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  • The general MST on this game is fantastic and set the tone for all their RPG playthroughs. The vast galloping amounts of Narm, incomprehensible plot twists, and the then-state of the art, now-very strange looking animation give the T-4's a lot to go on.
  • The legendary "Fuck Bandunk" incident: While the party is just about to beat Lady Yunalesca's third form in Final Fantasy X, after an hour of fighting, Bandunk suggests reviving the knocked-out Auron so he can get EXP from the battle. What happens next really must be seen to be believed: No-one in the party is left with the Zombie ailiment, and Yunalesca kills the entire party, moments away from victory, with Megadeath.
    • Matched only by some of the fanart it spawned.
    • Based soley on the explanation given; they would have lost with or without auron since nobody else had zombie either; and going back into the video; it was Benson and Ryan who are more at fault then bandunk.
      • They used Yuna's turn to revive Auron, whereas had they used her turn to Grand Summon they would've won.
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  • Speaking of, the fanart in general.
  • After Bandunk tells Kuvo that Lulu is going to die because she got poisoned, Kuvos reaction is hilarious.
    Bandunk: "She's dead anyways. She's gonna get poisoned"
    Kuvo: "NO........ANTIDOTE CURES POISON."
  • Anytime Bandunk tries to imitate Jecht.
  • The "Pterodactyl call" Bandunk makes every time they summon Brrrrap/Valefor, which has become a thing he does whenever they see a Giant Flyer or bird in any game they play.
  • Bandunk's prediction after killing Seymour for the second time that he would come back without explanation. Which he does.
  • Anything involving the Shoopuff and the Hypellos, their Gungan-esque drivers.
  • Anything involving Blitzball and specifically Rüsty's single-minded obsession with same.
  • The whole Alternate Character Interpretation of Tidus/Rusty in general. When he isn't thinking of Blitzball, he is thinking of food and the acquisition of same ("I NEED FOOD!!!"). When he isn't thinking of either of those things, he's thinking of getting under Yuna's robes ("I NEED LOVE FOOD!!!").
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  • Laughing. Scene.
  • Everything involving Khimari and how utterly useless he is (at least for the gang's style of playing), the Rhonsos in general, and especially their extra-special version of "Hymn of the Fayth".
    • And then, the discovery of Khimari being able to Lancet "Self Destruct"...
  • Everything involving the Guado and how ridiculous they look in general. And Seymour's incredible hair in specific.
    Bandunk-as-Seymour: (Before Seymour can say anything in-game) "Look at my fucking hair!"
    Topikal-as-Seymour: "I'M A MARSUPIAL! I KEEP MY YOUNG IN A POUCH!"
  • Also, when meeting him before Operation Miihen:
    bandunk-as-Seymour: "Would you fancy a Toblerone? I have one here in my pouch. I'll start at one end, and you start at my dick."
  • "You're grounded."
  • Rüsty highfiving Jecht at the end.
Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Raiden breakdancefighting Gekkos.
  • On Otacon getting laid at the end of Act 2:
    Kuvo-as-Otacon: "Snake, did you know that girls have different... genitals"
    Topikal: "*breaks into laughter* That was... perfect! Thank you for saying that."
  • Using the Otacon face cammo in an Otacon-heavy scene makes them very avant garde.
    • Maybe he was cosplaying for the Otaconavention?
  • Bandunk may have made his single greatest joke in the last ep, and he was too drunk to remember it. Benson sees Major Zero in the wheelchair and makes a joke about Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bandunk wakes up, yells "Polio Rolio" and goes back to being blacked out drunk as the rest of the guys lose their shit.
Tales of Symphonia
  • Raine and Sheena's saucy exchange in Hima.
  • Getting pinned to an invisible wall by a small child and the resulting panic.
  • During Rodyle's first appearance, Topikal(?) immediately compares him to Dr. Loveless from the Wild Wild West movie. It just fits so well.
  • The time some particularly malicious viewers chose "world" as the drinking word.
  • Girls. All of it as the Forties are drunk out of their minds, but of special note is the interview with Genis and several attempts at singing "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" with game-appropriate lyrics.
