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See also the pages for Tangled Ever After and Tangled: The Series.
"All at once, everything is different
Now that I see you!"

  • The King and Queen in the "Waiting for the Lights" scene. D'awww! Don't cry, sad king!
    • The heartwarmer is in the look between the King and Queen beforehand. Very reminiscent of the "I'm not strong enough" scene in The Incredibles. They're heartbroken, but keep each other together.
    • And of course, when Rapunzel reunites with her mother and father in the end. There's a moment when Flynn/Eugene is on the outside of the family's joyous hug, looking on and smiling... then the Queen looks over at Eugene and extends her hand. Eugene goes in for the assumed handshake, when the queen suddenly pulls him into the tight, warm embrace. It's simultaneously a gesture of thanks for saving Rapunzel and a welcoming into the family.
    • When the Queen and Rapunzel reunite; the King remains at the door, but the Queen is the first to move — she's a mother regaining her daughter!
    • It also adds to the fact that Eugene is an orphan. He may have never known what it is like to have a mother and father. Now he does.
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    • The fact that after all those years and despite not having her golden hair the Queen still recognizes her daughter. She gently caresses her daughter's cheek and knows who she is.
    • After all those years a guard runs into their room, and the first thing the Queen and King thinks is that their daughter was found, and they need only a small nod to make it real.
    • Another very sweet thing about the reunion at the end is just the look on both Rapunzel and the Queen's faces. It's one of those moments where you see the family resemblance, and it's the first time you see it with a direct comparison now that Rapunzel is an adult herself. The look of shocked, wary hope on their faces is beautiful.
    • Throught the movie, Gothel always makes Rapunzel come to her for a hug but at the end of the movie it's the Queen who initiates the hug between herself and Rapunzel.
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  • Fridge-Heartwarming: The first time watching it, Flynn meeting Rapunzel may seem like a cliche case of Love at First Sight. But bear in mind it's not just that. What makes it meaningful is that Rapunzel stepped out of the shadows as a "strong, confident, beautiful young woman". Flynn wouldn't have fallen in love with her if she was none of those things. He fell in love with all the good qualities Gothel claimed Rapunzel didn't have.
  • Rapunzel hugging Eugene in relief after her tear heals him. And before that, as he is dying, they both say that they are each other's "new dreams. D'awww.... Also doubles as a Tear Jerker when Eugene is dying. *Sniff*
  • Flynn's character really begins to grow after the scene where he confides that his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert and Rapunzel encourages him by saying she likes it better than Flynn. She also takes to calling him by it for throughout the rest of the film - Flynn responds to this well.
    • Flynn being Flynn, he does brush it off with a casual "you'd be the first", but he pauses long enough before that to make it clear that the comment actually means a lot to him. This is made even better when she lets out a little giggle in response.
    • Specifically, she phrases it "I like Eugene Fitzherbert much better than Flynn Rider." She isn't just talking about names, she's saying she likes the real him rather than the person he's pretending to be.
  • There's a moment, right before the lanterns go up, Rapunzel is passing time putting flowers in the water. Flynn is holding out some flowers in his hand for her to pick from and.... the look he's giving her is just too much.
  • Also, during "I See the Light", Flynn launches the two lanterns that he had prepared-one for Rapunzel, and one for him.
    • Let's be honest, the entire "I See The Light" scene is one huge Heartwarming Moment, from the flowers being put into the water to the lanterns to the look that is on Flynn's face as he pushes aside the satchel.
      • It's also when Flynn and Maximus first interact in non hating-each-others-guts way, and when Flynn first is sweet to Pascal.
    • Rapunzel's face when she finally sees the lanterns up close for the first time.
  • The little moment during the "Kingdom Dance" montage where Rapunzel and Flynn are hiding in a little nook, holding cupcakes and smiling at each other.
    • The entire Kingdom Dance segment, really. Take your pick of Rapunzel and Flynn growing closer, Rapunzel's excitement at getting to explore and have fun around her own hometown (even if nobody knows that part yet), or how she brings everyone together for an awesome dance sequence. She even draws a great mural out of chalk to go with the festivities.
    • Fridge-Heartwarming: This isn't just a playful montage with Rapunzel having fun and spending time with Flynn. From a certain viewpoint, this is about Rapunzel spending time away from Gothel to see what her life is like away from her. And from what the montage shows us, Rapunzel's a happier person for it. As opposed to that lonely girl in "When will my Life begin", Rapunzel is discovering she's creative, intelligent and spirited when she's surrounded by other people, especially Flynn.
