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  • Base-Breaking Character: Scumbreon. He was useful at the start, but then his moveset got replaced with three status moves and one (normal type) attacking move. As a result, it either spends most of the battles doing nothing or screwing the mob over. Half the chat finds it The Load and wants to nuke it/PC it and try for another mon while the other half wants to keep it out of loyalty and for lore.
  • Broken Base: The chat can't seem to decide on which area is better for grinding, be it Mt. Battle or the Colosseums. Mt. Battle is easy to get to note  and good for grinding weaker mons, while the Colosseums are good for higher leveled mons and give out more money, and don't need to be navigated and accidentally end up quitting early. The only time they can agree on one thing being better is with Mt. Battle for shadow Pokemon, since they can't take them into Colosseum challenges.
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  • Generation Xerox: Given our character's name (AAAAAAA) they could easily be a descendant of the same family line as A (and/or the other A, if they aren't the same person) and Arty. A the 7th, anyone? Though granted, that's probably a legacy title, as you could easily say that Arty is A the 2nd, but that would still make this interesting, as you could say that Ax 7's actual name is Adam or one of the other names the chat has spouted, and they go by A the 7th as a legacy title of their family.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • There's a glitch that can lead to infinite Pokeballs. Mostly Averted because the glitch requires item reorganization which is virtually impossible in Anarchy.
    • With the game being played on the same emulator as PBR, it ends up sharing a lot of the same graphical glitches. As a result, this can cause entertaining things like giant Misdreavus in the sky.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • That One Boss: Dakim by a long shot, thanks to his alternate between protect and EQ strategy and his Entei proving to be a handful, a fact that was not lost on the mob given its PBR status. To give an idea, the mob had a smooth run during the first two days until they got to him, had to spend hours upon hours grinding their Pokemon to level forty, switched around a bunch of moves to get the best moves in the first slot, and they still had yet to actually beat him. It got so bad that some of the chat started to believe the only way he could be beat was through democracy. Though they eventually did manage to beat him in anarchy, by the time they were done, they had done so much grinding that one of their mons had gotten to level 50. By comparison, most of the story related trainers still had mons at that were mid 30s at that point.

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