  • Bandunk completely stole the show in Altessa the Chiropractor.
  • This Troper lost his shit when he heard his fanfic read, especially because the poor girl they got to read it mispronounced Otakon as "Octagon."
  • Fuck Watermelon Hands, where, after over fifty videos of stubbornly refusing to use Presea, they're finally forced into a scripted fight with her in the party. Their reactions are predictably hilarious, and quite satisfying if you're a fan of the character.
    • And devastating for fans that were sad to see the streak broken.
  • After completing the Tower of Mana for the first time, the Forties get the scene where Colette loses her voice due to the Angel Toxicosis. The gang immediately burst into cheers, and have a toast.
  • At the end of Genis's character development, where he comes to terms with the strife between humans and half-elves, Bandunk compares him with his racist grandpa. And it fits.
    "...except when he likes one of them, then he says 'That's one of the good ones.'"
  • The first batch of episodes already have gotten into a nice rhythm. Maybe it was because they've forgone drinking conditions, but a lot of the jokes have worked really well. It doesn't hurt that there's so much Narm to feed off of.
  • Ryo picks things up so robotically, you can hear his servos whirring!
  • In episode 19, the team is so frustrated that they spend the entire episode complaining about how the game is forcing them to wait around all the time. At the very end of the episode, just as they're about to save, the Dreamcast takes its revenge on them as they find out that their save data is corrupted and they'll have to replay two thirds of the game to get back to where they were..
  • The rude dockworker in Disc 3.
    Ryo: Excuse me.
    Dockworker: EXCUSE ME!
New Super Mario Bros Wii
  • The whole thing is really something to see, but for specifics: Kuvo plagiarizes "pays homage" to Maxwell Adams by trying to recreate a Funny Moment from the Freelance Astronauts' LP of the same game. (See about 19:53.)
  • At around the same time in this video, they decide it would totally be a smart idea to use a Small Mushroom before the castle of World 7. It goes about as well as you'd expect as quickly as you'd expect.
  • Bandunk starts the game excited, as he has 100%'d every other Mario platformer. Within the halfway point of the first episode he is completely crushed, developing a deep paranoia in later episodes anytime he is anywhere near either Alex or Ryan.
  • Episode 15. All of it. Combine the final boss with all the forties being quite drunk, and full of rage that they can't finish the game already, and you have one insanely hilarious episode.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • "Man I love kicking dogs in the face, it's like a Michael Vick simulator."
  • Making Ryan take a drink everytime they revive someone because they couldn't play Castle Crashers turns into some very funny moments.
Fallout: New Vegas
Little Big Planet 2
  • The aptly named custom level Bandunk's lament, which also happens to be the first custom level the group attempts.
  • The custom level made up of references to CMOFs of past Tipping Forties let's plays.
  • In the last episode, the Forties are having trouble clearing a giant, spinning tunnel. Two of them finally manage to get past it... only to get instantly killed by a trap before they can activate the respawn point, so they have to try again.
  • Eyeballbot. Try to look at that thing with a straight face.
  • From one of the lost episodes:
    Benson: Oh, last life? Alright, let's not die. *BOOM!!!*
Fable 2
  • This game purposefully contains a vast and varied number of opportunities to be a total dick. You can probably guess how this Let's Play goes.
  • Chicken kicking!
  • The moment where they discover the "Fart" expression. And every use of it thereafter.
    • Culminating in it's use during "The Sculptor" Quest.
  • Juiceman the Wonder Dog!
    • And the fate of a townsperson who happened to kick Juiceman during a fight...
  • Anything involving Bottom Bitch and her ultimate fate.
  • Anything involving Sister Hannah.
  • Upon realizing that 1,000 gold pieces has bought them nothing but another fetch quest from Jeeves, they take the appropriate course of action and stroll calmly out of the tavern. Without getting caught.
  • Everything that happens in Bloodstone. Everything. All of it.
    • A highlight, a bit more subtle than some of the other CMOF moments, is the discovery of FAGBOM2's oddly specific "Likes"...
    • Moonwalk glitch. That is all.
