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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans

     !!! 0999 qq 

!!!0999 qq (Agent 999, Kyu-Kyu, Nina Q., DJ Cutie, QQ)

The hero of the game, a young girl who moved to Littleroot Town. She chose Torchic as her starter. She seems to love being near trees.
  • Highly Visible Secret Agent: Her cover is a loudmouthed, egocentric boor of a DJ—basically, she's so conspicuous that no one would ever expect she's a secret agent. Overt Operative isn't quite in effect here because no one ever pegs her for a secret agent.
  • I Have Many Names: At first the chat couldn't decide what to call her, and then they realized that the various names weren't mutually exclusive. Agent 999 is her code name, and her public persona is the obvious Stage Name "DJ Kyu-Kyu", which allows her to avoid the Overt Operative trap of using her real name, Nina Quinn.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Early lore made her out to be one of the most callous and unlikeable hosts yet (see The Sociopath, below), but her team all had very high affection for her by the end of the run, showing that despite her actions she truly cares about her Pokémon.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: She keeps trying to steal other trainers' Pokémon.
  • Large Ham Radio: Is apparently a Radio DJ according to some fan interpretations.
  • Like Father, Like Daughter: Even if she uses her DJ skills as a cover, the fact remains that both father and daughter are in the music business.
  • Nature Lover: She spends a lot of time staring or walking into trees and potted plants, or into water.
    • She also breeds pigs.
  • Pirate: May have goals of becoming one of these. And/or a DJ.
  • Parental Incest: Could be a one-sided infatuation if the Mob shouting "SEX" at Norman anytime he appears is anything to go by.
  • The Pornomancer: The Mob shouts "SEX" whenever approaching most non-player characters, including Wally, Brendan, some random woman, and NORMAN.
  • Sanity Slippage: During the quest for the Dusk Key.
  • The Sociopath: Some lore portrays her as releasing her Pokemon because she honestly doesn't see what's wrong with it, usually some variation on the phrase "Relax. They're just Pokemon."
  • Teen Superspy: Seems to be some sort of secret agent, albeit a rather bumbling one who has trapped herself in the air for over an hour and inside a secret base for roughly two and a half hours. As far as her mission to stop Team Aqua goes, however, she's proven quite competent, planting a sleeper agent on Archie's team.
    • She also used a Normal-type move on what appeared to be a Ghost-type...hitting it and causing its Illusion to drop.
  • The Unpronounceable: Even more so than all the previous protagonists.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The second PC massacre. Host tendencies to release Pokémon have been well documented, so it didn't arouse any suspicion and allowed Flygon, who couldn't be killed by the PC because he was already dead, to sneak away and infiltrate Team Aqua.


Brendan Birch

!!!0999 qq's rival, the son of Professor Birch. His starter is Helioptile and his specialty type is Electric.



An ill child from Verdanturf Town. He captures a Ralts with help from !!!0999 qq. When battled at Mauville City, it had been randomized to a Lucario. His Rival Battle team was comprised of Hariyama, Emboar, Conkeldurr, Primeape, and Mega Lucario.
  • Badass Adorable: Able to train and achieve a Mega Lucario by the end of his run.
  • Blatant Lies: QQ watched him catch a Ralts, but by his first battle the Ralts has become a Lucario.

     Team Aqua 

Team Aqua

The Antithesis of Team Magma, Team Aqua's goal is to expand the world's oceans with the power of Primal Kyogre. Supposedly.
  • The Mole: Team Aqua is filled with Team Magma grunts who don't bother hiding their true allegiance during battle. Team Aqua appear to be oblivious, even when Admin Shelley fights alongside Team Magma Grunt.
    • Flock of Wolves: The interpretation that overwrote the "oblivious" one upon fighting Archie and discovering he had a Mega Camerupt and then finding that Primal Kyogre had (non-Primal) Groudon's ability, Drought. Some even theorize that Team Aqua is just a front for Team Magma, a "villain" for the actual villains to fight so they look like heroes.
  • Pirates: The entire team has a pirate motif with their uniforms, and their goal of expanding the oceans.


