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Funny moments appearing in DeliciousCinnamon videos.

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    Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal 
  • Episode 1 is where it all begins, with classic phrases like "VOLCANO BAKEMEAT" and "BAG FUCK!"
  • In Episode 2, Bert and Dubz come across a Caterpie (called Pedal) with some strange moves:
    Bert: Foe's Pedal, "Hemp Ah!"
    Dubz: Hemp! No! We've been shot with marijuana! Croc is confused! "Croc is under the influence. It hurt itself in its confusion."
  • Episode 3: The two have a run-in with Chedr, who comments on them getting Monaters before stating he is a monster
  • Episode 4: Dubz attempts to read some of the gibberish text that appears after catching Caterpie:
    Dubz: Six-dash-three-question-mark! W! Question-question-question-question! Question-question-question!
    • Later, Croc gets poisoned:
      Bert: "CROC KILLED."
      Dubz: WE WERE KILLED! But we're still alive.
      Bert: And what's that weird symbol next to our name?
      Dubz: It's Vietnamese!
      Bert: It's like a... snowman with two pieces minus the other side.
      Dubz: He's, like, peeking out from behind the question mark- wait, why is there a question mark?
      Bert: "Lost again, pain-" PAINTFUL? It's paintful. It is very paintful.
      Bert: "Lap? Falled." It always has to question whether or not it had the right Pokemon. "Was it Lap?"
  • Episode 5: An enemy Caterpie tries to use "Hemp Ah!" which fails because it was "not decided":
    Bert: He didn't decide well enough.
    Dubz: It's like, "Hemp... AHHHHHHHH nah."
    • They panic over Beannote  appearing to only know Harden, until they realize that Poison Sting has no name. When used, all that appears is "Bean !"
    • They learn from a zealous old man that Team Rocket is now called MISSILE BOMB.
  • Episode 6: The two find that the Madasimumi/Baiming/BM Tower is filled with monks who practise Buddhism and won't destroy the tower even if they are crazy.
  • Episode 7:
    Bert: "Trained on the Road of Ultimate." On the Road of Ultimate!
    Dubz: This guy means business!
    Bert: "But Bean unhearing." Bean's deaf! No!
  • In Episode 8, the final monk in the "Madasimumi" tower comes off as a bit of a Cloudcuckoolander:
    Bert: "It's this tower to let the monsters andpeople are-"
    Dubz: Andpeople. "Full of fancy-"
    Bert: "...for bright future, to affirm-"
    Dubz: There's an S stuck in the lower right-hand corner.
    Bert: "...practising place and the last steeling," STEELING, as in metal. "We need to see it is who between me and the man that isn't snapped th- the t-" WHAT IS THIS GUY SAYING!?
  • Episode 9:
    Dubz: Who do we have left? Pizza?
    Bert: Pizza and Steak. Sounds like a good dinner right now.
  • Episode 12 starts with Bert getting a Great Ball (called Suppball) and a fishing rod (called Clothbag).
    Bert: "The Jimu badge is expensive. Are you baught from Zhaochan?"
    Dubz: What the fuck!? We don't even know that guy!
    Bert: We have to pay for badges now?
    Dubz: Yeah, apparently. Oh, it's a Bird Keeper. That's why.
    Bert: It's actually Y Apostrophe S Equals AC.
    Bert: We found soda! ...and we fucked it.
  • Episode 13 has Bert noticing the many inconsistencies in the different names:
    Bert: Vulpix is Rok, Water is Flame.
    Bert: Okay, mountainmen are called Fish.
    Bert: Wait, VOLT is Rock [Throw]?
    • Then, Bert struggles trying to read "Road 33th".
  • Episode 14: SHAOTANZHITEN!
    Dubz: "Do you know... Missile Bomb?" OH NO!
    Bert: "I want to play with your- with you for relaxing?" WHAT!? Am I gonna get raped?
  • Episode 15:
    Bert: "Steak Ah New Milk!" MILK!? is the move.
    [Bert uses Milk]
    Bert: "Steak Milk" ...Mean Look. Mean Look is Milk. "It Cann't Escaped!"
  • Episode 16:
    Dubz: "Steak, Again?" Another night of steak? Dammit.
    Bert: Stop using Hate!
    Dubz: Is that all it knows? It really hates Steak!
    • They find out that Beedrill is called Fork, so they send out Bean. This proves to be a poor choice, as Beedrill manages to get five hits with Fury Attack before Bean retaliates with Poison Sting, which is not very effective. Or, as the game and Dubz sum it up:
      Dubz: "Five Effect! One Result."
  • In Episode 17, they try to use an item called GOAL as a last ditch effort against Bugsy. The item is used immediately, and they have no idea what it does.
    • Instead of a badge, they receive a BUDGE from Bugsy.
    • Bugsy's entire speech after being defeated is hilarious.
  • Episode 18:
    Bert: Yeah, you're snoring alright. Now I'm gonna Lick your ass.
    [Dubz starts laughing.]
    Bert: That's not what I meant!
    • The episode features a rather interesting speech from Chedr as well as an unexpected piece of advice from an old lady.
    • Dubz offers his final thoughts before they finish up:
      Dubz: I wanna watch a Vietnamese person play this, and they, like, actually make sense of all the translations. Like, "Oh yeah, that makes sense." "What did it say?" "THIS, TO BE, AND THEN, THEREFORE, FOR AND BUT I AND IF ONLY THEN. Duh!" "You don't know what you're doing Shung Long Kwai... Mu!"
  • In Episode 21, they make Steak forget a move to learn a new one, with results in the text "Kuang Steak":
    Dubz: Guys, if you really want some, put "Yes, please, thank you" in your comments, if you want a Kuang Steak, I will make one for you. It's very spicy.
  • Episode 23:
    Bert: "My Sputa will flow down."
    Dubz: ...What? That was sexual.
    • They visit the Bike Shop, which advertises that the bikes can "Slide freely" and "walk on all kind of roads":
      Dubz: My bike can levitate and walk.
  • Episode 27:
    [Bert approaches a trainer]
    Bert: "Wi-"
    Dubz: "WIN!!"
    Bert: Jesus! You made me jump!
  • Episode 28:
    [Bert gets a phone call from "Rocket"]
    Bert: Rocket's calling! "HJKSDJFBKGFSDFG MS. EGGIE????"
    Bert: I love how there's two different styles of question marks. "Must win in contest, wait you at 35? Questionmarkquestionmark- See you lat- see you-"
    Dubz: "See you LATTE!"
    Bert: "Phone call is connecting, merge many Baliy at 35? DI." I don't even know.
    • They try using a move called DUL, which results in the text "HUSHUZ DULDO"
  • Episode 29:
    Bert: "It is basement to do preparings before go into the water."
    Dubz: THIS IS BASEMENT! "This is madness! THIS. IS. BASEMENT!"
    [The enemy trainer is about to send out a Pokemon named Cow]
    Bert: Cow! Cow Start.
    [A Wartortle is sent out. Dubz starts laughing.]
    Bert: WHAT? WHAT?
    Dubz: That is a cow!
  • Episode 30:
    [Bert uses the move "Stare" against a Machoke; it's not very effective.]
    Bert: "One Result." That was terrible.
    Dubz: Did we use st- why in the world would you-
    Bert: I don't know, I just wanted to try it out, 'cause- look at his face! I just had to stare at it.
  • Episode 33 shows Bert's first phone call from Mke "Mike" Boat:
    Bert: "Seeing! Seeing! It is great! To defeated the Yangzu's Machiba. I'm always at the entrance of gymnasium, to give a normal support. But I was afraided by the ghost floating in the air, inside. I'm so unwilling to put down the phone! Good bye!"
    Dubz: This was such an interesting conversation, since you do not answer.
    Bert: He's so unwilling to put down the phone, he hung up!
  • Episode 34:
    Bert: "Don't you feel mystery of the islands which is surrounded by whirlpools." I do feel quite mystery.
    Dubz: I feel kinda FEARFUL!
    Bert: [looking at Qwilfish] "BOAT." I would have laughed completely with that "Fearful" but I was too busy reading "BOAT."
    [Bert defeats the trainer.]
    Bert: "You are so STROG."
    • When Dubz comments on how the falling shortcut in the lighthouse would probably break one's legs, Bert replies:
      Bert: At least we're not Shaotanzhiten, we would've brode our waist.
  • Episode 35:
    Bert: "Both the intensity and the benevolent give you the budge."
    Dubz: She's benevolently giving the budge.
    Bert: "Eggie gain Steel Badge from Juzi." So now it's a badge. "Give you the... Shqilu BUDGE..."
    [Bert gets an item from a tree called Coin.]
    Bert: We got coins! Money DOES grow on trees!
    Dubz: It does!
    Dubz: And apparently it can bring you love too.
    [Bert gets an item from another tree called Pole.]
    Bert: What is going on here?
    Dubz: "Eggie Pole Bag Fuck!"
    Bert: They're giving us poles and money!
    Dubz: Eggie's a stripper.
    [Bert gets another Pole from the third tree.]
    Bert: Two poles and money.
    Dubz: Those three trees create exactly what a stripper joint looks like. This is the place to go.
    Bert: That's where Suicune hangs out on the weekends.
  • In Episode 37, Bert begins looking for the "Passward":
    Bert: "Only the boss know the passward of the door."
    Dubz: Passward.
    Bert: "The door can't be opened it need the password!" They got it right that time.
    Dubz: Now we have to get a password and a passward. And a budge.
    • The episode also features more memorable dialogue from Chedr:
      Bert: He's, like, playing out the Chedr role now. "I don't like my lines!"
  • In Episode 39, the game crashes the first two times Bert tries fighting Pryce. The third attempt, however, presents this dialogue:
    Bert: "Bullet given by Bet-Boy given by Bet-Boy can use." What?
    Dubz: Game over, man!
    Bert: What was that?
    Dubz: I don't even...
    Bert: It's the Asian kid who made this.
    • There's also this part (at the 6:41 mark in the original video).
  • Episode 41:
    Bert: "We are from Black-Society. Like to do something criminal. Are you feared?"
    Dubz: I am insanely feared right now, guys.
    Dubz: "X?????????????????"
    Bert: "We didn't serve the devil, only do that we want to do."
    Dubz: *gasps* It's the old lady's reincarnation!
    Bert: We didn't serve the devil, it's okay.
    Dubz: It's alright that we're part of black-society, and we do things that are criminal, and that you might have been feared. We didn't serve the devil.
  • In Episode 42, Bert fights through a gym with trainers specializing in dragon type Pokemon. One trainer disagrees with this:
    Bert: "No one can use dragon type."
    Dubz: Why is this gym even here?
    • Near the beginning, Bert notices how much money they have accumulated by not buying anything:
      Bert: This is the opposite of in the beginning, where it was like, "Die, die, die."
    • Bert misreads a trainer's name (SKIRT'S7G&) as "Skirt'Stargate 7."
    • At one point, Oudal levels up and tries to learn a move called Rage. Bert decides to get rid of Yuja, which is the actual move Rage. This causes Dubz to point out that they got rid of Rage for Rage.
  • Episode 43:
    Bert: We need to go get EXP Share. From Elf Grandfather! It's been a while since we've seen Elf Grandfather.
    Dubz: That's true, it has been a while.
    Bert: Maybe he's dead now.
    Dubz: Terrible. Wusiji Dr. wouldn't be too happy. They were good friends. They were only two men to deal with it.
    • The entire "Come Casually" incident.
    • Bert becomes increasingly perplexed at the amount of normal trainers who were somehow able to make it into the Dragon's Den.
    • When they get to the quiz, they find that all of the answer choices for the questions have been translated into either ???? or "Q4).
  • Episode 44:
    Bert: "Hey! You have strided the first step into Guandong. Even so, you should see the map to affirm." It sounds like we're stepping in, like, horse shit or something.
  • Episode 47: They contemplate how Steak can be hurt by Forretress's Spikes if he is levitating:
    Bert: "Steak be hurt." Wha-
    Dubz: Because of the [Spikes].
    Bert: Yeah, because he's-
    Dubz: Because he has feet!
    Bert: "Steak Kick!"
    Dubz: With the feet he has!
    Bert: The feet that he stepped on the pieces [with].
    Dubz: It must hurt more.
    [The Forretress remains asleep for 5 turns.]
    Bert: Dude, this thing. When it goes to sleep, it's like "I'll see you guys in a few years."
  • In Episode 48, Bert defeats Bruno of the Elite Four. Bruno's first words upon being beaten? "YOU ARE DEFEATED BY ME."
  • In Episode 49, Bert has to fight Bruno again:
    Bert: "You are defeated by me. No qualification to say. To next house." Now we're in the loser's bracket.
    [Bert moves on to Karen]
    Dubz: She's really good for being in the loser's bracket!
