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Recap / Twitch Plays Touhoumon & Moemon

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Day 1: Two Worlds, One Input

  • The game starts with around 2000 views.
  • As early as 5 seconds into the game, democracy is activated, but anarchy quickly takes over, most likely due to streamer intervention.
  • In Touhoumon, Maribel is picked and named AAABBHM. In Moemon, Leaf is picked and named AAtatat. Both of their rivals are named Green.
  • The girls choose Sanae and Charmander as their starters. Charmander is named FFF.
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  • Sanae loses to Green, while FFF defeats him.
  • AAABBHM has a much harder time making it to Viridian than AAtatat, as Sanae is weak to Tackle which at least half the encounters on the route have. It doesn't help that unluckily, the other half tends to land critical hits on Sanae at the worst possible moments at least three times in a row...
  • 3 hours in, AAtatat makes it to Viridian. When Democracy activates, the Mob develops a strategy to get AAABBHM to Viridian safely by keeping AAtatat stuck in a conversation while they work on the upper screen.
  • AABBHM makes it to Viridian! Meanwhile, AAtatat opens up the PC but they're safe for now since they only have their starter with them. AAABBHM receives Oak's Parcel.
  • After delivering Oak's Parcel, the girls catch several Touhoumon and Moemon.
  • Both girls register the Teachy TV, and AAtatat's entire team is wiped out by Pidgeys. Democracy is used to watch Teachy TV. The mob falls in love with Moemon Butterfree and decided they must have one of their own.
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  • Democracy is then used to unregister Teachy TV.
  • AAtatat enters Viridian Forest, catching a Caterpie while AAABBHM catches a CStar and a CSunny.
  • AAtatat enters Pewter City and defeats Brock despite a type advantage, gaining her first badge. AAABBHM also enters Pewter City, struggling to defeat Brock.
  • FFF evolves into Charmeleon in Democracy.
  • AAABBHM defeats Brock with A, earning the Boulder Badge and Rock Tomb.
  • In Democracy, Caterpie evolves into Metapod.


Day 2: So You Say You Want an Evolution

  • Both girls buy the Magikarp/Satori. AAtatat names her Magikarp AA, while AAABBHM named hers XXXXXXXXqk. XXXXXXXXqk immediately went to the PC, so Democracy is invoked to save her. Unexpectedly, her party display sprite fails to match her actual species.
  • AAtatat attempts to train her Metapod and Magikarp, leaving AAABBHM stumbling through a cave.
  • Both girls make it through Mt. Moon, with AAtatat selecting the Helix Fossil and AAABBHM the Yin-Yang Orb. AAtatat also captures two Zubat and a Geodude.
  • While battling the first trainer of Misty's Gym, T evolves to Pidgeotto in Anarchy.
  • AAABBHM loses to Misty a few times while T is leveled up.
  • Democracy is held for three straight sessions in order to get Metapod to level 9, get a Rare Candy, and use it on her. Butterfree is successfully obtained.
  • T leads the charge as AAtatat obtains the Cascade Badge.
  • The war between which game to progress rages on. Day 2 ends with AAABBHM wandering aimlessly around Cerulean City while AAtatat decides whether or not to restore Bill to normal.

