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Due to the large amount of content, the sections were put into folders; Commentary folders are posted in the order of their release, followed by the Live playthroughs, while Brain Scratch Random Videos are posted at the bottom. We strongly recommend that you do not delete any of these folders (even if some are empty) for the sake of better organization in the future. It's what the guys would want.

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Video Game Commentaries

    Super Mario Bros. to F-Zero GX 

Super Mario Bros.

Mega Man 2

  • Ryan edits in the infamous "I Can't Defeat Air Man" song during said boss fight, much to Lewis' confusion
  • Their theory of what happens when Flash Man and Wood Man did a fusion dance: Flash Your Wood Man.
  • The intro to part 1 has Ryan singing the game's theme song from brentalfloss's rendition, only to make up the lyrics partway through since he doesn't remember the words and eventually gives up. Johnny and Lewis sit in total silence for the whole time and eventually burst out laughing once Ryan stops singing.

No More Heroes

  • In part 12, when Ryan and Johnny find out that Lewis has never seen Rocky.
  • In part 10 of No More Heroes, Ryan goes out of his way to use all of the fire extinguishers while not on fire. Lewis gets angry at this.
    Lewis: I freaked out on Johnny for the whole Hadoken thing in Mega Man X, but this is more infuriating because it has no point!
  • In part 16, Ryan just sits at a save screen for more than a minute, while Lewis and John berate him.

Donkey Kong Country

  • In part 9, Ryan walks the Kongs off a cliff:
  • The fact that Big Al (their first guest ever) didn't appear until the last part of the playthrough. Basically, the concept of guest commentators appeared right the fuck out of nowhere and put everyone in a state of "What?". Professionalism indeed.

Mega Man X

  • Failure to Hadoken any Mavericks, but succeeding in Hadokening Sigma's Dog and his first form only, to which Lewis is taken aback from the sudden success.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

  • Lewis's usage of the overused line, "Long time no see".
    Lewis: (as Tails) Hey Mr. President! Long time no see.
    Lewis: (as the President) But we never met before!
    Lewis: (as Tails) But long time no see! That really is a long time.
  • Lewis describing Rouge's car in part 18.
  • Lewis questions the name of the ARK. Ryan's suggested answer: "It's an Act of Random Kindness?" This makes the whole group crack up. Bonus points for an "act of random kindness" being remarkably in-character for Gerald Robotnik before he went insane.
  • Applying Mr. Ed's voice to The Biolizard.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

SNES Version

  • The numerous references to a certain internet meme every time Leonardo gets frozen... before Spax ruins the moment.

Re-Shelled Version

  • In Part 5, the guy who played as Michelangelo decides to casually stand still for almost a whole minute while the others attack him for his incompetence. Hilarity Ensues.
    Lewis: I just get the image of someone arguing with his mother on the other end of that player there.
    Johnny: Either that or he really had to go take a shit.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

  • Lewis freaks out at World 9. No, really. His reaction to the underwater Lakitus must be heard to be believed.
  • Part FAIL. Just... Part FAIL.
    • It's even better with annotations on.
  • The fire porn gag, which completely baffled Johnny.
    Johnny: How do you fuck fire?!?
  • In part 5, as Ryan goes on a rant about online multiplayer:
    Ryan: ... but noooo, Nintendo can't have-
    Mario dies inches from the flagpole
    Ryan: Facepalm.
  • In part 8, when Lewis couldn't see the video because of a YouTube bug, Ryan and Johnny take the opportunity to play around with what they were seeing in the video.
    Johnny: Well, sucks for you. Back to Mario with the hookers!
  • Lewis is confused about the other side of the bridge:
    Johnny: It's always gonna be an axe, it's not gonna be a baseball bat or an uzi.
    Lewis: I wish it were an uzi, that would have made it funnier.
    Johnny (as Mario): So long, gay Bowser, pft-ft-ft-ft-ft-ft.

Mega Man 3

  • Ryan grinding for weapon energy at one part in the play-through, and intentionally leaving the work he had to put in the game. As he put it: "If I have to suffer playing through this part of the game, you have to suffer watching it!"
    • It starts off mildly entertaining, but eventually becomes totally aggravating. Eventually, Lewis dives into insanity, going as far as to hallucinate drawing magic. Meanwhile, Johnny just expresses his growing boredom with the subtlety of a flying sledgehammer.
  • Lewis' reaction to Doc Robot copying Airman's powers, with Ryan once again editing in Airman ga Taosenai.
    Ryan: *As the boss door is entered* "We have a surprise~! Guess what Doc Robot does~?"
    *Air Man descends from the heavens, as the aforementioned Leitmotif chimes in.*


  • The team (along with Big Al) tearing apart the "touching" ending with such lines as "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" (Big Al) "Twinkle." (Ryan), "Hewpoe you bastard/liar." (Lewis), "I regret nothing!" (Big Al), and "Suckality." (Johnny). Other lines like this follow suit.
    • Lewis furthers this claim by munching on chips during Klonoa's banishment.
  • Johnny pointing out that the Final Boss of the game looks like Grimace from the McDonald's commercials.
  • PONTS-KOOPEE!!! And the various phrases that drove Johnny up a wall.
  • Big Al's weird dream involving pie and lube.
  • Ryan chastising his past self for getting lost in Vision 6-1.
  • At the end of the game, a book closes with the player's name on it as the author.
    Ryan: Apparently I wrote this, cause my name's under it.
    Johnny: Ryan, this is a horrible story.

Star Fox 64

Sonic 3 and Knuckles

Sonic & Tails Playthrough

  • Lewis gets absolutely fed up with Ryan's repeated failure at finding Special Stage rings.
  • Ryan fails at Lava Reef Act 2. Repeatedly. This leads to yet another instance of the "It's STORM EAGLE" gag.
  • Ryan quotes Dragon Ball Z before using Hyper Sonic to royally own Knuckles.
    • Johnny saying "Oh no" in the same deadpan unemotional way Knuckles says it in Sonic Adventure with every hit Super Sonic gets on him.
      Johnny: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Knuckles Playthrough

  • Through the magic of clipping, Lewis gets murdered by a ring box in Mushroom Hill Zone. It should be noted that if Lewis had broken the ring box, he would have gotten an extra life.
  • Lewis's kleptomania earns him a much higher score than a lot of people would've had from playing the game. Oddly enough, neither Ryan nor Johnny are amused or impressed.
  • Giving the Beatnik and Rastafarian Knuckles twins (from Johnny's End of Month of Sonic 2) the names of Junkles and Knuckers.

Resident Evil 4

  • Lewis remembering Yuji Naka's final words on American soil thanks to Saddler during a codec conversation with Leon.
    Saddler: Do you REALLY believe I would trust an American?
    Lewis: I think that's what Yuji Naka said when he left America.
    BSC: *Cry in laughter*
    Lewis: Come on guys, it's not that funny.
    Johnny: (trying to calm down his laughter) I know, but I can just imagine Yuji Naka actually saying that.
  • In part 21 of the Resident Evil 4 playthrough, Johnny forgets to edit out the part where he changes his Wii remote's batteries, with Lewis coming up with odd answers as to what the hell Ashley is giving Leon.
  • Lewis's attempt to sing during a ladder climb, in which Johnny plays the song in sync with him.
    Lewis: SNAKE EATER!!!
    • And when they decide to sing the song backwards: EAT THE SNAKE!!!
  • Again, Lewis replying to one of Johnny's lines during the "midget Napoleon battle".
    Johnny: Can you make it over here, Leon?
    Lewis: (In an incredibly bored voice) Um yeah, get a load of this.
    • Later, 10-15 seconds after the boss dies.
    Johnny: No way, I can't believe this!
    Lewis: Timing...
  • Ted's introduction to the commentary and group, seemingly left in the dark as the game was underway.
    Ted: What going on?
  • A nice dialogue between the team that is kicked off by Ryan's utterance of Queef:
    Lewis: I always have Ashley do that. (referring to turning the crank)
    Johnny: What, queef?
    Lewis: No, no, no. I was referring to turning the crank. By the way, what is a queef? Isn't that some kind of flatulence?
    Johnny: Yeah, it's a pussy-fart.
  • In part 23, Lewis and Johnny were making a Sonic Adventure joke which Ryan then explains what they were specifically referencing from that game, which then cuts to a Simpsons clip of McBain saying, "That's the joke."
  • And of course, the transcribe audio part.
  • In Part 28, another Chainsaw Guy shows up to attack Leon, and promptly gets stuck in a wall trying to get to him. The guys have a field day with this.
    Lewis: Resident Evil 4: The zombies are faster! The zombies are... smarter?
    Johnny: We have zombies who can run through walls, and we have zombies who think they can run through walls!
  • Part 38 has Johnny throw away magnum bullets to make room for another item, causing Lewis to ramble on in shock over how Johnny threw away something extremely rare and valuable and not combining herbs to make more room, even though Johnny didn't have a magnum in the first place. Lewis gets annoyed again later on when he sees Johnny combine herbs to make room for something and refuses to pick up the magnum bullets that were nearby. Johnny simply laughed at Lewis' anguish due to his massive kleptomania.
  • Lewis' Igor impression in Part 43 about the fate of the children of the village.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • The creation of Silver's nickname: Pothead the Porcupine.
    Clement: Who're you?
    Lewis: I am Pothead the Porcupine! *everyone starts laughing* His head looks like marijuana-colored-white.
    Clement: After I smoke a J, I will destroy you!
  • The guys' reaction when Silver tosses Sonic through a ring and Sonic clips through the building. Lewis then spends the next four minutes exploring the (fully coded) hub world.
    Lewis: Watch. He throws me through one of my rings and I survive. But, not only did he throw me through one of my rings, he threw me through the invisible wall! I am outside the boss fight!
    Johnny: Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD.
    Ryan: And all the bridges are invisible now.
    Johnny: What the hell?
    Lewis: The bridge graphics aren't there but the bridge's coding is, so you can walk on 'em.
    Johnny: What?
    Lewis: I swear to god I did not mean for this to happen.
    Johnny: WHAT?!?
    Lewis: I was trying to show off the glitch where you get cornered in a wall just right and you break the game because you keep getting knocked into a ring and you literally can't escape.
    Johnny: Look, they actually programmed space! As if they knew you were going to do this!
  • This bit from part 3
    (Everyone bursts out laughing)
    Johnny: Oh my.
    Johnny: Question mark?
  • The annotation in part 12:
    Apologies for the blurtastic quality. Solaris accidentally deleted his source files and had to re-download them from Youtube. He has committed seppuku for his idiocy.
  • Being launched to the moon definitely counts as this. However, it is later topped by tablerape.
    Lewis: SUPER MACHINE GUN TABLE ATTACK! *grabs several chairs as Silver and tosses them at Sonic*
    Johnny: Jesus Christ!
    Clement: It's rape! It's rape in boss form!
    Lewis: With chairs. *finishes Sonic off*
    Everyone: *is cracking up*
    Johnny: Oh my God! Jeez!
    Clement: Murder... absolute murder...
    Johnny: You know, I didn't think it was possible to beat shooting him to the moon, but... god damn...
    Lewis: Why do we need Sonic to save the world again?
    Clement: Ohhh... that was a genius way to end it...
  • Lewis continues being a klepto, leading to one memorable instance where he repeatedly manages to off himself (and also waste a lot of time) in a series of futile attempts to get one Silver Medal. The rest of the gang can't decide whether or not they should find this amusing.
  • In Part 16, Lewis has several hilarious failures, including accidentally grinding the ENTIRE length of a grind-rail backwards without noticing whatsoever.
  • "Perfectly positioned for a victory shot!"
  • In Part 38, Lewis wastes a fair bit of time to improve game score to earn a better rank in the level. Five seconds into part 39, he pilots the vehicle right into the water, causing him to die and lose his score. Ryan got pissed off as a consequence.
  • All of the Dan Green stuff whenever Mephiles is onscreen.
    Shadow: Who are you?
    Ryan as Mephiles: I'M DAN GREEN!

    Ryan as Mephiles after Omega has blasted him a few times: YOU CANNOT KILL DAN GREEN!
    Johnny as Omega: Maybe he's right...

    Clement as Mephiles: Very well then, Shadow, it's time to d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!
  • At the beginning of the last story:
    Solaris: Now witness my birth.
  • Johnny shits on the ending with this:
    Johnny: And as Sonic stares at the full moon he wonders: "Why isn't it blown in half?"
    Lewis: We retconned that, too!

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

  • Lewis's klepto moments (and the increasing exasperation of Ryan and Johnny) make for one hell of a running gag.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • Johnny manages to repeatedly impale himself at Oil Ocean. Lewis and Ryan are rather amused.
    Ryan: Apparently I took over in spirit.
    Johnny (as Past!Ryan): I shall guide your fingers.
    Lewis (as Past!Johnny): No! My fingers are fine!
  • Johnny's satisfaction with speeding through Slicers in Metropolis Zone as Super Sonic.
    Johnny: "Yeah! Where's your god now, you Mother Fucker?!"

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Mega Man

  • When Ryan dies to Fire Man, Clement comments on how he looks like he scored a touchdown, with Johnny imagining Fire Man doing a Charleston to boot!
  • Johnny's reaction to Lewis's roboticized Namekian trees line.
  • In part 1, when Ryan fails a dropping platform section and Mega Man drops like a rock.
  • Lewis calling Ice Man "the Ice Climber dude"
  • In the beginning of the Dr Wily fight, Ryan kills himself by jumping into the Wily Machine. Granted he was worn down by the earlier boss rush.
    • This gives Clement the image of Mega Man hitting his head against the machine and falling unconscious.
  • Their reaction to "Yuukichan's Papa"

Super Mario 64

  • The point in the very first video where Lewis drops a Sonic reference. The other guys treat it like he's committed the ultimate sin.
    • And then Ryan does the same thing two videos later, Johnny acting like it was the first time it happened.
  • Ryan's reaction to realizing that updating his homebrewed Wii has made it impossible for him to complete his 100% run.
  • Lewis's reaction to Ryan singing the first few bars of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin after Lewis says, "Cue the damn Aladdin song..." when he noticed that Mario was riding on top of a magic carpet in Rainbow Ride during part 19.
  • This bit when Lewis was explaining why the Bowser Stages from Mario 64 felt the most right.
    Lewis: ...his name was Jump Man for a reason. Not Trial-and-Error-Taser-Treasure-Chest-Puzzle-Man, not Pump Man, JUMP MAN!
    Ryan: He was in Mega Man 10 damn it!
    Lewis: I know, but apparently he was also in Super Mario Sunshine.
    • To add more hilarity, a YouTuber commented that Mario would turn into Hump Man when Peach is rescued.
  • Part 8, they speak about Miyamoto's opinions on cats, saying that they're like women. Cats are weird. Cats are like girls. If they come up to you, it's all great. But if you go to them, things don't end so well. Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight for Super Mario 3D World.
  • During the stage where Mario gains access to the Invisibility Cap, Lewis goes on a rant about how useless he thinks the item and the level are. Ryan interrupts him to note that the fast-paced Yakkety-Sax-esque music goes very well with his ranting.

F-Zero GX

  • The gang getting so bored that they resort to reading ingredient labels to entertain themselves. Complete with randomly inserted clips from Animaniacs!
  • Ryan and Johnny thinking of reasons our Lord and Savior Captain Falcon would kill any followers.
    Johnny: I noticed you didn't go to church last Sunday!
    fifteen seconds later
    Johnny: I saw you take that quarter from that charity basket
    Ryan: You didn't read the newsletter on the bulletin board
    Johnny: What seems petty to you is blasphemous to me!
  • The discussion of how epic Captain Falcon would be if he was a god. Chasing people down in his racecar to punish them rather than smiting them.
  • Pretty much everything Lewis says throughout the entire commentary, especially Part 13. For just one example:
    Johnny Wait...did we lose Lewis?
    Lewis No I am still here. I'm not watching the video.
    Johnny bursts out laughing
    Lewis I can hear it playing in the background but quite frankly Hellfire Comms' TV Tropes page is just so much more interesting.
    Proceeds to read out an entry from their "/Funny" Entry, accompanied with laughs from Lewis and Johnny

     Sonic 4 to Final Fantasy VI 

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Episode I

  • The title crawl.
  • Johnny edits the sound effects of the bumpers in the Special Stages with "PINGAS!" Hilarity Ensues.
  • At the third act of Mad Gear Zone, Johnny transforms into Super Sonic a little too early, getting crushed by the wall as a result.
  • They discuss the Fridge Logic of the wall's Rubber-Band A.I.:
    Ryan (as the wall): I'm just pretending to be on Eggman's side.

Episode II

  • The voice overs in the end of Episode Metal:
    Ryan: (The Animals): Thanks for freeing us from the Bad Guys Metal Sonic, we like you.
    Clement: (Metal Sonic): Get outta here ya little bastards!
    Lewis: (Metal Sonic after hijacking the Rocket from Episode I): By the way Tails, thanks for the Rocket. Tee Hee!
  • Ted Vs Skype.
  • Clement's reaction when he finds out about the shield right before the final boss is priceless.

Mega Man 4

Super Metroid

  • The creation of both Biffalo the First and Biffalo the Second; and thus the legacy of Biffalo was born.
  • Part 5: After Samus recovers her Space Jump ability, Johnny imagines Samus vomiting from the constant motion shifting she does with every Space Jump.


  • When all three power trio members yell out "Whee"! GLaDOS randomly joins in.
  • A sudden stalker is spotted by Johnny IRL.
  • While Ryan sings Still Alive in the credits, Lewis tries to get him to stop.
  • When Ryan starts to narrate Half-Life: Full Life Consequences style.

Mega Man X2

  • The loss of everyone's best friend, Green Biker Dude. He will be forever missed.
  • Johnny jumping cutting to the demise of every boss character in the boss rush portion of the game by showing Mega Man X killing all of them with the Shoryuken, except for one boss due to the level having water in it.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • In part 17, the video experiences the Fake Screen Crashing included in the game, then an actual video crash. For the rest of the part, Ryan instead plays a bit of Adam West Batman while playing Benny Hill music. Needless to say, this has the other two commentators in stitches.
  • Within the same part, a small bit of Ho Yay between Lewis and the Joker:
    Joker: Say goodnight, Bats!
    Lewis: Aw come on! How about dinner and a drink first?
  • Lewis gets strangely turned on as he hears Harley Quinn stating that she's gonna spank Warden Sharp.
  • As noted by Ryan during the second TV Tropes reading, the added music during the following parts because of a sound malfunction, including Joker's Theme from the Animated Series, and the Adam West Batman Theme Song that interrupts it solely because of a combat section. Moments after the last enemy is knocked out, the music returned to the Joker's Theme.
  • Mostly Hilarious in Hindsight, but in part 23, Lewis references the Devil's Snare and notes that it's the only Harry Potter reference they're ever going to get to make.

Pokemon: Yellow Version

  • Johnny's reaction to Ted naming his Pikachu after him
    Johnny: You made me a fucking yellow rat?
    Ted: It's better than- (coughs)
    Johnny: You named me after a yellow rat!!
    Ted: Well in my HeartGold thing, you're some weird giraffe sheep...thing.
    Johnny: Well that's no fucking better!
  • The last part has plenty, including Naryman's fake Rousing Speech:
    Ryan (as Mewtwo): Greetings, Pokémon trainer. You have traveled this land, fighting the strongest trainers and Pokémon. I humbly challenge you to a battle worthy of our time!
    Ryan (as the Trainer): Master Ball, go!
    Ryan (as Mewtwo): Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
  • And of course, the joke everyone was waiting for:
    On-Screen text (After catching Mewtwo): So, are we done now? Nope. (Footage of Exand battling a Seaking rolls)
  • Here's something from part 5 that was pretty funny:
    Johnny: (addressing to Ted) You know what? I poke fun at you for not getting the "Koffing" and "Weezing" reference until late, but you know what? It took me a while to realize that Ekans and Arbok was "snake" and "kobra" backwards.
    Ryan: And Arbok is misspelled because poor literacy is kool.
    Johnny: *Chuckles*
    Ted: Meanwhile, what's Muk spelled backwards?
    Johnny: *breaks out laughing*
    Ryan: *laughs*
    Ryan: (to Johnny) Bet you'll never look at that Pokémon the same way again.
    Johnny: *laughs harder*
    Johnny: I'm booting up my DS now. I'm taking him out of my lineup.
  • Johnny saying 'I'm gonna get gangsta up on these bitches' in a Barney The Dinosaur voice. note 

Mirror's Edge

  • Ryan finishes the tutorial and starts the first level. Then he immediately falls into the first bottomless pit in the game.
  • Part 16 has Ryan managing to do the gun counter attack efficiently, doing it twice prompts him to cheer, before Hayden tells him that it's the end of the game,thus too late to celebrate.
  • Ryan vs the sniper in Part 12.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Johnny's reaction to seeing the Yoshi betrayal picture in Part 3.
  • The various ways Ryan uses to kill/torture Toad when he appears.
    Ryan: What's this? Another Toad needs saving? TIME TO DIE!
  • The sudden bit after Ryan calls out of Super Mario Sunshine:
    Ted: Mama... Mama Peach?
    Johnny (as Bowser): Mario! How dare you destroy my family vacation! I'm going to see you in the ring, in Monday Night RAW!
    Ryan: ...and that's why suddenly Nintendo doesn't do voice acting anymore.


  • The intro. Just... the intro.
  • Everyone rejoices at Lewis's return... except for Ted.
    Ted: Wait... Lewis is here. That means I'm out of a job.
    Ryan: Damn right, Ted! Get out of here!
  • The Russians win, damnit!

Sonic CD

  • The group's reaction of the background of one of the special stages.
    Clement: I knew someone spiked my water.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Lost Worlds

  • The group's boredom at the bland level design loops around to hilarious at Part 3.
  • Their reaction to Credits Zone.

Sonic Adventure

  • How Sonic finishes off the Egg Hornet.
    Johnny (As a drunk Sonic): All right Eggman, Yeah I taught you good, YEAH HAHA I'm Sonic The Hedgehog!, oho God, Damn it I didn't see that coming, Yeah aha, I'm Sonic the He- Oh god there go my legs!
  • "That was some GOOOOD weed."
  • In part 9, Johnny as Tails takes a shortcut and ends up flying and falling slowly through half of Windy Valley.
    Johnny: This is exciting!
  • All of them commenting on Eggman's delivery of "Eradicate all of those menaces".
    Johnny: (as Eggman) Errrradicate all of them and I'll give you a prrrromotion!
  • In a blink-it-and-miss-moment during Gamma's section; Johnny adds in a picture of Sonic's 'DO NOT WANT' face from Unleashed. Lewis and Ryan catch it, and spend nearly two minutes laughing.
    • On the note of Gamma's commentary, Lewis freaking out upon learning that Big is voiced by the same actor that voices Duke Nukem. Johnny and Ryan's quotes afterward are a laughable parody of Duke Nukem.
  • During the second sky chase in Tails's story. Johnny decides to spice things up and go to Ludicrous Speed, complete with appropriate clip from Spaceballs.
  • Lewis's immodest orgasm when Johnny gets Tails killed.
    Lewis: OH GOD YES!
  • Tikal advising Johnny not to fall off the bridge in the Hot Shelter; complete with him falling off the bridge in the Hot Shelter.
    Johnny: (mimicking Tikal) I said not to, hey wait, God dammit!
  • The Saga of Tails and his missing penny. It was a running gag that lasted throughout the Tails portion of the game, and Ryan requested that it be added to this page during the Symphony of the Night Playthrough.
    Ryan: Angst, angst, fox, angst.
    Lewis: Sadness, more angst. Oh, a penny. (Sonic then runs past in front of Tails)
    Ryan: And now it's gone.
    Johnny: He took my penny, that was my penny! Hey! I'm talking to you! I didn't think he heard me. I'm gonna chase that fucker. (Tails begins following Sonic smiling) My penny! Gimme back my penny! It was mine!
    Lewis: I saw it first!!
    Lewis: Sonic, your shoes are untied!
    Ryan & Lewis: I don't have shoelaces, you dipshit.
    Johnny: (the flashback ends) We completely shitted on that flashback.
  • On Tails' playthrough, Johnny and Ryan's dirty minds point out that Eggman looked like he was "whacking it" in the Egg-mobile.
  • We find out that Knuckles "gets it on by himself".
    • As can be heard here
  • Lewis points out Amy Rose's lemon falling through the bag via clipping.
  • Lewis' explanation on how jump cuts are born.

Mega Man 5

  • Part 1 gives us the return of the Green Biker Dude, to the joy of the rest of the crew.

Mega Man 6

Gradius 3

  • The ending of the game. It must be seen to be believed.
    Clement: This is why we can't give A.I. to robots.

Super Mario Land

Final Fantasy VI

  • Lewis temporarily leaves his post to deal with a mosquito, multiple times in the same part, for the same mosquito. That's not the funny bit, though; every time this happens, Ryan sings the Monty Python intermission tune. It gets funnier every time.
    • In Part 36 this comes back in full force once Johnny activates the sketch glitch. Only this time, Johnny actually added the intermission screen and theme.
  • Johnny on the fight with the Ghost Train vs Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow.
    Johnny: So I'm going to attacking him with Swords, Shurikens and of course Suplexes. Ladies and gentlemen...
  • Pretzel Bag!
  • In Part 34, Ted's reason for changing 'Holy' to 'Pearl'. Take a look.

     Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) to Wario World 

Super Mario Bros. 2 USA

  • Part 1 has the group dismissing spoilers for things over 20 years old and Ted "spoils" the reveal that Darth Vader is Luke's father. However, he slips up and reverses the roles by mistake when he said Luke was Vader's father, causing Ryan and Johnny to crack up and wonder if George Lucas was sharing secrets with Ted.
  • Ryan singing a Brentalfloss tune to the overworld music when Johnny first uses Toad. The other two begin cracking up after the second line.
    Ryan: Toad! *starts singing*
    "Have you met Toad, he's Princess Peach's PA
    Just between us, I think he's definitely gay
    You may not agree, but listen close and you'll see
    He's very likely to be a big gay. Big gay!"
  • Johnny dying to one of Triclyde's fireballs after he kills Triclyde. The victory music playing during the death animation makes this all the funnier.
  • Johnny getting fed up with Ryan uttering "Failure" repeatedly, calling him out on it and making him shut up for a short time.
  • Johnny repeatedly failing at world 5-3.
  • The small conflict between the three commentators over when talking about the new end boss at the end of world 3-3 in the GBA port. Ryan absolutely cracks Johnny up by the power of randomness:
    Ted: Actually, his name is Rusty-robirdol
    Ryan: Robo-birdo.
    Johnny: It's Robirdo.
    Johnny: (in thick Latin accent): It's Robirdo!
    Ryan: What the hell, fried chicken.
  • Johnny channeling his inner Kingdom Hearts.
    • With Ryan telling Johnny "The key is not a soccer ball!" after said key bounces off Mario's head over 10 times.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

  • The Underground Garden: Sweet Rave Vampire Killer, and the various quotes Ryan drops throughout the area.
  • Johnny's Happauge starts to shit out on him, causing what can only be described as teleportation throughout the castle. Rather than give Johnny shit about it, Ryan, Johnny, and Ted just roll with the footage as is, and make comments on it. This is noticeable when Johnny fights the optional boss of the game, culminating with...
      • And, for extra humor points, said optional boss is Galamoth.
  • Johnny singing the Shaft Theme when The Ghost of The Ghost of Shaft appears.
  • Johnny picking up the Meal Ticket causes Ryan to question whether or not Alucard is on food stamps and then concludes he probably is due to all the money he spends on his clothes.
  • After Johnny beats Dracula with ease, this exchange happens:
    Dracula: Tell me. What...what were Maria's last words?
    Johnny (as Alucard): MAMA-MIA!

Super Smash Bros. 64 (Classic Mode)

  • ♪ Me and you, you and me, no matter how they toss the dice, it has to be, the only one for me is you, and you for me, so happy together! ♪
  • Donkey Kong's TARDIS Barrel.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Adventure Mode)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Subspace Emissary)

Sonic Generations

  • At one point, Ryan rips off of Gareth's line where the city is absolutely destroyed at the end of Sonic Adventure. Gareth has not let it slide.note 
    Lewis: It's been fucking destroyed.
    Ryan: The city has STILL been fucking destroyed.
    Gareth: That's TWICE you dickheads have stolen my line.
  • Lewis's introduction of the game.
    Lewis: 6 commentators, 5 hours, 4 people trying to talk over each other all at one time, 3 eras, 2 hedgehogs, 1 epic adventure, it's the Sonic Generations commentary!
  • When Johnny goes to Classic Seaside Hill, he uses a technique that lets him break the level by skipping one of the level checkpoints.
  • This wonderful exchange:
    Lewis: Short and consistent is better than long and tedious.
    Gareth: Yeah. That's what I tell my wife every night.
  • Gareth making fun of Sonic saying 'Enjoy your future, it's gonna be great'; he claims a more accurate line would be 'Enjoy your future, it's gonna be great for 10 years, then suck balls for 7, then be kind of mediocre for a further two, and then get great again!'
  • The Classic Crisis City fake out goal post:
    Ryan: Hey look, there's the sign post! *Tornado carries goal post away, prompting Ryan to sing Trololo*
    Lewis: That tornado's carrying a goal post!