  • In Episode 50, Professor Oak (who is now called Oujiduo) comes to offer Eggie a congratulatory speech, which Bert and Dubz can barely read without cracking up due to how it has been translated. They lose it after reading "THE RESULT IS THE FRUIT."
  • Kanto Episode 1:
    Bert: Hey, it's that snowman thing again that everyone told me was "dow" or "doo."
    Dubz: No, it's a snowman. It's a half snowman. It's what happens when you take a flamethrower to Frosty.
    Bert: Half of him disappears into a question mark?
    Dubz: Yeah. In Japanese, a question mark means "puddle."
    Dubz: [regarding Dream Eater being called Kick] "He's sleeping, kick him!"
    Bert: "Don't defy death, don't be strong." Fine, we'll just cry in a corner the entire game.
  • Kanto Episode 2: They find that Mr. Psychic is now called Super Uncle, Lt. Surge is now called Tingsy Major, and Diglett's Cave is now called Dictator Cave.
  • Kanto Episode 3: The go to the mart in order to sell some of their items and get more money. This goes horribly wrong when they try to sell Pointup, which causes the game to crash yet again.
    • Even worse, they find that they have to fight Lt. Surge again after reloading the last save state.
    • When Bert returns to the shop, he takes a look at some of the item descriptions:
      Bert: "Renew all states." We use that, it turns into, like, the Civil War.
      Bert: Coibag: "Only hold can get a landto fish elf"
      [Dubz starts laughing]
      Bert: "Only hold can get a landto fish elf." That doesn't even make sense.
    • Sabrina's dialogue causes Bert to take a second look:
      Bert: "You come finally you must come, the feeling existed three years ago. Your aim is to want my badge."
      Dubz: Of course.
      Bert: "I don't like frighting, it is my first task to passes the badge to a fit man. If you want-"
      Dubz: WE'RE A WOMAN! Your special WHAT?
      Bert: "Try my special function."
      Dubz: THAT'S GROSS!
      Bert: That entire speech was wrong.
      Dubz: "Three years ago, I knew you wanted my budge."
    • Finally, there's the story of the imprecatory bike.
  • Kanto Episode 4:
    Bert: "Eating game is played in its eatery. You're full while seeing it." You're full while seeing it.
    [Bert enters the eatery.]
    Bert: Yeah, I'm full.
    • Later, Dubz accidentally calls Ash Ketchum "Ass Ketchum."
  • In Kanto Episode 5, Bert starts to get rather annoyed at Mike Boat:
    Bert: "En! It's you, do you know Zhenfen? She is my grandson."
  • In Kanto Episode 6, Bert and Dubz find another wild Haunter and suggest names that would go with Steak.
  • Kanto Episode 7:
    Bert: [receiving the Super Rod] "Eggie receive Bad Rod." THANKS. "You're so good at fishing, have a Bad Rod!"
    Bert: "Home of the leader of..."
    Dubz: "SHAFALIXIAN."
    Bert: Is he chafing, or something?
  • Kanto Episode 8:
    Bert: "A hole with punchy monster."
    [The NPC's Itemfinder goes off.]
    Bert: "My dance machine starts to react." Is he playing one of those DDR games while also playing Whack-a-Mole?
    Bert: "You come, as if you have many gymnasium badges of Shangdao. Don't lick with mouth."
    [Bert and Dubz start laughing, while still being confused.]
    Dubz: How else am I supposed to lick?
    Bert: I don't even consider this a win, because Steak died.
    Bert: "Eggie gain the Blue from-" We just gained the Blue. We didn't even get a badge.
  • Kanto Episode 9:
    Bert: "Many Dictator flys from the earth!"
    Bert: "This is the cave of Tiguta." Is that in any way related to Sputa, and does it flow down?
    Bert: "It's Uncle's guard, you sh- you SHULD make good use of it-"
    Dubz: [in a Russian accent] "You shuld make good use of it, for it's my gold pearl."
  • In Kanto Episode 10, Bert and Dubz take a look at some of the stuff in the Pokedex:
    Bert: Look how heavy [Gastly] is! It's gas!
    [Bert scrolls down to Haunter.]
    Bert: Haunter you fat-ass!
    Bert: "Fun." It's a Fun type!
  • Kanto Episode 11 features a Running Gag with Mujef and the Jellies being a good name for a Middle Eastern band.
  • Mt. Mortar Part 2:
    Bert: I don't know why Gyarados can't learn it, though.
    Dubz: He's a flying type. Plus we don't have him in here.
    Bert: "Can I drift?" We're gonna drift these waterfalls, man. Price is a drifter, man.
    Dubz: Yeah, he's one of those people in Tokyo. He's got his cool sunglasses on and his pimped out car. But he's actually really terrible at it, so he starts drifting into the sides of walls and stuff. And the enemy, who is the antagonist of our movie is always winning. But he ends up winning in the end.
    Bert: Pokemon Viet Crystal: Tokyo Drift.
  • Catching Entei:
    Bert: What if I kick it while it's down. Is it gonna kill it?
    [Bert uses Kick and kills Entei.]
    Dubz: [laughing] "Is it gonna kill it?"
    Bert: Guys, we did it.
    • When they find and catch a Magnemite, the description says it "emits strong currency", causing Bert to come up with a plan:
      Bert: We just capture Magnemites all day, and it emits currency, and you win!
    Crash Bandicoot 
  • Episode 1: Dezz shares an anecdote about how he thought the Aku Aku masks were enemies as a kid.
  • Episode 8:
    [Dezz reaches the goal, which is surrounded by boxes.]
    Bert: Milk them! Milk them all!
    Dezz: I will milk you for your sweet nectar, boxes!
  • The Lost Episode: Mysh starts off the level and immediately dies. Funny enough on its own, but not only does that happen to be his last life, but it turns out they never saved after the previous episode, forcing them to redo all of their work.
  • Episode 9:
    Mysh: They're, like, things that do things.
    [Crash dies, shouting his signature "WOAH!"]
    Dezz and Mysh: WOAH!
    Dubz: Crash was really interested in what Mysh said! Mysh is like, "There are things that do things." "WOAH! I can't even hold all this woah!"
    • Dubz ends up being the one to fight Pinstripe Potoroo, so the others give him some advice:
      Dezz: He is invincible when he's shooting, much like all gangsters.
  • In Episode 11, Mysh makes a spectacular maneuver around the 16:09 mark that gets everyone's hearts pounding.
  • In Episode 12, Dezz shows off his "Bat Summoning Dance" (which is just him rapidly tapping the movement keys).
    [Dezz dies right after getting a checkpoint, leaving him with only one life left]
    Dezz: That means I have to do the rest of this perfectly.
    Bert: You've got this.
    Dezz: I did this once before, but that one was a- [immediately dies]
    • There's also the part near the 22:30 mark where Crash cheats death by not getting crushed:
      Dezz: [Turns Crash to face the camera] "Hello everyone. I shouldn't be alive today."
  • Finale Part 1: Juan makes it past an electricity trap, which Bert states he didn't even notice. Juan moves back to show Bert the trap, only to be electrocuted by it.
  • Stormy Ascent: Either go to the 11:00 mark or watch this video.
  • In PVP Part 2, Bert tries to go for what he thinks is a diamondnote , and he ends up almost getting killed by a red slime due to the lag.
  • In PVP Part 3, the team spends most of the episode just mining and trying to find a way back up, completely disregarding the fact that there is supposed to be a deathmatch going on above them:
    Dezz: I don't even think they remember that we're in the game.
    Dubz: "Good game, bye y'all!" People are getting, like, slowly wiped out, and we're just like, "RACE FOR THE SURFACE!"
    Dubz: Guys, we're gonna get to the surface, and all the NPCs are gonna be gone.
    Bert: We're gonna get to the surface, and we're gonna be the only ones left!
    • Later, Dubz starts getting rather careless with throwing glowsticks.
  • In PVP Part 4, the team's plan to return to the surface goes horribly wrong. Everyone is reduced to laughter within seven minutes.
  • In CTG Part 1, Bert, Juan and Jack start off very poorly, leading them to think about how much better the other team is doing:
    Bert: I can't wait to watch [OdysseyGamez's] side of the video and just see what items they were blessed with.
    Jack: It will just be like a montage of "Oh my God, like, gold! Oh look! Oh my God!"
    Bert: "There's just so much gold ore on the surface that I don't even have to mine! It's just in ore form already!"
    Jack: "It's just flying at me!"
    Bert: "I can't hold all this gold!"
    Juan: "There's reverends just giving us stuff!"
    Bert: "I'm just smelting it into walls and throwing it in my trash 'cause I have nothing else to do!"
    Juan: They're gonna watch our video and be like "What the heck are they doing?"
  • CTG Part 4:
    [Bert hears someone trying to use a star repeatedly]
    Bert: I hear mana crystals being used.
    Jack: Yeah, what the hell?
    Juan: Mana crystals?
    Bert: Or whatever that is. What is that!?
    Jack: How many are they using!?
    Bert: It's piercing my eardrums!
    Bert: If a tree falls in the middle of a forest, does Dubz have a grenade?
  • Terraria PVP Highlights: Corrupters are attacking you. What do you do? Start rapidly digging down and don't stop until you reach the core, of course.
    Mysh: On a scale from 1 to Interrodeckodar...
    Mysh: Okay, this [cave] is gonna be our home base. Is that what we've decided? Alright, we'll make this presentable and then start making actual-
    Bert: We'll make this presentable. We'll dust off the shelves, and...
    Mysh: On a scale from 1 to Eat A Thousand Dicks...
  • CTG Highlights with Kippesoep and Con: Bert insists that everyone end their sentences with "over":
    • Bert accidentally awards Kipp the title of "Dubz Died".
    • The four end up winning the game, so the other team spawns a bunch of Twins.
    Dead Space 
  • In Chapter 1, Bert finds an ingame ad saying "There's Always Peng!", which causes Mysh to come up with a scenario to use that phrase in:
    Mysh: You're in high school. There's a prom date. Peng asks you if you want to go to Turnabout, and you say "No, sorry, I'm going with Jenny." The day of the dance, Jenny calls and says "I have violent stomach flu," and your best friend turns to you and says "Well, there's always Peng!"
    • Then in Chapter 2, they find writing on a bathroom stall saying "I give great Peng." Their response:
      Mysh: Dude, we need to find Peng. We need to rescue Peng.
      Dubz: No, what we need to do is figure out what sexual act Peng is. Someone wrote if someone was up for Peng in the bathroom.
      Mysh: It's like you're talking to your lady like, "Hey, how about we, uh, you know... PENG tonight?"
      Dubz: "You want a man who can Peng well."
      Mysh: "I want to explore. How about we, uh, try Peng."
      Dubz: "We'll Peng tonight."
      Mysh: "Honey, we've tried everything else." "Well, there's always Peng!"
    • Then in Chapter 6 Part 1, they find another ad saying "Everyone Wants Peng."
    • Finally, in Chapter 11 Part 2, they manage to find the Peng Treasure (which Dubz and Mysh mishear as Peng Trevor.
  • Chapter 3:
    Dubz: [quietly] Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for Dubz Space.
    Bert: [looking at an ad] SUN!
    Dubz: SUN!
    Mysh: Sun Cola!
    [They step out]
    Hammond: We got two problems-
    Bert: Of course. Instantly.
    Dubz: "We have two problems, alright? Two, exactly."
    Mysh: One step out of the hatch and we're already being given plot points.
    Dubz: "Number one, I'm sick and tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. Number two, did he look like a bitch?"
    Bert: I think the main problem is we didn't even hear what the first two problems were.
  • Chapter 4 Part 1: While playing the chapter, a fly keeps flying on their screen.
  • Chapter 4 Part 2: During Chapter 4 (Obliteration Imminent), Dubz accidentally saves in a different save slot:
    Bert: Wha- What did you do?
    Mysh: Our obliteration is that much more imminent.
    Bert: Now there's always going to be an obliteration imminent, just so we know!
  • In Chapter 10 Part 3, Dubz finds a lady who is about to shoot herself in the head. Dubz decides to help her by shooting her in the head himself.
  • Finally Part 2:
    [During a cutscene, Isaac pounds his fist on a locked door and grunts. The door opens.]
    Dubz: "URGHH!"
    Mysh: It's like, "Okay, fine."
    Bert: See, why couldn't we do that? "Locked doors? URGHH!"
  • Chapter 1 Part 1: Bert poisons himself with zombie flesh, so Dubz starts pelting snowballs at him. When he runs out, he switches to eggs and ends up spawning a chicken.
  • Chapter 2 Part 1:
    Bert: He took off the painting! What an asshole!
  • Chapter 2 Part 2 starts off with a flying spider.
  • Chapter 2 Part 3:
    Dubz: Alright, take this. It'll serve you well.
    Bert: I'm sure it will.
    [Bert misses the item.]
    Dubz: But you didn't take it.
    Bert: I was so sure!