  • When Flynn wakes up after being tied to the ship. The first thing out of his mouth is Rapunzel's name, and he doesn't stop thinking about her or trying to get to her after that. Considering his dream was to be alone with lots of money, it shows how far he's come as a person and how much he loves her.
    • And immediately after, when he tries to escape from guards. Why is he escaping? Not so he can keep himself from being hanged — it's so that he can wring out information from the Stabbington brothers to find out how Rapunzel had been put in danger. Awwwwww.....
    • In a way, his entire mood during the march-to-the-gallows scene, as Tearjerking as it is at the same time. He's in his cell, anxious and scared that something might have happened to Rapunzel. He's silently despairing as he's being led to his execution. And then he sees the Stabbingtons and gets rip-roaring pissed enough to easily cow them into submission for information. Then when the guards drag him off again, he goes into a panic trying to tell them that there's a woman in horrible danger. His mood swings are completely motivated by his concern and love for Rapunzel, and this is legitimately the most afraid and genuinely angry he's been the whole movie.
    • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Flynn figures it out: the "old lady" was Rapunzel's mother, and she worked with the Stabbington brothers, telling them about the hair. Logically, Rapunzel must have returned to the tower with the "old lady" who was willing to endanger her own daughter. No wonder Flynn was fearing the worst when he finally makes it back to the tower.
  • At the end, where Flynn is playfully playing keep-away with Rapunzel's crown. She tries to get it a few times before realizing what Flynn is trying to do. She knowingly smiles at him and they lean in and kiss. While they're kissing, Flynn puts the crown on Rapunzel's head. D'awww.
  • "Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?" All her life it's been drilled into Rapunzel that her magic blonde hair is the only thing of hers worth value. So, when it's gone, Flynn quickly reassures her that she's still beautiful to him without it.
  • Even if she's the villain in the story, the sequence where Mother Gothel leaves the tower to go get Rapunzel her requested paint for her birthday really was touching.
    • Indeed. While she was mean and emotionally abusive, if you watch, you see little glimmers that show that Gothel does actually care about Rapunzel, and not just as her own personal walking Botox treatment.
    • Also, the scene where she panics upon realizing Rapunzel is missing. Even if you could argue it's for selfish reasons, nobody goes that crazy over someone missing unless they care for them on some level. The stage version takes it further, where she fears that a handsome rogue has kidnapped her daughter.
  • The cute head snuggle between the Queen and baby Rapunzel in the beginning. Dammit, Gothel, why did you have to go and ruin everything?!
    • In fact, every moment between the Queen and baby Rapunzel is simply adorable.
  • Watch Flynn's expression when he hugs Rapunzel after he is resurrected. For about one second, he frowns just the tiniest bit, and holds Rapunzel a little bit tight. He knows he was this close to losing her, and he never wants to let her go again.
  • Rapunzel and Flynn reaching for each other during the Kingdom Dance sequence, but keep getting pulled apart by other dancers. They keep looking at each other, wanting to dance together. And then they finally meet at the end, coming face-to-face together and shyly stare at each other. It speaks volumes about their growing attraction to each other and is also very heartwarming.
  • When Flynn and Rapunzel are in the Snugly Duckling and the seemingly-malicious Snugly Duckling crew is cornering them. Despite the fact that Flynn brought her there to get out of the deal, you can see that Flynn is also trying to protect Rapunzel. Awww! He does care!
    • The Ugly Duckling scene was this as a whole, especially "I've Got a Dream", where all the burly, intimidating thugs reveal their hidden soft spots. The whole routine is just one big pile of Sweet Dreams Fuel!
  • The first kiss. It's clear that Rapunzel has no idea how to kiss properly (lets her nose gets in the way, doesn't seem to realize that she might want to open her mouth) and Eugene gently helps refine her technique. It's just so cute and sweet and gah. If that doesn't remind you of your First Kiss, then you did it wrong.
  • Funny and heartwarming moment: The campfire scene, when Flynn says that Rapunzel won't want to hear about his past because "It's kind of a downer". Rapunzel immediately scooches closer, paying him her undivided attention.
  • Producer and long-time Disney animator Glen Keane designed Ariel on his wife. What did he design Rapunzel on? His daughter. Aaaaawwwwwww.
    • And in a meta sense, his daughter is Rapunzel. Claire Keane was also one of the production artists in the film and did all of Rapunzel's paintings, from the tower murals to the chalk drawing in the Kingdom Dance sequence. The idea that Rapunzel painted her walls was even inspired by how Claire also wanted to paint her room as a child.
