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Tangled is a Disney cartoon franchise based on Rapunzel, that started with the successful film of the same name and spawned various spin-offs and adaptations.

The 2010 movie introduced the princess named Rapunzel, who is born with magical powers and kidnapped as a baby by an old lady named Gothel. Rapunzel is kept locked away in a tower by Gothel for the first 18 years of her life. Then she meets a thief named Flynn Rider and they end up falling in love.

The 2012 short film named Tangled Ever After showed the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn.

In 2017 a TV film, Tangled: Before Ever After, came out, which was set in between the film and Ever After. It was followed up by the TV series Tangled: The Series, which in its second season was renamed to Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.

See also the Disney Princess franchise.

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Franchise installments include:

Animated Films

Western Animation

Comic Books

  • Tangled: The Series
    • Tangled: Adventure is Calling (2017)
    • Tangled (2018)
    • Tangled: Hair-Raising Adventures (2018)
    • Tangled: Hair and Now (2018)
    • Tangled: Hair It Is (2019)


Video Games


  • Tangled: The Musical (2015)

Tropes throughout the franchise (and works without pages yet):

  • Age-Gap Romance: Eugene is 5 years older than Rapunzel. Rapunzel is clearly stated as being 18-years-old in the movie. Eugene's 25 years old the season 2 finale; since the season 2 finale is almost a year after the 1st season finale (Rapunzel says they've been on the road for nearly a year), which is stated to be almost exactly one year after the movie, Eugene is 23 in the movie.
  • Big Bad: Zhan Tiri serves as this for the entire franchise behind pretty much all the events of it both indirectly and directly. From Gothel kidnapping Rapunzel to Varian and Cassandra's Face–Heel Turn.
  • Magic Hair: Rapunzel's hair is magic, due to her mother ingesting a magic flower (the powers of which ultimately came from the sun) during her pregnancy with Rapunzel. Her hair can heal, reverse age, and glow when sung to. When her hair is cut, it loses its magic.
  • Named After First Installment: The original movie is just named Tangled with the name being used in the sequel media Tangled: The Series and Tangled Ever After.


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Gothel Abandons Cassandra

In order to lose the royal guards chasing her after kidnapping Rapunzel, Gothel ended up leaving her daughter Cassandra with the guards and never came back for her.

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