  • Chapter 3: Bert and Dubz fall for a booby trap near the 4:15 mark:
    Bert: All I heard was frantic door opening and closing, and then I was dead.
    Bert: How old is this milk!? This is rancid!
  • Chapter 4: Bert's cat gets in the way multiple times while he tries to play:
    Bert: Cat, we're fighting Dracula! Go away!
  • Chapter 5:
    Bert: "Oh, I found an easy way downstairs! You just have to go upstairs to go downstairs."
    Bert: Well, my shit fell exactly on top of your shit, so now there's just a pile of shit.
    Dubz: I just threw my bow at you. What now, vile fiend?
    Bert: I have a compass, and it's pointing at you, so you're clearly Dracula!
     Alien Swarm 
  • Mission 3:
    Juan: Okay, Bert, I hope you're ready to get that thing set up 'cause there's gonna be a giant butt sucker.
    Bert: A giant butt sucker.
    Juan: Oh, there he is!
    Dubz: HE WASN'T LYING!
    Juan: Ah, nope. Old Rusty never lies! You gotta hit him in the butt! That's why he's called a butt sucker!
  • Mission 5:
    Dubz: Look, worms! Hello friends! AH THEY'RE ATTACKING ME!
  • Mission 6:
    Dubz: See, now, if I was here, things- well...
    Juan: Things would seem a little more Friendly Fire-ish.
    Dubz: But you know what? The important thing is, the word "friendly" was used.
    Bert: It was friendly fire, it wasn't-
    Juan: At least we're being shot by a friend.
    • YouTube user owlstrategies offers an explanation for what is happening in the game:
      owlstrategies: None of these aliens really exist. This all takes place in Ol' Rusty's dreams, the dreams of an exhausted old 'Nam veteran, who sees twisted fragments of the war in his mind every night in his sleep. Except that the enemies are now clawed, more vicious and spew toxic explosive bombs, and Ol' Rusty's two comrades and longtime favorite friends, Bert 'n Dubs, are still with him in the battlefieldnote .
     Crash Bandicoot 2 
  • Episode 1: When Mysh chooses the level Snow Go, he has trouble entering it:
    Bert: Mysh can't even enter the level. What horrors await inside?
  • Episode 2: The entire "trailer" for Mysh Mad:
    Dezz: "Mysh, you need to save that orphanarium!" "I CAN'T. I'M TOO MAD."
  • Episode 3:
    Mysh: Don't worry, guys, we got 18 lives.
    Bert: "I will destroy all of them!"
  • Episode 5: At one point in the video, Dezz reaches some boxes and tries multiple times to break them without success. The added "Spin Attempts" counter shows that he tried 23 times.
  • Episode 6:
    Bert: Juan's gonna get fucked on this right here.
    [Juan makes the jump and finds a silver gem]
    Juan: Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over my silver gem!
    Dezz: Oh my god!
    Juan: This is my third one, just so you know. Every time I've played I've gotten a silver gem. You need to do me a favor and-
    Bert: Don't you have any colored gems? You just have desaturated pieces of shit!
    Juan: You're just mad because I'm just worth so much!
    Bert: I have two grays, three pinks, AND a red! Red's the color of your fucking blood!
  • Episode 7 Part 1: Bert suggests that the boxes don't matter. This is not taken well by the others.
  • The Lost Episode Part 1: The first two and a half minutes manage to be hilarious even without video. Dezz accidentally lists Dubz in the lineup instead of Juan, Juan gets upset and leaves, Mysh presumably starts draining lives faster than ever before, Dezz starts laughing too hard to function, and Mysh accidentally quits the game after getting a record time game over.
    • The rest of the video is also funny as well.
      Mysh: Can you explain how I'm drowning in concrete?
      Bert: Please, warp room and just- Unbearable. It is more bearable than this despite the name.
  • Episode 8 starts off with a long sustained "OHHHHHHH" from Mysh, which Dezz harmonizes with.
    Juan: Now I gotta go get my burnt hashbrowns.
    Bert: Those hashbrowns have been in the oven for quite some time, viewers. He was making those LAST episode.
    • After Juan briefly leaves, Dubz comes in out of nowhere and decides to join in on the commentary briefly.
    • At one point, they have to run through a gauntlet of hazards to get to a bonus gem. When Bert finally makes it through, he falls right before the platform with the gem, but lands on a piece of ground that he can't see which prevents him from falling and dying but leaves him unable to make it back up.
      Juan: This is why DC can never have nice things.
      Bert: Present Bert is making editing on Future Bert during this bonus level quite easy!
      Caption: Thanks Past Bert!
      Juan: You had so much time, I made ANOTHER batch of hashbrowns, dude.
  • Episode 9: They accomplish the splitbahgaber indicative of Advanced Crashanomics.
    Juan: If you're not doin' it right, what are you doin'?
    Dezz: [Doin'] it left.
    Juan: I suppose you're right.
    • Before the end of the level, Juan mentions how disappointed he will be if the box counter reads 56/57 boxes collected. Instead, it reads 56/58.
      Juan: [pauses the game while Crash is looking down] Look at that. My face right there. See Crash's face right there? That's my face.
  • Episode 10 Part 1: In order to get to the boss, Mysh has to ride a platform up. He has to do this three times due to him losing all his lives. All three times, he accidentally takes the lift down:
    Bert: Crash - It's Hard.
    • Then, there's Bert's yelp at the 8:28 mark.
  • Episode 11:
    Bert: It requires you to be a level 10 planter, better than Farmer Jim.
    • Mysh ascends beyond mad. He's furious.
      Mysh: I can point out all the reasons this game is bad.
      Bert: But you forgot to point out the main reason.
      Mysh: Why?
      Bert: You played it.
    • Soulja Boy's favorite console: the Wii YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUU.
    • The perfectly harmonized "Yaaaaaaaay" after faceplanting on some boxes.
    • Bert takes a look at Juan's phone and sees just how many different alarms he has:
      Juan: Is that my alarm again?
      Bert: Yeah. I thought I turned them off, but you had a thousand, so I missed a few.
      Juan: I like to make sure I'm up for work!
    • And the Running Gag about Juan having to complete the level quickly so he isn't late for work:
      Dezz: Uh, if anyone from Juan's work is watching, this is how we jumpstart his car.
  • Episode 13:
    [The game freezes up.]
    Bert: Oh my God, what just happened?
    [Mysh cracks up.]
    Juan: You froze it.
    Bert: Juan-
    Juan: You fucking bastard.
    Bert: This level-
    Juan: You killed it.
    Bert: Hopefully that's not Foreshadowing.
  • Episode 14:
    [They come across a large amount of boxes.]
    Bert: Oh my-
    Juan: Get them. Get all of the boxes.
    Bert: It's clean.
    [Dezz accidentally reveals a TNT box. Everyone cracks up.]
    Bert: Just like those hookers in Singapore, man. Just when you think they're clean...
    Bert: Oh, it even tells you. Look, there's an apple like, "This one's a TNT. Come belly-flop me!"
  • Episode 15:
    Dezz: Juan, there is dick potential for this level.
    Juan: There is dick potential for this level.
    [The game locks up.]
    Juan: There's also freeze potential for this level.
    Dezz: The potential was too great!
    Mysh: I can imagine, like, right before this, it's like "Oh my gosh, Crash is coming! Quick! Everyone, light your sparklers!"
    Bert: "Sparklers! Hey, Crash, we missed you! Yeah! Wooo-AAAUUUGGGHHHH!"
    • When Juan starts speeding through the level at one point, Mysh decides to make a reference to Speed.
  • Episode 16:
    [The game locks up while Crash blinks.]
    Juan: So, uh, Bert, what are you doing right now?
    Bert: I'm...
    Dezz: Freezing.
    Bert: Closing my eyes. Sometimes I just like to take a nap before I go.
    • Dezz brings up the awesomeness of the name "Bert Casual":
      Mysh: "This Sunday at the Civic Center! Bert Casual coming to you!"
      Juan: "You can even bring other countries' money! Euros? We got it! Pesos? You name it!"
    • They then start going over the different nicknames they have given Bert:
      Mysh: How many different versions of Bert are there? There's Paranoid Bert, there's Regular Bert...
      Dezz: Paranoid Casual Bert.
      Bert: Scumbag Bert.
      Mysh: There's SlenderBert.
      Bert: Scumbag Casual Bert.
      Bert: Guys, I'm actually kind of scared right now.
      Juan: You should be. You're on Scare Tactics.
      Mysh: "This week on Scare Tactics: Casual Bert!"
      Dezz: "Casual Sewer Table Bert!"
      Juan: Let me get this straight, did you say "Casual Mysh Per-Sewer Bert Table?"
  • Episode 18:
    Bert: What's it like not being flawless? Oh wait, what's it like being flawless?
    Dezz: I don't know. I'm not in that club.
    Bert: Wait, I did have it right the first time. Shit.
  • In Episode 19, Mysh becomes perplexed by Bert's skills:
    Mysh: What kind of magic? Like, how are you controlling it?
    Bert: 'Cause I actually have hand-eye coordination.
    Juan: "Well, ya see, the defender-"
    Bert: Mysh is, like, looking at my controller, like, "Did he change the controls?"
    • Bert plows through Rock It, only to have some trouble getting the crystal.
    • The entirety of Mysh playing through Night Fight, from Mysh's mistakes to the rest of the group's increasingly over the top reactions to them.
  • Episode 20: Dezz has to get through the level in a short amount of time in order to get a gem. The gem is in sight with only a few seconds left... and the game locks up right before Dezz nabs the gem.
  • Episode 21: Juan makes a bet with Bert that if he finishes the level in three tries, Bert will make him a pair of moccasins:
    Bert: I don't know how to craft those.
    Juan: Learn.
    Dezz: Learn. In a Batman-esque quest across the world.
  • Bonus Episode: Bert tries to quit to the warp room from the warp room, costing them all their progress.
    Ferazel's Wand 
  • Episode 4: Dubz teaches Mysh how to do the Goblin Hop. You get on your goblin flier, grab your pumpkins, do a 360, then break Mysh's chandelier.
  • In Episode 5, Mysh kicks off a "Courage the Cowardly Dog reference":
    Mysh: If he was dead, wha- wh- why would we have to go do anything?
    Dubz: Umm... Oh are we doing this for him?
    Mysh: Uhh partially. But we also just- there's a lot of weird stuff happening- in nowhere, and it's up to Courage-
    Together: To save his new home!
  • In Episode 7, Dubz and Mysh comment on an odd picture of Ferazel warming his hands over a fire as a raven watches:
    Dubz: Dude, that crow is like, "Ferazel... NEVERMORE!"
    Mysh: And Ferazel's like, "Am I kawaii? Uguu?"
    Dubz: "Uguu? Desu des- AGGHHH MY FINGERS!"
  • Episode 17:
    Mysh: That's a really bad gate, by the way. Look at it, it's sand. Hit it with a water balloon and it tips over!
    Crash Bandicoot 3 
  • Episode 4:
    Bert: Dude, it's N. Gin! He's resorted to a gas station manager.
    Juan: Manager, or owner?
    Dezz: "Crash, help me gather the gems so I can use them for oil!"
  • Episode 7: Bert's reaction upon starting the secret level is hilarious.
    Dezz: What is forcing these bombs to move such as this?
    Bert: Them currents, man.
    Mysh: Midichlorians.
    Bert: I think the bonus still counts.
    Dezz: Yeah, it counts. You don't redo bonuses.
    Bert: "You don't redo do bonuses once you've beaten them. God. Have you even played the first two Crash games?"
    Mysh: "This game is exactly like them, except it's not."
    Bert: "My name's Mysh, and I hate-"
    [Mysh dies.]
    Bert: Mysh!
    Mysh: That was to spite you.
    Bert: Tell that to your death count.
    Mysh: "My name's Bert, but I'm actually saying my name's Caleb Myszka so I can say that I don't like this music, and somehow doing this makes him sound like a bad person, this is the lowest form of argumentation, because I'm not even insulting him directly, I'm just talking in a low voice that is- [cracks up]- supposed to be the noise of a soundly unintelligent person."
    Dezz: It's so hot in here!
    Mysh: It is very hot in here.
    Dezz: It's like I'm sweating on my sweat.
    Juan: Dude, you have a sweatshirt on. Don't even complain right now.
    Mysh: Okay, okay, Dezz started it! I was simply agreeing with him. No matter what I do I-
    Bert: Let's talk about the lowest form of argumentation. "Dezz started it!"
  • Episode 8: They finally return, and Hepna appears to take the role of Mysh.
    • At one point, Hepna runs into a nitro crate despite having more than enough time and space to shoot it from a distance:
    Dubz: You just tap the fire! You just tap the fucking missile! And you're like, "I'm gonna sniff it!"
  • Episode 10: Hepna makes a habit of continuously save stating as Dubz plays, often saving in the middle of dangerous jumps.
    Bert: Hepna being in DC is just gonna be a removal of privileges.