Team Aqua's leader, who used Fire and Ground Pokemon when fought at Mt Chimney. His final team, while it did lead off with a Water-type (Swampert), was also entirely Ground-type, and his Mega was none other than Camerupt, Maxie's signature Pokémon.
  • Irony: Fire and Ground Pokemon are Team Magma's theme.

Matt and Shelly

Team Aqua Admins, Archie's right and left hand minions.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Shelly fought alongside a Magma Grunt at Mt Chimney.
  • The Mole: Matt switched to Team Magma, all the while singing Archie's praises.


Minor Humans

     Gym Leaders 

Roxanne (Ingrid)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Rustboro City Gym Leader has been randomized into Bug-type. Her Pokémon are a Butterfree and Volcarona.

Brawly (Metan)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Dewford Island Gym Leader has been randomized to Steel-type. His Pokémon are a Forretress and a Klang.
  • Curtains Match the Window: In-game, at least. He has blue hair and blue eyes to match.
  • Heroic Build: Well, he is the owner of a gym, so he has to have some muscle on him.
  • Meaningful Name: His new randomized name, Metan, references his new Steel (or metal) typing in the game.

Wattson (Rocky)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Mauville City Gym Leader has been randomized to Ground-type. His Pokémon are Marowak, Gabite, and Rhyperior.
  • Meaningful Name: His Randomized self has been nicknamed Rocky, reflecting his new Rock-typing.

Flannery (Hydi)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Lavaridge City Gym Leader has been randomized to Dragon-type. Her Pokémon are Fraxure, Dragonair, and Hydreigon.
  • Meaningful Name: Her Randomized self has been nicknamed Hydi. This could reflect on the fact that she has a Hydreigon on her new team.

Norman (Granger)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Petalburg City Gym Leader has been randomized to Rock-type. His Pokemon are Rhydon, Carracosta, and Aurorus.
  • Absurdly Youthful Father
  • Badass Family: Q is his daughter, and he's no slouch in the battling department, either.
  • Cool Shades: On his randomized sprite.
  • Meaningful Name: His Randomized self has been nicknamed Granger, or Grayson as an alternate. Either way, his main arsenal of Pokemon is Rock-type, and rocks are usually associated with the color gray.
  • The Rock Star: What he seems to have become in the Randomized world.
  • Visual Pun: Norman is a rock star, who has a Rock-type Pokemon team.

Winona (Leah)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Fortree City Gym Leader has been randomized to Grass-type. Her Pokémon are Exeggcute, Serperior, and Ferrothorn.
  • Meaningful Name: Her Randomized self has been nicknamed Leah (like Leaf), reflecting her Grass typing.

Tate and Liza (Chad and Lucy)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Mossdeep City Gym Leaders have been randomized to Fighting-type. They battled using a Gallade and a Lucario.

Wallace (Winfield)
Custom Sprite and Badge by MegamanOmega.
The Sootopolis Gym Leader has been randomized to Flying-type. His Pokémon for his Gym challenge were Talonflame, Skarmory, Lugia, Pidgeot, and Chatot. When rematched in the Delta Episode, his team consisted of Noivern, Braviary, Vespiquen, Salamence, Unfezant, and Aerodactyl.
  • Meaningful Name: His Randomized self has been nicknamed Winfield (like wind), referencing his Flying-type Pokemon.

     Elite 4 

Sidney (Espen, Psidney)
Custom Sprite by MegamanOmega.
The first member of the Elite Four has been randomized to Psychic-type. His Pokémon are Hypno, Swoobat, Espeon, Alakazam, and Meowstic. In the rematch, he has Gallade, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Unown A, Xatu, and Mega Slowbro.
  • Meaningful Name: His Randomized self has been nicknamed Espen, though others are calling him Psidney. He has a Psychic-type Pokemon team.

Phoebe (Fantasia)
Custom Sprite by MegamanOmega.
The second member of the Elite Four was randomized to her natural type, Ghost. Her Pokémon are Gourgeist, Drifblim, Misdreavus, Doublade, and Chandelure. In the rematch, she has Dusknoir, Aegislash, Jellicent, Mismagius, Trevenant, and Mega Sableye.

