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  • Tom's Face is hilarious. No, seriously. All of Tom's animated lively expressions can easily be some of the most entertaining parts of his videos to where if you pause at random points you could very well see a comical or at the very least amusing face, which a number have been reblogged by him on his Tumblr page.
  • At the end of the Delta episode of Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire, Tom spends the entire ending being salty because he accidentally defeated Deoxys.
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  • In a Monster Rancher 2 Stream Highlight, after the funeral for his monster Lil Craw, he decided to unfreeze another monster, No Licking. However, he accidentally selects the delete option, unknowingly causing another monster's death, and he finds this out when he attempts to return to the ranch. Welp.
  • At 400 twitch subscribers, he promised to play through the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It's as bad as predicted.
  • Although Tom is skilled in creating shorts with Source Filmmaker, he is prone to some rather noteworthy snafus. Perhaps his most notorious blunder was the Eldritch Abomination-slash-Memetic Mutation known as "Dankey Kang", as he was attempting to animate Proton Jon's lucky Chance Time on The Runaway Guys' session of Mario Party 3's Woody Woods.
    • Not long after, Tom did another animation on TRG's run of Mario Party 4 (on Toad's Midway Madness). Tom's attempt to animate Toad's mouth in tune with the audio soon lead to a rather suggestive visual as seen here that he hilariously claimed looked more like a "mandible".
    • Not too long after, Tom did it again as he was animating AttackingTucans and Lucahjin's Sonic Adventure 2 Battle race. This time, the end result comes off more as silly as he makes "Tails Road".
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  • In his Mario Party 1 stream, all four players managed to land on the same Chance Time space in one turn. Tom's reaction really cements it.
  • Effectively, every time Tom is the Card Czar in Cards Against Humanity. Better yet, just Tom playing Cards Against Humanity.
    • The hilarity went Up to Eleven when he not only changed what kind of "czar" he was to match the situation, he soon mimicked certain tropes and lines from guests, and put his own twists to them.
      Tom (in Episode 50): Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Czar, I steal Doug's bits so you don't have to!
      Tom (in Episode 81): I am the Egg Czar!
      Tom (in Episode 129): Hey, I am the Jep Czar, but you already knew that!
    • In one game, Tom gets two of the same card, so he plans to use both when a Pick 2 card comes up. The first time one comes up, he's the Card Czar, which disappointed him. Another one did come up, so he does play both cards, and he earns a point for it.
  • In his Fire Emblem Fates LP, during the chapter 10 episode (appropriately called Spider Ninjas), near the end of the video, a spider drops onto Tom's head, causing him to freak out. Funny as is, it becomes even more hilarious during Orochi and Subaki's support conversation, when Orochi says that a spider will fall onto Subaki's head, prompting the following:
    Tom : All hail the oracle, all hail Oracle Waifu!
  • The voice he does from Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theater is pretty grand.
  • In Fire Emblem Fates Support Break 4, during the conversation between Shigure and Midori, when Shigure's text box says "Singing", Tom — the man that voices everything — starts singing "The Song That Never Ends" out of nowhere, and hilarity is had.
  • That's not $100!
  • During a Mario Party 2 play on a Fortune Cookie stream, he notices that Wario would have enough coins for a star should he win the next mini game, and he's teamed up with him. The logical strategy would be to throw away the mini game (which is Bob-Omb Barrage) and deny him the coins... but he casually tosses a Bob-Omb and it lands straight in Yoshi's boat, inadvertently winning the mini game. Whoopsie!
  • During each Workout Wednesday stream, Tom weighs himself in Wii Fit U. There's one instance in which the scale reads 2 pounds and some ounces while weighing him, since he stepped off at one point. The game even records it.
  • Sometimes, Tom gets pretty creative when making animated shorts.
    • He was challenged to make an animated short for a chaotic Panic Pinball minigame in Mario Party 5 with The Runaway Guys. In the resulting animation, he has Waluigi get chased by a ball, employs a Chekhov's Gun, and transfixes Donkey Kong's head onto a Daisy-paletted Peach model, as Chuggaa is playing as Daisy. After creating the latter on stream, he has fun with it, prompting...
    • In said short, (Pinball Hazards) is funny in itself, with most of it just screaming "It Makes Sense in Context".
      • Tim: ....You're hitting it like a Chimpanzee Man.