Day 3: Waiting 4 Baba

  • AAtatat receives the SS Ticket from Bill.
  • AAABBHM defeats Misty, primarily using Sanae. Nature Power is overwritten with Rain Dance at the end of the battle, however.
  • Democracy is used to deposit the nameless Rattata, freeing up a space in AAtatat's party. She quickly fills it with an A of her own, an Ekans.
  • AAtatat attempts to deposit AA in the Daycare, but shortly thereafter, her party is filled with level 2 Ivysaurs (at 119% HP) and then the game crashes and needs to be reloaded from an earlier save state. AAABBHM then successfully deposits XXXXXXXXQk in the Daycare and withdraws AUUUUABBBB.
  • AA is deposited in the PC instead, as is A the Ekans. An Oddish is captured.
  • AAABBHM struggles with Lt. Surge's trashcan puzzle. Meanwhile, AAtatat catches a Pidgey and names it AAAAATTTTT.
  • Democracy is activated to try to get through the trashcan puzzle, but fails due to a combination of miscommunications and nervousness due to AAtatat being dangerously close to a PC. However, the "wait4baba" command, generally only used by anarchists who want democracy to be over, proves to be every bit as effective as simply pressing A when it comes to checking cans.
  • After another attempt in Anarchy, democracy is again activated, but with so many cans checked in anarchy, it takes less than 5 minutes to finish the puzzle. The next 10 minutes are spent doing absolutely nothing in order to prevent a Gym Battle from taking place in Democracy.
  • Sanae takes a critical hit from Lt. Surge's TIku that also paralyzes her, taking her into the red, but counters with a critical of her own to earn AAABBHM the Thunder Badge.
  • The stream crashes shortly before the end of the day. It goes back up, but the input bot breaks and the games are stuck with only the sound of wood being dropped for company. The chat starts counting the wood to pass the time, taking them into day 4.

Day 4: GAME FROZE WutFace

  • The stream is still down.
  • The inputbot is repaired, and the chat eventually decides to tackle the Vermillion City gym.
  • Team Moemon engages in a fight with Lt. Surge and the Select Sect. Oddish nearly manages to defeat Voltorb, but one of Surge's super potions ensures her defeat. FFF spends most of the rest of the fight using Smokescreen until eventually the stars align and she starts sweeping the enemy team with Ember, defeating Surge and netting AAtatat the Thunder Badge.
  • After several misadventures at the daycare and Route 9, team Touhoumon makes it to Lavender Town. On the way, Star Sapphire is deposited, AWOO switches places with XXXXXXXXQk, and a CMystia called ag66ITTT is caught. As a testament to how chaotic things can get, team Moémon returns home to Pallet Town.
  • The Mob's troubles with Double Battles lead to Sanae getting knocked out by Tokiko shortly before she would've been able to evolve, so Democracy is invoked to bring AAABBHM back to Lavender Town to heal. It is then further extended to switch XXXXXXXXQk (and AAACCCVV) into the second slot.

Day 5: Twice the ride, twice as wild

  • After a long grind, CSanae reaches level 36 and evolves into Sanae. Meanwhile, the stream validates every anarchist's hatred for democracy as the game freezes every time a new voting period begins.
  • Democracy is invoked again to try to teach AAACCCVV Flash, only to find that Moemon forgot to get the HM for it. The time is instead used to teach Aerial Ace and Rock Tomb to AHHHHHIIII.
  • Democracy is voted for in anticipation of T's evolution, but she reaches level 36 too quickly and becomes the first evolution cancel of the stream. Democracy happens anyway, to nearly everyone's chagrin.
  • Little bit later in Democracy, Miss T reaches level 37 and manages to evolve into a Pidgeot. FFF levels up little bit later, but a misfortunate down input causes her to pass on Flamethrower. Meanwhile at Touhoumon, Sanae is more successful at learning Extrasensory, replacing Pound.
  • Touhoumon adds a CMeiling named AM to their roster. Chat decides to let Moemon have a go at the Celadon City gym and deposits team Touhoumon in the most secure cage known to mankind: Mr Giovanni's Wild Ride.
  • FFF evolves into Charizard in Democracy.
  • Moemon enters Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride as well, and the games are eventually synced up to take it on in democracy.
  • After struggling to get to the right floor for about 20 minutes in anarchy, the girls arrive right as democracy kicks in. Bitter about democracy being invoked when it was no longer needed, the Mob leaves the girls in the lift for a few more minutes.
  • Due to desyncing while battling the door guards, AAABBHM reaches Giovanni a little before AAtatat does, but eventually both girls are battling him at the same time. Book Jesus sweeps his team and learns Soar during the battle, but AHHHHHIIII uses ineffective moves on his Onix too many times before finally switching to Dig, and AAtatat ultimately fails to defeat Giovanni on the first try.
  • AAABBHM is left to run around Giovanni's office while AAtatat tries again. AAACCCVV takes out two of Giovanni's Moemon, and AAtatat wins easily.
  • The games split up: Touhoumon heads up Bonéka tower, while Moémon tries to get Eevee to evolve it into Vaporeon. The day ends shortly after Eevee has been recruited in anarchy.