Glacia (Evia)

The third member of the Elite Four was randomized to Dark-type. Her Pokémon are Malamar, Bisharp, Mightyena, Liepard, and Spiritomb. In the rematch, she has Greninja, Hydreigon, Spiritomb, Sneasel, Krookodile, and Mega Absol.

Drake (Nox)

The fourth member of the Elite Four was randomized to Poison-type. His Pokémon are Arbok, Amoonguss, Venusaur, Gengar, and Muk. In the rematch, he has Ariados, Tentacruel, Nidoqueen, Venusaur, Arbok, and Mega Gengar, giving his rematch team the most similarities to his original team.

Steven Stone

The champion of the Hoenn League was randomized to Fire type. His Pokémon are Lampent, Camerupt, Emboar, Magmar, Ninetales, and Mega Charizard Y. In the rematch, he has Darmanitan, Talonflame, Arcanine, Rapidash, Ninetales, and Mega Blaziken.


Team Flare Calvin

A Youngster who somehow joined Team Flare.

Lorekeeper James

A Bug Catcher with Zinnia's title and picture. When rematched, he turned into a Gardener.

Proprietor Grunt

An Aqua grunt that kidnapped Peeko.

Collector Edwin

A Collector who somehow ended up randomized to his own Trainer class. He had an Eternal Flower Floette with Steam Eruption.

Preschooler Valerie

A Hex Maniac on Mt. Pyre that can be rematched, and has a chance of giving out a Dusk Stone upon being defeated in rematches; this was determined to be the easiest way to obtain a Dusk Stone to free R-Ceus from the lamp. As such, plans were made to rematch her as many times as it took to get a Dusk Stone well before even reaching Mt. Pyre. She was randomized to a Worker. It was then discovered that the Dusk Stone could only be obtained from her post-E4 rematch team. When rematched, her class rerandomized to Preschooler. It later emerged that the item giving mechanic had been bugged and she would never have given the Stone, so the game code was edited to make her give it out properly, only to result in bugging her dialogue coding. Eventually Nina was just given 2 Dusk Stones by Deku.

Team Magma Dale

A Fisherman who was randomized to a female Team Magma Grunt. Hir Swanna created a cancer match by combining the Shadow Tag ability with having False Swipe as its only damaging move, up against xsssffjjju whose only damaging move was the low-PP, not-very-effective Cross Chop.

Maid Lydia

A Pokémon Breeder who was randomized to a Maid. Her full team of Water-types defeated Agent 999 many times, and since she was placed in a way that beating her was not necessary to progress, she wasn't actually defeated until after the Elite Four, 8 days after initially being challenged.


!!0999 qq's Team


!!!!r the Flareon (R-Ceus, Arrr, Arr-Ceus, The Lamp, The Legendary Fairy Pirate Chicken Ghost Lamp from Asgard, True Prophet, R-Ceon)

!!0999 qq's starter Torchic, which evolved into a Lampent at level 19. It was then evolved into Flareon using a Dusk Stone after beating the rematch Elite Four. It came pre-loaded with Peck, and the Arceus-only Judgement. Its ability is Synchronize (formerly Victory Star, Defeatist).
  • Casting a Shadow: Learned Shadow Punch at Level 6 despite not having arms.
    • Foreshadowing: Upon evolving, gained both arms and the Ghost type.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: For a while, he was despised, and the Mob wanted to release him, until he proved his worth and killed the Propietor Grunt´s Froslass in two turns.
  • Expy: To Zexy. It's also said that this is Zexy´s reincarnation.
    • History Repeats: The lore seems to favor the interpretation that its evolution was in fact Torchic being imprisoned within the lamp, furthering the "locked away" storyline that began with Judgement being replaced by Fairy Lock. This parallels Zexy, who was also allegedly trapped inside a Ghost-type when he became Zexinja.
    • Later became an Expy to Nonon as well when he was the only mon in the party following a PC run.
  • It Was a Gift: According to Anonymous Sources, his brief stint with Judgement was courtesy of a White Orb which could revert Arceus into a Primal Form.
  • Physical God: It knows Judgement, which is exclusive to Arceus.
    • Brought Down to Normal: Replaced Judgement with Fairy Lock. Some fans interpret this as fairies having locked away his power.
  • Pirate: If Arr is indeed its name.


