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  • In Back at the Ranch part 17, Whis Kitty defeats the Legend cup, something Tom has never done before. It's even more awesome considering Whis Kitty was terrible at the start, then eventually grew to be an absolute terror in the arena, becoming more powerful than even monsters like Lil' Craw.
  • During a Genocide run of Undertale livestreamed on Sept. 18th 2016, managing to defeat both Undyne the Undying and Sans the Skeleton on the first attempt. At no point during the run did Tom die, only having to reset once to a minor goof up with inventory.
  • During Tom's Pokemon Stadium 2 run on his Nov. 18th 2016 stream, he managed to beat the Prime Cup's first round with only Rental Pokemon, including an extremely lucky win against the final trainer, Marty, with only 6 HP left on his Heracross.
    • Further noted is that Rental Pokemon are significantly weaker than transferred Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2, both in moves and stats, so completing the Cup alone with Rentals is a feat. The cherry on top is that Tom's win against the final opponent was because of a stroke of luck by the AI and Tom, when Marty's Ursaring decided to use the highly inaccurate DynamicPunch instead of Fire Punch, and Tom's Heracross (at 6 HP in a Sandstorm) hit a Megahorn on the last possible turn.
  • During Part 7 of his Octo Expansion LP, Tom did the following:
    • He cleared All That 8-Ball Station in only one tank, with a Splat or Glory final shot from his Splat Charger that got the last two 8 ball switches.
    • He cleared Girl Power Station in one session and three deaths.

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