Portal 2

Single-Player Campaign

  • In part 3, when discussing used games, Lewis states that most of the games disks he bought at GameStop have finger marks underneath them. His explanation is that the previous owners sensually fingers the disk while playing with himself at night.
    Johnny: (moaning) Dual-layer! Oh yeah! Making me so hard!
    Ryan: Blu-ray! Oh sh...
  • Ryan sings the ending credits song, while Lewis berates him for ruining the song. Ryan completely ignores him.

Multiplayer Campaign

  • Lewis getting intercepted by the sphere, knocking him out of midair and into the septic acidic sludge.
  • In part 12 of the Co-op playthrough, Johnny goes on a rant saying that they canceled the DMC4 playthough because Ryan sucks at it for their Portal 2 Co-op playthrough where Ryan and Lewis are dicking around. Listen to it here.
  • In part 15 of the Co-op playthrough, Johnny plays the Final Jeopardy music while Lewis and Ryan struggle to complete the test chamber they were stuck on since the previous part.
  • On Part 17 around 12:50, Johnny's minor breakdown at figuring out how to solve the puzzle that Naryman and LewisParadox are failing to see right in front of their faces is a pretty good one.
  • In part 19, Ryan and Lewis are trying to destroy some turrets in order to continue the puzzle, what happens at the 4:46 mark must be seen to be believed.
    • "What..."

Pokemon: Crystal Version

  • Encountering "The King of Carp. MAGIKARP! DOAOAOAAAH!!!!"
  • Johnny isn't too thrilled with Ted naming a Heracross after him.
    Ryan: Hey, look, Johnny! You get to be a fighting bug!
    Johnny: You're fucking kidding me?!
    Ted: Hey, you're a badass!
    Johnny: First, a yellow rat and now I'm a fucking beetle?!
    Ted: 1 HP left. Shit...
    Johnny: I better be a fucking legendary next gen!! On a generation I don't give a shit about, ironically.
  • When facing Bruno's Hitmonlee:
    Ted: (to Ryan when sending out Haunter) Can you take down Bruce Lee?
    Ryan: (makes Funny Bruce Lee Noises)
    Johnny: That's great but can you take down Bruce Lee?
    • And when Hitmonlee used Swagger:
    Ryan: Goddamn it! Why is he farting at me?
  • The entire Lt. Surge battle. From the callback to the Yellow Commentary (Nyeeeeeeh), to the use of Street Fighter 4's version of Guile's Theme as the background music for any Pokémon that's not Electrode, at which point it changes to the original Guile Theme.
  • Just the idea of Jason Voorhees singing THAT song about his favorite day of the week.
  • Anything involving the Pokémon Fan Club President and his Rapidash.
    • Part 32 involves Ted getting a phone call, with Ryan and Johnny thinking it's the Pokémon Fan Club President.
  • "I can't believe it! I was killed by my breakfast!"
  • The Call-Back to the Rousing Speech before tossing the Master Ball in Part 37.
    Ryan (as Raikou): Greetings, Pokémon trainer. I am here to give you your biggest challenge yet of catching a roaming legendary that can also remove you from battle. Causing this, the greatest challenge of catching Pokémon ever invented!
    Ryan (as the Trainer): Master Ball, go!
    Ryan and Johnny (as Raikou): Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
    • Johnny imitating Raikou trying to struggle to get out of the ball seconds after said Call-Back.
  • Johnny's Anchorman Reference: His ideal marriage to some girl named Veronica in the middle of Mt. Silver.
  • The return of Fuck Yeah, Seaking!
  • The many marijuana jokes made during the Erika battle.
  • The battle against Blaine had a particularly good one regarding a certain Running Gag:
    Ryan: Blaine is about to use the Pokémon Fanclub President's Favorite Pokémon!
    Johnny: Oh... NO!
    Ryan: (as the Pokémon Fanclub President) Hey guys I told you that you'd get to see my Rapidash-dash-dash
  • Johnny's little rant after Ted decides to go through the final dungeon without using Flash is quite funny.
    Johnny: I know that one day, Veronica and I are going to get married on top of a mountain. And there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and garlands of herbs. And we will dance until the sun rises, and our children will form a family band and we will tour the countryside and YOU WON'T BE INVITED!

Kirby's Dream Land

  • Castle Lololo-lololo-lololo...
  • In part 2, during the boss rush, Johnny tells a story about one of his old jobs and how he was inspecting a milkshake machine and when he found the problem, said, "Well here's the problem: too many toasters." in the Hotel Mario voice. The crew's reactions to it are incredible.

Mario Kart 64

  • One of the first lines is Johnny lamenting on how the crew learned nothing from the F-Zero GX run of the same genre.
  • At around twenty seconds into the video, Johnny starts to read Pepsi ingredients off a bottle to "Get it out of the way".
    Johnny: Well, I better get started now. Let's see, Pepsi. Carbonated water. High fructose corn syrup. Caramel colored sugar. Phosphoric acid. Caffeine. Citric acid.
    • At the end of Johnny's rant, Lewis shouts "Greenly", calling back to the GX playthrough.
  • Ryan tells the crew about the comic he read on DuelingAnalogs where Cloud and Sephiroth are playing basketball, only to end with Sephiroth murdering Aerith. The sheer change in storyline from the comic had the other commentators laughing.
    • Found here for quick reference.
  • In part 4, we have this when arguing about Super Mario 3D Land:
    Ted: You're the only person I've talked to that hasn't liked this game, everybody else I've talked said they're.. (interrupted by Ryan and Johnny)
    Johnny: Cause they're wrong!
    Ryan: Cause they're babies!
    Ted: They must have been older than I am.
    Lewis: Hi, Heavy Weapons Guy!
  • In part 3, Lewis complains that Wario Stadium has too much brown, causing Ryan to say that Nintendo predicted the future of gaming.

Mega Man X3

  • Bilzzard Biffalo (in the Playstation version, Blizzard Buffalo's name is misspelled as "Bilzzard Buffalo").
  • "Hm, I'll try going to the left, nope nope, go to the right, oh nope I'll try the left again, nope back to the right, let's try the right again." (Many of the Mavericks have a "dash left or right" mode of fighting, with projectiles or other attacks sprinkled in sometimes.)
  • The many weather-related jokes at Dr. Doppler's expense.
  • Ted's god-awful puns involving Bit, Byte, and Vile, and his singing the "Captain America's mighty shield" song during the first Sigma battle.
  • How Johnny handles the end game boss rush: By editing it into a montage where he hits each one once and they immediately explode, set to a certain song by The Lonely Island about explosions.
  • Sigma's second form has an attack that Ted interprets as spray-painting the wall, which Johnny admits was better than his suggestion of the Orbital Friendship Beam.
  • In the ending where it says that "To save mankind, X must destroy Zero". The group wonders what possibly would give X that idea. And during the credits, where X and Zero are running together, they joke that what is really happening is that X tried to kill Zero, and Zero is chasing X because of it.
  • Their comments during the character portraits part of the credits: "Who are you?"; "Why do you exist?"; "Hey, it's Heracross"; "Douche"; "Asshole"; etc.

Mega Man 7

The Legend of Zelda

  • Ted dies an unexpectedly large amount of eight times in part one alone, some deaths not even a minute apart.
  • In part 2 of the play through, after Ted meets the old woman that sells potions, one of the commentators compares her to Santa Claus because of the look of her sprite, causing everyone to burst in laughter.
  • Matthew's scenario of a "heal-job" gone awry:
    Matt: (As Bo Rt) Oh BABY! What's your name?
    Matt: (As Error) I AM ERROR!
  • Lewis, as stated in the Only Sane Man entry, is a nut for pointing out logic deconstruction in games; however, in part 2, in an ironic turn of events, he got confused as to how fire hurt Bo Rt when Ted made him walk into it.
    Matt: Lewis, Lewis, fire hot. Remember that fire is hot.
  • The introduction to part 2, where Lewis welcomes the viewers back:
    Lewis: Once again, our dear friend Ted is trying to beat the monsters by slamming his face into them.
    Matt (though mumbled): That's right Ted, block with your face!
  • Ted stops to set up a new recording in the Legend of Zelda playthrough, performing a jump-cut in the process. However, he already established that a jump-cut means that he is looking at a strategy guide to beat the game. When he does this in-front of dungeon 3, absolutely nobody believed him and Matt claimed that Ted got lost on the way to dungeon 3 when he was two feet away from it.
    Ted: I don't get it, what are you guys claiming?
    Matt: That you paused the game and gave us a jump-cut right before dungeon 3. You got lost two feet away from dungeon 3!
  • Johnny's repeated exasperated cry of Ted's name whenever Ted dies or unbelievably screws up while playing.
  • Matt in general; he has been keeping the fans laughing their asses off, and they also want him in another commentary afterward.
  • This little gem from Part four:
    Matt: Johnny and I were playing Majora's Mask by ourselves, and I told him: Look, if you're not comfortable with the aliens, then I'll do it... and then I end up getting her abducted. After that, all day Johnny would look at me and say ROMANI!!!
  • Matt makes an accusation about their love lives. Ted steps up to defend them. Ryan shoots them down.
    Matt: That's probably why you don't have a girlfriend...
    Ted: Hey! How do you know that? For all you know I could have a girlfriend of my own and you wouldn't know!
    Ryan: Ted, you make commentaries over video games.
  • Ryan shouting "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" whenever Ted tries to defend himself.
  • Matt bragging about how easy Digdogger is and that nobody should die to him, ending with Ted dying to Digdogger right at the end of his speech.
  • Ted constantly going back to dungeon five repeatedly.
    Ryan: I've never seen anybody spend so much time trying to get OUT of the dungeon.
  • Matt holding Johnny to different standards than he does to poor ol' Ted:
    Johnny: I'm saying that you're having no problem with Ted killing everything on the screen, but you call me the fucking sociopath on our Let's Play, you fucking hypocrite!
    Matt: I hold you to different standards. I expect you to be better than that.
    Ted: HEY!
  • Ted gets into a "metaphorical cock-fight" with the wizrobes in Dungeon 6, and loses.
  • And then suddenly Vegeta.
  • The group get into an argument over who exactly was the character in dungeon 7 that stood in your way as he uttered the infamous "Grumble, grumble..." line. Despite the fact that Ted looked it up and said it was Goriya, everyone else just dubbed him "The Grumble Grumble Guy" and Johnny said, in character as the Goriya, "It's not grumble grumble guy!"
    • It gets even funnier when the group dub him Fucking Alliteration instead.
  • Matt is convinced that the book in dungeon 8, supposedly an upgrade for the Magic Rod that lets it shoot fireballs, is actually a downgrade. When Past!Ted gets it, over Current!Matt's objections, Current!Ted jokes about what it could be:
    Lewis: That explains so much.
    • Matt has another explanation:
      Matt: You got an STD.
      Lewis: The book was so bad it gave you herpes?
  • Ted rushing into Zelda's chamber in the final dungeon and getting burned by the flames because of it. Naturally, the group mocks him for it and noted it would have been painful and hilarious if someone had died in that room after getting that far in the game.
  • In part 2, when the group goes off a tangent over Final Fantasy VII, Matt gives us this:
    Matt: Did anyone ever go all the way with Cloud? *beat* Let me rephrase that.
  • Their discussion of Wizzrobe in Part 6.
    Ryan: It's so satisfying to kick their asses in Wind Waker.
    Matt: Wind Waker? I liked how stupid they looked in Majora's Mask. "Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Eeee-yah!"
    Johnny: Actually, when I saw the Wizzrobes in Majora's Mask, the first thing I thought of was 'He's a maaaaniac, MAAAAA-niac on the floooo-oooor!'.
    • Made funnier by Ryan, Matt, and Ted joining in the song.
  • The amount of times Ted died playing this game without jump-cuts. He left in 22 deaths and said that he died about fifty times off camera. This means that if he's right, throughout the game, he died total of 72 times.

Mega Man 8

  • The video descriptions
    Megaman has to stop Dr. Wily for an eighth time using ANIME CUTSCENES. Can our hero survive the beyond awful voice dubbing? Why is Elmer Fudd playing Dr. Light? Why does Roll sound more masculine than Megaman does? Oh, also, some evil energy....stuff....
  • All of their commentary on Clown Man (whom they've dubbed Molestation Man).
  • The Pie Discussion
  • "YOU MEAN HE'S (Dr. Light) NOT ALREADY?"
  • Any time they make fun of the anime cutscenes or Dr. Light.
  • When Gareth quotes mostly word-for-word of "Doctor Wily Fails at Life".
  • Ryan dies at the second pit in Frost Man's snowboarding section.
  • Ted's naivete when it comes to Rule 34.
    Ted: Why would anybody watch robot porn anyway?
    Ryan: Dude, Rule 34 man.
    Gareth: Yeah man, haven't you ever been on the internet before? Jesus Christ.
    Ryan: Dude, robot porn is like the least of your problems.
    • Also, some fridge brilliance; Ted wasn't around for the Lost Levels playthrough, so he missed all of the porn discussions taking place during that particular playthrough (see the top of the page).
  • Johnny noticing the dragon robots in Tengu Man's stage doing the worm.
  • Johnny thinking that Duo's different-sized hands make him look like a chronic masturbator.
  • Loose lips and bad rambling made for an odd choice of words uttered by Gareth during the robot porn discussion.
    Gareth: I mean, there are people who legally marry horses, and while that's pretty fucked up, it's not as bad as robot porn.
  • When Ryan has a glitch death on the second snowboarding section of Frostman's stage
  • "Bass, why you don't understand?"
  • When they talk about why Wily doesn't use the material that Mettaur helmets are made of in all of his robots, a certain flash animation is referenced.
  • Their discussion about what the last part contains, and Mega Man being a walking vibrator.
  • Ryan's fun with editing during the ending. Now sing it with me, You got the Touch...
  • "Was it good for you Mega Man"

Metroid Fusion

  • Part 3 has the guys question Samus the same way people question the "1% elite":
    Johnny: What the hell does Anonymous want with Samus?
    Ted: We do not forgive, we do not forget?
    BigAl: Adam, I want you to pizza bomb her house!
    Ryan: She is the 1% of Chozo technology?
    Ted: Why does 1% of bounty hunters have Chozo technology while the other 99% do not?
    Ted: Eww....
    Johnny: That sounds like a porno flick.
  • In part 4 about the fat scientist and the Wide Beam. (One of few cases where Ted's puns are not of the incredibly lame variety.)
    BigAl: Wait a minute... the scientist knew how to do the Wide Beam?
    Ted: No, the X-Parasite just had the ability of the Wide Beam. Why? I don't know game logic.
    Johnny: I like to think the scientist had the Wide Beam. "Hey, Samus laser beam check it out."
    Ted: Well he was certainly wide enough.
    BigAl: Wow.
    Johnny: *While laughing* It all makes sense!
  • Anytime Ted complains about Johnny skipping item expansions, Johnny gets annoyed by the constant complaining, but also takes glee in watching Ted suffer simply because Johnny knows how to play the game properly to the point where he doesn't need extra items.

Sonic Colors

  • "This is a 3D Sonic game, and I'm actually having fun. What wizardry is this?"
  • This bit from Part 1 where Ryan consistently fails to get to the goal ring.
  • "Ok, Eggman, I don't want to see your Big Boy."
  • Ryan dies to the boss of Sweet Mountain and everyone mocks him for it.
  • When Tails gets hit by Eggman's mind control beam and almost attacks Sonic, Johnny jokes that he's actually just trying to get back at Sonic for the stolen penny.
  • Ted's orgasms by Planet Wisp's Act 1 music.
    Ryan: Hey Ted, it's Act 1 music again.
    Ted: "groans loudly" I just cleaned these pants.
    • Also, at the end of that part, the others think that the reason Ted had to wipe his screen wasn't because of spilled coke... Ahem.
  • The beginning of Part 5:
    Ted: Let's see here: crappy dazzle quality, horrible editing skills, bad game-play... did Ryan record this?
    Ryan: Ah, shut the fuck up.
    • Following that, Yacker on weed brownies.
  • Ryan loving Act 1 more than Act 2 in Aquarium Park made for a cheap laugh, but a good laugh ensued when Ryan kept getting the cube powerup, screwing Johnny out of his music.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  • The gang's convoluted and nonsensical attempts to explain away Ted's criticisms of video-game logic: Diddy and Dixie can't just grab the sword that came out of the lava because it's animate and would twist their arms around to kill them, and a Kremling falls into the swamp water after jumping on a barrel because his peg-leg is allergic to wood.
    • Especially given the fact that they both have very obvious explanations.
  • In Part 5, Ryan tries making a Take That! joke about DKC2's "spinning blue hedgehog".
    Matt: Ryan, you've just compared a f**king cucumber to a pumpkin.
    • Ted tries to explain that a cucumber plant and a pumpkin plant do sort of look alike, if you're not a gardener, but:
    Matt: Ted, did your parents celebrate Halloween on a budget? Did they tell you that a cucumber was a pumpkin?
  • Part 5 has everyone reminiscing their childhoods when the honey level reminds them of Winnie-the-Pooh. Except for Matt.
    Matt: (after the rest of the crew finish singing one of the songs) Do you guys get your asses kicked a lot at school?
    • It gets better.
    Matt: Kingdom Hearts is the only time I ever want to see that fucking bear.
    Ted: What's wrong with Winnie the Pooh? You're literally shitting all over my childhood.
    Matt: Dude, there is nothing wrong with Winnie the Pooh... when you are two. You are now nearing twenty.
    Matt: Not when you're twenty, and not when you're a man!
  • In Part 6, they have a discussion about Quawks the parrot-chute, who can't fly and who Matt therefore thinks is mentally disabled.
    Ted: Or he could be a dodo, or a penguin.

Sonic Genesis

  • Johnny's rage at how much Sega fucked up porting the game.
    Ryan: So how are we going to keep this rage up for four more parts?
    Johnny: I will find EVERY excuse I can!
  • In fact, the very first minute is filled with these. In less than sixty seconds, references to AoStH have been made, Ted complained, and maniacal laughter was heard.
    • Ted was asking why they couldn't have done a better GBA game such as Zero Mission, Fire Emblem, or Sonic Advance, which is funnier than it should be.
  • "Now if you're wondering why exactly this game is such a tremendous ass..........ass?"
  • In part 3, they deduce that Sonic Genesis is Satan in one of those cartridge disguises
  • During part 3, Sonic gets impaled on a spike but doesn't take damage; the guys are dumbfounded by this.
  • About 11:00 into Part 3, the guys start going off on random tangents since they don't want to so much as look at the game.
  • Chugga-chugga-chugga!
  • Remember when John said he intended to complain about everything?
    Ted: Okay, now I'm gonna be completely nitpicky, but I don't think the text looks very good in this game.
    Johnny: [Laughter]
  • Ted's new superpower, psychically making it impossible to open candy-wrappers
    Ted: It was either that or stairway beams, so...
    Ryan: I think the stairway beam would be more useful.
  • Part 5's rage.
  • When the "Try Again" screen comes up.
    Ted: Oh, you gotta try again Johnny! You gotta try again! You didn't get the Chaos Emeralds!
    Johnny: Fuuck yooouuuu!!!!
  • This ridiculous death in Part 5.

Pokemon: Leaf Green Version

  • The guys and Amanda are talking about Barry from The Rival from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum when Amanda makes a joke about Barry from Resident Evil; this goes over Ted's head. Ryan, Johnny, and Lewis calling Ted out is hilarious.
    Amanda: I like that Barry though the Barry in Platinum is shit.
    Ted: What's the difference oh oh right Resident Evil.
    Johnny: Jesus fucking Christ.
    Ryan: Just now getting this Ted.
    Lewis: Give this man a prize he gets it!
  • Lewis shows us the wrong way to fight the trainers in Brock's gym by using Metapod and Kakuna when he has a Mankey.
    Ted: What are you doing? What are you doing!
  • Johnny's reaction to Vanilluxe's design.
  • in Part 11 (after Johnny took control), Charmeleon was going to evolve into Charizard much to everyone else's amazement... until he pressed the B button, why? Because he wanted to see their reactions if he did.
    • And then it gets better, in the next part, in which he ditches the Charmeleon altogether for a Vulpix that Johnny actually evolves into Ninetails.
  • In this episode, they overlay Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me Right Round Baby whenever the player character is spinning around rapidly.
  • In Part 14 Lewis and Ted talking about Brains over Brawn.
    Ted: It's just your Brain over Brawn message, even though whenever I said that to the jocks I got a punch to the gut.
    Lewis: If you were really Brain over Brawn you wouldn't be saying that to them at all. Because obviously confronting a jock when you are not a jock yourself is a really fucking stupid thing to do!
    Ted: It was my sister. What was I supposed to do? Never talk to her again?
  • In Part 16 Johnny uses a Max Repel only to run into an Electrode, while, as usual, Guile's Theme goes off.
    Lewis: You just used a Max Repel and you run into an Electrode what is the point?
    Ted: You can't run from Guile.
    Johnny: I just did.
    Ryan: Ashley decided to go home and be a family woman.
  • In Part 17 Lorelei sends out a Jynx, leading to this remark from Amanda:
    Amanda: Oh look it's Mr. Popo's bisexual cousin.
    Lewis: Oh my god you're right.
  • In Part 18 Johnny needs to teach a pokemon Surf; he then sees that Willis the Rhydon can learn it. He then inserts the "Seriously" meme face.
  • In Part 19, Johnny trolls Ted by hacking in a random encounter against a shiny Tentacool. Johnny immediately kills it claiming that he doesn't like Tentacool. Ted is left to fruitlessly froth in anger over it.
  • On all the encounters with the legendary bird Pokemon, Johnny knocks them all out to the bewilderment and anger of Ted and Ryan with Ryan saying "What's your damage!?" every time. Johnny does make an attempt to capture Ho-Oh and Lugia, but gives up on the former by running away due it refusing to stay in the ball and spamming Recover and knocks out the latter after wasting many minutes trying to get it to stay in the ball.

Super Mario Sunshine

  • Ted finally manages to come up with a joke that isn't incredibly lame.
    Lewis: Why does this game constantly recycle bosses? Is it poor design choice or because of the Gamecube's incredibly small disc?
    Ted: Maybe it's a product of this game's environmental message?
  • Ryan manages to get the Shine Sprite of Rico Harbor's Red Coin Blooper Surfing segment and is mere inches away from obtaining it... before landing on a purple Blooper in a way the camera fucks with the controls and he ends up crashing into a wall. The rest of the crew was in hysterics.
  • Johnny's thoughts of the cork on Gooper Blooper being a pacifier making Gooper Blooper a baby.
  • "HE SPEAKS!"
    • To elaborate, Typing Blank is the guest commentator during this playthrough; he rarely speaks, so when he does, they make a big deal out of this.
  • In the scene where Bowser Jr. is introduced and he reveals that Peach is (probably) his mother, Ryan edits in a certain scene from Dragon Ball Z Abridged that also gives the video its title: What a twist!
    • Immediately after, Lewis comments on the implications of Peach bearing Bowser's child.
    Lewis: Funny, I don't remember that happening. I must have been drunk off my ass for a whole 9 months.
  • Johnny's Angst during the red coins in the coral reef mission sort-of mirrors Johnny and Co.'s (sans Lewis and Typing Blank) anger and rage during the Sonic Genesis commentary.
  • The debut of Mario's new Slug suit.
  • The dick and sex jokes during Pinna Park's sunflower mission.
  • All the times a vehicle passes by Typing Blank during the commentary.
    Ryan: *when hearing a motorcycle pass by in part 9* Why yes Mister Motorcycle!
  • Ted is now Mako Tsunami and allegedly has the ocean bound and gagged in a closet
  • Is there any real-life sea creature as big as Unagi
    Ted: Giant squids are...
    Johnny: If you say 'Giant squid is giant'...
  • Every time Ryan starts singing the song from the US commercial, including lyrics from Johnny about Luigi, and Johnny invoking that Ryan made a more depressing version.
  • Ryan not knowing that he could open a door with a pineapple, so he leaves the pineapple behind. The reactions of Lewis, Johnny, and Typing are hilarious.
    Lewis: This is painful.
    Typing: It's not a's not a puzzle.
    Johnny: He's played the game before.
  • Johnny's reactions to the stupidity of the Piantas throughout the playthrough.
  • In Part 13, Amanda's dad walks into the room, leading to this exchange.
    Amanda: I can't curse as much cause my dad's here.
    Johnny: There's no rule in Brainscratch saying you have to curse.
    Lewis: Did you say that loud enough for him to hear you.
    Amanda: He's right next to me!
    Johnny: Sorry guys, father's here gotta put the pot away.
  • In Part 14, the gang spots a Pianta running around with his backpack on fire. Ryan leaves him to burn, saying that he's probably the same guy who blocked their path in the pineapple mission.
    Johnny (in his Mario voice): Payback's a bitch!
  • Part 15's montage of fail from Secret of the Underside, and Ryan editing in a full credit-like sequence of "F*ckthislevel" shown.
    Johnny (As a Pianta): I'm 'unna chuck you all over the place, motherchucker! *everybody cracks up further* Have a nice-chucking-day!
  • The guys and Amanda talking about why FLUDD wasn't in any Mario after Sunshine in the final part.


  • Part 2 has the guys playing Boy or Girl with one of the characters. In Touhou.
  • In Part 3, after Johnny asks where the hitbox is, Reimu immediately gets hit and killed.
    Ryan: There, apparently.
  • In Part 6, Lewis and Johnny complain about the poor translation of the dialogue, which leads to this declaration by Johnny:
    Lewis and Ted: How do you know that (Johnny)?
    Johnny: Oh, I watch porn! All of you fuckers watch porn! Don't you try and fucking deny it!
  • The guys' reactions to Remilia's anticlimactic Motive Rant.

Wario World

  • The running gag of Mario's million dollar contract.
    • The culmination of the gag comes at the final part where Ryan's 100% save file gives him the best ending and thus, the shiniest castle.
    Ted (imitating Wario): Hey sprite thingys, how much is this castle worth?
    Ryan: $999,999.99!
    Ted: Goddammit!
  • The guys' reaction to Wario's face during the ending.

     Pikmin to Sonic Rush 


  • Lewis's reaction to the eternal fuel dynamo.
    Lewis: How did we take off last time without the fuel supply?
    Ted: We had the engine.
    Lewis: ...Right, how did we take off last time without the fuel supply that powers the engine?
    Ted: We had the engine.
    • Also, the return of "It's a videogame".
  • In Part 2, Ted wonders what the Pikmin are thinking as they drag an enemy to their ship.
    Johnny: Feast! Feast! Feast!
  • At the end of every day, Ryan imitates Captain Kirk summing up the events of the part.
    Ryan: Captain's Log, Star date...Now.
  • The captain's log of Part 2.
    Ryan: I ordered the Pikmin around and tried to see what their capabilities were, by contacting them in the only way I know how... sexual intercourse. They did not seem to respond well.
    Johnny: I just realized I am working for Nintendo and I cannot use the term "sexual intercourse". I must find a G-Rated term for "sexual intercourse".
    Lewis: Cake.
    Johnny: Must have cake with the Pikmin!
  • This brief exchange between Lewis and Ted.
    Lewis: Wait hang on, is that a ship part?
    Ted: Yes that is a ship part.
    Lewis: Our ship has a windup key? Really?
    Ted: It's a repair mechanism.
    Lewis: *laughing* It's a repair mechanism.
    Ted: It's a repair type bolt. Apparently if you just twist Olimar's ship enough it will blast off at the speed of light.
    Lewis: So it is a windup key!
  • Whenever Olimar leads the Pikmin into almost certain death, Johnny suggests that they should form a union. The voice he uses sells it.
  • During the enemy roll call at the end of the game, Ted points out that whoever recorded that footage sucks more than he does, as they seem to be trying to get the Pikmin killed.
  • This exchange in the final part:
    Johnny (Pikmin voice): Sir, I found a hissing rock!
    Johnny: Get away from it, you fool!

Sonic Riders

  • Ted introducing the commentary acknowledging how well they've done with other games of this genre. "Hey guys, guess what? RACING GAME!" *giddy laughter*
  • When Eggman introduces the Babylon Rogues:
    Johnny (Imitating Eggman): Here's the racers I found: Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, and Egg Robo- oooh, I'm suddenly getting deja vu.
  • Johnny comments on all the enemy racers being the same robot. "He's such a fatass that he can be 12th and 2nd place at the same time."
  • Knuckles insults Tails... and doesn't even realize it.
    Ryan: What an idiot. "SHUT UP!"
  • Eggman's Scooty Puff Junior from part 3.
  • Lewis spends the entirety of Part 4 playing Persona 3. Cue the inevitable comment of "Who put Sonic Riders in my Persona commentary?"