Chansey the Wigglytuff (Guildmaster)

A Chansey captured after Latiazzn was deposited, initially nicknamed Chanseyfdff. She later evolved to Wigglytuff via friendship evolution. Her ability is Skill Link (formerly Flash Fire).
  • The Fair Folk: Given what fairies did to R-Ceus, the chat was naturally apprehensive about having one in the party, but it was determined that she was part of the seelie court and therefore okay.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Its name is "Chansey". Common sense would tell you it's a Chansey that wasn't given a nickname. Nope. It's a Wigglytuff.


r the Cacturne (Revocactus (formerly Revoseed))

A female Ferroseed captured after Espurr's release. Her ability is Sweet Veil (formerly Forewarn). Evolved into Cacturne during an underwater battle.


999 the Rayquaza

Rayquaza, captured atop the Sky Pillar. Its ability is Speed Boost and its Mega Ability is Pressure.
  • Irony: Rayquaza is a mandatory capture in ORAS, so its catch rate is far above what it was in other games. It took as many Poké Balls to capture as the Ho-oh triplets and Deoxys combined.

     00000 NYYYYYY 

00000NYYYYYY the Frillish

The first egg produced by the Jellicent couple hatched into a male Frillish. His ability is Stench.


AENNNN the Frillish

The second egg produced by the Jellicent couple hatched into a male Frillish shortly before the stream ended.

On Standby

    .. 222 

..222 the Lanturn (New Lamp, The Lightbearer, Swinu)

An egg produced by !uupui kkkk and Swin1rhu44d5 at the daycare despite them apparently not getting along very well at all. It hatched into a female Swinub, initially nicknamed Swinu and later Swinu 1xcc, proving that eggs are not randomized. She eventually evolved into Marshtomp and then into Lanturn. Her ability is Frisk.
  • Happily Adopted: By Duskugbe and Wingull9xx88, according to the lore. Given that the Daycare Man said her biological parents "didn't seem to get along", this is probably for the best.
  • Passing the Torch: Her final evolution into Lanturn was seen as a rather literal case of this, with her becoming the successor to !!!!r. Fittingly, she was sent to the PC when !!!!r was retrieved.


Ééééé the Glameow (Baguette Cat)

A Glameow captured on Route 104. Like Zexy before him, his name indicates him being French. Its ability is Sand Force. He was deposited in the PC before leaving Slateport City.


Gg9pp the Kingler (GGWP, Gypsy, Oblivion Crab)

A Squirtle captured on Route 102. Its ability was Normalize. It evolved into Kingler at level 18 and gained Refrigerate instead.

  • Blessed with Suck: Normalize as its ability means it can't deal super-effective damage to fire, ground, or rock types. Mercifully gone now that it's a Kingler.
  • Healing Factor: Has one of the best HP draining moves in the game, Oblivion Wing.


ézzxééééé":: the Glameow (Gaia Cat)

A French (or Kalosian) Glameow captured on Route 104. The only female member of the original team, paired with fellow French Glameow Ééééé during his time on the team.


xsssffjjju the Shroomish

A male Shroomish caught after the purge. Its ability is Gooey.

    Snivy Usssij 

SnivyUsssij the Sawsbuck (Wusiji Dr)

A male Snivy captured on Route 114. It evolved into Sawsbuck at level 22. His ability is Rain Dish. (formerly ???)


Wynaut8uuutg the Gothorita (U.T.G, Wynaut888)

A female Wynaut captured after everyone but R-Ceus had been deposited or released. Later evolved into a Gothorita. Her ability is Steadfast.


