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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Film

  • Ray being united with his love, Evangeline, after his death.
  • "If I can mince, you can dance."
  • Ray switching gels in front of his fresnel butt.
  • "Because Tiana...she is my Evangeline."
  • Louis and Naveen in frog form bond when they play their respective instruments, with Louis lamenting that he can't play with humans because they're all scared of him. At the end of the movie, he and Louis are jamming again...only Naveen is human and has hired him to play at their restaurant. As Mama Odie said, Louis didn't need to change to have people like him. He just needed the right humans to appreciate him for who he is.
  • Naveen is willing to selflessly give up his own personal freedom by marrying a woman he doesn't love so that Tiana can realize her dream of owning her own restaurant, even if it means that he can never be with her. Damn, somebody give that frog a hug!
    • Just about all of them pulled off a moment like this: giving up their direct path to their own dreams for the sake of the others. Naveen is willing to marry Charlotte, Charlotte is willing to give up her chance at marrying Naveen when she sees that Tiana and Naveen are in love, Louis goes full Gator in the middle of his one big shot at Mardi Gras, Tiana turns down Facilier's offer, and Ray....
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  • Charlotte, who spent the entire movie pursuing her dream to marry Naveen and be a princess. Upon discovering that Naveen and Tiana have fallen in love with each other, she is delighted for her friend's happiness and offers to turn them back, no strings attached.
  • The part where Naveen uses some spare wire and a bracelet for a makeshift engagement ring to propose to Tiana with.
  • "My dream wouldn't be complete... without you in it."
    • Naveen: Warts and all? Tiana: Warts and all.
    • "We're staying frogs. And we're staying together."
  • "I'll get a job. Maybe two. Maybe three!" His expression, the motivation behind the sentence and the fact that this is being said by a pampered prince who never did anything by himself in his life of luxury is very heartwarming.
  • Tiana and Charlotte's opening sequence, as well as helping her at the party. See No Sympathy for that one.
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  • When Mama Odie tells Tiana "What [Tiana's dad] had in him, you got in you." Just the look on Tiana's face....
  • Tiana and Naveen falling in love is one of the sweetest things ever seen in cinema.
  • The fact that the movie is a return to Classic Disney will give warm fuzzies to any long time fan of the company.
  • Charlotte getting teary-eyed by seeing her best friend finding her one true love was very endearing. There's just something about that typical Alpha Bitch being so happy for her best friend, and her little sentence (something as "I've heard about true love stories in fairy tales all my life... and you've found yours, Tiana!") that... d'awwww.
  • Tiana using that old drawing as the cover of her restaurant menus — and actually calling it "Tiana's Palace"—is just so sweet!
  • The entire song "Ma Belle Evangeline". No explanation should be necessary, but I'm sure this will be elaborated on.
  • Prince Naveen stopping Louis from saying "That ain't no fire-" during "Ma Belle Evangeline". Seeing a womanizer like Naveen, who had been previously lecturing Ray on settling down too quickly, actually respect Ray's affection was heartwarming.
  • Seeing all of little Tiana's neighbors, at the beginning of the movie, sitting together and eating the gumbo she made.
  • James's one brief scene also served as his establishing character moment; as a kind loving father and a generous man. He doesn't have much and he never lies to his child, but nonetheless is a nurturing parent and a kind soul.
  • When Tiana is catering Charlotte's party, a minor scuffle ends in her being knocked into the dessert table and overturning it, ruining the beignets that Charlotte was banking on to help her get the Prince's attention. Charlotte, who has already been established as spoiled and self-centered (out of obliviousness rather than cruelty), proves herself to be Spoiled Sweet when her only concern is making sure that Tiana is okay and helping her find a clean dress.
    Charlotte: Okay, Tiana, time to hit him with your man-catching be- What happened?
    Audience: [cringes, expecting an explosion]
    Tiana: I- I-
    Charlotte: Oh, you poor dear. [helps Tiana to her feet and starts ushering her to the house; calls back over her shoulder] Prince Naveen? I'll be right back, sugar! [to Tiana] I've got just the dress for you...
    Audience: [relaxing] Aw, look, she's not a total brat after all.
  • "Dreams DO come true in New Orleans!"
  • Louis' band at the end is called 'The Firefly Five Plus Lou'.
  • Naveen's attempt at proposing to Tiana. Especially since Naveen had been a womanizer for most of the movie.