        (Beat as Chugga (Who is Daisy with a Donkey Kong Head) angrily glares at Tim, prompting him to walk backwards)
      • SpringboardSpringboardSpringboard!
      • MULTIBALL!
      • Tim using Toad as a missile.
      • The ending, where IRL!Tom just pulls out some Tito's Handmade Vodka with a grouchy, unamused face.
    • The Runaway Feud has Jon (as Waluigi) rig the game by putting his answer, "Being Naked", over the #1 spot and assigning 5002 points to it. The reaction from Chugga (as Donkey Kong) adds to the hilarity.
  • When working on an animation for Source Sunday, he asks viewers to donate to have songs/videos from YouTube play on stream for a set amount per second. While some are hilarious (The Heavy reenacting a Rhythm Heaven minigame, "I'm at Soup", Dinner Blaster, etc.), one submission that takes the cake is "Never Gonna Hit Those Notes".
    • When a viewer submitted JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's "Roundabout", he has his substitute plushie ambush him, and both freeze in place at the point when an arrow with "To Be Continued" would appear.
      • This gets submitted again in another Source Sunday...except the donator put in just enough money for it to cut off right before the song picks up just to screw with the viewers and Tom himself.
    • In another Source Sunday, a guest commentator sends in the tune of Neon Genesis Evangelion with Reese's Puffs. Everyone broke into hysterics, even Tom. And after that, a mashup of Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" with Bass Fishing is played.
  • Both "I wonder it buds the flower" and "Great.... maybe" from Back at the Ranch, both are so funny that he debates which one he will raid with when the stream ended, during the stream.
  • One match of Overwatch streamed on Twitch has him and the Derp Crew on defense against a full team of Reinhardts. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In his Mario Kart 8 subscriber stream, Tom messes around at some points:
    • Deliberately challenging himself with a setup that is the heaviest possible for a few tracks.
    • When at Toad's Turnpike, he throws the race by driving along with the traffic and driving safely.
    • Tom and friends do an all-Link race. Well, his friends pick Link. Tom, on the other hand... Everyone else's reactions really sell it.
    Tom: I'm Link.
  • While streaming Clustertruck, he was a couple hours in, when the words; "Hello Tom Fawkes" appeared on screen. He quickly realizes that the developers are in the chat and are screwing with his game, like making him fly and changing the trucks to glowing "god trucks". Then the words; "We've had enough." came on screen, worrying Tom and crashing his game. Only for YouTube to open and start Rickrolling the entire stream.
  • The thumbnail created for his Donkey Kong 64 playthrough is hilarious it its own way. Diddy Kong's reaction sells it.
  • His brother catches wind of another artwork by the thumbnail artist depicting a nude Tom with party hats on nipples and privates and during Tom's DK64 stream, texts the image to their parents. Even funnier, the brother brings attention to the fireplace in the text.
  • In Part 17 of the Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke, Tom debates for a moment over where to find his Brooklet Hill catch. He has the choice of a patch of grass and a lake. He chooses the grass because the lake guarantees that he'll get a Water-Type, of which he already has two (Clown Prince the Brionne and Edwyn Slows the Slowpoke). His encounter for the area? It's a Psyduck.
  • The first episode features his interpretation of the opening cutscene, which plays out like a Mad Libs: Lillie is being chased by the TSA for trying to get Kirby past customs.
  • Tom catches an Alolan Diglett for his Nuzlocke team. What does he name it? Whackamolé. Even the picture he uses to represent it is just Whacka edited to look like an Alolan Diglett!
  • Those who have played Town of Salem before know that the Serial Killer (for a variety of reasons) is a very tricky role to play, requiring a skilled player to obtain victory. Either that or a very dumb town, as Floppy Jalopy (Chilled) was marked by a confirmed sheriff (Tom) from Day 4note  and nobody did anything, giving him the victory.
  • So a couple of episodes of Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke ended up getting copyright claimed for Oceanic Operetta being used. What does he do to get around it? He uses this lovely masterpiece in its place.
  • When Tom finishes the story mode for Hyrule Warriors, he made a spoof Where Are They Now about the major characters. Highlights include Zelda hitting on boys to Impa's dismay and using the Sheik form to sneak into the boys' locker room, alleged marriages between Darunia and Ruto along with Midna and Agitha, Lana and Cia becoming idols, and Wizzro's failed fortune telling business adventure.
