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  • "Oh, that was my mother on the phone there....She was out doing a little Christmas shopping.... She was asking if I wanted anything at McDonald's."
    • Billy yelling "AAAAAAUGH!" after another death via bottomless pit.
  • There was also the moment in his Karate Kid LP. After gushing about the movie, Billy confessed that he thought the "thing of marijuana" in the bathroom scene was a Tootsie Roll.
  • "Don't regret playing the Let's Play!"
  • Any time he goes into Angrish mode.
  • The opening to the last 8-3 video.
    Billy: Let's return now to a place that's soft, gentle, smooth, and fluffy just like a bunch of marshmallows... Not! I'm talking about the clouds from hell! Anything but smooth and soft!
    Billy: I think I got it! Awwww, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! I got it! I got it! I feel like a ten-pound monkey and a hundred pounds is off my back now!
  • The Lime Popsicle sings in Billy's co-op Mario Bros. video.
    • The entire video, hands down.
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  • In his Doritos and Dancing video, Billy accidentally double-dips a chip and goes to wash his hands, admonishing himself and warning the audience to never do that.


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