Ééééééé the Corsola (Godsola, Lady Coral, Avatar Korral)

A female Corsola captured after R-Ceus and Luvdisc were put in the Daycare. Swept Norman's team after the Gym Trainers had taken out the rest of the team prior to the first attempt.
  • Foreshadowing: Was the lone remaining Pokémon upon reaching Norman and managed to win anyway. She then ended up being the lone remaining Pokémon in the party after the second PC massacre, before being boxed herself after the team had been refilled.


Latiazzn♀ the Latias (Latias Asian)

The younger sister of the Eon Pokémon siblings. The party had an empty spot when she was encountered, so she didn't have to force anyone out.

    Lord Shield 

Shield the Shieldon (Lord Shield)

  • My Name Is Not Durwood: The Fossil Pantheon is named after their fossils, so the Shieldon line is supposed to be Lord Armor. Actually having the nickname "Shield" caused half the mob to spontaneously forget this fact, leading to the lore that Lord Armor is unhappy that everyone seems to have forgotten his name.


!bbuaattbrrk the Kyogre (Butt, Butt Break)

Kyogre, the box legendary of Alpha Sapphire.
  • did You Just Capture Cthulhu?!: The Mob caught it with just their second Poké Ball. Yes, regular Poké Balls.
  • Irony: Its ability in Primal Form is, of all things, Drought. Yes, the ability that was exclusive to Kyogre's archenemy, Groudon, for two generations. Suddenly all those Team Magma members in Team Aqua make sense.
  • Olympus Mons


Glaceonhfeer the Glaceon (Feareon/Feereon)

A female Glaceon captured in Shoal Cave. Her ability is Tough Claws. She was part of the original Elite Four team, but got boxed during the Delta Episode for Rayquaza.
  • Badass Adorable: Though she's none too happy about the second half of that; she desperately wants to be scary.

     B-List Pokemon 
Pokemon that didn't make much of an impact on the run.

!!!!!!!!sss the Surskit

A Surskit captured during the grinding session after the team was reshuffled and couldn't progress.

BeldumLLLLLX the Beldum

A Beldum caught in Granite Cave.

AA KKKRRJJ the Spewpa (AK-47)

Ééassss77ééé the Horsea

rrreeerwwqqq the Tynamo

! the Wingull

!!a?eeeytp the Fennekin

Solosiséérri the Solosis

A female Solosis caught in Petalburg Woods.

Dratin the Dratini

A Dratini caught in Petalburg Woods.

Shel 13u62 the Shelmet

Vull the Vullaby

Vulled5ear the Vullaby

!os3 the Mudkip

Grotle!oo2y the Grotle

Grrr zdptttt the Grotle

U 3pporrrpoo the Chikorita

!q! tty 77 the Snivy

Clefairssss9 the Clefairy

â888oohhrr2 the Exeggcute

Krabbyccsxx the Krabby

)0t99 the Marowak

Rrooriivff4 the Marill

  • Recurring Element: It's a Hoenn game; do you really think there wouldn't be a Marill whose name ended in a 4?

Ggg11vkkz the Numel

Squirtlet the Squirtle

Audinouuddtz the Audino

Amoongussrr the Amoonguss

Gg3eebuuwwyy the Tyrantrum

u22ut t.y the Kecleon

Yanka %z4 é the Yanma

Minurrr66rr the Minun (Purring Minun)

♀2rrrrrttdx the Swoobat

Like Latias, the gendered symbol in her name does match her gender.

