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  • Flynn Rider is a bandit and swashbuckler, the very same type of role that made Errol Flynn famous.
  • To Independence Day of all things, which is a beautiful touch, since that's what Rapunzel got from meeting Flynn.
    Flynn: [Upon first using Rapunzel's frying pan as a weapon] Oh, mama, I have got to get me one of these!
  • The pub thug that goes and gets the guards? He's one of the earlier designs for Flynn–he even wears the same colors, and is based on Nathan Greno, one of the directors.
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  • A little more obscure, but still there–when Gothel, during "Mother Knows Best", snuffs out the candles, it's a mild reference to "Snuff Out the Light", a cut Villain Song from The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Eugene's death seemed strongly reminiscent of the Beast's death in Beauty and the Beast. Even to the point that Rapunzel is leaning over him like Belle leaned over the Beast.
  • Pinocchio can be seen in "I've Got A Dream", when the camera pans around.
  • Flynn says "I don't sing." in the same tone and expression as Robert did in Enchanted, and then (under threat) he sings only emphasizing the Enchanted reference all the more.
  • In the cave, there's a skeleton with a sword sticking out of it in the same pose as one of the skeletons in a certain ride.
  • Look closely at Gothel's dress. The entire thing is decorated with curly hearts... that are identical to the ones on the Kingdom Hearts logo. The design also incorporates what may be modified versions of the Unversed or Heartless sigils.
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  • When Maximus jumps from the last building, the scene is set up in the same way as in Free Willy, complete with child looking up at while Maximus/Willy jumps over their head in slow motion.
  • There are two lines in "I See The Light" that have the exact same melody and almost the same words as a line from A Whole New World: "And standing here,/ it's crystal clear/ I'm where I'm meant to be" "And now she's here/it's crystal clear/ I'm where I'm meant to go" compare with "But when I'm way up here/it's crystal clear/that now I'm in a whole new world with you."
  • "When Will My Life Begin Reprise" ends with Rapunzel stretching out her arms and spinning around in a field.
  • The film starts with the line "This is the story of how I died."
  • When they first enter the city, in the background noise someone calls out "fresh cockles and mussels", and the background music turns into an Irish style melody. When combined it seems to be shouting out to the Irish folk song Molly Malone.
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  • At one point, Flynn says "Oh, bother."
  • When Flynn brings Rapunzel to the Snuggly Duckling, he says "You don't look so good, Blondie," in the exact same tone Tuco did to Blondie.
  • Hook Hand Thug loves to play Mozart, and this movie has some thematic elements that call out to Mozart's own opera "The Magic Flute". The whole of "I Got A Dream" resembles "Das Klinget So Herrlich" when Monostatos' slaves about to kill Papageno and Pamina suddenly burst into joy thanks to Papageno's magic glockenspiel. Also, "The Magic Flute" has its villainess as the Queen of the Night (often associated with the Moon onstage). Rapunzel, who is associated with the Sun is in fact the heroine of the story and therefore Queen of the Day!
  • The whole Snuggly Duckling scene is an homage to the Knights of the Round Table scene, complete with a bucket-helmeted knight dancing with the same moves. All that's missing is some variant of "It is a silly place."
  • There's a very small Shout-Out to the original fairy tale, which was far more grim. During "Mother Knows Best", while listing out all the reasons the outside world is horrible and how Rapunzel should never leave for her safety, the line "plus, you're gettin' kinda chubby" is sung. In the original tale, Rapunzel's prince found her a good while before the witch ever noticed. The witch figures it all out when Rapunzel suddenly starts to outgrow her dresses, particularly the waists, even though her diet hasn't changed a bit. The witch waits for the prince, and when he shows up, she has him thrown into a large patch of sharp brambles and cursed with blindness. Rapunzel is set free, but she's dropped by the witch somewhere she doesn't know, gives birth to twins, and goes completely insane.
  • Possibly an unintended shout out, but at one point during "Mother Knows Best" Gothel says the line "Go ahead, get trampled by a rhino." This may be a reference to James and the Giant Peach, when James' parents were mauled by a rhino escaping a zoo.
  • The cover of issue 2 of the Tangled comics is one to Amazing Fantasy #15, where Spider-Man made his debut.
  • The way Gothel dies by Rapid Aging, first by noticing her hands wither, then her hair turn white, and then screaming as her body ages into nothing but dust, is a near shot-for-shot recreation of Walter Donovan's death in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In fact, the buildups for both deaths are similar. "She chose... poorly."


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