serving a purpose.
  • 20:51: Attempt #32 begins.
  • 21:06: Attempt #32 ends to Phoebe.
  • 21:33: On Attempt #33 (10th attempt at Glacia), Agent 999 finally defeats Glacia, whose Mega is Absol. Rayquaza's the only one left, though, so a quick blackout to Drake should be forthcoming.
  • 21:38: ...or perhaps not. Rayquaza sweeps and manages to heal what little damage it takes via Leftovers.
  • 21:48: Steven's first five Pokémon are down, but there's just one problem—Rayquaza's out of PP for damaging moves! Hell, it only managed to knock out his penultimate Pokémon because Taunt allowed it to use Struggle prematurely.
  • 22:20: With only Rayquaza remaining after Phoebe's defeat on Attempt 34, the stream briefly goes down. It goes down again during the Glacia battle.
  • 22:33: And again, Rayquaza sweeps both Glacia and Drake.
  • 23:12: Steven is reached again on Attempt 35 thanks to Rayquaza sweeping the previous two, but this time Chanseytuff and Swinu are around as well.
  • 23:15: Arcanine's Sturdy keeps it alive through Rayquaza's Earthquake, and it hits with Guillotine!

Day 15 - Unlocked - TEH URN and attempting to evolve the Lamp

  • 01:28: Attempt #38 results in TEH URN.
  • 01:41: Chimchar is selected from Professor Birch.
  • 02:31: After both Cacturne and Rayquaza were briefly deposited, the two Jellicent are successfully deposited in the Battle Resort Daycare.
  • 02:38: R-Ceus is back in the party! And Swinu is in the PC. The next five minutes are a frenzy of switching around held items, moves, and pretty much everything else.
  • 02:50: The chat erupts as Lampent evolves into FLAREON!
  • 02:58: An egg is obtained from the Daycare couple.
  • 03:00: The screen goes black, and Deku backs up the save. Then the game starts up again, allowing the stream more time to do stuff. Nearly three days of it, actually.
  • 03:23: Another egg is received.
  • 03:55: The first egg hatches into a Frillish, nicknamed OOOOONYYYYYY. It has Stench as its ability.
  • 04:33: The other egg hatches and is nicknamed AEN.
  • 05:30: Oh, I'm sorry, did we say three days? Sorry, must've meant three hours. The stream goes down, and when it comes back up, PBR is back.

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