! rf the Cacturne

Snivyr. the Snivy

MagnemiteXX1 and MagnemiteMN8 the Magnemite

Farfetch'dMM the Farfetch'd

ShelmeNNNNN the Shelmet


AAAUUBNNL the Krabby

LuvdisVN the Luvdisc

Audinoror the Audino

Swabluogg the Swablu

!uoo the Audino

Swablur8vsxz the Swablu

=rrxrrkiioos the Tentacool

Marowakz7rrr the Marowak

Aud the Audino

Krabby!ctmm8 the Krabby

Flabébénroor the Flabébé

Snubbull222z the Snubbull

Snubbull cc the Snubbull

Jolteonxoriw the Jolteon

Munchlax4oo: the Munchlax

Combuske)rtt the Combusken

Mudkipr0000r the Mudkip

Wynaut!!! the Wynaut

-rrrq hiiij the Jynx

hhbboMinun the Minun

Gligarfxéo?? the Gligar

Emrddd the Emolga

Lunatonerééé the Lunatone

Gurdurrh the Gurdurr

Scraftyr2r the Scrafty

1r the Ducklett

y22i1.,uxwt the Zoroark

Aiyyaa the Aipom

g the Tropius

Pansag the Pansage

Marillgzzz the Marill

Castform666d the Castform

Castform!!!! the Castform

rr0 the Snubbull

Axewyyy the Axew

Stoutlandrr the Stoutland

Swampert0iii the Swampert

Kecleonggg the Kecleon

♀222 rr! rr2 the Carnivine

Steelij the Steelix

Talonflame2 the Talonflame

Nid3 the Nidorino

As the Lucario

7q.u the Floatzel

Honedgewky the Honedge

Chandelureiu the Chandelure

Koffingshh the Koffing

Vold the Voltorb

: the Voltorb

Mawile001 the Mawile

'-x the Shellos

Lit*,' the Litwick

ShiftryA K the Shiftry

Kababra!y3 the Kadabra

Amaura9999 the Amaura

!!!!!!!!!yny the Zangoose

!!4gipppaayh the Durant

Pignitepprff the Pignite

ZangooseAa2w the Zangoose

ooou22.zyhn the Maractus

+33vvry rcc3 the Stunfisk

33laxx!cs22u the Maractus

!rrrr the Kadabra

Lunatondcp ! the Lunatone

Ppr777ygmmk the Zangoose

Maractus! the Maractus

Maractus !! the Maractus

A44 ♣♣♣♣♣♣ the Kadabra (Flush)

Ééééttttiié the Pignite

Zangoose"1ro the Zangoose

Heracros the Heracross

Maract the Maractus

Houndoom PP the Houndoom

Squirtle ! the Squirtle

Litw?3r the Litwick

Surskitiizkk the Surskit

!! the Diglett

Lugi5688 r the Lugia

U the Unown U

  • Meaningful Name: The Mob actually managed to match an Unown's name to its shape.

Gole56rrssu6 the Golett

Roseradeoopp the Roserade (Roserade OP)

  • invokedEpileptic Trees: The similarity of his nickname to that of the Roserade released earlier in the run led to a theory that it's the same Roserade and that the PC has lost the ability to kill Pokémon when releasing them.

Armaldoww11 the Armaldo (WWII)

!2zdlllaq the Dwebble

Sc the Scrafty

!!!!!qqqqqqr the Heracross

Ho-ohew66y?j the Ho-oh

Ho-oh664,rr0 the Ho-oh

  • Running Gag: This one, on the other hand, took the usual two. But it came close on the first one.

/qo4!wwe6é,s the Electivire

Ho-ohrrf the Ho-oh

  • Rule of Three: Like Ho-ohew66y?j, Ho-ohrrf took only one Poké Ball at full health.

F the Deoxys

1e eennhneeÉ the Umbreon

ANOOORYY the Pignite

LLL the Maractus


Purrloin 77 the Purrloin

NidoranM the Nidoran♂

  • Meaningful Name: "NidoranM" is usually how Nidoran♂ is referred to when using the male symbol isn't an option.

NatuGQ the Natu

NM R the Axew

1437673920 the Tropius

MM the Unown E

KL WW the Axew

Unown99!1oéo the Unown J

The Symbol Brigade

During the quest for the Dusk Key, Nina and/or the Voices seemed to suffer Sanity Slippage, resulting in even less coherent names than usual. In a span of 16 captures, 13 Pokémon received nicknames and 11 of those 13 had at least one symbol in them. The list, in order of capture:

♂☹ ♂♂ :"♀9a the Unown J

Axe 1 ♥; the Axew

Cranidos666É the Cranidos (Skull Satan)

  • Odd Name Out: One of the two members of the Brigade without a symbol.