    • Hepna is supposed to play the first level, but Dubz takes over in order to try to make it over a long jump. It isn't until he completes the level that Hepna realizes he was supposed to do it.
    Pokemon Chinese Emerald 
  • Episode 1:
    [They examine the map on the wall.]
    Dubz: "Kurdz, you are able to see the map."
    Dezz: Who is telling you that?
    Dubz: The map!
    Dezz: There's a sticky note from your mom. "Don't forget, you are able to see the map!"
    Dubz: "By the way, remember to use your eyes."
    • They find that Tianyuan Town is prided as "a colorless city."
    • They get into a battle and find that Pound is called "fihgt" and Tackle is called "Bump."
    • When they save, they find that they have apparently acquired 9 badges in the first 15 minutes.
  • Episode 2: They find that the Pokedex is now called the Mon Map:
    Dubz: "This Map will automatically add new MONs into-" oh, this is the Pokedex?
    • Dezz describes their character as a hexagon with a head.
    • They catch a Seedot and decide on the name Pie... so Dezz names it 3.141.
  • Episode 3: They get into a fight with a Poochyena that keeps using "Call" while their Poochyena keeps using "Bump." They interpret this as the other Poochyena smack talking their Pokemon while repeatedly being punched in the face.
    • At one point, the interface glitches up, showing that their Pokemon has reached level 41.
    • Muffy the Vampire Bumper
    • They read PSNfrt fruit as "Poison Fart Fruit."
  • Episode 4: ZOOO!!!!
    • They find out that Zigzagoon is called Needle Rat.
  • Episode 5:
    Dubz: "Throw MON balls to make them toxic, burn or sleeping."
    Dezz: What? That's what we're doing to them?
  • Episode 7: Mysh comments on the nature of trainer battles:
    Mysh: Random people can challenge me to fights, why can't I challenge random people to fights?
    • They get an item called Teacher, resulting in the text "Kurdz put Teacher into bag!"
  • Episode 8: They fight a Hiker who is named Dolan.
    • After learning that Nosepass is called LXmon, they declare him to be the second coming of Lex.
  • Episode 9: The entire gag of Dezz learning about the concept of killing yourself:
    Dezz: Can I put that on my resume? Can I just put, like, "Killed Self in 1980?" You would like me at the cadaver museum.
    Dubz: I'm just realizing, going in for an interview, and they're like, "Uh, it says here you killed yourself in 1980," and you're like, "Yes I did."
    Bert: "But you're only 18!"
    Dubz: "I know."
    Minimoose: "Also, you're not dead."
    Dubz: "Yes, that is true."
    • They find out that the Devon Goods are called TBaggage.
  • Episode 10:
    Dubz: "rocks if we use the skill of MONs, can we break?"
    Dezz: It sounds like a bad Bob the Builder episode.
    • They find that the Pokenav is now called the Main Menu.
    • The Condition screen features an error that makes Dezz "actively upset."
    • The Pokedex name on the main menu changes from Map to DEX... and then back to Map again.
      Mysh: Look, it's called Map again. What the fuck is this game.
    • At the end, they catch a Marill, whose Pokedex entry contains the phrase "oily tail is the float tool." They decide to name it:
      Dubz: Drips! After Dubz! It's me! It's a little me! It's a boy too! 'Cause I got a- my oily... penis is the float tool.
      [Mysh and Dezz crack up]
      Dubz: Actually, that's not what I meant to... um... We'll be back after these short... messages.
  • Episode 11: Dubz has trouble pronouncing "human," yet manages to read "harmoniously" correctly.
    Mysh: Talk to the TV and the bookshelf.
    Dubz: "there isMMfavorite program!"
    Dezz: Dude, Mysh, I feel like you just took the role of the voice in someone's head, just, "Hey... Hey, you should talk to the TV and the bookshelf."
    Mysh: "Watch more TV."
    Dubz: "Kill yourself. In 1980."
    Mysh: Call back!
    Dezz: "It'll go good on your resume, man, I promise! How do you think I got this job?"
    • They find out about F4 being in vogue:
      Dubz: "There is a close relationship between F4 and F5, isn't it?"
      Mysh: Yeah, about half an inch.
      • This causes Dezz to reminisce about an art film he saw during a film class:
        Dezz: The guy just cut a goat's eyeball! There's no F4 in this!
    • Then, they start making puns centered around the term MON:
      Dezz: You're a MONster!
    • After going to the top floor of the Pokecenter, Mysh comes up with a theory:
      Mysh: Yo, you think it's all about Team [Aqua] and Team Magma? It's actually about the secret groups of F4 and Hellow.
      Dubz: And Vogue.
      Mysh: Yeah, F4 wants to cover the world in Vogueing, and the Hellow people want to cover the world in flowers.
  • In Episode 13, the level glitch happens again:
    Dubz: We are level 82. We should have no problem right now!
    Dezz: I'm gonna have trust issues by the end of this game.
  • Episode 14: They show off their Abra named iLean, which results in the text "Come on! iLean!", which quickly becomes a running gag.
  • Episode 16:
    Dubz: "I am seasick! help!"
    Dezz: You're not even on the ocean!
    Dubz: "The ship made of steel can float in the sea the flotage principle!"
    Dezz: That guy is a scientist right there!
    Dubz: He is sciencing circles around us!
    • At one point, Dezz mispronounces Tsundere as "Sunderer".
    • When they fight the Team Aqua grunts, they find that Carvanha now has a glitchy sprite:
      Dubz: Holy glitch!
      Dezz: Help! Help!
      Dubz: He's got little legs that aren't even attached to his body!
      Dezz: "Help me, iLean!"
  • Episode 17:
    Mysh: What's an electric food?
    Dubz: Oh. OH! Eggs.
    • After defeating the Pokefan couple, they are met with some rather questionable dialogue.
    • Near the end, Dezz accidentally goes into the Battle Tent thinking it is the Pokecenter.
    • After the end, Dezz accidentally releases Muffy.
      Dezz: Why would they let me do that!?
  • Episode 18 may possibly be one of the best episodes in the series.
    Dubz: "lost, can not go out" He's grounded.
    Mysh: He can't get out of this? It's so easy!
    Dezz: Well, we had to cut our way in, dude. The kid didn't know cut!
    Mysh: [cuts down a tree] You're all free now!
    Dubz: "Let us swim!"
    Mysh: He's like a protester. "Open the city pool!"
    • The trick house man provides them with some rather disturbing dialogue before giving them a Rare Candy... which is now called Cheese.
      Dezz: On Wisconsin!
    • "Forget the methods of See. I'm sorry, mother, I've failed you."
    • Mysh makes an effort to get an Aroma Lady registered on his "main menu" to no avail, only to end up registering the nearby twin girls instead.
      Dezz: Mysh!
      Mysh: I don't want that!
      Dubz: Your sex appeal is not...
      Mysh: It is not aligned. I need to recalibrate.
      Dubz: It is a poor alignment of-
      [they run into another trainer, who is an older man]
      • And then they add him on the main menu as well.
  • Episode 20: They run into a double battle with a psychic and a biker... who are now called Super Man and Iron man.
    • Kraut levels up and tries to learn a move called Noise. What does it do? Make noise!
      • They also find that most of the contest descriptions for Kraut's moves involve bulldozing.
  • Episode 21:
    Dubz: "I have many legends to tell, do you want to hear?" Yes. "I do not know the stories about trainers in the legends, there are no trainers like that. Are you trainer? I have many legends, do you hear?" Yes. "Do you have26timesrestore in very strong! New legend begins!"
    Dezz: What just happened!? This guy's just like, "Do you wanna hear a story?" "Yes." "There are no stories yet! Are you a story?"
    Dubz: "Are you a story? 26 times restore!"
    Dezz: It's like, "I want my time back, sir." "Then take this time restore!"
  • Episode 23:
    • Mysh pokes fun of Dubz for abusing the spacebar:
      Mysh: Are your legs tired?
      Dubz: No, dude, I have, like, computers for legs.
      [Mysh starts laughing]
      Dubz: Full desktops!
      Mysh: Towers.
    • One of the enemy pokemon uses magnitude:
      Dubz: Woah! "Shake star 4!"
      Mysh: That sounds like an anime.
  • Episode 25: The entire Joker Does Makeup joke:
    Mysh: "You know how I got these scars? You know how I hide them?"
  • Episode 26:
    Magma grunt: The ocean is still nice!
    Dezz: Woah, hold on. That is really admirable for someone who is trying to destroy it!
    Magma grunt: You are late.
    Dezz: "We've been expecting you. And you're late."
    • They give Taytr a Bill Clinton accent:
      Dezz: "Alright, listen here, BLdog. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. And I'm really horny."
    • They get into a double battle with two Team Magma grunts:
      Grunt #1: If enlarge land area...
      Grunt #2: Our lava group
      Dezz: Neither of you finished your sentences!
  • Episode 27:
    • They go to the PC to deposit Buzz in order to make room for the Wynaut egg. Dubz notices and points out a Poochyena named Muffy sitting in the box.
    • They fight a Camerupt which knows Attract and ends up making their Pokemon "blunt." After they realize this:
      Dezz: We have to send out the expert in love! [sends out Taytr]
  • Dubz decides to stump some trees with some riddles.
    Five Nights at Freddy's 
  • The running gags of them praising the kids as their saviors and clicking on Freddy's nose for catharsis.
  • They have a habit of accidentally clicking off the screen and scaring themselves.
  • After their first death by Foxy:
    Dezz: Plot twist: Mysh arrived and is mad about not being in the stream.
  • Their reaction to their first encounter with Golden Freddy:
    Dezz: Is that a shiny? Did we just catch a shiny?
  • They decide to try the demo for Five Nights at Freddy's 2. What is the first thing they try? Clicking on Freddy's nose.
  • The warning sign for the music box pops up while they are wearing the Freddy mask, leading them to believe it is a breath meter at first.
  • During a stream of Night 3 in the second game, Hepnah almost immediately clicks offscreen:
    Phone Guy: See, I told you you wouldn't have any problems! Di- [game audio stops]
    Dubz: Why? We're losing valuable information! CLICK ON FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S YOU ASSHOLE!
  • During their first stream of the fourth game, they play the Fun with Plushtrap minigame. They wait silently for a while to let Plushtrap get on the X, when all of a sudden XIRIX HAS SUBSCRIBED!
  • The next time they play the fourth game, Dezz in particular gets very into the game. Songofawesome from the chat manages to get a couple hilarious screenshots.
    • The subscriber jumpscare happens again.
  • During the Sister Location segment of the 2016 Hallostream, Dezz pulls a muscle in his neck.
    Octodad: Dadliest Catch 
  • Dubz and Hepna decide to play the game in co-op, with Dubz controlling the legs and Hepnah controlling the arms. Hepnah makes a habit of grabbing almost everything in sight.
  • In Part 2, the increasing carnage they cause as they try to navigate and carry out chores in the house:
    Hepna: I'm trying to pick up the room! Give me a minute!
  • Part 3: They attempt to steal the cereal from the lady in the store level:
    Lady: What are you doing!?
    Hepna: "I'm just looking at this." [grabs a bag of sugar and starts making a mess]
    • While in the middle of stealing the cereal, Hepna grabs a pair of cool glasses and puts them on Octodad.
    • While getting the soda, they become stuck to the plane due to the batteries in Hepna's controller dying.
  • In Part 4, Hepna finds a garbage can with a shark head lid. He knocks the lid off and puts it on Octodad, which he gets stuck in, forcing them to restart.
  • Finale:
    [Hepna shoves a telescope in a sailor's face]
    Hepna: I see you!
    • At one point they collect a tie without even noticing it.
    Spyro the Dragon 
  • Episode 5: Dubz begins draining their lives:
    Hepna: I haven't even looked at the controller yet, and you have four deaths.
  • The entire Corruption Stream is hilarious.
    • Part of the stream is spent corrupting Super Mario World.
      • The first corruption leads them to a world that Dubz and Christa call "Fuck-Shit Avenue." The background features, among many various sprites from the game, multiple doors that lead to the bonus minigame... with no floor.
      • One corruption glitches up the text in the intro cutscene, rendering Bert and Dubz unable to pronounce anything in it other than "gjoe".
      • They try a preset corruption called "Dick-figuration" which glitches the game beyond belief.
      • Another corruption appears to glitch up most of the graphics in the game except for Yoshi, causing Bert and Dubz to declare him to be Jesus.
      • During the same corruption, the "Mario Start!" text gets glitched up in an interesting way.
    • The also corrupt Donkey Kong Country.
      • One corruption changes the intro music to sound like a bunch of slapping and someone farting through a kazoo.
      • If you wait long enough during the Donkey Kong Country intro, the title screen appears with a 3D scroll effect. None of them knew this, so when they see it, they assume it is a result of a corruption and freak out.
      • Some of the corruptions make the music during the Rare and Nintendo logos sound like warning sirens.