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

  • Johnny's reaction to the Bomb Rally mini-game.
    Johnny: What the fuck kind of game of hot potato is this?
    Ted: Um, a very morbid one.
    Johnny (high-pitched voice): Hi, I'm Kirby, and welcome to Jackass!
  • At the start of the Meta Knight boss battle, for a couple of minutes, Kirby just stands still not picking up the sword so that Ted and Ryan can recite the $00PAH Nin10Doh Meta Knight skit.
    Ted (as Meta Knight): Alright, Star Warrior, draw your sword and duel me!
    Ryan (as Kirby): I don't wanna!
    Ted: B-B-But we have to fight!
    Ryan: Alright, but I'm not using the sword.
    Ted: Oh yes you will! You draw that blade and you like it!
    Ryan: No!
    Ted: OK, fine. I will wait.
  • The Running Gag of Lewis complaining about the level names not making any sense at the start of each part.
  • Their 4kids rant:
    Lewis: "They don't care about censoring violence, they care about censoring guns. Guns and sex and bathroom visits."
    Ryan: "And Japanese text."
    Lewis: "And Japanese text, yeah. Japanese text must go; we cannot expose our impressionable youngsters to other cultures. The only country on the planet is America. No North America or South America, there is no UK and there certainly is no Japan. There is only America."
    John: "Don't get me started on Canada."
    Ted: "So how did they explain the war on terror then? That kind of needs another country."
    Lewis: "Um, extradimensional aliens.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • Johnny's insanely accurate imitation of Brauner while the rest laugh.
  • When Ted gets the Cutter+Spark power, Ryan puts in a poorly edited version of the confrontation with Darth Maul to show the epicness of the double edged lightning sword ability along with Lewis and Johnny's reactions.
  • During stage 4-2, Ted goes on record saying it is a pretty easy level, even with the Dynamite power. Because of this statement, Ryan and Johnny expect karma to come along and kill Ted. It takes a while, but Ted is killed by an unexpectedly well-aimed shot from a lightning cloud enemy... just one step away from a health item. Johnny then gives out a Big "YES!".
  • After defeating the boss of Shiver Star, the guys find the Corrupted Ripple Star, which leads to "corrupted" jokes:
    Ted: Oh... no, the heart is covered with blackness... kind of like my heart.
    Lewis: Only... uh...
    Ryan: It's current day Nintendo I knew it!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • Ryan trying to decide what to name Link. He first thinks of Bort but then decides "Nah, too common." He then tries "Gary Oak". Cue confused look from Gary and his Umbreon. He then tries Batman. Cue angry look from the actual Batman. He finally decides to go with Dumbfuck.
    • They then proceed to forget about it, and act surprised when it comes up.
    Lewis: Oh, right, um...
    Johnny: Forgot about that.
    • Later:
    Lewis: Dumbfuck, the chosen one... oh God...
    • And at the end:
    Ganon: Curse you, Dumbfuck!
  • The intro.
    Ryan: It's time to play the greatest game ever made in the history of anything.
    Johnny: But we already did Final Fantasy VI.
    Ryan: Oh, shut up.
    Ted: But I haven't recorded Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door yet.
    Ryan: You shut up, too.
    Lewis: I don't see any cel shading. This is not Catherine.
    Ryan: Wait, I did forget one other competitor: Cheetahmen.
    Johnny: Oh, well there's just no comparison.
  • When Saria is saying goodbye to Dumbfuck, she mentions that he's special to her. Ryan then inserts a clip from Ukinojoe's Legend Of Groose Grooseward Gourd. Johnny's reaction is what really makes this funny.
    Johnny: This is why I don't watch the raws ahead of time.
    • Here's Grooseward Gourd for reference.
    • And again when Ryan completes the chicken minigame at Lon Lon Ranch around 12:30 in Part 5.
    • Also, when you reach Saria in the Lost Woods, the clip plays when Saria mentions that this place is special to Dumbfuck and her.
    • Anytime Link has to travel a long distance, Ryan inserts Link's walking animation from Grooseward as a transition.
    • When the Cucco lady says that Link is good at handling Cuccos...Ahem.
  • When Ryan gets the Sun Song, the crew discusses the realistic, but horrible ramifications of playing it.
  • The constant saying of "Magic, ooh!" and "With whimsy!" whenever magic is mentioned.
  • The fact that Hyrule's water runs through King Zora's ass and balls, and the group's reaction to finding that out.
  • Anytime Princess Ruto whines at Link, Ryan plays an audio clip of Link saying "Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!"
  • The reaction to the rocket rock in part 10, and the ensuing conversation about where it goes afterward.
  • "See, Ted? Even I get more shinys than you."
  • In Part 16, Ted theorizes that the Skull Kid wanders around the Lost Forest with a boom box constantly blasting Saria's Song.
    Johnny: Turn that shit down!
    Ted: You can't tell me what to do!
  • Ryan keeps bringing up a a "tennis racket" when referring to the bottle. Why? Simple: Watch part 19 and watch Ryan hilariously beat Phantom Ganon with his bottle with the battle set to the Mario Tennis theme. The rest of the crew, meanwhile, act as pretty good backup commentary for said battle. It gets referenced again when Link fights Ganondorf.
  • In Part 20, it may not quite be Inherently Funny Words, but:
    Lewis: He's the Garlic Jr of Chrono Trigger!
  • Part 27, Ryan uses the Lens of Truth to see some invisible spikes, Ted had this to say.
    Ted: Invisible spikes, that would make Mega Man cry.
  • Part 22, Ryan enters the Water Temple. He then inserts a clip of Spongebob screaming. This cracks the others up, needless to say.
    Ted: Am I the only one that finds it odd that Spongebob is yelling even though he's technically already underwater.
  • Part 28, Ryan chooses the best way to deal with the stealth section in Gerudo Valley, slashing everyone with the Big Goron Sword.
    Ryan: Who needs stealth!
  • Part 28, Ted talking about how when he was doing a school project on Greek Gods he found random pictures of porn, leading Ryan to sing songs from Hercules that now take a whole new meaning.
    Ryan: I am on my way.
    Ted: Oh god double meanings!
    Ryan: He can go the distance.
  • Three Words. Ganondorf's Cooking Show.
    Ted: Hey kids! Have you ever been so hungry that you could cook an Octorok? Well, here's your chance!
  • Part 33: Sheik makes her dramatic reveal that she's actually Princess Zelda in disguise
    Lewis: Sheik, you're a guy?
  • Part 35: Ryan forgets how the hookshot works again, so he shoulder-tackles an iron knuckle.
  • Also Part 35: Ganondorf's Piano Practice Lessons with Zelda. Her horrified expression makes it seem as though Ganondorf is terrible at playing, and ragtime music is substituted for his normal ominous organ theme.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Ted talking about the moral choice system.
    Ted: Say you want to align with Eggman cause I want to be his Egg-partner or something.
    Lewis: *Laughing* That has to be the most awkward wording of anything ever.
  • Talking about what kind of doctor Eggman is.
    Gareth: Are you saying that Eggman is a man that does back alley abortions?
    Lewis: That would explain the nickname, though.
  • Midway through Part 4, Gareth's mic starts being all screwy and makes him sound weird. Hilarity ensues.
    Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, Gareth Android.
    Ryan: Gareth, dude, you're coming in obscenely weird.
    Gareth: (unintelligible)
    Johnny: Are you doing that on purpose?
    Gareth: No?
    Lewis: What's that you've said? You're a Shadow, the true self?
  • They begin discussing Shadow's many "I Am Speeches," often how he's asked a question and the speech does not pertain to it.
    Johnny (as Shadow): "I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate fry cook in this McDonald's kitchen. I will use thy skills to pay the bills. THIS is who I am!"
    Johnny (customer): "Dude, dude, all I wanted was a #2 with onions."
    Ryan: "I am the one who cuts the onions."
    Amanda: "THIS is who I am!"
  • "Let's what happens then"
  • In Part 9, they notice that Black Doom's voice sounds like Dr. Claw and then start making Inspector Gadget quotes with a Sonic twist.
    Gareth: Go Go Shadow Chaos Blast!
  • Near the end, their conversation turns to the President. Eggman appears in a cutscene, and the conversation yields this prospect.
    Gareth: It's not brought up often in the media, but Eggman's actually the Vice President.
  • In Part 11, Ted commandeers a jeep and, after less than a minute of driving, drives it off a bottomless pit directly in front of him.
  • In Part 12 (beginning at 8:00), Gareth wonders if Shadow was created to be The Ultimate Life Form and a living sex doll at the same time. Needless to say, everyone else begins to comment that he has a sexual relationship with Shadow, even going as far as pondering the possibility of a Shadow the Hedgehog sex doll, and resulting in Ted saying:
    Ted: Gareth, once this part is over, I'm going to direct you to an amazing site called, where you can get all of those urges out of your system.
  • The many, MANY porn jokes during Part 13.
  • The running F-Zero jokes when Ted fights the Blue Falcon boss in Part 16 (complete with callbacks to their F-Zero GX commentary).
  • The ending of Part 18 starting with Gareth speculates that Eggman will only blow up the Earth to get the world's greatest tweet, leading to Amanda laughing uncontrollably for nearly two minutes.
    Gareth: Just blew up the world. LOL!
    • Ted then comes up with a list of Trending topics if the world blows up.
    Ted: Black Comet, Diablon Robot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog.
    Gareth: Gangnam Style!
    Ted: "WorldGoBoom" might be a trending topic.
    • In the same part, Amanda states that if Shadow were to karate chop Black Doom, a squishy alien, the sound of the impact would be of a rubber duck squeaking. Gareth follows it up with Shadow winding up smacking himself due to the rubbery impact bouncing the karate chop back at Shadow.
  • After Ted dies a cheap death from an Artificial Chaos during the horrible Lost Impact level in Part 20...
    Amanda: Oh my god, I hate that!
    Lewis: Failure!
    Ted: Fuck you!
    Amanda: I... hate... that... thing! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, it needs to die in a fire, I hate it, I hate it, it needs to die, get burned, PUT IT THE OVEN, COOK IT, ROAST IT, THEN TAKE IT OUT, EAT IT, AND THEN SHIT IT OUT, AND THEN BURN IT AGAIN!
    Ryan: Okay, we get it, Amanda.
    Gareth: I'm pretty sure Amanda's trying to tell us something. What is it?
    Ted: This level sucks and should die a horrible, flaming, burning death.
    Lewis: Amanda wants some combustible lemons, that's what she's trying to tell us.
    Amanda: LEMONS!!!
  • Part 22 has the crew wondering where Shadow was keeping all of his Chaos Emeralds by the end of the game. Gareth suggested that Knuckles was off screen, slowly tossing the emeralds to Shadow when the scene called for it.
  • In Part 23, Amanda's outburst at Black Doom's Luke, I Am Your Father moment may have further cemented her status as The Scrappy, but Gareth more than makes up for it with this line:
    Gareth: Amanda, it wasn't funny when I did that 4 years ago and it ain't funny now.
  • In Part 24, thanks to some very good timing from Black Doom:
    Johnny: I've already spent the entire commentary stating why I really don't like this game.
    Black Doom: Burn!
  • When Ted makes a joke about plugging, Johnny has a short rant which leads to an interesting moment:
    Ted: I've only seen the OVA three times... one of them being the Commentary *cough* plug! *cough*
    Johnny: What is wrong with plugging this shit on our own channel!? It's OUR channel! With that said, watch our Resident Evil 4 Commentary, it's hilarious.
    Gareth: Are we allowed to plug stuff in this commentary?
    Johnny: *cuts Lewis off* Wait, FTA's a guest, he can plug anything he wants. What do you want to plug?

Pokemon: Black and Blue Version

  • Ted brings up one of the many inaccuracies of the game; specifically, one of Tepig's moves.
    Ted: Hold on, sorry for interrupting, but a petition actually did damage. Everyone knows petitions don't actually do anything.
  • Johnny ends the video by dragging a certain image of Tommy Lee Jones from the movie No Country for Old Men on-screen. You know the one.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

  • In Part 2, the guys are talking about how elephants are afraid of mice; this then leads to a conversation about Dumbo.
    Lewis: That's Disney thinking outside the box... until the direct DVD sequel that jumped right back into the box.
    Ted: I don't think there was a direct sequel to Dumbo.
    Lewis: I know, and that's why it's my favorite Disney movie.
    Paranoiasonik: There's a Dumbo 2.
    Lewis: Oh god damn it, you just ruined Dumbo forever for me now.
  • In Part 2, the guys talk about Kiddy Kong's onesie.
    Lewis: Oh god, he's wearing those stupid-ass one piece pajamas.
    Paranoiasonik: Yep he's wearing a onesie.
    Ted: I haven't worn a onsie since I was like six years old.
    Everyone but Ted: SIX!
    Lewis: Got out of those a little late didn't cha.
    Paranoiasonik: Which is why he's wearing them in the thumbnail image.
  • In Part 9, during the "Krack-Shot Kroc" stage, Ryan points out the similarities between the stage's gimmick and one of the stages in Donkey Kong 64 with the same gimmick but also a Nightmare Fuel voice that says "GET OUT!" when it starts, leading to surprise from the ones who hadn't played DK64 and laughter from the others.
    Paranoiasonic: I was just playing a lighthearted Donkey Kong game, when-
    Ryan: GET OUT.
  • The jokes involving KAOS, including calling it the Android logo, its second head being compared to Pizza the Hutt's assistant, Vinnie, and its third head being Beaker's true form.
  • Their discussion of watching movies backwards in part 12.
  • And of course, the Running Gag that was the Jesus Barrel.


  • In Part 3, Ted shows that the art gallery of doom apparently has material that Ib shouldn't see until she's... ahem, older. He reads it twice, first when he enters the room in which he found it, the second time when the room was messed up after Garry lit his lighter.
  • At the end of the commentary, Ted placed a challenge to all viewers: the main BSC member with the most likes (in a set of comments Ted posted) must play I Wanna be the Guy and the member with the LEAST likes has to play Kaizo Mario World.
  • In Part 5, the discussion at the beginning about MS Paint.

Luigi's Mansion

  • The thumbnail image, which depicts the four guys as the Ghostbusters.
  • Ryan using the catchphrase "I ain't afraid of no ghost!" Using Luigi's voice before shifting to a quick verse of the Ghostbusters theme is just hilarious.
    • Also this:
    Johnny (also using Luigi's voice): Oh No I have to get 10,000 dollers... this is not a good night!
  • During Part 3, Lewis randomly blurts out "Parappa The Rapper with a Rocket Launcher." When the others react with confusion, he explains that he's watching his brother play the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale demo. They then imagine Parappa popping out of nowhere and shooting King Boo.
    Johnny: I gotta do what? I gotta believe! Boom!
    Ryan: You didn't believe, bitch!
  • Over-exaggerating Luigi's greed to the point they sympathize with Wario.
  • Let's just say, "Titan Tails" and be done with it.
  • The four try to figure out why everyone in the mansion is a ghost, Lewis is the one who deduced that they all died to a drinking game (Around 1:30). Much to Ted's horror.
    Ted: Wait, so everyone was playing? Even the Grandma, the twins and the infant? They had the infant play the fucking drinking game?
  • Anti-Gravity (About 5:30) needs to wait, Luigi has a phone (or in this case Game Boy) call.
  • In the final part, Ryan suggests that Luigi isn't crying tears of joy at Mario's return, he's crying because he just realized that he blew his big chance at being Nintendo's mascot.
    Johnny (using Luigi's voice): There goes my career!

Mega Man 9

  • Lewis noticing that on the stage select screen, Plug Man is on top of Splash Woman.
  • At 3 minutes into Part 3, Ryan just walks off a platform and into a spiked pit, causing the others to laugh their asses off.

Mega Man 10

  • Ryan's constant dying in Commando Man's stage in Part 2 is quite hilarious.
  • After failing to get past the obstetrical on the ladder and dying, Lewis is laughing and coughing, to which this this conversation starts.
    Ryan: You see that, you gave Lewis Roboenza.
    Ted: Wait, Lewis is a robot?
    Lewis: Didn't we already go over this, I'm a digitized Artificial Intelligence living inside the internet.
    Ted: So wait, if Johny's a ghost and Lewis is a robot... Then what's Ryan?
    Lewis: A Canadian, that's what.

Paper Mario

  • In Part 2, when the Red and Blue Goomba Bros. show up, both Ted and Johnny make references having to do with the colors red and blue. Johnny may have gotten the colors mixed up in his reference, but it's still funny nonetheless.
  • Early in part 6, Lewis bails because he forgets that he was supposed to pick up his brother at the time period of recording. Except the way he put it, he made it sound as if he suffered a "boo-boo".
    Ted: How do you hurt yourself commentating?
    • Even funnier, later in the part, Johnny actually does hurt himself commentating.
  • In Part 6, while exploring the Koopa Bros. Fortress, Ryan keeps wondering where Boom-Boom is, which eventually leads to this moment when the Bob-omb party member joins.
    Bombette: My specialty is exploding.
    Johnny (Mario voice): You mean...?!
    Johnny: Yes Mario, I go Boom-Boom.
    • Another instance, hilarious and shortly thereafter.
    Johnny: *As a Nintendo rep* So, we have this new 3D game for you, what you think?
    Mario (Johnny): Uh, two questions. One, can it-a run Crysis, and two, is there Boom-Boom in it?
    • Part 7, Mario is disappoint.
    Mario (Johnny): *Sees Black Koopa* You're not Boom-Boom! *Sees Red Koopa* And neither are you... This is a very disappointing day...
  • In Part 7, Peach discovers Bowser's diary which allows the guys to work in some Alternate Character Interpretation.
    Ryan (Bowser voice): You read my diary! You found out my favorite pony is actually Rarity!
    Ted: No! I tell all of the people on my blog that it's Rainbow Dash. My internet reputation is ruined!
  • In part 8, Ted's Dazzle starts glitching out at the train before it seems to be moving at continuously inconsistent speeds... to which leads Ryan and Johnny to believe that either Mario's getting high or the driver is fucking up
    (Driver) Ryan: Sorry, I'm learning how to drive stick!
    (Mario) Johnny: *chuckles* oh those mushrooms are starting to catch up with me.
  • Ted tells the crew the point of Quizmo asking the easiest questions in order to get a star piece. Johnny imagines one scenario:
    Quizmo: What, is your name?
    Mario: Luigi!
    Quizmo, dumbfounded: I'll ask again...
  • In Part 10, the crew asks the reasoning for an archeologist to have a whip, only for Ted to cite Rule of Cool.
    Ted: It's cool. Get your head in the game. If it looks cool, it works. Roll with it. Have Fun. Aliens exist.
    Johnny: *silently cracks up laughing*
  • Ted lampshading the absurdity of Go-Karting with Bowser:
    Ryan: You know Bowser if all you wanted to do was hang out with Peach, why don't you just become a good guy?
    Johnny: uh... Go-Karting!
    Ted: Go-karting happened last week. He's bored.
    Ted: He's not invited to parties... ...I don't know why he's invited to everything else. ...Seriously that always bugs me. Seriously you'll let him go golfing and play tennis but no, Parties are too formal for Bowser.
  • In Part 18, we are introduced to the incredibly fat Gourmet Guy.
    Johnny (deep voice): People call me Gourmet Guy because I'm really fucking fat.
    Ted: Not fat, big boned!
    Johnny: Nah, that's bullshit, I'm fat.
    • When Mario gives him his favorite food, Ted edits in the "This is delicious!" line from the Street Fighter cartoon.
    • It's also funny that the Gourmet Guy slightly resembles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series.
  • In part 19 Lewis's connection fucks up A LOT to the point he gives up trying to watch the current part... ...only to ask what time they were at not a few seconds later
    Lewis: At this point I'm just gonna give up trying to catch up and just gonna assume the boss you're fighting is Bruce Lee's shadow or something.
    Ted: ...Anyway the timing on...
    Lewis: *interrupting Ted* ...What time are we at?
  • In Part 24, Lewis's constant nitpicking of video game logic comes to a head as he observes a block-pushing puzzle.
    Lewis: I have a question. Why is the block flipping when we're just pushing it flat with our hands like this?
    Johnny: I'm just gonna have to ask you to shut up right now.
  • The many jokes made during the quiz show in Part 25 are funny as hell.
  • Lewis telling an anecdote about how he got Brave Fencer Musashi Samurai Legend at a Rite Aid (hear it at about 12:50).
  • At the Bombette Duplighost scene in part 34, Ted edits in the Shadow Clone Jutsu sound effect, complete with Naruto's voice. The others aren't impressed by this, and only laugh after Ted dismisses it.
    • ...And he does it again at the Duplighosts that are very bad at their jobs.
  • Also in Part 34, the group reacts to Madam Merlar's "shortened" version of her tale:
    Ryan: Still less wordy than Skyward Sword!
    Ted: Ryan, there's a 72% possibility that that will piss off a Zelda fan.
    Ryan: Well, there's a 100% possibility that that game was POORLY WRITTEN!
  • After freeing the final star spirit in Part 35, John tries to justify needing seven more parts to defeat Bowser
    Johnny: One part for each limb.
    Johnny: Two arms, two legs, a tail, his face-
    Johnny: ... and uh, and uh, his eyeballs.
  • When Ted fights The Master for the final time in Part 36 (About 4:20), the curse gives him more attack power, on the turn where he BOOSTS his attack power.
  • Their continuing efforts to connect Paper Mario to other Mario games:
    Lewis: Take that, Miyamoto. We will give your series continuity yet.
  • Three in part 39.
    • The first one is a hammer bro which starts throwing hammers at Ted, but Ted activates a cutscene that requires him to press A to continue. The Hammer Bro can't hit him; however, it keeps on throwing a barrage of hammers at Ted, all of them doing nothing.
    • The curse comes in after a battle, giving Ted a bunch of extra coins, that he literally cannot carry, as he reaches 999.
      • Beforehand, but after Ted reaches 999, he delivers this line.
      Ted: Somewhere, far away, Wario is crying.
      Johnny: *Laughing* I was just about to say that.
    • The Ninja Koopas come back to fight. Lewis makes the remark that he can commentate over a fight with them, as he had to walk out on them earlier. Ted laughs so hard because the Ninja Koopas are beaten by Jr. Troopa.
      • Later, in the battle, Lewis says he's gonna laugh if the game lampshades how did Jr. Troopa get all the way to Bowser's Castle. Shortly after, Goombario makes that lampshade. Cue Lewis laughing.
  • This little gem from the final part, after a bit of only Johnny and Ryan talking.
    Johnny: Ryan, where did everybody go?
    Ryan: Ted are you still here?
    Johnny: No.
    Ted: Oh, oh, I'm muted, Oh.
    Johnny & Ryan: *Laughs*
    Ted: I was saying funny things too...

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

  • In part 1, Ted asks Johnny what was he drinking when he chose this game.
  • This line:
    Ted: Oh, this game. It was a simpler time, when Michael Jackson was allowed to be next to children.
  • Anything involving Robo-Jackson.
    Gareth: Michael Jackson, transform and roll out!"
    Johnny: I guarantee you that if Michael Jackson didn't die during the This is It tour he would've ended it with this.
    Johnny (in robotic monotone): Shamone.
  • The guys talking about Michael Jackson's death.
    Ted: I was like "Michael Jackson isn't dead, that's bullshit."
    Ryan: (In Jackson voice) "That's bullshit it's ignorant."
  • In part 2, Ted's video freezes just as Thriller starts playing. First there's his Big "NO!" and then afterward...
    Ted: What time are we at?
    Gareth: The time is "Too late, you missed it motherfucker!"
  • Everything about Part 3.

Touhouvania 2

  • The intro of Part 1.
    Andrew: I'm back MUHUHAHAHAHHAHA!
  • Lewis gets a little confused about Castlevania 3.
    Lewis: This is like Castlevania 3 if you ROM-hacked Alucard into it.
    Everyone: Alucard is in Castlevania 3.
    Lewis: Oh that Castlevania 3.
    Ted: What other Castlevania 3 is there?
  • Ted's review of every Bullet Hell ever:
    Ted: For the love of the Jesus barrel WHY are there so many bullets!?
  • Lewis is the final boss of this game. No really.
  • In Part 7, Ted tries to play I Spy, but then realizes that they are talking over a Skype call.
  • When Ted tells the guys that Meta Knight originally had butterfly wings, John looks it up and says that it looks like Tabuu.
    John, Ryan and Ted: Sakurai!
  • In part 8 Johnny remarks that they should throw catnip to the catgirl, Chen. Lewis then takes his EXACT Words and twists them around.
    • When the guys joke that when Andrew dies, the viewers have to start all the way from part 2, Ted makes some cliche excuses. What makes this funny is that he combines many different cliches.
      • It's made even more hilarious when you find out that in Touhou's canon, one of the best ways to distract Chen is by tossing some catnip at her.

Metroid Prime

  • Ted's reaction to finding out about Wrong Warp and finding out a Deku Stick is as strong against Ganondorf as the MASTER SWORD is.
    Ted: Blade of Evil's bane my ASS!
  • The guys talking about calling in Luigi to deal with the Chozo ghosts.
  • Ted tells the tale about his comparison between Wii Bowling and actual Bowling. The guys joke about how he was disappointed about there being no Wiimotes.
    Ted:' Wait, so do I have to wear a wrist strap for this thing or what?
    Johnny and Ryan: *Crack up laughing*
  • In part 17, the guys crack jokes about the artifacts, about how they would be in places that Samus blew up beforehand.

Crash Bandicoot

  • Part 1 gives us a little history on Crash's girlfriend Tana; she was removed from the sequels because parents didn't like her character design. Lewis retorts:
    Lewis: And then SEGA gave us Rouge the Bat, but no one gave a care about her.
    • The thumbnail for Part 1 deserves to be mentioned here.
  • In Part 7, Ted starts to rant about N. Brio's strategy, only to be rendered speechless by N. Brio's transformation into the Hulk.
    Ryan and John: Doc N. Brio, pelted by gamma rays...

Sonic Heroes

  • In Part 5, whenever a character says that the Eggman that they were just fighting was Actually a Doombot (Ted also utters the trope name here) Ryan edits the "You don't say" meme face onto their teammates.
  • The guys note that all Metal Sonic copied was Sonic's and Shadow's abilities, as well as the Chaos data taken from the stolen Chao and Froggy. They then realized that maybe some of Metal Sonic's copy choices weren't such good ideas.
    Johnny: 32X data successfully—Oh...that's a downgrade.
    Ryan: Sonic Drift data successfully—oh...(Johnny: Oh no...)
    Ted: Shadow the Hedgehog data successfully—Oh god why do think this is bad idea?
  • Who needs Rocket Accel? Ryan sure doesn't!
  • Part 9 has the group describe the rise and downfall of the Sonic franchise by comparing it to a rollercoaster; the series went down the hill in the fun way at some point, then crawls uphill by Sonic Heroes while the ride stops at a loop upside down by Sonic 2006.

Super Mario Galaxy

  • This moment from Part 1.
    Johnny: Jason X crosses the line of absurdity to the point where it's...
  • Lewis and Johnny's interpretations on what Mario was thinking about the 8-bit background in Flipswitch Galaxy.
    Lewis (Mario Voice): What is all-a this? I-I don't get it.
    Johnny (Mario Voice): HOW OLD AM I?!
  • Johnny gets far into Bubble Breeze Galaxy before dying to a mine, pissed at this, Johnny restarts the level and cheats his way walking on the air of the level.
    Ryan: I'm walking on Sunshine!
  • At the end of Part 8, Ted begins to ramble on about Pokemon and boasts the fact that Ryan can't cut him off due to the new recording software... Only for Johnny to cut him off in editing.
    Ted: Now that we have these Audacity files, I can go on as long as I want and you can't stop the recording and cut me off so now I—*video ends*
  • This moment shortly after rescuing Luigi.
    Chuggaconroy: What I'm really jealous of is that all the children born this year...It'll be like, "What sign in the Zodiac are you?", they'll be like, "I was born in the Year of Luigi!"
    Ted: So what second-stringer are they gonna do next year? The Year of Slippy Toad?
    Chuggaconroy: I'm up for the Year of Wario, personally.
    Lewis: Oh God, I pity the boy who's born that year.
  • A moment in Part 10 where Johnny launches himself to death using the cannon.
  • In Part 11, One mission has Mario save Luigi who is stuck on a tree.
    Johnny (Luigi Voice): Hey bro, those tree climbing lessons are a total success.
    Johnny (Mario Voice): Well get down already!
    Johnny (Luigi Voice): Eh, I kinda slept through the coming back down session.
  • During Part 12, Johnny edits together a clip of Mario leaving the fountain and a clip of him entering the library, leading to this conversation:
    Lewis: Woah! How did the library get so close to that hub? (Mario voice) I wanted to go to the kitchen, how did I get in here?
    Ted (Mario voice): Is this-a the ba- OH! Oh. Oh. Not the bathroom. Well, uh...
    Ryan (Mario voice): You all seem preoccupied with the book, so, er...
    Johnny (Mario voice): ...uh, don't mind me.
    Ted (Mario voice): I really have to go, so if we could just skip the book for now I'd appre- oh, twelve chapters?! Oh...
  • In Part 15, the guys go on another wild tangent when Lewis points out that the Lumas in the storybook pictures look like gumdrops and proposes that Nintendo make Luma-shaped gummies, which leads to Ted bringing up the actual Super Mario gummies and Johnny asks if they look super-deformed and Ted points out that nothing's as bad as Gumball eyes Sonic. A picture is then edited in of a popsicle in the shape of Sonic's head with the gumball eyes in the wrong places.
    Johnny: Never forget.
  • At the end of part 16, Emile says his Streetpass alert is going of and having a massive amount of them leads to Ted's reaction.
  • In Part 17, when the topic of Superman 64 comes up, Chugga jokes that the part will probably be uploaded before Proton Jon will continue his Superman 64 Let's Play. This is even funnier when you realize that Proton Jon would not continue it until almost three years later.
  • In Part 21, the guys debate what actually happens to humans in space, leading to this:
    Chuggaconroy: There's so many theories for what happens if you go out into space without a suit, I really do wonder if we will ever find that out for a fact.
    Ted: There's an easy solution: just take some expendable people, throw them out there, and see what happens.
    Ryan: Just make sure they're death row inmates.
    Lewis: That's cruel and I don't find it amusing, so can we change the subject?
    Ryan: Science!
    Ted: Well, that's basically how science works; you try something and see if it works.
    Johnny: Yeah, it's not cruel, Lewis; it's science. But I agree.
    Ted: It doesn't even have to be death row inmates; it just has to be someone completely worthless to society. Like Justin Bieber.
  • Part 22, Ted makes a joke about Daisy, Lewis continues the joke by saying that Daisy is watching from really far away with a pair of Binoculars. Ryan responds...
    Ryan: You mean trinoculars.
    Johnny: *Cracks up laughing*
  • In part 23 When Ryan says he never had trouble with Luigi's Purple Coins , Ted and Johnny's reactions are pretty good.
    Ryan: I didn't have a problem with it!
    Ted: Well aren't YOU special!
    Johnny: Well then, I'm SORRY if we're not Nintendo gurus like YOU, Ryan!