NidoranO ☀ the Nidoran♂

6 77. v6♥ the Nidoran♂

Cranido'☂☂ the Cranidos

Purrl☂↓↓↓♪ the Purrloin

Unow% ♠♠♪ the Unown J

NidoranAMD Y the Nidoran♂

Axe the Axew

A♦~~ the Natu

 ♀ ♀ZzZz♀♀ the Nidoran♂note 

QPZzZz~~♣♣♣♣ the Axew note 

HitmonleePPZ the Hitmonlee

♀♀YG N the Cherrim

MedichamR the Medicham

Scolipede XD the Scolipede

Buizel YYYY the Buizel

W the Hippopotas

BronzorR the Bronzor

Gothorit the Gothorita

ULL the Dunsparce

(unknown nickname) the Skiddo

RRRK the Cherubi

!rrr27 the Clamperl

Y the Machop

nb'♂♂♂5 the Ponyta

PVLNG♀YRQQ- the Haunter

♀VQQ the Tympole

KAP the Bronzor (Kappa)

N BB O CX the Baltoy

M 6 %% the Cottonee

ZzZz the Tropiusnote 

Q X the Buizel

♦★★↑ the Buizel

PansaN the Pansage

QC the Dratini

A % ☀ the Natu

%% the Purrloin

Dragona the Dragonair

K the Torterra

Jhtt 666ll f the Heatran (Satran)

!?lsfprhhhhh the Empoleon

WP the Gligar

Glaceon 2j the Glaceon

Uja the Surskit

AA the Wynaut

AmauraAAAA the Amaura

Ralts♥ the Ralts

Pikachu (x2, includes Cosplay Pikachu), Wynaut (2x), Kabuto, Snivy (x2, includes gift from Professor Birch after Delta Episode), Jynx, Flabébé, Marowak (x2), Grovyle, Emolga, Slowpoke, Barbaracle, Espeon, Swellow, Tentacruel, Feebas, Burmy, Cinccino, Seadra, Electrode, Maractus, Lunatone, Cyndaquil, Cloyster, Spinarak, Cranidos, Nidoran♂ (x2), Axew, Gothorita, Ponyta, Dunsparce, Dwebble, Tropius, Dratini, Surskit, and Chimchar

Pokémon that didn't receive nicknames upon being captured.


    !uupui kkkk 

!uupui kkkk the Spoink

A male Spoink caught shortly after the second massacre. He was then placed in the Daycare in order to rescue R-Ceus.


Swin1rhu44d5 the Swinub

A female Swinub caught shortly before the massacre who was added to the team briefly. She joined fellow pig !uupui kkkk in the Daycare once R-Ceus had been retrieved.


Duskugbe the Jellicent (Duskleberg, Mr. Pringles)

A male Duskull caught after the second massacre. His evolution to Jellicent came after Wingull9xx88's. His ability is Flame Body (formerly Shed Skin).
  • Babies Ever After: Both he and his wife ended up producing two Frillish eggs.
  • Happily Married: Often depicted as a couple with Wingull9xx 88 for obvious reasons. The two were deposited in the Battle Resort daycare together after beating the rematch Elite Four.
  • The One Guy: After Lamp was deposited and Glaceonhfeer was captured.

    Wingull9xx 88 

Wingull9xx88 the Jellicent (Mrs. Pringles)

A female Wingull caught after the second massacre. She evolved to Jellicent at level 26.
  • Babies Ever After: Both she and her husband ended up producing two Frillish eggs.
  • Happily Married: Often depicted as a couple with Duskugbe for obvious reasons. The two were deposited in the Battle Resort daycare together after beating the rematch Elite Four.



AAARRMN the Corsola (Armin)

A female Corsola caught on Route 110. Its ability is Scrappy.
  • Tomboyish Name: The closest thing to a real name of anything on the team, but it's a male name.

A male Shroomish caught on Route 117 after !yhyytrgssxx was deposited. It did not receive a nickname. Its ability was Blaze.