      • Some of the corruptions even mess up the rom information. One such corruption changes the rom name to "Donkek Kong Country Y".
      • During one of the corruptions where they can actually play the game, DK randomly turns into a snake before the game crashes.
    • In general, Dubz pantomiming playing the various "instruments" in the corrupted music.
  • During one stream, they corrupt Paperboy 2.
    • The first corruption appears to be okay aside from a few minor graphical glitches... and then they reach a point where the paperboy crashes immediately upon starting.
    • One corruption (not shown in the highlight reel) causes the paperboy sprite to spaz out for a second before crashing the game.
    • During one corruption where the graphics are glitched up, Bert manages to locate and go over the jump behind the fence near the dog.
      Dubz: How did you do that?
      Bert: I don't know. I'd like to claim skill, but I don't know.
    • "UUUUUUUUU!"
      Bert: He's saying you did this.
    • One corruption reduces the music to a five second loop while causing the thrown papers to randomly break invisible windows.
    • One corruption glitches the graphics into a continuously changing mess.
    • "Here comes the Paperboy Fleet!"
  • Pokemon Red Corruptions:
    • "That's right! I remember now! His name... is... KEITH!"
    • One corruption causes Oak to open the start menu with every step he takes.
    • One corruption causes Oak to leave Red in the grass and talk to him from across the town.
    • One stream viewer suggests to Christa that she's in the perfect position to turn and stare creepily at the camera. Wouldn't you know it, she does.
  • Pokemon Yellow Corruptions:
    • "It's baby's first 8-bit!"
    • Dubz and Christa are pleased when they see the colors changed on one corruption... until they see Pikachu without eyes.
      Dubz: Hey Oak, listen, I don't want it.
    • They replace 1 with F in the corruptor and are met with insane audio and an infinitely looping room.
    • One corruption turns all of the NPCs into Red.
    • One corruption leads them to the infamous 3TrainerPoke glitch Pokemon.
  • From the first RTC corruption stream:
    • "Just a little puddle."
    • One corruption gives Mario a Koopa shell hat during the opening cutscene.
    • One corruption turns the background into a very pixelized mess. Even better, as soon as it happens, some fanart with KC Green's "This is fine" dog pops up in the on-stream chat.
      Dubz: This is really hurting my face right now.
    • One corruption messes up Mario's name, giving birth to "Msaio."
    • The last Super Mario World corruption before they switch off replaces most of the enemy sprites with the special unlockable ones, starts giving Mario unlimited lives, and ends with Mario turning into balloon form and being punted into the sky by a Charging Chuck.
    • MHBinky manages to get a particularly great reaction image from Moose.
    • "HE ASCENDS!"
    • Mysh tries to make a joke about Pokerus but ends up calling it "Pokebetus."
  • From the second RTC corruption stream:
    • While corrupting Donkey Kong Country, Dubz wonders if he can get a second Diddy from the DK barrel. About 20 minutes later, he does in a different corruption:
      Dubz: Diddy has returned to us.
      Mysh: He as replaced the imposter.
    • One corruption causes DK to pass through the ground and die immediately upon starting the first level.
      • Another causes several random invisible holes in the ground which both the enemies and DK can fall through.
    • When they move to Pokemon Crystal, they let Mysh name the main character. He decides on "Smeggie."
    • "I'm going for sure!"
    • The Ditto in the opening cutscene makes some goofy faces.
    • One corruption causes the text to only appear while Mysh holds in the A button.
    • "Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man!"
  • "Let's try this again without ascending to heaven."
    Dead Space 2 
  • Chapter 1 Part 1: During the beginning, when they have to kill necromorphs using only kinesis and poles, Dubz decides to pin a bunch of necromorphs in a single corner to create a "modern art project."
    • Dubz grabs a head and decides to drop it in a hole as an "offering to the gods." The head floats in midair instead.
  • Chapter 1 Part 2: Dubz dies during the stasis tutorial:
    Dubz: What the fuck is that thing!?
    Hepna: It's killing you because you didn't aim and press Y!
    • When Dubz uses stasis to slow down a fast-closing door:
      Dubz: [already on the other side] We're gonna make it!
    Resident Evil 5 
  • During the fight with Wesker and Jill, Dubz and Hepna die MANY times, the quickest being when they kill Jill with the rocket launcher less than three seconds after the fight starts.
  • During the final Cutscene Boss fight with Wesker, Hepna misses the very first quicktime prompt.
  • During the final fight, Hepna's reaction to Chris punching a boulder.
    Jackbox Party Games 
  • Some highlights from the Fibbage/Drawful segments of the Lovestream.
    Dezz: "How to Teach Religion to Your Dog?"
    Alexa: Choosing it.
    • During one Drawful round, one of them gets "Counting Crows guy farts arrows."
  • Behold, Hepna's valiant attempt to draw a chair fighting with a table
  • During one game of Drawful, PurpleChewbacca draws "Pope lifting weights." Unfortunately, two of the markings she draws on the pope's clothing end up looking like nipples.
    • In the same game, Dubz gets "laundry night", so he draws himself being chased by a shirt that is on fire.
    • In the next game, he gets "hot bartender" and draws a bartender on fire. One of the guesses is "the shampoo was actually lava."
  • During one game, Dubz draws a rather odd wizard. His prompt was "Fibbage."
  • During one game of Drawful, Hepna ends up neck-and-neck with moderator KodyWalker for the lead. Hepna wins, but Kody gets the like trophy.
  • Most games of Quiplash end up including multiple answers involving "12 Bricks." One such prompt is "The perfect song to hum on the toilet." This causes Dubz and Moose to attempt to hum 12 Bricks.
  • One game of Quiplash gives the prompt "The name of a clothing store for overweight leprechauns." Xirix comes up with "Tah Tee Tee Too Tighty."
  • One prompt they get is "The biggest complaint of people in Hell." However, Dubz misreads it as "The biggest compliment" and puts down "Dayyyyyum! You put the Devil in me!" No one votes for his answer.
  • The first stream of 2016 starts with Drawful and Quiplash:
    • In Drawful, Dubz and Dezz decide to make their self-portraits compliment each other. They draw Goku and Vegeta performing a Fu Shin Ha, Obi-Wan and Anakin arguing, and Rick and Carl (who are positioned in a way that it looks like Carl is shooting Rick).
    • One of the drawings resembles a disco ball, so 5 people put "disco ball" as their answer. One person picks this, giving 500 points to each of the people.
    • At the end of the second round, when the last prompt turns out to be "dummy":
      Dubz: Are you telling me that I typed in "dunmy?"
    • MCTalon1 joins the last game as Talon. Dezz also joins as Talon. Talon quickly becomes the first meme of 2016.
      • For the last Quiplash prompt, everyone puts a Talon answer.
  • During one game of Drawful, someone draws Eddard Stark saying "Winter is Coming". Christa puts "baby it's cold outside".
  • At the end of the popular Jail stream, they play a Jail-themed round of Quiplash. They open up song requests for the game, which leads to selections such as Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak by AWOLNATION, Prison Song by System of a Down, a Jail-themed remix of Sail by AWOLNATION, a "Jail Theme Song", and the title theme for Vib Ribbon. The last one is secretly a SiIvaGunner mashup with Jailhouse Rock.
  • They decide to play a round of Bidiots:
    • In the first round, Dubz bids on his own art to try to raise the price, but he ends up buying it himself.
    • The in-game buyers end up being disproportionately hostile towards DragoOcchi, with one woman suggesting that someone fart on her.
    • In the second round, Voila tries to screw someone else into bidding on her art, but the person ends up not having enough money. Then, someone else screws her, and she ends up buying her own art.
  • The 2016 Chat Meetup stream ends with a game of Drawful 2:
    • Dezz gets "toledo" in the first round, so he draws a very crude drawing of a toe, Rock Lee, and a doe. Three people call him out with their answers.
    • For the last image of the first round, Dubz tries to put "popeye" but accidentally puts "pooeye."
    • One of the images in the second round is an angry Statue of Liberty with a crudely-written "New York" at the bottom. One of the answers is "the king demands a new sporkey."
    • The last image is a picture of a bleeding trash bag, so someone puts "Bert getting injured." Because it's the last image of the game, it is never revealed who put it.
    • At the very end:
      Dubz: Did we all like my last answer?
      DragoOcchi: It was you, you asshole!
      Minimoose: Was yours the Bert one?
      Dubz: No. It was the only one that made sense for someone sitting in the bathroom.
      ChipsCahoy: "Can't see nothing but my own dick?"
      Dubz: Yes. I don't know how that didn't make sense for everybody.
  • During one round of Quiplash, someone puts "No fisting" as a choice for "Why Wolverine can't make a relationship work," leading Dubz to question who considers fisting to be a part of a normal sexual relationship. It ends up being Moosey, Dubz's fiancee.
  • When two minds think alike
    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Less than five minutes into the game, Dubz fails the very first mission.
  • This exchange after Dubz starts crashing into a bunch of trees:
    Dubz: Why are trees fucking... made of... gold?
    Hepnah: [cracking up] Why that metal!? Of all the metals, you picked the softest one!
  • During the mission where they have to get the first car to the dealership:
    Lamar: That fucker don't look like the whip we picked up!
    Franklin: Existent damages, motherfucker!
    Dubz: Existent- there's blood on the windshield!
  • Within the first hour, Dubz manages to fail the missions in a variety of inexplicable ways, the best being when he fails by kicking one of the windows in Simeon's showroom.
    • Of course, Hepna manages to fail by doing a wheelie on a bike and backing into a bus stop window.
  • On the mission where they have to rescue Amanda from the cops, Dubz fails at the last second because he decides to jump out of the car while it is still moving.
  • The Return of Carmageddon
    Hepna: I'm gonna die today.
    Dubz: We're all gonna die!
    • Almost any time they try to hijack a vehicle, another car comes out of nowhere and kills them.
      Dubz: Some bikes are gods, others are demons.
    • "Look at this guy, he's just so fucking docile." And then a car immediately kills him.
    • When they switch to Franklin, they find him surrounded by at least a dozen cars.
  • Big Goods from above, blessed be thy name
  • "I'm on top of the world!"
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team 
  • Due to Dubz and Minimoose dating in real life, Moose frequently jokes about the two main Pokemon being in a romantic (and sexual) relationship:
    Minimoose: "They took everything! Even my virginity!"
    [Dubz gives Moose a surprised expression]
    Minimoose: "Oh wait, that was you."
    [Dubz gives a more surprised expression]
    Minimoose: "With your nose."
  • After seeing Gengar's laugh visualized as "Kekeh!", Dubz inserts "kek" frequently into his speech:
    Minimoose: "Wha... World domination!?"
    Dubz: "Kek! You kekked right! That's why we're kekking in the kek and adding to our kek! The world is kek! The rescue team of kek!"
  • Due to not understanding how Blast Seeds work, Dubz ends up inadvertedly killing Boomish.
  • A Geodude is recruited and given to UnrecognizedEntity. It dies a minute later.
  • During one of the streams, a member of chat joins with the handle Albert-Wesker and keeps talking about Uroboros. Even when they continue into Drawful:
    "It's hard to draw with uroboros."
  • MrManuel00 ends up joining the team as a Weedle. This picture sums up his experience.
  • During the fight with Zapdos, Dubz eats a Sleep Seed, expecting it to put the enemy to sleep. Instead, it puts him to sleep.
  • One stream in particular is a series of things going horribly wrong, with Dubz failing multiple escort missions by letting the clients die. His last failure ends with him sending out a distress code, bringing him back to the starting menu, at which point he and Moose realize they forgot to save.
    Ape Escape 
  • During the second stream, chat starts abusing DCrobot again through its !vote feature.
    • DCrobot gives Hepna's hat a 1/10. Upset, Hepna puts on a new hat. This new hat also gets a 1/10.
    Banjo Kazooie 
  • During the first stream, Christa poses a question:
    Christa: Dubz, would you be Banjo or Kazooie?
    Dubz: You know, Dezz, what do we think?
    Dezz: Um... I feel like I'd be Kazooie because I am sort of a dick to people we just met.
  • Once they reach Clanker's Cavern and Bubblegloop Swamp, the deaths start happening. The most spectacular one occurs in Bubblegloop Swamp, where Dezz jumps directly from a Shock Spring pad into the swamp water.
  • In Freezeezy Peak, the Jinjos are referred to as both "the help" and the "Outskirts Jingo".
    • They continue into Gobi's Valley, but Dezz hits a roadblock when trying to get into the temple with the entrance at the top. He finally makes it in, but fails to get the Mumbo Token inside, so Dubz reloads a savestate, forcing Dezz to do it again.
  • Dezz gets handed the controller when they reach Rusty Bucket Bay. This leaves Dubz in charge of saving and loading states, which happens frequently in the infamous engine room.