    • And the wedding! Oh man, the wedding.
  • Tiana and Charlotte as kids are pretty Moe themselves for how cute they are. Just look at them!
  • Almost, if not all of the moments where Ray talks about Evangeline could count. Highlights include:
    • The first time he talks about her and his wish to be with her, complete with Squee!!
    • The entirety of "Ma Belle Evangeline" where he expresses all his love for her and also giving an adorable moment for Tiana and Naveen together.
    • A deleted scene where he helps Naveen cope with his feelings for Tiana, saying that he can relate to his feelings, since he does feel unworthy for his love too, but still seeing her shining so bright makes him want to glow brighter as well for her sake. In his words: she makes him a better fly.
    • Him not giving up on Evangeline even though an upset Tiana told him his love was pointless, as stated in the Tearjerker page.
    • And of course the moment he got reunited with Evangeline. And before that Ray saying that both him and her are happy for Tiana and Naveen, and she's the last thing he sees before he close his eyes with a smile on his face. Also a Tearjerker moment.
  • Easy to overlook, but when Naveen compliments Tiana on her Swamp Gumbo and she shyly thanks him; it becomes more heartwarming when you realize he probably had the best cooks in his castle, so you can tell his compliments to her are completely sincere.
  • It's sweet how the King and Queen of Maldonia are positively enthusiastic about their son marrying a former waitress and businesswoman.
  • Charlotte dancing with Naveen's younger brother (who's only around 6 or 7) is both cute and sweet.
  • It is relatively minor, and some may find it a sidestep around the issues of the time, but the relationship between the La Bouffs and Tiana's family is heartwarming. For being possibly the richest man in 1920s New Orleans, a position which one could easily let get to their own head, Eli doesn't let the prejudices of his time cloud his judgement of talent and character, not only handsomely paying Tiana and her mother for the good service they provide, but also treating them with decency and respect one would expect from friendship. He even allows his daughter, the apple in his eye, to be friends with Tiana, helping her to grow up with the same lack of prejudice he has.
    • Really, just the friendship with Tiana and Charlotte have in the 1920s and the fact that no one is batting an eye no her opening a non-segregated resturant back then. She may be married into royalty (So that likely helps in some regards), but she and her best friend are people of two very different races and backgrounds in an era where racism was legally enforced in the USA. Says a lot about the two that they don't let prejedice get in the way of their friendship well into adulthood.
      • It's really sweet to see Lottie rush into the restaurant Tiana works at near the beginning and be so happy to see her friend. One gets the impression that she and big daddy go there specifically to see her. Not only that, but regularly judging from how Tiana has their order memorized. Heck, knowing how Tiana values hard work, she would likely view taking a hand-out from Lottie to start her business as a short-cut, so Lottie giving her a big chunk of business and paying handsomely for it was a very thoughtful gesture.
    • Heck, another moment of Big Daddy's kindness is during the beginning song when Facilier sees him giving a newspaper boy (one of African-American Descent) a huge stack of cash for the newspaper (Which likely only costed a couple pennies). While some could see it as him being too rich to know the value of his money, but some could actually see it as him trying to help a poorer family out. He's likely the Big Good of New Orleans.
    • In the coloring book, Big Daddy walks Tiana down the aisle.
  • The dream of Tiana and her father, a place where people of all walks of life could come together and enjoy good food and good music. Maybe even more so for her father, as it is apparent he was not working so hard so he could simply move up in society, but to ensure his daughter would have opportunities that he did not. He ends up dying in World War One before he could see the dream realised, and his daughter still had to spend her childhood and early adult life in poverty, but his example still inspired her to keep the dream alive.
  • What helped Tiana stop herself from going into Facilier's plan; the flashback of her father when she was young. He worked many jobs and came home tired and sore, but he kept a brave face for his daughter's sake. Really showed how much he cared for his family to try and not let them worry.
  • The friendship between Facilier and his shadow. Compared to Facilier's fear of his other "Freinds", him and his shadow are genuienly friendly to each other.
    • The fact that Facilier's shadow is his only "friend" that doesn't betray him and remains loyal until the end even hiding behind Facilier for protection at one point.
  • Tiana and Naveen's nearly kissing after their dance of romance which shows just how much closer they have gotten to each other. As well as the fact the only reason Tiana pushes him away is for Charlotte showing how much she cared for her best friend.



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