Sonic Rush

  • The third boss of the game: a giant robot dung beetle.
    Johnny: Eat shit, Sonic!
  • According to the guys, the boss of Night Carnival zone isn't actually a boss, but a rescue mission.
  • In Huge Crisis Zone, the enemies are suddenly GUN robots for no discernible reason. The guys come up with a few different excuses for this, including Ted thinking that GUN mistook Sonic for Shadow again and Ryan thinking that they mistook Sonic for Eggman. But Lewis tops them all by theorizing that Sonic is still pissed about what happened in Sonic Adventure 2.
    Ted: Throw me into prison, will you?
    Johnny: I'm the Huge Crisis!
  • The discussion about running in heels in part 8.
  • The ending of Part 11.
    Lewis: It's literally just portraits an-
    Johnny: And then Lewis was kidnapped by ninjas.
  • "Objects on upper screen may be closer than they appear!"
  • In Part 10, the group wonders if Blaze's purple fire is possible in real life. Ted looks it up and finds that it requires heating potassium chloride and strontium chloride in a blue alcohol flame, leading Ryan to interpret Blaze as an alcoholic who eats a lot of bananas and then Johnny takes it a step further by saying that Blaze's story is all just a hallucination. The guys then act out a drunk Blaze.
    Ted: Hey guys, Look at these bananas. I think I should eat them. What do you think? (Had to fill in the blank a bit here as Skype momentarily cut out during this line)
    Johnny: I'm looking for the SOOOOOOOOOL Emeralds!
    Ryan: Look at my Spinning Bird Kick!
    Ted: Bye bye, fat mustache dude. Have fun in the clouds.
    Johnny: Where are the tortillas?
    Ted: Waiter!
  • Ted tries to use gestures to help the BS Crew understand what he's getting at.
    Ted: Oh wait, I'm talking to you guys from across the internet.
    Johnny: Yeah, we can't see you, Ted.

     Viewtiful Joe to Majora's Mask 

Viewtiful Joe

  • In Part 4, Lewis and Ted go off on a tangent and get into an argument about the character design of Devil May Cry's Nero. Johnny asks Ryan for his assessment.
    Ryan: I'm watching Viewtiful Joe!
  • Part 8, when the tank comes in:
    Ted: As if the legions of Hell weren't enough, now we have to fight the military!
    Lewis: There's a difference?
    Ted: Yes, the legions of Hell are effective.
    Lewis: Ooh, burn.
  • Part 13, when the space tank comes in:
    Ryan: Space Tank!
    Ted: That is the most amazing thing i've ever seen in my life.
    Ryan: And guess what? You fight him the exact same fucking way you do the other tank.
    Ted: And now it became lame.
  • Michael Bay
    Ryan: This level was brought to you by Michael Bay. Now it makes sense!
    Ted: No it can't be brought by Michael Bay. Not everything, you're not zoomed in so far that you can't see any of the, OH WAIT.
    *everybody laughs*
    Ted: This game was directed by Michael Bay.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • The VERY BEGINNING of Part 1, where Ted complains about the subtitles for text.
    Ryan: Greetings, everyone -
    Ted: (interrupting) What the fuck is the point of having subtitles twice? It says the same exact goddamn thing!
  • The Batman vs. Joker fight in Part 2, where the entire group laughs at the points that Batman is not THAT inhumanly strong nor could Joker survive being thrown through buildings and getting run over by the Batmobile.
  • In Part 2, after the story introduces Raven's alternate, evil self, Ryan decides to show her...interpretation from Teen Titans Go! to compare.
    Ted: When did Raven become a brony?
    Caption: DC is WEIRD sometimes.
  • In part 5, Ted sums up the plan to get the heroes back to the main universe.
    Ted: So wait, their plan is to have the Flash run REALLY REALLY fast, and if he burns off enough calories then they'll come over here?
    Ryan: Yeah, the machine will be so impress it will open a portal to the other dimension.
    Ted: Huh, if only my Wii Fit could do that, then I'd actually play the thing.
  • In part 7 the guys wonder why Killer Frost made it in the game.
    Lewis: They just wanted a fanservice character.
    Johnny: Well they already have Wonder Woman...Hawkgirl...Harley Quinn...Soloman Grundy.


  • When Lewis is checking Vincent's phone; going through his junk mail, Ted asks Lewis if he is unsatisfied with his penis size.
  • In Part 2, Ted sums up the nightmare stages quite well when he riffs on a picture of a sheep with a blackboard. "Welcome to Blocks 101. I'm your professor, Dr. Sheep."
  • In Part 4, Lewis brings up how subway groping is a serious problem in Japan, and anyone who watches that kind of hentai should feel bad.
    Johnny: Put your dick away.
    Ted: Aww.
  • Also in Part 4, the guys are shocked to see that Vincent puts his boxers on hangers.
    Johnny: I bet you that they're iron pressed too.
  • In Part 8, the guys discuss the pros and cons of Vincent marrying a giant sized Katherine with demonic powers before Ted points out she's trying to kill him. Johnny then rebuts that Vincent is running in his boxers with sheep horns.
  • Part 11's title. "The Birth of Super Mecha Death Christ." This video happened to be uploaded on Christmas Day.
  • At one point in part 12, a news report shows that a guy named Archie died last night. Ted laments how upset Betty and Veronica are going to be.
  • In part 13, the guys start a discussion about how unclear some of the original Final Fantasy spell names are like "Rub" and "Lit". When Johnny mentions the spell "XXXX". The guys then speculate what it means, including "Super Porn" and "Porn and more".
  • In the comments section of part 14, titled "On that day, Vincent received a grim reminder that he must face himself", Lewis, using the Brainscratch account, lampshades the Persona and Attack on Titan shout out in the title. Johnny, also using their account, then comments telling Lewis to shut up. Ted, using the account as well, then comments telling Johnny and Lewis to stop fighting. Finally, Ryan comments telling them to shut up and to comment on the commentaries using their own channels."
    Dual-wielding Persona and Attack on Titan references. Aw yeah. *puts on shades* - Lewis
    Be quiet Lewis. - Johnny
    Children, play nice. - Ted
    Comment on videos using your own channels plebeians. The irony of this comment was completely intentional. - Ryan
  • In Part 15, Ryan goes on a tangent about how annoying it is working in food service since inevitably someone will come in 5 minutes before closing while you're cleaning up the restaurant.
    Ted: Yeah, can I get 3 large buckets, 12 fries, 16 drinks, oh and are you still serving breakfast?
    Ryan: Go fuck yourself.
  • Whenever Erica shows up, the guys refer to her as Ronald McDonald. This comes to a head in part 15 when they start talking about Katherine's symbolic last name.
    Johnny: I know it's symbolic, but is it a trend? Is Erica's last name McDonald?
    Lewis: Anderson, actually.
    Johnny: Fuck, that's not funny.
  • After the big bad accidentally reveals his involvement in the dreams to Vincent, only to discover that's not what Vincent was talking about:
    Ryan: Forget everything you just heard!
    Johnny: That's when he pressed the emergency underground counter button.
    • And later when Vincent starts arguing with him over what he said:
    Ryan: Nu-uh! Yea-huh!
  • When Vincent removes the big bad's shades we get Ryan's reaction:
    Ryan: CYCLOPS?!!!
  • Later, when Vincent's friends return to rejoin Vincent, they see Vincent holding a knife towards Boss, he quickly dismisses it as playing games. The guys make jokes about the game involving stabbing with said knife.
    Johnny: I call this "the throat stab", you first.
    Ted: Oh, my favorite game.
    Ryan: Maybe before that we can do some "roshambo".
  • After Vincent stabs the knife into the bar table, Lewis jokes how he learned that from Katherine stabbing her fork into the table.
  • Lewis getting impatient at his past self in Part 19 when trying to guide Vincent past a Mystery Block.
    Lewis: Past me, grow some balls!
  • This exchange while Vincent is in the confessional on his way to the final boss:
    Ted: In other news, the Catholic Church installed rocket confessionals into every single church. Mass attendance has gone up 3000 percent.
    Ryan: Be careful what you confess to, because the guy in the other booth has this big red button there, and he will push it.
    Johnny: Nonono. The rocket booth is actually fueled by the sin. So the greater the sin, the higher you go.
    Ted: So to cleanse yourself, you get blasted off into the air?
    Ryan: You get fired into the sun if you confess to watching porn.
    Johnny: There goes Ted.
  • You insolent little man, how dare you speak to a god that way; MY BEARD IS MADE OF SHEEP.

Sonic Lost World

  • In the opening cutscene, Johnny states that the editing of the reveal of the Lost Hex is on par with a Power Point presentation.
  • Lewis's theory as to why most of the Deadly Six are somehow hidden in shadow.
    Lewis: Eggman is just that fat.
  • Lewis points out that the first level of the game is grass themed, and the second is desert themed. Ted's reaction:
  • "Now Clement, as Eggman's biggest fan, trademark, restricted, copyright..."
  • The guys suddenly hear a little girl and try to shoo her off of their commentary over a Sonic game.
    Johnny: That's right, little girl, we are playing Sonic Lost World!
    Ted: Get her out of here, this isn't suitable for children.
    Ryan: This isn't child-friendly. Sonic is serious business!
    Clement: Have you not played Shadow the Hedgehog?
    Lewis: Everyone, get the children out of here! They might make an orphan joke!
    • It was revealed though the comment section that the little girl was Gareth's niece.
  • In Part 4, Johnny asked why Sonic was in a snowball.
    Lewis: Because we were stupid enough to spin dash, and now (gets interrupted by Johnny)
    Johnny: I honestly thought you were about to say "Because we're Sonic Heroes", but I guess that that would be too obvious.
    *Everybody laughs*
    Ryan: Because Sonic CD is time travel.
    *Everybody laughs again*
    Johnny: Yeah, there we go.
  • In part 5, they note how some of the Zeti change in size between cutscenes and gameplay:
    Clement: Stunt actors?
  • The little girl returns in Part 6, shortly after the guys were cracking jokes about having to play Sonic Lost World's 2P mode with the Grim Reaper when you die.
    Johnny: I think the Reaper has come for me in the form of this young girl!
  • In Part 8, when Tails restores the world's energy:
    Ted: Mountain Dew for everyone!
    Johnny: EXTREME!
  • Lewis's disbelief in how long Johnny played Hidden World 1.
    Lewis: You got 231 animals from that?! How long where you playing!?
  • Johnny failing at climbing a wall in the Zelda Zone
  • An exchange that pretty much sums up the game's reception, and an accidental case of Show, Don't Tell:
    Johnny: Boy, is this game polarizing as fuck.
    Clement: I like it!
    Ted: I hate it!

Kid Icarus: Uprising

  • "It's a Metroid!" "Ssh! We're not supposed to talk about that!"
  • In part 3, during a tangent on how messed up mythology is, Ryan explains that all the problems in Greek mythology extend from Zeus not being able to keep it in his pants.
  • Lewis's first reaction to seeing Thanatos, who is drastically different from Persona's version.
    Lewis: Oh my god...
  • In part 7, when the Space Kraken comes in, Ted edits in Liam Neeson saying "Release the Kraken!". This in and of itself is funny, but what comes afterwards is equally hilarious.
    Ted: Super tentacle hentai porn!
    Ryan: No, Space Kraken!
    John: Staring Liam Neeson. (Beat) Oh, god.
  • In Part 9, Lewis questions what Medusa is doing in the Underworld before Ted gives him his response:
    Lewis: Also Medusa has nothing to do with the Underworld in Greek Mythology, what the hell.
    Ted: Lewis... get that continuity shit out of here.
  • In part 11, Lewis suggests that humans aren't dumb enough to fight over a wish. *cue laughter from Ted*.
  • In part 12, they wonder how the Forces of Nature could run a flying factory and suggest that it runs on potato batteries and is levitated by the Master Potato.
  • Part 15 is a CAVALCADE of hilarious tangents, from the guys imagining the horrors of a disco revival to their opinions on The Great Gatsby and sports, and musing about if Ted was born in the 1920's, and last but not least, a conversation about heaven being in the stratosphere and planes turning invisible like the Helicarrier, ultimately leading Ted to conclude that Nick Fury is Jesus, and the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were the first Avengers!
    • Not to mention Ted's confusion about Judaism and "Jewish hell".
    • Ted making the mistake of looking up Troy Baker's Wikipedia page.
    Ted: Troy Baker, okay let's see. Anime roles- Holy Shit! HOLY SHIT!!
    • And a little bit later, Lewis confusing the word various for an actual character in Dragon Ball Z.
    • This exchange while the guys are discussing the death of the Beegees' career:
    Johnny: Is it as bad as Philly booing Santa Claus?
    Ryan: Yeah.
    Ted: What?!
    Johnny: Philly fans are notorious and we're damn proud of it.
    Ted: YOU BOOED SANTA CLAUS! Who're you gonna boo next? Jesus? The Dali Llama?
    Johnny: Been there.
    Ted: Mother Theresa?
    Johnny: Done that.
    Ted: Jesus, you guys are hard to impress.
    Ryan: You guys boo players you actually like!
    • "Come at me internet! Do it! You won't!".
  • In part 20, after Pittoo crashes through the Chaos Vortex gate, the guys start to joke around that smashing a Unicorn into things solves all problems, including World Hunger. Ted comes to the realization that this method would just kill all of the hungry people in the world, but that would still technically solve the problem.

Spyro the Dragon

  • At the beginning of Part 2, when Ted disproves of Ryan killing the sheep, even though they give Spyro health.
    Ted: Those sheep didn't do anything to you.
    Ryan: They give me health!
    Lewis: You're a dragon. You eat sheep. Don't you know how these things work?
    Ted: But they're cute.
    Lewis: ...they're food. They're lamb chops.
    Johnny: Oh, they're so cute I could eat them!
    • Near the end of Part 5, Ted continues to defend the animals Ryan abuses in the game.
    Ted: That bird was just minding his own goddamn business!
    Ryan: It has a gem!
    Ted: Oh, so mugging's okay now, is it?
    Lewis: It's an animal! You're a dragon!
    Johnny: Lewis is right; you are a dragon. Natural selection, mother fuckers!
    Lewis: Survival of the things that don't get set on fire when you breathe fire on them?
    Ted: I don't know, it doesn't seem awfully fair; I mean, the rest of these guys don't have extra lives or health bars or anything.
    Lewis: How do you know that? They could just be respawning somewhere.
  • At the end of Part 2, Spyro rescues a dragon named Thor.
    Ted: Thor!?
    Thor: *in a nasally voice* Thank you for releasing me!
    Ted: Liam Hemsworth, what happened to your voice!? Man, you've better get like a lozenge or something when you go back to Asgard because that just sounds sad, man! note 
    Ted: Do they ever get pop-culturey with the dragon name — *gasps* Conan?!
    Ryan: Ask and ye shall receive!
    Conan: *in the same nasally voice* Thank you for releasing me!
    Ted: Oh my god, he has a lame voice too! What the hell!? All of the badass characters get the lamest dragons! WHY!? GAME!
  • At the end of Part 6, Johnny and Ted were talking about tax free sales... And then Johnny mentions it as "sales free tax". Cue Lewis laughing, and then everyone coining in their interpretation.
    Ryan: I'm sure the government would love if they could just keep the money for no reason.
    Lewis: You don't even need to buy anything, they just walk up to you on the street and take it from you. "7 CENTS! NOW! GIVE IT!"
    Johnny: What's 8% of nothing?
    Ted: Oh crap, the NSA is gonna hear all of this and get terrible, terrible new ideas.
  • Ted's laugh whenever Ryan fucks up in the game.
  • In their Sonic Boom impressions video, the guys video feed messes up and everybody ends up sounding like a cyborg except for Ryan. The guys even point this out in the comments. The VERY NEXT video they upload is part 10 of Spyro, where Lewis make a joke about the guys ACTUALLY BEING ANDROIDS. Keep in mind the commentary was recorded months before the Sonic Boom retrospective, thus making this one of the greatest coincidences in history.
  • Ryan's edit at the end of part 15 after the release of "Mudada", involving Dio Brando from Jojos Bizarre Adventure and his infamous steamroller.
    • Also from part 15, Ryan near the level's exit forgets to open a chest, to the complete disbelief of everyone, even Johnny the "Anti-Klepto".
  • In Part 18, Ted and John's reactions to the enemies in the last (regular) level suddenly wielding machine guns.
    John: They're packing heat!
  • After a grueling air chase to obtain a key in Part 19, Ryan finally obtains the key to a treasure room, 6 minutes into the part, only to discover one gem only worth 10 points. It is debatable what is funnier: This or Ted's reaction.
  • Anytime John does his Spyro impression.

Devil May Cry

  • Part 1 starts off with Lewis jokingly stating that Dante is the Trope Codifier for every flawless character in anime, only for Ted to cut him off and say Santa was the true Trope Codifier, sending the entire crew into hysterics.
  • Dante: Master Ventriloquist.
  • Ted points out that the grenade gun that Dante picks up from the dead soldier is located on said soldier's crotch.
    John: That thing had a grenade gun for a dick?
    Lewis: Um, yeah, sure let's go with that.
    John: Amazing.
  • At one point, Dante comes across a sign that talks about three openings to insert something. Ted gets a laugh out of this, causing Lewis to call him a hypocrite for giving him a lecture on using Comic Sans earlier in the commentary.
    Ted: Hey, I don't have standards, I thought you did.
    Lewis: If you can make jokes like that, then I can use fucking Comic Sans in my videos!
    John: No, but that's like the number one rule on the internet you don't do. You don't use Comic Sans for anything.
    Ted: You only use Comic Sans if you're doing a doge meme. Such Font. Much eye burning. Wow.
    Ted: Wow, you're doing it wrong. Worst internet person ever. Zero out of Ten.
    John: Let's just stop.
    • Followed by a rant about Ted's one standard: Bee puns.
  • In part 4, the guys come across an enemy awkwardly named "Fetish". This prompts John to google the word in search of an alternate meaning. The results are (Supposedly) horrifying.
    John: No Google, NO!
  • Ryan describes Project X Zone as "the only game where John McClane will talk to Mega Man X."
  • On at least two occasions, Lewis attempts to juggle enemies using the shotgun. This gives the hilarious image of an enemy bouncing on Dante's shotgun blasts.
  • This exchange in part 10 after the guys pick up an item called the philosopher's stone:
    Ted: Oh, Harry Potter was looking for this.
    Ryan: So were the Elrics.
    John: (Referring to the horribly deformed humanoid monsters Dante is fighting.) Well, these things do sort of look like the Elrics' mom.
    Ted: Oh don't even joke like that, man. That's just depressing. That's the only episode of Fullmetal Alchemist I've seen.
    Ryan: You have not seen the two most depressing ones.
    Ted: Wait, it gets more depressing than that!?
    Lewis: (Crying) NIINNAAAAAAA!!!!!
    Ryan: Yeah, Nina.
    Ted: Now I don't know if I want to watch this.
  • According to the guys, the level leading up to the final boss takes place inside of Monstro the whale from Pinocchio and Dante is actually Osmosis Jones created by the surgeons from Trauma Team.

Mighty Switch Force

  • Lewis, who has never played the game, comes to the realization that it's about picking up chicks.
  • The title card, showing the guys sneaking away from Patty.
  • Ted talks about the titles of some of the game's songs. The guys are perplexed, particularly by the track, "Woah, I'm In Space Cuba".
  • Lewis, Lampshading the picture with the robot in a hot tub, irks Ted to tell him that no one would want to see fanservice of the giant robot, leading Johnny to remind him of Rule 34.
    Johnny: There's rule 34 of the Companion Cube.
    Ted: Wait, you're not joking are you?
    Johnny: I'll let you find out.
    Ted: You're gonna make me look it up myself, aren't you?
    Lewis: I assume it's one of those Rule 34 things that they just do to be funny.
    Johnny: Maybe.
    Ted: Oh, wait, never mind... never mind...

Mighty Switch Force 2

  • Ted loves fucking Tetris... I mean, he fucking loves Tetris.
  • Part 2 shows us how bad Ted is at video games.
  • In the final part, they talk about what Patty would be if Mighty Switch Force 3 come out. This includes them saying lines she would say as a mail women.
    Johnny: Subpoena served!
    Ted: Have some Jury Duty!
    Johnny: Phone Bill! Phone Bill! Phone Bill!
    Ryan: Restraining order successfully delivered.
    Ted: Who wants some junk mail!?
    • Lewis says that the fourth one is a confirmation of the garden hose's restraining order on the one girl.

Mega Man X4

  • Part 1 begins with Johnny doing an impression of General and asking the question of what are they fighting for to Captain Ryan, Brigadier Lewis and Janitor Ted.
    Ted: J-Janitor!? What? I thought you said I got a promotion!
    Ryan: That is a promotion!
  • "It's Doctah Wahwee!"
  • Ted thinking that Zero's victory animation is him flipping off the player when he's really giving them a thumbs-up.
    Johnny: I won. Fuck you.
  • At the end of Part 2, the guys briefly discussing what reactions kids who played the game had to all of Zero's attack names being Japanese.
    Johnny: The culture, it burns!
  • Near the beginning of part 3, Ted brings up the question of how robots can have sex.
    Johnny: You see, when a USB port meets a USB drive... Do you want me to continue?
    Ted: I'm gonna upload some data into you, if you know what I mean.
  • The guys play the Guess-How-many-times-John-died-recording-the-Jet-Stingray-level game. (Hint: It's between One and Forty.)
    Ryan: Forty.
    Lewis: Is it Thirty-Nine?
    Ted: Twenty-Seven.
    Lewis: Did you seriously die Thirty-Nine times?
    • Ted ends up winning because he was closest without going over (John died 36 times.)
    'Ted: HAHA! Price is Right rules, Bitches!
  • All together now, IT'S STORM OWL!!!
  • The guys in unison say the memorable words to the infamous "What am I fighting for?!" Cutscene.
  • Zero taps into his inner Braid to avoid the boss rush.
  • The producers of the game are Keiji Infune and Bamboo. And then Ted makes a pun that actually makes the guys laugh!
    Johnny: No wonder the voice acting sucks.
    Ted: I mean I know it was wooden, but this is ridiculous!

Link: The Faces of Evil

  • The title of the first video alone was enough to send viewers into hysterics.
  • The title card: Link jumping out of a cake for the group's 5-year anniversary. This is the image, by the way.
    • Even funnier is the group's reaction in the picture.
  • The comment section of part 1 has Ryan, Ted and Johnny (all using the BrainScratch account) quote the opening cutscene with a slight twist.
    Ryan: Mah boi, these views are what all true Let's Players strive FOR.
    Johnny:I just wonder what Gannon is up to...
  • Part 1 features probably the most hilarious cut-away image ever, a segment from The Light of Courage.
    Ted: Was that Princess Ruto humping the air?
    • Iwasaperson explains why he decided to record the game for the Brain Scratch Crew:
    Iwasaperson: When I heard you guys in the Ocarina of Time playthrough saying that you'd love to do the CD-i games someday...
    Johnny: Did we? I might have been high.
  • Anything involving the raft with shoddy hit detection.
  • Iwasaperson's edits to cut out repeated deaths and backtracking are done in the style of Youtube Poop.
  • This hilarious running gag at the start of every part.
    Ryan: Welcome back to Link: The Faces of Evil!
    Ted: (impersonating the CD-i Link voice) GREAT!
    Iwasaperson: (also in the CD-i Link voice) Oh boy!
  • Ted recognizes the ship on Shipwreck Cliff as the grandfather of Boat from the Pokemon 2000 commentary.
  • In the final part, Ryan jokes that the 10th anniversary video should be a 10-minute shot of a jar of mayo as an homage to Rocko's Modern Life. Seems they jumped the gun a bit, because the last 10 minutes of Part 7 is a shot of a jar of mayo.

Batman: Arkham City

  • The guys start talking about Cat Woman's cleavage Window, and eventually get to the subject of Power Girl. Ted questions the logic of her decision to have a cleavage window, to which Johnny replies that she's waiting to find an emblem to put over her boobs, which he then jokes about it actually being a cleavage symbol.
  • "I'm Bat-uh, uh, ba-ba-ba-ba-bad-to-the-bone Bruce Wayne!"
  • The various jokes about the plot very conveniently playing out into Batman's favor.
  • The end of the part where Batman takes the trials, Johnny proposes that Batman should say the alphabet backwards, this escalates as to which kind, varying from english to japanese (and in Japanese which version), Johnny as Batman says that it's on. Then he proceeds to say "nine".
  • The beginning of the Solomon Grundy fight, when he recites the first few lines of the poem he's named from.
    Grundy: Solomon Grundy...
  • At some point during the playthrough, Ryan decides to cycle through the different alternate costumes for Batman. The rest of the group's reaction to each one is hilarious.
    • Near the end of the playthrough, Ryan finally gets to Animated Series!Batman. Or as he likes to call it, "Best Batman".
  • The guys accentuating Strange's apparent incompetence like not being able to tell time correctly.note 
  • As Talia leads Batman to the trials of the demon and starts giving out exposition, Ryan quips that he's only looking at her ass.
  • Several moments from part 17:
    • Ryan actually dies from an ill-placed mine. He uses the "You didn't see anything" clip from Madagascar and about thirty seconds of Adam West dancing to cover this up. Lewis is not amused.
    • Batman encounters two rather glitchy enemies on a ledge at one point. After sending the first mook literally flying, Ryan goes to confront the second one, only for the mook to glitch out, sending the group into hysterics.
    • When the fight against the Joker really begins, Johnny makes a remark about Thomas the Tank Engine being the one delivering the mooks, sparking some interesting commentary.
    • Upon encountering Harley bound and gagged, Ryan opts to leave her like that instead of ungagging her.
    • Ted calling out Ryan for NOT going out of his way to pop the Joker balloons.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

  • The guys equate the first mission of chapter 4 to Derek running around "California" and randomly cutting people open to see if they have GUILT.
  • Ryan tells the story of a group of hard professors he had in college that he and his friends called "The Four Horsemen".
  • Sesame Street Center.
  • The new type of GUILT actually being an Olympic swimmer.
    • The continuation of this joke has Ryan question if in this case the crew would be the russian judges.
  • The Running Gag of somebody asking if a certain strange event will occur later on in the game, only for Ted to reply with a Foreshadowing "Ummmm..."
  • "Mr. Takanakanakanaka, pelted by Gamma germs. Turns into The Hul-*coughing fit* Oh god his lungs are bleeding!"
    • Practically everything about that operation.
  • Brainscratch: The latin chorus.
  • The finale has Ted mess up Derek and Angie's names and refers to them as "Eric and Dangie". Then Lewis tries to correct Ted and ends up calling Derek "Eric" as well.
  • In the infamous bomb mission, when Ted screws up and the bomb detonates, he edits in the Earth-Shattering Kaboom from the ending of Super Metroid.
  • Anytime they quote Awesome Center, such as when GUILT first appears and when the aforementioned bomb mission is introduced. Also, at the beginning of the playthrough, Ted notes that he had the rest of the crew watch the video beforehand and points out that it's "not much of a stretch."
  • Ted explains the Guide Dang It!-ness of the final boss where you cannot use the Healing Touch at all until the very end of the mission where Derek automatically activates it, at which point you must use it yourself to completely stop time, otherwise the mission is unwinnable.
    Johnny: Do they warn you about that?
    Ted: (very quickly and bluntly) Nope!
    *Beat where you can practically hear the dumbfounded look forming on Johnny's face*
    Johnny: Are you sure?

