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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Touhoumon & Moemon

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  • Sanae's entire situation. She's a quiet Touhoumon who's weak to almost everything on Route 1. It took hours for her to hit Level 9.
  • Hello! My name is Green?
    This uses the idea that both Greens are the same, and that AR's glitches created multiple worlds of mutated, human-like mon that go by different names in different realities. Obviously, the Touhoumon world got hit a lot harder. Green seems to have become "stuck" in limbo somehow. "She" perceives both realities, and she knows that both are messed up somehow and that the Mon in both aren’t normal. But she doesn’t really understand what’s happening.
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  • Chauzu getting perma-banned. His final post only hammers it home. The fact that the mob was rallying against the streamer over it is at least somewhat heartwarming though...