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Awesome / Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

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  • R-Ceus's starting moveset was Peck and Judgement.
  • R-Ceus leveled up and learned Shadow Punch despite not having arms.
  • After being troubled by a Froslass for some time, R-Ceus got lucky, and two-shot it.
  • You're probably wondering, "How could they possibly make Wally even more awesome?" Instead of a Ralts which would eventually become Gallade, he now has a Lucario.
  • Corsola swept Norman's team when she was the only Pokemon in the party.
  • The mob managed to not only put two compatible Pokémon in the daycare together (previously done on multiple occasions in Platinum), but receive and hatch the resultant egg.
  • The mob caught Primal Kyogre with 2 Pokeball throws.
  • QQ discovered that A.) Malamar have Illusion as one of their abilities in this game, and B.) Glacia of the Elite Four leads off with a Malamar. She discovered both of these facts by having Chanseytuff use Strength on what appeared to be a Spiritomb.
  • After lacking wild legendaries throughout the main game, Sky Pillar suddenly introduced them with wild Ho-oh. QQ caught three of them. At full health, in regular Poké Balls, throwing a grand total of 4 of them.
    • She then threw a single Poké Ball at Deoxys and caught that too. Meanwhile, plot-mandated legendary Rayquaza took 5—as many as the three Ho-oh and Deoxys combined.
  • At 12 days, 6 hours, and 52 minutes into the run, Swinu evolved to level 100, making him the first pokemon that the voices hatched, and then raised all the way from level 1 to 100.
  • QQ beat the Elite Four rematch and evolved Lampent... into Flareon.