     5 %o8e222rr' 

5 %o8e222rr' the Rufflet (Thunderbird, Zeus, ´Murica)

A Rufflet captured on Route 102. Its ability is Multitype.


!yhyytrgssxx the Kingler (Squirtle 2)

A Lotad captured in Petalburg Woods, it evolved into a Squirtle at level 14 and to Kingler at Level 23. It was boxed in Mauville City and then released.
  • An Ice Person: Refrigerate turns all its Normal-type attacks into Ice-type moves. (It has two: Cut and Hyper Beam).
    • Irony: As a Squirtle, its ability made all of its moves Normal-type.
  • Bus Crash: Because of how quickly releases can occur in Gen VI, the live updater initially missed his release, so he was listed as merely being boxed for a number of hours after his release.


Ééé2233éééaa the Flygon

A male Diglett captured after R-Ceus and Luvdisc were put in the Daycare. It evolved into Flygon at level 29. Its Ability is Mummy (formerly Early Bird)
  • Dead All Along: Apparently.
  • The Mole: During the final fight with Archie, a Flygon on his team ended up as a Helpful Mook, removing Wingull9xx 88's debuffs with Heart Swap, dealing her no damage and giving her the Mummy ability, which proved to be crucial when his Mega Camerupt turned out to have Fur Coat and Mummy was able to overwrite it. The prevailing theory is that this was one of the rare instances where "released" actually meant released, nothing more, and that Flygon was working a deep cover mission to take down Team Aqua.
  • Mummy: His ability.
  • Unexpected Character: The rules set out for the random evolutions were that the new evolution would share a type with whatever it was evolving from and would have a BST between 5/6 and 6/5 of whatever it was replacing. In the case of Diglett, this meant a Ground-type with a BST between 338 and 486 (based off of Dugtrio's BST of 405.) Flygon is indeed a Ground-type, but its BST is 520. And then he turned out to have been sent off on a top secret mission to infiltrate Archie's team, made possible by "killing" him even though he was already (un)dead.

    Shroomisho p 

Shroomisho p the Roserade (Shroomish OP, Shroomisho P., King Sunbrella, Roseo)

Another male Shroomish caught after the purge. It evolved into Ivysaur at Level 23, and Roserade at 41. Its ability is Forewarn (formerly Multitype, Blaze).



A Weedle captured in Rusturf Tunnel, completing the remaking of the party. It didn't receive a nickname, and later evolved into a Spewpa, then into a Masquerain. Its ability is Keen Eye (formerly Insomnia, ???).

    Lord Root 

Lileep (Lord Root)

Feeling that the game was progressing too quickly, the chat decides to take a detour to get a fossil and revive it after defeating Norman before continuing on with the plot. They then decided to make sure it was really a Lileep due to the randomizer... and ended up with the second PC massacre.


Ra66rb8i!!!! the Cranidos (Rabbi Skull)

  • Informed Judaism: Who knew that Lord Skull's religion was still waiting for its messiah?

    eehh 5prrr 

eehh 5prrr the Luvdisc (Espurr, Luvditz)

A female Luvdisc captured following the first party reboot. Lore has it that she believes she's an Espurr.

  • The Ditz: Her fan portrayal, owing to her being Oblivious to Love despite being a Luvdisc and the possibility that she believes she's an Espurr.
  • Oblivious to Love: Her ability.
  • Put on a Bus: Was put in the daycare with R-Ceus, thereby sparing her from the second PC massacre. It ultimately wasn't enough.


Horseatuny the Barbaracle (Tuna)

A female Horsea caught after the second massacre. She evolved into Barbaracle at level 32. Her ability is Iron Barbs.

     Released B-List Pokemon 
Not all B-List Pokemon live forever in the PC safely, some are released. These are the poor souls.

!22ww2rr3rry the Tentacool

!!!!!!!!!! the Magnemite

E1!1 eezwree the Marowak


    Shiny Magmar 
A Shiny Magmar encountered in a horde battle. The Mob ran from it. As per TPP tradition, like the Shiny Chinchou & Pikachu before it, the encounter was seen as a sign of luck.