Crash Bandicoot 2

  • We get some classic Lewis right in the first level, where he repeatedly tries to get a pair of Wumpa Fruit just out of reach, then giving up after getting one.
    • Really, just the fact that Lewis, being the Kleptomaniac Hero that he is, goes out of his way to collect every gem, break every box and eat every wumpa fruit in each level, no matter how tedious or time consuming.
  • In order to get the Blue gem in the first level, Lewis must plow through it WITHOUT BREAKING A SINGLE BOX. The other guys proceed to taunt and tempt him with each box.
  • At the beginning of the first part, we catch a glimpse of Lewis' PS3 screensaving, which features Morrigan from Darkstalkers.
    Ryan: Oh hi Morrigan.
    Johnny: Oooh.
    Ted: Boobs.
    Johnny: I like where this is going.
  • The intro to Part 3.
    Lewis: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Crash Bandicoot 2 playthrough, where we are about to begin World 1. And when I say we're about to begin World 1, I mean we're going to take a secret backdoor entrance back to World....did I say World 1?!
  • In part 4, A hedgehog killed Crash because Lewis
    Lewis: I tried spinning the hedgehog, and my hitbox extended while the hedgehog was still spiky and invincible. Uh, whoops.
    Ted: Spinning the Hedgehog, Original Character Do Not Steal.
  • In Part 6 while riding the polar bear, Lewis clips through the ground and dies with his death animation also clipping through the ground.
  • In part seven, while going through the level 'Diggin' in', Lewis dies while backtracking through a part of the level. He then has to backtrack through that part again. And again. And again. Without editing. Yeah, there's a reason why the part is titled "Super happy backtracking funtimes".
    Ted: Let us remind you that this part is over 25 minutes long. It was lengthy enough without the backtracky-ness.
    Lewis: Yeah, I think I let the short length of the game deceive me into thinking I didn't have to edit too much.
    Johnny: You deceived me, you whore! But I love you.
    Ted: I love you. But I hate you! But I love you.
  • The sudden appearance of ice cream truck followed by everybody gushing over it.
    Lewis: Is the ice cream truck out? *Ice cream truck jingle* That's the ice cream truck
    Ryan: Ice cream!
    Ted: Gumball eyes Sonic!
    John: ICE CREAM!
    Lewis: Oh it's Mr. Softy, I wish I had a dollar.
    Johnny: *bursts out laughing* I wouldn't be surprised if you just ditched the commentary!


  • Right after Johnny talks about the day/night system of the game, he demonstrates it with WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE.
  • The joke Johnny makes about Risky Boots being after Valve and their Steam Machine.
    • The continuation of this joke has the guys realize that the reason she's after it is to prevent sales of Risky's revenge.
  • The return of Rule 63'd Brain Scratch Comms from the Pokemon: Leaf Green commentary.
  • The various jokes concerning the item in the shop simply labeled "Greed"
    • "Let it be known that Brainscratchcomms endorses greed, not lust."
  • Just the title of part 5: "A bad case of swamp booty"
  • Speaking of which:
    Ted: Hey, even statues need to look at some fine booty every once in a while. And I apologize for saying the words 'fine booty'; that was disgusting 'cause that's just a really weird phrase for some reason.
    Lewis: Unless you're talking pirates.
    Johnny: Yeah, there is a pirate.
    Ted: Well, pirates are in this game too so yeah. OK, nevermind. You can look at treasure as much as you want, treasure is shiny.

The Last Of Us

  • The very beginning.
    Ryan: Greetings everyone, it's time for my game of the year of 2013.
    Ted: Pikmin 3?
    Ryan: No!
    Ted: Shin Megami Tensei IV?
    Ryan: No.
    Ted: Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies?
    Ryan: You wish!
    Johnny: Uhh, this doesn't look like Link Between Worlds to me.
  • After Sarah asks about Uncle Tommy...
    Johnny: *sinister voice* There is no Uncle Tommy.
    Ted: OH GOD!
    Johnny: The cordyceps! What have they done!?
    Ted: DUDE! DUDE! Come on! It took me like ten years to repress that shit! Really? REALLY? I'm gonna have nightmares for a fucking week.
  • The guys talk about communication during a zombie apocalypse.
    Ryan: Phones have to have lines.
    Ted: I don’t understand. My phone doesn’t have any lines on it.
    John: Ted, You’re going to be the first to go.
    Lewis: It transmits to a tower that does have a line, and then that signal goes along that line to another tower that transmits it to the other phones. Magical.
    Ted: OK, magic. You see, you just need to say words like that and then it’ll make sense.
    Lewis: Oh my god.
  • A note on being able to pick up milk turns into hilarity, complete with post-commentary clips added to complete it.
    John: It's an..American Drink"; well, what's an "American Drink"? Is it milk?
    Ryan: Ah! Mango Drink! *WUNCH*
    John: *Gets a chuckle from it*
    Ted: Dude, milk existed way before America existed.
    John: No, I refuse to believe that.
    Ryan: Ah, Mango Liquid Refreshment! *WUNCH*
    John: *Snickering harder, now* Is this "Orange Juice", or "Orange Drink"?
    Ryan: Mango-Wango! *WUNCH*
    John: *Aaaaand there he goes.*
  • Ryan interprets Heavy Rain as a rain of Heavies.
  • In the end of part 5, when Joel gets a bottle of supplements, Ryan edits in a clip of the infamous "PILLS HERE!" video, much to Johnny's confusion.
  • At one point, a woman is heard saying: "This uniform is dead." when referring to a dead soilder. Johnny and Lewis take her seriously, and come up with the concept of Kill la Kill DLC.
  • Part 7, appropriately titled "Colonial Joel", has the gang musing as Joel finds mannequins wearing Colonial outfit...
    Johnny: Got it! What if you disguised yourself as a Colonial soldier?
    Ryan: They'll never see it coming!
    Johnny: Yeah, they'll never see it! They'll be so confused, myself included! We'll easily get past everything! Tess?
    Ryan: Should be an unlockable costume.
    Johnny: *laughing* Colonial Joel?
  • Yet another opportunity presents itself in Part 8.
    Johnny: Disguise yourself as a receptionist.
    Ryan: "Hello, sir, can I help you?" "Oh, yes, I'm looking for this old guy with ar— Heeeeeeeeey!"
    Ted: "Oh no, that's not him. I have a mustache, see?" "Oh yes, good sir. Quite indeed.
  • Comedic timing in action: Part 9 starts with Joel and Ellie narrowly avoiding a military truck by escaping into the subway. Separate from the game, another particular type of truck can be heard.
    Ted (As Joel): Wait Ellie, the ice cream truck’s here!
    *Ryan and Johnny start laughing*
    Ryan: Ice Cream!
    Johnny: But it has megaphones and...bullets!? Oh, they really fucked up their game.
    Ryan: Well hey, it’s the apocalypse. They have to protect themselves.
    Johnny: Don’t you dare edit that ice cream sound effect out!
    *The ice cream truck continues playing in the background. Ryan and Johnny keep chuckling as Lewis sighs*
    Lewis: I was not the one who decided to start the part while that was still going. Just for the record, everyone.
  • Part 9 ends with Ellie checking out an arcade machine and the guys wondering if she's going to play it. Part 10's title is "Ellie does not play the machine".
  • At the end of part 23, upon the revelation that Sam is infected, Past Ryan open mindedly wonders how everyone will react the following morning and takes the opportunity to edit in a clip from Soul Eater with Troy Baker, who voices Joel, as Excalibur, talking about what a great morning it is. This causes great amounts of confusion among the other commentators.
    • Also from that part, Ryan snipes a tank driver right as he's trowing a Molotov cocktale, causing it to boomerang back to him and fall in the tank.
  • At the beginning of part 24, the guys turn Sarcasm mode up to eleven while they talk about what a wonderful morning it is.
  • In part 25, a glitch happens when a man tries to open the door, only to get stuck on it, and stay on the door while it opens, and then disappears.
  • In part 27, after Joel talks to Ellie about how he always wanted to be a singer, Ryan edits in another clip from Soul Eater of Excalibur singing. He does this again at the end of the part just to show that he's still going.
    • Funnily enough, the scene happens right after Ted asks if Troy Baker can sing, and when he asks what the title of the show is, it appears on screen as well.
  • Upon the revelation that David (or "Deadpool" as Ryan refers to him) and his "merry band of weirdos" are cannibals we get Ted's reaction.
    Ted: Oh are they-
    Lewis: Ewww
    Ted: They're cannibals.
    Ryan: Yep.
    Ted: [Sighs) Wonderful.
    • The slew of cannibal jokes the guys make relating to David and his oblivious group.
  • "You ever have audacity crash on you?"
  • Ryan dies twice as Ellie. In the exact same spot. Doing the exact same thing. Possibly by the same mook too.
    • Near the beginning, Ted tips off the viewers that Ryan dies a lot during this part.
  • The guys fantasizing Steve and Joe from Blue's Clues trying to survive the apocalypse and getting gunned down for singing the mail song every time they receive a note.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • The group's incredulous reactions when Lewis casually admits he's never played Super Mario World.
    Johnny: WAIT A MINUTE!
    Masae: But— but— but...
  • Ted imagines the report of mario's defeat to Boom Boom.
    Boom-Boom: Bowser, sir! I have defeated the dreaded Mario!
    Bowser: You?
  • Masae apparently incurring the wrath of Ryan when she mentions she likes Skyward Sword.
    • Later, when she mentions she stopped playing A link to the past halfway through, John nearly freaks out about it, much to Ryan's pleasure.
  • Shitboxes, son.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II

  • The guys fretting over all the copyright strikes they're going to be getting from Disney and Lucasarts.
  • Part 5 features Ryan's least favorite mission, where he must fly a Y Wing as close to the ground as possible as well as deal with other annoying things. This leads to several hilarious edits, the best being after the game tells him to fly lower...when he's touching the ground. The video cuts to an animation by Johnny of the Y Wing scraping against the ground, while Wedge has the GENIUS rage face.

DMC: Devil May Cry

  • At the end of a Beat 'em Up section in part 6, the guys have a laugh at how blunt the level is when it says "Fuck You Dante".
  • They discuss Phineas's philosophical question: "And if you do kill Mundus..., who will take his place?"
    Lewis: Well, in any case, the question of who will take his place is one we'll actually get an answer to at the end of the game.
    Ted (immediately): Is it Vergil?
  • The fact that Lewis always calls the sticky bomb gun a Sticky Gun Bomb.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • Part 1's title alone: "The Return of Dumbfuck".
  • Their arguments over PAL, particularly given that none of them know why PAL ran at 50 Hz in the first placenote :
    Lewis: It had to do with power restrictions and whatnot, I think. Everything had to run at a lower power.
    Johnny: Yeah, you see, you Europeans take your free healthcare. I'll take my Sonic the Hedgehog with my sixty frames per second.
    NTom: If you weren't sucking up all the power, we could have had faster frame rates, so I place the blame squarely on you.
    Johnny: (under his breath) Damn it.
    Lewis: Hey, we don't even use the same power generators!
  • In part 6, John mentions that he got a shock collar around N Tom's neck
    Johnny: It's spring-loaded. Once he opened the box it immediately lashed out onto his neck.
    N Tom: This is the laziest script for a Saw movie I've ever heard.
  • After the first dungeon and a tangent about racism against Deku scrubs, they do some archery minigames. First, the one where the witch is carrying the target right under her broomstick, and then some "non-lethal" archery, because the next archery game involves shooting at targets. It takes Lewis fifteen seconds to realise that they're shooting at live Deku scrubs.
  • In part 12, the guys get on the topic of the Ocarina of Time remake and speculate on the possibility of a Majora's Mask remake. Ted says he doesn't think it's going to happen. Cue the cover of the remake of Majora's Mask, which had been announced between the time of the recording and the part coming out, appearing on the screen.
    • They talk about how it DID happen in part 26, at the start of the video. And Ted's more than annoyed.
    Johnny: The trip through Great Bay Temple continues in Part 26 of Majora's Mask.
    Ryan: (cutting off Johnny slightly in anticipation) Hey Ted, hey Ted.
    Ted: What?
    Ryan: How about that Majora's Mask 3D? (MM3D cover art flashes on-screen)
    Ted: *Heavy, exasperated sigh*
    *Everyone laughs*
    Ted: God...damn it.
  • Part 12 also has another moment right at the beginning where Lewis freaks out about a chest sitting in lava.
  • During a conversation about Like Likes.
    John: Like the Like Like. Embrace the Like Like.
    Ted: Hey guys, if we get 300 Like Likes on our part…
    John: *Laughs* We’ll release the next part of Majora's Mask. No, we’re going to do that anyway because it’s kind of our jobs.
    Ted: Don’t forget to rate rate, like like, comment comment, and subscribe subscribe.
    John: *Laughing*
    NTom: Like Like, comment, and subscribe.
    John: *Laughs* Ganondorf's YouTube channel.
    Ryan: Be sure to also promote promote on other sites.
  • In Part 29,
    Johnny: All jokes aside, bring a powderkeg with you before going here, because you're going to need it.
  • In part 33, when the Giants stop the moon from falling.
    Johnny: Volleyball!
    NTom: Hey Hyrule, catch!
    Johnny: Hey Spike it, Spike it!
    NTom: Labrynna take this! You too, Holodrum!
    Lewis: No! No! Throw it at Isle Delfino, Throw it at Isle Delfino!
    NTom: Sink it into the Sea! and thus Atlantis was created.

     Sonic Boom to Sonic Unleashed 

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

  • In part 1, Jak and Daxter is mentioned, and is said to have handled something better than Sonic Boom, and that it was a launch title for the PS2. FTA then says "So is THIS!". Cue laughter.
  • And later in the episode...
    FTA: I haven't heard the word 'shiny' said so much since I last watched Firefly, what the fuck.
    Ted: Or, you look in the comments section of me in a Pokémon video.
  • This moment from the beginning of Part 2.
    Ted: John, BrainScratchComms porno is set for Thursday.
    John: Ah, okay. Did you bring me my KY?
    Clement: What!?
    • More Hilarious when you realise that the Thursday after the video's upload was Thanksgiving Day.
  • Gareth's excitement when Ted tells him that archeologists found prehistoric porn.
  • Comparing the Ancients from Final Fantasy VII to hippies.
    Clement: I can talk to the Lifestream, maaaaaan.
  • FTA talks about how he was sent this paragraph of Johnny and Ryan having sex on ask.FM. Followed immediately by everyone talking about their OTPs, such as TedXLewis, JohnnyXLewis, and ClementXNo One/Everyone.
  • FTA Brings up how Lewis said on Twitter about how he thought everyone was foolish to buy Sonic Boom day one, while he was going to wait until Sonic Boom's price went down. And then he bought the game.
    FTA: My favorite thing was Lewis on Twitter was like 'Oh, all you idiots, buying this game day one, I'm going to wait two months.' And then two hours later, 'So I bought the game.'
    Johnny: *Laughs*
    Lewis: To be honest, the reason I bought the game initially was a sense of guilt, because I-
    Everyone: *Bursts out laughing*
  • The Running Gag of someone accidentally calling Bygone Island, 'Bygone Alley'.
  • "Okay, let's fight!" *Game Crashes.*

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

  • In Part 3, the reactions to Mario Zone, a world set inside a giant robot version of Mario.
    FTA: What kind of Inception shit is this?!
    Mario!John: Okay, I am not-a fucking around anymore! Break out the giant robot!
  • From the final part, the guys theorizing that Mario set up the traps in his own castle and that Wario only made minor adjustments.
    Wario!John: You know, when I raided the castle, I got this whole plan sorted out. I was surprised to see that I didn't have to do very much!
    Wario!FTA: Mario kind of stupid.
  • Following the fight with Wario in the final part, Ryan proceeds to edit in the "who throws a shoe" scene from Austin Powers.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

  • Part 5 ends with the battle against against Torch Tusk, to which Johnny makes note of the smiling Pinapple bombs coming to the conclusion that that they want to die, saying that it depresses him leading him to tell Ted to turn it off before Ted point out the flaming Elephant robot is ok in his book while this isn't before Johnny jokingly chalks the boss up to So Cool, It's Awesome.
  • In Part 8, the guys jab at Ryan's quietness throughout the playthrough.
    Johnny: Soooo, our main goal is to rescue Ryan, right?
    Ted: Uhh, yeah, probably. He's just playing with his Diddy Kong puppet.
    Johnny: No, Ryan's kidnapped. How else would you explain his inactivity?
    Ryan: I've been here!
    Johnny: Oh, he has a radio transmitter. Ryan! Where are you?
    Ryan: I'm here.
    Johnny: Where's "here"?!
    Lewis: Are there any windows? Can you see any landmarks outside?
    Ryan: I have been here THE ENTIRE TIME.
    Ted: Call the Chaotix crew!
  • Ted playing the bongos and reciting fake poetry as he prepares to fight Karate Kong.

Soul Calibur V

  • Johnny's reaction to how Soul Edge is used to save Patroklos from the ice he's encased in Part 9
    Johnny: It's a ice pick! Wow what a downgrade.

Wario Land 4

  • While going off on tangents about sharting and jiggle physics in part 8:
    Johnny: Hmm, what did they talk about in part 8 of Wario Land? Shart and jizzle physics! Jizzle physics... *Laughs*
    Ted: Oh god!
    Johnny: Oh god! What have I done!?
    Everyone: *Laughs*
    Johnny: WHAT HAVE I DONE!?
    Ted: This part of Brainscratchcomms is rated Triple-X. Don't watch it if you're under the age of 97.

Sonic Spinball

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

  • In Part 1:
    Johnny: Did that robotnote  just climax?

Cave Story

  • Part 2 is titled: "Santa's death parade".
    • There's also this part when they're talking about the character's speed.
    Ted: You can kind of wiggle around in the air is the best way to put it. You don't have a run button like Mario Brother's or something.
    Nathan: 'Life Restored!'
    Ted: And you kind of run at a set speed unlike Sonic.
    John: YOU WHORE! He's actually talking about the "item" you get when you use Chako's bed.

Jak and Daxter

  • In Part 8, after Lewis explains the differences between Jak's Light Ecos and Dark Ecos forms in the later Jak games, Ted replies, "Oh, so it's Jak 2: Echoes."
    Johnny: No, it's Jak 2: Ecos.
    Everyone: *bursts out laughing*

Super Mario World

  • Part 2, in which Ryan says "screw you" to conventional LP logic and decides to do the bonus world as soon as possible.
  • In part 4, Lewis explains DMC4's Legendary Dark Knight modenote .
    Johnny: So, no Batman.
  • Late in Part 4 when Ryan has Mario sacrifice Yoshi to get to a secret exit, it immediately cuts to the Animation Domination sketch of Mario flipping Yoshi off after performing a similar move.
  • Fresh out of Part 5:
    Ted: Okay, does it surprise anybody else that they just randomly installed escalators into these places, for some reason? This place is not handicap friendly.
    Ryan: ...'Cause they're eeevil!
    And there goes Johnny.
  • During the battle against Ludwig:
    Johnny: I think this is the only game where Ludwig is gold and white.
    Ted: They didn't have any-
    Ted: Oh, SHUT UP!

Link's Crossbow Training

  • How much Ted hypes up the game, addressing it as an epic quest and claiming it to be the "greatest game in the highly-acclaimed Legend of Zelda franchise" in the video description.
  • Johnny points out that in the developmental notes that when they were trying to find a way to fit the Zapper in the game, Miyamoto proposed of the idea of a plot where Link time-warps into the future (which would excuse his usage of guns) and that it was vetoed. Lewis is then baffled that someone turned down Miyamoto's idea.
    • Johnny then takes it further that it would feature Link in a Matrix outfit and using Uzis

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

  • The lack of understanding the crew has of the game due to paying minimal attention to what's happening.
    Lewis, on the verge of laughter: You know, this is just a though, and I realize this is mostly my fault at this point, but we might actually know what's going on if we talk about the game.
    John: But is there something to talk about?
    • They only start paying attention to the game during the final part.
  • In the last part, when Leorina gives you the powers of Joy, Tranquility, Discord, and Indecision.
  • The entirety of part 15, where they finally start commentating on Klonoa.

Star Fox Assault

  • In part 7, we get this jem after a mission well done:
    Beltino: -We've just finished the self destruct program, too!
    Rayn in Beltino's voice: And Slippy went ahead and prematurely activated it!
    Johnny: Ka-BOOM!
    Ryan: I guess you're just gonna have to sacrifice yourself, Slippy.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

  • While we don't get a Rule 63 of the crew this time, we do get an amusing thumbnail of Shantae dancing and the boys staring at her entranced.
  • Despite recording the game, Ted barely knows anything compared to Lewis, Johnny and Ryan.
  • A Running Gag for the Shantae series, Ted for some reason wants to call Pirate's Curse 'Risky's Curse.' Ryan always fallows it up with 'Pirate's Revenge.' This can also work in reverse.
  • In Part 2, Lewis predicts how their inevitable Metroid: Other M playthrough will end up.
    Lewis: It's like, okay, we can't possibly not pull another F-Zero GX on that playthrough. It's going to happen eventually. It's going to happen so hard. It's going to happen just like it happened in Klonoa 2.
    Johnny: No, but that was a different time though. We were young, reckless, and virgins. *beat* Right?

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

  • In part 7, someone's call drops and for once it's not Lewis.
    • When Ted FINALLY joins back in, it's at the very moment they bring up Whipping the Dog from Risky's Revenge.
  • Ted spend the playthrough trying to avoid using the gun, calling it 'useless.' But then randomly fires it when he comes up to the save-old-man.
    Ryan in creepy voice: I've been waiting for this moment.
    Shantae gets Risky's Scimitar
    Ted: Oh, well now I don't need to shoot the old man because now I can stab him instead. Something something Joker monolog about knifes. I can't remember right now.
    Lewis: Never dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.
    • Ted then pogo-sticks on a Scimitar, much to Lewis' grief.
  • In part 7, after Scuttle town has been converted into Ammo town.
    Lewis: Everyone is all together too depressed about this. They should look on the bright side, their desert village is now hurricane protected.
    Johnny: Yes, but it lost its soul in the process.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


  • During Part 3 Everyone gets into a discussion about Miyamoto and his dated views on game design, and Johnny suggests that the only person to take him down would be... his evil twin, Schmiyamoto!

Final Fantasy IX

  • In Part 1, Ryan spends a good chunk of time exploring a part of Alexandria thinking he missed an item, so long that when he finally leaves, Johnny utters a 'Thank you!'...only for Ryan to return to that area again before the end of the part.
  • After killing his first Grand Dragon, Ryan cuts to the party's levels after grinding Grand Dragons. The results? Levels 34-38. ON DISC ONE.
  • To cap off Disc 1, after the Beatrix battle, Ryan introduces some...alternate themes for Kuja.
  • Part 41:
    • The fact that the 'Maiwwage' bit from "The Princess Bride" is laid over the Garnet/Zidane 'marriage.'
  • Part 48:
    • Ryan realizing he should've put a 'no soup for you' joke when Eiko's talking to the Ovenmeister.
  • Part 62:
    • After Regent Cid is turned into a human again, Ryan edited in a side-by-side comparison of Regent Cid and Whitebeard.
  • Part 69:
    • The tangent that initiated by the discussion of The Witcher 3's usage of 'plow.' Especially Johnny's interjections.
    • The fact that Ryan edits in the "Luke, I Am Your Father," clip during The Reveal.
  • Part 70:
    • This remark:
    Ted: John, do not disgrace the good name of Bowser by comparing him to Donald Trump.
  • Part 73:
    • Ryan edits in Monty Python and Michigan J. Frog during the extremely-long Ark summon.

Sonic Unleashed

  • Part 10 has Lewis rant on how tedious the rendering process for uploading parts which leads to this
    Lewis: In fact, the only thing in my mind more tedious then the rendering time is THIS FUCKING LEVEL!
    • FTA then responds with saying this is his favorite level because one of the enemies resembles Poliwhirl.
  • The title of Part 12: "Dicks Will Be Punched"
  • Part 13 has Lewis accidentally punch Professor Pickle as the Werehog. This earns him a scolding from FTA.
  • At one point in Part 17, Lewis begins talking about the werehog section he thinks he skipped, only to realize that he had just entered the section he was talking about. Everyone else has a good laugh at Lewis' expense.
    Lewis: The area I skipped was actually a really platforming-tastic werehog section, where you have to make...
    [Werehog enters section Lewis thought he skipped]
    Lewis Oh wait. No, I didn't skip it. It's right here.

     Beyond Good & Evil to Kirby Triple Deluxe 

Beyond Good & Evil

Sonic Adventure 2 (Revisit)

  • In part 4, a Funny Background Event: Knuckles gets squashed by a ceiling trap (fortunately not crush hazards in the Adventure games) and then Omochao warns him about it. Cue Omochao abuse.
  • In part 12, Rouge's driving:
    This is why she's not in All-Stars Racing.
  • In Part 17, Ryan makes a jab at his own silence in commentaries when the group muses about doing revisits of Sonic Adventure and Rise of Lyric.
    Ryan: With 100% more commentary from me!
    Ted: So you mean like, three sentences?
    FTA: So Ryan just says one word, and it's instantly a hundred percent.
    Johnny: "Whew! I'm exhausted."
    Ryan: Paycheck!
    *everyone bursts out laughing*

Metroid Zero Mission

Super Monkey Ball 2

  • They realise they just spent more than a level discussing Final Fantasy XIII
    Ted: Man, our Final Fantasy 13 tangents aren't just sticking to our actual Final Fantasy game, they're invading other commentaries.
  • Ted describes how Banana Blitz has boss-fights, and how the first is a bird which "has a button on its head for some ungod reason".
    Johnny: I tell you who has a button on his head: Satan.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

Mega Man X5

Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • More Luigi abuse at the start of Part 10:
    Mario!Ryan: Oh look who it is! Screw you!
    Luigi!John: Mario! Tag me!
    Mario!Ryan: Don't want to!
    Luigi!John: You bitch! I pay the rent! Ah, he's not listening to me anyway...
    Toad!Ted: Hey Luigi, guess what! I'm gonna be Mario's new roommate!
    Luigi!John: God... If there is one, strike me down please!
  • "Mario and his infamous minigame strokes"
  • In part 17, they discuss Mario having grandkids, and the paucity of women to have kids with.
    Lewis: And Daisy is totally Luigi's-
    Ted: -pretty sure someone has said that-
    John: I thought you were gonna say Daisy is totally Luigi.
  • In Part 23, Bowser Jr runs over Mario and they discuss revoking his driver's license.
  • In part 32, they discuss how they think Nintendo stockpiles ideas.
    Ted: Break glass in case of Mario game.
  • Later in part 32, they end up discussing how Daredevil is alienated from society by his blindness. Then they wonder how he watches porn.
    Ryan: He reads it for the- he feels it for the articles.
  • In part 34, during the Green Star run of Spin-Dig Galaxy, Ryan manages to break the game's physics, sending Luigi hurtling around the planetoid's orbit.
    Ted: Mad Space called, they want their wonky gravity physics back!
    Luigi!John: Maybe there's a reason why I don't go on these [adventures] anymore.
    John: How'd you spend your day, Luigi?
    Luigi!John: Eh, it was okay. Kinda defied the laws of nature there for a split second.
  • Part 37 begins with Johnny bringing up the Animorphs covers, much to Ryan and Ted's confusion.
    Ted: Okay, hold on a moment.
    Ryan: Where did that come from!?
  • "Philosophical" Luigi.
    • This really needs precision: Lewis, Ryan and Johnny spend the majority of part 41 making Luigi ask philosophical questions and not-so philosophical ones. And it is hilarious.
    Johnny!Luigi: How do they put the M's on M&Ms?
    Ryan!Luigi: And why are they Ms? Why are they not Ls?

    Ryan!Luigi: How come hot dogs come in packages of 8, but hot dog buns come in packages of 10? (John cracks up)
    Ted: To get you to buy 80 hot dogs!
    Ryan!Luigi: Fair enough!
    • Probably the best moment has to be this, though:
    Ryan!Luigi: Is it called a foot-long because it's actually a foot-long or because it smells like feet?
    Ted: Well then it would be-
    John!Luigi: Why is it called a pair of pants if there's only one?
    Ted: THAT HAS BUGGED ME FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I STILL DON'T KNOW! (The others start laughing) REAL TALK! The hell is up- Is like one leg a pant? Is that what its-It's like one leg a singular pants! I need to know the answer to this question!
    Lewis: Yeah, actually it is.
    Ted: Okay-Well, that's stupid! We don't call a shirt a pair of shirts!