  • On a Fortune Cookie stream, during a game of Mario Party 6, the game decides to give 6 Battle Minigames, though five of those were back to back, shocking Tom and the chat.
  • His reaction to Temmie Village
  • Tom's thumbnail artist is at it again for his Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment playthrough: the artwork depicts Tom in Specter Knight's garb playing golf using the scythe as a club.
  • During his playthrough of the N Sane Trilogy, when Tom sees Polar for the first time:
    Tom : aww, it's a little polar bear! (pretending to talk to Polar) Hey buddy! You missing your mama? hehe... You would eat me in real life. Polar bears pretty much take whatever meat they can find.
  • Just any of Tom's You Were Trying Too Hard moments with certain puzzles, especially during streams. Yes, it can be frustrating for some viewers who know what the solution is, but the payoff of "Oh, you're supposed to do it this way" is glorious.
  • After successfully navigating a ravine of vanishing platforms in the Vault of Glass in Destiny, the raid fireteam - consisting of members of the Derp Crew (Tom, Ze, Galm, Chilled Chaos), Aphex, and Galm's friend Phontomen - stage a "revival ritual" for Chilled while the latter is on break to get a brownie.
  • While streaming PUBG, Tom ran into another player without any weapons of his own while riding a motorcycle with the much maligned sidecar. This turned out to be quite fortuitous for this random player, as Tom gifted his weapons to the unknown player, while he drove the motorcycle. Once they reach a safe zone, they peacefully part ways. When the zone is shrinking again, Tom waits at the end of a bridge, hoping to reunite with his newfound friend. Said friend actually manages to make it to the next safe zone with Tom, and they continue to travel along all the way to the end of the game together, with Tom making it to the top ten completely unarmed. The best part? When this random player found a different motorcycle with a sidecar, he waits for Tom! Unfortunately, Tom's new friend doesn't make it into the top five, as he becomes the sixth to last casualty of the match, where we discover his tag is theRAYMOND. Shortly after recovering the equipment left by theRAYMOND, though, Tom is sniped and eliminated at number three, without firing a single shot. This was all in a solo match, as well.
  • What does he do on the 10th Anniversary of his channel? Rewatch his old Smash Fighter Machinmas. Tom cringefest ensues.
  • During a subscriber Mario Kart 8 stream, one commentator mentions having to deal with horse colons as a vet tech. Then, someone asks about Lucahjin, since she likes horses, and whether she had to deal with a "throat colonoscopy". Tom had fun with that phrase.
  • During the 11/01/2018 Smash Ultimate Direct, the Piranha Plant appears in one of the trailers. Tom snarks that "Piranha Plant joins the battle."...then spends the entire rest of the trailer in stunned silence as he is proven right, only managing a "Huh!?" at the very end.
  • Tom's "readings" of the Pokédex is chock full of incredibly lemony commentary. You can watch the Let's Go version here.
  • During a Mario Golf livestream, Tom's struggles against Sonny prompts this phrase:
    Tom: I have an idea. It's called CHEATING!
  • All of the perfectly timed bit-donations/subscriptions in his livestreams. Some examples...
    Terra: Master Xehanort and the Unversed are connected somehow?
    Vegeta: BINGO!
  • Tom laughed for a solid minute when Sans was revealed as a Mii Gunner costume for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even his followers were telling him to breathe.
  • Tom's Custom Smash videos with guests have a number of hilarious running gags:
    • Starting in "Gourmet Race", StephenPlays becomes obsessed with teeth (or pointing out characters that don't appear to have them) and brings it up at least once per video;
    • ProtonJon plays as Rosalina once a video purely for stream meme reasons (noting repeatedly he doesn't actually know how to play as her) yet seems to win every time he does;
    • MalMakes always playing as Mr Game and Watch once every video, regardless of the gimmick of the level, just to see if she can get a 9-Hammer through random chance;
    • Stephen playing as Pac-Man and it turning out that this gives him a way to break Tom's latest stage gimmick, usually involving the hydrant move;
    • Whenever a level involves jumping between two platforms or areas, Stephen will always describe going to the other one as 'the other Arby's'.
    • Tom playing as a weird Mii character depicting a game from a franchise unfitting for Smash, such as Agent #47 from Hitman.

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