    • The royal lantern even finds its way to her!
  • The final lines:
    Rapunzel: And we're living Happily Ever After.
    Flynn: Yes we are.
  • In the end credits, it shows a caricature of a smiling Dan Fogelman, the screenplay writer, smiling as if he was saying "You're Welcome".
  • Flynn/Eugene's face while watching Rapunzel in the kingdom and is clearly developing a deep attraction to her. The way Max notices and teases him about it, followed by Flynn/Eugene playfully shoving him away is adorable in itself.
  • Those cute little girls who look like all their Christmases have come at once when they're given the opportunity to braid and decorate Rapunzel's hair.
    • Watching them braid all her hair like it's a fun new game is just as adorable.
    • Unwittingly, they are granting Rapunzel something Mother Gothel would've never dreamed of giving her "daughter" : freedom to move about without her hair weighing her down. Rapunzel has spent the better part of her life worrying about her hair being underfoot wherever she goes, and for once, she can proudly carry her hair with grace and dignity. The way Rapunzel gasps a grateful "Thank you!" is the cherry on top.
  • In the very beginning of the movie, when they're searching for the golden flower, you don't see just guards looking but common villagers who probably volunteered to help save their queen. When they find it, the guard is enthusiastically cheering.
    • Unlike other shots of the city at night, the city when they leave is completely dark. It wasn't just a few villagers, it was the entire city that went questing to save the queen.
    • The king himself feeds the magic tea to his wife. He starts smiling as she recovers.
  • Another one (of many) during the the Kingdom Dance sequence; it's easy to miss, but the fact that Flynn/Eugene, a career thief actually buys Rapunzel various little gifts and snacks throughout speaks volumes... (the apples for Max afterwards are a little harder to call).
  • The king and queen start the lantern ceremony in the hopes that it will bring their daughter back. What makes Rapunzel want to leave the tower?
    • As mentioned before, the royal lantern does wind up at Rapunzel during that year's festival.
  • Maximus busts Flynn out of jail, having figured out that Rapunzel is the lost princess and Flynn accidentally found her. (There are hints to this, namely Maximus's shock when seeing Rapunzel up close, and immediately listening to her when she asks him to stop chasing Flynn for a day.) When he reveals he rallied the Snuggly Duckling patrons to mount the jailbreak, Flynn sincerely thanks him. He then ponders if maybe they've been misunderstanding each other and could be friends. Maximus gives him a flat look, chiding him without words because it's not the time for bonding. They have a princess to save! Flynn agrees and asks him to ride. Maximus makes sure that the guards see him, so they'll follow eventually.
  • Even if Gothel had tried to get away with Rapunzel, Maximus was standing guard at the base of the tower. He was not leaving, even if he couldn't climb.
  • Flynn is relieved when he sees Rapunzel's hair tossed out of the tower. He starts climbing, and apologizes to Rapunzel for everything, saying he's relieved she's safe... cue his Oh, Crap! on realizing she's Bound and Gagged. If Gothel hadn't ambushed him, he was going to go untie her.
  • Pascal's feeble yet desperate attack on Mother Gothel when she starts to drag away Rapunzel from the stabbed Flynn, out of sheer love for Rapunzel. He'd rather sacrifice himself (Mother Gothel could have easily killed him) for Rapunzel and do something to help her, than simply watch it happen.
  • Twice in the final confrontation.
    • Rapunzel is willing to sacrifice all of her hopes, dreams and consent to being an eternal slave to Gothel if it means saving Flynn. Gothel knows she never breaks a promise.
    • Flynn draws Rapunzel in for what seems to be one final kiss... only to take a shard of glass and shank her magic hair to ensure she doesn't throw her life and freedom away for him. He was willing to give up his own life to make sure Rapunzel got the life she deserved away from Gothel.
      • Let's elaborate on this. Flynn/Eugene knows he has what has to be a fatal wound, and knows Rapunzel has the power to heal him with her hair. He also knows that Rapunzel won't break a promise once she's made it and she's just promised to never fight or attempt to leave Gothel if she lets her heal him and save his life. It wouldn't matter if he followed and searched for them or how many times he found Rapunzel afterwards. He would never be able to rescue her because she would never go with him, no matter what Gothel put her through. So he does the only thing he can think of that will allow Rapunzel to live freely and unabused and uses the very last of his strength to make sure that she can never be held to that promise, even at the cost of his life.


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