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Awesome moments appearing in DeliciousCinnamon videos.

  • It would be hard to top catching Mew with the last Pokeball.
  • All of the fanart they have received for Pokemon Green and other games they have played.
  • In Pokemon Crystal, the theme for the Radio Tower taken over by Team Rocket is similar to the Team Rocket Encounter theme (the encounter theme is shorter and higher pitched). Bert realizes this and decides to do something about it.
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  • Bert and Dubz managing to defeat Whitney in Viet Crystal with a very tight plan, involving Steak leveling up and learning Curse just before her Miltank comes out and then sacrificing herself to use it, and a lot of luck with Miltank's attacks missing. And then the broken pokemon center works.
  • In Part 1 of their Superman 64 livestream, everyone had significant trouble just playing the game. Right at the beginning of Part 2, Dubz managed to pass the first level without missing a single ring and with 24 seconds left.
  • Bert added some NES Castlevania music to enhance their Criswelvania series.
    • For the last episode, he used remixes of the music instead.
    • And let's not forget how they ended it: Bert was Dracula the entire time.
  • After struggling on Road to Ruin, Bert finishes his "Odyssey" by breezing through Plant Food and obtaining the Yellow Gem.
  • Dezz's skill shot (which he is able to do a second time).
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  • Take your pick: Bert and Juan getting perfect scores in Streaming Stampede, everyone getting a perfect hit simultaneously in Clear Cut Challenge, or Adam beating everyone at Pokemon Stadium 1.
  • Episode 19 of Pokemon Chinese Emerald, where Mushy (Aron) at low HP and paralyzed, manages to defeat two trainers. Though this could also be because of the AI's stupidity or Pokemon not learning damaging moves.
  • Bert getting the bread to land perfectly on its side in I Am Bread.
  • DeliciousCinnamon winning the #hitboxFAVE contest just in time for them to stream 24 hours straight on Valentine's Day. Particular highlights:
    • Dubz and Mysh playing through all of Outlast in one sitting.
    • Hepna beating the third-best North American Pokemon player in a Pokemon battle.
  • During the Mario Maker stream, they manage to (accidentally) find a sequence break in MinionOfGruumsh's level.
  • For the 2015 Hallostream, they managed to raise so much money for charity that they were able to up their goal three times and still met it.


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