    Ryan!Luigi: How come we put raisins in cookies? Nobody likes raisins in cookies!
    Lewis: Oh, speaking of self, oatmeal raisin cookies are the b-are the bomb.
    Ted: Can we kick Lewis off the team?
    • And it goes on like this. It gets to the point where at the end of the part, Ted is BEGGING for the guys to stop, which causes them to laugh really hard.
    • Lewis tries talking about Melty Molten Galaxy, to which Johnny interrupts by saying they're still at Green Stars.
    • The group discusses the differences between Metal and Rock. complete with a stoner voice from Ted.
  • Ryan deliberately avoiding 1Ups and slowdown switches, much to the expense of a certain commentator.
    Ryan: I don't need it.

Mega Man X6

  • "Zero, I am glad to see again."
  • After beating Blizzard Wolfang, On the stage select, Metal Shark Player's boss icon was red, signifying a nightmare effect. Cue Ominous focus on Metal Shark Player's icon (with ominous music to boot), and cutting to Sigma's Panicked Expression from X4's flashback. Ted even does a small grunt in time with Sigma's face.
  • Johnny calls the death star to obliterate the boss rush.
  • In Part 6, we have the cutscene after Gate's death.
    Gate!Ted: Wait a minute... Robots don't have DNA, that's... fucking *coughs* fucking stupid...
    Gate!Lewis: No wonder... I couldn't... analyze... that... motor... oil... eck...
    • Followed immediately by Ted's reaction to Sigma's return again.
      Ted: No, but why did Gate bring him back? What possible reason would there be to do that? Oh, look at this. There's this jar. It says "Satan" on it. (The others crack up) Hm, I'm just gonna open up the jar- OH, I WONDER HOW THAT WILL TURN OUT.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

  • Part 6: There is a hilarious rant about how the box cars in the motorcycle race stages aren't street legal and are thus unsafe for the kids.
    • In the same part; Johnny editing his second runthrough of 'Hot Coco' with the intro theme from the cancelled Crash Bandicoot Cartoon series.
  • In part 7, Ted asks where Crash learned how to slide and crouch, leading to this exchange:
    Ted: Oh that's why, I haven't been paying attention.
    Johnny: *laughs*
    Ryan: No pay for you!
  • In the final part, during the bonus room of the final normal stage (which, like the main section, involves fireflies and darkness), Johnny overlays a Japanese Crash commercial on the otherwise pitch-black screen.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures & The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

Mighty No. 9

  • The various images that get overlayed onto the game's long loading screens.
  • Near the end of Avi's boss fight, Ted tells Past!Ryan to use his Accel Recovery.
    Ted: Use your goddamn energy tank, dude.
    Lewis: Nah, it's almost done.
    *Ryan immediately dies*
    Johnny: OOOH!!
    Ted: You were saying?
    Lewis: Oh! That- That shouldn't have happened.
    *Ryan inserts a facedesk gif*
  • After defeating Shade, they discuss how the game needed a cause, not necessarily an antagonist, just in time for one of Ryan's stupid clips.
    Lewis: And that's why I mentioned roboenza, because you can't really call Roboenza evil, it was some kind of weird disease. And eventually, you know, you found out that it was created by- Ryan.
    Johnny: It was created by Ryan?
    Ryan: *evil laugh*

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

  • Ryan naming the Link of this game: mah boi.
  • Ryan editing in the meme-tastic 'Mah Boi' scene whenever he makes a screw up.
  • "Tingle for president!"
  • Similarly to the Dark Moon commentary, in part 23 John asks Ted to say the NX won't be revealed. Just the day before, the NX, now known as the Nintendo Switch was announced.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

  • In Part 7, the debut of the Toad escort missions, and with them, the glorious return of Ted's Toad voice.
    (When Toad is afraid of an inch-deep puddle of water) It'll make my shoes wet! That's gross!
    (When John remarks that Toad looks like he's praying when held by Luigi's vacuum) Oh, great Luigi, send me to the ever-beyond with your vacuum of mystery.
  • Skype and Windows 10 cutting off Ted in part 12 leading Johnny to speculate whether Ted was killed mid-sentence.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight, but in Part 14, they start talking about the NX to "keep up with the current times", when the episode was aired on the day that the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed.
  • Lewis admits to not following the Dewey Decimal System on his personal bookshelves:
    Lewis: I just put books on a shelf in a way that looks nice.
    Ted: One day Lewis, you will be visited by three spirits: The ghost of Ted, the ghost of Ted who is a librarian, and, um, Elvis.
  • More NX discussion:
    Ted: Yeah, but we don't even know what that thing's gonna be, the controller could be two bananas and a piece of scotch tape and, you know...
    Johnny: Ted.
    Ted: What...? Oh God, did I just curse the NX to be made of two bananas stuck together with scotch tape?

God of War

  • John equips the "Dairy Bastard" costume at the start of the game, meaning that for the entire first part of the playthrough, we get Kratos in a cow suit, wielding milk carton blades.
    • In part 2 John does the mini game with Kratos Making out with the ladies in the bed, when it's done it shows Kratos in his "God of War" costume with John saying that it made a man out of Kratos.
  • During parts 2 and 3, John added a laugh track to parts of the game that would no doubt be worse off without one. In fact, Part 3 is titled "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Ares".
  • Lewis brings up the Devil May Cry series so frequently throughout the playthrough that Johnny eventually begins adding a "Devil May Cry Reference #XXX" cue on-screen every time he does.

Sailor Moon R

  • The different disguises Tuxedo Mask is photoshopped in during each victory screen, including Kamina and Waluigi.

Star Fox Zero

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

  • As a result of media damage, the soundtrack for the game is glitched, which results in numerous funny moments:
    • When they first discuss it, Qatherine mentions the scene where Elora chides Hunter for not being able to keep track of his running shoes and the glitch causes the words "running shoes" to repeat over and over as Hunter looks down at his bare feet.
    • They have to put up a plot synopsis over the story cutscenes that is so ludicrously bare-bones that it verges on being a Gag Sub
  • Ted goes back to defending the animals slaughtered for health, and even calls Johnny out on his hypocrisy when he asks why the starfish are being murdered.

Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero

  • In part 2, when Lewis brings up Devil May Cry, the Devil May Cry Reference graphic from the God of War play through pops up again.
    Ryan: John, better send me that graphic.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

  • The Running Gag of the Devil May Cry reference counter shows up again, this time with a graphic of Virgil, an air horn sound effect, and the count at "I couldn't be bothered to keep track"
  • In part 6, Johnny does his best "Distressed Waddle Dee" voice at the end of level 5 of Old Odyssey.
    Johnny: "They said he was gonna house break me... They meant that literally!"
    Ted: Last time Kirby invited me to a house warming party, it didn't really go as I was expected... The house was warmer but it didn't stay a house for very long... He burn it down.
    Johnny: "THIS SUCKS!"

     Mass Effect to Dragon Ball FighterZ 

Mass Effect

  • After Lewis describes how Elcor talk, Ted and Johnny immediately latch on to the idea of what they're like while playing poker.
    Ted: Unconvincingly: I go all in.
  • From part six:
    Lewis: I can't believe I have to ask this but... my video lagged to hell. What time are we at?
    (everyone laughs)
    John: Oh shit, it's our anniversary?
  • And from the next part, where the five guys are talking about how the bartender is the most important person in any RPG.
    Ted: Why do we have to go and save the world when bartenders are instantly more qualified?
    John: Because they made the choice to serve the drink instead of justice.
    Lewis: What if it's a mug full of liquid justice? Would that count?
    John: No, that's Just Ice.
  • Lewis forgot about the Mako's cannon when he was recording this playthrough, and the rest of the crew can't help but joke about it whenever a situation it would've been useful in comes up.

Demon's Crest

Gex: Enter the Gecko

  • While discussing one ad for the game in Part 2, Ted makes an observation.
    Ted: See, that's how you get good with women. You just gotta be a lizard who will never stop making Pop Culture references. So I'm already halfway there, I just gotta start making more Pop Culture references.
  • At the beginning of part 16, Lewis says that the final level is basically a Crash Bandicoot level with camera control, and immediately the game audibly refuses to let him turn the camera.

Pikmin 2

  • Ryan's hilarious Captain's Logs are back and as promised, he's now imitating Captain Picard.
  • While the Water Wraith only shows up once during the Submerged Castle, The game makes up for it by having a bunch of bomb rocks drop from the sky to Ted's bafflement.
    Bomb rock drops right in front of him
    Ted: OH MY GOD.
    Two more bomb rocks drop right next to the first one
    Ted: STOP. Game.
    (everyone laughs)
    Ted: What did I do to you game?!

Injustice 2

  • To mock what the guys consider to be one of the worst cases of "Bat-God" out there, pieces of the soundtrack from The LEGO Batman Movie are sprinkled throughout the commentary.

Persona 5

  • Clement apparently identifies Japan as "The place of Persona".
    Lewis: Fuck their cultural identity, their the setting of the Persona series.

Crash Bandicoot (PS4)

  • Lewis makes a habit at the end of EVERY part of Crash 1 to insert one of the old Japanese Crash Bandicoot commercials. They are just as random as they were originally.
    • Speaking of, Lewis makes a segway from the group's online scams tangent into his intro for the Japanese Crash commercial for part 7.

Shovel Knight

  • Ted plays the game in Butt mode. Enough said.
  • They somehow go from a gender pronoun tangent to an English grammar Nazi tangent, but Lewis realizes this, and they drop this gem.
    (everyone laughs)
    Ted: The point is 'they' should be used as a singular pronoun because it's 2017 people.
    Johnny: The moral of the story is that Butt Mode is great.
  • To bring Body Swap mode to its logical conclusion, they eventually re-recorded the first part of the playthrough, but it's Quatherine, Sabrina, Twixmix, and Becca replacing the normal crew for the entire part.

God of War II

  • Ryan starts the game by showing off the Cod of War outfit. Ted has a laugh watching Kratos kill people with fish hooks.
  • In part 6, they discuss Castlevania and wonder why Death works for Dracula, and decide that they were college roommates.
  • Part 10 begins with dead air, until Johnny breaks the silence with "So how about that local sports team?"
  • When Icarus shows up near the end of Part 13, the guys can't help but make the obvious references to Pit.
    Ted: Oh damn, those 25 years between games were rough, oh, I'm sorry!
    • It comes to a head at the very end of the part, when it turns out Ryan edited in some Kid Icarus music, complete with an "I'm Finished!" screen.
    Ryan: Not the first level again!
  • Lewis starting a favorite vegetable tangent early on in part 15, giving Ryan the idea to call the part "Veggie Tales."
  • In the final part, when Kratos says that "Your son has returned!", Ted as Zeus replies "Which one?".

Sonic Mania

Sonic & Tails Playthrough

Knuckles Playthrough

  • And Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles and.... But no beatnik or Rastafarian.
  • The DRM discussion, where they conclude that SimCity is like Dark Souls but with DRM.
  • Their discussion of the Sonic fanbase's insistence that Sonic was always about exploration rather than speed, despite things like the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) theme song, which refers to him as the "fastest thing alive". Some of their attempts at improved lyrics are hilarious.
  • They have to discuss the real-world reaction to their "Is Callie RACIST!?!?!??!!!!" clickbait parody.
  • The Crew gets into a brief tangent pointing out how Amy mistaking Shadow and Silver for Sonic makes no sense due to the fact that the only similarities they have is species.
    Johnny: If it was Shadow with a Sonic wig on that one closeup, I'd be laughing my ass off.
    Ted (as Shadow): Yes, I'm Sonic. I'm the coolest hedgehog.
    Johnny (as Shadow): I am who you call "Sanic".
    Ted (as Shadow): I'm the firstest thing aliv.

Splatoon 2

  • Part 5 has everyone discussing future Splatfests. They get into a brief argument over KFC's Original Recipe and extra crispy variants, leading to this:
    Ted: I don't mind the crunch. It's that you don't get as much taste of the mix of herbs and spices when you're doing extra crispy.
    Johnny: Of the herbs and spices that you can identify.
    Ted: Dude, it's a secret recipe for a reason.
    Johnny: Yeah, and that secret is raccoon anus! I don't know why KFC and McDonald's like using that so much but that's the secret.
    • They then suggest a Sonic Adventure vs Sonic Adventure 2 Splatfest
      Johnny: I would just like it to be a thing so that it would actually instigate actual real-life Turf Wars.
      Ted: John, you do realize if that was a Splatfest, people would literally die, right?
      Johnny: All for the name of the sport, Ted. I'm willing to accept that sacrifice.
      Ted: I'm not willing to sacrifice myself for Sonic The Hedgehog!
  • "Is Callie RACIST!?!?!??!!!!"
    • Even funnier, it was originally a tangent about Marie being racist towards Octolings.

Metroid: Other M

  • From the very first line, the group knows exactly what they're in for.
    Everyone: Why.
    Lewis: Good gosh, why.
  • After spending the entirety of Part 4 talking about IP protection and not talking about the game at all, they drop this.
    Johnny: I think the most important thing out of this is that we got diffusion beam with a large blast radius, and
    Ted: Shut up John, nobody cares.

Sonic Forces

  • Stares the Abyss
    Ryan: Ya-aay!
    Johnny: Stares the Abyss, you are so happpy to be here! You know what? I'm glad someone's having fun out of all this.

Freedom Planet

Lilac Playthrough

  • Right after a cutscene in which the ship the main cast is in crashes... so does the game.

Pokemon Moon

Super Bomberman R

  • "Launching Missile"

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

  • Dragon Ball runs on Microsoft Windows.
    Freiza: 85%... 90! I will show you all, who will reign supreme.
    Ryan: Oh it's Windows File Transfer, now it's back down to 87.
    Ted: You see, that makes the five minutes thing make sense! You know, estimated time remaining five minutes for this planet to destroy. Wait, now it's ten, now it's an hour....

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • During the cutscene where Android 18 first appears, there's this exchange.
    Lewis: Ok, so, Android 18 is playable in this game, right?
    Ryan: Yea, she is.
    Lewis: Ok, that's all I need to know. I'm getting it.
  • Ted really doesn't want to talk about vore.

     Doom (2016) to Shadow of the Colossus 

Doom (2016)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PS4)

Oregon Trail

  • "Here lies BSC"

Metal Slug


Super Mario Odyssey

  • In Part 8, Ryan's bird troubles
  • In Part 13, Spewit the demon-summoner
  • In part 14, Ryan tries multiple times to ground pound a full stack of Goomba's after he's done with them. After one too many fails, he decides to just shoot them down with a Sherm.
  • In Part 40, Ryan missed one of the last moons behind a wall. His reaction to that? SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT!

Metal Slug X

Alone in the Dark (1992)

  • The names that Lewis gives to his save files.

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Sonic Mania Plus

Gravity Rush

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Pirate Queen's Quest

Metal Slug 3

Silent Hill

Resident Evil (PS1)

  • In part 7, the guys say "yeah" so often, Barry's "yeah" is edited in to echo them. No counter though.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

Resident Evil (Remake)

  • From the final Tyrant fight:
    Chris!Lewis: It's time to one-hit kill the Tyrant! HUZZAH! *launches a rocket.*
    Tyrant!Ryan: *Swats the rocket away.* Bitch, please!
    Cuts to a picture of Chris with bulging Oh, Crap! eyes, accompanied by a sound clip of Homer Simpson screaming.

Mega Man 11

Sonic Adventure Revisited

SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom

Shadow of the Colossus


    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess to Batman Arkham Origins 

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

  • Towards the end of part 19: "If you kill your Uber driver, the car won't care."
  • Part 40 as Ted enters the boss arena:
    Masae (singing): Best boss in the game!
    Ted and Ryan: <disagreement noises>
    Masae (still singing): I like it! Leave me alone!

SMT: Synchronicity Prologue

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Mario Tennis Aces

Tetris 99

Super Castlevania IV

Spyro the Dragon (PS4)

Mortal Kombat 11

Super Mario Bros. (Revisit)

Donkey Kong Country (Revisit)

No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise (Revisit)

  • In part 9, while Ryan is discussing the minefield
    Ryan: At least the game's nice enough to mark of all the mines on your-
    Travis steps on a mine
    Ryan: ow, map. Doesn't mean it's precise, though, but it gives you a gener-
    Travis steps on another mine
    Ryan: ow, a generally good idea.
    Johnny: Oh god, I'm bad at this.

Pokémon Platinum

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

  • Ryan starts the playthrough with a song to the tune of the DK Rap.
    So he's finally here, commenting for you
    Since he knows the game, he can join in, too
    Get your keyboards ready if you wanna post
    Cause nothing beats the best co-host
    (spoken) Hi, Nathan!
    Lewis: Ryan, please do the world a favor and never do that again.
    Ted: How long did it take you to write that?
    Ryan: Ten minutes.
    Nathan: There's no better way to spend ten minutes.
  • In Part 2, Lewis chastises Ryan for not grabbing a coin that was right next to him. Ted suggests they go back in time to convince Ryan to pick up the coin, to which Ryan replies that there's better uses of time travel, such as going to 2000 and showing people the Smash Bros. Ultimate character select screen. Nathan reminds them that some of those characters didn't exist back then.
    Nathan: "What the fuck is a Bayonetta?"
    Lewis: What indeed is a Bayonetta?
    Ted: Well, back in Revolutionary War times-
    Ryan: That's a bayonet.
    Ted: Someone was like, "I wish I had a gun and a sword in one." And then Square Enix popped out and said, "Do I have something for you!"

Blaster Master Zero

Brave Fencer Musashi

  • In part 16, when Lewis mentions that he's never heard of the song Earth, Wind and Fire, Ted threatens that he, Ryan and Johnny are going to drive to his house and shove Earth, Wind and Fire CDs up his nostrils. Lewis replies he doesn't have a house causing Ted to correct himself and they will to drive to his cardboard box. Johnny cracks up upon hearing this, believing Lewis goes through hotel chains and uses their free wifi to create their commentary videos.
    Johnny: The "B" in "BSC" stands for "Broke"!

Sonic and the Secret Rings

  • In part 5, after Gareth starts up a BC and AD tangent to pick on Ted for one of his Tedisms, Ted ends up using Discord's functions to shut him up, first by accidentally kicking him off the server, and then by muting him multiple times.
    Ted: I've gone mad with power.
  • In part 10, their music tangent, culminating in My Will to Fly the Kite

Maverick Hunter X

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • In part 5, Gareth objects to the level Molten Mine, because there are no volcanoes in England, while Ted tries to justify it.
    Ted: Big Ben... it's actually a volcano.
  • In part six, Gareth explains how Brexit is all about giving ten-year-olds jet-boots
    Gareth: In other EU countries, you only get the jet-boots for a year, and England is like, "we ain't sticking to that, we're gonna let our kids have another year of animal murder and the gift of flight"
  • In part 7,while discussing why Disney owns two streaming services, Gareth points out they have seperate labels for violent movies and that Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are both Disney movies; they imagine putting them in Kingdom Hearts.
    Johnny (as Goofy): Gor Sora, he just shot Marvin in the face
    Ted (as Donald Duck): Wah wha wha, wah wha wha, Sora.
    Ted (as Samuel Jackson): English, motherfucker, do you speak it?
  • In part eight, just after they finish a tangent on copyright law, Let's Plays, and reviews, Ted falls through the floor.
    Johnny: I guess it's technically not there as soon as it starts crumbling.
    Gareth: It's fine, the floor is a transformative work.

Dead Rising

  • Part 9 opens with Ted taking on the boss consisting of a trio of snipers. Naturally, it's right at that moment when Otis chooses to call.
    Ted: "Hi, you've reached the number of Frank West, photo journalist. If you're Otis, please shut the hell up right now. I'm being shot at by sniper rifles. Leave a message after the beep. BEEP!"
  • At the end of Part 12, after getting halfway through the bomb diffusion mission and defeating Carlito, the game ends up crashing on Ted.

Batman Arkham Origins

    Travis Strikes Again to Current 

Travis Strikes Again

Gravity Rush 2

Panzer Dragoon (Remake)


Luigi's Mansion 3

  • Johnny's reaction to the Virtual Boo.
  • Ted is reminded of a Sonic game
    Ted: You look at stuff like, what's that thing called? The Sonic game with the running.
  • In Part 16, Ted's reaction to finding out that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe had its own Clone Saga.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

God of War 3

Live Playthroughs

     Kirby's Return to Dreamland 
  • In the first episode, Ted was trying to delay the game.
    Ted: What if you need to check the news?
    Ryan: No.
    Ted: What if you need to check the weather?
    Ryan: No.
    Ted: What if you want to look at photos?
    Ryan: No!
  • Ted describes the group fairly accurately when compared to the characters they were using.
    Ted: I'm the most attractive one, so I'm Kirby, Ryan is the shady one, so he's Meta Knight, John thinks he's the best so he's Dedede and Lewis is just sort of here, so he's Waddle Dee.
    Lewis: That about sums me up.
  • In part 2, after destroying the blocks in the HAL Room while running through, Johnny jokes about them causing the next Super Smash Bros. game to get cancelled.
  • Also in part 2, when Ryan (Meta Knight) grabs the tuba shield, Johnny (Dedede) suggests that Ryan walks behind him so they can have a tuba player walking behind a fat guy.
    Johnny: Oh, real funny, guys!
  • After everyone shares food with each other, Ted makes this analogy.
    Ted: Little did Nintendo know that with this game they essentially made the longest, most drawn out Orgy ever.
  • Ryan reading Magolor's lines in his Hotel Mario voice.
  • In part 5, Ryan, Lewis, and Johnny all going after a 1up and getting killed in the process.
    Ted: Way to eat up my lives, guys. Geez!
  • Trying to get a life in World 5-1 ended up causing much confusion because of Ted needing and losing Whip Kirby.
  • In part 11, they start having difficulty keeping their number of lives up (not even because the game reset their life counter to seven: They went from dozens to zero all on their own), and just before the ten-minute mark, one of them suggests they "brute-force it" because they have infinite continues. Ted is completely against the idea:
  • The numerous lives lost from trying to get a cleat in episode 12.
    Johnny: This is what happens when Dedede doesn't get the cleat.
  • Also, the ending of 12.
    Ted: (After they all break a bell) And that's the story of the Liberty Bell as told by a three year old on acid.
  • At the end of Part 13, after the ship crashes on Halcandra, Ted points out that you can can go back to Popstar at anytime.
    Ted: We don't even have to fight the dragon, we can just go home! In fact, that's what we're doing, we're going home right NOW!
    Johnny: *laughing his ass off*
  • The crew gets a game over at the end of Part 14. That's right, a game over in a Kirby game. Ted sums up everything in one line.
    Ted: We are pathetic.
  • Also in part fifteen, when they just finished That One Level and they do the jumping mini game everyone gets a perfect score.... Except Lewis. The reaction is hilarious.
    • Also, in a reversal of this, later everyone gets a 2 in the mini game, except for Ryan, who gets a 1. Not as funny, but still funny enough to make its way onto this page.
  • Part 19 is titled "Ding Dong the Kirby is dead." This is the episode where they get more game overs. Not just one, but two in the same part.
  • Johnny's continuous quips about how Ted should just kill himself at the beginning of a level because they were pretty much out of lives. So they intentionally got a game over. And this is the fourth one as of this point. Not only that, but they get another one literally right after it. Unintentionally.
  • When Magolor reveals that he is the villain, Ryan changes the Hotel Mario voice to a Luigi voice.
    Ryan: Now I can reveal my true identity... it was really me, Depressed Luigi.
    Johnny (Also in a Luigi voice): It was all thanks to you and the Chaos Gears. What do you mean you didn't collect all the Chaos Gears? Oh goddammit! My plan is ruined!

     Mario Party 2 

MomoCon 2013

  • When Ryan (Wario) does really good at Dizzy Dancing, Johnny theorizes that drinking only makes Wario more sober.
  • Seeing as how Lewis has never played Mario Party, Ted tries to convince him that landing on Red Spaces is good and Bowser Spaces are even better. When Lewis acts skeptical, Ted pulls out a Bowser plushie and says "Isn't this a face you can trust?"
  • Ted's Reaction to Chance Time in part 2.
    • And then he gets fucked over from it to boot.
  • Johnny speaking in Luigi's voice for a good chunk of the game as he complains about the game's shortcomings, such as only being able to hold one item.
    Johnny (as Luigi): Why can't I carry two? I have two pockets!
  • Ryan shouting Wario's catchphrase "D'OH, I MISSED!" every time he screws up.
  • Johnny screws with Ryan in Crane Game quite well.
    Johnny (as Luigi): Go ahead, go for it, go for it. I fucking dare you. I'm going to bash the shit out of the button. You can't hold Luigi! (Ryan: NO!) No one can hold Luigi! Luigi decides when Luigi goes or fails. Try it again. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker! YOU CAN'T GRAB LUIGI! Why aren't you going after the fucking monkey first!?
    Ryan: Oh I'm just determined to GET you!
    Johnny (as Luigi): You're not getting Luigi!
    Ryan: Goddammit!
    Johnny (as Luigi): Your mother is a fucking ham sandwich!
    Ryan: You bastard!
    Johnny (as Luigi):Go ahead! Try it again! So I can laugh at you some more! (Starts slipping up) I'm laughing too hard now...
    Ryan: Goddammit! You still win! You bastard!
    Ted: Oh what, so I'm not good enough to pick up? Is that how it is? Is that how it is?
    Johnny: No Donkey Kong just shat bricks! He sees his impending doom, but isn't sure how to react to it!
  • Lewis got TWO HIDDEN BLOCKS THAT BOTH HAD STARS, ensuring his victory in Pirate Land. The rest of the group's reactions are priceless.
    • And in Part 6, Lewis lands on ANOTHER Hidden Block space...which turned out to only have twenty coins instead of a star. The gang's initial reaction to this is absolutely priceless.
  • The Running Gag of "Lewis Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing".
  • Part 5's ending with the draw on Shy Guy says made this troper feel their sides nearly break from laughter.
  • This little gem in part six while Ryan was choosing who to duel
    Ryan: Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a tiger by Luigi.
    Johnny (As Luigi): That doesn't fucking rhyme! You have a vendetta. All or nothing, motherfucker.
  • Part seven, Johnny makes a joke about how he (Luigi) was the five time jump rope champion back in preschool. This prompts Ryan to say that he was in preschool for five years, causing the crew to laugh. Including Johnny, who didn't even realize what he said until after Ryan Lampshaded it.
    • Also, later, Luigi and Peach won the same mini game and the words "Luigi Peach won!" appeared on screen. This caused Ryan to point out in Mario Party 7 that you could play as Dry Bones, causing Johnny to crack up.
  • Ryan making fun of how the game could change at ANY moment.
    Ryan: So last game Lewis won by doing absolutely nothing. This game I won by being actually good. Moral of the story: This game is full of bollocks!

MomoCon 2016

  • In Mystery Land, Ryan has one space between him and Boo, and enough coins to steal Ted's star, so Ted puts a slow curse on him. He rolls a 2... And not only does he steal from Ted, but he gets another star from a hidden block!
  • Ryan spamming the taunt button.
    Wario: Guhuhuhuhuhuhu!
  • Lewis wins Crazy Cutters with 1 point more than Ryan, despite Lewis tracing his lines with a lot of right angles instead of a circle. Johnny and Ted call bullshit at Lewis's victory.
  • In Western Land, Ryan lands on a Hidden Block space and decides to end the video before hitting it.
    Johnny: No, don't do that! They will never let us live that down! We're no better than American Idol!
  • John accidentally steals Ted's star due to an accidental flick of the control stick, leading to a loud scream of pure angrish.