Day 6: My Bae Kreygasm

Day 7 Who Bid For This Cancer?

  • Both girls arrive in Fuchsia City and attempt to get through the Safari Zone. After Anarchy causes Touhoumon to exit immediately upon entering twice, they set out in democracy. While the step counter is a slightly-higher 600 rather than the usual 500, the Mob still fails due to taking a wrong turn and the majority not realizing it.
  • Moemon defeats Koga.
  • Kogasatori evolves to Satori, fixing the display. Shortly afterwards, Koga is faced and defeated in Touhoumon.
  • AAACCCVV evolves to Gloom in Democracy and is immediately evolved again to Vileplume. A debate rages over whether to keep her.
  • Touhoumon retrieves BB from the daycare and deposits AM, and also boxes AAAAAAAAAA. The space is filled with another CMystia.
  • Elis is battled in the Power Plant, but the Mob runs away after greatly weakening her (largely via her own Pain Split).


  • AAABBHM goes to Saffron City to take on Silph Co.. Green is defeated again, and Giovanni is challenged.
  • BB takes down Giovanni's first Bonéka and grows to Level 32. The mob prepares to spam A at the end of the battle to allow her to evolve in anarchy. It succeeds, but also overwrites AWOO's (Momiji's) Blade Flash when defeating Giovanni's final Bonéka allows her to grow to level 44 and learn Night Slash.
  • Democracy is activated to attempt to safely store the Lunatic Orb in the item PC, but it is found to be impossible. They then attempt to give it to a mon and nearly toss it instead. The democracy ultimately passes without progress.
  • Attract is nearly taught to Butterbae, then is taught to AAACCCVV before being deleted for Giga Drain. Given the severe lack of male mons, the chat decides that this probably means AAACCCVV is a lesbian.
  • AAtatat defeats Giovanni, but wastes their Master Ball on an Ekans.
  • The Mob uses Democracy to attempt to retrieve AA from the Daycare, but the game crashes again and is reset. "Downa" wins the next vote, leading to New Game being selected. The mob ends up naming the new character DEKU and the rival REVO after two prominent mob members, but the game is reset before it can be saved.
  • Everyone who voted "downa" is permabanned, including prominent mob member Chauzu. The mob riots and uses democracy to rename AAABBHM's Satori "Chauzu".
  • AAABBHM challenges Sabrina and loses twice before winning.
  • AAtatat goes to the Power Plant. They manage to get an Electabuzz, but white out before they can secure the mon they really want, an Electrode.
  • ACCCIOOWWW sweeps Sabrina's entire team.

Day 9 : Ask & You Shall Receive... Sorta

  • In response to the Mob's outcry, the permabans from the Daycare Incident are reduced to one-week bans.
  • The stream crashes, recovers, and crashes again.
  • AAtatat challenges Blaine. Despite having a type disadvantage, Butterbae takes out three of his Moemon, tanking a Fire Blast from his Growlithe and getting pretty much every type of RNG blessing possible (Sleep Powder hitting, Fire Blast missing, multiple critical hits and 10% chances of causing confusion proccing) to defeat his Ponyta and Rapidash without taking any damage at all. Baeporeon (ACCCIOOWWW) finishes the job after Arcanine finally takes Butterbae down.
  • AAABBHM also defeats Blaine, but it's a far closer battle, with only AWOO surviving. The girls head off to the Sevii Islands.

Day 10 : C A T C H !

