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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon Colosseum

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Day 1: Welcome to Orre. Outskirt Stand to Pyrite Town.

  • The game begins with the Stream deciding not to start a new game, and to instead play Free Battles.
  • After about 3 minutes of trying to start a Free Battle, the game is reset and Twitch goes to Free Battle again.
  • Finally, after nearly 5 minutes, the game begins for real! With AAAAAAA being Wes' name.
  • AAAAAAA battles Willie, easily defeating him with Espeon and Umbreon, before heading to Phenac City.
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  • 17 minutes in, we rescue Rui! Yes, we chose the default name.
  • We meet with a creepy looking guy, talk to Es Cade about strange Pokemon, and find some hidden Super Potions! All while aimlessly wandering around Phenac.
  • The Mob heads to Outskirt Stand to buy some balls, and instead spends 20 minutes watching the TV.
  • Twitch returns to Phenac and gets to Es Cade's house, where they proceed to black out against the two Miror B. Peons over.... and over.... and over....
  • AAAAAAA finally beats the Peons, but kills Shadow Makuhita in the process. He then battles the Green Cipher Grunt and captures Shadow Bayleef.
  • AAAAAAA faints against the Green Grunt, but later beats the Blue Grunt. Sadly, Shadow Croconaw doesn't appear because he already caught Bayleef.
  • Eventually the Mob gets to Pyrite, and starts to battle the local trainers. Catching a Shadow Skiploom in the process.
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  • Following an extended series of PC visits, the Mob beats the first Colosseum in the game after only 15 hours!
  • While wandering around the Cipher base in Pyrite, AAAAAAA snags a Shadow Misdreavus and Remoraid.
  • At nearly a day into the run, the first boss, Miror B, is defeated!

Day 2: Breaking News! Agate Village to Mt. Battle.

  • The Mob arrives in Agate and talks to Rui's Grandpa. After hearing that there's trouble, they decide to watch the news and hear about their defeat of Miror B.
  • Eventually A7 makes his way to Eugan and blacks out to Skrub. Who's the scrub now?
  • It doesn't take long for payback, as AAAAAAA returns to Agate and beats Skrub on his second try.
  • Misdreavus then becomes the run's first purified Pokemon.
  • The Mob then purifies the rest of their Pokemon on hand.
  • The Mob begins to fight through Mt. Battle.
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  • With a lack of progress at Mt. Battle, the mob instead goes to farm levels and money at Phenac Stadium.
  • Along the way Skiploom evolves into Jumpluff!

Day 3: Champion of the Colosseum. Mt. Battle to The Under.

  • The Mob continues to wander about Orre, grinding at Mt. Battle and Pheanc Colosseum, and failing to beat Dakim.
  • After hours and hours, the Mob finally defeats Dakim. They've level-grinded so much that one of their Pokemon is now Level 50.
  • The mob ends up buying the max amount of awakenings they could carry in an attempt to buy Pokeballs... In a game where awakenings are useless because of the call command.
  • After visiting the Cipher Lab, the Mob opens every single cell in Pyrite looking for the Elevator Key to get into the Under. After that they battle a trainer next to the elevator multiple times before finally getting into the Under for good.

Day 4: Live From The Under. The Under to Cipher Lab.

  • AAAAAAA defeats Venus on their very first try!
  • The Mob begins to fill time with a variety of PC trips, Colosseum matches, and even snagging a Shadow Quagsire!
  • The Mob eventually starts climbing Mt. Battle again.

Day 5: The Day We Somehow Forgot Happened. Cipher Lab to Realgam Tower.

  • Ein is defeated in the Cipher Lab, WHILE THEY CAN'T SEE!
  • The Mob then heads for Realgam Tower to beat the Admin refights.
  • Venus ends up being the first refight beaten.
  • Then Miror B.

Day 6: The Final Countdown. Realgam Tower.

  • Dakim goes down third.
  • Ein's refight is completed last, this time with the lights on.
  • The Mob then returns to the main lobby and starts struggling to insert all the keys into the doorway to Realgam Colosseum.
  • Nearly 5 hours into the day, the door to the Realgam Colosseum opens. After a long struggle to reach him, Nacour is defeated.
  • The mob finally makes it to Evice, the final boss, Scumbeon has redeemed himself somewhat, but at the end a critical hit ruins the Urn, the chat consider grinding, but at the end are confidant enough to try again.

Day 7: Evil Evice. Realgam Colosseum.

  • The Mob continues to battle against Evice as the day begins....
  • At 6D 3H 27M 48S Evice is defeated by Mega Drain! Though most of the damage was done by Sandstorm.... TEH URN!

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