     Mario Party 4 

Momocon 2013

  • The custom thumbnail used for part 1. It must be seen to believed.
  • And now we add Ryan's Waluigi voice to the mix...
  • Better yet? Just the moment Ryan picks Waluigi.
    Ryan: "Waaaaah."
    Lui-John: "Accept no substitutions."
    Walu-Ryan: "I'm a substitution."
    Lui-John: "Nobody fucking cares."
  • "Walu-Ryan" and his Rule of Moe.
    Ryan (As Waluigi): Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the—fuck this.
    Ryan (As Waluigi): MOE NEVER LIIIIES.
  • Attack of the Giant Daisy!
    Ted: Gojira!
    Ryan: Gojira, Gojira!
  • During Bowser's Big Blast in Mario Party 2, the members go down 1 by 1 in Luigi's favor, but the same game in Mario Party 4 has Ryan, John, and Ted going on for a minute or two until Ted decides to change his wire to yellow, causing him to blow up the bomb. Thus giving the match to Ryan with Johnny choosing the wrong wire.
  • This exchange during the Reversal of Fortune in Part 2 when Johnny is selected to give a price to another player...while the game is still going.
    Johnny (Luigi): Are you there, God? It's-a me, Luigi. If you have any sense of reason, you will keep that ball away from the purple fuck that lives in th—fuck you God, I disown you! I'm going to meet with Lucifer first thing in the morning!
    Ted (Toad): I'm right here! You can stop right now, if you want!
    • Also, the result of said Reversal of Fortune, which made Luigi and Waluigi swap their coins... While they had pretty much the same amount of money. Waluigi only got one coin.
    Lewis: Princess Daisy has successfully wasted everyone's time.
  • On Ryan's second trip to the lottery shop in two turns: (all quotes are in Toad voice)
    Johnny: Y'know Waluigi, I think you have a gambling problem.
    Ted: We're here for you.
    Johnny: You have a drug addiction and a gambling problem. You are not a positive role model in the slightest.
    Ted: This is an intervention!
    *Ryan gets the second best prize.*
    Johnny: Oh no! That'll make the habit even harder to kick!
  • Ryan on his trolling craze robs Ted of his star. Sadly for him, he forgets Ted has an item...
    Ted: OH, LOOK WHO'S ALL IN A LINE. *Mega Mushroom*
  • The last turn, which is a complete Humiliation Conga for Ted. Every single player ends up screwing over Ted in some way, through item use or just dumb luck. It ends with Ryan and Johnny cracking up to the point of tears because of how close Ted came to beating Ryan in several categories that would have gotten him bonus stars, only to fall short by a literal single coin. Not to mention that was the same single coin Ryan got from the near-useless Reversal of Fortune.
    • Adding to that is Daisy's Skyrim voice.
  • The moment of existential crisis at the end of a Hop or Pop game.
    Ryan: Hi, I'm Daisy!
    Johnny: *Snickers* *Ala Wario* I thought I was-a Wario.
    Lewis: You'd think that, but the reality is all perception.
    Johnny: *Wario* How can we prove we exist?
    Ryan: *Wario* I think, therefore I am.
  • We may have found a suitable replacement for John's Luigi voice... John's Yoshi voice.
    Johnny (As Yoshi, of course): Good old crack cocaine!
  • Ted lands on a Chance Time space and hopes to get revenge for the times Chance Time has screwed him over.
    Ted: Hey Satan (Toad) can I have a bit of luck today?
    Johnny: Sure Ted, just lay off the fucking puns.
    • He ends up having Johnny give 61 coins to Lewis.
    Lewis (Skyrim voice): How do you Americans say it? A winrar is me!
  • Let's just say Mario Speedwagons and leave it at that.
  • The Hide and Go Boom mini-game where Ryan must guess which cannons Ted, Johnny, and Lewis are hiding in. Lewis picks a cannon before the camera pans away.
    Johnny: Daisy, I think you went a little too early. Your response? Hi, I'm Daisy!
    • Ryan immediately chooses that one, only to find out that Lewis picked another cannon after the camera panned. He then gets Ted on his second attempt.
    Ted: (As Yoshi is shot out of the cannon and becomes a Twinkle In The Sky) Ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit!
    • With two cannons left, he chooses the one that neither Johnny nor Lewis are in.
    Ryan: D'oh, I missed! I could've had it, too!
    • Mario and Daisy jump out of the remaining cannon.
    Lewis: You know, Peach is going to get awfully jealous.
    Johnny: It turns out Mario's pants are down and he's buckling them back up.
    Ted: Could you say that relationship is...cannon?
    Ryan & Johnny: Ohhhhhh!
    Johnny: I can physically assault you now that you're in the vicinity.
  • * At the result screen, we see Ryan won by a margin of one coin.
    Lui-Johnny: It was the one coin he stole from Luigi. It made all the difference.
    Ted: Can we open the window? I want to see what the ground looks like.
    Lewis: As it rushes up at your face?

Momocon 2015

  • In the Boo's Haunted Bash playthrough, Ryan steals 25 coins from John because he distracted him by talking to him He celebrates this feat by quoting "KEIKAKKU DOORI!" (The thumbnail for this particular video also has Light Yagami sporting a Waluigi hat and mustache.)
  • Later on, John attempts to steal a star from Waluigi, but completely forgets Waluigi had a Gadlight, basically wasting 50 coins. The thumbnail from part 3 pops up for a few seconds while Ryan quotes "KEIKAKKU DOORI!" again.
    • Nathan, as Donkey Kong, tries to take credit for planning that, to which Ted says "There is no way you could have planned idiocy of that nature."
    • And this bit when Johnny stops at another Boo.
    Johnny (as the Boo): Hey Luigi, heard you used a Boo on a guy who had a Wadlight.
    Johnny (as Luigi): First off, it's GA Dlight, and second, fuck you.
  • And despite both screwups, John manages to win. What makes it funny is John mentioning his previous win.
    'Ted: Not canon. Not canon.
    Johnny: It is canon! We shot out of cannons! It is canon!
  • EVERYTHING Nathan says as Donkey Kong. Such as:
    DK know what do.
    DK not know what do.
    (after Johnny uses a Boo when Ryan has a Gadlight) DK PLAN THAT! DK PLAN THAT!
    DK driving!
    (Ted: It was the best of banana, it was the best of banana. Ooh, banana, yum yum yum yum!) (Johnny: And that, children, was War and Peace, as told by a monkey.)

     Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Multiplayer) 
  • In the final match of the quick tournament, Ryan takes the piss out of the sort of serious mood by using Pink Captain Falcon.
  • Ted praying not to get "Environmental Sounds" in the Pikmin stage, so the game retaliates by playing said "song".
    Ted: OH GOD DAMN IT!
    • Johnny gets a Smash Ball in the final battle for Part 3 and fires off Samus' Zero laser... ...only he ends up getting turned around by the waterfall in the Pikmin stage, costing him the match.
      Johnny: Fuck you waterfall.
  • Ryan getting the Smash Ball while playing as Luigi.
    • This leads into Ted's quote right after (keep in mind this is alongside John having a laughing fit):
      Ted: Goddamnit, Ryan, your gonna make me piss myself.
  • Ryan gets the Smash Ball as Wolf on the Mario Bros stage. He then gets the Landmaster stuck on the upper level of the stage because it's too big to go any further.
    Ryan: What kind of Final Smash is this?!
    Ryan (as Wolf): Laandmassterrrr!
  • In the second match of Part 6, when Ryan uses Wario's Final Smash to turn into Wario Man, Johnny sings the 1960's Batman theme song but replaces "Batman!" with "Fatass!"
  • In Part 7 and 8 the guys pick random stages two of them being Ryan's horrible custom stages one that's just platforms and ladders the other being nothing but falling blocks.
    • Even funnier, the name of the stage wih the falling blocks is appropriately titled "AAAAHHHH!!!!"
  • Part 10 in one Ryan's custom stages that's falling platforms that drop to spikes Lewis gets stuck below as Ivysaur and ends up getting 907% damage in one match.
  • Ted manages to outpun Chuggaaconroy, of all people, in part 10.
  • Johnny's reactions whenever he's killed by luck or, in the one time they played Mario Bros., the boundaries being outright bizarre. Such as Ted (playing as TOURNAMENTS! (Meta Knight) being KO'd with at least half a model's length between him and the stage boundary and John (playing as Ike) getting KO'd out of the blue with at least a models length between him and the end of the stage boundaries.
  • During part 4 Ryan and John are the only ones left when a Nintendog is summoned. It proceeds to obscure most of the screen forcing the two to stand on opposite sides and wait for it to vanish. At some point during this a bob-omb materialized and started to walk towards Johnny. It runs into him as soon as the Nintendog vanishes and they were about to resume their fight prompting this reaction.

     Super Mario 3D World 
  • This conversation during the opening cutscene:
    Lewis: Gosh that toilet was clogged.
    John: It shat out a fairy!
    Ryan: It's a sprixie.
    John: Is that what they're calling sentient shit now?
  • "Bowser's rearranging his spice rack? Oh no!"
    • "The madman!"
  • Later on:
    Ryan:(Pretending to be Bowser) Oh so when Link does this, he's the hero. But when I do it, I'M the bad guy.
    Johnny:(Pretending to be Bowser) Suddenly, I'm an asshole!
    Ted: Wow, Bowser lost a lot of weight, he can fit into that pipe no problem.
    Lewis: Man.
    John: He was secretly a genie this whole time!
    Lewis: Bowser must have scoured the land to find that many bottles.
    Ted: Yeah, there's only four in the entire country.
    John: Well, if he's playing Majora's Mask, there's six.
    Ryan: Yeah, so he must be playing Majora's.
  • "And Mario gets a great upskirt view of Peach now..."
  • John's Luigi voice returns once again.
  • When the guys have to share control of Plessie.
    John: That's anarchy.
  • "The furry convention is on its way!"
  • All sorts of shenanigans occur in Puffprod Peaks, since the moving platforms react to Ryan speaking, but what really takes the cake is John deciding to throw everyone into the abyss before slipping off as well.
  • At the end of Mystery House Melee, Lewis comments that Chibi Luigi looks terrifying. Johnny (as Luigi) replies that he has a condition, just as he wins 1st place in the standings.
    Johnny as Luigi: It's called being the best.
    Lewis: What?
  • As the title of Part 4 implies, the group has a bit of a gambling problem...
    *slot machine appears on the map right as they unlock the Boss level for World 2*
    Ted: So let's see, what's more important? Gambling or fairies?
    Ryan: GAMBLING! In fact, we'll make our own World 2! With Blackjack and hookers!
    Johnny (as Luigi): Mario, we haven't paid rent yet!
  • Boom Boom returns.
    Ted: Hey Mario, look! Boom Boom!
    Ryan as Mario: *Delightful squeal* All this time!
  • "Okay, let's agree, no trolling." *Lewis dies*
  • The Running Gag of Lewis continuously failing the levels. Be it falling off the edge or missing the flagpole, he's without a doubt the worst player. The guys even note that their life counter has dropped from 40 something to 14.
  • In Part 10, Ted puts on a Goomba hat and starts chasing Peach, much to Lewis's terror.
    Ted: I'm gonna FROWN you to death!
  • The golden train bonus level, aka the Hype Train, aka the Miyamoto Train.
  • Due to his inexperience with the game, Lewis usually ends up running around like a lunatic, and since the camera has is on him, the guys end up accidentally skipping stars in the level, making him the anti-klepto for once.
    • "Peach is useful!"
  • In Part 10, Toad and Luigi bubbling... then unbubbling at precisely the wrong time.
  • In Part 11, the group has just cleared Searchlight Sneak... by not even bothering to evade the searchlights. The Metal Gear jokes they've been cracking reach a head right after the level:
  • Throughout the entire game, the guys have only been dying every now and then (mostly due to Lewis' incompetence), but in part 14, they just start dropping like flies. To put it simply, the guys begin the part with 20 lives (they got a game over last time), gain 8 through a slot machine jackpot, and finish the part with less than 10, effectively losing almost as many as they began with.
  • Ted's introduction to World 8 in Part 18.
    Bowser!Ted: So, y'know, I was thinking about ideas for my final place, and I was talking to that Eggman dude and he said "Make it a gigantic amusement park!"
    Bowser!John: And I was like "You're mad! I love it!"
  • Upon the appearance of the final boss (Meowser), Ryan channels Tony the Tiger and spouts something about having a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Ted reacts by trying to assemble the other cereal mascots, ala The Avengers.
  • Part 22. A clusterfuck ensues.

     Bomberman 64 

Bomberman 64

  • Ted's joke on the title logo's Japanese text
  • "Ooga chaka ooga chaka ooga chaka ooga chaka!"

     Super Smash Bros. 64 (Multiplayer) 
  • In part 2, when Johnny plays as Ness, the guys make jokes about Earthbound.
    Ted: Buy Earthbound Please!
    Ryan: It's on the Wii U Virtual Console.
    Ted: We've got like 50,000 copies still in storage please!
    Johnny: This game stinks... of Goodness!

     Mario Party 3 

PAX East 2014

  • Starting off the right way:
    Waluigi!Ryan: You wanted more, you got more! It's Waluigi time! Wahaha!
    Ted: Day 1: Why do I keep RSVP'ing to these things?
  • Referring to Luigi's portrait when you highlight him on the character select screen:
    Luigi!John: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? No? Okay, I'll go away, then.
  • The game "misspells" Blooper as Bloober note  and it took Ted, who's played this game the most, until now to realize it.
  • The very first Battle Game played is one that Ted hadn't played on that file. The game? Merry-Go-Chomp.
    • Ted is the first one out.
    Ted: Day 3: Already put in jail before either of those two assholes. How does that work?
    • The Chomp picks the red space all three times.
    Ryan: Mario just doesn't like us.
  • Lewis looks up the descriptions of the items he's carrying.
    Luigi!John: I don't believe it. Someone's actually looking up the fucking instruction manual.
    Luigi!John: Book! If you're gonna quote it, get it right.
  • All of the Toadstool Titan mini-game because of, well...
    Ted: On that day, humanity received a grim reminder...
    Lewis: That mushrooms are good for your health?
    Ted: How is that grim?
    Lewis: I hate mushrooms!
    • As soon as the mini-game is picked, Ryan starts singing the theme.
    John: I was waiting for it...
    • In response to the giant character not having full control over their movement, John sings the theme in a drunken slur.
    • Lewis points out that Waluigi kinda looks like the Smiling Titan, a.k.a the one who ate Eren's mother.
    Ted: Day 116: I decided to join the army, that way I can get all the food, money, and VENGEANCE I could ever want!
  • Luigi lands on a Happening Space, which will blow him to another part of the board. He realizes it would be beneficial, and decides to "let go". Cue Johnny (in the Luigi voice, of course) singing Let It Go.
    Ted: You happy now, Tumblr?
  • The Water Whirled mini-game, which according to Ted, had a budget of 70 million dollars.
    • In response to faltering at the start line due to the incredibly slippery controls, Lewis gives up on the race and decides to race backwards. This causes a pile-up with him, Ryan, and John, allowing Ted to win the race.
    Luigi!John: If Daisy wants Christmas ham, Daisy does as she's told!
  • In Part 8, the group's quips when Yoshi obtains the Cellular Shopper, otherwise known as the Mushroom Dildo.
    John: It's, uh, one way to spend a Saturday night.
    Yoshi!Ted: So, what are you wearing?
    John: Birdo, I brought something home!
    Ryan: Yoshi's put stranger things through his asshole.
    Luigi!John: And Luigi's still trying to take something out of it.
    • From the same part: UNLIMITED PANCAKES FOR THE EMPEROR! It's funny enough on its own, but John's laughter can and will leave you in hysterics.
  • The beginning of part 8:
    Ted: HEHEHEHE! Wood! Hehe, he, it's funny because wood means-
    Ryan as Waluigi: You stole my joke! You stole my joke!
    John as Luigi: You hear that? You stole Waluigi's penis!
  • In one of the Woody Woods episodes, Lewis (playing as Peach) lands on an Item Space and gets Koopa Kid asking him a question. The question in particular is 'Do you like to tease?'
  • At the tail end of the Tetris-expy minigame, Johnny, Ryan and Ted belt out a "The Tetris God" reenactment so well-done, it's unfathomably hilarious.
    Johnny: Line piece.
    Johnny & Ryan: LINE PIECE.
    Ted: Thou art a cruel and angry god! LIIIIINE PIECE!
  • In Waluigi's Island The crew decides to screw off Ryan by all teaming up against him. So, he decides to stay on that one island where the spaces change every turn for the entire game.
    • The star actually spawns on the board. He doesn't get it at first, but literally after Yoshi grabs it with his magic lamp, it spawns right in front of him again!
  • Johnny raving at Ryan staying on the island merely to troll everyone.
    Ted:: You do realize you're just submitting yourself to the Bank every single time.
    Johnny: He doesn't care! He just wants to cause pain and misery to those all around him! He eats children's cereal for breakfast! And I don't mean like children's cereal, no, he steals other children's cereal and then eats it for breakfast!
    Ryan: Silly children, Trix is for me!
  • The following is so amazing it demands to not be spoiled for those yet to personally witness it:
    • Naryman finishes the Mario Party 3 playthrough with a clean sweep, crowning his victory by spending the literal entirety of Waluigi's Island on the space-switching island, constantly hitting Bowser Spaces, Chance Times and more. He didn't even remotely try to win, spent the entire game trolling the other three nonstop, and this is what led to victory.
    Johnny: This is unnacceptable.
    Ryan: *Withholding his laughter.*
    Waluigi Wins.
    Ryan: *Laughing Mad*
    Johnny: YOU SON OF A BITCH! *Sounding on the verge of tears* It doesn't work that way—! ANARCHY DOESN'T WIN...!!!
    • This line from Ted in reaction to Waluigi winning in particular had this troper laughing.
    Ted: There is nothing good or sacred or holy in this world. Hell, there isn't anything even half-decent every once in a while, there's just PAIN. PAIN AND FUCKING SUFFERING.
  • At the beginning of Waluigi Island, Johnny predicts it's going to be Waluigi's worst game, as Ted put's it "homefield disadvantage," it is his worst game of the Mario Party boards, but he still wins.

[MomoCon] 2018

     Superman 64 
  • The very beginning of part 1 has Ted laughing maniacally before sobbing.
  • "I am the Superman!"
  • After failing the car mission and finding out you have to restart, this happens:
    Ted: No, fuck this! Fuck you and your rings! (starts flying around)
  • Lewis, by complete accident, discovers something that none of the guys and most likely none of the viewers knew about: If you fail the mission part of the ride stages 3 times, you will restart at the mission part, instead of having to do the rings part again. This comes after John rants about there being no checkpoints in the game and Lewis, in reaction to this, decides to keep playing instead of handing the controls over to Ryan.
  • Part 2 is called "Super breakdancing" for a reason. Superman clips trough the ground during the dark shadows mission.
  • Also in part 2, the whole aspect of Ryan doing well makes Ted think he payed the N64 to not screw with his run.
  • In the end of Part 2, after another instance of checkpoint confusion, Ted accidentally resets the console, causing the group to lose their current progress.
  • Describing Superman's walking animation as his morning jog
    Ryan: Tra la la la la!
  • Superman throws a robot into a wall, with the resulting explosion killing him.
    Ted: (as Lex Luthor) You destroyed my robot! That completed my final plan! Mwahahahaha!!
  • In Part 3, Superman gets knocked back, and then flies directly up.
    Ted: I have to go now; my planet needs me.
    • The entirety of the mission that they were playing at the time can count as this
    Ted: (as the skater) Yo, Superman! I really want to do my awesome new tricks in this mafia neighborhood!
  • Also in Part 3, Ryan notices that in the fourth level the the background outside the level is just a blown up version of a picture near the start of the level.
    Ryan: WAIT A SECOND... *Johnny is about to speak* Hold on.. *moves Superman back to the room with the picture* ...THAT'S THE SAME FUCKING GRAPHIC!!! *everyone else bursts into laughter* It's the SAME fucking graphic!!! How lazy are you?!
  • In Part 4, the gang tries out the game's never-talked-about multiplayer mode. Ryan and John end up finding great joy in moving their characters into the screens of their defeated opponents and twitching around.
    Johnny!Darkseid: "Whoo, you gotta try this! It only costs a quarter!"
  • When a villain reveals their plan to drown (virtual) Metropolis:
    Johnny: Not even virtual Aquaman can stop it.
    Ryan: Aw...

     Goldeneye 007 (N64) 
    • On a similar note, Johnny and Ryan's cries of "MOOONRRAAAAKEEERRR!" in Part Four after they get the Moonraker laser.
  • After the second match, Ted takes a look at his accolades for the match.
    Ted: Mostly Harmless!? I got four kills!
  • At one point, Lewis just stares at the floor to 'provide light' to the other three.
  • The whole crew start screaming when they spawn in the cave level. Why? Because Ted's TV makes it almost entirely pitch-black.
  • Ryan gets an unfair death, because the game decided to respawn him right in the middle of the other three's gunfight. With no weapons.
    Ryan: Died four times? That one wasn't even my fault! You spawned me back here with everyone else!

     Mario Party 1 

PAX East 2014

  • The original videos were removed due to a recording malfunction causing the playthrough to be Cut Short, but you can view the three parts as one here.
  • The four participate in the minigame "Cast Aways."
  • When Lewis is playing Ghost Guess and the Boos begin circling and dancing around Peach, Johnny and Ryan start chanting "NOW who's laughing? NOW who's laughing?".

     Mario Kart 8 Shenanigans 

     Little Big Planet 
  • The crew makes a name for each place they could come in revolving around sacks. First place is Big Sack, Second place is Sack of Shit, and Last place could be Nut Sack.
  • Ted and Ryan somehow manage to jump over the gate for the first race.
  • Lewis is listed as 'The Sackboy that keeps changing' in the description.
  • "Stupid Hotel TV doesn't have a channel button! It has a channel... Nipple."
  • Lewis somehow got stuck inside a bull in part two.
  • Johnny got trapped between a gofer and a wall, what he says really makes it.
  • Words cannot portray how funny this is.
  • In part 2, Lewis and Johnny fail at coordinating their jumps to trampoline through a level.
  • Not even a minute into part 3:
    Ted: Isn't 'The Darkness' a comic book
    Lewis: There's been something called 'The Darkness' in every form of media.
    Ted: Even puppet show?
    Johnny in a puppet voice: Today we're going to talk about the darkness!
  • Ryan forgot which sackboy was his for a minute, and he's the only one left.
  • Ted's reaction when their guide dog is abducted by aliens.
    Ted: What?
  • The entirety of puzzle
  • Johnny got crushed by a drunk man.
  • The amount of times they blow themselves and each other up in Boom Town.
  • Right at the end of part 3, the game froze.
    Ted: That's fate telling us to skip this one.
  • In a cart segment in part 4, Lewis got crushed under the handle bar.
    • And then Johnny reenacts it between two completely stationary mine-carts,
  • Then we have this race. Anytime the crew gets to use explosives, if someone doesn't explode than they aren't doing it right.
  • They somehow did this. This Funny subpage can be summed up as Makes Sense In Context, A Rare Sentence and Epic Fail
    • They finally mastered the above challange, only for the mine cart to come out upside down.
  • Brainscratch Comms with a car in part 5.
    • When Johnny's trying to catch up with them when their trying to leave him in the second car.
    • After they turn Ted into road kill.
    Ted: You do know that's man slaughter, right?
    Nate: Guys, I've been drinking again.
    Ted pretending to be drunk: Oh, I shouldn't drive. Wait, why am I listening to myself? I'm drunk.
  • When Lewis was stuck with no other option then to kill himself to reach the next checkpoint, he instead went into the character customization section.
    Ted: Uh, stuck under a car, need a make-over.
  • "Hey John, you owe me a victory hump."
    • "No guys, we film the porno tomorrow."
  • We get this piece of banter
    Ted: Lewis has been team savior throughout this whole game.
    Lewis: Oh, shut up.
    Ted: Can we have Ted was useful?
    Crickets: ...
    Ted: No, okay.
  • The crew stuggles to land a hit on the final boss of the level. Until Lewis does it, where he does it on his first try.
  • "I just got crushed between cardboard sheets!"
  • In part 6, the crew loses lives incredible fast.
  • Lewis and John die to the first puzzle of the second level.
  • The amount of trouble they have on this puzzle.
  • They begin part 7 with Ted stating "We need to pick easier games."
    Nate: Kirby's Epic Yarn.
    Ted: No, no.
    Lewis: Math Blaster! Math Blaster! Oh god, we'd probably be stumped, too.
    Nate: Mario Teachers Touch Type.
    Ted: Oh, I'd be boss at that.
    Lewis: Nah, let's be really hard core and play Mario Is Missing.
  • And again in part seven, the mortification as the Sumo arrives.
    Nate: AHH! Buttcheeks!
  • Right after they got through the Ninja Climbing Puzzle, the camera locks onto Lewis who falls to the bottom and reactivates the last chechpoint, just in to for everyone to off screen.
  • All of this.
  • Johnny constantly humping Sackboys at the end of every level.
    Johnny: Let's have angry sex! OHHHHH, I'M SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED!
    Lewis: Get... away from me!
  • Ted, Ryan and Johnny get killed on an obstetrical that Lewis easily avoids. He calls them out on this, and then walks off the edge and dies.
  • The crew games over on the first puzzle. And that was the third time they gamed over on that level.

     Ted plays Sonic ' 06 
  • The very idea they got Ted (who has been avoiding this game for 9 years) to play it.
  • This exchange:
    Johnny: Just to give out some context. Ted has never played Sonic 06 before
    Ted: Because I'm fucking smart!
    Johnny: You've played Shadow the Hedgehog for us.
  • Ted somehow did this.
    • Then there's this little banter.
    Silver: Time for you to disappear, Iblis Trigger!
    Ted: Okay. *Tries to leave*
  • In Part 2, after he completely fails to defeat Silver in his infamous boss fight, a frustrated Ted hands the controller over to Johnny... who utterly destroys Silver and makes it look effortless.
    Ted: You wanna know that sad thing is? You guys are all laughing at me but he's the one who's good with fucking Sonic 06! So, fuck you guys!

     Ryan plays Five Nights at Freddy's 

     Cards Against Humanity 
  • At one point, Ted asks how many "blacks" Johnny has. Everyone laughs as Ted quickly clarifies that he meant black cards.
    Johnny: This isn't the 1700s, Ted!
  • What's fun until it gets weird?
  • Hi MTV, my name is Kendra, I live in Malibu and I am into_______ and I love to have a good time.
    • Daddy issues
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Praying the Gay Away
  • Coming to Broadway this season, it's Silence: The Musical!
    • Coming to Broadway this season, it's RoboCop: The Musical!
  • What killed my boner? Saying I love you.
  • And quite possibly the crowning moment of the entire game:
    • "Man, this is bullshit! Fuck bullshit!"
  • What, you seriously want us to count all of them? It's Brainscratch playing Cards Against Humanity, there's not a moment where it's not funny.

     Sonic Shuffle 
  • In Part 2, Ted (playing as Tails) steals John's (playing as Sonic) rings while standing on a space right next to him.
    Sonic!John: Hey, you dick! I'm standing behind you!
    Tails!Ted: We're best friends, right Sonic?
    Sonic!John:Not after that shit you just pulled!
  • Immediately after that, John triggers one of the "Accident" Mini-Games.
    Sonic!John: ("Accident!!" flashes on screen) Oh shit, I pissed myself!
    Ted: You're not wearing pants, Sonic.
    Derrick: Still dribbling down the leg.
  • Amy's unintentional status as The Chew Toy throughout the entire board, which sees Eggman drop weights on her at two different points, drown due to being unable to walk up above water because a seaturtle is currently underwater, and eventually ends up falling into the sun in the aftermath.

     Mario Party 6 

MomoCon 2015

  • In the 1 VS 3 minigame Stage Fright, John must run around on a stage while dodging balls being thrown by Ted, Nathan, and Derrick. This causes Luigi!John to belt out a rendition of Hello My Baby.

PAX East 2016

  • The various pictures edited into the video at the times the picture cut out on the TV. Even funnier is the pictures didn't need to be edited in as the video recorder recorded everything.

     J-Stars Victory VS 
  • The whole thing is pretty much everyone aside from Ryan not knowing many of the jump characters that are playable, and hence many jokes are tossed around. Sans Johnny knowing Goku and Frieza, and a few of the others on team Brainscratch also knowing some of the characters
  • TJ's singing of the 4Kids One Piece rap in part 4, and the musings of 'How long would it be if they actually got to the entire crew'
  • "GOKU SON"

     Super Smash Bros. 4 Shenanigans / Multiplayer 

     Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax 

     Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition 

     Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition 

     Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 

     Rayman Legends 
  • Eventually, all of the commentators playing as Barbara and her Sisters, and never want to be Rayman, Globox or Teensie. They figured it might as well be called "Barbara Legends".
    • Then don't even switch for levels that silhouette their characters. It's hard to say if they deserved it or not, but it's funny none-the-less.
  • Ryan (as Murphy) constantly trolling Lewis (who is Globox) via pulling platforms away from him, crushing him with the pillars and other ways off killing him.
  • Johnny and Ryan's attempts to speedrun 600 Feet Under and 6,000 Feet Under, ignoring a lot of collectables much to Ted's annoyance.
    Johnny: Speedrun HYPE!!
    • This becomes a Running Gag as they still do this anytime there's a vertical shaft with hilarious amounts of failure.
  • In the first stage of the final world, when a giant finger starts shooting lightning from the sky:
    Ted: So, I heard you were trying to go to Chick-fil-A on Sunday!
  • The entirety of Part 15 is the credits with them going more and more crazy as they beat up the credits. The credits go on long enough for everyone to max out their Lum counters!
    Johnny (in the comments for the video): We're not sorry.

     Streets of Rage 2 
  • Ted gets further into the game than he ever got and wades away from Bellisario's Maxim:
    Ted: I've straight up never seen this level, it's like Rambo I guess? Um, we went from a standard city street to Disneyworld to the middle of a jungle, from a beach, which makes a- I have no idea where the hell we are and I don't think we're-
    Johnny: Don't forget the baseball stadium that had a secret elevator.
    Ryan: And the alien fortress.
    Johnny: That led to like a secret underground wrestling ring.
    Ted: Yeah, you know-
    Johnny: A pirate ship with ninjas.
  • Later, in the post-credits:
    Ted: Wait, they need a helicopter, did they-? Were they in the same city or not?
    Ryan: No.
    Ted: Streets of Rage needs a much clearer continuity.

