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  • Beating World 4-4 of The Lost Levels after 1 failed 10-minute attempt.
    Billy: I think I got it! Awwww, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! I got it! I got it! I feel like a ten-pound monkey and a hundred pounds is off my back now!
    • "...I beat the game. After how many attempts, after killing Mario needlessly about 100 billion times, I beat the game. ...I'M SO HAPPY! I'm HAPPY! I BEAT THE GAME!"
  • In his collaborative Mario 3 LP with Kenbombguy1, Ken, who spent most of the LP suffering defeat even more than Billy, was the one to beat Bowser.
  • Billy vs Death in Castlevania. He utterly curb stomps Death.
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  • He beat Ninja Gaiden in five videos.
  • Billy found and bought a sealed copy of Wario's Woods, the last NES game.


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