    KodyWalker: Well, if the [death counter] poll was still going, it would be at 10
    KodyWalker: 11
    KodyWalker: 12
    KodyWalker: 13
    KodyWalker: 14
    • This backfires when Dubz accidentally saves a state in the middle of a death.
  • They spend a good portion of Click Clock Wood talking about and impersonating characters from The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes becomes a creaky door, and Carl just complains in a high-pitched voice similar to Darblina's.
    Dubz: I think we need to reel it in, 'cause we're still fucking talking about Walking Dead.
    • Dezz proposes that AMC creates an episode titled "Glenn Dyes", where Glenn does nothing but tie-dye a t-shirt.
      Dezz: "Maggie, I dyed you this shirt." "Oh thank you!"
      Dubz: "Maggie, how many walkers have you killed?"
      Dezz: "Rick, I'm already in your group!" "How many people?"
    • In chat, Scorchclaw produces this gem.
    • "Carl, where do fish live? COOOOOORRRAAAAAAAAALLLLL!"
    • In the Winter section, they try to get into the window to the room above Nabnut's home. On one attempt, Dubz misses, but manages to fly straight into the window below and enter Nabnut's home. Everyone is impressed by his accidental skill shot.
  • During the final fight with Grunty, they decide to let Hepna, who has never played the game before, give it a try. He doesn't make it past the first stage of the fight.
  • At the start of the game, when they have to find and drink the tracer fluid:
    Simon: Feels like milk, but the taste — it's like sucking on a penny.
    Dezz: Do you know how often I suck on pennies? Every day. That I take a tracer.
  • "What is your favorite part of being a professional canoe-er?" "The robits."
  • They frequently get into arguments over whether they are right to kill the robots:
    Dezz: We need another freaking In Memoriam.
    Dubz: We need an In Memoriam from all of DC, we've killed so many! We've killed so many people!
    Dezz: By sending another to the grave with a cabinet in hand?
    Dubz: I'm no worse than either of you! Mysh was sitting there chanting "DO IT! DO IT!"
    Dubz and Dezz in unison, as The Emperor: "Do it."
    Mysh: And I was right. In this world, in this world-
    Dubz: Listen, you can be in whatever world you want, it's still called murder.
    Mysh: In this world, it's kill or be killed.
    • They also argue over whether they are playing as a robot:
      Dubz: It's a good thing I'm sitting in this seatbelt-less chair.
      Dezz: Good thing you're a robot and it doesn't matter!
      Dubz: No I'm not!
  • They try doing the game where they provide an answer for a question one word per person, but they only come up with "It's in the hallway."
    Dezz: You're supposed to be creative, and we just say "It's in the hallway!"
    Dubz: That's where it is! You expect me to lie to you or say something funny? You've come to the wrong channel! Go watch, like, MrKelso if you want funny, I'm gonna tell you it's in the hallway!
  • In the second stream, Dezz pretends to be a robot who only speaks in .exe files:
    Dubz: Why are all of your files executables?
    Dezz: Because I executed all humans.
  • Dezz makes it onto an escape pod and is told to hold on to something, so he grabs a fire extinguisher. Dezz proceeds to name it Exting and adopt it as his boy.
  • In the third stream, they run into a monster with the ability to open doors, which causes Dubz to scream higher than ever.
    • One of their solutions is to lock themselves in a room and keep continuously closing the door until the monster goes away.
      Dezz: We don't want any! No solicitors!
  • In the fourth stream, Dezz enters a room by climbing up a ladder. In the room, Dezz grabs a steel panel and ends up throwing it over the top of the ladder. Later, he accidentally climbs down the ladder, leaving him unable to climb back up because he blocked the top with the panel.
  • Dubz finds a glitched monster.
  • After he finally finds the Ark, Dubz explores the site for a bit before realizing he forgot where he put the Ark, forcing him to reload a save. If one watches the stream again, it turns out he actually put the Ark where he was supposed to, and everyone just forgot.
    ARK: Survival Evolved 
  • Upon starting the game, Dubz and Dezz are able to create their own player characters. Ladies and gentlemen, Dubz Jr. and LegDay Jim.
  • Dubz tames a dodo on the first stream, AND HER NAME IS JANE CENA!!!
    • At one point, Dubz decides to set Jane's aggression to high. Because of this, Jane chases after a dinosaur, following it into shark-infested waters. She is immediately presumed dead, but she ends up killing the dino and coming back unscathed.
      • Upon learning that Jane may still be alive, the very first thing Dubz does is kill the dodo he was taming as her replacement.
  • Other highlights from the first stream:
    • Dubz accidentally eats his own feces and passes out.
    • Dubz tries to harvest what he thinks is a dead body, but it turns out to be Mr. Kelso's unconscious body.
  • When Hepna joins, he makes an effort to let everyone know every time he defecates.
    Hepna: I'm just letting you know that I've been collecting everyone's feces.
  • 2 minutes into the third stream, they accidentally aggravate a Brontosaurus which ends up killing their dodo Nurse.
    • Dezz makes a special pep talk:
      Dezz: Alright clan, listen up. [Dezz's character defecates on the ground.] Now, we are going to fill, and I mean fill, Dubz's inventory with our shit.
  • Dezz tames a Dilophosaurus by sprinting around in circles with it. In honor of this feat, he makes its name a large string of W's.
  • On a new server, Hepna names himself DR. BetterThanOtherDr.s and makes a crate named Hepna's Box of Sharp Objects.
  • Dezz gets stuck in a small pit between some rocks. They manage to get him out by positioning Tassadar next to him and having him mount it, after which Dubz realizes Hepna's dinosaur named Enrique Iglesias is trapped in the hole as well.
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky 
  • During the stream where they meet Dusknoir, Dubz's pronunciation of "news" causes chat to go off on a tangent about sharing nudes.
  • In one stream, Mitty learns Assist, which lets her randomly use a move from the moveset of one of the enemy Pokemon on the floor. On one particular use, she ends up using Thrash, causing her to hit and kill Booper.
  • Due to some rather long and unimportant dialogue, Dubz and Moose turn Dimensional Holes and Jail into memes:
    Dubz: I AM IN A ROPE JAIL!
    • At one point in the game, Grovyle tells the Pokemon to keep their voices down. Dubz responds by yelling Dinx's dialogue.
      KodyWalker: Shhh. This is a quiet jail.
  • They start getting sick of the excessive dialogue and Dinx's apparent stupidity:
    Dubz: "But then, what about all of the things Dusknoir sa-" oh my god! He LIED!
    Minimoose: DINX! Fucking- you don't deserve to be a part of our team. You are legitimately unable to deductive reason!
  • Minimoose does not like Monster Houses.
  • From the finale:
    • When they reach the Rainbow Stoneship, they go off on a tangent making inappropriate changes to the dialogue and making references to Yu-gi-oh!
      Minimoose: Oh no, it's Dusknoir!
      Dubz: No, it's Summoned Skull!
    • Minimoose gives a speech for Mitty to Dinx as her character fades from existence:
      Minimoose: "Thank you for everything, Dinx. You were a really stupid fucker, but I'm glad we got to train together at the guild. I'm glad we got to go on adventures and go to jail. I'm glad I got to know you, Dinx."
    Wind Waker HD 
  • At the beginning of the game, they read the opening cutscene text in a variety of different voices, such as Robot Randy, Kermit the Frog, and Mickey.
  • Dubz and Dezz get very careless with the moblins in Forsaken Fortress.
  • Dezz tries to give Tott an Elvis voice, but it slowly turns into Bill Clinton, followed by Rick Grimes.
  • Dubz and Dezz try to read some of the text without their glasses on. Dezz does fairly well. Dubz, however:
    Dubz: We, did... or........... they're not words anymore.
    • Despite reading the text very well, Dezz misreads Delivery Bag as "Delvy Bag."
  • They take an extreme closeup pictograph of Komali titled "Shame," which leads them to start taking a series of "Shame Selfies" of various people, including the bomb shop guy, Mako, one of the giant rock heads, Mila, and a Stalfos.
  • In Dragon Roost Cavern, Dubz buys a red potion... then accidentally drinks it 5 minutes later.
  • "You will die from falling."
  • They get the Elixir Soup and refer to it as "Gammy Nectar," "Gammy Drippings," and "Gammy Speudge," among other things.
  • Dubz hits a Seahat with the boomerang, and it proceeds to swim through the island:
    Christa: I think you need to get back in the fucking boat and leave.
  • During a puzzle in the Tower of the Gods, Dezz messes up.
  • When they find the Fairy Queen, Dubz and Dezz read her dialogue in tandem. Dubz reads in a high pitched voice, while Dezz reads in a low pitched voice, creating a very unsettling voice for the queen.
  • When they find the secret cavern on Ice Ring Isle, Dubz accidentally wastes some of the Elixir Soup and leaves the cavern before collecting everything in there.
  • Dubz is not very good at using the Hookshot.
  • After they beat Molgera fairly easily, Dubz criticizes chat for saying he and Dezz aren't good at games... and then he misses picking up the Heart Container afterwards.
    UnrecognizedEntity: Don't celebrate too soon, we still don't know if they can walk in a straight line to pick up the heart container.
    UnrecognizedEntity: Oh, look.
    Christa: Unrec called your shit.
  • They start talking about "The Zugga" during one stream:
    Dezz: It's important to know our catchphrase for him in high school was "You can see the afro in the distance."
  • Dubz comments on Link's bulge and how it doesn't look like how a little boy's bulge should look like. Hawkeye (Dubz's boss) proceeds to post several facepalm images in chat.
    • They proceed to talk about how "Sidling" sounds like a sex act, prompting Dezz to come up with "Sidle Torture."
    The Trine Series 
  • In general, whenever Dezz and Alexa accidentally (or purposefully) troll each other. A few highlights:
  • The entirety of the TRIAL OF THE GODS!
  • Dezz accidentally finds and goes through a secret passage that immediately kills him.
  • One vial of EXP forces them to use some... creative teamwork.
  • Right when they reach the final boss of Trine 1, one of the characters says "Jump to the ledge." Dezz misinterprets this as "Jump to the edge" and jumps off the end of the walkway, killing himself.
  • At one point in Trine 2, Dezz accidentally traps Alexa in a small indent in a wall with a pipe. He decides to run away in the hopes of having her teleport to him, but instead he ends up teleporting himself to her, getting both of them stuck and forcing them to restart.
  • Immediately upon starting the third Trine 2 stream, they get thrown into a pile enemies, and Dezz dies.
  • One puzzle causes them to die several times in the span of 3 minutes, after which Alexa accidentally exits to the main menu.
  • "I don't trust anything"
  • The entirety of their efforts against the spinning blade obstacle.
  • They frequently poke fun at the wizard's lackluster combat abilities:
    Dezz: What does the wizard do? He just makes boxes and cries.
    Pokemon Platinum 
  • Chat member rosstralian created a large assortment of fanart over the course of the entire Nuzlocke. Some examples:
  • At the beginning of the second stream, Dubz mentions he isn't wearing any pants, derailing chat for the entire stream.
  • In chat, DeXidious shares this picture of Dubz:
    Dubz: ...I didn't know I could make that face.
  • Dubz catches a Shellos, which is claimed with the name Squooshy. However, Dubz messes up and names it Spuooshy.
  • At the beginning of the Week 9 stream, Dubz decides to talk about his hair:
    Dubz: I love my hair. Christa knows, right Christa?
    Christa: No, you talk about how much you hate it all the time.
  • Dubz runs into a wild Bibarel and proceeds to talk about its shortcomings along with chat before it ends up killing Paco, his starter. Thankfully, chat revives him.
    • Just to rub it in his face, when Dubz catches a Girafarig, MHBinky claims it and names it BeatnByBib.
    Croc: Legend of the Gobbos 
  • At the very beginning of the game, Dubz describes the controls:
    Dubz: If you stuck a stick in someone's ass, and it controlled something, that is how it would control.
  • Dezz somehow exits a level by running into a wall.
  • When Dezz battles Chumly, they point out how the only thing that made him evil was putting a jetpack on him. They also laugh at how easy the fight seems to be, especially compared to the level Dubz had just played.
  • In the fourth stream, Dubz starts making savestates (frequently while Dezz is in the mid-jump).
    • At one point, Dubz gets a game over very early into a level. Rather than letting the game put him back at the beginning of the level with three lives, Dubz loads the last savestate, which happens to be in the middle of a jump in the previous level.
    • Near the end of one of Dezz's levels, after watching Dezz die and backtrack countless times, Dubz decides to make a savestate every few seconds to help him out. He ends up savestating in the middle of a death, forcing them to go back through the entire level. They decide to spend the rest of the stream playing a different game.
  • Dubz shares his story of why he never plays Madden with Dezz anymore.
  • In one level, they find a sliding couldron puzzle which they eventually decide to use the "savestate every few seconds" approach on. After several tries, they decide the puzzle is endless and only gives extra lives, and they give up and move on. And then a Gobbo appears from the puzzle, and they completely miss it.