     Bad NES Extravaganza 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Back to the Future



Bad Dudes

     Fortune Street 
  • In Part 6, properties go up for auction that Ted would highly benefit from, but John and Ryan constantly put in bids at the last second. Ted gets nothing.
  • The Alternate Character Interpretation they create for Angelo, turning him into a vain pretty boy whose Catch Phrase is simply a drawn-out moan. John feels sorry for Angelo fans who will have to put up with this in their eventual Dragon Quest VIII playthrough, and Ted realizes that DragonQuest VIII is the most popular Dragon Quest game and thus probably the one DragonQuest playthrough most people would watch.

  • For the thumbnail image of the Undertale cover art shown to the right during the playthrough, Lewis replaces the butterfly with a bottle of ketchup, which makes the protagonist look like they're hunting for ketchup.
  • In part 1, Lewis tries to give Flowey an evil voice after his "friendliness pellets" attack, but then stops himself after realizing he's giving Flowey a southern accent.
  • Part 1 also shows Lewis trying to get hurt by the spikes to no avail, despite "slamming his face" into them and then declaring they're made out of rubber.
  • Part 2, Lewis sounds horrified that Toriel would serve him snail pie. He also has this reaction to Toriel ruffling his hair:
    Lewis (as Frisk): Oh, you did not! Don't! Mess! With! The 'do!
    Toriel: Is something burning...? Um, make yourself at home! *runs off*
    Lewis (as Frisk): Your soul is burning in hell for touching my hair!
  • Also in part 2, Lewis refuses to read Toriel's diary out of respect, only to go back on his word when he saw Toriel's sock drawer and declaring that she has nothing to hide. Nathan is flabbergasted at Toriel having a sock drawer, but Lewis' girlfriend counters that Toriel may have socks for sock puppets, having Nathan conclude that Toriel could be the kind of person that plays with sock puppets. After reading Toriel's groan worthy bone pun, someone in the livestream chat proclaims that Ted and Toriel should be paired up.

     Castlevania: Harmony of Despair 

     Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 
  • John takes the time to look at Frieza's awkward walking animation, and thus dubs it "The Frieza Shuffle".

     Mario Party 5 

MomoCon 2017

  • Part 1, the very first roll has Luigi!Johnny passing the star, landing on the DK Space and getting enough coins to buy a star. Waluigi!Ryan gets the same roll, passes the star, lands on the DK Space... and wins a star.
    Luigi!Johnny: CHEATER!
    (everyone bursts into laughter)
    Ryan: IT BEGINS!
    Ted: Good to see some things never change. Actually, never mind, let's gang up on Ryan because he's an asshole.
  • Part 4, Johnny ends up a few spaces away from the star with just enough coins to buy it before landing on a duel space, and he decides to bet a star against Ryan, thinking that he would still have more stars than him if he lost (which he does). On the next turn, he get's enough spaces to reach the star... and fails to see the bank space right in front of it until it's too late, sending the rest of the group into hysterics.

     Ninja Baseball Bat Man 

    Bad SNES Extravaganza 

Batman Forever

  • Almost every time the loading screen pops up, they try to keep quiet as it said "Hold On."

Home Improvment

Lester The Unlikely

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

Shaq Fu

    Mario Party 8 

MomoCon 2017

    Tekken 7 Multiplayer 
  • The last match is a hilarious blind double Eddy fight.

    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 

    Kirby Star Allies 

    John's Crappy Flash Game 

    Pepsi Man 

    Mario Tennis 

    TMNT IV: Turtles in Time 

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

    Super Mario Party 
  • Ryan mentions that Ted had once sleep talked and he overheard it. When Ted asks what he said, Ryan says that he was asking for help with yard work. Everybody cracks up laughing.

Brain Scratch Random

     Retrospectives and Impressions Videos 

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Pokémon Retrospective

  • When the trio of Ryan, Johnny, and ExandShadow begin speaking about the remakes of Gold and Silver. Exand begins expressing his love for the remakes.
    Exand: Oooh... HeartGold!
    Ryan: SoulSilver for me.
    Exand: Ooooh, Ho-Oh... your sprite is soo big!
    • Their overall fangasm regarding HeartGold and SoulSilver, especially considering the almost depressing mood that set in as they expressed their disappointment for the actual Gen 4 games.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II First Impressions

  • Gareth's epic burn on the new girl in the Sonic 4 Episode 2 impressions video.
    Amanda: Well, I only own the 3DS version, and I'm trying to save up money to inject the XBOX version.
    Gareth: Then, you don't deserve to be here.
  • And minutes later after SonicandShadowfan15 had her rant.
    Amanda: I hate Shadow the Hedgehog (The Game). The game is... Meh. I honestly don't understand why you gave him a car?
    Gareth: Cause chicks dig cars!
    Amanda: I DON'T! I'm a chick and I like Shadow, and yeah he looked badass, but I like him with just the Fucking GUN! FUCK THE CAR! FUCK THE MOTORCYCLE! I don't give a shit! He is as fast as Sonic, let him run! Ok? I fucked those cars! I skipped them! THEY WERE POINTLESS!
    Johny: Ok, let's keep your sexual preferences for cars out of this.
    Gareth: Woah, Woah, Woah, Wait. Did you just admit to having sexual intercourse with a motor vehicle?
    Amanda: NO!
    Gareth: Jesus! It's true what they say... Sonic Fans Are Fucked up!

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 First Impressions

  • In their Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 impressions video, the female guest commentator remarks that she enjoyed the sgblikestoplay run of Resident Evil, Matt in particular because she feels joy in not feeling like she is the only ADHD kid.

Dragon Ball Retrospective

Ted: I remember when I was first watching Naruto, I remember actually being ashamed of what I was watching, Because I had TiVO at the time, so when my mom came in to the room to ask me something I would pause the screen, and I would never do for any other show. I think subconsciously I knew this wasn't a very good show.
Ryan: Not even for My Little Pony, Ted?
Johnny: I was actually about to say the say same thing.
Ryan: *Laughs*
Johnny: I wouldn't say in shame because I was enjoying what I was watching, *Starts Chuckling* But I'd pause it or hide the window as soon as somebody walked into my room.
Amanda: (Laughing) I can see that, cover the screen! "Johnny what are you watching?" "Nothing! I'm watching nothing!"
Ryan: Porn! Porn! I'm watching Porn!
Johnny: *Laughs*
Ted: You rather admit to watching Porn then My Little Pony?
Johnny: Well, what would make more sense for a 25-year old man?
Ted: Uh... Porn.
Johnny: Yes, there you go.
  • Amanda's introduction in the retrospective due to it referencing her status as The Scrappy.
    Amanda: Why am I here?
    Johnny: You're just here to piss off the fans.

Cowboy Bebop Retrospective

  • The intro consisting of Patrick Star making Johnny and Ryan acquire a taste for free form jazz before kicking off the Cowboy Bebop theme.

Pre-E3 2013 Discussion

  • In their pre E3 vid of 2013, the constant Xbone jokes are a hoot, but there are other shining moments including:
    Ryan: "Smash smash smash smash..."
    Ryan: "TV tv tv tv tv tv..."

Smash Bros 4 First Impressions

  • Brain Scratch: The Soap Opera

Sonic Lost World Impressions

Sonic Boom First Impressions

  • A discussion about Ted's expectations for the game following his opinion on Lost World prompts this question from Clement:
    Clement: I just wanna double check something. I'm still the only one who likes Lost World, right?
    Ryan: Yeah.
    Ted: Yes!
    Donnie: Uhhh...
    Johnny: I don't HATE the damn game!
    Gareth: Clement, get out of here, ya freak.
    Lewis: I haven't started it yet, so I'm not sure.
    Donnie: Don't worry Clement, I'm right there with you.
    Clement: Aww sweet, I got backup!
    Lewis: Shut up!
  • Ryan replaced the entire Brainscratch crew with ROBOTS!!!

E3 2014 Impressions

  • Clement remarking about a John Wilkes Booth Mii for the Mii Fighter (an Abe Lincoln Mii was in the Mii Fighter reveal for Super Smash Bros for Wii U).
    Clement: John Wilkes Booth as the shooter Mii.
    Johnny, Ryan, and Lewis: You're so going to hell.

Super Smash Bros. Retrospective

  • While discussing the many Brawl delays, Ted imagines that Sakurai was ready to make the game go gold, with his finger hovering over the button, when the Nintendo higher-ups told him to put Sonic in.

Nintendo Direct Impressions - November 12, 2015

  • Ted watches a Segata Sanshiro commercial for the first time.
    Ted: Wha...wait...he, like, that guy just exploded?!

     Movie Commentaries 

Batman: The Animated Series

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • At the end of the movie, Lewis' internet keeps dropping out everytime Johnny keeps answering his question. To which Johnny and Ryan take the time to insult him.
    Johnny: You dress in the manner of a female prostitute.
    Ryan: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
    Lewis: It's like you two are stuck in a limbo between cutting out and cutting in.

Evangelion 1.01/2.22

  • In a stunning and most likely unintentional Brick Joke, Ryan, Johnny and Lewis start discussing the snacks they are eating (pretzels, lo mein, and chips with salsa, respectively) while the humans prepare the Ramiel sniper in 1.01. They stop talking as quickly as they started, only to bring it up again in the middle of the credits sequence.
  • Pizza hut supports the revolution!
  • Look it's the red comet! Oh wait, wrong series.
  • This part...
    Ryan:(Third Impact has just occurred and the credits are currently starting.) Just think Johnny, only two more movies left!
    Johnny: WHAT?!
  • Going back to 1.01, Lewis and Johnny discuss how they would kill Shinji. Ryan comments that in the original series, everyone dies except Shinji. You can imagine what the response is.

End of Evangelion

  • TANG!
  • Lewis' reaction to finding out how royally messed up the second half of the movie is.
    Ryan:(in regards to the first half of the movie)...and this is the sane half.
    Lewis: WHAT?!
  • Ted constantly complaining about nobody taking away Shinji's Ipod (really a cassette player.)
  • Ted's faulty assumption that the MP Evangelions are easily defeatable since they are mass produced.
    Ted: Oh, so since there mass produced that means they're terrible and are going to die very easily.
    Ryan: Ehahaha.
  • Also, Lewis compares the MP Evangelions to Suzaku from Code Geass

Dragon Ball: Evolution

  • One of the only good parts of the movie (and the funniest to boot) was Goku's hairgel gag, which all three members admitted was Actually Pretty Funny.

Sonic the Hedgehog OVA

Street Fighter: The Movie

Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

  • In the Pokemon: The First Movie commentary, the team constantly calls Ash out on how annoying/stupid he can be at points, leading to some funny lines.
    Ted: I'm more confused about the fact that these Pokemon are crying over Ash's death than the fact that their tears bring him back to life.
  • There's also the Running Gag that throughout Mewtwo's explanation of his Evil Plan, all the group can focus on is the strange helix-shaped ramp behind Mewtwo and what practical purpose it could possibly serve.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film

Aoi Sekai No Chuushin De

  • Ted's impressions on Tejirof?
    Ted: Tetris is creepy!
  • You Don't wanna be fucked by Tetris?
  • Ted's thoughts of the anime as a whole after the second episode can be summed up in three short words:
    Ted: This anime blows.
    Johnny: (immediately starts laughing his ass off)

Super Mario Bros.

  • After the group goes through about half of the movie, Lewis unexpectedly jumps in, having no idea that the commentary began without him. Cue him scrambling to catch up, while asking why the others didn't wait for him. On the other side, the others are genuinely surprised to hear him join them, since they'd tried unsuccessfully to contact him before they began (his internet cut out).
  • In one scene, it's noted that King Koopa is wearing a wedding ring. Cue a discussion on how he canonically has to be married or had sex at least once, since he has at least one biological child. Cue the Brain Bleach.

Ace Attorney: The Movie

  • When Redd White ends up dead later in the film, Ted reasons that White was trying to do the Thriller dance but forgot that he wasn't supposed to be an ACTUAL zombie.
  • Pretty much any time Ted tries to explain to the rest of the group about the insane legal world of Ace Attorney, particularly how Phoenix doesn't get in trouble for stealing stuff for evidence or breaking in and entering, while the witnesses never seem to get in trouble for perjury.
  • The group's observation that going to court to watch a trial is the equivalent of attending a sporting event.
  • The Running Gag about Yanni Yogi being a homeless bum. Also, while his wife's suicide is a massive tear jerker, they manage to get some Black Comedy in. "Dear, I'm doing my best impersonation of a wind chime.
  • Ted's reaction to Red White insisting that just because he was there when Mia died didn't mean he killed her.
    "Oh God damn it, if you were the only one there when she died, then of course you were the one who did it!"

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Batman (1989)

  • The guys joking about Jack Nicholson's Pay for the movie including his scenes paying for his house, Gotham City and a Stealth Jet Fighter. Also that the Parade Scene was what happened after Nicholson had signed the contract

Pokémon: The Movie 2000 - The Power of One

  • At the point the weather goes to hell in Pallet Town, Ted jokes that someone's testing a weather team nearby.
  • The guys crack jokes about driving the boat up the stairs, only to be absolutely shocked when the characters do just that. After seeing that it also has Nigh-Invulnerability for a majority of the film, they all decide that it is truly the hero of the movie, instead of Ash.

Wreck-It Ralph

  • So, who could possibly make the heart-wrenching scene in which Ralph wrecks the car funny? Behold the power of Troll Ted.
    Ted: #lol, #burning, #I'm gonna wreck it
    Everyone Else: *dying from laughter*
  • At the end of the movie, while the group are giving their final thoughts, the guest commentator excuses himself because he has to go get something for his mom.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

  • It is difficult to hear and is obviously not part of the movie itself, however in a scene where Anakin is talking to Padme, the crew all complain as to how much of a "whiny bitch" Anakin is in the scene, with Lewis saying he is a whiny bitch in the entire movie. Literally 2 seconds later, a kid crying can be heard. The crew do not bring this up or call attention to it.
  • The running gag of Mace Windu's eternal quest to get various villains to join the Avengers Initiative.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

  • Anakin getting coffee for the Council and the Emperor
  • Johnny adds Kermit the Frog to his ever growing list of Impressions...speaking of which somebody make that.

The Wizard

Batman Returns

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Pokemon: The Origin

Animal Crossing

  • Lewis is more horrified by the film's protagonist than the Smash Villager.
  • When discussing how bare-bones the villager is at the start of each game, Ted likens it to being like if the President was forced to live in a log cabin like Lincoln did.
  • When Ai sees a shooting star for about the fourth time, the guys start joking that's it's actually the start of a apocalyptic meteor shower. To add insult to injury, Lewis adds that the biggest one lands on Apollo's flowers.
  • In the film's climax, a UFO crashes into the village. The guys speculate that the being inside is a Predator, Xenomorphs or Goku.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers- The Movie

  • The start of the commentary kicks off with this little blip:
    Ryan: Hey everyone it's time for some more movies, and since it's the twentieth anniversary (Ryan makes a Beavis like grumble)
    Johnny: (begins to laugh)
    Ted: You're old!
  • During the opening skydiving scene, Ted asks about the actors playing the rangers, and accidentally thinks the Red Ranger is played by Tommy Lee Jones before quickly correcting himself. Needless to say, there was a laugh to be shared.



The Shining

  • The groups' reactions to the day-of-week title card transitions.
    Ryan: TUESDAY!
    Ted: Aaahh! Aaahh-hah!

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition

  • At one point in the movie, Ted makes the point of saying that the only movie with Vampires he's actually watched is Twilight. This leads Lewis to realize as well, that he shares the same horrid fate with him.

Batman Forever (1995)

Space Jam

  • Lewis points out that the movie has a fascination with fat butts.
    Ted: Dat ass? Question mark?
  • Lewis also compares the Monstars to The Deadly Six, causing Johnny to realize that the Zeti took the movie as inspiration for their evil plan.

The Princess Bride

  • Lewis is genre savvy enough to guess everything that was going to happen, yet it takes him until half way through the movie to figure out the lead female's name actually is Buttercup.
  • Ted (despite his love for the film) complains about Buttercup's uselessness. Johnny points out however, that she's still immensely more useful than Elise from Sonic 06.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Special Edition

  • The various references to the Batman Forever Movie Commentary, made on the same day as the Return of the Jedi commentary.
  • About 52 minutes in, Ted realizes Lando is not the only black man in the known universe. He then proposes they repopulate the species, prompting this conversation:
    Ted: Ok now that we got two of them, we can get started on repopulating the species.
    Johnny: But there's two men!
    Ted: So you put two black men into the daycare centre and then—
    Johnny: That's not how it works!
    Ted: Pokemon taught me that's how it works!


  • When the guys are recalling each of the Universal Monsters movies, Ted refers to The Invisible Dude, a 90s remake of The Invisible Man.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

  • Johnny explains that for the structure of the commentary, Ryan will talk first, then John, then Ted, and then Lewis will start a tangent and never shut up.
  • "Space muffins with blue milk! Part of a balanced breakfast!"

Princess Mononoke

  • All throughout the movie, the gang compares the Forest Spirit to the Pokemon Xerneas, the first time when Jigo brings up the Forest Spirit, the second time when the Spirit comes to heal Ashitaka.
    Ted: Yveltal's cooler.
    Ryan: Well Yveltal's not in this movie.
  • When Ashitaka shows Jigo the bullet that led to his curse, we get this little gem:
    Ted: I can't eat this.
    Lewis Oh is this one of those coal lumps they're making for Christmas these days? The ones made out of marshmallow and Oreo's and- no it's just a rock.
    Johnny (as Jigo) Were you a bad boy this year, Ashitaka? Did Santa Claus give you this?
    Ted (as Ashitaka) Well no, I got it before I killed two people so...
    Johnny (as Jigo) There's plenty more where this came from, I tell you what.
  • Anything involving Yakul.


BSC Livestream!

  • Lewis plays every scenario in the Resident Evil 6 demo (the full game was less than a week away at this point). At one point...

Lewis has just shot one of the "good guys..."

Ted: Hey Einstein I'm on your side.
Ryan: What's the big idea, Fox!
Ted: Ah! get this guy off me! I am the one on you!

  • "Hey, Ryan show us your Mews"
  • Ryan getting increasingly frustrated at all of the comments complimenting his face.
  • Eventually, Lewis starts playing through the opening portion of Persona 4. Cue everyone else quoting the Hiimdaisy comic ad nauseum.
  • Johnny holds a "Guess the Pokemon cry" contest against Ryan and Ted. Twice.
  • During the aforementioned Resident Evil 6 demo, Ryan, Johnny, and Ted all start to do impressions (launching off a discussion on which Star Trek captain they would impersonate for Pikmin 2) Capped off by this gem from Ted:
    Ted: Hey dog, I hear you like impression, so I took this impression and made an impression of an impression, so now you can hear impressions while you hear impressions.

BSC Random Ramble Livestream!

BSC Holiday Livestream Extravaganza!

The BS Crew play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online

  • In the online Super Smash Bros. Brawl video, separate from the original playthrough, Clement is called naive for hoping that Mega Man would be in the next Smash Bros. game. Then we find out that he will be in it.
  • Ryan shows everyone an Attack on Titan gif of Titan Eren, face covered with the PS4 logo smashing another titan. The titan getting smashed has the Xbox One logo. Hilarity ensues.

Brain Scratch Comm's Pokémon Y Livestream!

BSC Multiplayer Stream (12/19/13)

  • The guys have a field day with General Zod during Injustice: Gods Among Us, particularly with his victory cutscene.
    Ryan: (starts humming "Hail to the Chief")
    Ryan: And have you vote for me!
    Johnny: Now kneel, and vote!
    • It gets so much better:
    Ryan: Now join me as I go do my concert with Neil Diamond! It is called, Neil Before Zod!
    Johnny: (bursts into laughter)
    Ryan: And then, afterwards, we can go to my sushi restaurant, Eel before Zod!
    Ted: I might command the bananas; Peel Before Zod!
    Ryan: And if you're having problems you can come to my counselling clinic: Feel Before Zod!
  • Practically ALL of project M. Mostly because of the incredible lag that continuously screws the guys over.
  • The artist responsible for Tedoof returns with a vengeance, and draws Ted-Yzma.

Smash Bros 4 Nintendo Direct Impressions

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - One Last Lag-Fest

Mario Kart 8 Livestream (06/05/2014)

  • Ryan is mesmerized at his all golden cart, the fact he's Waluigi also prompts Nathan's secret word to be ANARCHY!

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Livestream (10/10/2014)

  • Early in the stream, the guys decide to do a match where they all play as their Miis. However, Ryan decides to be cheeky.
  • Johnny tells Amanda she can't torture Ted because he gets off on it.
  • Gareth tells the amazing story of how him and Smoovies went to Sonic Boom 2014 and Smoovies entered a Sonic cosplay contest in his street clothes and said he dressed up as Chris Thorndyke in his 20's who made a living selling Sonic poetry AND WON 3RD PLACE!
  • John, Gareth, Ted and Donnie are playing on the Spirit Tracks stage, Gareth dies and Johnny's reaction to what Gareth said causes everybody to crack up laughing:
    Gareth: Well I died.
    Johnny: That should be on your tombstone.
  • After the first 1v1 match, Ryan leaves the room so Ted can join but Johnny takes a little while before letting Ted in the room, causing the greatest reaction from Ted
  • Johnny phasing through the floor as Bowser, on Mushroomy Kingdom.
    Johnny: Did I just fall through the fucking FLOOR?!
  • Donnie's horrible luck continues with Smash, as the first item that spawns in his first match is... the Blue Shell.

BSC Settles it in Smash 4 Wii U!

BSC Settles it in Smash! (It Takes Mewtwo to Tango)

BSC Settles It In Smash! (The Answer Lies in the Middle of Nowhere with Our Boy, Roy.)

  • At one point, Ted deliberately mispronounces "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku" as "Teriyaki Seppuku".

BSC Settles It In Smash! (Welcome to the Salt Mine)

Ink it Up with BSC! (Splatoon Stream)

  • Ted says something that is inkredibly funny when taken out of context during a Turf War match on Moray Towers:
    Ted:"Ryan do you have the school girl outfit on?"
  • Ted revealing to the crew that he doesn't like Doritos, and Red Gambit's reaction.

BSC Settles It In Smash With Clouded Thoughts!

Pokémon HeartGold Nuzlocke

  • In Session 8, Ted and John take the original Pokémon anime theme song and apply it to STD's:
    Ryan: "STD's, gotta catch 'em all!"
    Ted: "It's you and me..."
    John: "It hurts when I take a pee!"
    Ted & John: "STD's!"
    Ted: "Oh, tell my girlfriend, that the sex has got to end!"
    John: "STD's, gotta catch 'em all! My dick turned blue!"
    Ted: "Don't want it to happen to you! You fuck me and I'll fuck you, STD's!"
    John & Qatherine: *die of laughter*
  • This moment in Session 9:
    Lewis: I traded in a bunch of games, including my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles; my girlfriend has one, so I didn't need a second one. I got fifty dollars in store credit which I bought two twenty-five dollar Amazon giftcards with, and then I was able to get this fifty dollar Kindle Fire tablet.
    Johnny: What sort of weird-ass pyramid scheme is this shit?

BSC Settles It In Smash! (The Wicked Weave of the Fates)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Launch Day Stream!

  • At the end of a run of Music Park, Ted bears witness to the universe playing with Johnny as Johnny is blasted by a blue shell right before crossing the finish line, allowing Ted to pass him. Needless to say, Johnny was quite bitter afterwards.
    Ryan: Mario Kart be Mario Kartin'.

Splatfest World Premiere Stream

Splatoon 2 Launch Day Stream


BSC Smash Stream! - Smashing New Karacter

  • When Clement is the first one eliminated from a match:
    Caro: Clement, I'm disappointed in you.
    Clement: Well, at least two or three of those deaths were Baseball Bat-related.
    Ted: Hey, just beacuse you're Canadian doesn't mean you can hate baseball.
    Clement: I'll have you know that I've been to a Toronto Bluejays game, okay?
    Ted: Who?

     TV Tropes Readings 

Reading #1

Reading #2

  • The second reaction to the picture of Mighty Mouse is just as good as the first.
  • The reading ends with Johnny reading this text:
    Johnny: "This page has not been indexed. Please choose a satisfying and delicious index page to put it on."
    Ted: Delicious? Who's been eating the Internet?

Reading #3

  • Lewis's "I am not a character" speech after he reads the Afraid of Needles trope.
  • Lewis's reaction when he finds out that Pretzel Bag's innards were eaten by Johnny.
  • The guy's reaction to someone putting "What time are we at" as one of their catch phrases, it leaves Johnny and Lewis in stitches.

    Top (insert number here) Countdowns 

IGN's Top 100 Animated Series

IGN's Top 25 Anime Characters

Game Informer's Top 200 Games of all Time

IGN Top 100 Villains

IGN Top Animated Movies

IGN Top 25 Comic Book Movies

IGN Sci-Fi

IGN's Top 100 Comic Heroes!

IGN Top 100 Comic Villains List!

IGN's Top 100 Pokemon list!

  • Lewis stating that the name Dialga sounds like a Final Fantasy spell in which you dial a phone at the enemy.

IGN Top 100 SNES Games

Top 100 Video Game Moments

Top 25 Comic Book Shows

IGN Top 100 Weapons

IGN Top 100 RPG

  • Throughout most of the list, Ryan and Ted get increasingly frustrated that Lewis chose not to join them for the countdown reading.

Nintendo Power Final Issue List

  • ROBOTS!!!
  • Johnny's complete bafflement to the inclusion of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
  • "Still better than Adventure 2"
  • In addition to the Lewis call and the Amanda call, we're introduced to The Clement call (The Dudley Do-right theme) and the Elliot call (The tune that plays whenever you die in a Mario game).

IGN Top 25 3DS Games List

Top 5 Smash Ballot Picks

IGN's Top 90 Animated Characters of the 90's

  • "Not better than Optimus Primal..."
  • At Harley Quinn's spot, Ted makes a slip-up involving Batman that sends Johnny and Gareth into hysterics.
    Ted: When Batman fucks Harley Quinn he's thinking about fucking Batman.
    Johnny: *chuckles, then bursts out laughing*
    Ted: You know it's true!
    Gareth: Ted, you just said "When Batman fucks Harley Quinn he's thinking about fucking Batman."
    Ted: Well you know Bruce Wayne is egotistical enough to think about having sex with himself.

     Random Rambles 

TV Shows

  • John describes his TV pattern in middle school.
    Johnny: I'd get up at 6 in the morning, and I'd eat a Pop Tart and take a shower. And then I'd watch an episode of Charles in Charge...because it came on before Sailor Moon.
    Ryan and Ted: (cracking up)
  • Ryan tells a hilariously true story about a bowling alley that he went as a child to that showed random clips on the screens. Every time his sister went up to bowl the screen would show a video of Stimpy wiggling his ass.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • The accuracy of Johnny singing the famous "Trololo" song is both hilarious and frightening (He hits that high note at the end of the video).

     Other Videos 

Brainscratchcomms Q & A session

  • Dinnnerrrrrrrrrrrr!

Mike Pollock Interview

  • The guys finding out that Mike Pollock did some voices for a Hentai.
    Johnny: Right in the childhood.

The Bullshit Video

  • Ted's reaction to finding out Magnezone was a much better Pokémon then he gave it credit for.

Momocon 2013

  • The guys finally follow through on their deal to make Ted play Sonic Genesis. Ted bets that he will get through Marble Zone without dying once, and then Johnny strikes up a conversation with a Superman cosplayer that just happened to be passing by long enough to distract Ted and get him killed.
    • Also, Ted trying to weasel his way out of playing Sonic Genesis at Momocon especially when he was willing to trade his own games just to get out of it.
  • Ted pretending to whack a Ness cosplayer with a bat while Johnny encourages him by rambling off Earthbound complaints.
    Johnny: You hate Earthbound! You can't stand Ness! Poo's a stupid name! Nobody cares about Paula! And for good Lord, Gigyas is not that terrifying!
    • Later on, the Ness cosplayer has a go at whacking Ted.
  • Chuggaaconroy's reaction at riding the elevator at the hotel the guys stayed at was quite funny.
  • Ted dancing to Gangnam Style
    Ted: God damnit, Johnny! *laughs*
  • At one point, Lewis reveals that he ended up getting stranded at some random train station in Pennsylvania. Apparently, he'd taken the last train of the day and his sister had to come pick him up.

Pax East 2014

  • Around the 7:05 mark Johhny mentions seeing a man dressed in a trenchcoat and wearing a Ash Ketchum hat and thinking he is a Pokémon flasher.
    Ted: Hey kids, you wanna see my Pokeballs?
    Johnny: No! I can see his Pokeflute!
    Ted: Blow on it, a great sound comes out.
  • King John The Third (John in a bathrobe with angel wings and a pope hat photoshopped on).


Momocon 2015 Panel

Monocon 2017 Panel

  • The gang jokes that they have leaked footage of Sonic Forces and proceed to show the game. It's actually Bubsy 3D.


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