  • The plan to use the Lunatic Orb on a legendary comes to fruition with the capture of Mima on One Island (where Moltres resides in vanilla FireRed). She is added to the party in democracy. For some reason, she appears as an Isami on the party display, just like XXXXXXXXqk appeared as a Kogasa.
  • AAtatat defeats Giovanni on the first try to obtain her final gym badge. A few hours later, AAABBHM does so as well, on her third attempt.

Days 11 and 12: Training Montage

  • The Elite Four are reached in both games on day 11 and are challenged. Both girls lose to Lorelei repeatedly, but AAABBHM far more decisively than AAtatat. After a few losses, AAABBHM decides to train on Three Island instead of against the Elite Four, while AAtatat continues to challenge the Elite Four.
  • Early on Day 12, Lorelei is defeated for the first time, on run 10.
  • After two more runs, Bruno is defeated for the first time on run 13.
  • Agatha is defeated for the first time on run 19. Baeporeon continues to carry the team, and it's thought that, when she's able to OHKO Bruno's and Agatha's teams, teh urn will come. The mob argues about the strategy of using Dugtrio in slot 1 as a sacrifice while some people suggest switching Dugtrio for a better Moemon; the former wins.

Day 13: Blue Team Threw

  • On Run 40, Lance is defeated for the first time. The team does surprisingly well on its first attempt against Green, but loses. Run 41 begins.
  • After flawlessly exercising the plan vs. Lorelei (Electabuzz's only damage taken being self-inflicted following a Lapras Confuse Ray), things hit a snag during the battle with Bruno when Electabuzz is accidentally sent out against his second Onix. The mob manages to switch to T before Electabuzz can be completely defeated, and it is discovered that said Onix lacks any Rock-type moves, but T still loses. Vaporeon finishes the job.
  • Now at Level 79, Baeporeon outspeeds Agatha's Level 58 Gengar for the first time and manages to sweep through her team with 5 Surfs.
  • After nearly 2HKOing Lance's Gyarados with Surf despite its ineffectiveness, Blizzard is used and finishes it off. It is then used again against each of Lance's other Moemon and hits every time, landing a critical against Aerodactyl, to sweep through.
  • Despite type ineffectiveness, Baeporeon 2HKOs Green's Exeggutor with Surf, switching to its weaker moves as its PP finally ran out. Amazingly, Green's Blastoise uses Rain Dance and then Hydro Pump, healing Baeporeon and allowing her to finish off the sweep. AAtatat is the Moemon League Champion. The chat wonders what will happen next and considers going to the Sevii Islands.
  • AAtatat looks under the bed, just in case.
  • Revo enables a randomizer code for Moemon, allowing for all Pokémon from the first three generations to be found in Kanto. Much to the chat's dismay, this overwrites the "always female unless gender ratio is 100% male" property of the original hack, leading to an influx of traps. With no Moe Balls, she heads to the Safari Zone. Among her captures are Mudkip, Grovyle, and Venusaur.
  • AAABBHM heads to Indigo Plateau and is marginally more successful than before, but still loses a lot. Despite the Mob's best efforts, Chauzu learns Psych Up upon reaching Level 60, overwriting Mana Burst. Democracy is invoked to go to the move relearner to get it back, but a combination of stream delay, wait4baba spammers wanting anarchy, and general difficulty in making precise movements even in democracy leads to this task requiring six consecutive sessions of it.

Day 14: GREEN... TriHard

  • Several attempted urns happen.
  • TEH URN happens. Sanae sweeps Lorelei through sheer levels, BB cleans up Bruno with Surf, Mima stops drinking and takes out Agatha and AWOO deals Judgement on Lance and barely survives. The first battle against GREEN starts; Goliath defeats AWOO, Mima OHKO's Goliath before finally succumbing to poison, and Chauzu shows off her pro danmaku dodging skills while abusing her type advantage against GREEN's Reason types, defeating GREEN in the process. The team gets registered to the hall of fame before the Streamer takes over and saves the game.


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