  • Towards the end of the game, the gang is so fed up by being railroaded through the main plot by Theresa that they miss her warning that they're approaching the "no turning back" point. Whoops.
Final Fantasy X-2
  • The game is essentially the exact same thing as Final Fantasy X, minus everything that was enjoyable in Final Fantasy X. Given the absurdly lazy programming, bizarre blatant Fanservice, and the... plot..., the Forties have a lot to go on. All that and the fact that they really dislike the game itself. Overall, this Let's Play is like a real-life reenactment of this XKCD comic.
  • Any time the Leblanc syndicate show up, the Forties refer to Logos as Ninja-scroll, and Ormi is often compared to Wario or Turtle.
  • Everything involving Brother. He's a weird-ass character anyway, but the Forties' Alternate Character Interpretation of him is something else.
  • The Faythe Scar cutscene, and their reaction to it.
    • Which is very quickly subsequently topped by the... unusual encounter in Leblanc's room between Leblanc and a disguised Yuna. And their reaction to what Yuna is made to do afterwards...
  • Anything involving the Hypellos and Tobli.
    • "Pleeeesh! SHAVE meeee!!!"
    • "We are shlaves."
  • Their encounter with a bull-shark monster thing, which is exactly the same as it was in the first game — except it's flying and found in Macalania Woods. Which means that the programmers still couldn't be arsed to create a swimming animation for Yuna!
  • The hilariously frustrating Chocobo herding side-quest.
  • There is a side-quest where an NPC wants you to clear an area of monsters. The Forties happily oblige. Then they learn that their old PS2 crashes after a Game Over...
  • "La la la la la la la la la!!!"
    Bandunk: "That song's not my favorite! Can you sing 'La la la la la la la la la!!!' again?"
  • At certain points in the game, The LeBlanc Syndicate is able to waltz right into areas that the player characters had to battle or puzzle their way into in order to further the story along. When this happens, especially towards the end, Bandunk just can't deal.
  • Yuna: "It sucks."
  • So just how much deeper does their hatred for this game run than any other they've played? After they finished, they threw their copy of it off a cliff! With cheery Mexican salsa music playing.
Grab Bag
  • During the Mother's Day episode Benson was arranging a dish in Cooking Mama. After ignoring the seafood and spamming bell peppers, most of which appeared to be simply floating above the food, he was awarded gold for it. Better than Mama, indeed.
  • During Mario Party 5, Kuvo Epic Fails a Donkey Kong minigame. (Skip to about 16:30.)
  • We don't think anyone has ever got as much enjoyment from a shameless cash-grab game as the T-4's did with Twilight Scene It.
  • Playing You Don't Know Jack, Benson screws himself (skip to about 23:30) just to see what happens, prompting an amusing What the Hell, Player? from the game.
    Benson: I thought it would give me something!
  • The gang discover that a tiny bit of Dag is in almost every shot in the game, and began an LP-long game of "Where's Repede."
  • Deciding early on that Repede is a druggie. Especially when they find the 'weed sword'...
  • The Karol Appreciation Station, a collection of gifs of all of Karol's stranger animations and every time Rita hits him.
  • Almost anything involving Repede, actually. Most recently, the Yuri doll riding on his back.
  • The Sword Stair
    Vicas: I guess it's more of a sword ramp. Which is good, you know. I like they made their gigantic death machine handicapped accessible.
    Kuvo: I really just want to get a skateboard, and just ride this thing down.
    Vicas: This could be a pretty great Tony Hawk level.
  • Assigning Karol the 'Girly' title as soon as they find it.
  • Discussing the apparent Sodia-Flynn-Yuri Love Triangle
  • "This cutscene is basically Yuri friendzoning Estelle."
    • "The Child of the Fu Manchu."
  • Vicas's deep insight into the characters.
    " Ioder has a dick on his shirt"
  • Before fighting the final boss, they make Repede the party lead, which pays off beautifully. Then, Kuvo finds out the real reason they collected the the Fell Arms: to fight the True Final Boss.
  • The gang absolutely tears into the drawings that accompany the end credits.

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