    Knights of the Old Republic II 
  • At the start of the game, Dezz leaves it to chat and DCrobot to decide the player character's name. The highest-rated name? Bob.
  • Any time Dezz accidentally gains Light Side points.
  • Dezz's pronunciation of "console" causes chat to go off on a tangent about words that sound like console and council.
    The word of the day is a word that starts with "c" and is somewhere between "council" and "console"
  • Dezz manages to glitch the game and max out the Handmaiden's Dark Side influence much earlier than normal. This happens as a result.
    Dark Souls 
  • The playthrough starts off fairly smoothly, with very few deaths. Then Dezz decides to attack an innocent NPC, who proceeds to kill him several times. They are only able to continue on because the NPC accidentally falls off a ledge.
  • "The Tale of Bob and Jerry"
  • During one stream, Dubz makes a joke about moving to a porn site, prompting Dezz to quickly come up with their porn username: "DickliciousClitormon."
    Gregory Horror Show 
  • Dezz decides to rub his eye, which turns out to be a bad idea, as he didn't wash his hands after eating food with tobasco sauce.
  • During the second stream, they find Judgement Boy getting a little too excited.
    Alexa: Judgement Boy is asleep.
    Dezz: Look, he was really busy today.
  • Dezz manages to avoid Mummy Dog at the last second by talking to Roulette Boy.
  • During Roulette Boy's game, Dezz gets a knockout victory because Gregory ends up being sent back to start and then immediately gets hit with the 10-ton block, forcing him to skip a turn. Then, on his last roll, Dezz uses a W-Up card and rolls a 16.
  • During the second stream, DCrobot comes back, causing chat to use his !rate function more. About halfway through the stream, chat decides to rate Dezz's chances of getting a shiny in Pokemon versus those of chat member ChipsCahoy. Chips gets a 0/10 while Dezz gets a 10/10.
  • When Dezz tries to get the soul from Hell's Chef, he fails the first time because his controller dies.
  • During the third stream, Dezz dies for the first time, which proves to be a problem as it turns out he never saved during the entire stream, forcing him to redo everything.
  • Dezz tries a particular maneuver that doesn't quite work.
    The Evil Within 
    Moemon Emerald 
  • The entirety of the Bazingo run, from Dubz starting out with Deoxys (with a glitched-out sprite), to all of the names given to the Pokemon (DeBlocksys, Smash Mouth and Spanky), to Dubz dying to the first Pokemon and then the first trainer due to them knowing Dragon Rage.
    Super Monkey Ball 2 
    Vietnamese Emerald 
    Other Livestreams 
  • The Pokemon Green livestream had many funny moments.
    Bert: "Has a green skin and exuviates several times and then vomits out silk to build a cocoon before becoming an adult."
    Dezz: "Son, the path to adulthood is through this."
  • Paperboy 2 Part 1: Much of the humor comes from Bert ranting about the insane neighborhood of the game.
    [Dezz narrowly misses a truck.]
    Dubz: Lex has finally failed!
    [Dezz is killed by monster truck.]
    Dezz: Who does that!?
    Dubz: Lex. He upgraded.
  • Their livestream of the Carmageddon mod for Grand Theft Auto IV is full of hilarious moments due to the fact that all of the cars in the game have gone haywire. What makes it funnier, however, is that there were people saying May 21 2011 (which happened to be the date the livestream took place on) was supposed to be the rapture.
    Bert: "Get out the way! The rapture is here!"
    Dezz: This guy knows it!
    Dubz: That guy's just doing random pushups in the middle of the road.
    [They come across a car stuck in an odd place.]
    Bert: What happened here?
    Dezz: "This is my, uh, ornamental car."
    Bert: There's a guy in it.
    Dezz: "Hey, man, why ain't I going anywhere?"
    Dubz: Can you become invisible?
    Bert: Yeah, I can just become invisible. What would that do? It's not like the cars are after me, it's they're flying around in random directions.
  • Bert and Dubz Play: Sanatorium: They witness Slenderman sliding across the ground:
    Bert: He's like, "You didn't see me? Here- *SHING!* There you go!"
  • A segment of the September 2012 stream where they played Mario Party 2 features many hilarious moments. Some highlights:
    • 22:00 - A combination of Mysh singing "Albuquerque" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, Bert giving Dubz a goofy look, Dubz and Juan getting in a joke spat over landing on the same space, and Mysh unplugging the controllers leads to everyone cracking up and Dubz accidentally knocking the cartridge out of place, forcing them to restart on the very first turn.
    • 54:11 - Songofawesome kills Bert with this picture.
      Dubz: But you're my teammate! I can't do shit without you!
    • 1:10:15 - Mysh lands on a Chance Time space and ends up giving all of his money to Juan:
      Mysh: That's gaming with Mysh in a nutshell.
    • 1:12:30 - In a game of Platform Peril, Bert gets behind and starts trying to catch up, barely making it off of each platform. He winds up making it to the end, still losing to Mysh making Juan fall in the process.
    • 1:14:30 - "Stars - Packed to Go. Watch Bert get it because he always gets the free star."
  • FTL:
    Bert: I'm the captain of this ship, the S.S.- or, actually it's the Draught Train now. Sorry, I got recommissioned from the S.S. Rustle. I'm new here.
    Bert: Aw, we could've bought a slave.
    Dubz: Aw. If only we had more scrap.
    Bert: We'll attack them, then. Maybe they'll give us one.
    Dubz: [laughing] You just- "We'll attack them, then."
    Bert: Yeah.
    Dubz: "That seems right."
    Bert: That's what chat would've done, right chat?
    Bert: We took a hit, Captain!
    Dubz: You're the captain. You just talked to yourself. "Captain's going mad! Eat him!"
    Bert: That's the first thing Rynhart thinks, just "Captain's going mad! We gotta eat him!"
  • Super Amazing Wagon Adventure: The game provides many funny and random moments, most notably the unicorn ambush and Adam's mushroom hallucination.
  • Real Life For Morons: Bert plays as a teenage girl and tries to take a job at a strip club. He ends up being attacked with a rocket launcher during one shift.
    Bert: "How do I die and pick a new character?" "You just go to the doctor's office and have a heart attack!"
    Dubz: I can help implant embryos!
    Bert: Mysh is serving beer at a bar during a riot and there's just a hundred people at the counter punching Mysh.
    • Dubz accidentally suicide bombs a church with a NASA satellite controller he bought at a garage sale.
      Dubz: I just killed myself. And Daniel.
      Bert: This is a holy place!
      Bert: Why would you satellite a church? Dubz!
      Dubz: I didn't know the satellite would cause an airstrike.
      Dezz: Dubz died on my wedding.
    • During the last ten minutes of the video, Bert finds an epic dance party and decides to get wasted.
      Bert: Dude, this dance party's too intense! I'm getting tired, and it's starting to affect my health!
      Mysh: Scumbag Bert - doesn't even notice until after-
      Bert: I'M WASTED!
  • Mario Party 2:
    Mysh: Look at Anigorn trying to spell my name.
    Sam: He's closer than most people have gotten.
    Mysh: Oh wait, he actually got it right.
    Sam: That's a lot closer than most people have gotten, then. "Look at him try- oh."
    Bert: "Look at Anigorn trying to spell my name! Oh, he got it right."
    • Mysh constantly spams Peach's "YEAH!" taunt, both annoying everyone and leading them to think interesting thoughts when Peach and Yoshi share the same space.
    • Later on in the game, they start repeatedly calling in the Duel/Battle Minigame Goomba:
      Bert: This guy's like, "You motherfuckers!"
    • The Mecha-Marathon game is also hilarious:
      Bert: You're all fucking trash. Every last one of you.
  • Bella Farts: A segment from an older livestream where Dubz's dog farted the most smelly fart ever:
    Dezz: Dubz, I think your dog is dying! Through its butt!
    • "Round 2"
  • Pokemon Stadium Minigames: During one game of Snore Wars, they actually get a draw:
    Dezz: What?
    Bert: What?
    [Dezz starts laughing.]
    Bert: WHAT!?
    Mysh: "Nobody Won!"
    • Mysh becomes so good at Rock Harden that the others often resort to just letting him win.
      Mysh: Suddenly, Mysh is amazing.
    • Dubz seems to be the only one who is (somewhat) competent at Ekans Hoop Hurl:
      Bert: Yeah, Dubz is already at fucking four!
  • Dubz and Mysh Play - Poleriders: Dubz and Mysh have an absolute blast playing a QWOP-like game they find from a livestream suggestion, but the best laughs come in at the 16:30 mark.
  • Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 Tournament:
    • They take account of the various names given during Pokemon Stadium 2. Ogetip! Togetson! Pichup! Igglue!
    • Bert brags that he will get a perfect round and tie with Dezz in Clefairy Says, only to end up failing miserably:
      Juan: Bert, I don't think that's how you do perfect.
    • After Adam gets a strong lead, Bert decides to keep choosing Dig! Dig! Dig! to delay his victory:
      Bert: Stop winning and I'll stop picking them!
  • Bert and Dezz's game of Super Mario Bros. 3 goes fairly smooth until Mysh accidentally touches the video cord:
    [The video becomes messed up.]
    Bert: Uh oh. Mysh-
    Mysh: I touched it with my toenail, and the heart attack flowed through it!
    Bert: Mysh: The Destroyer of All Things Good.
    Dezz: I almost had a third flute, and we could've beaten the game!
  • The Bootleg Bonanza stream is full of hilarious moments.
    • Much of the time is spent playing Bootleg Gold #1 (also called Hong Kong Gold), which is full of many fun translations:
      Bert: "Pokemon will app at night." Dude, they bust out their apps!
      Bert: "This is the... you need Surf." Like, what is it? I don't know!
      Dezz: "This is theeeeeeeeeeeeyou need Surf."
      • Professor Oak's speech at Mr. Pokemon's house contains much questionable dialogue.
        Bert: We got the wish meat!
      • Dezz examines a tree and is astounded upon finding coffee.
      • Toys in bay define kay!
      • BMAD.
      • Fick that ball!
        Mysh: "Hayato [Falkner] uses rock Poke-" No he doesn't! What a liar!
      • Mareep's Pokedex entry somehow becomes "It's name is li Mary, who had a little lamb."
      • Paras's type label in the Pokedex: Mysh!
      • Mysh gets a call from "boss is heat," who says nothing but "BMAD."
    • Even better is Bootleg Gold #2, which appears to be exactly the same as the first Pokemon Gold bootle- HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
      • The game starts out very glitched and corrupted, but the game resets itself multiple times, making the game worse each time:
        Bert: I think this is as deep as it goes.
        [The music suddenly stops.]
        Bert: Uh oh. Just kidding, we're going deeper!
      • They finally reach a dead end when Mysh tries to use the computer and is met with an inescapable screen with an odd pattern and "KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK":
        Dezz: "It's the Klu Klu Klu Klu Klu Klu Klu Klux Klan."
      • At one point, Bert decides to see what will happen if he tries to save:
        Bert: "Windows! No."
        Dezz: Apparently Steve Jobs is with us.
        [The game locks up.]
        Bert: Windows No! Windows, what have you done?
      • When they try to use a move in a battle, their Pokemon falls asleep and gains an infinite life bar that begins draining:
      • The group finds that they can "paint" the world by moving around.
      • Their reaction to accidentally finding the printer screen is also priceless.
  • Mysh & Dubz Play - CutThroat Island:
    Bert: Dude, the quarry, Dubz! Are you ready?
    Dubz: I'm a Quarry Dubz now?
    Bert: Yeah.
    Dubz: I mine myself for minerals. "Oh look, bone marr- oh."
  • The Mario Party 2 segment of the 2013 Summer Stream had multiple memorable moments:
    • Bert plays Coffin Congestion and easily finds the item he wants, but doesn't get it because he can't figure out how to open the coffins.
    • Bert questions the scariness of an open bottle of ketchup on the map:
      Bert: Who designed this map, and goes, "You know what we need? We need spooky. You know what's spooky?"
      Dubz: "A bottle of ketchup."
      Bert: "Open bottles of ketchup on the floor."
    • Who wins the map? No one. The cartridge is accidentally bumped with 13 turns left.
      Dubz: Together, we can change!
      [The game starts glitching up.]
      Dubz: ...Apparently we can't change.
      • Even better is when Mysh tries to fix it, but ends up making it sound even worse:
        Mysh: Look! It's a wild Missingno!
        [The sound stops completely.]
        Mysh: Aw, you ruined my joke.
    • At the end, Mysh claims that Dubz somehow earned his stars through dishonest means.
