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This the Wild Mass Guessing page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and related material.

This run is set after the events of FireRed and HeartGold (assuming both take place in Bill's randomised world/timeline), following Bill's defeat.
  • Without Bill as an active lynchpin/load-bearing entity for his altered laws of nature and ways of the world, this reality is starting to break down even more, causing the further randomisation effects seen in this run. There's a high chance that said world is actually in the process of falling apart completely, and Bills randomisation rule being stretched to it's limit is simply a side effect of that process as it occurs.

Agent 999 is June.

Kyu-Kyu is Kyubey in human form.
  • The randomized Hoenn is a witch's labyrinth. The randomized pokemon are her familiars.

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