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  • Oak's False Advertising.
  • Just the moment when we named our character was itself hilarious. What were the odds we would choose the exact same name as in the previous game?
  • Due to the randomizer, we have already gotten several Pokemon with... interesting movesets. Like a Tailow with Mach Punch, a Zigzagoon with Tri Attack, and a Surskit with Hyper Beam.
  • The Mob picking Machop as their starter. Even the stream's creator (who usually keeps quiet about the Mob's epic fail moments) was baffled.
  • A has at least 4 Pokemon that can only attack every other turn.
  • A's new adventure.
  • Bill has been severely misinformed.
  • Brock bragged about his Rock-type Pokemon. They were bugs.
  • Hiker Marcos receives a phone call.
  • When the choice between Helix and Dome came, A chose Dome over Helix. The Mob went nuts.
  • A and the Mob encountered Kanto's version of Joey, which cued the cheers. After the battle, he remarked "You're decent," leaving the Mob to think such and such.
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  • The Mob went nuts upon encountering Bill.
  • Bill locked himself inside his teleporter, and the mob promptly pointed A out the front door, leaving him to run out of air or dehydrate, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, upon re-entering the house to check he's still trapped, Bill was standing unharmed in the middle of the floor.
  • A caught a wild Squirtle and named it ATUOQQQQEE.
  • A ran into a wild Shedinja that knew Spider Web. The Chairman promptly got webbed, and didn't have any moves capable of damaging Shedinja.
  • This preview comic's ending.
  • A wild Treecko became the center of attention. Immediately after, Skitty used Mean Look.
  • The Mob realized that Skitty doesn't have very good stats and captures are a smart idea. They settled on capturing a Torchic above all else. A caught everything but Torchic, and used two Pokeballs on a trainer's Pokemon, running into a Torchic immediately after the last ball was used.
  • The comics wherein Bill converses with Zigzagoon.
  • ANYTHING with Microsoft Sam.
  • Giovanni must be playing this in his office.
  • Skitty used Recycle.
  • Kung-Fu Giovanni.
  • A bought 17 Great Balls... and tossed 12 of them and gave 2 to her Pokemon to hold. She then failed to catch a Bagon and Togepi, but did catch... a Hoppip.
  • The mob killed a Shiny Pikachu.
  • Potato.
  • Chat Bone'd Sabrina. No kidding. Sandslash boned her way through Sabrina's team.
  • A caught another Surskit near Fuchsia City and named it "nnnoopoo". The chat was flooded with "no poo!"
  • After an intense grinding session with the aim of leveling Mew, it leveled up and learned a new attack, filling the last slot. What was the new attack it learned? SelfDestruct.
  • A was kidnapped by Bill and was dragged to the Sevii Islands, where she was forced to do his bidding in order to fix his broken PC system. Oh the Irony.
  • Why A got on the nice boat.
  • The Mob found that the randomized Zapdos was a Mewtwo... and then immediately ran away from it.
    • Not just that, a Mewtwo with Pure Power as an ability. Mewtwo already has ridiculous stats, and Pure Power would double its attack. Even though Mewtwo IS primarily a special attacker, that would still put its base attack at a stellar 220, beyond even the mighty Stalinking.
  • Stalinking learned Fly. Just imagine.
  • The Mob goes into Democracy mode and spends over and hour watching every episode on Teachy TV. Someone starts a petition to bring Teachy TV back. Among those who signed are names like "kappa riot" and "S.S. Ticket".
  • The Mob runs into the second Mew of the game in place of Articuno, after shrugging off a Great Ball... Mew promptly self-destructs.
  • The Mob had decided to go after Articuno before tackling the Elite Four. While that in and of itself isn't funny, the reaction of those who were unaware of this plan was.
  • Hi Mr. Dome, how can Zigzagoon redirect your call?
  • Zigzagoon's talent.
  • From the intermission: Late Night Screenshot Comics: Horse, a melodramatic story about Peggle , of all things. To quote the author:
    notnowhoney: In advance, I have to say I was tire'd and unsure of what I was making in the first place.
  • Omanyte wins a battle in Pokemon Stadium 2. Cue much chanting of "PRAISE HELIX!" in the chat.
  • PC malfunction.
  • On April 2016, the Mob decided to replay this game while waiting for PBR 2.0 and travelled to Naval Rock. It is then revealed that Ho-Oh was replaced with Entei


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