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  • From "Beating Minecraft With Xray Challenge #3", we have a moment where Dream falls down a hole George was digging and George tells him "This is what happens when you fall into my trap". What follows is Dream having a complete and utter breakdown as he struggles to keep himself from laughing. The best part comes when George falls down a ravine and Dream is laughing so hard that he wheezes out "I'm gonna pee myself!" as he struggles to breathe.

  • George's utter terror whenever Dream surprises him. George is the poster child for Screams Like a Little Girl. And it gets funnier when Sapnap is added, with George frequently crying out for help whenever Dream begins chasing him.

  • Sapnap's admittedly justified anger at George when the latter gets too trigger-happy and kills him in the end of the 2 Hunters video. Then he gets even more angry when he learns that George doing so cost both hunters the game.

  • A lot of the outcomes of Dream's traps. Hearing the hunters utterly confused and shocked after being blown up in one fell swoop is hilarious.
    • Especially the one about 10 minutes into the first 3 Hunters video - Dream digs himself into the side of a hill as Bad comes over it, in the middle of reading off coordinates and not expecting an attack:
    Bad: Negative one thousand - OH MY GOODNESS HE WAS HIDING

  • The ending of the third 3 Hunter video. Dream kills the hunters after a tough fight. However, he's forgetting that the Hunters can just respawn and come back to attack. And thus, as he's celebrating, an unarmored, unarmed Bad just walks up behind him and one-shots him.

  • During one of the 3 Hunter episodes, Dream is cornered in the Nether. Downing a fire resistance potion, he jumps into the lava lake to escape. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when Bad jumps in after him and dies.

  • During the fourth 3 Hunter episode, Dream & Sapnap are chasing each other through the Nether fortress (George & Bad have died). Sapnap runs into a room, seemingly escaping Dream... and promptly gets cornered by two wither skeletons. Dream just sits back and watches as he gets mobbed to death, only moving to kill a stray wither skeleton that attacks him and then block off the corner Sapnap's trapped in, leaving him no escape.
    • In Dream's discussion video about that manhunt, he admits that it would have been more efficient to just kill Sapnap while he was helpless, and almost decided to. But seeing him get slowly beaten by the Wither Skeletons was funnier for him and the audience, so he decided not to.

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  • Bad's incredibly hammy "HELLOOOOO, DREAM!" a few minutes into the 4 Hunters video.

  • Remember how George got shocked whenever he took damage in-game? Dream did the same for a stream later, and he even curses!

  • The Finale Rematch and Grand Finale animations by Twinmators animate all of Dream's funny moments, and make them more hilarious.

  • When Sapnap was in Dream's boat in the Grand Finale, Dream started spinning around for no reason. The funny part comes in when Sapnap starts getting dizzy and begins to ask Dream to stop, to which Dream responds by continuing to spin.

  • Dream decides to do an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference during "Minecraft, but we can only see one chunk"
    Dream: Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked... (to George and Sapnap) Give a visual.
    (Sapnap gets out a flint and steel and sets fire on the ground next to him)
    Dream: It attacked! It attacked!
    (Sapnap and George set fire to the trees around them)
    Dream: Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.
    (George places water)
    Dream: But when the world needed him most, he vanished.
    (Dream steps back into another chunk, making him vanish from George and Sapnap's perspective)
    (George and Sapnap gasp and laugh)
    George: That is the dumbest thing you've ever done. Now there's a forest fire. Let's go.

  • In the Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters rematch, Dream tries to build a cobblestone crafting table.note  While it obviously doesn't work, what sells it is that Dream tries it multiple times.
    • Also in the "4 Hunters Rematch" video, after Dream traps the hunters in the Nether's roof, they realize they have to die to escape, losing their enchanted armor in the process. While this is an awesomely cunning trap on Dream's part, the humor comes in when the hunters immediately turn on each other. When the hunters decide to just wait for Bad (who had been killed by his allies) to arrive with a Flint & Steel and free them, Sapnap gets bored and turns on Ant, killing him as well. And then Bad is unable to link with the correct portal, meaning George and Sapnap (who are still trapped in the Nether) have to kill themselves and abandon their armor anyway.

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