  • The entire hassle of Bert trying to reinstall Warcraft 3 during the 2014 Halloween Stream. He tries to redeem a code, but finds he already used it on a account. He tries to logging into an email account he had not used in years that may be connected to an account with the game on it, but fails when he cannot remember how to answer the security question. He then finds out he can get the email to text a verification code to his phone, which he can use to log into the email, which he can use to get the password to his account, which he can use to redownload the game. He finally gets into the account, but finds there is no Warcraft 3 (but there is Starcraft 2). He then tries their official DeliciousCinnamon email, which proves to be successful. However, he finds out it would take too long to download through, so he decides to download a torrent instead. He then realizes that he doesn't have enough hard drive space, so he begins uninstalling programs. He uninstalls Google Chrome, forcing him to use Internet Explorer and inadvertently download multiple viruses. Finally, after much hassle, Bert manages to download the game and necessary patches and get the game running on his computer! Then they find out that he used the same CD key as Dubz and Mysh, preventing them from playing through
  • Dubz makes Hepna play Happy Wheels for the first time:
    • He tries playing a "Troll level" as the shopper. He frequently loses by having his head removed or destroyed.
      • At the beginning of the level, the last L in "Troll Level" falls down. During one attempt, Hepna is fast enough to catch the L in the shopper's basket... which causes the shopper's head to explode.
    • They try a sword-throwing level where Hepna has to throw swords at various people, including Justin Bieber and Hitler.
      • On his very first attempt, Hepna accidentally impales himself in the head.
      • When Dubz tells Hepna to go after Hitler:
        Hepna: Why is he so nicely dressed?
        Dubz: When was he not?
      • They discover they can actually pick up Justin Bieber and throw him at one of the other targets.
      • At one point Hepna accidentally grabs the sword at the bottom of the pile, wasting the rest of the swords as he picks it up. He has to somehow hit the remaining two targets with this single sword... so he chucks it into space.
    • The entirety of the Colorful Harpoon Run.
    • They try a level where they have to throw a ball into one of many goals. Hepna accidentally throws a ball into the death goal, causing a mine to come down and blow him up. However, his character's arm goes flying and lands in the victory goal, causing him to win anyway.
    • Dubz's reaction on the next level: OH MY GOSH
  • I Am Bread, AKA Bert becomes one with his inner bread.
  • Moose tries playing Super Clean Clean for the first time with Dubz. On her first try, she seems to do a decent job, until she finds a room almost filled to the roof with vomit shortly before the game ends.
  • During part of a Pokemon Showdown stream, Dubz and Dezz begin intentionally mispronouncing the names of DragonBall Z characters a la OneyNG's parody:
    Dezz: "Goddammit, Kookoroke! My Little Kookaroo! Get in there!"
    Dubz: "I'm sorry, Vanilla Ice Cream! I wasn't-"
    Dezz: "Goddangit, Camp-kurat!"
    Dubz: "I wasn't strong enough to be a soyen!"
    Dezz: "You must ASC-end to the level of soaper sowen! Quickly! There's not much time!"
    Dubz: "Vanishing Powder!"
    Dezz: "Zuzu is a-coming!"
    Dubz: "Fruzu! But my Kamoya Mia won't affect Fringi!"
    Dezz: "But what about Majujin Ba?"
    Dubz: [cracking up] "Maji Ball!"
    Alexa: This is why I don't introduce you to shows anymore, Dezz.
    • Of course, they move on to other series:
      Dubz: "Shun. Shun please. Stay away from Larry. Larry is my wiff."
      Dezz: "And Carol is my son."
      Dubz: "You can have Carl. But do not touch Carol, my son."
    • They even baffle themselves with some of the names they come up with:
      Dubz: Where's Grund Krao?
      Dezz: What!?
      Dubz: Grand Kai.
      Dezz: Gronal Iristo!
      Dubz: What!? What was that one? That one hit me like a sack of bricks!
  • Dubz starts a Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke challenge with fellow streamer SenpaiPlz.
    • On the first run, Senpai starts out with a Ludicolo that knows Luster Purge.
    • Dubz manages to run into a Mew as his first catchable Pokemon on the first route... and then he fails to catch it.
    • Senpai chooses Duskull on the next run. He becomes dismayed when he sees the moveset is Skill Swap, Haze, Counter and Payday.
      • Dubz, on the other hand, gets a Houndoom that knows Featherdance and Rolling Kick.
    • Senpai runs into a Pokemon that knows Hydro Cannon, Luster Purge and Aeroblast and has Arena Trap as its ability. He then battles May, who uses a Hitmontop with Drought that knows Overheat. Before the Nuzlocke actually goes into effect, he gives up.
    • Immediately after catching a Jolteon, Dubz runs into a Moltres on the same route.
  • The entirety of Citizen Burger Disorder.
    • Dubz and Hepna decide to take care of the rats by putting them in the sink. Along with all of their money.
    • Due to a poor connection, polocatfan lags around the game, sometimes floating in midair:
      Dubz: And I don't know what's going on with polocatfan, but they've ascended to a higher plane.
    • At one point, the facecam freezes up, and no one notices for at least a minute.
    • Somehow, a massive "gravity burger" is formed, consisting of a burger, a bun floating about a foot above the burger, another bun floating above that, a slice of cheese floating about 20 feet away, and presumably various other food items floating even further away.
    • Despite the poor connection, polocatfan starts endlessly ordering lettuce.
    • Near the end, the coworkers engage Dubz in a group hug:
      Dubz: Chat, we are in a box together now. Our business may be failing, but at least we have each other!
      Hepna: And Kevin!
  • One of their streams happens on the same day as chat user PurpleChewbacca's birthday. This is their attempt to sing Happy Birthday to her.
  • From the Mario Maker stream:
    • They accept level codes from chat, so UnrecognizedEntity sends in TieTuesday's joke level "BANKSY DOES IT AGAIN."
    • JigglyJacob creates a difficult level specifically to punish Hepna for missing the charity stream he attended.
  • During the 2015 Hallostream, Dubz killed a few monsters in Undertale before getting the hang of the battle system. Chat instantly Flanderized him into a remorseless murderer and wouldn't let him forget about it for the rest of the stream. Summarized in this image, which also pokes fun at him for trying to justify his killings.
    • One of the things Dubz "kills" is the training dummy at the beginning of the game. This becomes funnier later when they run into the mad dummy, who berates him for destroying his cousin's home.
    • Right after their first encounter with Sans, they try to follow him by going back the way they came. This happens.
  • Dezz wins a game of Speedrunners in under a minute.
  • After they finish Wind Waker, Dubz, Dezz and Christa decide to play Super Mario 3D World. Dezz proceeds to troll the hell out of the others.
    • At one point, Dubz causes a set of red coins to appear, while Dezz and Christa fall off and die. Dubz collects all of the coins, only for Dezz to quickly respawn and take the Fire Flower from him.
    • On one try, Dezz manages to throw both Christa and Dubz off in one fell swoop:
      Christa: I'm fucking done. I fucking quit. Are you happy?
  • Dezz and Alexa play Happy Wheels for the first time:
    • "I'm the human slinky!"
    • Dezz plays a bottle run level, and his strategy involves getting his bike to hover above the bottles as he rides over them.
  • One stream of Pokemon Showdown finds the RNG heavily in DC's favor:
    • They get a Volcanion with Leftovers in one game:
      ClockworkLogic: bullshit dubz using unreleased pokemon
      Dubz: I'm not cheating, I swear!
    • This culminates in the final battle, where their team consists of a competitive build Crobat, a Manectric with a Mega Stone, and a total of four legendaries including Hoopa Unbound.
      Dezz: This is the team that your little cousin that plays Pokemon has, that's just like "I'm really good!"
  • The Town of Salem segment of the 2016 Hallostream is very funny, due mainly to the various last wills:
    Pipikek: I pipi'd my last kek
    Finster: At least I had sex on hitbox for 0.5 seconds
    John Proctor: Nobody gets my copy of Batman the movie on DVD. I've fooled you all.
    Lydia Dustin: ListenTM
    Jonathan Corwin: in the arms of an angel...
    Castellanos: 30 gigs and my death animation looks like this?
    Agumon: Looks like I wasn't Digi-destined to live.
    Meowth: Meee-owth that's DED
    • Deodat Lawson's last will in the first game is just a grocery list.
    The Reminiscent/Cinnacast 
  • Week 1: Bert and Dezz's entire anecdote about how they met is hilarious:
    Dezz: I was like, "This is what it's like to live in the ghetto."
  • Week 3: Two thirds into the video, part of the background falls off and nearly hits Bert, causing the crew to be extra jumpy during the rest of the video.
    • At the end is an outtake of Dezz knocking the camera out of place.
  • Week 4: Dezz finds himself in one of Adam's drawings:
    Adam: You went down with the ship.
    Dezz: Why did I go down with the ship?
    Adam: I don't know, you decided to be a hero or something.
    Dezz: Why am I saluting?
    Adam: I- I don't really- you weren't on the ship to begin with. I think you just said, "Hey where am I?" so I put you saluting going down with the ship.
    • Bert talks about drawing himself and his friends facing their worst fears. Juan's greatest fear? The Sith take over.
  • Mario Kart Double Dash Part 2: Highlights include Adam accidentally blowing up everyone (including himself) less than 5 seconds after the race starts on Waluigi Stadium, and Adam being seemingly trolled by the game near the end of Bowser's Castle.
  • I'm Scared:
    [They come across a table with empty chairs.]
    Bert: He wants to have dinner with you. That's what this whole thing was about.
  • Dubz and Bert Play - Octodad:
    Bert: Dude, just kick the ball in there, man. C'mon, look at this kid, he's terrible! He has no idea what he's doing. He's using a Jenga block to guard the goal!
    Dubz: I'm in the fridge!
    Bert: "Looks like we're havin' octopus for dinner!"
    Bert: "Honey, I'm stuck in the door!"
  • Stream Outtakes:
    Dubz: Shut up and give us our money! ...No, I actually got it, though-
    Bert: Yeah, give us OUR money, you fucking thieves!
    Bert: Dubz! We're giving him away to you! He's yours! Take him, we don't want him!
  • Valentine's Day Special:
    Bert: This dude has seen some shit!
    [The ingame character starts walking with spazzy animation. Dubz cracks up.]
    Dubz: "Ah-ah-AHHHH let's go, yeah!"
  • Bert & Dubz Play: Pokemon 3D:
    Bert: "Mr. POKeMON lives near CHERRYGROVE-" Why do they always have to capitalize things?
    Bert: That's Leer? That's Leer? Just, "Sprinkle some cinnamon on you."
  • Space Funeral: Dubz provides a voice for Philip, which basically amounts to sobbing as he walks.
  • Subscribe Trailer Outtakes:
    Dubz: Welcome to DarbleCinnamon.
    Mysh: It's a breakfast cereal. DarbleCinnamon!
    Dubz: It's more than good. It's a breakfast cereal. Who lives in the middle of nowhere!
    Bert: With her husband, Eustace Mysh! But creepy stuff always happens in Juan's room. It's up to Bert to save his new Dubz!
    Mysh: Stupid Dubz! You make me look bad! Oogah Boogah Boogah Boogah!
    Dubz: AH!
    Bert: Uka Uka Uka Uka!
    • At one point, Bert accidentally calls Dubz "Chubz."
  • Bert, Mysh, & Dezz Play Virtual Boy... okay, maybe just Bert.
  • 7Days: A running gag is created out of "It's not time yet":
    Bert: It's like the opposite of "It's happening." Did you just realize that? Like, we can't say "It's happening," because-
    Dubz: It's not time yet.
  • DC Summer Stream Announcement:
    Mysh: Bert, it's my dentist. He wants me to come in for a polishing on the 17th.
    Bert: Tell him to go fuck himself. Tell your teeth to go fuck themselves. Tell your teeth to fucking clean themselves!
  • Before the Summer Stream 2013, Bert, Dubz and Mysh apparently got locked out of Bert's apartment. This caused a lot of jokes among people watching the stream as well as some fanart.
  • Fallout 3 Episode 3: "Why don't you have any ammo?" Cue Flashback Cut to Dubz wasting ammo earlier in the video.
  • Fallout 3 Episode 4: Dubz points out in the beginning that his character jumping on a car makes less sound than a cone or a bottle hitting a car.
    • After they start battling packs of wild dogs, they find one dog that starts flying into the air.
  • Earthbound Episode 4:
    Mysh: Gimme money! I'm gonna mug this dog.
    Dubz: I don't think the dog will give you money. "I'm gonna mug this dog! Gimme everything you've got!" "ARRR!" "I SAID EVERYTHING!"
  • The preview for the Corruption Stream:
    Dubz: "I'm just gonna go down this ladder, go down this ladder, gonna go back to Yoshi's houseokay, goodbye, AH!"
  • From Mysh's guest appearance on MeleeMilwaukee:
    • Mysh and Nick start discussing what kind of animal Lucario is supposed to be based on, with Mysh commenting on his Anubis-like features. Then someone in the chat bluntly states that he is a dog.
    • They joke that the acid in the Brinstar stage is actually salty ramen broth.


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